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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning to you on this thursday, october 27th. i'm natasha zouves. >> think thirsty thursday. good morning, everybody. here's a live look at live doppler 7 in motion. showers have rolled through. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is definitely wet from one of those showers. a couple .01 fell.
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periods of heavy rain from 4:00 to 7:00. the evening commute could be worse than the morning commute. and it's not starting well, alexis. no, it's not. we have a traffic alert in the central valley. westbound 580, we have a crash at north flynn road. five vehicles involved. we still have the far left lane blocked and westbound 580 tracy to dublin, we are up to 47 minutes. we'll get to video from overnight in the richmond area. hilltop drive, the eastbound on-ramp 280 is closed still this morning along with some closures on hilltop. if you're going to be traveling in that area, we still have an investigation underway. police unfortunately found a body overnight and they are not sure if the person was hit by a vehicle or what the circumstances were. so that investigation is ongoing. as soon as we get an update and confirmation the roads are back open, we'll certainly let you know. a couple other crashes to get to as well, we'll have an update coming up in less than ten. we're tracking breaking news right now, tough news for many twitter employees. >> this was not unexpected but this is the official
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announcement just in the past half hour that twitter is going to lay a number of people off. let's go right to jessica now tracking this at the live desk. >> and the very latest right now is we have learned twitter's ceo jack dorsey will address his entire staff this afternoon. the company announced about 20 minutes ago it will cut about 350 jobs. that's about 9% of its workforce. most of those cuts will come from their marketing and their sales force. employees were notified of the layoffs just before the third quarter earnings report came out this morning. and that report showed twitter at a flat growth. dorsey says it does have a clear plan going forward. and the company is making changes to ensure its position for long-term growth. in recent weeks, there was talk about several companies possibly buying the social media giant. but many felt it was overvalued at $20 million. meanwhile, twitter employs about 3,800 people. that was back in summer when we
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learned of the numbers. i'll continue going through that report that we just got. i'll get back to you with any updates as we get them throughout the morning. reggie and natasha, back to you. back to the storm watch coverage as rain moves into the bay area. the crew in the north bay is on the move keeping an eye out for trouble spots. >> amy hollyfield is here with a live look at what is going on in p petaluma. >> reporter: hi, natasha. if you are planning to leave the house soon, this is a good opportunity for you. you can drive down highway 101, no problems for us headed north. but we'll be here throughout the morning to bring you what the current conditions are. stay with us. don't forget your rain gear. don't let this fool you. we know it's on the way, but right now a little break in the action. so a good time to cruise on out to get your coffee and get out the door if you can. reporting live in petaluma, amy
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hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> you can track the latest on where we live on the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts and we'll send you breaking news to your phone or tablet. relief could be coming if you're tired of struggle with the long commute between the south bay and san francisco. >> the public meeting is helping today to ease the traffic along highway 101. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live with the details. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. a lot of you are sick and tired of sitting in traffic here on 101. and it seems to have gotten a lot worse over the years. a lot of big companies have moved in along the corridor with thousands and thousands the of people trying to get to work every day. and i would like to tell you there's a solution coming soon, but soon may be a stretch. however, at least it's being talked about. tonight caltrans and officials from the transportation agencies here in san mateo county are getting together with the public to talk about the 101 manage lanes project. basically, they want to improve travel time. what is on the table?
