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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 31, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a massive four-alarm fire in oakland this morning. a building under renovation collapses live on abc 7 mornings and is completely destroyed. here's a live look now from sky 7. you see the burned out rubble of what was going to be a new apartment complex near lake merritt. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. take a look at the intense flames from this fire. it broke out around 5:00 a.m. and firefighters are still monitoring for hot spots. you saw they're spraying it down. this is all happening at acton plac and lester avenue. amy hollowfield has been there
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all morning and joins us live. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, kristen. you can see there's still smoke coming out of this building. firefighters still putting water on it just in case. the apartments next door are still evacuated. there are residents out here huddled in american red cross blankets waiting on the sidewalk to get back into their homes, six hours after this fire started. the ferocious fire was so bright, so big residents down the street didn't even know if they were safe. >> when we opened the door and it was like that hot and we're two buildings over, i thought it was our building that was on fire. that's how it like hot and close it was. >> reporter: the building that was burning on lester avenue in oakland was an apartment building under construction. two people were living in the garage working security for the building. >> guys go outside -- >> reporter: maria menendez said the fire woke her up. and then a pipe from the building pierced the windshield of her car. no one was in it at the time,
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but it was parked in the garage where the couple was staying. they are okay, but shaken by the experience. firefighters say the big concern for them was keeping this fire from spreading through this densely packed neighborhood. >> there was a little bit of a wind this morning, so the embers were flying. so our concern was the surrounding neighborhood houses were going to possibly catch on fire due to the embers. >> reporter: a section of the back of the building collapsed. scaffolding also toppled over landing on the home of an elderly woman. she is okay, but her home has so much damage she can't stay here. firefighters estimate 150 to 200 people evacuated during the fire fight. >> i ran to the end of my patio and i could just see the flames. and they were real hot, so i said it's really time for me to get out. so then i left. >> reporter: firefighters managed to keep this fire from spreading to other homes, much to the relief of residents who at times had their doubts. >> there was a couple moments where you thought the whole block was going to go.
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>> reporter: firefighters say they're going to be out here all day and into the night watching for hot spots. investigators can't even go in yet to start looking for a cause. they say it's just not safe. they have been interviewing witnesses to try to figure out why this fire started. no one was hurt in this fire. that is the good news out here. and pg&e just got the power back on for residents who have been allowed to return home. amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. we watched the fire unfold live during abc 7 mornings. shows the scaffolding giving way this morning about 0 minutes after it started burning. officials say 80 firefighters from oakland and berkeley responded to the scene. dave gorina was live posting, he says it was a scary situation and feels thankful to his neighbor for knocking on his door and waking him up. and let's give you another live look now at the aftermath right here. sky 7 showing what remains after
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the four-alarm fire ripped through the apartment complex. you heard amy holyfield talk about how they're still putting fire on the rubble there. dozens of units under construction are now just gone. we've been sending out push alerts all morning for this fire. stay on top of breaking news any time. you can download the app free and allow the breaking news updates as they happen. and here is another look sky 7 showing what remains after the four alarm fire ripped through a housing development. dozens of apartment units under construction are gone. once again, we want to remind you you can download our push alert or news app and get the push alerts to get the latest. now for developing news out of santa clara. investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that sparked around 4:00 this morning. it broke out in the attic of this home on lenox place. crews were able to get the people inside the house out safely and keep it from spreading to other homes. one person living at the home
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said it might have been started by a burning candle. well, the bay area's back on storm watch just in time to put a damper, maybe, on your halloween plans. the sky's starting to turn gray as morning sunshine gives way now to a new round of storm clouds. here's a live look from our explo explo exploreum camera. will the rain arrive as kids set out for trick or treating? meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the rain. that's what everybody said this morning, ask mike. >> well, here i am. maybe they're watching the school on our app. if not we'll be sure to put it on social media for them. show you where the first signs of some sprinkles falling around mt. st. helena geyserville, and clear lake. just some sprinkles right now, but the heavier is up to our north. that whole thing is sliding to the southeast. so here's my timeline. by 2:00 we'll see some showers develop in the north bay. thunder possible also, which
