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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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identified. >> they've been able to positively identify karla as the person who has died. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live at oakland police headquarters. vic, her body was found yesterday? >> that's right and it was quick work by oakland police. the developments in this case came very quickly. first of all, i want to tell you that the victim was identified through her fingerprints, the only way they could identify her as we speak. as we speak, oakland police homicide detectives and alameda county prosecutors are interviewing or interrogating two people in this building, a man and a woman. they're both called either persons of interest or suspects, depending on which of the authorities you speak with.
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the woman, police say, was a friend of the victim. they have yet to be formally charged. however, the homicide commander says that he is confident they both will be charged with murder tonight. 21-year-old carla ramirez see go sri a noe has been missing since wednesday. please call it suspicious. she dropped off a friend around 10:00 in san leandro. that was the last time anyone saw her. police found her car, a white chevy in hayward yesterday morning. her body was foinld at royal viejo park yesterday. she had been brutally beaten and stabbed multiple times. on top of that -- >> she received significant burns that would be significant with somebody light something on fire. >> she's been an explorer since high school. >> they can perform that duty until they turn 21 at which time they become an adviser. she was volunteering her time to
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help mentor the younger explorers that they have. >> did that have anything do with her murder? >> from what i can tell this is a personal matter, not to say that the suspects who what i can tell you are both oakland residents, adults, not to say they were unaware of her association with the sheriff's office, but i don't think that was the catalyst behind this. >> police are confident the two suspects will be charged with her murder later tonight. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> late today we use the abc 7 app to break the latest news on the case and you can get those alerts on your phone or tablet. download the news app and enable push alerts. >> berkeley police are asking for help to find a missing teenager. 16-year-old luciana castle spent a lot of type in richmond. she's 5'5", weighs about 120 pounds. if you have any information that can help to locate her, berkeley police and the contra costa
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county sheriff's office would very much like to hear from you. prosecutors say a pacifica man accused of trying to k ingi a young girl has a history of inappropriate contact with young children. police say he grabbed a 12-year-old girl and tried to force her into his car monday afternoon. the girl managed to break free and breakaway. solomon has been booked into the county jail. he faces four felony charges. prosecutors say he could face life in prison. police are holding a 32-year-old man in connection with sexual assaults on four young girls between the ages of 10 and 12. they believe he groped the girls last month in fairfield and sassoon city. abc 7 new's arc thomas has more. do they believe there are more victims? >> reporter: they don't know if there are more. that's part of what scares police. that's why they want parents to
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take a close look at the suspect. he's held here on $775,000 bond. fairfield police arrested 32-year-old gabriel ostolaza at his home last night. there was a report he moye lefted two young girls on october 30th, one at this party city store and one across the street at the halloween spirits store. >> they learned that an adult male intentionally placed his hands on the buttocks of at least two children roughly ten years of age. >> reporter: they uncovered another result at a michael's store. on october 23rd, a girl shopping with her mom at a dollar tree store suffered a similar assault. the male subject went up and grabbed the buttocks of the child. >> reporter: investigators in both cities say the evidence
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began to pile up sand point straight at ostolaza. >> part of it was a description of the vehicle, witnesses, and part from security videos. >> reporter: fairfield police say this is the photograph time ostolaza has appeared on their radar. this father of a young girl is just relieved to have ostolaza off the street. >> just the thought of my daughter being hurt or watched by another person or anything like that, it just hurts me. >> officers are afraid there may be more victims out there. anyone who knows if the suspect is connected to any other crimes is asked to call police. in fairfield, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> a group of homeless campers in berkeley was rousted early this morning and told to move on. their camp was not legal. this was the scene as people were forced out of their tents and off the site oned a line near mlk way. some of the campers and their
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supporters claim they were injured in the process. the camp had been there a few weeks and a business owner said he felt sorry for those living in the tent but they were driving customers away. now a plastic barrier was put up and a parks crew was working on the site. the homeless campers marched at the police department and vowed to set up somewhere. the city of berkeley police department has not returned our car. we now learn the counsel ter fit makeup seized from a home could double. so many people have commented on the story on the abc7 news facebook page. abc7 news reporter gives you a closer look. >> you can kind of tell sometimes when it's fake, you know, but for the glow kit, it looked exactly the same.
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>> reporter: but a closer look reveals a disturbing discovery. counterfeit makeup in the bay area. >> it's shameful and too bad that somebody has to resort to something like that. >> these kids ats are just a fraction of what was seized from a woman's home on halloween. a team say the woman who has not been feed had been selling counterfeit products for several months at the very least. abc 7 spoke exclusively to the acting agent in charge jeffrey bran began about the case. >> we do target those organizations that are involved in the global trafficking of counterfeit goods because of the threat it poses both to the u.s. consumer and to u.s. industries. >> investigators say the total value seized this this case could be close to $100,000 worth of product. the suspect had received multi. shipments from someone in asia.
