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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> breaking news. >> a national pipeline protest comes to san francisco, thousands of protests blocked busy city streets, standing in solidarity with the sioux community in north dakota more than 1,500 miles away. i am kristen sze. >> this is just one protest out of many across the country set for today, and if you are in the city you will want to avoid a specific area of market where the protesters are gathering. jessica castro has an update. jessica? >> i want to update you because the group has been on the move. let me get out of the way, we
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are at the plaza in front of city hall as the civic center and right now there are 2,000 protesters out here, earlier they were blocking off streets and they were on market street between 10th and van ness around the office for the local branch of the united states army corps of engineers and was blocking off workplaces lie uber located in the same building. the protesters minutes ago manned down the street and we are in front of city hall. some protesters were linking arms this morning. it has been peace will. police made no arrests. these people are against the $3.7 million dakota pipeline project approved in the summer running through five states including the dakotas. it is hardful they say to the government and standing in solidarity with the people of the sioux reservation in north dakota. >> i'm from north dakota and it is really affecting me to see my relatives suffer and have to fight and put their bodies on the line.
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i will do this in my city in the bay area and let them know i care for them and i will do all i can to be in solidarity. it will tap into crude oil and reduce our dependence on foreign oil and worked out to the arm corps and the pipeline project this morning but they have not returned our calls. organizers say they will be out here for quite some time and they will be out here for a few more hours and new in front of city hall in longer blocking off the local streets so you have see the lingers making their way to this area and moist of the streets are now back open so that is the update here, jessica castro for abc. all the protests causing major traffic headaches in san francisco this morning. >> as you heard, tracking the trouble spots and jessica is suggesting it is getter better. >> that is the first place i
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heard it. you can see the flows at a local legal. we obviously still have a lot of red this is where the crews or the protesters were on market. that was fully closed without see the purple on either side of van ness and centered around 142355 market around the army corps of engineers and market and mission see the red and 10 there and 11th it is congested and the other side of this, it will be mass transit, that is working on recovering as far as we know, we do not have muni up and running on mark coat and hopefully they will, if you want to avoid the delays and residual delays they are suggesting they use metro underground or the e line if you are traveling around the embarcadero. >> this is just one of many protesters on the national day of action after similar protests at site of the point line with hundreds taking part in the protest at the north dakota
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state capital in bismarck with the associated press reports some protesters are trying to stop train traffic and officers in riot gear are responding. this morning, pipeline developers asked a federal court in washington, dc to declare it it is illegal to build the pipeline. they have been granted a permit in july but stop building an 9 army corporation of engineers called for more studies. >> you some students are refusing at uc berkeley to attend a class after a professor was accused much sexual harassment and they want the university to take action. amy hollyfield is at cal with an interview with the accuser. amy? >> yes, she tells me she is in incredibly moved by the support she is get from students here at uc berkeley. she is a graduate student, and she said her professor intimidated, isolated and sexually harassed her for four years. an independent investigator
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agreed upholding most of her claims. 61 year old nezar alsayyad told the "san francisco chronicle" he denies all of the allegations and said he feels he having victimized. 74 students have signed a petition asking the university to pull the tenure and they plan to hold a protest later today, and eva said she sobbed when she sought politician. >> to see pages of names of people who are asag, we don't stand with this behavior," it feels i can finally be held and rest. a friend said, you did the hardest part. the hardest part is over. now, i can feel the institutional momentum. >> here are fining from the report obtained by abc7. the professor's personal interactions escalated with her. he intimidated her he made her family he was her protector. hinglyly touched her in a personal and sexual manner.
