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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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us the rain. we'll have a chance of wet weather. we'll start with what is going on this morning. good morning, everybody. here's a look at hercules, vallejo, napa, over to sonoma, one of the wider scattered showers here. there's one moving northeast. right now from sutro tower, it looks quiet. we'll have scattered light showers throughout the morning hour. then we'll have greater coverage across the north bay. and puddles start to focus with pockets of heavier rain throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. in fact, one of the areas already seeing rain is the bay bridge toll blplaza. we'll hear from alexis what is going on there. a lot of vehicles are covering up the pavement at this point, but check out the carpool lanes. slow down, take it east through the mess. and i have noticed some flashing lights back here in this flyover merging with the maze trying to get to the bottom of that. we don't have anything on the chp boards in that location. we'll make phone calls and have an update in ten minutes.
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if you're coming in through the emoriville stretch here, 17 minutes across the bay bridge once you make it through the maze. a closer look at the north bay is coming up at 6:09. thank you. the whole team is getting you ready for the rain coming in. >> amy hollyfield is in the north bay tracking the wet roads. amy, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hi, natasha. we're talking to people as they brace for the rain. they are preparing for it mentally and just fundamentally grabbing the rain gear, doing what they need to do to any plants or pets, like succulents. one woman told me she's bringing those inside. just mentally preparing for what's to come. >> we need it but it's kind of miserable. it changes the day a little bit but it's good. yeah, we need it. just drive slower. that's the main thing. people drive kind of stupid in the rain. but you just go with it. >> reporter: we're getting a nice break in the action right now. so your commute could be pretty
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smooth if you can jet off right now. we will keep you posted on the current conditions. but this is a good window of opportunity if you want to hit the highways right now. reporting live in petaluma, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. you can track the rain where you live with the abc 7 news app. it is free to download. enable push alerts and we'll send you breaking updates to your phone or tablet. and we are tracking tough news for twitter employees. jack dorsey is addressing his entire staff today after announcing layoffs this morning. twitter is letting go of 9% of the workforce that's roughly 350 people. most of the cuts will come from the marketing and sales force divisions. and employees were notified of the layoffs just before the third quarter earnings report came out around 4:30 this morning. and that report showed the media adjacent at a flat growth. but dorsey says twitter has a clear plan going forward and is manging changes to ensure long-term growth. relief could be coming if you're tiring of struggling with
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the commute between the south bay and san francisco. >> the public meeting is happening today to help easy traffic along highway 101. matt keller is live with the details. hey, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. the early bird gets the worm. and the early driver gets a pretty smooth commute. not much traffic out here on 101 this morning. but let's be honest, 101 is a cran crapshoot. you never know when you'll get stuck in a jam. but the traffic has gotten better. apparently it gets better by talking. the caltrans officials are here in san mateo county to talk to the public about the 101 major lanes project. the uber driver toll us this morning he wants to speed things up. >> if you get stuck in traffic, you lose money. you're hoping they can improve it some way, too. >> yeah, that would be awesome. >> reporter: so what is on the table? a couple things including the combination of changing existing
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hov to express lanes. the solo drivers can pay to use it and adding new express lanes near whipple road to 380. possibly removing or replacing auxilliary lanes. the meeting starts tonight at 6:00 at the san mateo city hall. matt keller, abc 7 news. new this morning, an investigation is on in oakland where a body was found at the on-ramp on eastbound i-80. this is a look at the scene near hilltop drive that remains closed right now. no word on when it will reopen. we are told the victim was not hit by a car there. police are investigating how they could have died. we're in touch with investigators. when we hear new details, we'll let you know. cal's greek community agreed to play by new rules following a temporary party ban self-imposed after two women reported being sexually assaulted at off-campus fraternity houses. the new rules include having trained members give quick
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consent talks with groups entering parties. and everyone one of those parties, at least three so-called sober monitors will watch for unwanted activity. police in the north bay are searching for the man who robbed another man right in front of his house. it happened just before 5:00 last night on waverly road. the 72-year-old victim may have been followed home from a nearby bank of america. fortunately, he was not hurt. the robbers did get away in a silver honda civic with a green paper license plate. this just in, shaking still not over for central italy with numerous aftershocks this morning as they deal with the damage after two pretty big quakes there yesterday afternoon. in fact, i want to show you this new video that starts out with all the shaking, you can see, it's just kind of white there. and then you see all the rubble that has been leftover this morning as crews are still assessing the damage right now. this is the same area where a quake killed about 300 people just two months ago. as for yesterday, the first
