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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> 5:00 on the dot on thursday november 17. i am jessica castro here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with alexis smith on traffic, and, also, last night i had my window open. too lazy to close it. i was freezing. all night. that gives you insight into my world. >> lazy. >> how was woodstock?
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he did not bring. >> blanket? >> keeping me warm. >> it is cold this morning. good morning, everyone i will focus on the north bay and get to the rest of the forecast where the frost advisory is. temperatures from 34 in napa and american canyon and 40 in mill valley. i saw a 29 in petaluma. that was cooler than everyone else. we have 40s around the bay shore. the day planner shows it will warm in the mid-and-upper 50s by noon and hang out by 60 at 4:00. grab the sunglasses. >> trying to figure out what is going on 880, a couple of incident for c.h.p. with crews on the way. southbound 880 beyond davis around oakland airport we have multi-car crash in the three left lanes but no backup forming. that could noon it is clearing. i have a significant stretch of road toward san mateo bridge
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with a car fire reported at 92 connection. we will get c.h.p. with an update. >> thanksgiving day is a week away but we are talking about it because the experts say leave really earlier. >> like now. >> right now. >> not that bar but not that far off. we get to matt keller in san jose. matt? >> good morning, you don't have to leave now but in south san jose it is cold. seamy. can you see your breath. i'm not here with a weather forecast, my job is to give you the travel forecast for thanksgiving holiday. everything will be driving on thanksgiving. google knows egg, right, releasing the holiday traffic trip with the traffic data. the best time to leave is sunday
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at 6:00 a.m. the worst time is the day before thanksgiving wednesday at 3:00 p.m. coming home do it on the day after thanksgiving, the friday at 6:00 a.m. and the worst time is saturday at 4:00 p.m. no matter when you drive, drivers pay the second cheapest gas prices since 2008. >> gas falls people try to make use of vacation. right now gas is low. >> aaa forecast 3.69 americans will play over the thanksgiving day period with airport traffic up to 630% worse. they figured out what you will eat when you get to your destination. in california everyone is searching for profit turkey. in the south? it is smoked turkey. >> interesting. can google make my meal? >> hillary clinton is urging americans to stay hopeful and
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big-hearted appearing this public for the first tim. the former presidential candidate spoke at children's defense fund event in washington imploring parters to fight for their values. she admits she struggled to recover from her unexpected defeat. law have been a few times this past week when all i wanted it do is curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again but, please, listen to me when i say this: america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country. fight for our values. never, ever give up. >> hillary clinton signaled her focus now is on children and temperatures saying as long as any child in america lives in poverty there is work to do. >> president obama teaming up with one his closest foreign persons to send a message of home. the president and german
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chancellor penned a joint op-ed, we are stronger when we work together tug about cooperation on the united states and the union on climate change and antiterrorism measures awith trump accusing merkel of owe try inning germany." >> and now on "draining the swamp," top republicans said any registered lobbyist being vetted for a high post in the administration must provide a termination of lobbying form. they will be banned from being a lobbyist for five years after leaving the government. vice president elect ordered all lobbyists be removed from the transition team and some say that could complicate filling jobs. >> students and staff at santa clara university are planning a mass sidewalk out today to show support in undocumented immigrant. school walk outs have happened
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here and across the country since the election. hundreds of students, staff and faculty say the wake out at 3:30 this afternoon and meet in front of mission church. they are joining colleges around the nation in the movement to turn universities into sanctuary campus that do not cooperate with immigration on deporting. >> we have reported on a number of racist incidentals in the wake of the election and now the latest: a racial slur spray painted on a novato building. >> a novato police officer spotted the graffiti on monday morning include the "n" word. many marin residents have seen a photo of the graffiti on social media. >> fueling more of the same hatred. >> we are on one. all in this together. write positive messages if you write anything. >> novato police do not have a motive or suspects.
