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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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they protected their windows. there was a lot of activity in the fire, fireworks protesters launched last night. they set fires to garbage and dumpsters. officers fired tear gas then we were throwing bottles at officers. three officers were hurt during the protests with throughs filling the street. some demonstrators said why they are so angry. >> i have lost faith in america. >> we don't have equity. we don't have justice. we will resist. >> they made 30 arrests. some charges including assault on an officer and vandalism. police say they have 16 reports of damaged buildings. there was damage done to plea pleasanton police vehicles.
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12 outside police agencies helped with the crowd. another protest is scheduled 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> last night during the protest someone pointed a laser at a news helicopter and you can see it, which is illegal and extremely dangerous that can blind a pilot. >> demonstrators took to market street in san francisco upset over trump's victory, underscoring the difficult task the president-elect faces in uniting the country. >> not going to make life easy for him like they did not make life i-for obama, same situation. >> we get together and unite the country and say we are against hatred, against homophobia, bigotry, sexism. >> in castro, people lit candles in sell daughter and others turned to fifth. grace cathedral offered a service for healing. >> the bay area certainly not
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the only site of protests with demonstrations from coast to coast. >> now the early hours of the morning and jessica is tracking it. >> on video from los angeles 10,000 protesters marched through downtown and like what we saw in the bay area the demonstrations involved angry chants, anti-trump signs and a few incidents of flag pushing. our nation in los angeles said there was vandalism including news vans. protesters in los angeles blocked the 101 freeway. cars were stuck for hours. on twitter this morning, look at ths couple they got out of their cars dancing salsa when the car was blocked in from the protests and they took it in stride. 13 arrests in los angeles but there were dozens cross the country including during protests in portland, new york, chicago, and dallas among
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others. reggie? natasha? >> thank you, jessica. download the newsup to stay on top of president-elect trump's transition to the white house enabling push alerts for updates. >> something that happens at san jose state university police are investigating whether a woman was targeted for wearing a hijab. >> the mercury news said she was attacked while walking inside the west garage. a man came from behind her and grabbed her head conserve, she said he pulled it with such first she choked and nearly fell over. the suspect has fair skin and last seen wearing a dark colored hoodie. >> a were soming center in cupertino will close after voters gave a thumb's down do re-development. there were two initiatives for the shopping center to okay re-development and the other allowed the bipass, with the city council approval process
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and both were voted down. there is no word on when they will close. >> legalization of marijuana in california was approved by a large margin, that is recreational marijuana but now the real work for the local communities, personal actualcy vacation and consumption of marijuana became legal but it could be a year before you can by recreational pot. regulations that will spell out seem of marijuana are not in place. >> prop 64 was to take the power and decision making around from drug dealers and give it to the regulators and officials. >> how do you feel about prop 64 passing? >> about time. >> marijuana will be taxed at 15% and regulations have to be finalized by january 2018. >> crab season kicks off next tuesday, some areas will be off limits. it is not allowed 60 mile stretch of are man and sonoma
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county coastline with crabs have elevated levels of domoic acid that wiped out the season last year. officials require two consecutive clean tests before opening the stretch. >> more of the old bay bridge will come down 1.7 million pound truss will be pulled away, recycled at the port of oakland. this is sped up video from caltrain's showing the most recent truss lowering last week. crews will work at 7:00 a.m. it is scheduled tonight by 5:00 p.m. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we were living through history weather-wise a record warm low temperature in san francisco 58. we are in the upper 50s to low 60s this morning. it could be deja vu. we will hurricane at what is going on as far as temperatures downtown is 61. richmond is 60. everyone else is in the 50s, 51 at petaluma and pleasanton
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and san jose, and fog around san rafael. on the road fog could be fewer this morning at the beach, the surf is safer and good for outdoor activity. 280 and 17, today, the warmest day, cooler tomorrow and saturday and the slight chance of winter weather advisory on saturday with a timeframe ahead. how is that commute? >> looking at the golden gate bridge you mentioned fog average petaluma and the usual spots not looking bad at golden gate bridge if you come from the not guilty bay some spots are dealing with reduced visibility the westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 17 miles. eight minutes westbound bay bridge commute and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is 10 minutes still in the green. we have a life drive time i am hear about a potential new crash westbound at treasure island. >> in a meat of hours donald trump will making the first trip
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to the white house as president-elect. >> our reporter elizabeth hur is in washington, dc, with the transition. >> good morning to you. hours away president obama will be meeting with president-elect trump and we understand today is all about starting the dialogue to make sure that the transition goes smoothly. as part of the transition we helped that president-elect trump will receive the same intelligence briefing as president obama. at 11:00, donald trump is set to meet with president obama at white house. after, while he is still in town i understand, together with vice president elect mike pent they will head to the capitol and meet with house specificker paul ryan and other republican leaders. >> as far as the transition do we hear anything about who could fill the top posts?
