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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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worcester is shut down. this morning, workers at a cell looks plant are allowed in but students may not be. our reporter is tracking the investigation and will have an update in a few minutes at 6:30. reggie: the other big story is the rain. you can see the rain on the cameras to the north bay and the south bay impacting the commute. >> man bay area freeways are wet this morning and the backup is at the toll plaza, and tail lights building at 101 at san rafael. mike nicco? mike: it looked like sesame street, which picture does not belong? it is san jose, no rain. it is bone dry. it is dialed up on alameda, oakland, berkeley, and up toward richmond and albany where the best radar run is. waves of showers we will deal with, and it is not only rainy at the bay bridge toll plaza but
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the wind are from the southeast at 19 to 22 miles per hour and gusty. here is a look at what will happen as far at the temperatures, 62 to 72 again, with showers tapering as we head through the day planner. look county it is cleaned. >> that is always in and it was nice. a lot of the cameras it is hard to see what is going on, on the roads with so many drops. if you look closely you can see the mist and the haze when you make it to the bay bridge through the toll plaza but no major delays at 14 minutes beyond the toll plaza interest san francisco. you are in the yellow. we have a crash on highway 4 in pittsburg and hear of a new collision in the tri- valley in less than 10 minutes. >> many of you will be soaked out the door and others in the south bay are still dry. jessica: amy hollyfield is on the hunt for rain. what did you find?
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amy: we found rain in the north bay. here is what the commute is like headed into san francisco. southbound 101, in petaluma. aetch polling novato. a lost tail lights and rain. be prepared. it is not a great combination for tuesday morning. have the center cup of coffee. you will need it to deal with this. we shot video through san rafael northbound. this was at 4:15. the rain was heavier then. it is coming in waves. we have little breaks. but it is steady. it is wet. it hasn't stopped raining. just the amount of it, the impact of it has changed. heavier then lighter now. i am watching my news app with the live doppler hd and tracking it. if you take the picture a lot of green. this is an easy way to get an idea of where to go to show you
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the conditions so it is handy to have it. i amy hollyfield for abc7. reggie: can you download the app for free right now and make sure youen able push alerts with the up-to-the-minute updates to the mobile device. jessica? oakland a driver hit two police vehicles. the passenger in the red was war killed. police responded to a call on 35th at 1:00 a.m. when the car crashed into their patrol cars. the driver is in the hospital and the officers were not injured. flierth avenue is closed while police investigate. >> a single car crash is upside down in san jose and it took 35 minutes to pull out a woman who is tripped inside the car, and this is at the overpass on southbound 87 where it meets with the 85 and you can see the first responders had to stabilize the car so it would
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not rule down hill much the have imis stable but take were to the hospital. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> four people were killed at popular theme park in australia. it is called dream world. on the east coast of australia. we just learned two men and two women who died were their 30 and 40s. they were on a ride called the thunder river rapids ride and the park staff tried to add minister aid to the victims. two ejected. two were stuck in the ride. this is new video that came in to the live desk a short time ago the the park is closed today. investigators are now looking into whether there was a ma function, possibly with the conveyer belt under that ride. we will pass along any new details. regular joy? natashaia? natasha: sonoma county officials hope amber alert bring clues to the whereabout of a missing seven-month-old boy
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taken by his mother in gush visit baby is with his mother 35-year-old woman named hannah ruth ashley who does not have legal custody. the two are believed traveling in a silver 2005 subaru license plate california 5jkz255. reggie: san francisco police department released the names of two officers wanted for shooting a fellow officer, and the nine-year-old veteran of force and a 10-year veteran were involved in the shooting that happened at 28th avenue in the parkside district. authorities say 26-year-old mcwhorter shot the officer and ran from the scene. he was found and shot when he refused to drop the when he later died. officer downs survived a wound to the head but he now is partly paralyzed. >> san francisco is about to make big changes to help light the streets at night. accord to the "san francisco
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examiner" there were 45,000 reports of streetlight outages last year in san francisco. foil are planning a large-scale switch to use l.e.d. lights. the city will install 18,000 l.e.d. lights in 14 months of buying them. bay area high school students could be on the fast track to higher education. they could get college credit without leaving high school. >> a terrify attack caught on home surveillance video and what the burglar does while the unsuspecting homeowner is asleep on the couch. >> we are watching the rain come down on much of us this offer --
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mike: patience and an up umbrella this morning. 84, 680, all wet from hayward down to fremont.
