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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the first woman ever to do so. now, her future in the donald trump presidency is unclear. >> abc7 news joins us live from walnut creek with what top bay area democrats think is coming next. laura? >> reporter: i spoke with people at washington today, they told us it was nancy pelosi's idea to wait until after thanksgiving. some are calling for a change, we talked with one east bay congressman who thinks she should stay. nancy pelosi is down playing it. others are saying it's time for a change at the top. >> if you try to repeal, we're going to fight you. you try to privatize medicare, we're going to fight you. >> it's not clear who the leadership of the party is at this point. >> steve wolford is a professor of politics. >> i think there is a polarization going on and the democratic party has to decide
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what it wants to do to rebiled the east bay congressman told us it would be a mistake to replace pelosi. >> she's too valuable now. for the country and caucus. >> she's been a great leader. >> others like democratic central economy member told us he sees the democrat as the best choice to lead the party into the future. especially during a trump administration. >> i understand the inkling in making a leadership change. one of the things that has been the hallmark is whenever members come to her, if it's just a few of them, and expressing concerns about how things are done, she listens. >> democrats now have their leadership votes set for november 30th so challengers
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have two weeks to step up. laura anthony, abc7 news. california's retiring senator barbara boxer introduced legislation to abolish the electoral college, wanting presidential elections to be decided by the popular vote. donald trump won through the electoral college. hillary clinton is leading by a million. some votes are still being counted, keep in mind. senator boxer spoke with us about one hurdle to making this change. >> this is common sense. and it will be an uphill battle. small states like it the way it is. it's not right, every person's vote should count. if they don't in this system. >> well, we're continuing to see protests and rallies and reaction to results of the election across the country and here in the bay area. abc7 news joins us live from san mateo with a message from high school students. vic?
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>> reporter: the rally here at central park downtown san mateo was loud and peaceful. students said their message was one of respect and understanding and this despite the harsh and divisive rhetoric of the elections. at the park, the young demonstrators were joined by those from aragon and hillsdale high schools. the crowd grew to a thousand students. the largest came from san mateo high, about 300 left classrooms and others in the school of 1700 did not join. >> they're just walking and go with everybody else, be followers. that is what i think people are doing today. >> election is over. and all of these rallies are kind of pointless to me. >> as a march towards central park, those along the way expressed their support. jessica is an alum from san
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mateo high. >> seeing these kids support something makes me crowd. >> justin wanted to clarify a misconception. >> pro love, pro understanding, not antitrump. >> this election divided many people. we'll stay united. >> we should come together as one. we're from different back grounds. >> no hate. just love. >> for students, it was democracy in action. vic lee, abc7 news. stanford students held a rally demanding unity and acceptance of all people. this video was taken of, this picture. a separate protest took place today in downtown palo alto. about 200 people gathered, most high school students. when you see news, you can share
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it with us using #abc7 news. we might show it on air or online. in fighting is plaguing president elect trump's transition team. he would not say what he discussed with trump and staff. others are leaving trump's camp, high-level advisor mike rogers stepped down along with others that worked for chris christie. he led the transition team until yesterday. >> i think trump should pick a secretary of state that agrees with his foreign policy. and the thing donald trump said over again is that he was opposed to the iraq war. i hope donald trump will pick somebody consistent. a former bush administration official tweeted after his exchange that others should stay away. tweeting they're angry, arrogant, screaming and you lost. will be ugly. now, since the election, 200
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incidents of hate-based intimidation and harassment have been reported according to the southern poverty law center. alisa harrington is live. police made an arrest in one case. alisa? >> reporter: police detained a man here at fort mason. the man is accused of attacking a la tina nanny while with two little kids. a la tina nanny was carry -- caring for two todders when attacked. the childrens mother wrote a man in black came from behind, pulled her hair and neck and told her no latinos here in spanish. nathan sergeant says a jogger helped the nanny and called police. officers did detain a man who fit the description. they have not decided whether or not to file charges for a hate crime.
