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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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quite a bit of activity you'll see there. after the man was struck by a bullet, or glass from a car, now, alameda county sheriff's office said the man was in a vehicle and attempted to flee. one marshal may have felt threatened, and shot in the direction of the car. the fugitive was hurt. now, not sure if he had a weapon on him, it doesn't appear that he did. >> he is wanted in the state of louisiana on weapons and drug-related charges. that is a federal warrant has been issued for him. u.s. marshals encountered him here today on this block. >> reporter: the man has since been released from the hospital. and he is now in custody. now, right now, this street is closed because they are investigating right there. and we want to point out also, that there is an elementary
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school close to where it occurred, now, investigators told me that the school was never in the line of fire, but just in case, it was locked down. i'm live near hayward, abc7 news. >> reporter: san jose police tell us there was a homicide near the evergreen neighborhood today. officers found a man dead outside of a home on turn house lane just after 1:00 this afternoon. officers are still investigating. now to a developing story in san leandro. shots were fired between two cars. it happened around douling and green avenues. >> you can see the van back there now. it started around 12:30 with reports of shots fired at 585
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and ended here with a crash, three people went to the hospital. violence, and damage, that it left neighbors stunned. >> this neighborhood we never have problems like that. it's a quiet down. >> reporter: steven says he heard two loud bangs. and more likely, the sound of these cars crashing head >> the nissan ultrama has multiple bullet wounds. there is an adult male suffering what appears to be a nonthreatening gunshot injury. >> two were hit with such force it landed on top of another vehicle. the occupants, apparently innocent bystanders were talken to trauma center was serious conditions. >> when the firefighters had to
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use the jaws of life. >> police don't know the make or model of the other car and help to track down surveillance video or witnesses to help with that. across the street at washington elementary school, staff locked the building down. >> we put kids in the cafeteria and closed doors. we were on lock down until everything was cleared up. >> none of the students or staff was hurt. the search for suspects continues while residents try to get back to normal. >> you don't want something like this to happen in your neighborhood but it happens. >> no names or conditions have yet been released. eric thomas, abc7 news. today, abc7 news learned how one public official mans to protect san francisco status as a sanctuary city. >> the public defender is planning to hire lawyers to defend undocumented immigrants.
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>> he says all he is talking about is everyone's right to due process. it's basic the same plan adopted two years ago. he says 30,000 immigrants reside in san francisco illegally. he wants to be ready to defend them. donald trump says he'll deport millions of undocumented immigrants, starting with those who have criminal records. that could mean the lowest level offenders. >> this could include people who are he presented a plan to prepare for the worst. >> we're asking the city to
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30-40 attorneys. >> on monday, as a san francisco gay men's chorus led city hall, mayor ed lee pledged the city would protect all immigrant families here and told abc7 news the city is funding community-based lawyers helping immigrants understand rights to become citizens. he didn't comment on the plan, but did say there is a possibility of the federal asian, ice. >> we have to be aware that things might be under dscussion. >> he says there are 25,000 cases in courts in san francisco right now. and he adds that the new administration takes over in less than 65 days. he says there is an urgency to
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all of this. >> writing quote, let's come together by showing that diverse cities work and remain more committed to social justice. >> today, gavin newsom wrote to the president of the university of california about naming all uc-csu and community colleges sanctuary campuses and writes, quote we have a moral and economic imperative to protect our students. now, headlines on the transition to a donald trump presidency. the president-elect offered michael flynn the job of national security advisor. the president-elect held several high profile meetings in trump
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tower tonight. a source says there is conflict within the transition team, but trump's campaign manager says there should be a cabinet announcement next week. >> thanksgiving would be. >> mitt romney will get together with mr. trump for what is being called a healing meeting. in washington we saw a meeting between mike pence and the house minority leader. nancy pelosi urged trump to reconsider the selection. >> no disrespect for the sensitivity and knowledge of the president-elect. we know the territory. >> tonight, pelosi's position in the house is threatened.
