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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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xarelto. good morning, america. new this morning, the trump transition. the president-elect inviting a fierce former critic mitt romney to a meeting at his golf course compound in new jersey. is trump teeing up romney for secretary of state? this as other new appointments come under fire over accusations of racism. plus, what's being called trump's stunning reversal. why he is suddenly settling those trump university fraud cases. casting callout. mike pence's broadway visit to "hamilton" overnight. the vice president-elect's divided welcome and the message from the cast. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect
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us. >> and we're in the room where it happens. caught on camera, the fiery crash. a plane slams into a parking lot erupting into flames. witnesses scrambling to help. what went wrong here? snowy blast. the first major blizzard of the season pounding the upper midwest. the treacherous driving, trucks and cars overturned. dangerous whiteout conditions and where it's heading now. hey, good morning, everybody. and let's get it straight out to bedminster township, new jersey. that's where donald trump has his national golf club. it's 40 miles outside of new york city. >> that's where president-elect donald trump has the family compound and where today could be a pivotal day in the formation of his new administration. >> many of us would love to be a fly on the wall as he sits down with former republican
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presidential nominee mitt romney who has come out hard against trump in the past few months. he's called him a con man and a fraud and now romney is reportedly under consideration for secretary of state. >> let's not forget that trump also said that romney was not a smart man and questioned his mormonism. but i guess we're going to let bygones be bygones but meantime, this morning reactions are po pouring this to several new appointments that trump has just announced. two of them quite controversial. jeff sessions as attorney general and retired general mike flynn for national security adviser. both dealing with accusations of bigotry. we have team coverage this morning, and we do begin with abc's david wright who is in bedminster township for us this morning. hi, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. this place is the home of 1 of 17 golf courses that donald trump owns around the world but this weekend it's the white house in waiting and it's here in this rural setting that trump will sit down with mitt romney. a golf course under heavy guard, a private setting for this high stakes summit.
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the 2012 nominee and the 2016 winner haven't always been diplomatic about each other. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> he had his shot. he didn't like it when i said he choked like a dog. >> reporter: the idea that trump is now courting romney as a possible secretary of state is an early test for the dealmaker president. romney isn't the only candidate. there's also south carolina governor nikki haley. >> well, i won't pretend to have always been president-elect's biggest cheerleader. i did vote for him, and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: and former new york mayor rudy giuliani who was trump's biggest cheerleader, but who now seems to be struggling to win the job he wants. trump has already settled on senator jeff sessions for attorney general and congressman mike pompeo for cia director. both jobs offered and approved pending confirmation by the senate. general mike flynn will be
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national security adviser. no confirmation required. this weekend retreat at what used to be automaker john delorean's country estate would be a much needed break from fifth avenue. last night the man leading the transition team took a break from the meetings to see the hit broadway show "hamilton." there were boos and some cheers for vice president-elect pence as well as this shoutout from the cast. >> vice president-elect pence, i see you walking out but i hope you will hear us just a few more moments. we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> reporter: president-elect trump demanded an apology treating your wonderful future
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mike pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of "hamilton," cameras blazing. this should not happen. the actor tweeted back, conversation is not harassment, sir. and i appreciate. >> mike: fmike pence for stoppig to listen. he has a busy range of meetings today. in addition to romney he is meeting with general james mattis under consideration for secretary of defense, also michelle rhee, she's the former d.c. schools chief under consideration for the department of education, paula. >> all right. but what a moment there on broadway last night. david, thank you. and trump is facing fierce criticism after announcing his choices for attorney general and national security adviser, not to mention his chief strategist steve bannon who opened up in an explosive new interview about his vision for the future of america, and abc's gloria rivera is here with the backlash that team trump is already feeling. gloria, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula, that's right. it's only been 11 days since the election and speculation on who will fill out president-elect trump's administration continues
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to run rampant. his picks for those top three posts and that magazine interview prompting new backlash. this morning president-elect trump's supporters are defending his picks for key positions. three of them under fire for a history of racially charged comments. >> jeff sessions is one of the stalwart conservatives in the senate. he's also been a loyal ally to donald trump throughout this entire campaign. >> reporter: alabama senator jeff sessions selected for attorney general served as a federal prosecutor before his decades long career on capitol hill and was unopposed in his last election, but claims of racism have followed the conservative who was accused of calling an african-american colleague in the u.s. attorney's office "boy." a charge he denied during this 1986 testimony to the u.s. senate which rejected his confirmation to a federal judgeship. >> i am not a racist. >> reporter: sessions denies those charges to this day. still, the chairman of the congressional black caucus calling senator sessions' civil rights record appalling.