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this is going through the sunol grade and head to pleasanton and livermore. 24, orinda, up to san pablo dam, the area is wet. that will head to lafayette and walnut creek. a boater radar returns is over the pittsburg and antioch highway, highway 4, toward lone tree way in antic. let me widen this and make a bigger picture, another height shower moving in to marin county and san francisco. temperatures right now in the 60s, low-to-mid 60s and our destination this afternoon is in the mid-60s to low 70s. warmer tomorrow but another storm comes in on thursday and a lok at that next. alexis? alexis: i have live doppler hd on the traffic maps, you can see there is a widespread. light showers for everyone. unless you are a lucky commuter in the south bay. i want to update eastbound 580 befre the 680 merge reports of a crash as i walk up here we got
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an update it is on the westbound side. that explains the backup into dublin area. a lane is blocked and someone is trapped in a vehicle. westbound 40 in pittsburg a block collision. good news if you take san francisco bay ferry into south san francisco that will operate on a regular schedule this morning. reggie: high school students in san francisco unified can urge college credits for classes, city college of san francisco will offer eight courts at five high schools next semester, the board said this is an effort to help the enrollment shes after it nearly lost accreditation in 2012. courts range from hospitality and tourism to international business. >> next, gary condit is breaking his silence about the chandra levy case. and graffiti is being voted as a
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>> the storm-impact scale is a level "1" which is light rain. keep the umbrella handy. track the storm on the abc7 news app. download it now. >> abc7 mornings, all news, all morning. reggie: this is what the level "1" storm looks like, the embark right new is wet. a lot of you are going to find rainy conditions heading out the door this morning and we will talk to mike nicco where the rain is headed. jessica: this is a scary scene in fort worth, next, a remindtory keep your witnesses look. surveillance cameras captured this man as he crept into this house climbing through an open window on saturday, going straight for a woman's bedroom where she slept. he woke her up to demand she take off her clothing and she screamed which. pro-ed him to bolt. police have good photographs of the face and they are confident
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they will arrest him soon. reggie: we have not heard from gary condit in quite a while. 15 years after the murder of chandra levy he is doing an interview. he lost his can career after being accused of having an afake with her. a homeless immigrant convict of the murder had the con section thrown out. he talked with dr. phil saying he did not have an affair and he did not kill her. >> i saw her one time outside the office at a restaurant and she came by my condo. once. >> once? >> maybe twice, i think it was twice. >> you can hear more on america after abc mornings. >> police are investigating a hate crime after graffiti was discovered on a spanish immersion school campus, the
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words spray painted at the language academy in windsor said "build the wall higher." and trump and 2016 messages were painted across the campus. 75% of the students are that danny and the from soviet has been painted oat. police sending for the video to try to find possible suspects. >> a lot gold in the south bay at the special event, olympic legend michael phelps is the had line and small business owners and entrepreneurs are taking part in the conference in san jose. after the gold medalist talks, an olympic sensation will take the main stage tomorrow. >> we have a scattered rain this or, and it is interesting that some people in the south by will say, no rain, we are born dry. >> absolutely nothing. i will we show bet of those coming were right now and a look at san rafael an inch and two-thirds and last time we talk it was 1.5" and they have had
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.2" since 4:30 this morning. and southbound highway 101 heading to a wet golden gate bridge with gusts up to 30 miles per hour, we have fading clouds, or fading showers and mild highs and waves of storm on thursday through sunday and halloween, lacking wet at least for the north bay. the wet weather from novato, san rafael, mill valley, across the golden gate bridge and to the presidio and marina in san francisco. as far as what will happen, around napa and american canyon, lighter amounts stretching to sonoma. we talk about this shifting to the north. we are seeing fewer showers in the santa cruz mountains. it is a "1" on the storm-impact scale and the rest the day we have scattered showers. they will move to the north starting right now through 9:00. from 9:00 to noon our best chance along the coast to the north bay and noon to 5:00 there
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are a few left over showers in the north bay and 5:00 to 9:00 we clear out. we will see fog. tonight. the rainfall is .2" in novato, napa at .05". now, wall happen tomorrow, partly cloudy and warmer, and "2" on the scale for thursday, moderate. alexis? >> one of the days weather and traffic is going together and getting busy. i have live doppler hd on my traffic maps so it is mostly light. some areas are not getting a ton of rain. enough to make the payment wet and slick. enough to cause collisions. northbound 880 at 7th before the maze we have a new collision. there are three vehicles, blocking lanes three and four. we have backup forming. another in orinda, westbound 24, we have a new crash blocking lane three. just two vehicles involved.
