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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. good morning, america. donald trump's new team. >> donald trump. >> the outsider president-elect taps an insider, reince priebus, to run his white house, and sparks backlash with his pick for chief strategist. the president-elect gives his first tv interview since the election. he addressed reports of racism and violence by his supporters. >> i'll say to it the camera. stop it. >> his new chief of staff joins us this morning. devastating blaze. more than 40 wildfires tear through the southeast. burning 70,000 acres. eight states on alert. the dangerous smoke warnings. parts of north carolina in a code red, as residents are warned to wear masks or evacuate. twin murder mystery. the yoga instructor arrested again, accused of killing her identical twin. by driving off a 200-foot cliff
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in hawaii. witnesses say they were fighting. was it murder or a tragic accident? and dramatic finish. former super bowl rivals, patriots and the seahawks in a final-second showdown. >> there was a lot of contact and no call. >> the incomplete pass that has fans crying foul. the seahawks getting ultimate revenge. what tom brady is saying this morning. and good morning, america. happy monday. and take a look at what we saw here in new york this monday morning. 6:22 a.m. that supermoon. it looks like a movie when you see that plane go right by. just gorgeous. >> it's trail called a super duper moon, and it is just that. more protests over donald trump's election for the fifth day in a row. as trump sat down for his first tv interview. >> transfer of power is under way in washington. president-elect trump has made his first two key appointments.
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we're going to hear from the incoming chief of staff, reince priebus in a moment. but first our tom llamas is here with a look at the team. good morning, tom. >> reporter: the trump west wing coming together. the president-elect huddled with advisers in trump tower, building out his leadership team. and if his first picks are any indication of the future, trump will have a white house made up of two very different factions of the republican party. ♪ president-elect trump, the ultimate outsider, hiring reince priebus, the ultimate insider, to run his white house. >> i'll tell you, reince is really a star. and he is the hardest working guy. >> reporter: on election night, trump thanking priebus and forcing him to take the mike. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states. donald trump! thank you. it's been an honor. god bless. thank god. [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing guy. >> reporter: but during the primaries, trump felt a much different way. locked in a constant battle with rnc chairman reince priebus
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about the way he was being treated by the establishment in the party. >> the bottom line is the rnc is controlled by the establishment, and the rnc is controlled by the special interests and the donors, and that's too bad because that's not good. that's why the republican party for president has lost so much for so long. >> reporter: but another trump hire may calm the trump loyalists. suspect of the priebus pick. stephen bannon. the one-time goldman sachs banker, and executive chairman, he is part of the alt-right movement. a number of organizations, including the council and the anti-defamation league. saying, it is a sad day when a man who presided over the premier website of the
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alt-right and anti-semites, is slated to be a senior staff member in the people's house. bannon, who left breitbart to join trump's campaign in august, got top billing in the trump release. he moves to white house chief strategist and senior counsellor. now the southern poverty law center which tracks hate crimes have called breitbart's coverage racist, homophobic and anti-immigrant. >> thank you, tom. now to the new interview with donald trump. his first television sitdown since being elected president. he discussed some of his most controversial campaign promises and how he plans to implement them. abc's cecilia vega has more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: he said he was going to build a wall. he said he would repeal obamacare. he said he wanted hillary clinton in jail. but now donald trump seems to be softening his stance on some of those key campaign promises. in his first televised interview since winning, donald trump says he is saddened about rtsepor of racial slurs and violence by some of to his supporters. the president-elect speaking directly to those people. >> don't do it.
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that's terrible. because i'm going to bring this country together. >> they're harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it -- if it helps, i will say this, and i'll say it right to the camera. stop it. >> reporter: on "60 minutes" he also seemed to walk back some key campaign promises. from that border wall -- >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas, i would. certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it's called construction. >> reporter: to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. >> i'll tell you what i'm going to do. i'm going to think about it. >> but a special prosecutor? >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. >> reporter: trump refusing to say whether he'll put troops on the ground to fight isis. >> i don't want to tell anybody anything. >> what about the american people? >> we have great generals. >> you said you knew more than the generals about isis. >> well, i'll be honest with you.
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i probably do because look at the job they have done. all i can tell you is we'll get rid of isis. >> reporter: and on the supreme court -- >> are you looking to appoint a justice to overturn roe v. wade? >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. they will be very much -- >> what about overturning the law? >> if it ever were overturned, it would go back to the states. it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> perhaps they'll have to go another state. >> and that's okay? >> well, we'll see what happens. >> reporter: in his penthouse apartment, his family by his side, melania trump says she's ready for the responsibility ahead. >> i will stay true to myself. i'm very strong and tough and confident. and i will defend myself and i will do what is right and what feels to my heart. >> reporter: but ivanka saying she's not going to the white house in a formal role. >> no. i'm going to be a daughter, but i have said throughout the campaign that i'm very
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passionate about certain issues and that i want to fight for them. wage equality, child care. these are things that are very important for me, but not in a formal administrative capacity. >> reporter: now donald trump says he'll give up the president's $400,000 annual salary while in the white house. but the one thing he doesn't seem ready to give up, twitter. he said if he tweets as president, he will be, quote, very restrained. >> thank you, cecilia. let's bring in the president-elect's new chief of staff, reince priebus. thank you for joining us this morning. congratulations on the new job. what are the three most important things you want to accomplish in the white house in the first 100 days? >> well, i think the most important things are the three things that he outlined -- that president-elect trump outlined in the campaign. getting his arms around our foreign policy. our position around the world. obviously dealing with our immigration issues and concentrating on obamacare. i'll add one more. tax reform. so i think we have an
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opportunity to do all of those things, given the fact that we have got the house and the senate and we have an eager congress ready to get worked on. >> there's been reaction to the pick of steve bannon as the chief strategist inside the white house. i have a couple of questions about that. in the press release yesterday, it said you will be equal partners with mr. bannon. how exactly will that work? who is in charge? >> the white house chief of staff is always generally responsible for the day-to-day operation of the white house. it's an operations role. but it's also an advisory role to the president. you know t way that we have operated the last few months, steve and i have formed a great partnership in advising president-elect trump together, and that's what it really is. talking to him together. getting ourselves on the same page. it seemed to work very well on the campaign. i think you have seen, especially over the last few months, that donald trump has been very disciplined, and he
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has also been very comfortable and on message and clear-minded, and look at what happened on tuesday. i mean, it was an electoral landslide, and the american people agreed that donald trump's vision for america is what this country has been waiting for, and it was one of the most political, historical wins in modern history. >> the electoral college, significant lead. as you know, he lost the popular vote. but i want to ask another question about mr. bannon. >> can i say something about that? look. unfortunately or fortunately, this is not a -- this is an election that takes place in about 12 states. if donald trump wanted to spend three months in california, new york, and he would have won the popular vote. so, he played the exact strategy that a smart person would play in the 12 states that mattered. and he won significantly. so i get the obsession over the popular vote. but that's really not what this election was all about. >> no question he won the presidency fair and square. i was pointing out the fact.
