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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, bay area, let's get going. this is abc7 morningings. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we have alexis smith here and meteorologist mike nicco. >> a it is foggy in san francisco. >> it is foggy. now, it is foggy in napa. 12 or 29, around napa and american canyon quarter-mile visibility the western span of the bay bridge is looking like this from south bay. 47 to 57. hazy with sunshine. 68 at noon, 5959 the cost and 70 inland and total sunshine by 4:00. my 50s by 7:00.
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alexis? >> not so good in albany with another fatality. another pedestrian was hit in morning. we have swing our emeryville camera around and those are the flashing lights in response to the crash. i am trying to confirm what we have, westbound 580 around westbound 80, it is hard to tell from the camera angle, it looks like it is the eastbound 80 to eastbound 80. i will confirm that with an update in 15 minutes. >> developing news, c.h.p. is investigating the death of a pedestrian hit and kill on highway 101 near sfo. two cars hit the person in the northbound lanes near millbrae at 1:00 a.m., and the taxi windshield was crushed. both drives are cooperating. three of the six northbound lanes were closed for two hours. while officers investigated. >> happening now, good luck turning left. this morning is the first monday we have had to deal with construction on van ness lasting not days, not months,
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but...years. amy hollyfield? >> we just heard from horn honking. we will have grumpy drives. look what is here to greet them. these are no left turn signs. they are everywhere on van ness avenue. they will be here the next three years. you will not be able to town turn left off of van ness except lombard northbound or broadway southbound. they will let you turn left at hayes northbound but that will only last the next six months. that is temporary. you need to think of leaving earlier to work. here is a look from -- at the finished product, the center lanes will go to buses, and lanes from three to two lanes, saving everyone 15 minutes.
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while the street torn up during the construction officials will go ahead and replace the sewer lines, saying they are 50 years old and they will do multiparking. we do not see construction equipment, nothing staged yet. just the signs. that is a lot to get used to on monday morning. that is what you will see that is new for the project. it will last forever. >> thank you. we are getting our first look into what protect is planning for -- what president-elect donald trump is planning for the next four years. the future president covered a lot of topics but is immediately focused on immigration, lowering taxes, and health care. specifically, repealing and replacing obamacare. >> are you going to make sure people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, it happens to be one of the strongest assets. and with the children living with their parents for an
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extended period we will very much try and keep that. >> as for the elect college he stands by the tweet he wrote saying it is a disaster. he said he would rather see someone win by popular vote but respects the current system. he did not win the popular vote he won the electoral college. >> he said he will appoint a pro-life judge and if they overturn roe vs. wade the issue would go back to the states. he said women may have to travel to states where abortion is legal. he side and i quote, "we will see what happens," it was a long way to go. >> the president-elect trump appointed rnc chair reince priebus as chief of staff and picked him over steve bannon, a nationalist who heads a l breitbart news. reince priebus is a person more like throw work with moderate republicans in congress bannon now is president-elect trump
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chief strategist. house speaker ryan has a different take on immigration than donald trump with drop say he will deport millions of undocumented immigrants with criminal records. ryan said the government will not be conducting mass deportations. >> we are not planning on a deportation force. crump is not plan on that. >> well, he assisted dying border security enforcement bill is their top priority. >> today, mayor lee will join other city and community officials to reaffirm san francisco's commitment to remaining a sanctuary city. the cities do not prosecute someone based only on being undocumented. two months ago donald trump vowed to dismantle sanctuary cities saying they harbor dangerous criminals who commit crimes. last year kate steinle was killed along the embarcadero by an unfunded mandate with a felony record. >> rides it three san francisco bart stations can expect empathy walls made of post it notes,
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words to counteract what people call the hateful prosecute trick of president-elect donald trump looking like this, a mural with encouraging notes about hope, peace and understanding. the artist say it is a way to communicate you do not stand for what trump stands for. the posts will be at montgomery street, 16th street and 24th street stations. >> president obama is expected to address the election results during a news conference today. we are going to carry that live in a special report at 12:15. tonight, president obama leaves to europe and purr free focusing on reassuring anxious eye -- allies. >> there is a deadly shooting in san diego being tracked right now. >> the scene in san diego, a very active investigation with police shooting and killing a man who held a woman hostage after shooting four people on
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sunday. it began as a fistfight that quickly escalated out of control. two of other victims do have major trauma. another has minor injuries. it was dragging the woman to a car and the shooter dragged the woman to a car and police told him to drop his gun. he refused. a male officer shot and killed him. police say the officer who is not identified was wearing a body camera at time of the shooting and we will see more of that. the investigation continues. >> thank you. san jose police are making a public plea for answers after a body was found near an elementary school. police say it was discovered after 1:00 p.m. yesterday near south white road and peppermint drive. investigators do not know where the person was killed and they have not identified suspects. anyone with information is being asked to call san jose police. >> oakland police are investigating the shooting death of a woman found in a motel, on