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the existing hov lanes to express lanes. so solo drivers can pay to use it. adding new express lanes on 101 between whipple road to 380. possibly removing auguxillary lanes and tolls. i'm matt keller for abc 7 news. we're now getting a good look at a car that police said hit and critically hurt a bicyclist in sunnyvale. police released several photos of the white acura tlx or ilx. you're looking at it. there's damage to the front win shield and the front bumper. the car hit the cyclist 10:30 on fremont avenue at the saratoga intersection and they sped away. the 66-year-old victim has life-threatening injuries f. you have any information on this, call police. cal's greek community agreed to play by new rules for a party
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ban after two women reported being sexually assaulted at off-campus fraternity houses. this will give quick consent talks to every one of the parties. and three sober monitors will watch for unwanted activity. and police in the north bay are looking for the man who robbed another man right in front of his home. it happened just before 5:00 last night on waverly road. the nearby victim may have been followed home. he was not hurt. the robbers got away in a green civic with a green paper license plate. and michelle obama and hillary clinton are campaigning together for the first time. historians believe she's the most active first lady to campaign for someone other than her husband. on the gop side, trump has a busy day in the key swing state
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of ohio. he's scheduled to make three campaign stops across the state. according to major polls, the white house is slipping away from him. the latest ap poll is clinton up 14 points among likely voters. but i have to point this out, there's a brand new abc poll released this morning showing donald trump is up by six points. he was up by 11 points on tuesday. so the polls are all over the place this morning. california leads the way as the state with the most homes at extreme risk of being consumed by wildfires. that's according to new data released by corilogic. nearly 29 million homes in some u.s. states have some risk of wildfires. more than a million of them are in the bay area. the construction costs of the bay area homes would be more than $463 billion. i just read we have 66 million dead trees across the state also because of the drought. now that is more fuel for fires also. we'll talk about what is going
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on right now, the fires, hopefully are the last thing on your mine as we look at live doppler 7. a couple batches of sun said to move in to daly city, brisbane, san francisco, south san francisco, belvedere, i don't want to leave anybody out. here's a look at the rain intensity for today. notice it is pretty light, but look how it really ramps up heading into the evening and overnight hours. not only do the bars get taller meaning heavier rain falling, but also the darker green meaning the intensity at the rate at which it's going to fall is going to be faster. that's when you get puddling. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. and we're in the low 50s to 60s elsewhere. we'll talk more about temperatures now, hanging out in the mid to upper 60s today. again tomorrow and maybe a few 70s saturday. it's not going to rain all day. we'll get a little bit of a break. i'll show you the hour-by-hour look at this storm and the next one coming up next. here's alexis. back to our situation out in the central valley, some good
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news here in the last couple of minutes from chp with no injuries involved in this crash on westbound 580 just before you get to north flynn road. we had five vehicles involved. multiple air bags deployed. it sounds like they are exchanging information right now and still have the left lane blocked and obviously a steady crawl from 205. stop and go for seven miles. i'm hoping we'll have the all clear soon. we have the all clear with a car and brush fire in the same area. and westbound highway 4 before mcewen a rollover crash. you want to slow down to drive in these conditions. they are waiting for a tow truck there. a good day for mass transit. we'll take a look at the drive times coming up next. >> a bay area filmmaker walking out of jail after murder charges are dropped against him. coming up, the silver lining he sees coming from his release. and an animal trainer in florida is dragged by a tiger. his dramatic rescue caught on
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video. and the rain is sweeping across the bay area as we
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5:12 now. welcome back. barclays says the surveillance system led them to the arrest of two carjacking suspects. because they are juveniles, no pictures will be released. he says surveillance video from the october 12th carjacking at the parking garage helped b.a.r.t. police identify the
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gunman and his female accomplice. the oakland police arrested the girl after she and another girl got caught in another carjacking on sunday. and a community activist who once faced possible murder charges says he's thankful a black man can get justice. kevin posted this picture online after the d.a. said there was not enough evidence to charge him. he said the shooting was self-defense. >> the process in that has been a dramatic, unimaginable experience. >> marcus polk was shot after forcing his way inside epps' home. the two men knew each other. polk was a registered sex offender for drug, abuse and robbery charges. and a man accused of killing two police officers in an ambush-style attack will face the death penalty. 26-year-old john felix will face the ultimate punishment.