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quake was a nag any attitude 5.5 and a 6.1. so far no reports of any injuries or deaths. just a lot of rubble as you're seeing. pretty dramatic damage in the area. still cleaning up right now. that's the latest in our live video, back over to you. and with less than two weeks before decision day, michelle obama and hillary clinton are campaigning together for the first time. the two will be at a rally in north carolina. the first lady has made headlines recently with several of her passionate speeches. >> on the gop side, trump has a busy someday in the key swing state of ohio. he's scheduled to make three campaign stops across the state. next, danger in our own backyards. the scary warning out this morning about the risk of wildfires here in the bay area. plus, a campus bake sale drawing a crowd and not because of the treats. why some are saying the organizers have a racist message. 6:06. i want to show you live doppler 7 right now. you can see some showers
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all right. we'll start with san francisco. open up the roof camera here, and you can see we're in-between the scattered light showers to dominate the forecast through mainly the day hours. temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. the financial district, 63. dress for those temperatures everywhere. we'll keep the temperature theme going real quick to show you the mid to upper 60s with the rain-cooled air. pretty much the same thing tomorrow. a touch warmer saturday as it's not going to rain all day. in fact, the rain may hold off until the evening hours. i'll show you that coming up. then if you're wondering when the heaviest rain comes in around 9:00 to 10:00, you'll get a burst. but it is during the evening and overnight hours you get the best chance. we'll take a look at that coming up next. and good morning, mike. we are waiting for most of the rain to arrive. we did have showers pass through. a few sprinkles out in some
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areas, too, but overall we're looking pretty dry on the 101 camera in san rafael. southbound lanes are still moving along just fine. and moving over to the traffic maps, we have live doppler 7 on top. it is pretty scattered there across the bay area. the only blocking situation we have, reggie and natasha told you about this fatality investigation in the richmond area, westbound hilltop drive ramp to eastbound 80 is still closed. but hilltop has reopened itself. you can get by with heavy activity on the shoulder. we'll have more at 6:20. california leads the way as the state with the most homes at extreme risk of being consumed by wildfires. that's according to new data released by corilogic. nearly 29 million homes in 13 u.s. states have a risk of wildfire danger. more than a million are locate in the bay area. according to the data, the combined reconstruction costs of the bay area homes would be more than $463 billion. and still ahead, how new
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it is 6:15. there's backlash this morning at the university of texas in austin. the group calling themselves the young conservatives of texas held a bake sale. they have different prices for different races and sexes. so what was the point here? well, they say they're trying to mirror what they believe is preferential treatment in the college application process. they put on a similar bake sale in 2013. the school's paper reports that protesters gathered and started chanting races go home. that ended the sale. it doesn't appear the group will be punished in any way. we're hearing from a 29-year-old california woman who was in the passenger of a terrifying ride along a madeira patrol car when shots were fired. jessica was riding with the officer early friday morning when the officer tried to pull
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over a white suv. the white suv opened fire at the cop car. two shots hit the windshield. one flattened a tire. jessica suffered from minor cuts from flying glass. she calls this whole thing a nightmare. >> so scared, i didn't know how to react. i was like thinking about my kids, and i'm like, i'm going to die. >> that officer was not hurt. you can hear the rest of the interview coming up at 7:00 on "gma." a san francisco community activist who once face murder charges is thankful that a black man can get justice. this shows kevin epps leaving jail on thursday after the district attorney decided there was not enough evidence to charge him. the shooting in glenn park has been said to be self-deense. >> this has been an unimaginable traumatic experience. >> marcus polk was shot after forcing his way into epps' home.
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he was a registered sex offender with prior drug, domestic abuse and robbery charges. and a palm springs man accused of killing two police officers in an ambush-style attack will face the death penalty. 26-year-old john felix will face the ultimate punishment. authorities say felix fired through a metal security gate with an assault-style rifle to kill the two officers on october 8. the officers were wearing ballistic vests responding to the domestic disturbance call. and google is under the alphabet umbrella. alphabet is google's parent company. according to, the move signals a high level in the car's ability to be successful. alpha beth hopes to provide traditional software to car manufacturers. we are turning to mike knnio this morning. this is the first of many days of rain to come.