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mcarthur boulevard outside the starlight motel where officers were gathering evidence. a manager found the body a few hours earlier. police were spending to a report of gunshots. they went to the motel and officers have not arrested anyone. >> officials at the alameda unified school district are asking the community to come together. they found racist graffiti at an elementary school. it wassed for on the wall of fed ton elementary. it is unacceptable. they are sending a message that everyone belongs here. a new facebook group is asking community members to agreement students and families at each school with signs this morning to send the message that everyone belongs. >> a traffic alert. >> we have a serious situation a fatal collision involving a pedestrian. north of golden gate field. continue americans -- ten minutes ago we saw flashing lights. we are having a hard time seeing
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too much with thick fog. we are having a tough time getting the exact location. we have calls to c.h.p. so hopefully we can talk to them quickly. westbound 580 beyond buchanan, the foil location we are hearing so it would be beyond the 80 merge but eastbound 80 is slow and beyond that, we are hear they will likely shut down the westbound 80 ramp to westbound 580. still trying to sort this out. you can see red on the traffic flows and the fatality means it will be a long-term situation with the latest in less than 10 minutes. >> mike? we have a lot of dense fog. >> we do and other areas, the san mateo bridge to the west on the flatter section you can see it is get thicker by the moment. san jose and 101 and 80 seeing the fog get thicker as we head through the morning commute. we are looking at 48 in danville
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and san ramon and 49, and dublin is 48, and pleasanton is 49 and antioch and brentwood so very cool in the inland east bay neighbors where the fog is making it. the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50s until santa rosa at 48, and san francisco at 35, dress for 56 in oakland, and hayward and toward mountain view at 57 and san jose is 58. you can see a last 60 today, a lot of green. inland we have a few low-to-mid 70s but the now so warm as yesterday. the fog will slow our sunshine. tomorrow, we have a threat of sprinkles with scattered showers possible on wednesday and 50s and 60s, 10- or 15-degrees cooler by wednesday. coming up, the actions sweden is taking to address sexual assault charges against wikileaks founder julian assange. >> a four-year old playing check baseball? a lit
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>> the recreational use of marijuana is legal in california and oakland city leaders are vote on permitting and collecting from dispensaries meeting at 4:30 vote on a number of proposals to amend the current system. there will an tax proposal to give oakland a quarter of the profits on recreational marijuana. >> search crews are having a tough time recovering the body of a father and son would died
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in a hiking accident in the central valley. though fell off a cliff on saturday, the treacherous terrain is making it difficult to retrieve the bodies. they will try this morning. a witness called for help after seeing the father and son plunge 100' into the deep canyon. >> wikileaks editor and chief julian assange will be questioned over a rape in sweden, seek asylum at the london ecuador embassy. he will be questioned at embassy the he has never been charged. sweden is under pressure to file charges other to drop them. >> the first look on "good morning america" is about a woman whose twin sister died when the sport utility vehicles plunged off the cliff and she back in custody. all the junk dropped murder charges because of insufficient evidence. and here are the new details. >> in this morning "first look,"
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the survivor is again in police custody accused of murder. the yoga stuckors with arrested in upstate new york over the weekend for the second time. investigators say last may she intentionally drove her s.u.v. off the 200 foot cliff in hawaii with her sister in the passenger seat. >> she was angry, arguing with the person, whoever was pulling on her head, and she was just in a rage. >> she aid the crash was an accident. in june, a judge threw out charges. ordering her release citing no probable cause for murder. last month, the grand jury indictment. all the things that are missing from the case that make the case. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we weigh in with the "first look," from gma. >> more evacuations in the southeast because of raging
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wildfires and people are urged to wear masks. the evacuation are in georgia, north carolina, and tennessee, with dozens of fires burning company suspected arsons. the largest has been burned 13,000 acres in georgia mountains. a number state parks in all three states are closed. much of the south is battling dry conditions. >> we will meet an incredible four-year-old, ari schultz from massachusetts is good at several sports, golf, basketball, baseball, and he was crafted to a local college team as part of a program that helps children with life threatening illnesses. ari is suffering from congestive heart failure. >> the toughest part is live a normal life which we are playing sports and golf and basketball while, at the same time, knowing we are waiting for a new heart and he needs one. >> ari has had three open heart surgeries, two before he was born. the pains say they are happy
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that a college beige team helped him to live out a crime. for pretend. >> alexis is tracking a serious crash in the east bay. >> our second of the morning with similar conditions. we have a pedestrian in the roadway hit and killed this morning. this is a deadly situation. we doing owe best to find this on camera but it is foggy with a couple of flashing lights. not seeing too much now. we confirmed the location is westbound 580 beyond buchanan so to the richmond-san rafael bridge, there was a heavy backup eastbound 80 but i don't see that now. we know that message can yous are setting up for a long-temperature closure of a couple of lanes, westbound 580 and possibly on-ramps if you are coming from 80. i will stay on top of that all morning. i want to show you and mention it is extreme foggy in much of the bay area so probably going to need to leave early.