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lieutenant general michael flynn tapped for national security adviser gets high praise for his intelligence work. former cia director mike hayden complimenting flynn saying he has been incredibly successful in the fight against terrorism but he's also been criticized for recent comments tweeting that fear of muslims is rational and this august 2016 speech on islam -- >> so it's cancer and it's like a malignant cancer. >> reporter: but trump's most controversial pick may be his chief white house strategist steve bannon. the former head of breitbart media has been vilified as a racist and an anti-semite, charges he denies. but bannon seems to boast about being scorned by his opponents telling "the hollywood reporter" that darkness is good. bannon tells the magazine, dick cheney, darth vader, satan, that's power. one label bannon does reject is the term white nationalist, instead he argues he is simply a nationalist or an economic nationalist. dan, paula.
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>> yeah, we're going to talk about steve bannon and much more as the broadcast continues. gloria, thank you. meanwhile, as trump deals with these swirling controversies over his picks for these top jobs, he's also moving to put an older controversy to rest. the president-elect has now agreed to settle several lawsuits from people who claim trump university was a fraud. the new york attorney general calling this a stunning reversal. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> this is actually a good one all around. >> reporter: this morning attorneys for president-elect donald trump have settled all three fraud cases against the now defunct trump university for $25 million and no admission of wrongdoing. >> everybody who was enrolled in this school and wants their money back will get over half their money back. >> reporter: new york attorney general eric schneiderman who brought one of the suits against the program saying it amounted to a stunning reversal by donald trump and a major victory for the more than 6,000 victims of his, quote, fraudulent
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university. while campaigning, trump vowed to never settle the claims. >> i could have settled it. i just choose not to. >> reporter: trump and his attorneys have long defended the program saying it imparted valuable knowledge and a vast majority of former students were happy with their experience. mr. trump tweeting i settled the trump university lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because of president i have to focus on our country. the allegations of fraud involving trump university were set to make headlines. the trial scheduled to begin later this month before judge gonzalo curiel who trump criticized during his campaign alleging the u.s. born judge was biased because he is the son of mexican immigrants, but this morning, it appears those cases will not go to trial. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> rebecca, thank you. for more on all this let's bring in bill kristol who is the editor of "the weekly standard"
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and is also an abc news contributor and he joins us from washington. bill, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start with this trump/romney meeting. there is a long history of political rivals in america making nice after these hard fought campaigns but romney really went pretty far, as we showed. he called trump a con man and a fraud. could he really join the cabinet after saying all of that? >> sure, sure, he could. i mean, i think he would want assurances that as secretary of state -- i assume that's the job he would be interested in and might be offered -- he would be able to run his department, he would want to talk about some substantive foreign policy issues, he's not going to defend or articulate positions that he thinks are indefensible. but, you know, the media is being a little unfair here. i mean, on the one hand, trump is criticized i think correctly in some ways for appointing loyalists who shouldn't perhaps be in the highest positions then he reaches out to mitt romney who is unquestionably qualified for this job who has been a harsh critic of trump who doesn't agree with trump on everything, it shows a kind of open-mindedness on trump's part honestly and i think rising to the job perhaps if he makes the
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offer, the same with jim mattis, jim mattis who i know, retired marine, four-star general, fantastic human being. i don't know that he wants to be secretary of defense. there would have to be a waiver because he's a recent general. but if he would advise donald trump, i would feel better about a president trump who is being advised by mitt romney and jim mattis. so, you know, it's a little -- we can all laugh about it and show the clips of romney criticizing trump and remind people that mattis thought of running as an independent against trump but i've got to give trump credit for being more open-minded or broad-handed than i might have expected. >> you have nikki haley and ted cruz and romney going from his hit list to his hot list, but i want to ask you about the five high-profile job appointments since the election. all white men. and three of them we're talking about sessions, bannon and flynn have been accused of bigotry, so, if a member of a minority community, if you're a member of the minority community and you're concerned about a trump presidency, how should you feel about this administration and how it's shaping up right now, bill? >> i think you should keep an open mind, honestly. i don't know that -- i don't approve of things bannon has said.