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>> this will probably be the strongest storm. we'll jump right into it. good morning, nice to see you both. nice to see you at home. you're probably happy to see if commuting through san rafael. southbound on 101, it is just mainly cloudy. and about a mild 60 degrees. the heavy rains are possible this evening and overnight. so there are puddles developing on the roads before tomorrow's morning commute. and then the weekend storm is looking breezier, but with lighter rain, here's a look at the showers moving through grover park, petaluma, that's heading off to the north and st. melina. we have better radar returns to north, but this storm is coming from the north. so we'll see the heavier showers and possible thunderstorms. we'll have a flood watch from 3:00 to 7:00 friday morning. the winds are not a big issue with this particular storm. we're calm to about 7 miles per hour. we may get up to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. so on our storm impact scale
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from 1 being light to 5 severe, this is light at a 2 due to the .75 to the 1.5 in the north bay. you can see from now through 9:00, some scattered light showers. a better chance across the north bay. that will continue during the noon hour. all the way up until 5:00, then you can see the yellows and oranges start to develop. that's going to continue all through the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning's commute. then it will taper tomorrow afternoon. san jose, .75. oakland the same. a half inch. more than an inch in santa rosa. hopefully two-thirds in the east bay neighborhood. it will be dry on halloween. otherwise the rest of the storms will be light. good morning. the first hour of the commute today between 4:30 and 5:30 we had a lot of crashes. between 5:30 and now, no new incidents. we'll enjoy it while it lasts. the bay bridge metering lights are on and have been since 5:27. so only the carpool lanes are
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moving okay at this point. and back in the 880 flyover, we had flashing lights 15 minutes ago. those have cleared. never had anything reported from chp. live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps this morning, not too many areas with any heavy rain this morning. but as mike explained, we have a few sprinkles out there. be on the lookout for that and wet pavement. westbound highway 4 in walnut creek, 12 minutes. no problems on walnut creek to highway 4, just ten minutes. tracy to dublin is just ten minutes as well. ibm is teaming up with the weather company that owns a smart inhaler would use weather data and sensors to track how patients are doing and if they are using their inhaler
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properly. this is to use a if people are useing these inhalers as necessary. and you can take this doppler radar with you whenever you need it. here's a look at what is coming up. 12 days to go until election day. on "good morning america" this morning, my exclusive interview with donald trump, his wife melania and their entire family that was in washington, d.c. donald trump energized, upbeat, unapologetic on the
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all right. 6:24. welcome back. take a look at your screen.
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whoo! that is close. the area of one of the scariest airport runways coming to an end. that's the boeing 747, it flies just over the heads of crowds before landing. it's not a mistake, it's just what happens here on the island of st. marteen. they are now replacing the big 747 with the much smaller airbus 330. so the landing not going to be so thrilling or so low. >> the a330 is still a big plane. and rob from fremont has a question about rebates. >> he spoke to us in fremont. michael finney has the answer. >> i purchased a washing machine last year and had a rebate frau pg&e. when i went to apply for the rebate, they told me they ran out of money, even though the
6:26 am
rebate was not expired yet. what do you think? >> hey, rob, great meeting you at the fremont street eats event. look, when you buy a qualifying appliance, you can get rebates anywhere from $50 to $150. but, and it's a big but, those rebates are on a first come, first serve basis. te fine print right there says the rebates and amounts can change at any time for any reason. and that's why my advice is always to check to see if the rebate is still going before buying. rob, thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it and share it on social media using #askfinney. coming up next at 6:30, trouble at the dmv. the outage is still impacting offices across the bay area. what you need to know if you have an appointment. and the search for a missing sailor who took off from san francisco has now been suspended. why there are concerns about his safety this morning. and i continue to gather
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more details about twitter announcing layoffs. i'll have more details coming up. and here are the newest rainfall potential numbers for not only the storm but the weekend. up to an inch in the south bay. possibly 2.33 in san rafael. there's a graph color coded to show we have a 2% to 5% chance of any flash flooding. that doe