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authorities say felix fired through a metal security gate with an assault rifle to kill the two officers on october 8th. the officers who were wearing ballistic vests were responding to a domestic disturbance call at the time at the felix home. and today's gma first look, a woman is talking about her terrifying experience during a police ride along the central valley in the town of medera. >> ken wentworth has the details. >> reporter: this morning's "gma first look," the woman in the front seat of this terrifying ride with police reacts. >> i was so scared. i was thinking about my kids and thought, i'm going to die. >> this mother of two said she knew shadowing a california police officer sunday night could be dangerous but never expected something like this. 14 shots fired at the patrol car. two of them passing right
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between the officer and jessica, another flattening a tire. >> it's a miracle we're alive because they shot a lot of rounds. >> reporter: the new video sparking outrage. police are saying they are taking a closer look at their ride-along policy and we'll have more of the interview coming up at 7:00 a.m. in the "gma first look." animal activists want a federal investigation into what happened after a tiger dragged its trainer at a fair. we want to warning you, some may find this video disturbing. it shows the former ringling bros scircus trainer losing her footing and then the tiger gets ahold of her leg. her partner rushes in to beat the tiger until he lets go. dozens of children were in the area watching this go on. and now many people are upset that this could have been handled differently. >> they could have used a fogger or a fire extinguisher. >> it was never a vicious attack. he never growled, it was just like, oh, we're playing. >> the trainer was hospitalized
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and needed surgery. the fish and wildlife investigators are looking into this incident. a wol thougman thought it w a good idea to teach her husband about using money but it backfired. she bought a few powerball tickets and bought a $10 scratcher. that ticket was a million-dollar winner. they opted for the lump sum, $415,000. they say they plan to buy a home. also to set up a college fund for their granddaughters. >> what is the lesson here? >> always buy the catcher. scratcher. the lesson is your wife is always right no matter what. that's what the lesson is. >> okay. what she says. >> how about don't buy a ticket? >> she did. it worked out for her. >> the wife always wins. that's what i learned. a long time ago. wow, why can't that happen to us? good morning, here's a look at the golden gate with some moisture. the winds are light.
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in fact, look at the flag right behind me on the right side of the screen where it's not moving. that's the difference between today's storm and the weekend's storm. we'll have a lot more rain, not much of a breeze. the weekend storm will have a lot of breezes and not as much rain. right now the only dry in my accuweather seven-day fore skast halloween. here's a look at the north bay. you can see the scattered showers here. a lot of light to dark greens near gernville and windsor. this is what i mean by not a factor, they are calm to 6 miles per hour. we'll break down the storm to talk about the storm impact scale. 1 to 5, this one is moderate. .75 in the south bay. 1.5 inches in the north bay. double to triple that in the higher elevations. there's a slight chance for thunder, especially from san jose southward to monterey and down to big sur. you can see the yellows starting to show up. it's during the evening commute
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we start to see the flood gates open with the period of heavy rain that lasts all the way through tomorrow morning's commute. then we start to dry a little bit tomorrow evening. here's a look at the rainfall totals. you can see we go from .75 in oakland to nearly an inch in santa rosa. the rest of the storms are 1s. look at halloween sitting right in the middle. dry and comfy. a lot of trick-or-treaters happy about that, i'm sure. we'll take you back to a busy morning on the roads. we have several incidents to get to including this one in richmond. we have been talking to chp all morning. a deceased person was found on the on-ramp from hilltop drive to eastbound 80 in the richmond area early this morning between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m. the investigation is ongoing. in the last few minutes we have confirmed this person was not hit by a vehicle. so we're going to get some more information for you. in the meantime, westbound
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hilltop drive continues to be closed along with hilltop drive in el hambra. also, westbound 580 before north flynn road, good news out of the central valley. that five-car crash has slowed. you are slow from 205 out of tracy. but check out the drive times, 38 minutes westbound on 580. that's improving. 4 minutes antioch to concord. you're in the green. and san rafael to san francisco, you're at 18 minutes. over to you. and coming up, the young women at the center of the police scandal rocking seven enforcement agencies. she is taking several measures to take jasmine away from the habits that caused her so much controversy. we have new exclusive information in the i-team report tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. subaru is recalling four models of cars to fix the air pump issue. 100,000 cars are involved in the
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recall including the 2007 to 2007 legacy and outbacks along with the impreza and forester models. and ford is recalling more than 400,000 of its older suvs to fix fuel leaks that could cause fires. the affected models include certain 2010 and 2012 ford escapes and mercury mariners. the fuel supplies park can crack and leak gas. customers affected by the recall will be notified. and happening today, third graders get a cool opportunity to put together the skeleton of a gray whale. mission science work shop is a hands-on program celebrating third graders from caesar chavez to assemble a 30-foot skeleton of a wheal named gracie. this will be tone the public to see their work.