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i'm not sure i would make flynn my national security adviser. i respect jeff sessions, and i think he's getting a bit of a bum rap here but anyway let's see. sessions will testify before the senate in his confirmation. flynn and bannon are in staff positions. i myself think staffers should probably not be giving interviews and speeches maybe as much. let the president be the president and let the cabinet secretaries be the public faces of the administration so i would if i were -- i mean i am a trump skeptic obviously but if i were in a minority group and a trump skeptic, i would distrust but verify, be very skeptical but he is the president-elect, let's see what he does and see what his policies are and see what he says as president. and maybe some of his aides will move on from where they were a few months or a few years ago. >> you've paid a price for being a trump skeptic. steve bannon, the controversial trump strategist, newly appointed to a high ranking taff position in the white house has gone after you through breitbart quite aggressively. what do you make of the fact that bannon now appears to hold an enormous amount of sway with
7:13 am
the incoming president? >> well, bannon thought the kind of conservatism that i had been part of for decades was old fashioned and too timid and not sort of nationalist enough. some of those are legitimate policy differences. sometimes i think he published stuff at breitbart that was unnecessarily not just personal but sort of vitriolic and so forth but, again, i'm not thrilled to see bannon as a counsel to the president of the united states but, again, it's really going to be what donald trump does and says, not what steve bannon does and says. >> bill kristol, fascinating to watch you walk this line this morning. we'll be checking back with you throughout this administration. thank you very much. and, paula, over to you. >> thank you, dan. thanks, bill. and moving on to the fiery scene of a small plane crash, the plane slamming into a parking lot in northeast nevada which is near a housing complex that set off explosions. witnesses capturing these visuals that you're seeing. all four people on board were lost.
7:14 am
the faa is involved, and our eva pilgrim is here with more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, paula. a fiery plane crash just moments after takeoff into that parking lot across from the airport. this morning we are learning this was a medical transport plane with three crew members and a patient on board. overnight the dramatic aftermath of a fiery plane crash caught on camera. >> we have an explosion at the barrick's parking lot possibly involving an airplane, ammunition on board. >> reporter: watch as this massive fireball engulfs surrounding cars as the medical transport plane plummeted into a parking lot in nevada. the university of utah hospital telling abc news a heart patient was on board. >> i heard a bang and then saw the flames. >> reporter: the inferno, setting off explosions as witnesses scramble to find a way to put out the growing flames. firefighters arriving on scene to douse the blaze, but the plane and the surrounding vehicles gutted by the intense fire.
7:15 am
an faa official telling abc news that the crash is under investigation this morning saying unknown circumstances caused the plane to crash just one mile from the elko airport. american med flight which owns the plane saying it's devastated and it is cooperating with authorities. the fire chief saying there isn't much left of the plane. the ntsb is also investigating this crash. >> so tragic. thanks, eva. >> the video was harrowing. eva, thank you. let's go to the breaking weather news now and a deadly blizzard slamming the upper midwest. whiteout conditions leading to more than 400 crashes, all that weather is now moving east, the forecast from rob in a moment but first let's get it out to abc's phillip mena who is in sioux falls, south dakota, where people have been warned to stay off the roads. phillip, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, paula, good morning. yeah, that snowstorm that is now pummeling the upper midwest is no longer here, but here's the problem, all of this snow and ice, it is rock hard, and it is coating the roads here making them slick and extremely dangerous.