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good morning, i'm natasha zouves. >> and i'm reggie aqui. mike, where is this rain? that's a great question. let's get right to it, reggie. no pulling punches. we'll show you, good morning, everybody. everybody needs to be prepared to get wet today, tomorrow and through the weekend. right now, i'm seeing a little bit near pacifica heading to hillsborogh, brisbane, and that area. and then you can see scattered light showers. that's what we're going to have most of the day until we get to the latter parts of the afternoon and into the evening hours. right now san jose, you're dry. but you're going to get wet weather. we're going to have more numerous showers across the north bay at noon and the rest of us get rain heavy at times during the afternoon and evening
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hours. how is the commute this morning, alexis? is it getting better? we started off busy, we had a lot of crashes and heavier stuff come through with wet pavement. but those have all cleared. we are incident-free at the moment. westbound 880 filling in through the emeryville stretch. the drive times are ramping up as well. so westbound 880 between highway 4 and the maze, we are up to 28 minutes. not terrible, but that flipped over from green to yellow. we'll take a closer look at the south bay coming up next. and we have you covered. we are combing the roads this morning looking for rain and any issues. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is combing the north bay live for us in novato. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie. we're here to tell people to enjoy the dry commute being offered to you right now. because it is expected to change later today. and as we have talked to people this morning, we are finding that people are aware of the change in weather that is coming. ad they are preparing. >> i had to set up all my
6:32 am
succulents with umbrellas and put them in the greenhouse because they can't get too wet. and i have to make sure my dog is okay during the day. i set her up in the garage and prop the door in so nothing can close her in and wet. that way she doesn't get wet and make sure my animals and plants are all good. then i'm set. i have my rain jacket and work. so i don't really go outside in the rain. >> reporter: she is ready. you see it's dry right now, but don't be fooled, you are going to need your rain gear for later today. change is coming. live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. we have weather i the way prompting weather for those in san francisco and the golden gate area. many areas are at risk for drought and could drop large limbs. this cyprus dropped a 20-foot branch along the southern panhandle branch at cole street. it's been moved out of the way. crews also removed a downed limb from the elm tree on the
6:33 am
crossover path. and get up to the minute weather and traffic information any time. just tap on the temperature in the top right corner. and there you can get custom forecasts for where you live and work. if you still need to download the app, it's free. you can get the latest from your phone or tablet. speaking of push alerts, twitter is announcing layoffs. this morning the company is cutting 9% of the workforce, that's about 350 jobs. most of the cuts are from the marketing and sales force. the restructuring will cost about $10 to $20 mainly in severance pay for workers. the tech company has picked up 15 million monthly users in the past two years. facebook, though, have picked up 319 million. that's 20 times more.
6:34 am
meanwhile, twitter's ceo jack dorsey says he'll address his staff later this afternoon. for now, those are the newest details into the live desk on that breaking news. natasha, back to you. >> thank you so much, jessica. we are getting a good look at a car this morning that police say hit and critically hurt a bicyclist in sunnyvale. police released several photos of the white acura tlx or ilx. there's damage to the front windshield, possibly the front bumper as well. police say the car hit the cyclist around 10:30 monday morning on fremont avenue at the sunnyvale/saratoga intersection. they sped away after that. the 66-year-old victim has li life-threatening injuries. if you have any questions or information on this, call police. and a police chase ended in south san francisco. police were tracking two purse snatching suspects by using an app on the victim's phone. they found the suspect's silver honda at 7:30 last night. now that car took off and two blocks later as you can see, it crashed into a car near gateway
6:35 am