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let me ask the question about mr. bannon. as you know there has been a strong reaction. the anti-defamation league says he's hostile to core american values. the top aide to harry reid saying, this signals the white supremacists will be represented at the highest levels of the trump white house. how do you respond to that? >> well, look. first of all, i don't know where they're coming from. that's not the steve bannon that i know. i have sat with him for months. i have never, ever, one time experienced that. and -- >> well they're looking at the breitbart website, i think. >> way too far. okay. what i would say is you have to look at the person. i think you have to get to know the person, and i think if people understood we have a naval officer, a harvard business school, london school of economics. this is a very, very smart person who is serving as a senior counsel to the president. i mean -- i think you're going to be a lot of announcements of
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a lot of people. but i find him not to be -- the way that he is being accused i find him to be the opposite. i think people need to give people time and give people an opportunity and not make judgments. don't judge people based on what other people say. >> finally, "the wall street journal" is reporting that mr. trump and the staff seemed surprised by the scope of the job when they visited the white house, and president obama. and that president obama plans to spend more time with him than presidents typically do because he thinks trump needs more guidance. did you see that? and does mr. trump want that kind of additional counsel from president obama? >> um, first of all, they had a great meeting. i think that they were impressed with each other. i know that president-elect trump was very impressed and very pleased with their meeting. i didn't see that. and i wasn't there to tell you the truth, and i haven't heard those things. what i see is a president-elect that has -- is getting prepared. i see a staff in new york that
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is very busy doing the best job that they can for the american people. and i see president-elect trump being very calm and cool and collected. and prepared to lead the american people. >> and the president-elect will be making more announcements this week? >> it could be this week. it could be next week. but they are working very diligently on transition. it is, as you know because you have been there, george, it's a ton of work. but it's work that has to get done. and it will get done and will lead for every american in this country, and i predict that in 20 and 30 years, they will write books about this president and how well he did, and how he followed through with his promises, and that the american people loved the job that president-elect trump did. >> reince priebus, big new job, congratulations again. >> you bet, thank you. >> robin? all right, george, we bring in abc's matt dowd down home in austin, texas. and cecilia and tom remain with us here in the studio. going to start with you first, matt. you just heard george's interview.
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what do you make of donald trump's first two appointments? priebus and bannon. >> it's interesting, robin. donald trump is demonstrating again a split personality in this. consistency has never been a hallmark of donald trump. he one time described himself of saying there's two donald trumps. i think what you'll see is, the question becomes, what are the lines of authority? how does the information flow? for the president of the united states, information flow is if the most important thing because that's what they base their decisions on. is it a team of rivals? or does it become a "lord of the flies"? we don't know. >> we don't know, and we have seen that same kind of balancing of president-elect trump in his public statements over the course of the last weeks. some conciliation. some sticking to his guns. >> i think, george, i think he has made a lot of the right statements over the course of this. but ultimately, as you know, presidents will be judged on their actions. appointments to the white house, in my view, and the staff, are more important than the cabinet. because they determine what the president sees, what he hears
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and how he ultimately makes those decisions. so all of us have great hope, and are giving him a chance in all this, but americans are going to judge him on his actions. >> cecilia, we heard from donald trump this weekend. we also heard from hillary clinton, and she had some comments concerning the fbi director and the impact he may have had. >> she's blaming the fbi director and his letters for her losing the race. she says these letters, even the ones that cleared her, stopped her momentum and gave trump the boost he needed, especially with white suburban women that were on the fence. she also said that she is heartbroken about the results of the election and no comments on her future plans for her yet. >> no comments? >> no. >> the first appointments from president trump. the first interview. on tap now, a secretary of state and supreme court pick? >> we think rudy giuliani is a contender for the secretary of state post. we'll see how that plays out over the next week. senator jeff session, a cop contender for the attorney
7:15 am
general role. that will come later down the line, but that's something we're working on. >> and matt dowd, what more should president-elect trump do speaking -- you saw him say last night, to those people who were engaged in racist incidents, stop it. does he need to do more there? >> well, i think the president-elect trump needs to actually make a speech and make a concerted effort and not a one-off stop it, which i think was good in this. i think he needs to stand up and say, enough's enough. to quiet this down. and actually speak to the country. right now, a majority of the country is not proud of this election, and i think he has to figure out way to move them to pride in this election. >> all right, matt. thank you very much. tom, cecilia. we'll hear from the current president later today. president obama will hold a press conference. he will be taking questions for the first time since donald trump's election, and george, of course, you will be anchoring. >> right after 3:00. >> that special. now to amy with the morning's other top stories. the earthquake in new zealand? >> that's right, robin. dozens of aftershocks now have jolted new zealand after that magnitude 7.8 earthquake.
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at least two people were killed. the prime minister warned that death toll could go higher. some small towns in the south cut off, stranding tourists. check out this aerial view. these are cows that became stranded on a patch of land after the earthquake triggered a landslide, leaving them on top of that small hill. well, iraqi soldiers have e retur recaptured a significant town from isis. two years ago, isis destroyed treasures from the ancient city of nimrud. clashes are reported nearby. not that far from mosul. back here in this country, hundreds of people have gathered in northern california to mourn the loss of a sheriff's deputy who police say was executed while investigating a suspicious vehicle. dennis wallace was shot twice in the head. he is the fifth california law enforcement officer killed on duty in two months. a suspect is now in custody. toyota is agreeing to pay billions of dollars to settle a
7:17 am
lawsuit filed by suv and truck owners. that suit claims 1.5 million vehicles between 2005 and 2010 lacked adequate rust protection. toyota will now pay $3.4 billion. and tributes are pouring in for rock 'n' roll hall of famer leon russell. ♪ i'm up on the tight wire one side's ice and one is fire ♪ >> russell responsible for hits like "tightrope" and "a song for you." elton john calling him an inspiration. leon russell died in his sleep at home in nashville. he was 74. finally, a tough night for tom brady and the patriots. with time running out, one last play to tie it. but it's incomplete. the big question, was that pass interference? there was no call from the ref. so seattle wins, 31-24. after the game, brady said sometimes you get the call, sometimes you don't. but i have to say it looks like last night, tom brady's ego was deflated. >> ooh.
7:18 am
>> was that too soon? >> a little harsh. >> too soon. >> a little tough for him. all right. i'm going to sip my coffee now. you guys talk amongst yourselves. we're going to go to rob. and talk about those wildfires. >> hi looked deflated, but he took the high road in what he said. fires, a bad situation across eight states. now over 70,000 acres have burned. this is out of georgia. the biggest one. across the border in chattanooga. highway 27. the brush fires fire up there. people trying to get to where they need to be. north carolina seeing the brunt of the action as far as the fires go there with two counties seeing evacuation orders and big-time smoke issues. here's one in lake lure, north carolina. a satellite picture. this is visible from this weekend. look at the smoke through huntsville, alabama. birmingham down to atlanta. asheville surrounded by smoke and fire. they're under a code red. as far as air quality is concerned. had some rain in the carolinas, but it didn't get to the fires. this will be moving up the east
7:19 am
coast through the next 24 hours. time for your select cities brought to you by weather tech. good morning. we're starting off with some thick, dense fog until about 9:00 a.m., then we'll transition over to hazy sunshine. sprinkles to isolated showers tuesday to wednesday. and the weekend sform looking a lot more promising. temperatures, warmest this week, mid to upper 60s along the coast into the bay too low to mid 70s inland. tonight's temperatures will drop into the 50s. now it's tomorrow we'll have a chance of scattered light rain and then scattered light showers wednesday.
