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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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where you live, this is abc7 news. massive flames bun through two apartments in san jose. a heroic rescue but one firefighters is injured. now, family members think children pay have been the tar guest -- target. investigators say someone ignite add fair flowing a flammable device through a window at the timber wood apartments on seven trees boulevard east of monterey road. matt keller is at scene. the area is block off to traffic and firefighters are cleaning up and also make sure thatting in
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flares up. >> the flails were out at the timberwood apartments in san jose at 8:15 this morning. but the ladders remain. they were used by firsts to rescue ricky and his where from their balcony. >> the firefighters are doing their job. doing what they have to do. banging on my door to "get out," and it was something to see. >> rescue is our number one prior to and everything is focused on that. >> this was successful? >> successful rescue. >> the cell phone video shows how big the flame were at 7:30 a.m. two alarms were called. a firefighters was injured and sent to the hospital. two apartments were destroyed. five kids and five adults must fine another place to live. >> a resident was very emotional when he came home to see the destruction. a boy saw a man throw a "fireball," into the apartment. >> you will bring in arson
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investigators? my understanding is arson investigators are coming in to investigate the fire. >> the arson investigator is here. i asked governor he has details to share and he said not at this time but they will be here, he said, all day long. school officials and students in danville are vowing to fight racism after a stunning message of hate was discovered in a high school bathroom. this picture shows the graffiti scrawled above two urinals when saying "white," and the other uses an offenses word for blacks that we blurred out. how is the school responding, amy? >> they held assembly and the principal organized it. it took a turn he lined up a few speakers but 100 students decided to come forward and speak and it laughed for an hour and a half. the principal called it very
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powerful. >> the adults at the student assembly were upset about the racist graffiti found in a bathroom. >> this is danville, california, the 21st century. this is not the old south of 1950s but the students spontaneously deciding to speak who turned this talking to an emotional peer-to-peer discussion. >> you have no words to describe my feelings but i do agree we need to prove that we are better hand this. >> picture of the graffiti, someone wrote "whites," in the bathroom with arrow pointing left and an offensive word for african-americans with an arrow pointing to the right. >> my god! really? >> we showed the picture to parents dropping off their kids. >> i am surprised. i didn't think the kids around here who do stuff like that.
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i hope they find out who done this. that is unacceptable. >> principal called all 2,400 students together to talk about it. teachers provided stories of the segregated south and inspiring words of doing better and the students took over. and demanded this never happen again. >> with everything that is happening in the world right now it is important that we are kind to each other and we realize that we're all humans. >> they don't know who is responsible for the graffiti but they are asking students would know anything to come forward. the san francisco chapter of the council on islamic men relations is calling for a criminal investigation into a hate crime in the east by. a woman was targeted for wearing a scarf. it happened on monday at the mission peek in fremont. the woman returned from a hike to find the car window smashed with a note mentioning her
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wearing a hijab "this is out country now, get out." she wear as scarf on her head because of a medical condition and posted this message with the attacker on social media. >> i pray for you to get out of pain and never do this to anyone. i love you anyway. >> police are investigating. no charges have been filed. >> a school district will meet after interviewing a high school teacher for telling a student they could be deported. the official are get together in san jose this afternoon could mechanic a disciplinary decision on the high school teacher not being nailed but told a student that they could be deported when the president-elect donald trump take office much it halved after the student refused to stand during the national anthem. the teacher is on paid leave. >> president obama is urging successor, donald trump, to stand up to russia when it deviates from united states values and international norms.
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the president made the remarks during the vest to germany saying he helps the president-elect donald trump accident assembly cut democrats with russian vladimir putin that credits long-term problems. our reporter is in washington, dc, with detail on the transition to the white house. >> another busy day for trump, with v.p. elect mike pence stopping by the capitol hill. >> and president-elect donald trump remains inside trump tower hosting more meeting with cabinet contenders and personally greeting the first foreign minister. from abe. reports say his son-in-law is going to take a big role and the legality is questions for rebound and former president bush and an aide kellyanne conway denies the reports, but does say that kushner will be involved. >> he was incredibly important to our campaign effort to the election and he is a trusted advisory of his father and law.