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tim ryan says he's challenging her for democratic leader. the vice president-elect tweeted they're going to shake things up in washington. observers have commented on the lack of racial diversity. >> right now, we're taking a look outside from our east bay hills camera. crews are dealing with beach erosion as you can see here. crews redistributed sand to affected areas. >> let me tell you how cold it's going to be. lows dropping near freezing. let's go to live doppler 7. clear skies, and tomorrow morning another cold one. we have a frost advisory
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overnight, patchy frost and a weekend storm is coming in. the storm is arriving saturday morning that ranks >> the weather gets the blame for infestation. >> mice giving some house guests a good work out. >> what has people optimistic. >> you're playing russian roulette. >> some batteries in every day products can be dangerous. why are we still using them? what is being done to make us safer tonight on abc7 news at 6:00
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. there is a big shake up for the a's tonight. the co-owner of the team is stepping down, creating a sense of optimism for chances of a new ballpark. the team has been trying to build one for a decade. abc7 news is live at the
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coliseum with the story. laura? >> reporter: another co-owner is taking over as managing partner. as for the new president, he's a man with a firm commitment to keeping this team in this town. >> i think the key thing in terms of having success is the stadium. >> music to the ears of a's fans. the new team president pledges his allegiance to building a privately financed stadium in oakland. >> you go around to the great ballparks of america. and there them. >> embattled axe's owner is out as managing partner. >> a lot of a's fans are excited. he's been the focal point. a lot of frustration and anger is focused on him.
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>> it's a great day in oakland. >> he has a proven track record having spearheaded the construction of the stadium for earthquakes in san jose. >> you need a community supporting it. and you need stake holders in every possible way. >> oakland mayor set in a statement now, with john fisher and dave caval's new roles, i look forward to ushering in another incredible era for the team and our city. he will take over as president next month. in oakland, coverage begins at 5:00 on monday. >> details about the sinking san francisco skyscraper.
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abc7 news was at city hall. erin peskin held a hearing about the destruction of documents related to the to youer project. the building has sunk 16 inches since opening eight years ago and tilting two inches. after the hearing, peskin did not mince words. >> it's clearly a disfinksal department. they see themselves as a department. i would start over. >> he is also furious the professor who vouched for the soundness has a peer review refused to appear. he says the board is considering a super bowl. residents of chinatown
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joined city leaders to call for safety upgrades in a busy intersection. the group gathered at clay and kerny streets. a 77-year-old woman was killed last year. they want the city to install a pedestrian scramble. >> the disappearance of manufacturing jobs was a huge focus of a presidential election. abc7 news anchor kristin zee is here with more. >> think again. the sf made website features hundreds of high quality products. how about jam there from jamnation? sf made hopes to keep this
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momentum going. san francisco and oakland agreed to work together. the goal is to see more of this. circa has been making belts in san francisco 50 years saying that gives it an advantage. >> people don't realize you can have cost savings here in the u.s. we can turn product faster, store inventory and ship it quicker to customers. >> like circa there are 3200 companies in the bay area making everything from cars to beer. one quarter of the jobs are actually in and it means it's growing. >> interesting. >> thank you.
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>> another cold morning and a rainy, perhaps windy weekend. you can see clear skies at the moment. no hit in this view of approaching storm. so with prepared for that. clear skies tonight, with low temperatures dropping down around freezing again. abc7 looking back at the skyline. we'll see a milder day and moderate storm comes in this weekend. we're looking at temperatures mid to upper 50s. in some inland valleys, napa and brentwood, temperatures dropping into 40s so it's going to be chilly and 39
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low to mid-40s around the bay. will be quite chilly in the early morning hours. by afternoon, tomorrow, sunny skies will be milder, highs in the mid or mid to upper 60s near the coast and inland. here is our storm impact scale. saturday storm ranks two on the impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity producing down pours saturday morning. into afternoon, beginning tomorrow night into saturday morning ranging from 25-35 miles per hour will be the picture until after sun rise, then, temperatures, not temperatures
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but winds diminishing a bit to coastal gusts around 20 miles per hour by afternoon on saturday. here is the rainfall animation. notice by midnight, that first wave of rain pushing through. and by 4:00 saturday there will be wide spread rainfall. with heavy down pours and winds. rain will be more wide spread by 7:00 a.m. saturday. and going to be quite a wet start and we'll see pockets of rain and showers developing and continuing throughout the day saturday here is the accu-weather forecast. storm ranks two on impact scale. slightly lighter storm activity on sunday. one on sunday, then, monday morning lingering showers, partly cloudy skies and dry tuesday. and a slight chance of rain
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again wednesday. thanksgiving looks dry. >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next, the new rule that means
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diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. let's take a look at traffic, it's backed up. westbound traffic on the bridge is actually moving slowly as well. >> officials say it's worst than september's drop of 27%. san francisco based bank suffered backlash over revelations it opened 2 million
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unauthorize add kts in customer names. today, the government of russia started blocking it's the first social network to be blocked. today, the dow gained 35 points, closing above 18,900. nasdaq adding about 40. >> tonight, new enrollment numbers show californians are undaunted by donald trump's promise to repeal affordable care act. 1.3 million california quinns are enrolled in the health insurance exchange f congress does repeal covered california the insurance won't change next year. >> covered california is open. the insurance is on the books and contract. and for 2017 and probably different form for a long time
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still to come. president-elect trump shifted from his promise saying he'd keep some components while reforming others. coming up next we're going to dig deeper into both sides of a sexual harassment case brewing for years. >> hear the reaction from students on campus. >> i just want my house back. >> it's a story of
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enraged cal students staged a walkout today. >> as abc7 reports, those students are demanding action from the university and greater transparency. >> the university feels what they want might not be fair. today, students staged a walkout. this is the second time this week the students are protesting policies when it comes to sexual harassment. >> this isn't for us so much
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about him in particular. it's about the larger policy that is not designed to put people on leave. >> his former advisee broke her silence, publicly. saying it happened from 2010 to 2014. she says she reported it to the university in march of >> students say they want greater transparency. >> we understand where students are coming from. once a name associated with sexual harassment, their reputation is damaged. so we're limited but we have flexibility to do what we must to protect our students.