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>> they are still trying to figure that out. we are learning new jersey governor chris christie is heading the transition team and they have held their first post election meeting and launched their official website and that official website is called www. as far as who is filling the posts who names are tossed around, former new york city governor giuliani for attorney general and federal speaker newt gingrich for secretary of state but we will see what happens. >> interesting to watch. >> thank you from washington, dc. >> we will have a special report when the meeting begins at the white house expected to start around 8:00 a.m. streaming the event on our app. >> peninsula high school student was attacked for supporting crump. we will show you a shocking video. >> heads up if you drive on the most jam packed streets, the
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major upgrades t
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breaking news from the live desk. all the breaking news is a nasty crash in oakland. we just got this video to the newsroom, a crash of a scar involving -- a your involving a car that ran into a bart wall at
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11th and broadway. witnesses say the driver is okay. the young driver was reportedly calling his parents as police arrived on the scene. no word on what happened. perhaps the driver fell asleep. police are investigating. major heads up if you head to the city center station at 11th and broadway. >> thank you, jessica. >> a peninsula high school student supported donald trump may have made her a target. she was attacked at high school after being accused of being racist. katie marzullo has the video. >> cell phone captures the moment the female student attacks a sophmore. >> the girl comes up and said, do you hate mexican and i was, like, no, and slow said you support trump so you hate mexican. she hit her, pulled her to the ground and pulled out her
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earrings. she posted on instagram that she hoped trump would win. >> i don't think any one person on any of my accounts social media accounts who do not state their parents. their parents are mortified. >> the kids do this and it is their life and we tell them, don't do it, but even in she does, show should never, ever, be hit. all the principal issued a statement that reads in start "the recorded incident was investigated in conjunction with law enforcement and present discipline has been taken." she said she is the target of social media hate mail. >> in high school if you care about what every person think us will be ton apart. >> her parents keep her out of school until they know she is safe. >> there is a lawsuit to block prop 66 speeding up the process in the death penalty.
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the proposition passed by 150,000 votes. the california supreme court will new have to hear death penalty appears in five years. former state attorney is filing a lawsuit to block the measure. the argument is similar to a law school professor we spoke w. >> it will limit opportunities to assess people's kisses including their innocence and we could be risking wrongful executions to a degree going to be unprecedented. >> now law law enforcement say t brings closure to families who wake for years for a conclude and another proposition repeals the death penalty and it failed. >> khanna ready to go to washington as the newest letture. what was supposed to be hotly contested was a run away win for him beating honda a california's 17th congressional district in a re-run of the 2014 race.
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he and his wife let the victory sink in. >> it has been a tough election year. we have to bring people together and put the country first. >> anyone wants to be r by someone who understands what matters to them and that is something that he understands, what matters, technology, education, what parents worry about. >> in a statement honda congratulated the opponent the analysts believe the ethics probe of honda may have weighed on the pines of verse accuses of using taxpayer funds to pay for campaign events. >> scene motors will lay off 2,000 workers because smaller cars less popular with americans. the lay off affects workers in ohio and michigan. they will be out of work by john. consumers report that drivers prefer crossovers and trucks. g.m. will invest $900 million in three facilities in the midwest to prepare in future product
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programs. there is a free job fair for veterans and military spouses and active transitioning, with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with top local and national companies offering bay area jobs. companies include apple, starbucks, home depot and alameda police department. >> delays and changes if you are driving on van ness in san francisco. the main part of an improvement project kicks off tomorrow. van ness is reduced from these lanes to two in both directions and parking is affected. the property is expected to be completed by 2019 to make travel faster and the area safer for pedestrians. >> organizers of the maverick surf competition get a taste the big waves they need to announce the competition and over half moon bay we found big waves. they hit 3 to 40'. the call has to be made 48 hours best event and it has not been made. we will let you know when that
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call goes out. >> any chance today or do we not see the big swells? >> high surf advisory ended at 6:00 last night and 11:00 to 14 and will come down in size. the dangerous ones are until 7:00 this morning at monterey and big sur. our camera at pier 15 shows more high clouds and warm. showers on saturday across the north bay. better chance on tuesday into wednesday. the high clouds are not so bright as yesterday. but as warm. mid-to-upper 70s everywhere. even an 80 in san jose and san francisco at 73 and oakland at 75 and santa rosa and livermore 79 and half moon bay at 72. our storm on friday at 9:00, scattered light showers in the north bay mostly finished by 8:00 on saturday morning. rainfall amounts less than .1" maybe double that in the mountains of the north bay. storm-impact scale for the north bay only of "1" on this storm.
