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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> now from abc7, breaking news. the breaking news is in san jose. a big-rig has overturned at the interchange of 101 and 880. now, to alexis smith with the traffic alert. >> it happened 20 minutes ago. we have major situation here. here is a look at this, on camera. it is hard to fell but check it out, a semi totally on its side. clearly this will be a long term blocking situation. this is southbound 101. only the far left lane is getting by. it does not sound like they have to fully close it. they will have to have one lane open to let the folks get by. the 880 interchange to southbound 101 is closed.
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the on-ramp you cannot take. i will show you i on the traffic map, we head to san jose. i am seeing a bit of a backup on southbound 101 and 880 interchange so if you are approaching that area the next two or three hours you will see a delay. i will tweet updates if we get an estimate on when it is clear. >> now to our other top story a burned out shell is all that remains of this apartment complex under construction in oakland more than 24 hours later, the investigation is on and questions, new questions are swirling. >> 2000 hours later street are still closed and coming to light is the trouble the owner was in before it started. amy hollyfield is near lake merritt. >> good morning. the owner of this building that burned is being sued by the tenants who lived here. and there is the issue next car, the owner of this building tells us she has had a problem with
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him and hired an attorney against him because of demolition work. agents from the department of alcohol and tobacco and firearms are here to look for a cause. investigators have not said if they think it was set on purpose. tenants have suspicions and suing him for starting demolition work while they still lived here. they believe it was retaliation because they complained. the attorney representing the tenants spoke about the suspicions. >> in instance with a landlord that is willing to obtain permits and start the demolition on a large scale and bring in big machinery while people are still living in a unit...all the fire started at 5:00 a.m. yesterday. the apartment building was unconstruction. it wasn't society to be completed until next year. the fire damaged 9 home next door. no one was hurt.
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we reached out to the building owner and have not heard back. his son said that his dad a good guy and prior business dealing had nothing to do with the fire. residents on lester avenue still inconvenienced and firefighters are taking up a lot of space, a section of the treat is closed as they look for a cause and, also, keep a close eye on the building to make sure it does not come listen, and if it does they are watching for hot spots. you were among the first to know of the fire burning yesterday morning right on your phone. we sent you information on road closures and power outages. download the free news app and enable the push alerts so you know what is going on in your area. >> we are tracking our next round of rain, the next chance, it is beautiful blue skies right if you as we look from our south beach camera, and it could change as we are closer to the
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weekend. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the possibility of wet weather where you live. mike? >> we are hours removed from our latest virus of storms that brought us above average rain in october but the storm impact scale is not getting a break. we will jump right to it ranking from "1" light to "5" severe and this is saturday, late, and sunday morning with a quarter to half around inch of rain. it is going to be damp if you are heading out sunday morning or sleeping in with the extra hour you could have slick streets and no rain. you can thee at 2:00 on sunday morning, heaviest right around 7:00 and by noon scattered light showers to increasing sunshine in the afternoon hours. i will let you know how much will fall in your neighborhood ahead. >> two cringe girls are recovering after being hit by a truck while trick or treating in santa rosa. the four and nine year olds were crossing the street when hit by raindance rainway last night at
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7:00. the young are girl was not hurt. witnesses say the older girl lost consciousness for a moment. she was alert and talking when taken to the hospital. police have not said what was to blame. they say drugs or alcohol were not involved. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> pacifica police are looking for a man would tried to kidnap a young girl, she was walking at hickey boulevard yesterday afternoon and the man pulled into a car, loved and told her to get in. she pulled free when he tried to force her in. he was driving a black volkswagen sedan with texas license plate. >> san jose is taking measures in anticipation of one the the t controversial wall the althoughs passing legalizing recreational marijuana. our reporter is in san jose. what is the city council doing? >> the city council is considering an urgency
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ordinance, to let everyone know the rules and regulations here in the city when it comes to selling marijuana. some people say it is just a waste of time. >> be honest, if proposition 64 fails at the ballot box november 8, recreational marijuana use will still take place here in the bay area. if it does pass, san jose is big sure the hard work regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in the city doesn't go up in smoke. >> we are hitting "pause," and tolling everyone, we have 16 responsible decision expenseries today that are providing marijuana to those patients who need it medically. it is time for us to ensure that no one believes they can just come in without a permit and follow the rules. all the city manager is recommending the council pass an ordinance of urgency. it would make it explicitly clear to entrepreneurs that commercial recreational marijuana activities are not allowed here in san jose. it would confirm nonmedical
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marijuana is restricted to six live plans and cannot be grown outdoors. proposition 64 supporters question is the need for an ordinance. >> complete waste of time and taxpayer money and city resources. >> james anthony specializes in medical marijuana law and said everything addressed in the ordinance is already written into the proposition and in san jose doesn't want commercial operations for recreational marijuana it does not have to allow. >> the city of san jose is responding like chicken little and doing a pointless ban on something that will be legal after tuesday went proposition passes by a landslide anyway. >> it will likely take the state at least a year to write all of rules and regulations so even in 64 passes, do not expect to see any new decision expenseries selling recreational marijuana until at least 2018.