boulevard and east grand avenue. the driver in that car and one of the suspects were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the other suspect got away. and investigators in two east bay cities are looking into a rash of home break-ins. piedmont's police chief posted a message to residents on the city's website yesterday saying there have been 14 recent robberies, three of which have been home invasions. the teach thchief says patrols g beefed up. and they are looking into a string of break-ins. here's a video only on abc 7 news, two suspects are caught breaking into a home here. officials say at least five break-ins and attempted break-ins have taken place over the last week. police met with concerned neighbors last week. if someone comes to their house, ta make sure they know your presence is known. >> if the doorbell rings, let them know you are in the house. because a lot of times that scares them away. >> residents are asked to install extra lights to help
6:36 am
scare off criminals. we want to avoid a headache at the dmv. if you need to go, make alternate plans now. the massive computer glitch is still causing problems this morning. it originally hit on monday but it's taking longer to fix than expected. more than 90 offices are offering limited service including san francisco, oakland and san jose. we posted a full list at so you're prepared with online services still available. and the coast guard suspended the search for a well-known chinese sailor attempting a record-setting voyage from san francisco to shanghai. he was trying to cross the pacific in 20 days. a crew went on board to only find his life jacket. he left san francisco eight days ago and was in touch daily with chinese mainland officials until monday. 6:36 now. and in the south bay, protesters are vowing to keep fighting the
6:37 am
planned expansion of a nearby landfill. interestingly, the newby landfill is in milpitas but on land owned by san jose. the milpitas wants it closed but the commission already approved the expansion. people who live nearby say the smell is so bad they're forced to stay indoors. last night dozens of protesters showed up at the city meeting in san jose. many ended up disappointed. a public hearing on the expansion was pushed back because the three commissioners weren't present. they also need more time to review a new odor study. >> they are hoping that these people are going to get tired and they're not going to show up and they can easily pass it and then expansion happens. and guess who is going to suffer? we are the ones. >> that item is now scheduled for december 7th. and scientists with the marine mammal center plan to go a daly city beach to perform a necropsy on a blue whale that
6:38 am
washed up on thornton state beach. it was floating a quarter mile offshore when first spotted. they have responded to 30 washed up whales this year. none have been a blue whale, which is an endangered species. they only responded to blue whales seven times in the 41-year history. all right, south bay. we're waking up mostly cloudy with a chance of rain not looking very good throughout the morning. we have scattered showers throughout the morning and evening hours. but it's overnight when they become steadier and heavier and my promise comes to fruition of you getting rain out of this storm. if your stepping out, we have temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. in fact, that's everywhere with the mild southern flow keeping us comfortable. the bay bridge is drying out from earlier scattered showers. slick streets this plormorning earlier showers. but there could be ponding as the heavier rain moves in.
6:39 am
if you're exercising, it will be wet and mild this afternoon. from sutro tower, temperatures are stuck in the 60s. look at that chance for rain every day. the hour-by-hour look is coming up. and i do have live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps this morning. so light showers out there today, very scattered as mike has been telling us. not a lot of you currently seeing rain. as we zoom into the south bay here, we are seeing delays in all the typical areas. northbound 101, 280 and then 85 heading to cupertino. we have not had any incidents blocking so far this morning since we started at 4:30 in the entire san jose area. so i'm sure that is some welcomed news. and if you're traveling south of there coming up from gilroy, we have two miles of heavy traffic on northbound 101 through morgan hill. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on at 5:27. you could have sprinkles move through once again, but not the high winds we had earlier in the week. so that's good. still looking good for mass transit this morning. b.a.r.t. is on time. ace trains 1, 3 and 5 on time.
6:40 am
ace 7 should be leaving after 7:00 a.m. caltrains, no delays. we'll look at the drive times coming up at 6:50. the young woman at the center of a police sex scandal that has rocked seven law enforcement agencies has a new life. her lawyers have staken serious measures to keep 19-year-old jasmine azuland out of the public eye and the headaches that caused her so much c controver controversy. the man behind the raiders stadium is ready to walk away from the deal. sheldon adelson says the raiders want so much, apparently saying they have made several demands. the casino mogul can live without the deal. nevada's governor just signed the bill last week to increase hotel taxes to help raise $750 million in public money for the stadium. adelson pledged $650 million. the remaining $500 million will be covered by the raiders and the nfl.