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they believe the man has mental illness and transported him to the hospital. >> the woman suffered some scratches, i understand, and was shaken by the experience. >> this is just one of several reported hate crimes many feel have been fuelled by the presidential election. at uc berkeley, a couple men allegedly threatened and taunted a muslim student. in san jose, a student told abc7 news someone pulled off her head scarf next week. >> we're going to take threats seriously. i do think that the uptick is representative of people feeling they can act out in their discriminatory attitudes. it's not going to happen. >> the mayor is working with police and city attorney, urging calmness in the city. alisa harrington, abc7 news. a case of battery in redwood city appears to be racially motivated. police arrested michael coggins
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they say he yelled derogatory remarks in a gas station employee. in san francisco, karen shared this video of a car on fire on market street. you can see a man walk away. a small fire burns in the back seat. abc7 news was there in front of the mall minutes after the fire was out, no one was hurt. investigators are looking for a man they believe threw something, causing the fire. a claim of victory from scott weiner in the race for state senate. his opponent says it's been one week since the election, and he declared victory in the race. the chronicle reports there are 93,000 ballots to count. weiner leads by four points with 52% of the vote. a protest to stop the dakota access pipeline.
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demonstrators gathered in front of a citibank branch. another group rallied in more than 80 cities nationwide. the pipeline would carry oil from north dakota to illinois and under missouri river. >> it's like where is it safe to destroy water sources? it's got to go under the river in order to get to where it's going. and it doesn't need to be going in the first place. >> yesterday, the army corps of engineer saying additional discussion with the tribe and analysis are warranted. coming up next, we're live on the campus of cal, student rally had nothing to do with a pipe line. dozens of people showing up
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to support a victim. >> dozens of pockets of springels but rainfall is still a few days away. abc7 news at 6:00 continues.
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an architecture professor made a complaint is speaking out. melanie woodrow is on campus. the student received support from dozens of others today. melanie? >> lots of support student. he writes i believe the campus current has exaggerated complaints. uc berkeley says a meeting was held about this, and decisions have been made in support of needs and
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dozens of students calling for change. here to support phd candidate eva hadberg fisher saying her professor harassed her from 2010 to 2014. >> what happened was four years of escalating isolation and intimidation. and the report showed a hostile work environment. >> a report found most of the claims were sustained. >> i feel validated. >> he is concerned people are rushing to judgment based on release of a report supposedly confidential. an e-mailed statement says he is not scheduled to teach, the university does not prejudge any ongoing process or impose punitive sanctions prior to completion of procedures.
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students who support him say that is not enough. >> we want his suspension. if found guilty, we want his tenure to be removed. >> there is a big effort last year to address sexual harassment on campus and this a problem. fisher says she hopes will change the way students are treated. in berkeley, abc7 news. new at 6:00, police in lafayette will be on the move soon, agreeing on a deal to move the department into this building on mount diablo boulevard. looks like it has plenty of parking. we have reported negotiations to renew the lease broke down. the landlord expects the department to be home in 4 to 5 months. >> this morning a san francisco woman accomplished something
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never done before. her group successfully swam across the dead sea. abc7 news anchor kristin zee is live with this death-defying feat. >> they achieved the check out what they did in seven hours, swimming in life threatening conditions using a special mask to guard against the extreme salt content. why take on this challenge? the international group wants to shine the light on the shrinking of the body of water. kim trained for this in san francisco bay. abc7 news did a story last year when she became the first woman to swim from the farallon islands to golden gate bridge. kim talked with us after the swim. >> we have aches and pains and
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chaffing but we're pretty excited and marvelling at what we did. >> ken swen had the backing of sir richard branson. her co-workers where kim is a community engagement manager all are extremely proud today. >> thanks kristin. >> yup. rain is on the way, but it's still days off. pockets of moisture around the bay area. you can see we have had a wave of high clouds and scattered sprinkles but no actually measurable rainfall. and so you can encounter wet spots but again, it's not going to be a rainy night.