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also, we are a week away from the presidential election. >> through a new tracking poll, it shows donald trump is ahead in the first time since may. it is a one-point lead right there, 46% likely voters support donald trump and 45% favor clinton and is tanking huma aberdeen for the surprise with newly discovered e-mails that were found on a computer seized during an unrelated investigation into his estranged husband, anthony weiner, the former new york congressman under investigation for allegedly sexting a minor, her lawyer said her client only learned for the first time on friday from press reports of the possibility that a laptop blocking to weiner could contain e-mails of hers. >> today is the last day to request a vote by mail ballot from your local department of elections. mailed or hand delivered politicians must be received by 5:00 today. voters can also request a
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mail-in ballot by completing the application but you have to do it before midnight. all the soul survivor is speak out since a sentencing of brock town are writing in glamour magazine and here is more on that report. the magazine has engaged her glamour woman of the year is that right? >> yes, for december. sh does not reveal her identity but doings suppose her intense feelings after the trial was over. >> known as employ doe the victim in the stanford sexual astatute case we speaks out finally. in an issue set to hit the stand next month she talks of the despair over the sentence brock turner received after she made a headline-grabbing victim impact statement writing and i quote, "i yield half of my statement, so when it was quickly announced he would be receiving six months, i was struck silent, immediately i felt embarrassed
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for trying, for being led to believe i had any influence." she goes on to say and i quote, "i thought this can't be the best-case-scenario governor this case was meant to set the bar the bar was set on the floor." she got six month statement but released three months later, defight outrage at the sentence, emily writes of the immense support she received, even from folk like vice president joe biden. also, for the first time, she expresses support for the securent recall effort of the judge persky who presided over the case. on their website, glamour magazine and i quote, "we know the statistics one of every six female will have someone rape or attempt to rape her and she sent a message, i am with you." >> at end of the article she talks to young girls and i quote, "the world. no longer extend for this and calls victim survivors and i
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quote, "that are going to be a hell of a lot more than surviving." her article is already on the magazine and we posted a link at crossing the pond from oakland, just announced this morning the new option for international travelers in the east bay. >> and rough roads in the bay area, how they are hitti
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>> a traffic alert. i am alexis smith with sky 7 over the big-rig rollover crash in san jose. southbound 101 just north of the 880 interchange, obviously, a lot of damage done to the semi here and you can see the cab is banged up. they have a couple big-rig to froms on the scene hookup cables and crews are panning to show us the backup. i measured this out on the traffic maps and we are under two miles on southbound 101, also, on top of this, outbound 880 off-ramp to southbound 101, you may have noticed the consequences up there, they have the fully closed off because it is right where the emergency lane is. in the intersection. i can point that out right here all the cars are continuing south on 880 and not able to take that exit. still no estimate on when we will get the lanes back open just the far left lane is
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getting by and an ambulance is on the scene but we do not have word on the condition of the driver offer anyone who may have been involved in the crash the i will tweet out updates. the bay area leads for the number of roads considered to be in poor condition, a dubious distinction, drivers are paying hundreds of dollars because of the rough roads. the findings were released by trip, a washington-based transportation research group. they found that 71% of the roads in san francisco and oakland are a state disrepair. drivers are paying on agency $978 each year for the increased wear and tear and roads in san jose, also, are in bad shape, 59% are in poor condition not survey. >> oakland airport has score add new high profile airline to take passengers straight to london. british airways said they will guy nonstop between oakland and london gatwick in march. the flights will operate fur
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four time as week, a boost for oakland seeing positively increases. this means british awares has service at all three major bay area airports. the airline launched daily service to mineta san jose international airport in may. >> sweet new twist on halloween many will not forget and how efforts to make a daughter's wish came true towns into a millionable moment. >> a look outside with our emeryville camera across the bay you can see blue skies and sunshine but mike is already tracking the next rain and back to
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>> millions of us share the same bad habit and could be hurting us at work is personal lives which is multitasking using phones, cars and computers at the same time. a researcher said our brains can not do it all simultaneously. >> with each of the switches, there is a loss of the high resolution of the information. >> you want catch my report tonight at 11:00 to see how you can break the habit and get better results at work and at him. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we captured this video and it is spooky in the scrum camera for the day after halloween with it looks likable fred hitchcock filming with the birds and the mist. there is a lot of sunshine on the coast and all of us will get a last sunshine. let me show you the results. they are in. they are good. look at october, the official reporting stations nearly two to
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four times above average. as far as our rainfall. right new, look how dry it is on live doppler hd, a good time to get lout and wash the car and maybe soggy for the yard work but it will grow out-of-control the next couple of days so get on that. we will not completely get rid of the clouds until the sunsetting so it will be mostly sunny. too much moisture in the air. gorgeous picture from sutro tower of a quiet golden gate bridge in marin head lands so sunny and dry air leaving us a clear and cool night with patchy fog and big waves are possible wednesday and thursday and the weather service is more than likely issuing a high surf advisory and i will let you know. next storm is saturday into sunday. if you head out, most of us are in the upper 50s to low 60s, and novato is 63 and the hills in low league is -- in los gatos is 61. san francisco to antioch at 68.