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means moderate rain possible sometimes if we're going to have a washout, it's going to be in the north bay. lighter showers move into the central baby 5:00 and south baby 8:00 and they'll be scattered. so tricky to trick or treat across the north bay at 5:00 while the rest of us will be okay until 7:00. once the sunsets the better chance of that rain reaching the ground from those creepy clouds and temperatures in the upper 50s by the time we're finished. mike, we'll talk more about that in a bit. thanks. developing news in the east bay, b.a.r.t. police are investigating a sexual assault on a teenage boy with down syndrome. officers arrested 38-year-old peter goroulu, police say he followed the 15-year-old boy into the bathroom at the pittsburg b.a.r.t. station while his mother waited outside. he was booked on six counts. police in santa cruz are trying to find the driver of an suv who hit and critically
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injured a u.c. student over the weekend. the 20-year-old student was walking on southbound highway 1 between river and mission street just before 2:00 sunday morning when she was hit. police are looking for a 2010 or 2011 silver honda crv similar to the one you see here but with damage to the passenger side front bumper. the student was not in a crosswalk when she was hit. after leaving a halloween party in the area. happening today, 49ers are expected to release paperwork they say will prove the team has not been using public money to which they were not entitled. this after accusations from santa clara's mayor. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the stadium. matt, you just interviewed the mayor. >> reporter: yes, i did. and kristen, as if the season isn't horrible enough, the 49ers are facing a battle off the field with the city of santa clara over levi's stadium. and it's another battle that they could lose. this is all over taxpayer money. the city's mayor, mayor lisa
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girks, lirksmore says an audit revealed taxpayer money from a general fund is being spent at the stadium. mayor lisa gilmore says the 49ers stadium management company has not been providing key documents showing how money is being spent and demanding they be turned over or the city will begin the process of taking over management of levi's stadium. >> for instance, the changing of the grass fields every time they do that it looks like the non-nfl side was billed. and the city and the stadium authority are partners on the nonnfl side. so why are we paying for the changing of the grass every time they have an nfl game? so those are the types of things our auditors are going to look at. that's what we're going to get to the bottom of. >> reporter: now, the 49ers responded saying the mayor's accusations that money is going from the city's general fund into the stadium are false and irresponsib irresponsible. the team also says the stadium has generated millions and millions of dollars for the
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city's general fund over the past two years. the next stadium authority meeting is tomorrow. reporting live in santa clara, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. now to your voice, your vote. poll numbers show donald trump just one point behind hillary clinton now. the abc news tracking poll has clinton up 46% to 45 45%. the same poll showed clinton with a 12-point lead only a week ago. of course the big issue of the past few days, the fbi's announcement about reviewing additional e-mails from clinton's time as secretary of state. here's abc news reporter maggie ruely. >> reporter: that political bombshell has turned both campaigns upside down, as donald trump pounces on the news. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> reporter: hillary clinton shakes it off. >> there's a lot of noise and distraction, but it really comes down to what kind of future we want. >> reporter: the distraction came late friday when fbi director james comey sent a letter to lawmakers in congress revealing that newly flagged e-mails were found on the laptop
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of hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin and her estranged husband anthony weiner. federal agents found the e-mails weeks ago but didn't inform comey until thursday. team clinton's calling it unfair treatment, questioning comey's motivation for making a new review public since there's no evidence of wrongdoing by clinton. >> long oninnuendo, short on facts. >> there's hypotheticals flying all over the place. >> reporter: trump using the newly reignited investigation as ammunition as he proves his campaign into previously democratic states. my colleague is traveling with the campaign. >> >> reporter:s haven't won here since 1988 and polls show clinton with a six to eight point lead. but donald trump is making an unexpected final week push to flip this state from blue to red. >> reporter: the latest abc news national tracking poll has the candidates neck and neck, clinton with only a one-point lead over trump. at this point last week clinton was up by double digits. we saw the gap narrowing over the course of the week, but after friday's announcement it's
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anyone's game. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. still to come on abc 7 news, an alarming new report about the health of millions of children. the hidden threat that could be lurking where you live. then, panic on a plane. the threat that derailed a flight in florida and has passengers firing accusations today at the airline.