6:20 am
in the tri-valley, westbound 580 before the 680 merge another collision involving two vehicles moved to the shoulder. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on at 5:28. it is extra slow. most of our bridges have a high wind advisory this morning. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 31 minutes and bay bridge is 18 and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is 10 minutes. this is special, a whale watching group in australia got their money's working, seeing this, a family of humpbacks playing under their boat with a special guest appearance from a dolphin. this footage was captured of two mother humpbacks and two calves. dolphins are seen swim through the frame. where is flipper? >> i don't see him. flipper? flipper? the dolphin never shows up on
6:21 am
time. >> we have been there, a contractor who takes forever. "7 on your side" and michael finney is next on what you can do if you have trouble with a remodel. >> i saw the dolphin swim through. there you are! >> a major merger for a san francisco based health system and it could have impact nation ride but, first, george stephanopolis on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, coming up, latest on the oklahoma killer who live streamed the video on facebook suspected of killing his aunt and uncle and killing them, and ♪
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dignity health is looking into a merger. they signed a nonbinding letter of intent to explore merging with catholic health initiatives in colorado creating the largest not for profit hospital companies. the partnership is called precision medical alliance. talk are expected to continue through early next year. >> now, ask finney, we have a question from ruth on on kitchen remodel delays. >> we spoke to ruth at ask finney event in fremont.
6:25 am
michael finney has the answer. >> we purchased $35,000 of cabinets from a large home improvement store and they said it would take six weeks to put in and it nuclear five months. we have asked for compensation and they have said no. what can we do? >> great to meet you at the ask finney event in fremont. by law there needs to be an approximate completion date written into the contract. but it does not require a penalty for not finishing the remodel on tomorrow. this happens a lot. this is a hard fight and it is probably not worth your effort. wat i suggest is enjoy the new kitchen and try to forget the growing pains. >> so frustrating. >> very. if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smart 15 or tablet and share it on your tablet ask finney.
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all the american girl dolls are sold at toys 'r us which will be the first united states-based store to feature an american girl shop in 100 stores, so shops will open on saturday. toys 'r us said they want to credit an expense for the customers with activities and toy demonstrations and the retail are said it is part afterren effort to bring the toy stores to life. >> tense millions for passengers on a flight from san francisco and we will tell you what build thatted two dozen people on the plane in the hospital. >> we are tracking breaking news from san jose, officers opened fire on a driver after the driver tried to ram them. the investigation could impact a school and a big business. >> an active morning on live doppler hd we will look and show you where the showers are and where they moving, the good news is we are seeing a tapering in the intensity and coverage but i have a stronger storm for those that are see their umbrellas gather dust in the south bay, the next storm will get you. the timetable is coming up.
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>> a lost wet way this morning, exhibit ashes 101 in san rafael with break lights filling in and high wind advisory this morning, and, a handful of pretty significant
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good morning, south bay. let's get going. jessica: live doppler hd is still tracking rain across the
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bay area this morning. you can see the areas of green showing where showers are right new. >> but the south bay. sorry south bay. our bay bridge toll plaza showing wet roads use head out the door this morning. >> nows over to mike nicco and what is going on. another batch moving through you can see novato and petaluma through san rafael, across the richmond-san rafael bridge and, the golden gate bridge and, also, the bay bridge toward sfo. we will hook and see which way this is moving, from southwest to northeast, we have a batch move through the san ramon valley, and heading out highway 4. sfo delays an hour and 42 americans right now, the day planner has stormed moving north by noon and fewer storms in the north by by 4:00 and sunshine by 7:00 it will be over. temperatures in the 60s at the coast to mid-60s to low 70s for the rest of us.