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coming up, the woman arrested for the second time charged with killing her identical twin. accused of driving her suv off a cliff. was it intentional or an accident? and president-elect donald trump's tax plan. rebecca jarvis here to break down what it means for your wallet. that's coming up on the big board. stay here with "gma." that's coming up on the big board. stay here with "gma." of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma tre with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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good morning to you i'm natasha slooufs. want to get over to alexis smith monitoring the traffic alert in albany. >> not too much has changed. i was going to show you the backup that reached all the way back down to the emoryville area, but it's so fogged in you can't see this. i'll switch to the traffic maps. eastbound 80 ramps westbound 580 is fully closed due to a pedestrian hit and killed. now one new problem, pretty much in the same area, eastbound 580 we're hearing about a box truck on its side and that is blocking the off ramp. lot of slow
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>> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. good morning, our dense fog marine advisory with you from the bay bridge south all the way to san jose over the water but not on the land. it's interesting because we had quarter mile visibility in a lot of areas, less than a quarter mile in livermore right now. be careful. it will be tough to see through 9:00 a.m. hazy sunshine by noon. warmest day is in the 60s and 70s by 4:00 p.m. and back into the 50s by 5:00 p.m. sprinkles today. scattered showers wednesday and stronger storm saturday and sunday. right now it's 1 quiet on our storm impact scale. a yoga instructor accused of killing her identical twin sister again after new evidence emerges. dan abrams will weigh in next on
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"gma" a live look at above the fog from our tow
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♪ ♪ born in the usa i was born in the usa ♪ back here on "gma" this monday morning, the boss. bruce springsteen. "born in the usa." the superstar making headlines this morning after his motorcycle broke down on the side of the road. you know what? some veterans came to the rescue. they spotted him. and wait until you see what happens next. we're hearing from one of those hero bikers coming up. >> a lot of smiles. coming up this morning, donald trump appoints the first two members of his team. rnc chairman, reince priebus, chief of staff. stephen bannon, counsel. and also on abc, the final five on "dancing with the stars," including one of the
7:31 am
actual final five gymnasts, laurie hernandez. our own "dancing" finalist ginger, went behind the scenes as the stars prepare for the semifinals. they're sharing secrets as they get ready to battle it out. in the ballroom. >> how perfect that ginger is there. >> i think she's got to be a judge. >> i -- hear, hear. ginger for judge. let's make that happen. we begin with the murder case involving twin sisters in hawaii. one of them is accused of intentionally driving a car off a cliff, killing her identical sister. charges were initially dropped. but now she's back behind bars. abc's linsey davis is leer with all the details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it has all the twists and turns of a chilling hollywood movie script. twin sisters seen physically fighting in a car moments before it plunges off a cliff. one is killed. the other survives. she was charged with murder. then the charges were dropped.
7:32 am
the grand jury now reinstated. this morning, the sole survivor once again in police custody. accused of murder. yoga instructor, alexandria duval was arrested in upstate new york over the weekend for the second time for the alongleged murder of her tw sister. police were searching for the 37-year-old for the last two weeks. after a grand jury indicted her in the death of her sister. investigators say last may, duval intentionally drove her suv off this 200-foot cliff in hawaii with her sister, anastasia, in the passenger seat. witnesses say the two women were fighting. her sister did not survive. >> i could see a pair of hands yanking on the driver's head. her head was going like this. and she was angry, you know, argue rg with ting with the perr it was, yanking on her head
7:33 am
angry with rage. >> reporter: duval said the crash was an accident. in june, a judge threw out the charges against her, ordering her release, citing no probable cause for murder. >> the court has concluded that the evidence fails to support a finding of probable cause. >> reporter: then last month, that grand jury indictment. >> there's a lot of things missing from this case. and it's the things that are missing from this case that actually make this case. >> reporter: some are now hoping there will be closure for a death that has captivated so many. >> this case is all being made circumstantially. however, actions speak very loud. when the police went out to her house, there was evidence that she was packing and wanting to flee. you start putting all those pieces together, and it's not looking great. >> reporter: investigators say after the crash, they found the accelerator pushed all the way to the floor. this morning, duval is waiting to be extradited back to maui. where she faces second degree murder charges. she is being held on $3 million bail. robin? >> we bring in dan abrams. a judge initially drops the charges. and then she's arrested.
7:34 am
that's a little unusual. >> it is. you have a judge saying there's not enough evidence to send the case to trial. and prosecutors saying, thank you, judge. we're now going to take this to a grand jury because we're going to find a way to get these second-degree murder charges moving forward. and so now, a grand jury offers up this indictment. remember, really easy to get a grand jury to indict if a prosecutor wants it. >> weak case? strong case? >> i said this in the beginning. i think it's a weak case in regard to murder. remember. you're talking about someone who drives her car off of a cliff with her sister. an eyewitness says they see the passenger pulling the driver's hair and they're fighting. as this is happening. so, car then goes off the cliff. and they charge the driver with murder. now you may say you believe this was manslaughter. that it was reckless. or it was negligent, but the idea that she was intentionally trying to kill her sister by
7:35 am
effectively, risking she's going to kill herself is murder-suicide. okay. i guess that's possible. but it's not an easy case to prove. and that's exactly what the judge was saying when the judge said there's not probable cause here. >> we heard in linsey's report about the acceleration. and there was no signs of braking. what other evidence -- >> that's the most important piece of evidence against her is the fact that she apparently didn't brake. because the question would be, welt, you know, why not? the response would be, you know, if you're in the middle of a fight and having your hair pulled who knows what can happen? there may be other evidence. they'll look to the victim's diaries and records and friends and family to say, was there anything going on between the two of them which could have led the sister who is now charged to want to kill her? but i still think the idea of getting an intentional murder charge here is going to be a very, very tough thing.
7:36 am
>> we'll see what happens. thank you, dan. >> good thing you were not on the grand jury. >> yes, it is. i would not have indicted. >> thank you. we move to ohio, where protests erupted after a judge declared a mistrial in the case of the white police officer from the university of cincinnati charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. the victim's family upset with the decision. abc's eva pilgrim explains where the case goes from here. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> reporter: frustration and outrage. ray tensing is a free man. >> it really is hurting to know that my daddy really not coming back. that's evil. that's really evil. >> reporter: tensing was facing charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter for the shooting of unarmed motorist sam dubose. during a 2015 traffic stop, but with the jury gridlocked -- >> we're unable to reach a verdict. >> reporter: the judge declaring a mistrial. the jury made up of two black women, four white women, and six white men couldn't agree on
7:37 am
if tensing had reason to think his life was in danger. the traffic stop in question, captured on his body camp. >> what did you pull me over for? >> again, the front tag. >> reporter: initially, peaceful. escalating when dubose refuses to open his door. that's when tensing fires his weapon, firing once. >> stop, stop! >> reporter: prosecutors calling tensing a racist, saying the night he was stopped, he was wearing a confederate flag shirt under his uniform. >> i had a certain number of black shirts in my rotation to wear. >> reporter: tensing saying the flag had no meaning to him. a relative bought him that shirt. telling the jury he shot in self-defense. >> he's -- that he's going to run me over and he's going to kill me. >> is that when you drew your weapon? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: dubose's family now hoping there will be a retrial. >> we'll get our day. we'll get our day. >> reporter: for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, new york.