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we have very dense conditions for you. i will check with meteorologist mike nicco and it sounds like after the fog buns off we have a nice day ahead. >> the warmest day this week with the cold front bringing reality into the forecast with possibly a couple chants of wet weather. we will look from our east bay hills camera at the have moon still out this, brightest at 3:30 this morning. it will be biggest at 5:52 so it will set right after the 6:00 hour. here is a look from san rafael with the fog off in the distance but not right here looking south on 101 heading to the golden gate bridge you will be back in the fog and heading north around petaluma back in the fog. hazy and warmest this week and weak cold front bringing us the wet spot temperatures and wednesday and a weekend form is look tricky up to 2 to 2.5".
5:19 am
in oakland, whether 80, 980, three-quarters of a mile sledding into hayward and back to castro valley. we are going to have cloudy conditions tomorrow morning and most of wet weather is going to fall in the north bay with spotty stump working its way to us in the afternoon. quiet overnight. through wednesday morning. you can see the scattered showers on wednesday afternoon. my seven-day forecast shows the 60s starting tomorrow and 50s at the coast. law friday. guys? >> tonight trying to raise money and save planet at the same time. some bay area schools held fundraisers so where is the money? michael finney finds out what went wrong. tonight. at 11:00. >> toyota agreed to pay a last money to settle a lawsuit over rust protection $3.4 billion, the settlement covers.5 million vehicle including trucks and
5:20 am
sequoias and tundras. lacking adequate rust recollection lead telling problems with the frame. >> the city of orlando, florida, is moving toward healing after the pulse nightclub massacre. 150,000 came to the gay pride parade, including a tribute to the first responders, the employees and the victims of the attack. before the parade the first openly elected gay official held a prayer stem cell reflecting on 49 people killed five positives ago calling for unity. >> america is, one, strong, and throw is one, and strong. >> we will always come together and cry...when we thing of our loss but we need to be enforcemently proud of who we are. all the day ended with a moment of silence along with a reading
5:21 am
of the victim names and fireworks. thousands spread kindness through dancing this weekend. >> they got it going, at at&t park in san francisco, dance for kindness, the 5th year for the event with dancers doing the same dance to the same song yesterday. it is in celebration of world couldn'tness day. we spoke with a choreographer from the bay area. >> regardless of race, religion, background, sexual orientation we need to come together and be people together and kind and loving. >> it included a mannequin challenge with dancers freezing in their poses. >> cute. >> very good. >> share a little heart. nice. it seems appropriate. >> the seven things you need to know use start the day.
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>> en's favorite dubs fan is at it again, the new moves the dancing mom showed off. >> my favorite person. >> election burnout pays off at the box office, the big numbers put up this weekend.