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looking toward san francisco, 58 degrees in the city. 60 in oakland, 61 in san jose. 59 in gilroy. 57 half moon bay. check out this view from our abc7 camera here. looking back at embarcadero center and beyond, other readings 55 degrees in santa rosa. it's cool now. 60 in hayward. this is a forecast cool, breezy and a next chance of rain this weekend. taking a look at our overnight forecast, we'll see the thin high clouds sweeping out for a while, giving us clear skies and a chilly early morning and by afternoon, mainly sunny skies. there could be a spot or two of sprinkles in the early morning
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hours. mid to upper 40s and low 50s near the bay. fog near the coast. tomorrow's highs ranging from about 60 at the coast. only low and mid-60s inland and around the bay. approaching storm ranks one, saturday, sunday, bringing up to an inch and a half of rainfall and will be breezy at times as well. here is the forecast. starting at 5:00 a.m. saturday into sunday, it does wind down, indications to expect rainfall ranging from nearly seven tenth of an inch to an inch in san francisco and inch and a half in santa rosa. looks like a wet weekend. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. cool side, warming up a tad friday. that is an official term, tad. over the weekend, rain saturday, sunday, and will be a tad drier monday, tuesday. >> and maybe a scosh. >> maybe a scosh as well. >> coming up, when someone else's financial problems are in your backyard. >> homeown
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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this is a video of the ribbon cutting, the resort and spa features 200 hotel rooms and an outdoor pool area. well, this golf course is
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still green but finances are in the red. >> as a result, it's closing down. petaluma adobe creek is the backyard of about 300 homes. the homeowners paying for privilege of proximity wonder what will happen to property values. >> these are my clothes. it might be a stretch to feel sorry but this is adobe creek golf club. playing out with his wallet as collateral. >> yes. >> every owner paid a premium. last week, after two decades, ownership announced this place will close. >> i'm concerned about losing the government course and open space, and views. and reduction in the value of property. adobe creek could not talk on camera today, off camera, they told us they've done everything to keep it going,
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putting $100,000 into irrigation last year, but the players are not coming out. they're not breaking even. the club house never opened and never attracted golfers. >> that is their loss leader. i think they decided to let it close and show we can't make money here. >> asking the mayor, he is concerned first and fore most about homeowners and property values. to stepping in and saving this place, that would take a miracle shot. the city is not in a position to build parks for kids. the city cannot subsidize a golf course. that is just not in the cards. >> tonight, a meeting of the homeowner association which met with course ownership yesterday. details, a solution, and everyone is hoping.
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>> coming up, the fight for 15 comes to san jose. why the main issue isn't about the cost of raising minimum wage. plus... >> i get it. we're high schooler but still needed money for a
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the city of san jose is debating whether to raise the minimum wage to $15. the issue is the timing. >> it is currently $10 an hour. san francisco pays $13 in january, oakland raising it's minimum wage slightly. >> why many say this is long overdue in silicon valley's largest city. >> 35 employees work at the
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pizza company. the owner sees pros and cons of a wage hike by 2019. >> restaurants and businesses are struggling. i thi i think they find a way to make it work. >> that means higher prices on menu to ab sore costs of raising salaries for in 2010, they led students in the fight for 15 other move manies, saying the city dragging it's feet. >> they're going to 13. by july, we'll go to 11 something, or 12. that is too late. >> the mayor says he's confident about the support for wage increase but the details of the
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time line still needs to be ironed out. >> we have had conversations. there seems to be a consensus that they'll have time to adjust. >> advocates say a wage increase is long overdue in the largest silicon valley city where the cost of living continues to raise. in san jose, >> supervisors are voting on proposed legislation to cut rentals. the company offered to cap rentals at 90 days and offered to create a mandatory registration system after a judge indicated he'd likely rule in favor of the city in a lawsuit over home sharing regulations. >> for the first time, people can use marijuana legally in public. including in bars and