7:16 am
overnight near whiteout conditions blanketing the upper midwest. plows working to clear the roads. on highways and interstates blizzard conditions making it nearly impossible to see. big rigs struggling to gain traction overturning on the side of the road. >> if it gets any worse than this, that'll be it for me. >> reporter: drivers pelted by snow and ice. the minnesota state patrol responding to over 440 crashes with at least three deaths so far. winds gusting 50 to 70 miles per hour. on lake superior a lone surfer braving the rough waters trying to catch a perfect wave. >> surfing would be your best bet today so it's like if you're wearing the right gear, it's totally comfortable. >> reporter: 10 to 18 inches falling in northern minnesota. >> the wind is really, really bad. >> reporter: residents now digging out. >> it is what it is. i'm kind of used to it. i actually call this place minnesnowta.
7:17 am
>> reporter: it has been unusually warm this fall. it is not typical to have the first snowstorm of the season hit so close to thanksgiving, but now that it's here, it's hitting hard. dan, paula. >> stay warm, phillip. so we all want to know where this storm is headeded now so let's send things over to rob. hi, rob. >> hi, paula. to echo what phillip just said we not only had a mild winter but our first snowstorm, a full on blizzard for parts of the upper midwest and it will only strengthen as it traverses the great lakes. there you see the back side of it. a lot of snow with this, especially as that cold air gets over those warm great lakes. lake-effect snow machine begins cranking today on all lakes and upstate new york, especially western new york lake-effect snow warnings posted through tomorrow and in through monday, as well. but look at the advisories all the way down into the south. big-time wind and cold. everybody is going to get a piece of this. not good for the fire situation there, and here's the heavy snow across parts of upstate new york. 10 to 20 inches expected.
7:18 am
we'll get some snow in the higher elevations, as well but those lake-effect snow bands will be focused on certain spots. take a look at some of these windchills. yesterday louisville, 81 degrees. tomorrow morning, it'll feel like in the 20s. that's a serious drop. a shock to the system for sure and that gets all the way do gown into florida. >> winds gusted to 79 miles an hour in jackson, michigan, yesterday. so wind -- >> jackson. >> j-town. >> is that where you're from?
7:19 am
>> he calls me action jackson all the time. you didn't know i was from jackson, michigan? >> there you go. >> it doesn't surprise me that because it's a windy place. >> are you insinuating that i'm long-winded? >> in a good way. >> is that where it was going? >> we're going to talk about your wolverines and the rest of college football which is going to be impacted for the first time by -- >> there's a reason rob calls her filibuster faris. speaking of ron, let's get it over to ron for a look at the morning headlines. >> good morning to you and filibuster faris, robert and diane. good morning, everyone. we begin in wichita, kansas, where the fbi has now joined the search for the suspect who murdered a mother and kidnapped her newborn baby. the infant, sophia gonzalez, is barely a week old. police say the mother's boyfriend came home thursday afternoon and found the woman dead of a gunshot wound and the baby missing. officials say they have no idea where baby sophia is and no suspects at this time. and in georgia, a u.s. marshal and the fugitive he was trying to arrest were both killed in a shoot-out. officials say a team of marshals was serving a warrant in a rural area outside of savannah, georgia, on friday when the
7:20 am
suspect started shooting. deputy commander patrick carothers was killed. the suspect had been accused of trying to kill police officers. and soul and funk singer sharon jones has lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. jones who was a former prison guard and her band the dap-kings built a following over the last 20 years with hits as "100 days, 100 nights" and she's profiled in the documentary called "miss sharon jones." she was just 60 years of age. and the zika virus is no longer a global health emergency but it still poses a serious threat. that word coming from the world health organization despite ending its emergency declaration the w.h.o. says zika is still dangerous and could return to several countries. and pope francis has appointed 17 new cardinals including 3 americans inducted in a ceremony this morning at the vatican. the americans include the archbishops in chicago and indianapolis. 13 of the new cardinals are younger than 80 making them eligible to vote at any conclave to choose a successor to pope francis.