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but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. >> here's the seven things you need to know, first, election. -- alexis. >> in albany a pedestrian was lit and killed westbound 580, we confirmed the eastbound ramp to westbound 580 closed with the backup. we will have alternates in a few minutes. >> fog is a big story. we will look at live doppler hd with mountain view at 87, 237, 101, 85, 2 area, all down to a dangerously low quarter-mile visibility, also, at half moon bay, napa and petaluma, a couple of charges of rain in the seven-day forecast. >> president-elect donald trump
5:25 am
gave the first in-depth interview since election day. among the topics on 60 minute he said he will deport criminal undocumented immigrants and repeal and replace obamacare, key parts. >> hundreds of anti-donald trump protesters marched in san francisco downtown, but it was peaceful. >> five, from the live desk new zealand south island was rocked by more after shocks overnight with the original 7.5 magnitude earthquake felt across both islands. hundreds are still stranded. >> if you commute along van ness in san francisco, you may want to figure out your way around it with no left hand funds along the stretch and crews are going to start removing medians as the three year overhaul is underway. >> san jose city council will discuss a proposed legal statement on a roth near the s.a.p. center, with the sharks parent company blocking the suit
5:26 am
after $4 million was promised for additional parking. >> movie ticket sales were up 50 mrs., compared to last year and analysts thing they wanted to unplug after the election. "doctor strange," led the way at $43 million. ed is place an $35 million. "arrival," was in third place, the first christmas movie was in 4th. >> i have 100 million hits on the intent. >> one of the hits earned every dubs fan knows robin by now, "dancing fan," in her sweater and we are at oracle arena as the retired schoolteacher revealed the new dance last night. it started off slow. >> i like it. the world discovered her in a tweet that went viral last week,
5:27 am
she started dancing after her tyler griffin-huston and son dared her. the favorite is "blurred lines." >> thank you. anything motown. >> she is performing from the tip of her head to her to. s and giving everything. >> what is must important is the commitment. she is fully in. awfully! >> like we are on the newscast. >> we have relief for caltrain rider whose commute to the south bay and on the peninsula, what we are learning after crash on highway 101 near sfo that left one person dead. >> another uc berkeley professor accused of s
5:28 am
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let's get going. >> good morning, a deficit a foggy start for many of us on monday, november 14. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. looking for the super moon. where is it? >> we. show you later. jessica, did you see it? >> yes. >> last night? >> yes. >> i must have been asleep. >> i will show it to you. shortly. >> very good. >> not too foggy. >> not up 1,800'. alexis smith has a situation in the east bay. >> serious situation. this is our second situation lick this, this morning. a pedestrian was in the roadway eastbound 880 to westbound 580, fully closed and likely it will be long-term situation a deadly crash. we have walter reed eastbound 80 if you not you could cut over, you will not be able to. you can take central over to 580 so not too bad and backup will
5:31 am
grow into the morning. i show you drive times in less than 10 minutes but right new we will check with meteorologist mike nicco with the dense fog. >> it is on the move and that is the issue. from the western side or the eastern side of the san mateo bridge you can barely see quarter-mile. we are officially three-quarters in hayward and oakland oakland. the east bay shoreline into the not bay, quarter-mile in petaluma and napa and mountain view. 280 at 17, you can see the fog in san jose, temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s hanging out in the 60 at noon and possibly 70 inland with hazy sunshine. rain is on the way tomorrow. >> more news a deadly crash on 101 at sfo a opinion was hit on the freeway by two cars. matt? >> good morning. we have heard mike talk about the weather conditions. the c.h.p. said the fog and
5:32 am
drizzle were not a factor in millbrae in the northbound lane of 101 beyond the millbrae avenue exit. two vehicles including a taxi hit the pedestrian. check out the windshield of the taxi. it was shattered. the taxi and passengers, all who of interviewed, investigators say it is illegal to walk on the highway. >> last pedestrians think it is safe to cross a freeway but we have a lot of homeless that cross to get from one side to the other and some do not relays how dangerous a freeway is to close. extraordinarily dangerous. >> clip is not identified the pedestrian. that will come from the coroner. >> san jose police are looking for the gunman who tried to gun down two officers. the officers were walking to a group of men at ripley drives
5:33 am
and one fired. the rest of the men ran off. the officers were not hit or injured. they did not run fire. police closed off the streets in the area and searched for several hours. they did not feign the shooter. >> authorities in san francisco law promise justice will be done in the execution-style killing a well loved sheriff deputy. the 53-year-old citizen necessary wallace was shot pointblank while investigating a stolen car yesterday morning. authorities launch add manhunt and arrested this man, 37 old david david math >> donald trump shedding light on his first order of business including an issue that he will focus on first is immigration. specifically, criminal undocumented immigrants.