7:38 am
>> thanks, eva, for that. and coming up on our big board, donald trump's big campaign promise, major tax cuts for millions. what will it mean to your wallet? and a new investigation about the murder of a tv star. findings to be revealed on live tv. we're back in two minutes. about the murder of a tv star. findings to be revealed on live tv. tresemmé botanique a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula, inspired by nature. blended by professionals to replenish for stunning healthy-looking hair. tresemmé botanique professional. at your fingertips.
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back now with the big board. our team of insiders standing by live. to weigh in on today's top stories. rebecca jarvis here at the table. one of the big, big campaign promises. donald trump's tax plan. promising a sweeping tax cut for millions. but can you break down what exactly that means? >> so george, for most people, under what donald trump, president-elect donald trump has talked about, most people would see some type of tax cut. now, the more money you make, the bigger tax cut you'll get under the plans that he has outlined. there are certain people who in fact, even see their taxes go up. the tax policy center crunched the numbers. if you're a single parent making $75,000 a year, two kids,
7:41 am
without child care, you could see your taxes go up $2,400 because of the child care tax credit and how things will shake out there. >> that's a big hit. >> because of the child care tax credit. >> what does this mean for most of our viewers' bank accounts? >> if you go through it by information. they do it by quintiles. you'll see a $110 savings if you make $25,000 a year. $50,000 a year, $400 savings. $83,000 a year, about $1,000 in savings. $143,000 a year, about $2,000 in savings on the tax bill. of course, this is all based on the math of what we know at this point. obviously, things shake out in the details when they get down to making policy. >> all right, rebecca. a lot to be seen on that one. thank you. now to facebook boss mark zuckerberg. he's firing back against accusations that fake stories on the site influenced the election. he insists they did not. but is vowing to take action against them. becky worley joins us. tell us what types of stories
7:42 am
we're talking about that we're seeing in the days leading up to the election. >> really inflammatory stories. ones that are outright lies or super misleading. headline headlines. look at this one. take this one that said the fbi agent suspected in hillary e-mail leaks found dead. that's a fake story. this one said donald trump had lost the support of the police unions when he had merely been chided by one of the union executives. a study by buzzfeed showed top left-wing sites published stories about 19% of the time. but right-wing sites published almost twice as many hoax stories at 38%. given the changing way we're getting our news, it's all about social feeds. critics saying those viral hoaxes could have influenced the election. >> it has created real soul-searching at facebook. >> yeah. mark zuckerberg is taking it seriously. he posted on his feed saying he doesn't want hoaxes.
7:43 am
they want meaningful info. he claimed 99% of what people see is authentic. he wants more ability to push accurate information to the tops of our feeds. but then, there's a big concern about those judgment calls. in his words, should facebook itself become the arbiters of truth? do they want to be fact-checkers? so here's the question. is facebook just a digital platform? we can say, we can post anything we want, or is facebook bound by the rules of journalism and editorial responsibility? that's a big issue. >> and they haven't settled it yet, have they? >> no, this is an ongoing issue that they say they're going to research, george. >> okay, becky, thank you very much. now to the latest cold case getting a new look. so many americans fascinated by true crime story. of course, like o.j., jonbenet ramsey. sunny hostin here with new interest in the 1978 murder of "hogan's heroes" star bob crane. they have taken a new look at criminal dna evidence that will be revealed tonight?
7:44 am
>> this cold case, george, is about to get very warm. and armchair detectives around the country are going to remember this. a huge television star, bob crane, gets bludgeoned to death with a camera tripod, by his alleged good friend john carpenter in 1978. blood was found in carpenter's car. but dna evidence clear him of that death, of that murder. and he gets found not guilty. well, fast forward to 2016, that dna evidence gets retested. and we may find out tonight who really killed bob crane. >> all right, sunny. depending on what happens tonight, could there be a new trial in this case? >> well, there certainly could be, amy. bottom line is, you know, that john carpenter died in 1998. if the dna evidence points to john carpenter, no new trial, but the family at least gets some closure. if this dna evidence points to someone new, my goodness. we may have a renewed investigation. new vigor. we may have a new trial.
7:45 am
there is no statute of limitations on murder. >> that was going to be my question. thank you all very much. rescuing the boss. what the hero veteran that saved bruce springsteen is saying this morning. plus keeping your kids safe online. so do the network nannies really work? our experiment is just ahead. uh huh.
7:46 am
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7:47 am
uh huh. yeah. imagine you're thundering down the road on a gorgeous fall day on your motorcycle, and you see a biker broken down there on the side of the road. well, if you're anything like dan and his fellow riders from the freehold american legion in new jersey, you would stop to help, right? well, that is exactly what they did. but little did they know just who that rider actually was. there he is. turned out to be, yeah, the boss himself. bruce springsteen. he kindly posed for a selfie. but that wasn't all. when the guys couldn't get his bike started again, they threw bruce on the back of theirs and went to the bar to share beers
7:48 am
and reminisce about growing up in freehold, bruce's hometown. here's what dan had to say about bruce. >> to say i'm a fan is an understatement. he was so down earth. such a nice person. >> he paid for the whole bar tab, which was very nice. apparently, he just had a diet coke. everyone else partook. they went, there was no discussion of politics. which was nice. but when they posted the picture on facebook, quite the opposite happened. it was disheartening. people were commenting on bruce's politics. it became a whole thing. something we have been seeing. the american legion said this, if we're to survive as a nation, both sides have to stop the hate. and stop and help. as well. >> which they did. and friday was veterans day, so, kind of all works out. >> it worked out. >> you said that, the first thing i thought about was when they posted the picture, what the response could have been. too bad. >> and they got a bonus of a couple of beers. coming up in our next hour,
7:49 am
ginger behind the scenes of "dancing" with the final five. and the world exclusive first look for the trailer of "beauty and the beast." for millions of baby boomers there's a virus out there. a virus that's serious, like hiv, but it hasn't been talked about much. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. that's because hep c can hide in your body silently for years, even decades, without symptoms and it's not tested for in routine blood work. if left untreated, hep c can cause liver damage, even liver cancer. but there's important information for us: the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested for hep c. all it takes is a simple one-time blood test. and if you have hep c, it can be cured. be sure to ask your doctor to get tested for hep c.
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7:53 am
coming up in just a couple of moments. i have to give you time. boy, would i love time. let's get weather, rob. >> we'll be back to you in a few minutes. thanks very much for that. by the way, where ginger is now is going to be near 90 today. temperatures out west in southern california, persistently warm. weaver look -- we're looking for temperatures above average across the midsection of the country. temperatures in 60s in minneapolis. 70s in kansas city for the next three days. we're looking at a big, major change in the pattern here with much colder air diving down in the pacific northwest. they can use it. they need it. as far as the snow pack is concerned. very, very low snow here in the cascades, bitterroots, rocky mountains, as well. this dives down into the center of the country. and this, after really what's been a month of very quiet weather, i think it's going to shake things up and start to trigger more in the way of rain and some thunderstorms. maybe some rain where they need it in the oh, life-sized dragon hand back scratcher. if only it came in a luffa.