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the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow they drop for veterans day two to six degrees, another two to four degrees on saturday. more sunshine on sunday and monday. tuesday and wednesday more of us get rain. the storm-impact scale will be "1" still light. alexis smith? >> we had a collision westbound 80 before the treasure island tunnel. on the emeryville camera we saw it blocking the last lane. it was a solo vehicle collision. someone lost control and hit the left barrier. it is in longer blocked. it is cleared. it was not there long enough to cause backup on the bay bridge. the central valley westbound 205 to 580 at 31 american down to 25 miles per hour closer to the altamont pass. overall not too bad for thursday morning. we will talk about mass transit before 5:00. >> we are gearing up to join an
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important walk with thousands in san francisco to find a cure for cancer. >> it is the light the night walk. it will be underway at at&t park and the event raises money to fight blood cancer so leukemia and lymphoma, many of us at abc7 will be there and we help to see you we are proud to have a walk team and and a sponsor, we hope you can join us at 5:00 p.m., with the next on our website at abc7 >> starbucks is launching the holiday cups today, and what makes this season different. >> yahoo has a new accusation they put users' personal information at risk. >> a motorcycle rider is attack ed. but, first, techbytes. >> donald trump's transition team has launched the official website. it features bios and platform
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positions and helpings to apply for jobs in the trump administration and share ideas on how to make america great. >> want a new iphone? apple is offering refurbished phones during the apple store picking up a used 6s or 6s plus 15% lower than retail. there is more research linking use of your smartphone and problems with sleep. researchers found those who use phone close to bedtime had a harder time falling asleep and slept less well. >> the blue scene interferes with the production, rethink, of melato
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever.
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♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. yahoo near more than it admitted about a massive account health, some employees knew a hacker breached the network in 2014 but they only claimed they learned about it in september. up to half a billion accounts were compromised. >> in florida a milk helmet camera reported an attack from another man that he had never met in miami beach. a car cuts off the motorcyclist and gets out and starts going after him. the attacker and the victim were exchanging violent threats on
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instagram over a woman they never met in person. police used this video to track down the attacker and he was arrested on charge of battery and drug possession. >> two day after voters in albany, oakland and san francisco voted to tax sugar drinks come as new study. scientists find that people would sleep five or fewer hours a night are likely to drink significantly more sugar caffeine drinks. it is not clear in drinking the beverages caused people to has sleep or whether the sleep deprivation makes people seek out more sugar. >> here is how to help your neighbors people in the bay area struggling to milk end's neat, we were in san francisco at thed for bank for the "give where you live," thanksgiving day food drive. we have partnered with all seven of our bay area feeding america food banks for the last 25 years. this is a startling number: one in four people living in san
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francisco and marin counties are considered "food in secure." spencer christian prevented $15,000 check to executive director on of behalf our station and our parent company, disney. the money will provide 45,000 meals to 144,000 people that it served each week. here is how to help: text feed to 80077 for $10 to help those in need for the holiday season. we thank you on their behalf. >> we than you for taking part as you mentioned in the lymphoma and leukemia light the note walk at at&t park. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60s and it will be comfortable. at 5 o'clock on tuesday evening, through 7:00 on wednesday morning, you can see a better chance of all of us getting wet with el numbers, from the north bay, possibly up to half an inch, and maybe .1" around the bay and less than .2" in the
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south bay. we have a warm day ahead of us with the day planner next. i will check on the traffic. >> i have that covered this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza shows filling in we briefly had a chance on the westbound said of the bay bridge before the treasure island tunnel. it was not serious. in oakland, near the 12th street bart station this is what jessica was talking about, a car hit the wall along the escalator at 11th and broadway. it is not impacting transit this morning. you my have to use it for the entrance to get to the platform helpful. the drive times are filling in. >> google is cracking down on websites this contain malicious software, expanding safe browsing app flashing a warning if you are sticking on a website with harmful programs and removes the warning and the website removed the malware but they said some sites reinstall the bugs.
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the repeat offenders will be wanted about until they stop. >> a all of the hoopla over the starbucks red cups and now we have the coffee cups, ten of them. starbucks tweeted this video of the various private the cups all designed by their own customers from around the world. they are more festive than last year. this was uproar offer the plain red cups some say it lacked christmas spirit so these features a lot of christmas spirit, snow flakes, santa, other holiday symbols. starbucks is operating a buy one get one free offer that is good through monday. i look forward, natashaia, you getting me a drink. >> okay! i'll treat you. >> apple sends a message to workers after the election of donald trump and the challenge and promise that tick cool is
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making. >> thousands turn anger at the election into protests in the streets and we have a violent turn in oakland that it took. >> breaking news an officer killed, another hurt, in pennsylvania and this i
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. good morning, at 5:00 a.m. on thursday, november 10. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have jessica castro. and alexis smith. and mike nicco. a warm day? >> absolutely starting with fog. a few areas to talk about loan the coat at half moon bay, live doppler hd is show less than quarter-mile so be careful. petaluma is less than


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