5:34 am
he will deport or lockup two or three million. he addressed the millions of other unfunded mandates during the 60 minute interview. >> after the border is secured, and after everything is normalized we will make a determination on the people you are talking about. >> he called them "terrific people," but emphasized securing the border is the top priority. >> more on immigration, the bigger issues that people worried about in the bay area, immigration attorney said that everyone needs to know their rights dealing with the agents. >> a lot of fear. understandable. it is exaggerated. there will not be massive deporting the people are protected by the constitution. they do not have to talk to i.c.e. or let them in their home. >> as for building a wall on the mexican border president-elect donald trump say it is priority but congressional leaders say it is not part of their agenda.
5:35 am
he talked about repealing or replacing obamacare without any gap in coverage for mens. he said he will not take the $400,000 annual paycheck for being president but he will take a dollar. when asked of the same-sex marriage he said the issue was already settled by the supreme court and three is fine with that. >> protests against the president elect or more peaceful with thousands gathering to form a human chain around the lake around the entire lake that is more than three miles in all, a far cry from the violence we saw immediately following the election. >> it is a from way to make your voice heard in a way that is peaceful and nonviolent so everyone can participate because we have seen violence and destruction of property. >> the event is called "hands across lake merritt," bringing family, children, artists and music groups. >> president obama is holding the first news conference since
5:36 am
the election and we will car night a special report around 123:15. later he will leave nor europe and peru to reassurance allies about future of united states foreign policy. >> if you travel near van ness avenue prepare yourself, the start of a three year improvement project, on the busy street. left towns are eliminated other than broadway, lombard and hayes streets. van ness will be narrowed from three lanes to two lanes starting tomorrow in each direction. the project is expected to take three years. when complete drive times along the corridor are expected to be quicker and safer. >> relief for caltrain commuter heading to the peninsula in the south bay with more room. the agency is adding an extra car to three lines during the southbound morning and evening commutes working out to 200 additional passengers each trip.
5:37 am
it is attempt to deal with the ever increasing ridership more than 60,000 riding each week. >> new zealand rocked by more after shocks according to the u.s. geological survey more than 40 after shocks since a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake yesterday. two people were killed. authorities say it appears the island was spared from major -- station. crews are hooking for possible victims through the rubble. officials are working to accommodate hundreds stranded travelers after the small tsunami and landslides and this stunning image, three cows last stranded on a small island of grass after the earthquake ripped apart the land around them. officials are working to rescue them. >> new images are coming in from the earthquake. >> jessica? >> yes, i want to show you a video on instagram from nadia, you can see the destruction least in her home and how violence the shaking was the 7.8
5:38 am
earthquake. new information shows a navy vessel is now heading out to him rescue people. this is the vessel, nearly 500 tourists and residents are stranded 2 1/2 hours north of the epicenter, the area that saw at the love destruction, some of the landslides. there are roads blocked, they need supplies, perhaps first aid. we have a big rescue operation underway. i will keep an eye on the situation. i will let you know if it changes. >> a traffic alert. >> unfortunately, we have a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. in the albany area. i will zoom in on the map and show you a we are talking about: the eastbound 80 ramp to westbound 580 is fully closed with no estimate on when they get it back open. they talking to possible crews
5:39 am
trying to get an estimate. look at that speed, three miles per hour approaching, if you are heading eastbound 80 normally really light, trying to get to 580 to get to the richmond-san rafael bridge, continue on eastbound 80 and cut over at central. not too bad of a detour, but, obviously, causing a lot of confusion at this usually hour. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on early at 5:25. that is filling in through the maze. everyone else quiet. aside from the fog we have. mike will talk about that in a second. pretty slow from the central valley, westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the red and up to 55 minutes. now, getting in over to meteorologist mike nicco with a chechen -- check on the forecast. >> down in the south bay, mineta san jose international airport a reporter station, half mile visibility, near 101 and 80 coming together, harrison street to stevens creek boulevard and 280, the temperatures, along the east bay shore, we have
5:40 am
three-quarters visibility from hayward up to oakland, temperatures are in the mid-50 until castro valley and orinda at 50 and 52. san francisco is 55, santa rosa is 48, 56 in mountain view, and 58 in san jose, and clear conditions in pleasanton and livermore and brentwood and antioch in the upper 40s. clearing, and we could not see the end of the building at pier 15 an hour ago and now we are seeing a little bit of the financial district, so it is moving to other areas. if you are on the water, foggy morning, and same on the roads, exercising, we have a immediate afternoon. the have moon from the east bay hills camera, mid-to-upper 60s in san francisco the peninsula, low 70s for most of us, 60s tomorrow, and 50s and 60's, significantly cooler and a couple of chances of rain coming up. reggie and natasha? >> yes, he compared president-elect donald trump to hitler and was suspended. we will hear from a peninsula high school teacher being allowed to return to school