7:54 am
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7:55 am
>> announcer: "good morning america" is brought to you by breathe right. breathe better, sleep better tonight. breathe better, sleep better tonight.
7:56 am
good morning to you on this monday, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. head to alexis, we've been tracking several issues on the commute. >> we have this traffic alert in the albany area. the fatality investigation continues. ramp from 80 westbound 580 is fully closed. the backup is jammed all the way back down to maze for five miles. >> less than a quarter of a mile of visibility. less than a quarter mile in half-moon bay. 9:00 a.m. it starts lifting to hazy sunshine. our warmest temperatures in the 0s and 70s. cold front with limited moisture brings sprinkles tomorrow, showers wednesday but temperatures only in the 50s and 60s. coming up, how well does software work to block
7:57 am
inappropriate content for kids online? the results of "gma"'s experiment that every parent wants to see coming up next. we have another update coming to you in 30 minutes and always on our free abc 7 news app and join the whole team, reggie, mi
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. donald trump reveals his first picks for key jobs. names a gop insider as chief of staff. speaks out in his first interview since the election. >> do you know twhat salary is? i have to by law take $1. so i'll take $1 a year. >> taking on supporters for harassing minorities. >> i will say this. stop it. cracking the kid code. do the so called network nannies really work? we'll show you when the kids went head to head with the software that's supposed to protect them. how fast they figured it out. what the experts say about how to keep your kids safe online. ♪ be our guest a "gma" exclusive. >> hello. >> be our guest for the brand-new "beauty and the beast" trailer.
8:01 am
your first look right here at the tale as old as time. ♪ baby love and baby, oh, baby. america's first all-girl quints. right here live in times square. five 1-year-olds on their first airplane ride with mom and dad. just to get here. as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> yea. say hi. and good morning, america. how is that for a happy monday. the busby quintuplets. right there. so excited. they're here with their big sister. can't wait to meet them. talk to them in a little bit. >> you should have seen them making their way through times square. that was earlier this morning. we put rob to work babysitting. behind the scenes. >> good for you, rob. that's because ginger is taking us behind the scenes with the final five on "dancing with the stars." she's reuniting with her old partner, val. also getting us some good scoop on the competition, all with
8:02 am
just a week until the big finale. can't believe it. wept fast. >> butterfly week. right now, let's get the morning rundown from amy. the big story, donald trump's administration taking shape as his first major hire speaks out. republican national committee chair reince priebus will serve as trump's chief of staff serving alongside former breitbart ceo steve bannon who was tapped as chief strategist and senior counsellor. bannon has been criticized for using his alt-right platform to deride the republican establishment. trump says the men would work as equal partners. earlier on "gma," priebus defended bannon. >> you have to look at the person. i think you have to get to know the person. if people understood that we have a naval officer, harvard business school, london school of economics. this is a very very smart person serving as a senior counsel to the president. >> neither bannon nor priebus has policy experience. trump is clarifying campaign promises.
8:03 am
trump told "60 minutes" he plans to immediately deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records and says part of the wall along the mexican border may be simple fencing. as anti-trump protesters gathered for the fifth night. there is an uptick in hate against minorities. trump did have a direct message for those perpetrators. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it -- if it helps. i will say this and i'll say it right to the camera, stop it. >> trump tried to reassure all americans, urging them not the be afraid. he said the issue of same-sex marriage was settled by the supreme court. he'll not take a salary as president. the smoke coming from wildfires burning near the north carolina-georgia border is so thick, some people are being warned to wear masks outdoors. arson is suspected in many of
8:04 am
the fires. aftershocks are shaking new zealand one day after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake killed at least two people. some roads are cut off. stranding tourists. the quake triggered a landslide that left cows stranded on top of a hill. in business news, american apparel has filed for bankruptcy protection for the second time in just over a year. retailers have been struggling to appeal to teen shoppers who are going onlined making fewer trips to the mall. finally, here's a novel idea for a 21st century bookstore. no internet. the sign on the door of wind city books in casper, wyoming, sums it all up. take a break. live like it's 1993. e-mails can wait. the store wants customers to -- take a deep breath here, just relax and read an actual book printed on paper. i love that idea. people say it's like an oasis. >> i'm in. >> you got three here. >> yep. >> four? >> four.
8:05 am
yes, 1993 was a great year. >> not for the hair but everything else. >> how about news that goes pop there, lara. good morning to you. and to you. viewers tuning in to "snl" this weekend looking for laughs got a serious surprise. the show's opening sketch, which has just been hilarious with alec baldwin and kate mckinnon had a different tone. instead, it was just kate if kark at hillary clinton, sitting alone at a piano singing a touching rendition of leonard cohen's "hallelujah." ♪ and even though it all went wrong ♪ ♪ i'll stand before the lord of song with nothing on my tongue by hallelujah ♪ >> reprising her emmy-winning role, kate sang as clinton about her disappointment while also honoring leonard cohen, writer of "hallelujah" who passed away last week. >> i didn't show she had such a
8:06 am
gorgeous voice. >> she's so talented. >> it has struck a nice tone. >> needed to have that tone. >> yep. indeed. also in with t"pop news" th morning, have you ever wondered, i have actually had this wonder. mcdonald's coke out of the machine is colder, more bubbly. >> yeah. >> it's colder, more bubbly. now we have the reason. i thought it was just me. but no, i thought could it be the salty food? the syrup. the company is revealing the secret. the soda water in their machine is constantly recirculating through an insulated tubing system so it remains just above freezing. so, that it is extra fizzy. that crisp fizzy taste. the high-end water filtration system keeps the beverages cold. so your drink can always be at the peak of refreshing. and that's not all. they have wider than normal straws, also something that i noticed. for a truly thirst quenching experience. >> a "pop news" investigation. >> and overtime. wow. >> yes, and we have solved it.
8:07 am
we haven't. i read about it. i share wit you. and then finally, everybody, also in "pop news" this morning, 2 million social media users received the shock of a lifetime this weekend when facebook let them know they passed away. the site posting these in memoriam pages. at the top of profiles reading, we hope people who loved blank, like lara, will find comfort in things others share to remember and celebrate her life. only problem? the 2 million viewers were all alive. even mark zuckerberg was killed off by facebook on friday. >> what? >> thankfully, the company has since fixed this bug. no word on what caused it. it's over. if you were mourning the loss of a friend do check. probably didn't happen. if you read it on facebook. >> kind of a serious bug. >> a serious bug. go have a coke and a smile. >> we will now, lara. we will now. coming up, cracking the kid code. how well do those parental control programs on your computer really work? wait until you see what happens with your experiment. and ginger takes us behind the scenes in the ballroom, a
8:08 am
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8:12 am
are you ready for this? we're going to be back with our focus group of children. they're helping us with the new series about kids and technology. it's called "cracking the kid code." and we're looking at different challenges families face in finding solutions that could work for everyone. today, software that claims to block inappropriate content for kids. so how well do they work? our t.j. holmes put kids to the test. they put you to the test, didn't they, t.j.? >> reporter: i like how you said claims. that's a very important word there. good morning to you all. well, of course, these parental controls. parents put them in place to block things like porn, violent and inappropriate content. the problem is, a lot of the kids are smarter than the parents when it comes to the computers. we got a group of kids together. to see if they can get around the parental controls.