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restaurants. denver, colorado passed a law that does not allow smoking marijuana inside, but outside smoking could be created legally. >> yesterday was a deadline for mail in ballots that take long to process because they have to be sorted and counted. so, what happens to them after that? >> they to into storage, then, we can destroy them. >> the ballots are stored in case results are contested. >> anyone with kids in school say it is important. >> dozens haven't received payment months after events. >> michael finney got involved
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and joins us nouf. michael? >> this was costly not just for schools, but nonprofits but churches and trips. they wanted to help the environment by recycling electronic waste and earn money. many were left to wonder what happened. the kids play hard in san francisco. they play loud at sheldon high in sacramento. schools everywhere, they have to raise money to keep on playing. >> we need balls, pumps, and more opportunities to go places. >> they care about the environment and so, it was a perfect fit. washington and sheldon partnered with this company to hold free events like this one. residents would drop off
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electronics. the money coming from state fees when you pay a new tv or computer. >> it was hard work un loading vehicles full of electronics. >> it rained on us. >> however, after the school year, the group said all-green still hadn't paid them. 7 on your side heard the same complaint. >> hard work for nothing. >> allgreen blamed california saying e-mails, the money we get for doing this is how we're able to make a donation. unfortunately, the state has not paid us like they're supposed to. sheldon high parent and washington high teacher lawrence yee asked state officials why aren't you paying for our stuff. >> allgreen has not submitted a payment claim to calorie cycle. >> state documents show they
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sold some school materials to another recycler. the owner gave a ted talk on recycling. >> would you like to live life at your personal best? yes. >> and runs a business called titanium success. >> we have been saying the state is not paying us. >> documented show they tried to reek cycle into the state cycling fund. the state saying he didn't follow rules like certifying waste of recycled material. >> as it's more district, the way you collect material makes iment possible to get paid for 100% of it. >> saying it was so cumbersome, he stopped holding e-waste fund-raisers telling us he's
6:36 pm
trying to pay groups from 2015. >> why would we pay people who just had an event? there are kedz and schools waiting to get paid. >> he said it barely covered costs. he's paying groups out of his pocket and says most have now gotten paid. >> we're doing everything we can and moefst are coming from a personal check book. >> we told them we're happy to do a wire. >> you're going to get paid. >> he did. he sent $1820 to washington high. to sheldon, he's paying the kids $1020. >> he says he's close to reaching a settlement and expects to be paid by the end of the year. when he does, he says he'll give
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donations waiting for funds. >> great news for crab lovers. take a look at the first catch of the year. >> why toxic algae bloom can help fishermen and those who love to eat crab. plus... >> what does ♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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the dow is in uncharted territory after the closing bell, the dow less than 100 points from hitting 19,000. the nasdaq also up today, gaining 57 points. tech stocks are slumping. most of silicon valley bet on hillary clinton winning and many rely on international trade, and talent. >> we're just hours into commercial crab season. abc7 news was at pier 45 this afternoon and many unloaded the first catch of the
6:41 pm
>> it's a good start. >> last year, the season was shortened because of toxic algae bloom. it could be good news for fishermen because fewer crab are captured you can find it tomorrow, and in stores later this week. >> coming up next
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco.
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. low cost with a catch. united airlines announced it's limiting low-fare customers to one carry on bag. traveller was basic tickets may have one carry on that must fit under the seat. it can't go in the overhead bin. the company says they're giving customers more choices and boost profits. airlines just set a record, one to celebrate the september marked the lowest percentage of flight cancellations, ever, according to the department of transportation. just 0.3% of flights were cancelled. today, dot released new
6:45 pm
information about discrimination complaints complaints. drones are sure to top many christmas lists but those drones were hard to find in a conference today. there has been a major shift and this year, all business. you'd be hard pressed to find a drone flying at the expo. some you don't want to fly indoors but they're easy to fly. >> if you can draw circles or scares and push a button, you can operate in our system. >> quantityics takes off, then flies like an airplane. >> we're the larger smieer.