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the area-a spot for juveniles in the past but it is not clear if that is the case. >> a it has a racial come upon -- component we do not know the motivation. it is now a hate crime but something we are looking into. >> northwest police are count on the public's help. >> a south bay school district is meeting after interviewing a high school teach are accused of telling a student they can be departed. the high school district officials are getting to egg in san jose and could have a disciplinary decision on the high school teacher. she told a student they could be deported when president-elect donald trump takes office when the student refused to stand during the anthem. the teacher is on paid leave. >> california approved speeding up the death penalty process and now the aclu is trying to slow it down. a lawsuit filed by the aclu said
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state corrections officials have too much influence for the execution process. they say it violates the separation of powers politician of california constitution. a separate lawsui challenging prop 66 is pending before the california supreme court. >> recreational marijuana could be legal for adults but not at stanford. neither students or satisfy are allowed it light up for any property -- or any property including off campus housing. pot is still illegal under federal law and stanford said they received funding from the government and has to comply with federal law. >> parents, as far as protecting your kids on the road car booster seats are getting better. the insurance institute said companies are doing a better job at designing them to present kids. 53 booster seats were checked all with the highest rating a big improvement from eight years
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ago when they first began rating the booster seats when only a quarter earn the highest rating. >> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk about the big story of the day focusing on the north bay valley where our temperatures are dropping to frosty levels which could hurt tender vegetation. you can let the pets out to go to the bathroom and then back in they should be fine. all the areas you see highlighted are in light blue are fine. napa is at 36 degrees. at 8:00. we will jump up to 58 by noon. we will top out in the low 60s from 1:00 to 4:00 and fall into the 50s at 6:00 and the 40s by 8:00. the average high is 65 and we will not get this with a 30-degree jump in temperatures the sunny and school from san francisco and livermore at 61. oakland and san jose at 64. petaluma is 63.
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tomorrow you can see 63 to 69. a brief bump up in the temperatures. we drop again with all of the rain on saturday. you want plans to be outside or trying to make some? hour by hour the heaviest rain will hit your neighborhood and i have that next. >> we are still trying to get to the bottom of a couple of issues in the east bay, in southbound 880, not 50 far from oakland, we have four or five vehicle collision reported in the three left lanes the two right lanes are getting by. no backup formed. south of there beyond 238, you are down to five miles per hour. is the location just reported incorrectly, i wonder? still getting for the bottom of that. beyond state route 92 a vehicle fire. everyone else is off to a quiet start. >>-up california stepping into the battle of undocumented
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>> a hot air balloon made an emergency landing in philadelphia. ouch. the balloon was used for advertising by home depot. it was headed to a star when it had problems. it was forced to land. the wind kept dragging it along the ground. some people rushed to help the balloon pilot.
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no one was hurt. >> a pennsylvania judge denies bill cosby's attempt to end the sexual assault case claiming the prosecutors took too long to file charges and the judge disagreed and rejected a request pore competency testing on thin women would say they were drugged and violated by cosby. there has been no decision on what the women will be allowed to testify. the 79-year-old entertainer is scheduled to go on trial by june. all the berkeley unified school district is facing a class-action lawsuit for racial discrimination. the lawsuit said that middle school students were interrogated by a lawyer about their politics and activities without their parents' new jersey. the school district said we have not had ample student to review the suit. we cannot comment. the distribute insists they do not discriminate on the basis of race or color. >> the university of california is prepared to help undocumented
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students when president-elect donald trump takes office offering legal aid to dreamers, students would were brought into the united states illegally as minors. >> we take this issue seriously. we want our students to know we expert them and will do everything we can to ensure third stay at university is not interrupted. >> college students across the country held rallies like this at stanford. they want schools to become sanctuary campuses that do not cooperate with immigration and customers enforcement on deportation. the university of california is taking a wait-and-see approach. senator fine tine is property and center over the fight for president-elect donald trump nominee, and chuck schumer has named senator feinstein the ranking senate on the senate judiciary committee confirming a new attorney and a new supreme
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court justice is at the top of the agenda. feinstein was a credit ice of the republican's decision not to consider president obama's nominee to the high court after the death of justice scalia. >> and she is one of seven united states senators asking president obama to impose a ban on offshore drilling off the west coast asking for a permanent ban to replace the more town put in place by president george h w. bush. president-elect donald trump you haved to aggressively promote drilling for oil and until gas. >> san francisco's restem celling center is going high-tech. officials showed off a new automatic sorter. afternoon it used infrared especially those by online shoppers. a lot more card board because
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people order online and more small and medium sized cardboard boxes. >> the $11 million upgrade is just in time for the holidays when there is a 15% jump. >> a home security camera catches when a baby falls off a changing table and the big where comes to the rescue. >> we are hearing from the hero brother. >> an amazing act of brotherly love caught on camera. >> watch as 35-year-old mother of five towns her back for just a moment lobbying the 11-month-old on the changing table. first, the baby dangles his leg over the edge. then, he tumbles over but the 30 pound infant is caught by his older where, joseph. >> i ran and they caught him but i can not even carry him so can know how that happened.