8:13 am
parents, you need to watch this. >> just came out. >> reporter: we're about to give these 9 to 13-year-olds a challenge. who is better at technology in your house? the kids or the parents? >> the kids. >> the kids. >> the kids. >> reporter: oh, come on. >> our generation always grew up having the devices. >> reporter: these self-proclaimed experts laugh at strategies their parents put in place to block them from some online content. you all have ways of figuring out your parents' passwords. >> definitely. >> when i figure out my parents phone password ts, i put my thumbprint on it. >> on my mac, i have parental controls. i sometimes take it off. >> reporter: how are you able to do that? >> it's a netflix password. >> reporter: to you, parental controls -- >> aren't really parental controls. >> reporter: aren't really parental controls. what these kids don't know, we have teamed up with m.i.t. professor eric kloepford. an expert on tech to help us. ten kids versus two of the the
8:14 am
biggest blocking programs out there. qustodio, that claims to be the best free pararen thental contr. and net nanny, which costs 40 bucks. >> try to get to the robo fun website. >> reporter: the kids get half an hour to get to the website we have blocked. >> it's blocked now. >> reporter: first up, qustodio. one girl finds something called a proxy site which allows you to bypass filters like parental controls. >> there we go. >> reporter: word spreads like wildfire among the kids. they get through the software to reach our blocked site. >> thank, you two. >> reporter: this doesn't surprise our expert. we can assume if there is a parental control on one computer, if another kid down the street figures it out, your kid's going to find out eventually. >> you're kid will find out. all their friends will, as well. >> reporter: our second program net nanny stumps the kids. >> how to bypass net nanny. >> reporter: little doubt that if they had more time, they would have figured it out. >> i think they would have. some of them were on the right
8:15 am
page. literally, the right web page. >> reporter: what about the ability of the programs to block inappropriate content? we went to the site of a violent game popular with teens. teresa confirms our results. >> the way the software products work is they will block the things they know to block based on the settings you gave them. they're always going to be in catchup mode. >> reporter: qustodio said they made changes based on our experience. it now blocks the proxy site as well as the violent game. they said if accessed through proxy sites, our advanced technology will block attempts. and net nanny told us its unique technology doesn't block a website based on its url. it analyzes the content on every page to determine if it meets the safety criteria set by the parents. as for the kids' parents, they weren't surprised with our results. >> i think most of the kids today have a lot of flexibility and nimbleness related to technology. they know when they hit a barrier to go around it.
8:16 am
>> reporter: and get this. some parents say the downside of the parental controls is that they block too much content. the kid has to keep coming and saying, take off the password. it keeps the kid from making a mistake at home. they end up then making a mistake, possibly, down the street. one other thing here, robin. some kids say, parents, be more creative with the passwords. it's the dog's name. it's grandma's birthday. it's that simple sometimes. not just a matter of the technology. >> come on, challenge them a little bit. challenge your kids. thank you, t.j. we're joined by ericka souter, the editor of most important tool? a parent can use? >> it's not high-tech. not an app. and you're not going to find it in the latest parenting book. it's good old-fashioned conversations with your kid. frequent conversations. i look at it this way. we prep for the sex talk. we plan for it. the same needs to be said of the tech talk with your kids. they need to know expectations. how to be good people, good
8:17 am
citizens online. they need know that there are things that they can do that are wrong. this is not -- these apps are great. it's not a set it and forget it. nothing replaces good parenting. >> i like that. tech talk along with the sex talk. if you're a teen, it's not too late. you can still talk with your kids about this. >> it's about setting expectations. they need to know that you care and you're monitoring what they're doing. >> i remember my parents, they were not just concerned with their children. but our friends as well. is that good advice? >> absolutely. it does take a village to keep our kids safe online. you need to monitor what your kid is doing, what their friends are doing. their behaviors influence each other. >> we're just getting started. this was a real eye opener. and we have more of our "cracking the kid code" this week. whether you should secretly monitor your child's cell phone. coming up next, ginger taking us behind the scenes with the final five of "dancing with the stars." come on back.
8:18 am
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8:22 am
whoo! >> i did not pick the chiefs. you're doing good this year, too. >> yes, they are. >> the central part of the country. you can't fight back there. not bad here, right? the weather. i mean, for new york city? chilly out here. the coat drive. more on that in a little bit. we'll talk good morning. we're starting off with some thick, dense fog until about 9:00 a.m., then we'll transition over to hazy sunshine. sprinkles to isolated showers tuesday to wednesday. and the weekend sform looking a lot more promising. temperatures, warmest this week, mid to upper 60s along the coast into the bay to low to mid 70s inland. tonight's temperatures will drop into the 50s. now it's tomorrow we'll have a chance of scattered light rain and then scattered light showers wednesday. rob said it. it is time now to go out to ginger in los angeles. final week for "dancing with the stars." finale coming up next week.
8:23 am
you've been behind the scenes for the last big rehearsals. you know what it's like. it's nerve racking. >> oh, my goodness, george. this is the week that counts. the scores tonight help determine who walks away with the mirrorball trophy. i remember this week thinking, my body is fatigued. my brain couldn't learn another step. my heart was so bipolar, i was like, wait, i don't ever want it to end. check it out. "dancing with the stars" is heating up. i'm reunited with my old dance partner. romeo! mwah. >> you ready? you ready for freestyle. >> yeah. >> freestyle. you're so pretty. >> oh, my goodness. >> she wasn't this pretty before last season. >> reporter: laurie and val putting the final touches on their fox-trot. >> we're so proud of all of your partners. this has got to be different. >> this is by far, my favorite partner of the last few. >> wow. >> ouch. >> at least in the last few. >> we're almost there. i want her to win. i want her to lift up that trophy and be proud of herself. >> reporter: meanwhile, terra
8:24 am
jole preparing to daz wl the rumba. i've been watching religiously. you two give me the chills more than anyone. >> from you, that's amazing. thank you. >> you just had baby. we have to say it. >> she came in three weeks. after. three weeks. it was crazy. >> i remember i looked into val's eyes, week eight, i was like, i want to kill you. and i love you. do you have those moments? >> to the point where i'm like, i have to take a moment. go to the bathroom. i need a moment to myself. because i don't want to look at you because i want to punch you in the face right now. >> reporter: that's the thing. but she's proved to be a serious contender. fighting for a spot in the finals. and megatron himself, calvin johnson. performing the tango and the salsa on tonight's trio week. can you give me a preview? >> he doesn't have his velcro shirt to rip open. that's a teaser. >> reporter: how does your body feel, by the way? >> body? you know. feels like i'm halfway through a football season right now. >> reporter: how badly do you
8:25 am
want it? >> so bad. we need to get all 10s this week. give a perfect effort. >> i'm like -- he's like, cool it. it's cool. >> reporter: guys, i didn't get a chance to see james or jana do their choreography yet. this is so tight. watching everybody do their dances yesterday, it looks like a bunch of pros out there. it will be a difficult competition going into tonight. >> tonight is in some ways so critical. the most critical. of all the nights. what are you watching for? >> reporter: tonight, i'm watching for the energy, the passion between the couples. this is where, okay, everybody learned how to do the steps. we all have an idea of where the arm goes. and what's supposed to. it's about the feel. the people who bring it. james is one that we have to watch. because he tells a story with his dance and with his body. he's impressed me this whole season more than i can say. he's another one i get a little chills. i go, oh, my gosh, this guy is bringing it. >> you've been watching so closely all season long. every morning after, you're in the dressing room, buzzing about it. you have the inside scoop.