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firefighters came to the rescue of these two little kittens found on a fire truck. they became neighborhood cats and sought shelter in the hose bag and gave birth while the truck was parked outside. the little guys were transported to a fremont clinic where they will be cared for until they're put up for adoption. >> that's an interesting way to start the world. back to seven things you need to know to start your day. paid time off? don't take it for granted. we are all lucky to live and work in the bay area. and a call for help gone very wrong.
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how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. lips appear to age fasterno worries! skin. now there's chapstick total hydration. it's 100% natural, age-defying formula is clinically proven to provide healthier, more youthful looking lips. chapstick. put your lips first. 5:23, if you are just joining us or are headed out the door, these are seven things you need to know. here's mike. we are which canning out the latest rainfall totals looking impressive. we have a 5% chance of seeing flash flooding, but there's going to be a lot of ponding on the roadways. i'll give you an idea how much to expect out of the first
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storm, the second storm and the third storm. oh, number two, i'm tired just thinking about that. it's almost 5:30 and we have had some major crashes. they are all in the clearing stages or already gone including a couple rollovers. slow down to drive for conditions today. a little wetness on the pigment here. no metering lights yet. i expect those to be on in five minutes or so. and number three, from the live desk, layoffs at twitter. the san franciso-based social media giant announced less than an hour ago it will cut 9% of the workforce. that's about 350 jobs. most of those are from the marketing and sales force. and number four, overnight the coast guard called off the search for the chinese sailor attempting a record-setting voyage. he was trying to sail from san francisco to shanghai in 20 days. the crew boarded his vessel yesterday to find only his life jacket. and firefighters are on the scene of this massive building fire in new york city. one person died in that
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six-alarm blaze. at least four others including two firefighters are now being treated for their injuries. and number six, donald trump and hillary clinton are in a swing state showdown today. clinton is campaigning with michelle obama in north carolina. that's a state that trump needs to win. trump has three rallies in ohio. and number seven, cheers to national american beer day, not to be confused with national beer day or national drink beer day. today the brewing industry would like you to toast with your favorite domestic beer. there's a day for everything. yeah. the united states is the only highly developed nation that doesn't require companies to have paid vacation time. out of the 25 highest paid companies, mountain view based google is number four. san francisco based cloud computing company sales force is number six. the top-rated company is angen in southern california offering
5:26 am
six weeks paid vacation and two weeks around christmas. and caught going on a joy right inside the pricey sports car. >> this is the video of the dash cam rolling the entire time. instead of taking his car straight to the dealership for maintenance, the tow truck driver went on a would ride. it left montgomery in a wheelchair. he still loves the fast car. his $100,000 nissan gtr is his baby. the only reason he decided to check the dash cam is he noticed a few things missing when he picked up his car. >> he unloaded the car out of his house, his actual residence, took it around the block, spinning the tires, then called his buddies up, you've got to come see this. come drive it. >> that's not right. montgomery says the tow truck company apologized to him. i would think so. >> apologized? >> needs more than that, huh? the police department is now investigating. you've always on camera, watch
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out. all right. we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news, including the big announcement expected from apple later today. and a string of break-ins. the warning from law enforcement this morning. also, storm watch. the trouble in golden gate park getting ready for a series of storms drenching the bay area. speaking of that, we'll look live from the moratorium camera.
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. it's 5:29. it's thursday, october 27th. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm natasha zouves.