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frightened travelers who faced a bomb scare on a plane headed from florida to texas are sounding off this morning about their frustrating experience. they say spirit airlines completely mishandled the threat last night. abc 7's jessica castro's here with new interviews with passengers. jessica. >> yes, kristen, passengers were scared. and after such a long wait forced to stay in their seats, they describe intense anxiety. one passenger even told abc news that passengers were threatening to use the emergency exits to get off the plane. spirit airline flight 971 was delayed two hours on the ft. lauderdale airport tarmac after a suspicious text message about a bomb. a passenger alerted flight attendants that the person next to him had sent a text about a bo bomb. >> i understand they have protocols, but to sit there for about two hours with a potential bomb on the plane, you know, we weren't really allowed to get up. >> reporter: another passenger said the airline crew at one
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point got on the loud speaker and apologized for paperwork during the delay. >> we're like paperwork? get off this plane. we're on here for hours, you know, for a bomb threat. we don't care about paperwork. we care about the safety of ourselves, our family members. >> some passengers were a little upset about the wait. >> i thought it was awful. it offered nobody a sense of comfort. and people were getting very anxious. >> reporter: eventually two men were taken off the aircraft. witnesses say one was dragged out of his seat by sheriff deputies, another was escorted out. passengers were then let off the plane but told to leave their belongings behind. they were forced to go through security again. the plane was given the all-clear and passengers rebooked on to the same aircraft. >> still not word if either of those men were arrested. and spirit airlines has not commented on its handling of the scare. in the studio, jessica castro, abc 7 news. jessica, thanks.
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the devices too hot to hands l causing trouble once again. the new fallout from all those hoverboard mishaps. and a new study shines a light on just how dangerous the air we breathe really is and who is most at risk. and we're on storm watch, just in time for tonight's trick or treating. here's a camera from our emeryville cam checking out across the bay the skies are turning gray as the clouds move in. when will your neighborhood see rain? honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit.
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whmy doctor.houldn't hamy dentist.veryday? definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. are your kids trying to figure out where to go to score the most candy tonight? private social networking site
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for neighborhoods just released a feature called treat map. it shows which houses are giving out treats this hallowen. so if you want to add your house or let people know you're not giving away candy, log on to the site, answer a couple of questions, plug in your address and voila. candy corn icons will pop up showing homes which are passing out treats. mike, we would have loved that as kids. we could have maximized our potential for candy, plot out the route. but tonight what's important is plotting out the schedule with regard to the rain. >> the rain's going to be the big thing, especially in the north bay. i don't think you can escape it in the north bay, especially the closer you are to 101 in marin county or santa rosa, it may rain all during the evening hours. while the rest of us will get some breaks. absolutely won't be a washout everywhere else, but you have to be prepared for some wet weather from time to time. here's a look at the golden gate bidge. you can see thicker clouds up across the north bay. winds are light right now about 3 to 8 miles per hour, but we'll have breezy conditions late this afternoon. showers through tomorrow morning, wettest and steadiest across the north bay, warmer and drier weak ahead.