5:41 am
today. all the noon like we have rarely seen, if you have fought looked outside it is a super moon and
5:42 am
5:43 am
- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco. >> grief counselors are available at san jose city hall to help employees coach with the death of a colleague hit by a suspected drunk driver. 61-year-old doug andren died leaving city hall on thursday
5:44 am
while crossing the street going for pizza. a truck ran the light and lit two cars and pushing his body under one of our abc7 news vans parked on the contract. a 41-year-old go please was arrested for d.u.i. downed eight beers in the hour before he got behind the wheel. >> a uc berkeley professor has been barred from teaching next semester as he faces allegations of sexually harassing a female student. he is an architecture professor. according to the "san francisco chronicle" he -- she claims she was harassed, touched inappropriately and proposed they become "close friends," and suggested they go to las vegas. the allegation upheld the agencies but he denies them. >> a teacher accused of comparing president-elect donald trump to hitler is back in front of the class today after being out on paid leave. he teaches world studies and is a 40-year veteran at mountain view say he was told to go home on thursday while the complaint
5:45 am
was investigationed from a parent including calling trump hitler which he claim he never said. >> what i said and that there is a parallel between donald trump and hitler, especially from 1930 to 1933. hitler claims that he would make germany great again and donald trump said "i'll make america great again." >> the school district superintendent said he was re-instated after it was determined the environment was safe for students. >> berkeley police are investigating an armed robbery at a restaurant at the corner of san pablo vietnam and haight street last night, demanding wallets and valuables from customers. the suspect took money from the cash register. police say the masked man escaped and no one was hurt. >> the santa barbara reservoir is a few months away from run out of water. the drought left lake chachuma at only 7% capacity, and
5:46 am
"washington post" said it could be too low to distribute water by january impacting 500,000 residents. cities are look at twitter use restrictions and making plan are for alternate water sources including turning the ocean salt water into directing water. all the navy will expand so far testing over the pacific coast that could be dangerous to whales and other marine animals in the area but the national marine fishery service did a lengthy review of the so far and decided the training will fought have a major impact on sea life. the navy proxes they will follow strict guidelines and reduce the impact on wild life. >> a bright monday morning, the super noon, amazing, the brightest moon in 69 yours about 30,000 miles closer to earth than it normally is. the noon is seen rising last night, and it was stunning, the
5:47 am
closest until 2034 at the brightest at 3:30 this morning. we would love to see your photos, #abc7now with photos or video or provide or online. >> alexis has serious crashes to look interest in morning. >> back to the traffic alert, in am bead, traffic camera in the stretch of 80 but the fog is take over so we cannot see vehicles. i have the visibility layer on our traffic maps and you can see it is dense. we have a pedestrian hit and killed 4:30 this morning. the eastbound 80 off-ramp to westbound 580 is fully blocked for the investigation. for all of the vehicles heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge you are going to need to continue eastbound 80 to cut over at central. c.h.p. is trying to get an estimate on when it will be back open. we did not know. and the thing fog, san mateo bridge, socked in and most of
5:48 am
our traffic cameras look like that, slow down, be careful, and look out for pedestrians. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. mike? >> good morning. we will start with san jose, 280 and 17, as we take that poll it is foggy. maybe not so foggy as it was. i show the golden gate bridge, foggy here, also, and maybe a little bit of wetness, sweating on the bridge this morning, so be careful driving across there, not breezy, and not at all. fog to sunshine, you will need the sunglasses this afternoon. sprinkles to isolated showers tomorrow and wednesday and the weekend storm is looking more promising. petaluma is quarter-mile visibility and jeffrey drive, daniel drive, dangerously low, and right across 12 into napa, the airport, south of town, between you and american canyon we have quarter-mile spreading through your neighborhoods, also.
5:49 am
jumping ahead to 5:00 tomorrow morning, can you see more fog, and clouds, during the morning commute, scattered light rains developing across the not bay, and they peter out as we led into the afternoon, and scattered showers through wednesday morning, and more scattered showers when the sun comes out and irritates the manufacture on wednesday. less than .1" of rain from the system and we could have more saturday and sunday. stay tuned. coming up, new at 6:00, colin kaepernick is defending his decision not to vote in the election saying casting a ballot would make him a hypocrite. >> the, time you are flying unlimited before fay and comfortable seats and internet access? where you can find that new in oakland international airport. >> republican a musician who had >> republican a musician who had a hand says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do?