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let's go to mike nicco. over the last couple of hours, we have more showers developing to the northeast. so it looks pretty quiet from sutro tower, but we're showing rain every single time we it. we could have the hardest rains falling during the evening commute into tomorrow morning's commute. more on that coming up. here's alexis with the commute right now. i know the south bay has been feeling left out the last week or so. we are still dry this morning, but this will change throughout the morning. looking okay at 280 and 17. the south bay has been relatively quiet this morning with a lot of issues over the last hour or so. but they all are in the clearing stages. so bouncing back here westbound 580, we had an earlier crash at north flynn road that has cleared tracy to dublin. 38 minutes. i'm impressed how quickly that's recovering. we'll look at the bay bridge
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commute coming up next. and more on the breaking news, twitter is announcing to lay off 9% of the workforce. >> jessica is tracking this at the live desk. jessica? >> reporter: that's roughly 350 jobs lost. i've been combing through information on the company. they have sent out information this morning. and most of the cuts are coming from the marketing and sales force. in fact, the ceo jack dorsey is optimistic. he's saying that their life strategy is showing great progress. so that could be a sign that we'll see some of their livestreaming services, more of those in the future. dorsey says they have a clear plan going forward, but it is a hit for the social media company. they estimate it will cost between $10 million to $20 million for severance pay for the employees. this does come as the san francisco tech giant was trying to sell, but there have been no viable buyers. ceo jack dorsey will address his entire staff this afternoon. of course, we'll keep you updated. i'll let you know as soon as we get more developments here at
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the live desk. back to you. thank you. now back to the storm watch coverage, we are getting you ready for the rain today with a look at how the morning is starting off in the north bay. >> amy hollyfield is live in petaluma. it looks like you are still pretty dry. >> reporter: but we have been talking to people about how they are going to prepare for all the rain we know is headed our way. people telling us they know we need it, but it does change their day a bit grabbing the rain gear, leaving the house earlier. one woman is bringing her succulents inside because they don't like the rain. and one coffee shop employee tells us the rain will be good for business. >> they love the rain. we get so packed during the rain, it's amazing. they come in and hang out. all the little kids come to get their hot chocolate. it's great. i love the rain. especially during the weekends. we get pop in, super fun. >> reporter: hot chocolate sounds really good, doesn't it? we are getting a break in the
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action right now in the north bay. if you can leave the house, this is a great window of dryness here as we wait. we know it's coming. don't forget the umbrella and rain jacket. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> can you get me a hot chocolate, too? >> the whole team. the weather on the way is prompting warnings for people in the panhandle and golden gate park area. many trees are weak because of a drought. so they are at risk of dropping huge limbs. many of these limbs have been moved out of the way. the best way to track the changing weather in your neighborhood is with the abc 7 news app. as you would expect, it's free to download and enable push alerts to send breaking updates to your phone or tablet as soon as they happen. one suspect in custody, a second on the loose after a police chase ended in south san francisco. police are tracking two purse
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snatching suspects by using an app on the suspect's phone. they found the silver honda last night and two suspects crashed into a car. the driver in the car and one of the suspects was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the other suspect got away. we want to help you avoid a big headache at the dmv. if you need to go this week, you may want to make alternate plans. the massive computer glitch we have been telling you about is still causing problems this morning. it originally hit on monday but officials say it's taking a lot longer to fix than expected. more than 90 offices are offering limited service including san francisco, oakland and san jose. we posted a full list at so you're prepared. and investigators in two east bay cities are looking into a rash of home break-ins. the message was just posted yesterday letting people know
5:35 am
