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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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this is it, folks. we will never have another opportunity. >> vote for your families, vote for your futures. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are making their final push on it last day before election day. the presidential candidates are headed for the finish line with new developments in this bitter and often nasty contest. thanks for joining us. >> we are counting down now less than 24 hours to go until the election. this is final day of c campaigning. and this morning hillary clinton is making a last pitch to voters in pennsylvania, hotly contested there.
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>> and donald trump is crisscrossing the country more than 40 million americans have already cast their ballots. let's go live to elizabeth hur in in washington with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, less than 24 hours to go and the fbi director is once again in the middle of this heated campaign. this time drawing political fire from trump. the true battleground in the critical final hours. with hillary clinton leading donald trump by just four points in the new abc news "washington post" poll about poll. >> miami hei'm here to ask you for ourselves, your families and the issues that matter to you because they are on the ballot. not just my name. >> reporter: clinton is staying on message, not talking about that blockbuster announcement from the fbi that has trump back on the attack. >> hillary clinton should not even be allowed to run for the
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presidency of the united states. she shouldn't be allowed to run. >> reporter: trump outraged the fbi's additional review of clinton's e-mails ended with no criminal charges. in a letter to congress sunday, james comey writing based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july. sources telling abc news that the new batch of e-mails contained many duplicates. the bureau already reviewed. >> with what is happening with our justice, our country is a latching stog all over the world. they're laughing. >> reporter: trump is now wrapping up a grueling campaign hitting ten states in the final three days before the election. while clinton is heading to the finish line with help from star supporters and president obama campaigning for clinton as it gets town to the wire. >> tomorrow you will choose
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whether we continue this journey of progress or whether it all goes out 9 window. >> and joining the obamas and clintons tonight, jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen in philadelphia. trump in the meantime is set to hold his final rally in michigan with his running mate mike pence. we are live in washington. elizabeth hur, abc news. back to you. in santa clara county, vote counting is already a round the clock operation. >> like it is for so many of us and the ballot is long and number early voting is huge. matt keller is live for us in san jose. >> reporter: a lot of people driving up and dropping off their ballots here at the santa clara county registrar. people are excited to vote. officials say this election has seen four times the turnout compare to june's election. big crowds at the santa clara county registrar and the big election is still a day away. 307,000 blal lots have already been cast. that is more than a third of all
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registered voters in the county. >> i look at election day of throwing a party. and we throw a party at 836 different locations. they're coming in, taking pictures proudly wearing their stickers. >> reporter: santa clara county has been notoriously slow when it comes to counting on election day. part. reason is they don't start to tally until the ballots get back from the precincts. but because of the early voting, counting has already begun with workers on 24 hour shifts. voters are lining up so they don't have to face the deadline pressure tomorrow. they want to make sure their votes count. >> i want to make sure i give it to the right person and make sure it doesn't get about lost in the mail. >> make sure counts? >> correct. that's for sure. >> reporter: it will take you a lot longer to fill out your ballot than usual because this is the longest ballot in county history with 129 contests county wide. but here is good news. officials say just drop your ballot into the mail, don't worry about putting a stamp on it because they are paying the
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postage. matt keller, abc 7 news. state and local political help have heavy weights are making their final push to pass a bond to improve b.a.r.t.'s infrastructure. amy hollyfield a is live with the latest event and opinions. amy. >> reporter: talk to people here and in san francisco, it's not hard to find taxpayers who are against this per. three major newspapers have come out against it. and so some heavy hitters came out today to fight for it saying it is exception for bay area roads. a who's who list of politicians came together in oakland this morning to make a final pitch for measure rr, the b.a.r.t. $3.5 billion bond measure. >> we do not have the luxury not to pass measure rr. too many hundreds of thousands of working people depend upon
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its safety and its viability every day. >> reporter: the one politician wasn't there, state senator steve blazer who has nine b.a.r.t. stations in his district. he says voters should hold out for a better measure that guarantees the money would go toward immediate systemup grades, not labor costs. >> we've had decades of irresponsible financial spending by b.a.r.t. and now they want to put a gun to our heads and say you must pay or else. >> reporter: his message seems to be resonating the first two voters we asked both oppose rr. >> they have been ir so marespo, taxes are already high. they don't need anymore money. they need to work with what they have. >> i don't think b.a.r.t. needs anymore money. i don't think it's going to fix all the problems. >> reporter: measure rr would increase property taxes in san francisco, ala immediate today and contra costa counties to 48 years.