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the other headache is the choice of steve bannon with ties to white nationalists. >> a president the united states should not have a racist at his site. unacceptable. >> as he vets the cabinet, hillary clinton returned to the public stage. she speak to her spotters thousands who are still protesting the election across the country and tells them not to be discouraged. >> stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you. >> her lead in the popular vote continues to grow, she now up by a million and is on track to receive the second most votes of any presidential candidate in united states history. behind only president obama. >> dozen races are too close to call in santa clara county nine days after the election with a
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few nail biters common but seven races are so close if they stand they will call for automatic recoups. four others are still too close to call but experts consider this because of mail-in ballots and more initiatives. >> a shakeup at the top for the oakland a's announcing that co-owner lew wolff is selling off most of his stake in the team and resigning. john fisher will assume the duties. the two bought the a's in 2005 and lew wolff began efforts to move them out of the oakland, first to present and then san jose but failed. the as alienated lew wolff from many fans, and last year, they voted him the west owner in pro sports in an espn magazine poll. >> if you have been outside you felt it, a notice am chill. a look from the east bay hills camera shows the skies clear but it could change.
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-machine is tracking a weekend storm getting stronger. >> week ago from sunshine to showers and that is as legal as 18 hours on friday and saturday. sutro tower is look. what we dealt with this morning, officially, 33 in napa, santa rosa is 33. san ramon is 36. we have cupertino at then. concord and morgue hill at 39, livermore at 35. we are flirting with frost and tonight is the same and maybe a degree or two warmer. we will fund our attention ahead to the storm coming in with the missing ingredient when it was a "1" are the winds. now they will gust up to possibly 40 miles per hour. i will tell you when rain and the winds get to director neighbor ahead. >> new details this morning, we have learned a 20-year-old gang member has been arrested for shooting at two san jose police officers on sunday night.
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police took the parole yes into custody in connection with the incident. the two officers were not hurt. a large search was launched for the shooter but called off when he was not found. it was called an "assassination attempt." a driver was badly injured when his car was hit and burst into flames. sky 7 was over northbound 880 near the 237 interchange in milpitas after it happened. look at the backup! the man's small car believed a nissan caught fire after being rear ended at full speed by a pickup. several good samaritans stopped to help pulling the driver from the burning car. he was badly burned with broken ribs. a bystander suffered burns and smoke inhalation but should refer. thousands without power now in the east bay. we will tell you what the problem is. and a murder mystery in manhattan capturing national attention. the tie between the victim and
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>> several thousand people in the tri-valley area at the east bay are without power. power line issue knock out electrickist to 26,000 pg&e customers in danville, san ramon, and parts of alamo and diabolo at 7:30. the utility said power has been restored to all but 6,000 customers. pg&e has sent crews to crow canyon road with power line
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repairing now. >> a murder mystery on the east coast is getting national headlines that includes clients of the first lady to be melania trump. jess yes is -- jess yes is here. >> police focused their attention on a luxury apartment in the big apple. it comes at the victim's body was found a state away. >> a newly discovered body in a shallow grave in new jersey is thought to be that of 26-year-old hofstra university graduate who lived in connecticut and played hockey. he when out saturday night in new york city for a night out with friends. he was last seen entering this luxury manhattan apartment building at 7:00 a.m. authorities think he went to the authority with two other men and three women who just met in the earlier hours of manhattan
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nightclub. his father reported him missing a few hours later. >> a total lost. he trusted everyone. everyone that came in contact with him loved him. he was one of a kind. >> when police looked at apartment complex they say they found the victim's colleagues covered in blood, bloody sheets and towels if plastic bags tossed down the chute. >> we focus our investigation on the 4th floor and took into custodian individual living there. all the tenant is the son of a almost then new york city jeweler, who has a prominent list of clints including oprah, jennifer lopez and melania trump. both father and son live in the same upscale building where apartments cost more than $2 million each. >> they had crime scene unit there investigating through our trash. >> police were led to the body
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of the victim by a man who was in the apartment apart from the jeweler's son, police say the other person, one of the -- one other person is arrested, a total of two being investigated. still to come, we are helping you avoid the holiday travel headaches from when to hit the road to the best time to come home we will reveal the top tip you need to me and a look right now from our emeryville camera looking across the bay. it is clear. and chilly. we have changes on the way.