7:21 am
and finally, a big sudsy mess at a california airport. take a look at this. you're going to see some mounds of foam, not snow, pouring out of a hangar at san jose's airport. crews say a fire suppression system malfunctioned and caused that blob. an environmental cleanup contractor had to be called in to clean up the foam. >> you're positive it's foam? or should you say allegedly? >> i have a 2-year-old who would love that. >> love that. >> is that right? >> absolutely. >> 2-year-old? i think -- >> if you could do that around our apartment. >> wait. a moment of honesty. you said your 2-year-old, but i think all of us would love to play in that. >> who wouldn't? >> i know. dan, no. >> diane is too serious for that. >> don't pretend you don't want to. >> come on. >> i'm not sure. >> serious. >> they're telling me we're out of time, oddly enough. coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, the woman who's now fighting extradition to hawaii where she's facing murder charges in the death of her twin sister. what a family friend is now revealing about the sister's relationship. and you work hard for those credit card airline miles, don't
7:22 am
you? so what happens if they just disappear? >> i would be distraught. >> you would really? >> i spend a lot of time collecting those miles. >> have you checked to see if they still exist? >> i should. >> if not the abc news fixer is going to step in. >> now you're freaking me out. >> she's going to help you. the fixer's advice coming up. "good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. talk to an agent today at 800-state-farm. ♪ what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right. ♪
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are investigating a shooting, one man dead and another in critical condition. it happened around 9:45 last night. police say one of the victims died at the scene. the second man was taken to the hospital, with critical injuries. no word yet on what led up to
7:28 am
that shooting. meteorologist lisa argen has your stormy forecast. good morning. >> good morning, cornell. it is a two on the storm impact scale, rain and wind overspreading the bay area, it is beginning to shift into the east bay and into san francisco. grab your umbrellas, it will be a rough go this morning, and scattered showers this afternoon. more rain tomorrow morning, but still wet for the big game today. cornell. >> lisa, thank you very much. we're back at 8:00. the news continues with "good
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welcome back to "gma." happening right now president-elect donald trump set to meet with mitt romney today. romney, as you may remember, aimed some pretty harsh criticism at trump during the campaign. called him unfit for office, trump's team says the meeting will be geared towards getting romney's advice rather than offering him a job at the administration, but we shall see. >> yes, we shall. also right now, president obama is in peru this morning for his final meeting of the annual asian pacific summit. he's expected to speak with the member nations about global trade and what to expect from the united states when donald trump becomes president in january. and the president getting his pen ready to pardon a turkey at the white house next week. but this bird is going to be just fine without him. that's because she is a favorite at a nursing center in arkansas. her owner calls her a therapy turkey and says that her calm
7:31 am
demeanor makes her a great companion for the center's residents. some people need meditation. some people just need a therapy turkey, dan. >> if that thing walked into my room, i would freak out. >> i'm not surprised. coming up on the show, the man who discovered -- that would also freak me out -- discovered his airline miles, the ones he earned were being sent straight into some black hole and couldn't get back 94,000 of them. what happened when he called in the abc news fixer. plus, how to protect your own miles. but first here the woman prosecutors say killed her own twin sister by driving their suv off a cliff. she's now charged with murder. >> alexandria duval faced a judge in a courtroom in new york where she is fighting extradition back to hawaii, and abc's marci gonzalez has the details for us this morning. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, paula and dan. police say it took two weeks to track her down and that when they found her in upstate new york, she tried to run. now she is denying that and the murder charge she's now facing for a second time. this morning, yoga instructor alexandria duval is back behind
7:32 am
bars in new york. >> ms. duval, you're here today with mr. kindlon charged as a fugitive from justice. >> reporter: now fighting extradition to hawaii where she is again charged with second degree murder in the death of her identical twin. >> i also have the indictment that charges you with murder in the second degree. >> reporter: standing before a judge in a bright yellow jumpsuit friday for what her attorney describes as her darkest day. >> her sister was her soul mate. they were as close as two human beings can possibly be. >> they were great business partners that loved each other. they were very dedicated in what they were doing. >> so warrior two and warrior one are very similar. >> reporter: the business partner sisters were driving along a windy road in maui in may. duval behind the wheel when their suv plunged off a 200-foot cliff killing her sister anastasia in the passenger seat. duval insisted it was a tragic accident but investigators called it intentional saying they found evidence the ford explorer accelerated in the final seconds.