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>> there's a potential health risk because we don't know what chemicals and products are used. >> local beauty companies are not amused. >> it can break out into a rash, get into your bloodstream and pores and that's very serious. >> reporter: the case is under review. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> we have an update. kevin downs is out of a rehab facility and recuperating back home. he was shot exactly three weeks ago by a mentally ill man who was reportedly threatening people and later died in a shoot-out. san jose's police chief said he's doing great, fantastic recovery. god isn't ready for this guardian yet. he still has work to do down here. several deputies visited him. there's the shot. they wanted to wish him a farewell before he headed home. the head of the police union
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says downs has come a long way despite partial paralysis. >> he's able to speak, never lost consciousness during this entire incident. he can walk with assistance, he's on a cain, but he's made fantastic progress on the right side of his body. >> he's doing relatively well. downs will have daily physical therapy sessions for a long time. he does plan to return to the san francisco police department. a gofundme page is now $36,000. glad to see he's doing well. >> great news. trading cheetos for sex. a new charge in a sex scandal that's rocked many bay area police department. that's coming up. plus election overload. is this happening to you? californians are setting a new record. also ahead, a top commander in the marines and why he is paying tribute to football and freedom in the bay area. and the city of san leandro puts out a call to help build a
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playground and suddenly it's all hands on deck. hands on deck. i'm michael important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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hands on deck. i'm michael when most of us make a mistake, officewe own up to it.anks. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety. madison nguyen is the wrong choice for assembly. it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california.
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let's go forward together. thank you all very much. there's a new development in the sex scandal abc 7 has been reporting on involving several bay area agencies. today the top prosecutor announced he will only file one charge against her. laura anthony explains what led to today's decision. >> according to miss abuzlin no crimes occurred. >> reporter: contra costa county d.a. said one teenager jasmine abuse lynn will yield no serious
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centimeter charges. >> based on miss abuzlin's own statements that the sexual interactions she had with police officers in cause tra con ta county was when she was over 18, those sexual actions were consensual. >> reporter: but in june when abuzlin spoke with the abc7 news iteam dan noyes she said she did expect and receive something in return. >> they did help me because i felt safe were them. >> they did help you. >> they did help me. >> in terms of protection. >> mm-hmm. >> she said she had contact with the officers from three departments as well as deputies from the alameda sheriff's department. >> with the exception of possibly one touching over the clothes, there was no patrol cars. it was all personal vehicles. it was not on company time. >> reporter: but peterson says
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none of the contacts happened when abuzlin was under age and nothing was exchanged except in one case. now, the d.a. did acknowledge at one bag a bag of cheetoes was exchanged between abuzlin and a police officer but they said that did not rise to the level of a crime. in the end the only charge was a single misdemeanor zbernlts a retired oakland police captain in his 80s. i just got off the phone with her attorney john burress, it's ridiculous to be charging an 80-something-old guy for soliciting prostitution when multiple other officers were involved and no charms brought. california has changed the way it executes inmatess.
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a single lethal drug will replace the three drugs used ten years ago. the department of corrections was under pressure from the courts to alter the process. it faced a nationwide shortage of execution drugs. they submit them for a final review today. child take effect as early as january 1st. this comes as voters are closely split on the death penalty in california. a recent survey by the field poll and u.c. berkeley say 51% want to abolish the death penalty and replace it with life without parole. 45% want to keep it and the rest were undecided. another poll found only 44% in favor of repealing the death penalty and 45% who want to keep it. another closely watched ballot issue measures z. it would restrict how oil companies use water. fracking requires drilling
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underground and injecting rocks with water and chem cass. opponents say it harms the viefrmt. a record 19.4 million californians have registered to vote. the secretary of state has just leased the final tally prior to election day. you know what? that's the highest percentage of eligible percentage registered to vote in general election in 20 years. 25% democrats and 26% republicans. over 20% are over 66 years old making up the biggest age group. now we have a comprehensive election tool. click the icon your voice, your vote. voters edge election guide. then enter your address. that will enable you to get a comprehensive resource. a three-star marine corps general will take the center stage at this sunday's 49ers game. lieutenant general rex mcmillan will be among the military honor
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at the annual salute to service game. mcmillan visited the 49ers facility. we asked his perspective. >> colin kaepernick is a great citizen of the u.s. we don't necessarily agree with him but we'll fight to the death to defend him. >> he grew up a diehard 49ers fan. >> i go back to nunley and brodie days. so u i grew up with the 49ers. >> the sunday's game it's against the new orleans saints where mcmillan now lives. dozens of volt tears helped transform an east bay park today. abc 7 nevers was at grover cleveland park. the san leandro rotary club
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teemed up with a tech company to improosh the play area for the kids. it's important because another park is a mile away. hi, there. happy friday. live doppler seven showing you a few clouds passing through the bay area. we'll be seeing green on the screen later on this weekend. a reminder to fall back this sunday. the clocks go back one hour saturday night and don't forget to change your smoke detector batteries. enjoy your extra hour of sleep. look at this beautiful picture. the sun will be setting tonight and there won't be too many clouds around. mid-70s around san jose. san jose hit 76 degrees today, well above the average of the 60s. high clouds in downtown san jose filtering the sun and here's look at your temperatures. in the low to mid-70s achlt lot like we were today. most of you in the 70s.