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>> if you are hitting the road to spend thanksgiving day with the familiar, start packing. the best and worst times to leave are figured by google if you want to avoid traffic. the best time to leave is sunday morning, at 6 a.m. the worst time? on wednesday afternoon. coming home, the best time to return is friday after thanksgiving day, at 6 a.m. the worst time? at 4:00 p.m. that saturday. if you catch a flight out of sfo today, mother nature is on your side. a look from the camera shows clear skies over sfo but temperatures are noticeably cooler today. meteorologist mike nicco is monitoring the dip and the next storm chance. mike? >> live doppler hd is bone dry. if you feel midnight your lips or eyes or hands. the next system is impressive. it is to the west. it will tap a last moisture and bring a good soaking on saturday and on sunday. from the east bay hill as
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beautiful shot of the richmond-san rafael bridge. it is fought bouncing. it is not is brisk as yesterday. it will be sunny and calmer. the highlights include a leader and frosty night tonight. the weekend storm is getting stronger and is a "2". we have napa, oakland, and los gatos at 55. san mateo is at 60. temperatures are 60 in san francisco and half moon bay at 1:30 or 2:00, and it will reach the warmest. and the rest of us around 1 to 64 around oakland and san jose. a beautiful shot from south beach and the sun is soft and the western span of the babe -- bay bridge. at 2:00 upper 50s to low 60s and same at 4:00, and mid-50 by 6:00, seeing stars but look how quickly the temperatures tumble the low-to-mid 40s by 4:00 and the bay and coast in the low-to-mid 50s dropping into
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the mid-to-upper 30s inland. by 9:00 on friday, quiet but heading from midnight to 6:00, you can see moderate pockets of heavy rain in the heart of the bay. from five o'clock to noon it slides to the south. it weakens. the south bay will have the lower amounts. scatters showers and the front stalls bringing more wet weeks ago. not so intense as the saturday morning. two-thirds inch in the south bay and three-quarters around the bay to 1" in the north bay. at the big game over memorial stadium, get ready for rain changing to showers. be prepared for rain at the 49ers game. the temperatures are 66 and dropping to 60. the seven-day forecast shows our temperatures are in the
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low-to-mid 60s today. mid-to-upper 60 tomorrow. low-to-mid circuit through the weekend. we have a break on tuesday and earlier wednesday but wednesday afternoon into thanksgiving possibly wet. >> do you want me to throw your clicker a few times in but we get the information. >> fans of "how to get away with murder," buzz about the winter finale with "who's dead," you will learn the mystery of the season. who died in the fire at the home of master manipulator? her long time associate? who was arguing intendly with keating or someone el? i talked with the star about why this is the episode you have to watch. >> you will find out this is d-day, the day you will see. you have to tune in. you have to get the first
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expense. this will be so many spoilers. >> don't want to spoil it, you can watch the finale tonight at 10:00 p.m. right here. on abc7. >> what cuter than petting a puppy? how about a polar bear gently petting a dog? stay
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>> racially motivated attacks are on the rise after the election. what do you do if you when one? >> why are concert tickets so special? michael finney finds out in there is a way to buy them for lower prices tonight at 5 o'clock. >> tonight, at look, colder temperatures have families turning on space heaters. a lawsuit over a fire that killed a beloved shop keep are claims certain older models can be safety hazards. >> he came out of the room and he was completely in flames. from head to toe. >> tonight, dan has an exclusive, are others at risk? >> finally, puppy lovers there are many loving ways to pet a
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dog but this is something you do not seery day. it is adorable. yes, what is that? a polar bear gently petting a dog with its paw the. >> gently. >> gently, wow. all the two friends are sitting and enjoying each other's company, a soft pat on the head can be very relaxing. they get up and walk away. together. look at that. no word on who he belongs to but a beautiful sight to see. they have a natural affinity. >> was that a coke that brought them together? >> i see it coming in an ad. thanks for joining
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. all this week, we're playing with some fantastic young students who are already thinking about college, and they would love to win a bundle of cash today to stick it in that college fund. don't move. it's all happening right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical] ♪ hey, everybody. it's whiz kids week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] and today's whiz kid-- dreaming of becoming a professional race car driver, but not before he gets his engineering degree. from cornelius, north carolina, please welcome 12-year-old tyler letarte. [cheers and applause] tyler, how you doing, bud? >> good, sweet. >> good to see you. come on over. you want to be a race car driver? >> yeah. >> where's that come from?


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