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now, what we're dealing with right now with live doppler 7hd is the fact that we've got showers and thunderstorms across the northern part of the state. we've got what are looking at yellows and oranges and some reds there, that's the stronger part of the storm right now. if we could get return, we'll see that -- there. the area of low pressure. so we've got showers out ahead of this. and then we've got thunderstorms that are going to develop. this is going to hit us with a one-two punch as we head through the evening and overnight hours. the breeziest conditions are going to happen from 5:00 until 8:00. and look they're from san francisco, oakland, bay bridge southward closer you are to the water the more likely it is you're going to have to hold onto that candy bag a little bit tighter than you normally would. here's a look at san jose 101 and 880, still dealing with sunshine in the best place not to get wet tonight. here's a look at your pm planner, light and across the north bay. those will be showers at 3:00. they'll be moderate across the north bay. a few maybe renegade showers slip into the heart of the bay, but i think by 7:00 we'll see a
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better chance. and by 9:00 it starts slipping into the bay with the temperatures dropping into the upper 50s. so storm impact scale we rank these storms one light, five severe. this one is definitely going to be light because of the scattered nature of the showers and the fact it's going to dump the heaviest of its rain in one area mainly in the north bay in the santa cruz mountains. pretty quiet out there. few light sprinkles up until 4:00 and yellows and oranges moving into the north bay. by 7:00, 8:00 in the heart of the bay. and then by 9:00 into the south bay. let me show you how it measures up as far as measuring it. by 4:00 we're getting measurable by 8:00 around oakland and san francisco. and then by 10:00 you can see down in the south bay some measurable rain starts to fall there. so that should give you an idea of when you're going to get wet and how much you're going to receive. again, the north bay is whattism bad for because you may not find a window. for the rest of us looks like it's going to be pretty good at
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least dodging a few drops here and there but not a complete washout. >> all right. thanks a lot. i'll tell everybody at school. appreciate it. >> yeah. new this morning an alarming report says hundreds of millions of children are living with toxic levels of air pollution. unic unicef's report says 300 million children worldwide are living with outdoor pollution that exceeds global guidelines set by the world health organization. that's areas six or more times higher than international guidelin guidelines. unicef will call on world leaders to take action against air pollution at a climate change conference next week. a nashville family has filed a $30 million lawsuit against amazon and nine various sellers on its e-commerce site. the hoverboard they purchased on amazon turned out to have a counterfeit battery inside which caught fire and burned down their $1 million home in january. the family claims amazon and its various subsidiaries had information about the danger of the product before the fire. amazon says it does not comment on legal matters. well, today is halloween, as you know by now. up next, the story behind a
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flying ghost. why it took neighbors three years to solve this mystery. break
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, a woman found alive in her car a week after it crashed down a ravine in southern california.
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how she was finally discovered. plus, historical sleuthing, the story tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. what's the spookiest thing you've ever seen on halloween? well, people in one utah neighborhood are dealing with a mysterious ghost. on this very day for the past three years neighbors say this flying ghost shows up. it chases cars and goes by homes, even sneaks up on trick or treaters. turns out what neighbor is behind this halloween stunt. don't worry, kids, it is a drone. did you suspect that from the way it moved, mike? >> yeah, i actually kind of did. sorry. >> so you're not 5, that's not scary. but that's pretty neat. >> i would say, yes, if i was a kid that would scare me. >> little scary in the north bay tonight. >> yeah, hate to be the bearer of bad news but the rain is on the wane and it's most likely
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going to be steadier across the north bay than for the rest of us. >> go out early at 4:00. >> i think so. if people are home, might as well go knocking. >> exactly. take you outside for a live look as we say good-bye. tower camera looking at the golden gate bridge. it is cloudy conditions before the rain. take care.
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>> here at "millionaire," we have a longstanding tradition of saluting ordinary people who do extraordinary things. all this week, we're playing with some amazing folks who have gone above and beyond, and nothing would make me happier than to see them win a million dollars. it's hometown heroes week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. it's hometown heroes week here on "millionaire." [cheers and applause] very special show today. back in august of 2015, three american friends vacationing overseas were riding a train from amsterdam to paris when something unexpected happened. they heard gunshots, and without a second thought, they tackled and disarmed the suspected islamist militant who was carrying two guns, a knife, and nine clips of ammunition.


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