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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  October 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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deep puddles. and looking live at the golden gate bridge cam. the skies are gray and the air still moisture. meteorologist drew tuma has more with live doppler 7 and the only thing we lack is the rainbow. >> a lot of rainbows with the heavy downpours. now on the back illinois of the system and we're seeing widely scattered showers and wet weather. live doppler 7 down to street level. scattering of showers by walnut creek. pops of yellow indicating moderate rainfall. to the peninsula, a light shower moving through redwood city. to the north we go heavier honests of rain -- pockets of rain to the north. sonoma, big bend, and petaluma. we have some snow in the sierra. chain controls on 50 and 80 at this hour. as the flakes are falling. a decent rainstorm today. a a little less in the south
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bay, more in the north bay, mose sports from a quarter to half inch of rain. the system moving out, other another one moving in and it's coming during halloween. we'll talk what that means in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. the storm brought us some much needed rain but created chaos in many bay area neighborhoods. core mel bernard is -- cornell bernard is live. tell us more about the chaos. >> reporter: just saw some rain showers move through. reminding us that the storm system certainly is not over yet. check it out. san francisco peeking through the clouds. we saw stormy conditions, did we ever and lots of trouble on the road. heavy rain was the story in mill valley. a slow drive on highway 101.
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no reprieve in san rafael. rain falling fast. >> i didn't believe it when i saw it. >> firefighters worked to remove a large tree limb which fell on hi pickup. >> i see these trees every day and know they're not in the best of shape. but i never thought of one falling on my truck. >> reporter: his german shepherd, max, was trapped inside the truck for a time. max was fine-happy to be free. >> dog is fine. pretty tough. >> reporter: the golden gate, more like the stormy gate. rain was keeping drivers on alert. the storm making quite a mess in the oakland hills. a mudslide came down across pinehurst road. rock and deeb slowing the drive. another slide nearby brought down this tree. slick roads are blamed for this six-car pileup on interstate 280 near 25th street. the accident sent several people to the hospital with minor
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injuries. one driver said cars hydroplaned. >> water on the road, and that made the brakes slow down. >> reporter: the oakland chp sent this tweet, asking drivers to slow down. later the rain moved out just as new storm clouds roll in from the pacific in south san francisco. abc7 news. >> and here's a sign of the storm easing up a little tonight. this rainbow -- i you see it twice but it's the same one, appeared before the bay an hour ago. we have up to the minute weather informationphone you anytime on the abc7 news app. just tap on the temperature at the top right corner and get custom forecasts for where you live or work. if you need to download the app, enable push alerts to be information. east bay, man is accused of sexually assaulting a young boy with down syndrome. bart police say the suspect
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followed the buy into the bathroom at the pittsburg station. the boy's mother was waiting outside the bathroom and called police for help. the child went to the hospital. police arrested and bookedded the sucked into the montana detention facility. hayward police shot and wounded a man they say used an rv as a weapon against them and rammed several cars. we were at tennis son park with some of the damaged vehicle being towed from the scene. police responded to an emergency call. when they got there a man was in the rv heading towards them. officers opened fire hitting them. the suspect is expected to survive. police in santa cruz are trying to find the driver of an suv who hit and critically injured a uc santa cruz student. police are looking for a 2010 or 2011 silver honda crv similar to one on your screen but we damage to the passenger side front
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bumper. the 20-year-old student was not in a crosswalk, she was walking home from halloween party nearby. election day is just nine days away and many people have already begun voting and in san francisco right now, those votes are being processed to be counted. lilian kim is live at city hall with more. >> reporter: eric, it's all hands on deck here at the department of elections at san francisco city hall. workers are processing the record number of ballots coming in. more than 87,000 san francisco residents have voted so far. that is 17% of the city's registered voters. that fig is higher than in previous elections in large part because more people have requested vote by mail ballots. election workers are working weekends and at all hours hoff the day to keep up with the number of ballots. workers collect the data but do not tabulate until the polls close. so far the number of people coming into city hall to vote is on par with the 2008 election.