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falling is the leading causes of infant enjoy and it can happen anywhere. >> it just happened in less then a second. >> check out this quick thinking home depot employee in las vegas a dad catching his kid while half asleep. more 6 our interview at 7:00 a.m. that is the first look for new york. >> give the kid a contract. >> a t is all it takes to bright were the holidays for a deserving family. we were at the food bank for the "give where you live," thanksgiving day food tribe. spencer christian gave them $15,000 check from our abc7 family and disney our parent company. >> a cool start to the day. >> it will warm up 30 or 35
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degrees from the lows this morning in the 30s. the good news, there is barely any breeze. you don't have to worry about a wind chill but you will notice the warmest spot is in the not by at 42 degrees and south on we in san rafael no fog. chilly to mild. total shun, clear and frosty and weekend storm is getting stronger. tonight, the slows are in the 30 in a lot of inland valleys and 40s around the bay as cool as this morning. we will wait to see in the national weather service issues a frost advisory, probable at 2:00 or 3:00 in afternoon like yesterday. storm-impact scale is a "2". it was a good rain producer but not producing winds. now the winds are up to 40 miles per hour on saturday morning. a remote chance of thunder so it is a "2". at 9:00 on friday evening, all
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good. moderate to possibly heavy rain through the north bay and heart of the by at 6:00 and then transitions to scattered showers and up to two-thirds of" of rain in the south bay and 1" in the not guilty bay the monday and tuesday? looking dry. wednesday and thursday, it could be wet. alexis? >> you pay have to scrape the windshields this morning. it is okay. i am sounding like a broken record. a couple of issues southbound 880, a multi-car crash beyond davis. it is report through still in the three left lanes. the two right lanes are open. we have a pice try -- mystery slow down six miles beyond the incident down to four miles per hour. 101 around 880 northbound side filling in, in the san jose area but quiet in the south bay. drive times have no issues
5:21 am
southbound 680 to walnut creek and 24 and walnut creek to highway 13. tracy to dublin is up to 42 minutes in the yellow. >> mike told us, it has been cold. on abc7 at eleven, with many families town on the space heater as lawsuit over a fire that killed a beloved shopkeeper claims that certain older models are safety hazards. >> he was completely in flames from head to toe. >> tonight at 11:00, an exclusive: are others at risk? >> the seven things you need to know and the gunmens about to get the highest civilian area one with a bay area
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>> the seven things you need to know. >> a frost advisory. keep the pets and plants protected until 8:00 with temperatures down into the low 30s. our storm-impact scale has been raised to "2" for the weekend. >> two, overall pretty quiet start to thursday morning commute. we got word of a minor issue in the south bay, southbound 85 at off-ramp the stoplights are dark so use it as a four way stop. we have minor delays on 80. >> three, the tully road on-ramp to southbound 101 in san jose is open following a deadly hit-and-run. victim was talking on the ramp when hit. police have little information on the driver. >> four, this photo was sent to abc7 showing an attempt at segregation inside the bathroom at a high school in danville. the superintendent condemns the
5:25 am
act but did not say if they know who did this. >> five, the secret service and new york police department are meeting with president-elect donald trump today with a security plan for him including replacing trump tower witnesses with bullet roof glass. we talk how to safely get president-elect trump in and out of the high-rise. >> earlier thanksgiving celebration to the peninsula for people facing testify times, ronald mcdonald house at stanford has a special dinner for familieses would children are treated at the children's hospital. >> seven, set director -- your alarm clocks 30 minutes away from the opening of chick-fil-a and the first 100 customers get a free sandwich a week for a year. >> 21 people will receive the presidential medal of freedom the highest civilian on.