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74 in santa rosa. a little cooler this weekend. showers saturday night into sunday morning and we're looking at a mild fall weather for next week. tomorrow morning you'll notice patchy low clouds passing through along the coastline. temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s. if you have early plan, not too capitol hilly. it's a little cooler and still comfortable. low 70s around the area. you're looking at 6 9d in redwood city, 62 in half moon bay where the clouds will linger. pretty much nechb the 60s. partly cloudy skies as the system arrives into your area first. we'll talk about that in a moment. east bay, 68 in oakland. still comfortable. 73 in live moore. light the night walk. jennifer castro from our morning show will be emceeing that ee veg and it's going to be quite nice. 63 at 7:00. dropping down to 61 if you're going to walk for the lymphoma and leukemia society.
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a 1 going into early sunday. spotty light showers. less than 1500th inch of rain. hour-by-hour forecast as we head into saturday night. if you're going out and you happen to be in the north bay, take your umbrella with you. it's not going to be a lot of rain. scattered showers. still looking at the light rain in the north bay and at 10:00 p.m. we start to see some right over the east bay, so that's when you know it's sliding south ward but not quite making it. light to moderate in the north bay. we'll see some along the coastline. while many of you are sleeping those showers will pass through parts of san francisco and the wee hours of the morning and it will pretty much be winding down by early sunday morning. we get the much needed rain. it comes in mostly in overnight hours so you can have your outdoor activities as planned. rain fall totals will be about 1300th. as you take a look here, there's
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a lot going on this weekend. the niners take on the sanlts at levi's stadium. it's going to be beautiful. low 70s for the game on sunday and the raiders are going to take on the broncos at the local coliseum. you can team track of all the weather. it will help you sort of plan your day, plan your weekend. accuweather seven-day forecast going on. don't forget. clocks go back one hour. enjoy that extra hour of sleep. we will be going into next week election day with mild weather. temperatures go back up again and right now it looks dry, dan and kristen, for the week week next week. >> from bonding over beads to breaking a sweat. it's finney's free stuff. coming up, the gruesome discovery, first the woman discovered chained up in a container. and our new poll, trump and
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the shift next. david, thanks. see you then. there's this. christmas is exactly 50 days away. new at 6:00 seven on your side michael finney shows you how to save
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it is the ended of the workweek as if you didn't know. that can mean only one thing at this time. >> michael finney is here with finney's friday's free stuff. that's the best way to end the week. >> like to fool around on friday. i don't want to fool around. >> what you got, what you got. >> why don't we start working out now so we don't have to work out after the holidays. >> and then you can gain a few pounds. >> so what we've got are free passes to crunch fitness. let me show you some video of what we have of these guy. they're located all over the bay area. ten of them from san francisco down to san mateo, san loren o'.
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new location is opening at walnut creek. you'll get a guest pass. it including a personal training session and you can try out all of their classes. there is no limit to the number of guest passes. you and all your buddies can go down. now that we've got you looking good, now we need to get jewelry on yu and we've gottet the biggest bead show. it's absolutely amazing. biggest. bead and jewelry making extravaganza. it's coming up on november 12th and 13th at the oakland marriott civic center. you can go there, learn how do all of that. we'll give you two tickets for each person. that's a $20 value and anybody after that, we'll give you a 50% coupon. >> what do you do? >> go to our website, everything is there. you can print it off zbhood stuff. >> love it. thank you.
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you know, the lion is sleepy
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the abc7 news iteam has news. in this case an inmate is accused of attacking a guard. see how they handle the inmate after they're accused of brutal retaliation. you're going to see this. this is tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 after 20/20. >> on 20/20, the investigation of missing chandra levy. gary condit always insisted he never had anything to do with her death. >> deborah roberts never heard voice e-mails after she disappeared. as for what's coming up, ama
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daetz is here with that. ama? >> thank you. tonight at 6:00, the investigation into the death of a north bay teenager. his body was found bury at sonoma stay. we have new information about him and what authorities are saying about his death. also, hitting the streets to get a foot in the door, we'll show you the job seekers going the extra mile to get a career in the tech industry. and it's a car lot now, but wait until you hear about a developer's plan to get apartments here. get this. they're 200 square feet. >> that's a tight squeeze. thank you. we'll see you then. people aren't the only ones to see a dentist. >> gopro posted this. the guy wrestling with the big cat is kevin richardson who's known as a line whisperer. >> he's able to put them to sleep so a special animal dentist can come and fix broken teeth, perform root canals and fix teeth infections. >> i'm sure he's been asked, are
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you sure he's asleep. >> yes, exactly. more tonight, breaking news. the new abc news tracking poll. just as we come on the air tonight. the shift in this race in just one week. the new numbers for clinton and trump. breaking news tonight in new york city. two police officers shot. answering the call of a home invasion. one dead. images coming in from the scene. also tonight, another horrific discovery. first, the woman kidnapped, missing for months. chained in a storage shed. tonight, what authorities have now found. the explosive new video. an african-american man, and the takedown, the police k9. authorities now say they had the wrong man. and the abc news investigation. the home appliances. some exploding, blowing apart. and now tonigh t


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