6:46 pm
>> something happened this year. >> the new part 107 rules where you can fly commercially. >> this is a pilot license, this is a drone license. >> there are still restrictions. >> the application is gathering data over pipelines, tracks and farms. >> it's how to take that data and make it usable. >> drones can gather so much da data. >> a red fire line indicating where the fire is based on what information we have right now. >> the app displays live data. >> you can see on the left, this is the same data. >> it's a birds eye view in 3 d. >> i can see different perspectives. >> drones are finding a home. >> this is a drone designed for search and rescue. >> designed to stuff in a
6:47 pm
backpack. and it could have other uses. >> you can determine structural integrity of a roof before committing firefighters to going on top of it. >> folks say we're just scratching the surface. >> the sky is the limit. >> in san jose, abc7 news. ride sharing service lyft is shaving it's pink mustache and replacing it with an amp. when you book a ride, the app will show you a color. when it arrives the amp will show you the same color and a screen will show your the world's most popular dating app offers 40 options for gender from just two previously. tinder worked with glaad to
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create a more inclusive platform for users. >> this is >> spencer is back. >> a few spotty sprinkles around the area and high clouds passing over. and we have rain coming our way over the weekend. we'll have areas or pockets of rain throughout the day and sunday into monday morning and we expect rainfall to be generous from the storm. it ranks one in the storm impact scale. mainly dry through friday, and will be cool next couple days
6:49 pm
getting milder friday, and just soggy over the weekend. and some left over showers monday morning before getting into partly cloudy and dry conditions on tuesday. >> all weather. >> checking in with sports. i can't talk. just take it. take it and run. >> it's a fun week. >> big game week is good stuff. for everybody. and this is big game week. turns out to be a big problem for cal. what can bears do to stop the wildcats? or the iguana if you prefer that nickname. sports is next.
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>> the game will take place on 11-19. last time cal took the axe it was november, 2009 and steph curry had 12 year three pointers made. 12. they'll have won seven games in the series tied in big game history. last year, wild cat mccaffrey
6:53 pm
ran over the defense. he's running through everybody an over and around. had a 98 yard kick return and in route to 829 total yards. the wild kaf may be able to do this again. since 2, 3 and 4 went down, nothing is a sure thing. he says he's more nervous than he was playing in it. >> as a player you have a physical impact on the game. you know? you can go out there to do something. so for me, our impact is helping our guys channel energy. i feel it. i'm an alum and a stanford guy. big game is big. >> fun for me, personally and players. it's a big, it's a big deal supporters and everybody. one of the great traditions of
6:54 pm
college football to play 119 times. >> newest rankings are off. alabama stays number one. ohio state moving up to number two. michigan coming off their loss. they remain at three followed by clemson, lost on saturday with louisville, fifth and washington, sixth. 49ers lost on sunday. and kaep went 17 for 30. ran for one. and problem with levis stadium is that niners have to deal with patriots coming off a loss. kaff is see, and feel progress. >> as much as like i can be
6:55 pm
it was something that is becoming more and more every week. i feel comfortable with why we're calling plays and being able to build on those. >> looks buddy buddy there. patriots big receiving target may not play sunday in santa clara because of a huge hit by earl thomas. reports vary are from punctured lung to not that serious. cal arum will get a start sunday. the l.a. rams host miami. goff hasn't played since preseason, roughed up then, getting more reps and they average 15 points per game.
6:56 pm
ice, sharks, their seasonal road game high, dry, continuing in carolina. brent burns skating through traffic. so nice work but middle of the third, dell makes the safe. there is chaos in sharks lose and just in case you're wondering the line is stanford favored by 10 and a half. >> thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at promising treatment for controlling your bad cholesterol. >> what if a pill can make you
6:57 pm
smarter? how they work and risks. >> at 8:00 it's the middle and 9:00, fresh off the boat and real yoen yeel. >> thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy! teen tournament. please welcome today's contestants -- an eighth-grader from cuyahoga falls, ohio... a sophomore from madison, alabama... and a junior from darien, connecticut... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, the enthusiasm and your applause indicates that you all know how important this game is. it's the last game of our quarter-finals.
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at the end of this half-hour, we will know the names of the nine kids who get to come back as semi-finalists. i can assure you, one of those names will be jasmine, sharath, or michael. whoever wins this game, so good luck. let's go to work. now here are the categories. first off... oh, we all know about that. next... followed by... uh-oh. oh, dear. michael, you get to start us. lyrics in other national anthems, $800. michael. -what is australia? -that's the country. lyrics in other national anthems, $1,000. michael.


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