there have been this recent robberies, three have been home invasions. the patrols are being beefed up. police in nearby san leandro are looking into a string of break-ins. and this video on the screen now is only going to be seen on abc 7 news. it shows two suspects caught on camera breaking into a home. officials say there were at least five break-ins over the past week. police met with people who live in the neighborhood last night. >> i tell them to let a lot of people say they are in the house, because that will scar them away. if somebody rings the doorbell, let them know you are home. this morning a massive search and rescue effort along central italy following a series of strong earthquakes. in the last nine hours, there's been a mound of quakes. the crews are looking for people who may be trapped in the
5:36 am
rubble. we are hearing at this time no one was hurt or killed, but hundreds are waking up in shelters. widespread power outages are a big problem as well as potential for mudslides. authorities are just beginning to assess the damage. and people in the region are on edge because two months ago a powerful earthquake killed over 300 people. >> at the start of the show, we found images first reported by tech site of the new macbook pro. it has a fingerprint sensor. these are relatively small changes and that seems to be in line. >> i have been happy with this one. >> i know what they're going to do. they are going to take away more
5:37 am
ports. >> we'll have updates on this all morning long on the abc 7 news app. now to your voice, your vote. there's a new abc poll fresh out this morning to show hillary clinton's lead has dropped dramatically. just 12 days left before the election and that new abc poll has clinton up by just 5 points. you may recall on tuesday constituent constituents attacked trump for saying this. >> if i were president at that time, captain khan would be alive today. >> kahn called his comments cruel saying there's no sincerity in the remarks. trump has three scheduled rallies today in ohio. a lot of us have so many
5:38 am
ballot measures to get through. i looked at mine this morning. more than 40. do not get overwhelmed. instead, let us give you a hand. click on the voter's edge election guide. a possible solution could be coming to you if you struggling with the commute on the peninsula. transportation officials and caltrans are teaming up to discuss plans tonight including linking the hov lanes in santa clara county to new ones in san mateo. another plan is to convert the hov lanes to toll lanes. they are hoping to ease all the congestion. during the past six hours while a lot of us were sleeping,
5:39 am
it's been pretty quiet. we do have scattered showers out there with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. same thing from the east bay it's going to be heavier later on the bay. the commute, we already have slick streets this morning from some showers that rolled through while sleeping. they are going to get worse during the evening commute when the periods of heavy rain start to fall. there could be ponding on the roadways. and exercising, best chance this morning. it's going to be wet and mild during the afternoon hours. here's a look at 217, pretty dry in san jose. i promise you this is the storm to bring some rain. we have a chance for more tomorrow. want the hour-by-hour? of course you do. i'll have that next. here's alexis.
5:40 am
the first hour was so busy my coffee went cold. but things are looking better. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on at 5:27. so a few minutes earlier than usual. if you look closely, that's sheen on the pavement. as mike said, we have showers there from a few areas you may have to flip the wipers on with sprinkles. we have a fatality investigation. the ramp to 80 westbound was not a collision
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5:43 now. welcome back. in the south bay, protesters plan to vow the expansion of the nearby landfill. interestingly, the newby landfill is in milpitas but sitting on land owned by san
5:44 am
jose. milpitas wants it closed but they have already approved an expansion. the smell is so bad that those living nearby have to stay indoors. last night dozens of protesters showed up in san jose. many ended up disappointed. the public hearing on the expansion was pushed back because three of the commissioners were absent. the landfill's general manager said they need more time to look at the odor study. >> we are hoping the people are going to get tired and not show up and they can easily pass it and then the expansion happens, then who will suffer? we are the ones. and the interesting development in the raiders deal. reuters says the raiders want so much that they have made several demands that they are not happy about. nevada's governor signed the bill last week to increase hotel
5:45 am
taxes to help raise $750 in public funds for the stadium. adelson pledged $650 million himself. the remaining will be covered by the raiders and the nfl if the deal happens at all. you pg&e bill may be going up and watchdog groups are outraged about it. it's up to state regulators to improve the rate increase linked to the nuclear power plant. according to the media partners at the mercury news, expect to pay $1.50 more a month from 2018 to 2025. the berkeley-based group environmental progress says pgaroup pg&e is being deceptive. and the latest on the back bay station train shows people diving out of the windows. five people went to the hospital with smoke in-related injuries.