5:26 am
eight of the recipients are performers including robert deniro, robert red for, dianna process, bruce springsteen, and the creator of saturday fight live and east bay native tom the awards are presented at white house on tuesday. >> a famous luxury department store teaming up with a fashion start-up to win over younger shoppers. knee monday -- niemanns will open the first of runway boutiques in san francisco at union square tomorrow. rent the runway rents women's dinner colleagues on-line for those who do not want to buy and hope it helps turn around struggle sales. >> this is funny because anyone was sure. a grandmother in alabama is a
5:27 am
viral sensation after something unexpected happen. she trayed to put her granddaughter to bed. it was posted on facebook, watch as the mother puts the baby in the crib. grandmother falls inside the crib, with the kid, and the mother is only 5' and used a stool to help put the kid to bed. it did not work out and she added i love this crazy woman and i reiterate both are fine. >> so cute. >> she should have stayed in there. >> maybe she did. >> back with a full 90 minutes of news including another hit to wells fargo, the bay area authority cutting ties to wells fargo. >> the next step to find a
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> good morning, on thursday, november 17. i am reggie aqui. >> i am jessica castro here for natasha zouves with alexis smith trafficking the roads and meteorologist mike nicco tracking the weather. i had three or four layers of blankets. >> thought you were talking about your outfit. >> she had brown warm-up pants on. a good look. really good. >> don't give it away. >> i will get out of way. >> i forgot we were on the air. sorry. >> sorry. >> cold in here. >> it is. chilly. >> no
5:31 am
8:00 a.m. the air is clean outside. and credit. when out. chapped lips and hands today. by noon, in the upper 50s. and upper 50s to low 60s and not is breezy. temperatures are below average. how is the ray of sunshine? i have bad news with commute. a sig-alert. we got to the bottom of the problem southbound 880. for half an hour or 40 minutes the crush was at davis. i thought it was strange because of the backup forming south of there. it is a sig-alert and they chained the location to southbound 880. before 92 look at the backup on 238. and southbound 880. we will check it in a few. >> another bay area city dealing with a sign of hate, graffiti in danville at a school a growing list of racist messages we have
5:32 am
reported the past week. our reporter amy hollyfield is at the high school. amy? >> jessica, here is a picture of the graffiti, someone wrote on the bathroom wall "whites," pointing for them to go to the left and slang word for african american and arrow pointing white. this is at a high school in danville. the perth was e-mailed to our newsroom, the superintendent addressed issue in a lengthy statement where he describes how the administration is committed to initiatives that raise awareness of other cultures write "it is important our students understand words matter, they can be harmful and make the world a better place when used thoughtbly and respect for each individual." we posted the entire statement on our website if you would like to see it but does not mention if they figured out who did this or if anyone is punished.
5:33 am
>> another reported hate crime in the east bay, where a woman was targeted for wearing a scarf on her head. it happened at mission peek in fremont. a woman returned from a hike to find her car window smashed with a note mentioning her wearing a hijab and said and i quote, "this is our country now, get out." she wear as scarring because of a medical -- scarf because of a medical condition. >> i pray you in ever do this to anyone, and i love you anyway. >> state park police are now investigating the vandalism as a hate crime. >> president-elect trump has a busy day meeting with international leaders and the japanese prime minister is meeting with president trump wanting to built trust and work together. president trump is meeting with
5:34 am
henry kissinger and south carolina governor haley, senior advisory kellyanne conway addresses reported that the son-in-law kushner could land a top white house job. >> it is a very important decision that may of us face but he has not allied for anything and many of the press reports are false and inaccurate and i would call on everyone to give us time to form our federal government and get the appointments in place and respect the election results and allow the man to go his job. >> you can watch the rest of the interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> today, uc berkeley students will stage a walk out from 9:00 a.m. to noon the normally scheduled class time for professor nezar alsayyad accused of sexually harassing a student for years. after an investigation the school barred him from teaching next summer -- semester.