8:26 am
you know what is going on. just tell us about others throughout the season, what you have seen and what you're expecting. >> reporter: i think jana and gleb have the chemistry. everybody talks about it. but that is superimportant. because when you look at them, you already say, wow, that looks great. you have someone like terra, who has been able to learn how to dance like a real dancer. i was telling her yesterday, the way she holds her frame and turns her body is something i never got to. i never could feel that way. >> thereon you. >> i know, right? i have to tell you, laurie and val, they're it. i have to go with them as my pick. >> all right. going out on a limb. >> you'll always be our mirrorball winner. >> thank you, it feels good to be back if the ballroom. i gotta say. >> "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc.
8:27 am
it is 8:27, good morning to you. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. let's get a traffic alert. >> it is still blocking and still a major issue if you're going to travel in that area. eastbound 80 to westbound 580 full lir closed for that investigation. still an alert it will be a couple more hours. does not sound like we're anywhere near getting that cleared. 15 and 9 miles per hour your average. that is jammed. lot of thick fog, too,
8:28 am
imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
8:29 am
good morning. our dense fog expanded and extended to 9:00 a.m. you can see just about all areas except for inland east bay and on the peninsula, that will last until 9:00 a.m. you can see why, less than a quarter mile in livermore. that's where it's more dangerous right now and half-moon bay. we have sprinkles tomorrow, scattered showers wednesday, a better chance of rain this weekend. reggie? >> thank you so much, mike. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and
8:30 am
join us mornings every weekday from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. [ cheers and applause ] you guys did perk up on cue. well done. they're going to keep going now. well, we are energized this monday morning. what do you got, amy? >> i was going to ask how many here are morning people? early birds? [ cheers and applause ] you are, robin? how many are night owls? apparently -- you're both. oh, okay, that's cool. is this >> we sealed the deal. >> you to fight general et ix.
8:31 am
it's in your dna. it doesn't matter if you're a night owl, you still feel like crap in the morning. i feel a lot better about that. they say that's why you might see noigt owls be coffee addicts. you're trying to pep yourself up. you're batter for former at night no matter how much you fight it. >> i agree. i'm definitely an early bird. >> i am now. but not by nature. i think by nurture. by this job. think if i had my way. >> by torture. >> every single job i have had -- starting with news 1 long island. i was always the morning reporter. >> we were both in sport. you are nocturnal when you're covering sports. now, good morning, america. >> got keep fighting it. >> sleep when you can. >> what about -- >> early birds, you're just lucky. born lucky. >> okay. have you heard about, you know, whistle while you work? you have heard that.
8:32 am
how about singing while you work? there's a cashier in michigan. he serenades his customers. it went online -- [ applause ] his name is lucas holliday. a customer posted it online. it went crazy. here's a look. ♪ you're the highest of the high ♪ ♪ and if you don't know then i'll say it so don't ever wonder ♪ >> wow, he can sing. >> his name is lucas holliday. [ cheers and applause ] and you -- and he's joining us. hello, lucas. good morning to you. >> hey. hey, hi, guys. hi, everybody. how you doing? miss robin, how you doing? >> oh, so -- such a gentleman. so nice. do you sing for all your customers? >> uh, i would have to say when at least those who know, know about it, yeah. it's definitely a crazy thing.
8:33 am
somebody will come in. i might be humming or something like this. but all of a sudden, i might burst out if they ask me. >> so you only do it on request? you never surprise people? >> sometimes i'll just -- like i say, i'll be humming. sometimes i get blue. gloomy when i'm working. or stressed. you know how it is. in any case, i'll just bust out. i'll bust out and the it's craze zoi watch people like just spread that kind of positivity. >> are you bosses okay with it? i hope? [ laughter ] >> uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. my boss -- you know. she has her moments where she's like, she's got to go and help people out because i'm doing something else with singing. and recently. the last -- since this has happened. getting calls all over the place. >> didn't you get a wedding gig? you're in band? >> yeah, yeah, hopefully.
8:34 am
my band is tell yo mama. it's a funk band. talented. right, right. tell you mama. tell yo mama. >> and the way you say it, you really sell it. well, we know that the song that was posted is a maxwell song. he tweeted you. we saw that tweet. we did one better for you. here's a message from maxwell to you, lucas. >> hey, lucas. this is max. i say your video. you're sing "ascension." you sound unbelievable. i wanted to invite you on stage at my detroit show this friday. hopefully you'll join us. congratulations. you have a sick amazing voice. [ cheers and applause ] >> please, yes, please. please, please, lord, please. >> it's gonna happen. it's gonna happen. as we go away, we gotta hear a little from you. give us a little bit. [ cheers and applause ]
8:35 am
>> all right. all right. let me sing. let me sing. ♪ but our room is not a house >> incredible. ♪ and a house is not a home when the two of us are far apart ♪ >> yeah! ♪ hey, in our heart >> thank you, lucas. thank you, lucas. thank you. that was -- >> thank you, miss robin. thank you, guys. oh, my lord. >> luther, where are you luther? you were channeling. you're going to see maxwell on friday. we're going to be there. >> to sing like that so early in the morning. so good. >> thank you, luther. i mean, lucas. his expression. knowing he's going the see
8:36 am
maxwell and sing with him. >> he's gonna tell his mama. >> he got that right. the band name, by the way tell yo mama. finally, a magical first look this morning. one of our favorite disney classics, getting a whole new live-action look next march. fans cannot wait. we don't blame you. we have your first invitation to be our guest. watch the world premier of "beauty and the beast." ♪ ♪ [ growling ] ♪
8:37 am
>> papa. >> belle, you must leave here. this castle is alive. >> who's there? >> do you wish to take your father's place? >> come into the light. ♪ >> show me the girl. >> look at her. what if she is the one? the one who will break the spell? hello. >> you can talk. >> well, of course he can talk. >> hello, pleased to meet you. >> the master's not as terrible as he appears. [ growling ] ♪ >> i say we kill the beast! >> think of the one thing you have always wanted. and find it in your mind's eye and feel it in your heart.