5:46 am
none are life-threatening. the marine mammal scientists plan to go to a daly city beach to perform a necropsy on a blue whale spotted a quarter mile offshore. daily city residents who heard about it went to the cliffs to see for themselves. they weren't disappointed. >> it is really big. i have never seen a whale in person. it is pretty amazing, actually. >> the marine mammal center responded to 30 washed up citations so far this year. none were blue whales, which is an endangered species. in fact, they have only responded to blue whales seven times in the center's 41-year history. the east bay school is warning about a flu outbreak to keep hundreds of students from class. 500 students at clayton valley charter high school stayed home since tuesday. that's a quarter of the student body. the school telling us they are taking necessary steps to maintain a safe and clean campus. the school sent out an e-mail
5:47 am
last night alerting parents of the situation. november 1st marks the beginning of no burn season at san francisco's ocean beach. and that means no recreational fires. the goal is to cut down on winter pollution coming primarily from burning wood. and it gives crews a chance to remove old fire pits and clean up the beach. this lasts until the end of february. and our rain is going to last over the next several days it looks like. mike, you're talking about storm after storm after storm? yes, i was starting the weather newsletter. that's the forecast to get to your e-mail or you can see it online after it is posted. the top headline was only one dry day in the accuweather forecast. that's halloween, how about that? we'll talk about sfo that will have delays. it's cloudy there and the heaviest of the rain is not here yet. we're having showers this morning, the heavier rain during the afternoon, especially the evening and overnight hours. we'll have a lot of ponding on the roadways, especially during
5:48 am
tomorrow's commute. and wettest on sunday. here's a look at all the moisture coming our way. whether it is our low or from a hurricane seymour. so a high moisture plume means a lot of heavy rain coming our way. that's why on the storm impact scale, the storm is moderate. we go from one being light to 5 being severe. enough wet weather could bring minor flooding, especially urban flooding on some of the drains, the trees and the leaves are clogging them. 2 to 4 inches over the hills. you can see the best chance during the morning hours. we'll see scattered showers elsewhere. it's during the afternoon into the evening hours you can see it starts to get more widespread. we see more yellows, oranges during the overnight hours through tomorrow morning's commute. that's why when no one is on the roads tonight, we'll have a lot of ponding. then you can see it tapers heading to tomorrow evening. the most up in the north bay, of course. more than an inch in santa rosa.
5:49 am
san jose, possibly .70. i hope this comes to fruition. because i've been saying all week, it's your turn to get some. only dry on monday. and you have some good news, too, don't you, alexis? i sure do. we had rollover crashes and five-car pileups. fortunately, we're bouncing back. i'm surprised how quickly we're recovering. westbound 580 to 205, you're slow here getting going on this thursday morning. about 17 miles per hour. 15 miles per hour there on 205. so it is certainly stop-and-go. but it is better than the crash at north flynn that cleared 45 minutes ago. westbound 880 through emeryville, you're filling in. 20 minutes between highway 4 to the maze. not too bad in the early morning hours as far as conditions are concerned, but you heard mike. it's going to be tough going on the roads this morning. mass transit may be the way to go this morning. b.a.r.t. is on time.