5:35 am
any student who doesn't want to remain in his history of city planning course can sign up for the same class with a different instructor and nezar alsayyad denied wrongdoing. >> a san jose man accused of having sex with a schoolgirl is under after arrest being on the run for threes and was arrested on tuesday in novato after a traffic stop. after running his name police realized he was wanted in a 20 investigation from israelis. he met a 13 year old at a clutch function and paid her to have sex three times at a mill valley motel. an arrest warrant was issued. he took off. >> san jose police believe a serial burglar it is several businesses and the suspect's face is caught on camera. police say he had three businesses. here is a look at the suspect: smashing through a glass cure to
5:36 am
break in, two restaurants had a similar scene. business owners compared surveillance video and believe this is a match. >> we got the word out. suddenly they were throwing out names of the opinion they thought it was, the suspect, and we were grateful. >> some community members know who the guy is and san jose police have not arrested him. >> a 61-year-old san jose woman who is charged with three counts of murder will enter a plaza next month, dana river as federal teach december well-known transgender activist gained national attention when she had a sex changation in the 1990s. rivers is accused of stabbing to death 19-year-old been any wright, his mother and his partner on friday. despite the plane wright's brother is show compassion. >> i forgive this woman. i understand there are bigger things in life than a lot -- a
5:37 am
lot of hate. >> rivers was covered in blood when the officers arrived on the scene. motive is unclear. >> the process to find the next police chief in oakland is moving along. on friday the deadline to turn in the applications has passed. the city is getting ready to start interviews next month. mayor schaaf has not said when she will hire the new chief but it could be by january. oakland has not had a permanent chief since former police chief suddenly resigned in june over a widespread sexual misconduct scandal. two other chiefs were resigned in the next week and a half. >> wells fargo has more fallout from the scandal, with the bay area water quality management is voting to do no business with the bang for two years, the latest government agency to cut or restrict ties with wells fargo. the bank admitted creating two million fake accounts and used those to open credit cards.
5:38 am
the california attorney general has a criminal investigation underway. >> a happy ending for san jose state student kenra kannegaard would now has her specialized van back. we shared her story yesterday on abc7 mornings, someone stole the vehicle fear her scots valley home on friday, a woman spotted the van yesterday by the santa cruz boardwalk and called police. the santa cruz police posted this picture and van. she was amazed by the outpouring of support. >> a traffic alert from abc7 morning. >> we have two significant problems. first is southbound 880. they originally reported the crash at davis which is six piles south of there, toward "a" street with a backup with four or five vehicles and the left lanes are blocked l is in estimate on when it will be cleared. a sig-alert back up 238,
5:39 am
stop-and-go traffic for three miles. the speeds are down to 12, 14, and 11 miles per hour respectively. that will be tough for a while. getting reports of a nasty crash on northbound 880 in milpitas area before mccarthy a disabled vehicle was sitting in the mill right lane and it turned for a ten car crash. one vehicle is fully engulfed in flames. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco has a frosty start to the day. >> our inland develops, good morning, everyone, inland east bay, the biggest drop compared to yesterday, ten inism and 11 in concord so we are almost as told as in the north bay, danville is 36, and san ramon and dublin at then and livermore and pleasant hill and walnut creek at 39 degrees. in the north bay it is coolest around napa at 33 and 36 in
5:40 am
santa rosa and 37 in novato and low-to-mid 40s an bay shore and 49 in san francisco and 43 in oakland and 43 in san jose. the golden gate bridge no need to worry about fog the air is way too dry. chilly morning on the go dress accordingly, dew on the cars and if you park outside and on water, it will be more tranquil. is clear and 47, no flight arrival delays, not weather wise. warmer tomorrow. a lot of sunshine and mid-to-upper 60s and we shut the warming off with a cool rain, low-to-mid 60s on saturday. i had to burn it town a "2" on the storm-impact scale. all day long a warm loving home. the long trip the dogs will take in hopes of finding a new home. >> hopefully with a lot of in-flight dog treats and new concern of distracted drive and
5:41 am
the toll it is take on the california roads. >> the raiders says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5