8:38 am
>> no! >> don't be afraid. >> i'm not afraid. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> so excited. >> so excited. looking good. >> wow. >> as you saw, emma watson plays belle. she's moving on from her harry potter days. dan stevens. i don't know if you recognized him, from downen abbey, plays the beast. a couple of other names. ewan mcgregor. ian mckellen. and emma thompson. >> wow, so good. >> it's going to be fantastic. >> it's going to be great. glad we got to do that. coming up, america's first
8:39 am
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8:41 am
back now with superstar trainer jillian michaels. mother of two has a book out tomorrow. it's called "yeah, baby." and the tag line is -- >> the tag line is the modern mom's guide to bouncing back
8:42 am
better than ever. >> who is this for and why? >> this is for new moms. this is the new generation maternity book. and, the reality is, it came from the birth of my son, a 5 1/2 years ago. there was so much misinformation. so much dated information that i was honestly horrified. i wanted to write a book with three doctors, a registered dietitian. a pregnancy tns specialist. >> diet, fitness, psyche as well. you said all moms need to set 12 hours aweek for them to do something for them. why? what you to recommend? >> people always ask me how do you balance? the truth is, you do it all. just not perfectly. and so, you get a -- you gotta get comfortable with that concept of, okay, you know, i might drop a few bals. might not be perfect. if you can find 12 hours in a week. and there are 112 waking hours in a week. find it. you can get in that -- the
8:43 am
manicure, pedicure you want. have the date nights. >> thank goodness you didn't say 12 hours of only working out. >> no, no. >> the book, "yeah, >> no stranger to dids. lara spencer has a -- has five of them over there. that's going the take five books. lara, back over to you. >> thank you, rob. we're just adjusting a hair band. very busy now with the busbies. the family with america's only all-female quinn tep lets are here. their tlc show "outdaughtered"
8:44 am
is heading into the second season. we take a look at their story. oh, no. on the new season of tlc's "outdaughtered" the busby quintuplets are winning everybody over. >> the babies are on the move. >> reporter: when the babies move, it's organized chaos. >> we have to get the babies in first. [ crying ] >> and, here we go. >> reporter: fand you thought a trip to the car required a lot of coordination, think about this. over the weekend, danielle and adam packed up the quints and their big sister, blayke, and brought them to new york city. five 1-year-olds and one 5-year-old. ava, hazel, olivia, riley, parker. today, they're beautiful and strong. hitting all the baby milestones. keeping mom, dad, and blayke on
8:45 am
their toes day and night. [ applause ] all right. we're back with danielle and adam and the girls. and blayke, big sister, how are you, blaqke. she was giving me intel on the personalities of the quints. how are you guys? >> doing good. >> how are you faring with all the little ladies? >> better than expected. >> they sleep so we sleep so we're happy. >> what is the hardest thing to get done daily? >> the hardest thing is the logistics of doig anything. putting in the stroller. getting in the car. it takes 20, 25 minutes just to get all the babies in the car seats strapped in and to go. >> little things. >> just getting up, going to the dproesry store. stuff like that is so complicated. come here little -- >> this is riley. >> that's riley. >> my intel was this is the one
8:46 am
to watch, everybody. >> yeah. she gave me a hard time upstairs. they're very well behaved. i don't know if they were scared. blayke, i have a 5-year-old. she has the maturity of a 15-year-old. they listen to their big sister. >> do we have video of rob trying to handle the girls? ♪ >> oh, gosh. >> look at him. >> you feed them sugar and you can do just about anything. that's a tried and true method. >> was that riley on the move? thank you, rob. there he is. >> riley, come back? >> ri, ri. >> riley. >> i wonder if we can guess what she'll be when she grows up. >> we call her riley the roamer now. >> it could not have been easy to come here.
8:47 am
we brought you a present. we'll ship it. oh, hi. >> did riley ruin it? >> go, look, this is your present. >> oh. this is a diaper cake. we heard you go through 30 diapers and bottles a day. this is a little way of saying thank you. for taking the journey. and riley, thank you for joeishg us what you got. the name of the show is "outdaughtered." an apt title. it premiers tomorrow night. thank you for taking the journey. uh-oh. we'll be right back, everybody.
8:48 am
8:49 am
e instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. bring back the holidays. time to kick off our tenth annual warm coats, warm hearts coat drive in partnership with burlington and k.i.d.s. fashion
8:50 am
delivers. my new bft jillian michaels back to donate. put it in. >> i'm donating. yeah. yeah. >> you make this look good. we have also had some of our other guests here. young artists from all over. mel gibson. amy adams was here. the list goes on and on. >> i'm ryan lochte. >> we also had a nationwide contest. you know this. we had a nationwide contest for someone to design a panel on the donation box. the winner is here. let's welcome danielle biondi. come on, danielle. >> and your family is here, too. i think your family needs some coats. >> they're a little chilly. i know how proud you are. what was your inspiration? >> my inspiration was people giving back to other people. so everybody could have a coat this winter. >> oh. are you -- that's beautiful.
8:51 am
are you ready to see your design. can you help me out here? want to see it? let's do it. >> oh, my gosh, it's so awesome. >> wow. that is beautiful. and it's all about helping, isn't it? yeah. we found out -- it's new york city. don't mind all the -- [ sirens blaring ] you're a broadway fan. we have a message. davey digs has message for you. >> danielle, congratulations on winning the contest. you're doing great work collecting coats and giving back to your community. keep up the good work. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's for you. isn't that awesome? we know you have already seen "hamilton" so we have for you and your family tickets to see disney's "aladdin." >> oh, thank you. oh, my gosh. >> wait, we got another surprise for you.
8:52 am
come on out. come on out, guys. come on out. who are these people? >> my friends mirks cousins. and my uncle. >> oh, okay, guys. everybody donate. >> throw it right in there. go on in. >> that's wonderful. come on in here, jillian. isn't this wonderful. the tenth year we have done it. you're so wonderful. we have other gifts for you, too, for your community. going the give extra coats. we appreciate everyone. you can find out how to donate coats. go to on yahoo!. danielle biondi, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, boo. thank you. so sweet.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
rizzo stopped by last week. the dog named after him has been adopted from the wellfare league in chicago. one more happy story. we want to hear more of them. get more info on our website. >> have great day, everyone.
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it is 8:59. let's go over to mike nicco for a look at your forecast. hi, mike. >> still tracking some really dangerously low visibility. look at this, quarter mile same thing half-moon bay. south bay, this will start lifting now. but it's going to take until 12:00 p.m. for that hazy sunshine to finally develop. temperatures today in the 60s and 70s. our warmest day this week, we have sprinkles tomorrow, light showers wednesday. we have major traffic alert in the albany area. we have eastbound 80 to westbound 580 fully closed. they said it is still going to take a while. they are still conducting that fatality investigation. you are jammed all the way back to the maze so extra slow today. >> thanks for the warning. time now for "live with
9:00 am
kelly" we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for the abc 7 midday news. there's the fog mike and alexis >> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today from the film "bleed for this," aaron eckhart, and star of the new comedy "nightcap," ali wentworth. and ming tsai kicks off thanksgiving week. plus billy gardell joins kelly at the cohost desk. that's all next on "live" ." and now, here are kelly ripa and billy gardell. [cheering and applauding] ♪


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