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glazer has his own plan of what b.a.r.t. should do. supporters of rr say the 44-year-old system needs help now. >> if yyou don't invest in the future, you won't do very well there. >> reporter: the measure needs two-thirds of the vote to pass. san francisco mayor ed lee made an important point about this measure saying you're going to have to work a little to vote on this measure. you have to look to the very last page to find it on this very long ballot. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. if you voted early, you're not alone. abc 7 news was in san francisco at city hall as people lined up for early voting. they're part of the roughly 30% of us in california who have already cast our ballots. a record $19.4 million registered voters in the state. so if you still want to take advantage of early voting, remember, you can go to the election office until 5:00 p.m. today and you can still send in the ballot. just make sure it is postmarked
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by tomorrow. if you're still deciding who to cast your vote for, we do have a valuable tool right on our home page. visit click on the icon that says your voice your vote. voters edge election guide. just type in your zip code, it will bring up a personalized ballot for you urks not just the measures that you're voting on but also information about each one. developing news in the east bay. hayward police are searching for the motive and person behind a double homicide. police say two people were shot and killed near the intersection of manning avenue and roncor praise at around 8:30 last night. this is about one block away from the elementary school and it appears shooting stems from a confrontation. both victims were dead by the time officers got there. their names have not been released as police work to notify their families. a missing power of two is now the focus of a story capturing nationwide attention. sherri papini vanished during an afternoon jog five days ago xwoi
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and her husband fears she was abducted. jessica castro has the story. >> reporter: search teams are looking everywhere, along rural roads and trails, trying to piece together what happened to sherri papini. the 34-year-old mom vanished without a trace while jogging near her redding, california home. her husband is speaking out for the first time. >> she was definitely taken against her will. >> reporter: when papini failed to pick up her two young kids from child care, her family says she knew something was horribly wrong. >> she could drop her phone, but she would never in a million years, you know, not pick up her children. >> she's such a great mom, so hands on. we call her super mom. >> she wouldn't leave her babies. no way stheld to anything to disrupt her children's routine. >> reporter: the only sign so far has been her missing cellphone. police say her husband traced it using the find my phone app. >> she's considered at risk due to the suspicious circumstances.
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>> reporter: friends and supporters from all across northern california are helping in the search. >> she has a family that loves her. please just bring her home. >> reporter: jessica castro, abc 7 news. a frustrating monday morning commute on b.a.r.t. what caused massive crowds at embarcadero station meaning trai trains couldn't stop. and the latest pitch to keep the team in oakland after the team's impressive win over the weekend. and you know how the fog tried to sneak in through the south bay. let's show you what it's like right now. the sun is out and temperatures are climbing. here we go again. another warming trend. today we're about 3 to 6 degrees today we're about 3 to 6 degrees above we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55
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b.a.r.t. is back on schedule after two broken escalators caused length shall i delays in to the city during the morning commute. those broken escalators caused crowds at embarcadero which backed up trains in to the east bay. riders had to rely on stairs aey one was going up. some trains had to by pass the station. the crowding was finally resolved just before 10:00. if you were up late last night in sonoma county, it's likely you felt shaking become
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1145. so far no reports of any damage or injuries. in the last 24 hour, 20 small earthquakes hit near the geysers, largest was a 1.9. substantial damage is being reported in central oklahoma after a magnitude 5.0 quake yesterday. according to the city manager of kushing, 40 to 50 buildings have damage now in a town that was one of the world's key oil hubs. video taken this morning shows the extent of that destruction. the state has experienced thousands of quakes in recent years. most of them have been traced to the oil and gas work going on underground. new this morning, the nation's first female attorney general, janet reno, has died. the 78-year-old past away in her home in miami after a 20 year battle with parkinson's disease. reno was appointed by president pi bill clinton. she was one of the most recognizable and polarizing figures. >> i've always told people if they don't like what is going
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on, they shouldn't stand on the sidelines and complain, they should be involved. >> reno was at the center of a series of political storms including the raid on the branch davidian compound in way company and seizure of an immigrant. loretta lynch shared this message shaying janet reno was a trailblazer for so many women in law enforcement and government, including me. she will be dearly missed. fighting cancer one step at a time. the event that could make a big difference for patients right here in the bay area. and the message fans are sending to marc davis about just how much they want the team to stay in oakland. and a live look outside at and a live look outside at pier 15. we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion
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in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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we're gearing up for a colorful walk in san francisco for help find a cure for cancer. >> over the weekend, jessica castro was in walnut creek for the walk that happened saturday night. thousands gathered to raise money for the leukemia and him f hlymphoma society. one more walk happens thursday and it is a big at at&t park. abc 7 is proud to have a walk team and is a sponsor of the efrpts. so if you want to take part, we have all the information on our website, i'll be there. jessica castro will be joining me. so we hope that you can be a part of it and raise money for a great cause. >> i'll be out there, too. >> oh, good.