5:50 am
ace is on time and caltrain is on time as well. coming up, a bake sale that went sideways. now the organizers are accused of racism. but first, the planned demolition that could slow your trip across the bay bridge this weekend. and san francisco making a strong pitch for george lucas'
5:51 am
5:52 am
this is a live look of the east bay hills towards san francisco. we are seeing sprinkles in parts of the north bay, but we really expect the rain this afternoon into the evening commute. mike keeps track of all of that for us. this is not music to the ears of apple fans. the company is delaying the
5:53 am
launch of the air pods, the wire less launch of the headphones. the company isn't saying why they need more time. you're looking at illustrations of the george lucas' mu semiof narrative art on treasure island. there's an interesting back story here. sf was originally lucas' choice, but his plan was rejected. then lawsuits from a parks group squashed the hopes for the chicago location. now he's looking at coming back to california. this is the competing concept from l.a. lucas is looking to house a collection of digital, traditional and narrative art. the total value of the project is likely to exceed a billion dollars. a selfie just isn't big enough for a picture taking near the golden gate bridge. abc 7 news was at crissy field as current and retired san
5:54 am
francisco firefighters posed for the photo yesterday. do you notice something about this particular group of people? all women. the 30th anniversary of women joining the department. that happened in august of 1987. >> there were some long days for those of us that sort of paved a way, but over time people accepted the women in the department. i think in a very good way because they saw that they were equals and could do the job as capably. >> women now make up 15% of the city's firefighters including the chief hayes-white. if you're planning to use the bay bridge this weekend, saturday morning all traffic will be briefly stopped. at 11:00 a.m. saturday, call caltrans will blow up one of the piers that supported the span. they will stop traffic on the new span while that happens. this is video of a previous implosion at another pier. this all happens in just about four seconds. all right. we'll talk about rainfall, especially in the inland east
5:55 am
bay neighborhoods. let me give you the intensity and the timeframe. this is looking to be the evening and overnighttimeframe for you guys with moderate rain falling around 11:00 when sandy is here to show it to you on live doppler 7. heading from friday night to saturday morning, a few scattered showers. mainly showers across the north bay saturday afternoon. and then sunday, yeah, in the morning especially, we'll have our best chance for rain. look at the rainfall totals by sunday evening. an inch to 2.5 inches possible. good morning. after a busy tart to the commute, we're looking at a calm drive at the moment. a great time to grab the keys and head out the door. it's quiet the whole time in northbound 101 filling in at 880. you're still dry this morning. that will change throughout the day. we have wet pavement out there with slow spots. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 44 minutes. westbound 4 antioch to concord, 27 minutes. doing okay coming from the north bay, southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is just going to take you about 17 minutes.
5:56 am
i will show you some of the live traffic cameras coming up at 6:00. walnut creek police are trying to find two women seen on surveillance footage stealing wallets. in august the department released the video and asked for help identifying the women that investigators say stole wallets from customers in downtown restaurants. now they have identified the women as 32-year-old crystal pratt of oakland and 47-year-old eva coleman of fairfield. both face multiple felony counts including burglary, identity theft and credit card fraud. and happening today, california's assembly members phil sing and david chu are going to announce state funding for angel island's historical preservation. >> chinese and other immigrants were detained and interrogated there after stiff immigration laws were passed. today's announcement will be held in san francisco with the chinese historical society of america on clay street at 1:00 p.m. new at 6:00, new health for people with asthma.
5:57 am
how technology could one day stop attacks before they start. and frats and sororities at uc berkeley are taking action to stop alcohol-fueled sexual assault. the new party rules they are promising to follow. and throughout the morning, we've been telling you about the earthquakes that hit central italy yesterday. and i'm getting new video into the live desk. i'll have that coming up in just minutes. and we're keeping track of the showers that could impact your morning commute or even your afternoon commute. mike and alexis are back in minutes with what you should know before heading out the door.
5:58 am
5:59 am
proposition 61 is a very, very important step forward. for tand i thank the people of california for putting it on pharmacepathe ballot.ry. e... so when drug companies spend $100 million dollars lying about how prop sixty-one will affect veterans... i get angry. sixty-one will help lower costs for everyone, including vets. believe me. not them. vote yes on sixty-one. good morning to you, it is thursday, october 27th. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm natasha zouves. and mike nicco is here to bring
6:00 am
us the rain. we'll have a chance of wet weather. we'll start with what is going on this morning. good morning, everybody. here's a look at hercules, vallejo, napa, over to sonoma, one of the wider scattered showers here. there's one moving northeast. right now from sutro tower, it looks quiet. we'll have scattered light showers throughout the morning hour. then we'll have greater coverage across the north bay. and puddles start to focus with pockets of heavier rain throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. in fact, one of the areas already seeing rain is the bay bridge toll blplaza. we'll hear from alexis what is going on there. a lot of vehicles are covering up the pavement at this point, but check out the carpool lanes. slow down, take it east through the mess. and i have noticed some flashing lights back here in this flyover merging with the maze trying to get to the bottom of that. we don't have anything on the chp boards in that location. we'll make phone calls a


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