6:31 am
alexis: busy morning. in oakland we had a deadly evercrash a vehicle hit a couple of oakland police department vehicles, one passengers that hit the trooper vehicle was killed. on 35th south of 580 in oakland area. the vehicles are be removed from the scene but the investigation continues. northbound 880 toward the maze we have four miles of backup still blocking lane these. it sounds like one person has injured. drive times and updates on collision in the tri-valley and orinda, all next. >> we have breaking news in san jose a police investigation is underway after an officer involved shooting. the area impacted is worcester avenue off east julia near the kelloggs plant at the at the prp school. matt? good morning, holding the
6:32 am
crime scene tape, the workers are leaving and this is the only way out, one way in and when way out, the crime scene is in front of the discovery prep and the kelloggs plant is all way at the end and workers are allowed out and being allowed in. i spoke with san jose police. they say they are going to walk in the students at rocket ship discovery prepare and they are, welcoming out the details with the staff. this happened after midnight here on worcester avenue near julian three officers were on foot patrol at the entrance of the kelloggs plant and an officer was getting into the cruiser and a man driving in the area crashed the vehicle into the cruiser, the guy backed off, and hit the cruiser again. that is when the two other officers opened fire. >> our policy states that we can shot if we believe one of our officers is in danger of being killedded or seriously injured. >> the suspect was arrested at king and the sufficient had
6:33 am
bullet holes and a shattered window towed away. the suspect has a warrant for resisting arrest. they talk to the officers and look at the video. more plant workers are leaving right now. >> back to the storm watch and the rain. >> our reporter, amy hollyfield, has been watching how the weather impacting our roads. amy? we are getting pounded. in the north bay. it is wet. a steady rain. this is southbound highway 101 headed to san rafael. we wanted it show you where it would like -- look like. it is moving slowly. northbound san rafael, coming down heavier then, and it is not letting up. it has been coming down for a few showers and the roads are very wet. we have not encountered ponding
6:34 am
or flooding or standing water but the windshield winds are doing heavy cut this morning, and do not forget the rain gear and allow for extra time, in the north bay, but, according to the doppler i am watching on my newsup i am seeing green and i have been listening to the reports, the entire bay area other than the south bay needs to be aware of this. lighting up. first light, crews are back out in berkeley. they will finish removing a giant elm tree. it fell against a building. the 80' tree fell yesterday at college avenue during the rain and the wind. it struck the bay area yesterday. a revel tree care company works late into the night chopping up the tree. they said it was a tough task. >> guys are using power tools.
6:35 am
usually what is normally daylight. now it is dark. in a federal picket situation we would have light towers and light up the scene but this is an emergency. so we don't. >> apartment building suffered minimal damage. the tree was found hollow. it was likely diseased. >> officials are keeping a close watch on the santa cruz mountains following the loma fire. 4,500 acres are scorched hand have no vegetation to hold back the dirt. this is the area during the last rain a week ago. rocks were brought down into the roadways. no major dam was reported. instant weather information is on the news app by opening the app on the phone or tablet and a.t.m. on "temperature." it is at the top right corner. you will get a customer forecast. can you check out our network of cameras with conditions across the bay area. >> amber alert for a seven-month-old boy taken from
6:36 am
guerneville by his summer. police say hannah ruth ashley snatched her son henry massey from his crib at his grandmother's house. the grandmother tells abc7 that the mother threatened to take the child a few weeks off after the visitation rights were restricted. >> she came through a window. she got him and left through the door. i did not even know it. >> concerns of the mother's ability to take kay -- cake -- take care of the child adequately. >> hannah ruth ashley is believed driving a silver 2005 subaru 5jkkz255. that is the license plate number. >> award winning san francisco filmmaker is under arrest in connection with the murder of a man. police booked 48-year-old man into jail last night. subcommittee were over the house
6:37 am
where the 40 year old male victim was found. he provided and directed we documented try "straight out of hunter office point," and a protester of the officer involved shoot that killed oscar grant in 2009. >> break news we have when following an emergency landing for british airways flight that took off from san francisco. jessica? jessica: the night left san francisco last night for london. it had to make the emergency landing in vancouver, canada, 25 passengers and crew members were hospitalized. they suffered from smoke inhalation. right now everyone that wasn't hurt is still at the airport. british airways desk will reback passengers at 10:00 a.m., on the same time as us. it will be a while. we are talking the british airways flight 286 that took off last night with 400 passengers. no word on whether there was a
6:38 am
fire or the cause of the smoke. reggie: thank you, jessica. in east palo alto a landlord and his son are accused of using extreme measures to force out tenants. the district ton said the owner of stanford garden, malick salahi keyed cars and broke windows with a bb gun, to get the rent control tenants out to charge new tenants high are rent. the landlord's son facing felony charges had "no comment," and the son faces misdemeanor for trying to dissuade a witness. a long four months for the golden state and their fans. toight the journey starts all over again with more talent, with the tip-off as the nba season is underway and for first time kevin durant put on the same jersey as steph curry and klay and draymond in a game that actually means something. he said all they are talking
6:39 am
about at practice is playing ball. you can count on us for complete coverage of the home opener with our sports department ready with reports at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 and a full wrap up at 11:00. now the accweather forecast with mike nicco. you can see pulling out of the san ramon valley heading to livermore, through the altamont pass and heading out highway 4 by pittsburg and antioch and two discovery bay and tracy, nice showers and around oakland that will be heading up 24 through the ton knell and tore orinda and lafayette. we have light showers at redwood city and 280 at woodside and scattered light showers from pacifica and colma and daly city and north. light rain is fall on the golden gate with winds up to 26 miles per hour so some jerking on the wheel. commuting: caution. wet roads.