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from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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it is 5:43. investigators in ill are trying to determine what caused a natural gas explosion. here is surveillance video from inside a candle store. the windows are blown out by the
5:44 am
blast. one person died. 11 were hurt. several others had their businesses damaged. the state police are on the scene. helping in the investigation. no one is allowed in a three block radious of downtown. they are sending for the cause. >> happening this morning dozens of bay area shelter dogs are getting a one way flight to minute -- to minnesota to get homes faster than in the bay area. the dogs are now healthy enough for travel and the animal shelters are at capacity in the bay area but that is not the case in minnesota. >> they said they don't have dogs to adapt like in california. >> they take animals that normally may not always get out of the shelter so quickly because they have health issues. >> we wish them well and they will all find a new home heading
5:45 am
to sacramento airport at 8:30. >> distracted driving deaths are at a high in california with a thousand more last year than in 2011. the state office of traffic safety conduct add survey. the results show 12% of drivers use their 15s i'll -- phones while driving. we cannot see everything that goes on in the car and what people are doing. we figure it is preliminary more like 15 or 16 or 17% of people on the road using cell phones. if you think hands tree driving laws are strict wait until january 1 when you cannot held director phone while driving. if you have a phone mounted you will only be allow to make a single tap or swipe. >> shareholders from tesla and solar city will vote on a plan to emergency the two companies. critics are concerned about the
5:46 am
solar company's economic situation at $3.5 million in debt. the parters say the transaction is necessary step to tesla's goal of being integritied energy company, and c.e.o. emwants show rams to become a one-stop shop for all your energy needs including cars, home batteries and solar ban els. >> the oakland raiders have another big test on monday in mexico city but we caught top secret training. inside the boxes, there is a training mask that simulates effect of high altitude. mexico city is 7,400 feet above sea lynn so it is thin area. denver is 5,300 feet. the team practices at sea level in alameda and they now have an knowledge to physically prepare. we had a tough time getting them to admit they are wearing them. >> a lot of things going on.
5:47 am
i would rather not say. >> so secretive? >> i am secretive yes. >> we heard you training with masks? >> man, where are they? show me. >> behind you. >> oops. >> the team has played in mexico city before in the pre-season. the raiders take on texans right here and monday night football coverages started at 5 o'clock. now, over to alexis smith. there is a bad backup. >> we have two significant problems. one is in the south bay, milpitas area. we have a full closure of 880, at 237. we have all lanes blocked. it started with a disabled vehicle. it turned into a ten car collision. one vehicle caught first. it is fully engulfed. matt keller is on the way. hopefully we will have more information when he arrives. the second sig-alert is
5:48 am
southbound 80 before 92 in the hayward area. this has been here an hour and we have four to five vehicles involved and the three lot makes are blocked and i want to show you how long the backups are at fur mile on southbound 80 and on 238 it is three miles. ugly backups. bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on filling in. now, meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. chilly but better news than i do. >> quite it forecast other than threat of frost law 8:00 this morning. now clear conditions on live doppler hd and the big massive storm building to our west, and it will soak us with a "2", moderate storm on the storm-impact scale in san jose at 87, shark tank is clear at 4 degrees, sunny and calm, and almost as cold tonight, and we will know this afternoon in the
5:49 am
weather wet will issue another frost advisory. ready for weekend rain? i hope so. it will be good. tonight you can see a lot of mid-to-upper 30s i land and low-to-mid 40s around the bay and upper 40s at oakland and richmond and san francisco. a "2" and what has changed since yesterday? the winds. her to are gusting up to 4 miles per hour and the possibility of pod rat to localized heavy rain. at 9:00, most of us are very dry for friday evening plans and the heaviest rain is falling overnight at five o'clock in the morning on saturday the heaviest is moving through, the ons and the yellows and refers to showers in the evening. we will get another public of rain on sunday afternoon ending up with 1" ntsb bay and three-quarters an bait and two-thirds in the south bay. my seven-day forecast shows a break on monday afternoon and tuesday and wednesday and thanksgiving could be wet. >> a bay area company has a very
5:50 am