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university officials and campus leaders will meet later this afternoon to discuss how they can better support students who are in similar situations: va wants students to feel comfortable coming forward with any concerns they have and wants them to know she is still successfully completing and working on her studies here which she loves, she said she loves being in graduate school. as for the university a men said they cannot comment on personally matters. >> the bay area is back on storm watch in a report from our camera, fog is socked in and a rainbow was buried earlier this morning and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking a chance of showers and a look from the sfo camera with a cloudy and gray day on the peninsula and mike is tracking flight arrival delays at the airport and i want to check with more on that. mike? >> good morning. they are holding at 52 minutes and that is arrival delays, the
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average right now so you want to check ahead. anything below 600' we have not had measurable rain. moving through rohnert park and the valley and away from yountville and petaluma and napa a "1" on our storm-impact scale, spotty light showers .1" or less and light winds and not expecting any damage. we will have scattered light rains and sprinkles move through the part of bay and the south bay by 4:00 and then it disappears and the clouds will open by 10:00. a better storm for the weekend is. coming up. kristen? >> president obama is in greece, the first stop of the final phone trip as commander in chief. he arrived in athen as few hours ago with the first meeting with the prime minister. they talked on the debt crisis and turned to president-elect
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trump. president obama reassured the program the united states will not aban don't applyans despite the campaign rhetoric that suggested america scale back on the commit ms. to nato. president obama made the intentions clear. >> i don't feel responsible for what the president-elect donald trump says or does but i feel responsibility to make sure i can facilitate with a good transition. >> he will give a speech on democracy before heading to berlin. president-elect donald trump is back on twitter defend his win tweeting call the electoral college genius reversing the stance it is a "disaster." he shared this thought, if the election remain based on total popular vote i would have campaigned in new york, florida, and california and won even bigger. here is the latest on the transition into the white house.
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>> president-elect donald trump's beefing up the white house and the rumors are flying. all eyes are on giuliani, the former new york city mayor and long time trump loyalist as possible secretary of state. another contender for the post is federal u.n. ambassador bolton. giuliani saying "john is a go choice." >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> a first decision for trump is coming under intense scrutiny, steve bannon as chief strategist and white house counselor, recently led the charge to turn the conservative site breitbart into a platform for the right which is accused of being racist. house minority leader saying there is no sugar coating a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the trump administration. the inventories lambed -- slammd this as incomplete. the election is evershadowing president obama's no one am trip overseas, when asked of the
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outcome of november while in greece, obama was quick to calm the waters. >> it is the job of leaders to try to address people's real legitimate concerns and channel them in the most constructive way possible. >> president obama went on to say he was surprised by the outcome of the election and although he does not feel responsible for anything trump said or does he will help to make sure the transition of pow enter a success and that will mean a success for the american people. >> high school students in two peninsula cityrd marching this afternoon for peace in the wake of the presidential election. police in san mateo and palo alto have put out traffic advisories, students from the local hives will walk out of class at 1:30 p.m. and march to central park in san mateo. students from palo alto will gather on university avenue at the plaza and hold a rally there
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for peace and equality. >> retiring senator boxer said she will introduce legislation today to abolish the electoral college. she. withs presidential elections from now on to be decided by the popular vote. donald trump won the presidency through the electoral college but hillary clinton is leading the popular vote by a margin that could exceed question million votes. boxer issued this statement saying and i quote, "this is the only office in the land where you can get more votes and still lose the presidency. the electoral college is outdated and undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society." >> taking off crab season as the disasterous delay we will take you along with fisher men getting to work in the south bay so you can have your holiday feast. >> a major announcement for air travel, the airliner based right here in san francisco making a big change involving your
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>> the storm-impact scale, the storm today is level "1" light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track the storm any time on the abc7 news app by down loading it now. >> crab season officially starts and a lot is on the line for the local fishermen, a dangerous toxin meant that the season was a disaster for many last year. matt keller is in santa cruz for us, with a lot of hope out there. >> yes a lot hope.
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a lot of work goes along with the hope. this is the crew getting ready to head tout sea loading up all the job pots. i am waiting in my ship to come in, and they will come here and bring all of their crab pots if you of crab and put them in the containers and unlike last son they will be paid. >> the pots at santa cruz harbor are filled with hope but upon return, there better be more then that. >> several crews from several different fishing bets were up before they came out to play kicking off the crab season. >> we will not know until we pull them. optimistic. we will see what happens. >> the sport fishermen got first crack and are reporting few in their pots in the monterey bay. commercial fishermen drop into deeper water where more crab could be, but, really, anything is better than last season. >> a it is a relief. i am glad the crab are well. they are edible.