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we spoke to some early voters and they told us it took them at least an hour or two to go over all the local measures, the races and propositions. in san francisco there are 25 local measures, and 17 state measures. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. investigators say they busted an illegal pot processing facility set up in an abandoned calaveras county airport. photos show the facility in san andreas. deputies arrested more than 30 people from all they ever oworld, many of them in the country illegally. the union democrat reports they were paid $100 a day to process the not. many of the doors were bolted shut. investigators found numerous fire code, building code and health and safety violations because of the mon o modified facility and confiscated more
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than two and a half tons of marijuana, this week deputy seized three pounds of pot near west point. now to southern california. firefighters rescued a woman who survived for five days trapped in an suv that had rolled over down a hill. they found her in the wreckage yesterday near the city of in the mojave desert. rescues describe their injuries as serious but not life-threatening. she is currently recovering at the hospital. coming up at 6:00, donald trump is back on the attack, this time focusing on bay area companies. from napa to nasa, and into space. kate reubens talks about heir incredible descent that brought her back to earth
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donald trump is suggesting bay area southern media companies are hiding information about the fbi criminal investigation. very dishonest media. law enforcement official said the fbi has known for weeks about additional e-mails related to clinton's private server investigation. the e-mails were on a device seeded in the anthony weiner
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sexting charge. he is he husband of human -- huma abedin. at the fbi publicly announcees the existence on the e-mails on friday. >> for the fir time we're hearing from kate rubins after sheland back on earth. she spent 115 days in the international pace station. she'll rave back in the u.s. tomorrow. rubens became the first person to sequence dna in space, which is spoken for deep space travel. she set up a docking adapter that spacex will you to transport crews to the space station. today she talked about the incredible journey yesterday that brought her back to earth. >> the entire vehicle is going from 17,000 miles an thundershower impact on landing. it's pretty amazing we can take three human beings and send them from outer space into the stepss of kazakhstan that quickly.
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>> first thing she did was call her family. coming up at 6:00. learning the stills to save lives and finding inspiration from a personal story of survival. plus, we're looking at a rainy night ahead in parts of the bay area. meteorologist drew tuma has the accuweather forecast. >> the warriors finally above pied .500 with a win in phoenix
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now to the peninsula where more than 250 people learn how to save lives today after a neighbor narrowly escaped tragedy. we were in burlingme as central county firefighters taught local residents cpr. the session was inspired by a burlingame resident who suffered a heart attack the months ago. his 14-year-old daughter saved his life when she immediately gave him cpr. >> he kind of started coughing really bad, really hard.
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so we were like, dad, are you okay? then he was passed out, so i didn't really think and kind of just started chest compressions. >> had a massive heart attack. the doctors gave me about a one percent chance of survival-given all the circumstances. >> the training session focused on adult cpr and they of an external defibrillateyear. >> now the forecast with drew tomb ya. >> the widespread rain this morning has moved out of here. we're still having lingering scattered showers and it is impacting areas in north bay. live doppler 7 showing you a peppering of light showers. we approximately press into one cell showing signs of heavier moisture. light rain around san rafael and fairfax, and this is moving to the north and east, 30 miles-per-hour. so as we track this one, in 36 minutes the cell moves into vallejo and 50 minutes, napa well get more light shower activity. so the north of santa rosa, you
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notice heavier rain. south of windsor, and this is the theme in the next six hours. hit or miss showers through the bay area as the storm system departs. we saw today a lot of these, rainbows across the bay area. this one from joey in oakland. a beautiful shot. and we're likely going to see more rain bows tomorrow as another storm system moves in. so if you get a good weather photo, hash tag at abc7 new on social media and'll find. a live look from sutro tower showing you cloud cover left over, main overcast skies. scattered showers this evening. the next storm system moves in on halloween and will bring showers into the evening tomorrow, and then tracking a break in storms. a dry pattern develops mid-week into friday. right now, feels raw and damp. a lot of spots around 60. 61 novato. 64 oakland. san jose the same. hour by hour this evening,
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future weather, 9:00, scattered showers and back on air for abc7 news at 1178. live doppler 7 tracking a shower. tonight we'll include the isolated showers. upper 40s to mid-50s so out the door tomorrow morning, going to need the jacket and umbrella in the afternoon. your halloween planner is this. a little fog along the coast. overcast skies and then the next storm system moves into the afternoon and evening. so we bring back the storm impact scale, this one coming tomorrow, a light storm, a one on the storm impact scale, scattered showers, light total rainfall. really the issue is the timing with this system and a lot of folks are going to be out and about collecting candy so going hour by hour for you on halloween, mid-die, cloud cover. first in the north bay by 4:00. the showers develop. there be a couple of downpours in the evening.