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at any ti didn't mean to leave you out. >> i'll be meeting fans anden couragie i encouraging them to join us. >> the walk starts at 7:00. >> and the weather will be good? >> it will be great. we'll have a lot of sunshine. a few high clouds. temperatures in the mid-60s. so we have 30, 35, 40 people from the station. i don't know. i've lost track. it's a little breezier in the hills. southeast wind about 12 to 15 and look at those high clouds hanging out. that will bring us the murky sunshine. slightly warmer weather today. it will be dry and warm pretty of the entire even days of the forecast. we'll have mild nights. patchy fog will develop in some unusual places like it did did this morning down in the south bay and a little more up in the north bay. here is a look at the huge system that is bringing you us the high clouds and warmer conditions the next two days. but any chance of rain will stay well to our north. let's talk temperatures.
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all right san mateo, morgan hill 70, rest of us mid to upper 60s. we'll he said up in the mid to upper 60s in half moon bay, san francisco, richmond, everybody else away 71 to 75 degrees. here is a look from our east bay hills camera. you see it's hazy, but not spare the air day. near 70 at the coast, rest of us low to mid-70s. still mild at 5:00. a mild start to the evening, low to mid-60s at 7:00 and still pretty comfortable at 9:00, upper 50s to low 60s. we'll fall in the low to upper 50s most of our temperatures are supposed to be in the 40s gudurg the overnight hours. let's walk through the 7 day forecast. tomorrow election day, you know there is no weather reason not to vote. not here in the bay area. you might get overheated in line as the temperatures hit the upper 70s maybe. not at all pup just kidding. a little dip wednesday and then
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another warm surge thursday and then winds start to bellow off e shore friday. about a slight chance of a sprinkle friday night. >> thank you, mike. it is a good day to be the raiders. and a raiders fan. the team has the week off and they're in first place. >> check out the photo of derek carr tweeted out the by the nfl moments after oakland beat the 13r broncos last night. >> and before the game, a group called stay in oakland handed out signs with that exact message to keep the team here in the bay area. they want to persuade the nfl and owner marc davis to develop a new stadium for the silver and black in oakland, not vegas. >> all 24 openers in the nfl says it's too late. it's not too late. so we'll see what happens. until then, we'll continue to persevere and try to get a message and hopefully reach someone who can make a
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difference. >> and they have air support. did you see that banner? it's a little hard to read, but it says vegas if you build it we won't come. >> enough said there. >> much different story for the 49ers fans in santa clara, though. some held signs during yesterday's game to demand owner jed york fire trent baalke. they blame baalke for their disappointing season. the 49ers fell to 1-7 and they vice president had haven't had a winning season since 2013. australian police found something very usual.
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coming up at 4:00, are you losing sleep over this election? if so, you're for the alone. find out who is sleeping the least. and murder an east bay sheriff office volunteer and what we're learning about the connections between the killer. and tonight at 11:00, there a silent killer talking one of america's most popular pets. more than half of all golden retrievers are going to die from some form of cancer. now dog owners are fighting
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back. >> maybe the 3,000 of us participants can help find a cure. >> tonight you'll learn how owners are volunteering their time and dogs to conquer cancer. police in australia say you will never guess who officers found inside a woman's purse. >> a baby koala was peeking out of the canvas bag. the 50-year-old woman told police she found the little guy on the side of the road and wanted to care for him. police were arresting the woman for unrelated offenses when they found the koala. the koala's name, alfred. alfred is only about six months old and now is with animal care. we're told he's apparently a little dehydrated, but otherwise this good shape. >> we saw that with the chihuahuas here in new york in the bag. but a koala? >> is this how they do this
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austral australia? >> i guess. >> you have to have a permit for concealed koala. honestly. just have to go there one day and just look in everyone's purse. >> from all of us here, thanks so much for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next.
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i've never liked marijuana. but i'm voting yes on prop 64 to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over. it has important safeguards for families, like strict product labeling and child-proof packaging of all marijuana products. and banning edibles that would appeal to a child. raising a teenager, that regulated system makes a lot more sense than what we have now. plus, 64 taxes marijuana to fund priorities like after-school programs. personally, marijuana's not for me. but my mind's made up. i'm voting yes on 64.
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>> hey, everybody. it's victory for veterans week. we've invited some of the men and women who've served bravely in our armed forces to come see if they can join the ranks of our million-dollar winners. get ready. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire." it's victory for veterans week. [cheers and applause] today we are saluting our american heroes with the help of dav: disabled american veterans, a non-profit charity with more than 1.3 million members nationwide. dav helps more than a million veterans and their families each year in life-changing ways by connecting them with employment and the benefits they've earned and deserve. and we are happy to have a few dav members in our audience today. [cheers and applause]


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