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pair list is sky it a day after the anniversary of the deadly isis attacks after thousand leaving candles and left flowers joining in song with a woman playing a piano in the middle. isis observation extremists killed 130 people last year, including 89 in one concert hall. the prime minister announced the government may extend a state of emergency imposed after the attacks. >> music fans mount the death of rock-n-roll ham of famer let on russell. the biggest solo hit was 1972 and would "shine a light," and "superstar." he started the career playing backup with the beach boys and frank sinatra and dozen more bands as part of the wrecking crew. elton john posted that he was a mentor and inspiration.
5:53 am
he recently was recovered from bypass surgery. leon russell was 74. >> a change at facebook, facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg said site is launching an effort to flag hoaxes and fake news and denying reports that phony reports on the site helped president-elect donald trump's campaign. zuckerberg said more than 99% of the content on facebook is authentic and ended the post over the welcome saying and i quote, "believing in people leads to better result over the longer term." >> if you enjoyed the there riff an airport lounge you have a ton of choices at sfo, you have one choice at mineta, and zero options at oakland. until now. there is a if you luxury lounge called "escape." look at this video from the youtube page, like many airline branded lounges at "escape," you get cocktails, beer, wine, and food including the entry fee, with extensive
5:54 am
menu including pastries and on and on and on. if you book space ahead of time it is $40. if you pay when you a life it is $45. it is locationed in terminal one next to gate nine. >> all right, i will take over, we have a serious situation in the albany area, taking you up to eastbound 80 the ramp to westbound 580 fully closed a sig-alert, a deadly crash involving a pedestrian so we still do not have estimate if you are trying to get to the richmond-san rafael bridge from eastbound 80 continue east on 80 and cut over at industrial. not too bad of a detour. we have backup eastbound 80. the bay bridge toll plaza shows we have had the meeting lights on since 5:25 so early start, getting congested. mike nicco? >> our cloudy and foggy spots
5:55 am
continue with sfo at 59, and i will check on flight arrival delays. half moon bay, you have quarter-mile visibility up to airport street. it looks like this friday we are going to see increasing clouds but the rain will come in, mainly during saturday morning and into the afternoon and tapering on saturday and sunday looking dry, at left by this model and this is the most conservative model. there is a model showing the weekend is a wash out with two or three inches of rain. we could have two-thirds up to santa rosa. natasha and reggie? >> anyone who suffers from arthritis, a new study finds that celebrex is as safe, and a similar drug was pulled off the market in 2004, because of piers it was causing heart attacks and many people were concerned that
5:56 am
but it was fund it is no more risky than other painkillers and caused fewer stomach problems. government researchers are working on a special bacteria to start invasive grass from spreading in the west which sans out roots that problem other plants of water killing them. scientists think a come by nation of bacteria and-signeds will -- and herbicides will eliminate the grass. >> colleges in the united states are expanding recruitment, any drop of chinese students will drop because international students are charged full tuition and colleges are sending
5:57 am
recruiters to growing countries like mexico and iran by expanding their current reach. >> millennials are responding to the election. >> he vowed to abolish obamacare and how president-elect donald trump is now going back on some of the opposition. >> this morning, the european union is meeting talking about how they will respond to a donald trump presidency. is it good for bad reaction? i allening in on that story next. >> in diamonds are a girl's best friend this could be your best friend forever how much you can expect for
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> it is mop, november 14. i am regular re. >> i am gnash. we get to alexis smith with a traffic alert. >> it happened at 4:30 this
6:00 am
morning. a pedestrian was in the roadway and lit and killed. the ramp from eastbound 80 to westbound 580 is fully closed. we have less than a mile backup eastbound 80. you are averaging 13 miles per hour. continue east on 80 and use central to cut over to richmond-san rafael bridge. identified, san jose to 280 and 17 we are socked in. really thick fog. slow down. drive for conditions. meteorologist mike nicco has the track of the fog, always on the move. >> it is on the move. that is the key. good observation. i will show you oakland down to quarter-mile visibility. can you see whether it is 980, 580, 80, 880, all over the place. be careful. other areas where we have the fog down to quarter-mile visibility around napa, less than quarter-mile in petaluma, quarter-mile in san jose and mountain view.


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