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6:00, 7:00. that's when anyone is really fair game for shower, and then the south bay last by 10:00 we'll see the wet weather. can set your plans no. have the umbrella and poncho but might need it as the showers pass by like they are this evening the seven day forecast, one our storm impact scale. a dry pattern on wednesday, thursday and friday, we're warming up, but do not worry. we're tracking another storm system moving in saturday night, into sunday. right now light showers. otherwise, daylight saving time ends and flip your clocks back one our one week from today. >> i'm not worried. know drew tuma. >> the oakland raiders ended the two, we're vlad trim tampa with an overtime one, outgun the bucks. but a franchise record 23 penalties for 200 yards made the game closer than it should have been. the play was drawn up earlier in
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the week. third quarter, derek carr to donald pence. ties the game. carr, 40-59. a franchise record 513 yards. four tds, here to amari cooper. 173 yards. 17-10 oakland. fourth quarter, penalties on third down alonged rogers to cop off a drive with a one-yard plunge. on the two-point conversion raiders only had nine guys on the field. carr, bull throat riff remarks tithes the game at 24. a buck 38 remaining. got the ball back, janikowski, 50 yards for the win. would also miss a 52-yarder in overtime but did not cost oakland. a buck-55 left. fourth and four. raiders need a first down. the kid out of tallahassee goes 41 yards, first time since 1977,
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raiders .500 on the road. >> we have such a long way to good as a team. we see the end goal in sight. what we want the team to look like. just not there yet, but we have a long way to go and ill keep working. >> the great thing is we played through and it got the win. so, a lot of what stopped us early in the game was self-inflicted offensively. we cleaned that up and cleaned that up and we score. >> raiders next opponent, the denver broncos, hosting the chargers, scary moment. wade phillips hit, falls and is taken off on a stretcher but reports are he is okay. the defense made sure they won the game. for him. bradley robey. 49-yard pick six. three interceptions. broncos win 27-19. tied for the raiders for first plac heading into sunday night's showdown. packers and falcons, quarterback affair. away rodgers, seven yards to
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janest. 32-46 green bay. now 37 seconds left. the third td pass. for the game winner, falcons now 5-3 with a 33-32 victory. 49ers have a by. next opponent, the saints, hosting seattle. drew brees threw for 260 yards. and ran one in. two seconded left. the will son pass is caught but he is out of bounds. saints improve to 3-4. be at levi's stadium next week, 25-20 the final. the warriors second stop on the three-game road trip in phoenix to face the suns. still trying to find themselves with six new members. team u.s.a. fan and i'm guessing warriors. steph was 45 from deep early on. dubs, 15 turnovers and poor shooting.
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durant heat up in the second. 15 of his 19 in the first half. a jumper with only one shoe. dubs down two at the half. durant, oh, my, throws it down, 57-55 phoenix. steph in foul trouble. durant doing what he does well. the mode range jumper, he had 37. and then the bench contributes. iguodala to draymond for the two-handed jam. fourth quarter, durant, completes the alley-oop from iguodala and the dubs are 2-1 with the 106-100 victory. good day for at the east bay, dubs and raider inside the win column. indians can close out the cubs the world series tonight. >> next on abc7 news at 6:00, the battle of the toms at the box office. or is it? who
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20. details in a double homicide in wine country as police zero in on suspects. at 11:00 here as abc7, jasmine abuslin's case rocks local law enforcement and she may not be the only one. we spend the night on international boulevard talking
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with self-identified sex works who say having sex with cops for money is nothing new. last wakame madea took down tom crews and this week tom hanks couldn't overcome her. boo captured the top spot, earning more than $52 million. tyler perry always rules, clearing more than 16 million. tom hanks and ron howard inferno earned just 15 million. jack reacher, the accountant, and ouija, the origin of evil, round out the top five. next week's winner is almost certain as marvel's dr. strange makes its debut. big fan of that comic growing up. that's it for us at 6:00. thank you for joining us. for drew and shu. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. today, we're diving in to the vibrant culture, rich heritage, and longstanding traditions of mexico. we're highlighting people and places making a difference in the latino community. first, we're meeting an entrepreneurial couple in san francisco, who share their love of food. >> and then i'm also gonna do a little bit of the seeds. >> then we visit alas, a cultural arts program for youth in half moon bay that is strengthening identity in education. plus, we discover an organization that's inspiring philanthropy and investing in latino communities. >> in 30 years, latinos will make up 80% of our workforce. >> and we're getting a sneak peek at cirque du soleil's


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