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the east bay hills camera, the air is moving in and clouds at 3:00, low-to-mid 60s and more sunshine and low-to-mid 60s at 5:00 and through the evening, we are in the mid-50s by 9:00. on the way to temperatures mainly in the 40s, to oakland, richmond and san francisco at 50 and some shelter and deep inland valleys could be in the upper 30s. at 1:00 on sunday morning, no measurable rainfall yet, but as we head to 2:00, yes, showers are starting to develop as we head to 4:00, we starting to see some of it in the south bay and by 7:00, we are seeing already nearly half an inch in santa rosa to .2" in san jose by the time we get to sunday at noon when it ends. here is my seven-day forecast, temperatures at the coast are mid-60s by thursday and friday and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 70s after fog and afternoon sunshine and high clouds. saturday night, if you have battery operated smoke detector, change the battery, set your clock back, get the extra hour
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of sleep and during that extra hour, that is when most of the rain will fall. >> i like that. >> very nation timing. >> thank you. >> it is hard in believe it is november 1. but if you are still enjoying halloween festivities are it anyway a lone and a man is using pumpkins for a good cause up against a challenge, the hosts of "right this minute," explain. >> guys, a popular youtube prankster does something nice for a change for a good cause and it goes really bad. the prankster raised money for breast cancer awareness, for every pumpkin he grabs while dodging 1,300 pound beast he will donate $200. he cannot get away from the charging bull. you want to see that you have to watch the show. that is later on "right this minute." >> that plastic pitch fork is not going to cut it. you can catch it each weekday at
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3:00 right here. >> a dad felt bad his three-year-old had to be stuck on a plane on halloween so he found a way to make it super special for his
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. >> now a traffic alert from abc7 morning. >> i have an update on the situation in san jose.
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back down to southbound 101 at 880 they hood up cables to the flipped semi and pulled it over to the right hand side, so, for now officially we have the two left lanes open and we are about to have the three left lanes open and we are making progress. we still have the southbound 880 on-ramp to southbound 101 closed as you can see it is really the center of the operation for the clean up. still in estimate on when all lanes are back open but they are making progress. >> looks promising for the afternoon commute. >> absolutely. >> coming up, my favorite story, a dad on a flight from boston to sfo and three said his three-year-old daughter was we bummed she could not go trick or treat because they were on a plane and he decided to bring trick or treating to her and passed out candy to everyone saying when my little one comes down the aisle drop this in her basket. >> she was very happy when she marched down in her doughnut costume and the passenger tweeted this photo say my heart is explode. he is a candidate for "dad of
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year," and she told him i have more than 5,000 re-tweets, this is incredible and three said why want recognition this is no big deal, it is being a dad. he gets my vote!
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>> hey, everybody. welcome to hometown heroes week. this week is our chance to recognize all those selfless people out there who set a great example for the rest of us. and i can't think of a better way to say "thank you" than to give them a chance to win $1 million. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show. are you guys ready for more hometown heroes week here on "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] me too. our returning contestants are among the most deserving people to ever play our game. the three of them took down a terrorist on a train in france, saving countless lives. so please welcome back alek skarlatos, spencer stone, and anthony sadler. [cheers and applause] welcome back, alek. >> hello. >> spence. >> hey, chris. >> anthony. [cheers and applause]


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