6:41 am
san francisco making a strong pitch for george lucas' new museum. coming up next, the newly-released design to promise to make it an instant landmark. and the commute will make it easier on the commute. the changes you could soon see on the morning drive. and we'll be back with more
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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eric dossantos leapt off a mountain and it was going well until he crashes right into these trees. dossantos is in the hospital with six fractures, head trauma and a liver laceration. he's expected to survive. boy, that's scary stuff. a breaking news update on a huge six-alarm fire in new york city this morning. and new video just into the live desk. the fire killed one person, hurt several others. we are told one person is hospitalized in critical condition. and we have just learned from our abc affiliate that person in
6:45 am
critical condition had to be rescued by a firefighter forced to dangle off the side of the burning apartment building using a rope. that man, the victim, was in a window. he suffered extensive burns from this fire. it ripped through five floors of the apartment building in manhattan's upper east side. it has made national news this morning. back to you. thank you, jessica. happening today, a plan to ease the commute between the south bay and san francisco could get a boost. >> you can weigh in on plans to improve the traffic congestion along the 101. matt keller is live with details. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of you are sick and tired of sitting in traffic on 101. it's gotten worse over the years. a lot of major companies have moved in along this corridor and many people, thousands and thousands of people, have to get to and from work. i would like to tell you there's a solution coming soon, but soon may be a stretch. however, at least it's being talked about.
6:46 am
tonight caltrans and officials in san mateo county are getting together with the public to talk about the 101 manage lanes project. basically, they want to improve travel time. what's on the stable? changing the existing hov lanes to express lanes so solo drivers can pay to use it. and adding new express lanes on 101 to 380, possibly removing or replacing existing auxillary lanes, changing ramp connections and installing electronic tolls. want to learn more? head to for details. reporting live in south san francisco, matt keller, abc 7 news. apple is holding an event today in cupertino. the star of the show is the new macbook pro. they have not had a major design update since 2012. we saw first images of what the new computer could look like. it has a touchscreen strip above the keyboard with a fingerprint sensor. the event kicks off at 9:00.
6:47 am
we'll be tweeting about it. follow us @abc7newsbayarea. in other tech news this morning, the breaking announcement this morning from twitter confirming they are laying off 9% of their workforce. >> we'll see what effect that is having. jean is at the nasdaq with the announcement and impact of this. >> reporter: twitter is trading higher on this news. i guess wall street is looking at this as a positive step to try to restructure and try to get some traction as they attempt to add more subscribers. to twitter, 2.5% trading at $2.17 a share. and tesla is boosting a profit. this is the second time tesla had a quarterly profit. sales of the model s were better than expected. and it saw a reduction in spending and saw green tax credits as well. so these results could help push through the merger with solar city that the ceo elan musk
6:48 am
wants. and it does not pay that well to be the chief executive of the state. california governor jerry brown's salary is $183,000 a year. that's the third highest among all governors. california's economy, though, is one of the largest in the world. and now you can check into olive garden with your mobile device. it's an attempt to end crust her frustration over arriving at restaurants to find out you have to wait for a while to get to a table. customers can go online and put their name in for a reservation and be alerted when a table is available. live from times square, i'm jane king, back to you. >> fun fact about me, jane, i used to work at the oilive garden. >> i love olive garden. there's the food snobs in new york, i love the breadsticks. >> i can eat breadsticks all day. >> that's what i did, made breadsticks. first, here are the choices for george lucas' museum. treasure island or l.a. this could happy next year.
6:49 am
>> we have this up behind us. these are the illustrations of what the museum of narrative art would look like on treasure island. pretty nice. san francisco was lucas' first choice but they rejected his plan. then lawsuits squashed his hopes for a chicago location. now he's looking to come back to california. this is the competing concept from los angeles. lucas is looking for traditional and narrative total art. the total value of the art project is likely to exceed $1 billion. >> you said it was pretty nice. was that some shade? >> not at all. don't read into that. it's pretty nice. okay. mike, you look pretty nice today. >> that's not shady. he looks great. >> what, that was shade? really? i didn't pick the outfit out. my wife did. it is cloudy and we are seeing
6:50 am
delays heading through the afternoon at sfo. showers and ponding likely during the overnight into tomorrow morning. then we'll see a tapering friday into saturday with some scattered showers and a heavier rain sunday. right now our best radar returns, santa rosa, a lot of green. which means sprinkles to light rain. but look what is lurking down here to the south. all the white and gray is tropical moisture, whether it is coming in with the storm itself or we're tapping into hurricane see seymore. this storm is ranking a 2 on the scale. because of the .75 possible in the south bay, 1.5 in the north bay. we have a slight chance of thunderstorms from san jose southward. scattered light showers through the morning commute. the best chance across the north bay. and that is where the best chance will stay until we get to noon. and then you can see some more developing heading to the evening commute. notice the yellows and oranges starting to show up.