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that is what we do. >> the university is giving the option to leave his section with an alternative uc berkeley schedule is not scheduled to teach though that is not a punishment. in berkeley, abc7 news. a former dean of the uc berkeley law school is dropping a suit against the university. he sued cal to prevent hearings aimed at taking away his tenure. he accused the university of treating him harshly and sexual harassment. a judge isn't happy with the
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city of san francisco and air bnb. he ordered two sides to work harder to resolve a court case. the judge is prohibiting the city to give both sides more time to work on a way to enforce the local law. >> now, 10 people firefighters had to rescue children off a balcony. everyone escaped with out injuries. someone threw a fireball. the official cause of a fire is now being investigated. >> a lot of people are turning to space heater. >> dan noyes is here to preview an investigation. >> it was christmas, 2013. a fire near golden gate park
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killed a belfed shop keeper. and a survivor is speaking out. >> what the hell is that? >> coming up, what the owners of a million space heaters need to know about this case. some important information with temperatures getting close this time of the year. >> in north livermore an environmental problem has become a suburban >> it would appear to be a >> 1, 2.of suburban perfection. three. >> we asked a question. michelle pearson taking a tally of her garage.
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this is. >> for a while, neighbors tell us, nature is winning. >> we have caught in the last six weeks at 63. >> on the telephone she reaps a gallery of the trapped mice. >> when did you start taking pictures? >> four weeks ago. >> when did you stop? >> according to the department of environmental health, they came from fields just like this. flushed by early rains in october, and when there would with more of them. >> if we didn't have this, it would probably still be out there in the field and picked up by hawks. >> if mice were a human delicacy. >> we would have had a feast.
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>> some creatures around here are. >> his name is elvis. my older daughter's cat. he's a good mouse hunter. >> back to work. >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wow. >> the weather is a factor with mice in that story. >> that is right. more wet weather is on the >> what could be a hot new toy
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. >> wrapping up towards flight speed and lift off. >> they're off. the international space station on board is peggy whitman, along with russian and european astronauts. the three are scheduled to stay on the iss working on experiments until spring. >> merge year between tesla and solar city has a green light to go forward. elon musk is the chairman of
6:39 pm
both and it is designed to he create one stop shopping for energy storage and electric vehicles. >> a new toy came out today. it's a robot designed to work with augmented reality. check that out. it's creators had a passion for nature, it's no accident. >> working with people that work so they feel alive. the real accessories you snap on can launch missiles. >> when you get two, magic happens. >> the kids were in school. we found adults in touch with their inner child.
6:40 pm
the designers at cooper picked it up, and observed them. >> like watching a special. and you know there are friends, the four-legged spider. >> it's cool. >> $329. >> this toy is on the more expensive side. less people will be able to buy it. >> the company makes lower priced toys that >> that is the goal.