6:40 am
exercising? caution for wet morning. on bray it is breezy and rainy but this afternoon it will be more dry and not so breezy. the richmond-san rafael bridge shows the drop develop on the camera as it is raining here again. temperatures in the mid-60s and low 70s and warmer tomorrow without the rain and cooler with more rain on thursday. i will look at that next system next. alexis? >> i checked and we have 34 incidents on the board with c.h.p. and i will get to a few of the worst. those that are slowing you down. heavy through the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on at 5 common -- 5:28 and reports of a crash beyond treasure island to the west of treasure island. at least the far right lane is blocked. working to get more information on that. 20 minutes for drive beyond the tollbooths to get to san francisco. that will likely increase. i have radar on the traffic maps
6:41 am
so it is helping get an idea for what pavement is wet. a lot of you are dealing with that. westbound 24, still have a crash blocking plane they. we are up to 3 1/2 mile backup. that is heavy. at 11 miles per hour. the tri-valley westbound 580 before the 680 merge trying to recover from the early crash. you have three to four mile backup approach the 680 split. updates next. terror at australia's biggest theme park. a ride went wrong. the investigation is underway. trouble for tesla, the palo alto based automaker feeling "failing," for reliability and consumer reports is not happy with the popular cars. >> southbound highway 101 in san calf, explaining the problems we are seeing on the roads: raining for a lot of you. more on the impact it has when we return.
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>> our storm watch continues. live doppler 7 hd is showing scattered light sures. they are letting up in intensity and coverage. they will keep it wet. everywhere but the south bay thrust morning commute. a bigger storm is coming in the seven-day forecast. an update from abc7. break news from virginia we have been watching. a shooting left two people dead including a shoot are at a roanoke manufacturing plant. the shooter was a current or former employee. two or three people are hurt. the facility is under control now. police are making sure that the facility, a few acres, is clear. they have made sure there are no suspicious devices. employees are evacuated but no word on the motives. that is the newest from the live desk.
6:46 am
reggie: santa cruz council will cnsider declaring a state of housing emergency by imposing a 45 day moratorium. housing advocacy groups support it to find options to benefit local residents. officials say short-term rentals are a source of visitor accommodations in santa cruz areas. jessica: today, a san francisco federal judge will announce a decision regarding a $15 billion settlement with volkswagen and the customers. the judge said he was leaning toward approving the deal. the case arose after volkswagen admitted rig half a million cars with software to cheat emission regulations. >> there could be more fallout for san francisco based wells fargo after the recent account scandal. >> we go to jane king and the nasdaq with the money report and more. good morning, wells fargo fake account scandal can spur
6:47 am
half, 44% of the bank existing retail customers to walk out. that is according to a study by a management consulting firm. the study found the scandal has 14% of the wells fargo existing customers planning to leave and 30% considering. the "consumer reports" ranking places tesla number 25 out of 29 for reliability. huge change from where they were a couple of years ago, a plummet. reviewers say the new model s.u.v. is plagued with malfunds including with the doors that are the signature. the model x which rolled out last year starts at $74,000. it ranked last for reliability on mid-sighed s.u.v. facebook has a new high with stocks testing a new video service on instagram in the battle with snap chat. screen shots display a live functionality but the bright red banner that reads "live."
6:48 am
facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg said that video is more of the content on facebook in a few years. stocks are unchanged. the dow is down four, s&p down one, and nasdaq down by one, a ton of earnings and apple comes after the closing bell. jessica: thank you. a new g.p.s. unveiled today that could change how you drive. "7 on your side" and michael finney has been testing it and we show us how it words tonight at 11:00. >> the president took on twitter trolls last night with jimmy kimmel. >> he was campaigning for him him and stopped by jim jim and took shots at donald trump. regard than tweeting insult he tries to sleep so he is can be ready for crises in the morning. he read mean tweets in a popular segment. >> president obama is the nickel back of presidents.