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it is a weight off my shoulder. >> last season was delayed several months to long after the holidays were over after dangerous levels of domoic acid found in the crab. fishing industry lost millions. >> i'm still suffering the effects. everyone is. >> kevin is the captain of a boat with hundreds of pots going o the ski to catch the crab when they are in demand for the holiday season. >> they did not have a lot of job crab. they happy. everyone wants it during thanksgiving and christmas and new years and it is nice. they will get it this year. all the purchase price is not agreed upon yet, that will happen when the crab comes in, but i talked to several people and they believe the whole say price will be around $3 a pound, so that means when it goes to the market you will pay $6 a pound. >> thanks, matt. >> a new reason to pack light
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the to, time you travel. the big time baggage change just announced by one of the busiest airlines in the united states. >> i bring you a look from our camera and it is gray. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking showers. a look at hour by hour forecast right after
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>> if you had to choose the sexiest man alive who other than meteorologist mike nicco would be on the list? >> well, magazine announce the pick this morning, drum roll please ... dwayne the rock johnson has the honor there year with the people magazine director saying johnson is a
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nice guy, neddy and funny that make up the sexiest man alive. >> not to take away shine, but our lt. governor newsom was in a category called "sexiest politician." of course, nothing on you, mike, you are not only a kind soul but are a scientist. >> i would rather be a football player like the rock. >> i just want to be a ww wrestler. >> maybe. >> should have been in the running. >> you saw me trying to slide in there trying to go. >> it was me. me. me all alone. >> appreciate the compliments. >> you can see headed to petaluma and glen ellen, and yountville and napa sprinkles to a quick splash of light rain, with mother upstream and that is going to come over the weekend overnight near the ocean, one or two could stray your way and
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otherwise, san rafael, an area we look for that is wet from north to south it is been dry as we look south on 101 so cloudy and cooler for all of us, scattered rain is possible, tapering as you head through the day and into the south bay and chilly mornings, 30s and 40s and mild day thursday and friday and wetter this weekend. mid-to-upper 60s but along the coast, and low 60s there, and from san jose you are getting nothing from this system, maybe a new sprinkles as the evening commute begins with sunshine so you need the sunglasses another hour. rain at 2:00, and possibly scattered sprinkles by 4:00, the sun will set, the temperature will fall in the mid-to-upper 50s, and we will fall back into the 40s and around present and palo alto, low-to-mid 60s and around the heart of bay it is a am are night. we will jump ahead to saturday, a tricky one, and the models are
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coming together to show you it is a very potent storm at a "1" but we may have to hold off on that, we have to take other things into account. at 5:00 in the morning, in the north bay, most of this is in the north bay until the afternoon, and evening hours, but, wait, there is more, sunday morning, into the earlier afternoon, it will linger into monday so rainfall total more than 1" everywhere on the system by sunday. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the 50s and 60s for highs all the way through next week. >> new this morning attention all flying public, if you use united lower cost option you can carry only one bag, starting next year they will carry basic economy tickets giving you one carry on that has to fit under the seat in front of you and it
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cannot go in the overhead. you are not beginning to be an miles toward elite status anymore and you will not be assigned a seat in day of your night so if you travel with loved ones you may not be seated together. united is doing this to give customers more choice and boost profit. >> frosted flakes has a new flavor speaking of choice, kelloggs is adding sincinnamon to the mix. it is the first time in 64 years that they have included cinnamon. keg locals is spending to hungry fans who kept saying adding cinnamon would taste greaaaaat splat. >> a little koala on a mission and we will show you where
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walks into an accounting office. it sound like a joke. a woman was on break and spotted a koala, she fold him to see where he was going. he goes to the automatic door, he goes straight into the office and this is an accounting firm. maybe he wanted to get his factions done or check on how the retirement was looking. he knows his way around the place. >> we can say he wasn't himself!
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. we've got a bunch of straight "a" students here to play with us today. they're used to busting the curve. now we'll find out if they can break the bank. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to whiz kids week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." we're in the middle of a great game. our returning whiz kid was the arkansas state geographic bee champion, and is a two-time quiz bowl mvp. from springdale, arkansas, please welcome back sojas wagle. [cheers and applause] sojas, welcome back. >> thank you. ♪ >> oh, we're in the middle of a great game. you have stunned us with your skills, your intellect. you've gotten to $30,000. you're playing a great game. [cheers and applause] so you're a geographic bee champ... >> mm-hmm. >> where'd you get your love of


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