first bionic safety device so workers can suffer fewer injuries. it is a passive exo skeleton. it costs $10,000. it comes in three parts, helping with lifting and squatting and here is how it works. >> i have the leg, the back, bending and squatting, and we have the shoulder to help me lit -- lift the boxes. >> they have a medical skeleton that helps people would have lost mobility in their legs. it saves damage from muscles, and good for delivery service and airport workers. >> fantastic. people have back problems from lifting. >> a win for uber and lyft in
5:51 am
california and why state could be giving up an effort to impose new restricts on the drivers. >> but, first, heavy lifting on ocean beach and the impact it could have on the commute in the area. >> warning from pg&e, the scammers who c
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> motor rates have increased every day since the election. now, mortgage demand is dropping. mortgages, the average rate for 30 year fixed, jumped half a percentage point by end of election week. that is the large of the increase in four days of trading since june of 2013. politicians fell 9% last week compared with a week earlier. there is good news if you are in the market for a new hope,
5:54 am
rising rates could lead to home values dropping. >> pg&e warning con artists are ramping up efforts to scare victims into thinking their heat is going to be cut off. scammers are calling people claim they owe back payments on utility bills. the callers are demanding payment by credit, debit or gift cards to avoid getting their service cut off. here is the deal: pg&e said they get 48 hours notice to delinquent customers and pg&e never demands paint by gift card. that is a big red flag. if you get such a demand, report it to the company. >> happening today, a restoring project at san francisco's ocean beach and it could affect your commute. at 7:00 a.m. crews will move tons of sand from the north part of the beach to the south end. the fowl is to restore the shoreline with work week days from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. through next month. southbound traffic on the great highway is deterred to sunset
5:55 am
boulevard between lincoln way and sloat and one left lane less for northbound drivers. >> you got two punish alerts for our sig-alerts. we have a couple of nasty crashes. the first is at milpitas area, northbound 880 at 237. we have all lanes down right now because of a crash that started from a disabled vehicle. it turned into a 10 car crash quickly with crew on the way. no one is getting by in that situation and two right lanes are open southbound 880 before "a" street with no estimate on when it clears. now, meteorologist mike nicco has a chilly start? >> have to wait until 8:00 before we uncover the pets and the plans. we will keep the pets inside until then. we have a sweat are for our dogs. the winds at 4:00 on saturday,
5:56 am
gusting up to 40 miles per hour. that will last through 4:00 in the afternoon. we have a big game at cal starting with rain and turning to showers with stanford and the patriots take on the 49ers. there will be a lot of written at levi stadium 66 to 60. kick off is 1:25. >> does holiday shopping make you happy or express you -- stress you out? the stress of holiday shopping can raise your heart rate by 33% what you feel running a marathon reaching the point of fatigue 32 minute after starting shopping because of the stress to find the perfect gift. they found that women were more stressed out than men. >> i love it! i love the music. i love to wrap gifts. i love the holidays.
5:57 am
>> amazon is offering relief for the busiest shopping of the year, slashing their rhyme amazon from $99 to $79 one day only for new shoppers including free two dayshipping on all amazon purchases and free steaming. members get 30 minute early access to special deal on black friday mostly high end tech items. >> all the holiday gift guying rush, and a must have toy that is more popular than frozen or "star wars" this year. >> heading out out of the bay aa this thanksgiving why you may want to get up extra early. >> racial slur that sparked a hate crime investigation in
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> now, breaking news. >> we have major problems for drivers in the south bay. i am regular. >> i am jessica castro here for natasha zouves. >> we have two major traffic alerts in milpitas. all lanes are down, northbound 880 at 237. there is a ten car crash we have matt keller on the way to scene of the it started as a disabled vehicle. unfortunately self vehicles hit that second. one of the cars burst interest flames. it was fully engulfed. the second alert has been here all morning southbound 880 before "a" street involving four or five vehicles. no change the we have three left lanes blocked. a 4.5 mile backup southbound 880 and 3.5 mile backup out of castro valley. now, checking with meteorologist mike nicco and the trust. >> good morning, we have the coldest temperatures in the north bay, and keeev


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