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a toy that never gets old. it's a surprise gift in time for christmas for those who preorder. >> next, michael finney investigates what is being done here in the bay are
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. we've heard reports of gadgets suddenly exploding. >> the cause is often a small battery. most are safe but there is a risk. >> hover board bursts into flames. a smart phone explodes in a truck. >> they can overheat and burst into flames. >> why are some ordinary products turning into virtual bombs? >> we're talking about here is
6:45 pm
even singing cards have a power pack inside. the batteries been blamed for big disasters. >> never heard of this happening before. >> this 14-year-old says she was opening an app. >> the battery burned a hole in her hand. >> if near my ear, that would have been -- it's scary. >> they knew some exploded by the iphone? . >> i said i want happened. her damaged phone was recycled instead of inspected. >> there are kids out there using these iphones and battery issue seems to be something that needs to be addressed.
6:46 pm
>> we believe there apen, then, bam. >> he says his e cigarette shot metal into his face, taking out his left eye. this attorney, greg bentley has 80 clients suing for e cigarette explosions. >> you're playing russian roulette. >> i consuggested a uc scientist. >> all have a chance of catching fire. >> he says packing a lot of energy into a tiny battery may be asking >> the consumer products safety commission has more cases, lap
6:47 pm
tops and flashlights. >> with we predict when it's going to blow up? >> he says problems are rare. so does an industry group. the rechargeable battery association says despite publicity and videos only a small number among billions of batteries on the planet pose a risk to consumers. >> to me, one is enough. >> experts say there is no alternative to the lithium battery. however, the good news is researchers are hard at work developing a safer battery that doesn't use anything namable to help create energy. we'll have more on our website
6:48 pm >> this picture has #abc7 now. >> let's get back to spencer with an update on the we are wet and windy saturday. and it will rain again sunday, lighter rain, then. a big wave of rain coming in saturday morning with pockets of rain and showers continuing throughout the day saturday and weekend. so here is the accu-weather forecast. a wet weekend saturday, wet, windy and a chance of showers
6:49 pm
monday, dry tuesday. and there is another slight chance of rain wednesday. thanksgiving day is looking bright and sunny and mild. highs in the low 60s. >> not bad. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, larry beil is here now. >> yes. big news in baseball. >> yes. a's, this is seismic shift that there may be light at the end of the
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big move for both a's and perhaps raiders, athletics owner lou wolf stepping aside after years of frustration. in his 60s he was taking batting practice and in the long run couldn't get a new park. the a's langished and were happy to collect millions of dollars and now you've got a majority owner and a's are
6:53 pm
ballpark leaving the coliseum for the raiders. >> in terms of having success on the field is the stadium. and this happened in san jose when i had a team down there. it's going to happen here. we have to unlock the revenue that comes with the new building. that will allow us to invest in the product and compete for more world series. we have one of the best general managers and vice presidents of baseball operations our team is top notch, second to none. and so if you marry those two can have >> the cubs with 39ers becoming
6:54 pm
the fourth player to win mvp award. steph curry is good friends with the rapper drake, kevin durant is not. and. >> he's one that just inrupted us. what the interaction is like there. >> i think that is well said. tomorrow night in boston, they'll face milwaukee saturday. first period a spin around the pass. logan coture.
6:55 pm
19 seconds after the blues, kevin le bank, his first career goal. blues just scored and they're up 3-2 into third period. raiders city. >> we're the undisputed stars of the best conference in ♪ [ music ] >> raiders locker room with
6:56 pm
mixed >> how is that okay? that is odd. it's all right. it's not me. >> that is hilarious. not his persona. >> he pulled it off. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, join us tonight at 9:00. coming up, the gardener on a most-wanted list. what you should know before you hire this guy, at 9:00. >> there are reports president-elect trump wants to set up a muslim registry. his transition team responds to the controversy. >> now, here is tonight's prime time line up
6:57 pm
>> tonight's guests are billy crystal and whoever is under the sheet from how to get away with murder. >> that is this edition of abc7 news bay area. >> and from all of us here at abc7, thanks for joining us. >> good night.
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy! teen tournament. here is our second group of semi-finalists -- a junior from north woodmere, new york... a senior from sayreville, new jersey... and a freshman from dallas, texas... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i wanna start by telling you all that when i go back home to los angeles at the end of the week, i'm really going to miss this place because of people like you. now if you watched yesterday's program,
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you know what a great competition it was. if today's game is as good, then we're all in for a special treat. so, alec, emily, and connor, good luck. here we go. categories now in play are as follows... next... "l-i-t" will come up in each correct response. [ laughter ] connor, you start us. okay, i'll take annual events for $600. connor. what is passover? no. alec. what is yom kippur? correct. i'll take never president for $200.


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