6:51 am
that's when periods of heavy rain keep going through tomorrow at 5:00. that's why i think if you're the first one out on the roads, you'll run into a lot of puddles. you can see it does start to taper heading to friday evening. we'll have a half inch to three quarters an inch around the south bay. up to an inch in the north bay. look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, the only dry day is halloween. that times out perfectly, mike. thank you for that. taking a look at the roads, we're doing great at this point. if you were with us earlier at 4:30, we had a lot of collisions. we had overnight showers, obviously, we still have a fie light ones out there this morning. but no current blocking incidents. so we will certainly take it. westbound 205 to 580 through the altamont pass, you're heavy at 15 miles per hour through the merge. then 28 miles per hour as you get a little closer to altamont pass. that's improving. we did hear from chp we have a disabled vehicle in the far left lane on the golden gate bridge right around the toll plaza. not seeing that impact traffic here. you're looking good across the golden gate bridge. in fact, most of the bridges are doing okay. seven minutes on southbound 101.
6:52 am
westbound 80 bay ridge commute, 17 minutes once you make it past the metering lights. up to 24 minutes westbound 92 for the san mateo bridge. we'll look for wet pavement coming up next. we're coming back in 90 seconds with seven things you need to know before you go. >> first we'll look at the instagram picture of the day. follow us @abc7bayarea. you can see more photos like this, share you photos and video using #abcnow. today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54. we start our seven things to know with mike nicco. >> we have heavy rain on the way. just scattered light showers looking at live doppler 7. everybody's going to be touched by light rain this morning. but heavier rain as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. so make sure you download the app. there's live doppler 7 hd right on my phone. you're going to need it. one dry day the next seven days. all right. number two, obviously, the weather is going to impact traffic. not too bad right now. in fact, i've had a hard time looking through all the traffic cameras. i'm not seeing anything looking too soggy. westbound 80 through the emeryville stretch, we are up to 34 minutes on westbound 80 and the maze. currently, no blocking incidents. number three from the live desk, layoffs at twitter.
6:55 am
the san francisco-based giant laying off 9% of the workforce, about 350 jobs. most are marketing and sales jobs as jane king just told us. investors like the news. the twitter stock is open as markets open. and hilltop drive is reopened after a man's body is found on the eastbound 80 on-ramp overnight. he has been shot. the on-ramp remains closed while the chp investigates. number five, overnight the coast guard called off the search for a chinese sailor attempting a record-setting voyage. he was trying to sail from san francisco to shanghai in 20 days. the crew boarded the vessel yesterday to find only his life jack. and number six, the shaking is not over for central italy. listen to that. people have been hit with several aftershocks after two fairly large earthquakes yesterday. no one was killed but officials say there's major damage and widespread power outages. number seven, cal's greek community is agreeing to follow new party rules after two sexual
6:56 am
assaults that include trained members giving quick consent talks at parties. also, three sober monitors are supposed to be present at the parties so they can watch for any red flags. we'll be watching for rain throughout the afternoon especially, right? >> yes. some oranges and red possibly showing up on live doppler 7 this afternoon and evening. that's why i think the periods of heavy rain will begin and last through this time tomorrow. we're still have leftover heavy rain. six out of the next seven days with rain in the forecast. mike, you'll be a busyman. >> we'll have updates on your weather and traffic. see you then. >>. when it happens where you live -- >> so many frustrated drivers this afternoon being caught in the middle of highway 101. >> the abc 7 news team covers your neighborhood. your story -- >> that's when i reached out to 7 on your side. you have been awesome. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that w
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good morning, america. breaking news. new polls show the race tightening as newly leaked clinton campaign e-mails detail how the former president made millions after he left the white house. what an aide calls bill clinton inc. our abc news exclusive. donald trump, his wife and his family. trump hits hillary clinton for those leaked e-mails. >> george, george, she is so guilty. >> doubles down on his claims of a rigged system. >> it's record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting. it's the greatest pile-on in american history. >> and his strategy in the war against isis. >> you can tell your military expert i'll sit down and i'll teach him a couple of things. >> his wife, melania, opens up about those abuse allegations. >> they were lies. >> with just 12 days till the election. breaking overnight, two


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