6:49 am
my mom bought new conditioner and it sucks it isn't even condition my hair, i blame obama. >> jimmy kimmel airs at 11:30 right here immediately following the abc7 news at 11. >> mike nicco is the man of the hour. >> a lot of us are affected, but 87 near the shark tank the cloud deck is opening up. it is 65 and clouds. the exploritorium camera at pier 15 showing rain in san francisco. scattered showers this afternoon. dry and warmer tomorrow. stronger storm on thursday and friday. the scattered nature across the north bay from novato to napa and american canyon and across to hercules and benicia to san francisco, oakland, san leandro and hayward and san mateo and
6:50 am
sfo with hour and 40 minute flight delays and the south bay, the rain is taking everything away from you. nothing measurable at mineta san jose international airport. the fastest winds are 25 miles per hour in oakland. the storm-impact scale is "1", which is light. the storm-impact scale the next storm, though, is a "2" on thursday and friday. that is because the rain will be heavier and breezes are faster. looking from our crew in the field, this is from amy hollyfield and her photographer heading south on 101 through marin county passing the mill valley exit and you can see the wipers are on high and i an impressed at the rate of speed move along okay. moste and hazy commute across the bay bridge and the westbound side approach the treasure island tunnel, pretty heavy there and it is tough to see on the camera and we have a crash on the other side blocking the far right lane and i saw a couple of plans cross the bay bridge so hopefully that means
6:51 am
we will be clearing the collision and everyone is okay in that situation. live doppler hd on the traffic maps and a lot of the east bay is soggy and northbound 880 at 7th we have a crash blocking lane three a hit-and-run accident collision and a long line of red approach the maze at six mile backup and i would stick to 580 and westbound 24 in orinda area, we have a crash before fish ranch road also blocking lane three and that backup continues to grow. i would say we are 4 1/2 to five miles from walnut creek stretch. expect delays and changes if you drive on van ness avenue in san francisco. they are preparing for a major improvement property this week. construction is scheduled to start in december, and van ness is reduced from three lanes to two lanes in each direction, parking is also going to be affected and the project is expected to be complete by 20 unanimous providing faster travel times and make van ness safer for pedestrians.
6:52 am
>> silicon valley continues to pave the way for the rest of the country. mineta san jose international airport will unveil new robot customer service agents and mineta san jose international airport is the first airport to offer robots in the united states to help you find dining, and shopping. the airport said they will be annan -- be the engaging attraction. >> and now our instagram photo of day follow us at abc7 news bay
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here are the seven things you need to know. mike: keep the umbrella handy and the patience. our streets will be wets and the bus stops. the seven-day forecat shows this is a "1" which is light. a break tomorrow. warmer. the next storm is on thursday, a "2" and i promise south bay you will have rain. >> a mess out there on the roads, barely moving, richmond-san rafael bridge westbound side from richmond. some of the drive times are not pretty, southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek is to 1 minutes and westbound 24 between walnut creek is 32. all in the red. >> a street at the keg local plant in san jose prep school is closed with a police
6:55 am
investigation as you can see, officers fired at a man who rammed into them twice, the man is in custody and no officers were injured. >> amber alert in affect for a seven-month-old boy taken by his mother. hannah ruth ashley took her son, henry massey from his grandmother's home driving a silver 2005 subaru. >> from the live desk four people have died after an accident at an australian theme park. officials say a malfunds on a ride trapped two people inside the room and two other were ejected. the victims were to their 30s and 40s. sick, two weeks ago in the race for president, hillary clinton and donald trump are in florida today, with polls showing hillary clinton has the lead and donald trump said the polls are "rigged." >> dub nation rise up, basketball is back with the tip-off for the regular season against the spurs is tonight at oracle arena with a full wrap up
6:56 am
tonight at 11:00. >> it doesn't seem like it is time for that. but here we are. >> i believe. >> are you looking at the app. >> there you go. have it today and through thursday into the weekend because we have a big storm thursday and friday and more rain on saturday and sunday. sweat are weather. >> sweater weather. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. good morning, america. breaking right now, a deadly accident at an amusement park water ride. four killed when the ride malfunctions. trapping people and ejecting others. the park is now closed. and police are on the scene investigating. behind in the polls, donald trump fights back at the media. >> these people are among the most dishonest people in the world, the media. >> launching his own nightly newscast on facebook. >> we will win. >> while hillary clinton calls on her strongest supporters, president obama attacks trump on "jimmy kimmel." >> what i don't do is, like, 3:00 a.m., i don't tweet about people who insulted me. >> the election two weeks from today. caught on surveillance camera, the terrifying moment a stranger breaks into a woman's home as she's slee


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