7:33 am
>> that speed gradually increased over the five-second period. >> reporter: and witnesses describe seeing a scuffle in the vehicle just before the crash leaving friends in disbelief. >> they were as sweet as pie to each other. it just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: duval returned to new york after a maui judge found no probable cause to charge her with murder back in june but in october a grand jury indicted her leading to her arrest last week in albany. >> she wasn't attempting to evade detection or anything. she had no idea she had been indicted. >> reporter: and she's being held on $3 million bail and is due back in court for an extradition hearing next month. her attorney said she left hawaii so she could grieve and that's something she's still doing. >> quite a story. we will continue to follow it. marci, thank you. let's get back to the forecast yet again with rob who is over at the weather wall. hey, rob. >> hi, dan. talked a lot about the snowstorm. want to go back to our big story for the past month, which is the fire or the fires, i should say,
7:34 am
across the southeast. raleigh, north carolina, this is the smoke yesterday. take a look at this time lapse. the party rock fire which in the last 24 hours has grown another thousand acres. you can see how it expanded and very, very dry air here and winds have been gusty and only worse with the next front. fire weather watches up. critical fire danger and red flag warnings up for high winds over 30 miles an hour at times so that's not going to help the situation. but we did get a tenth of an inch of rain this morning in birmingham, alabama. thank goodness. that breaks a 61-day streak of no rain at all. the drought still devastating in that part of the country. meanwhile, we do have some rain and a pretty substantial storm that's getting into the west coast. this will bring rain for everybody, i think, from washington all the way down into southern california. they certainly will take it, as well. not a whole lot of wind with this and some snow in the mountains so garden variety type of storm that they'll benefit from. all right. college football tonight, oklahoma taking on the mountaineers in morgantown, 32, that's certainly a slap in the face. windy conditions and snow showers, so the passing and kicking game may be impacted by that. sunshine across parts of texas
7:35 am
and the oklahoma panhandle. this weather report is brought to you by ashley home store. spartans are playing today. there's going to be some snow showers there, as well. i believe the wolverines will be playing in the big house. >> indiana. >> really this is the first time all season both college football and the nfl will be impacted by weather. so it will be interesting to watch. >> going to be stressful. send in that therapy turkey. coming up here on "gma," the case of the missing airline miles. 94,000 of them. how the abc news fixer navigated this one and how to make sure your miles don't disappear into thin air. >> you're fixated on that turkey. i think you are. and the "game of thrones" star tapped for a role in a "star wars" spin-off. that's straight ahead in "pop news" with diane. tapped for a role in a "star
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i don't know about you but i am as i've already admitted mildly obsessed with racking up frequent flier miles on my credit card. >> how many do you have?
7:40 am
>> a lot. yes. i've been hoarding them. >> but what happens if they just disappear into thin air? well, it happened to one man and when he ran into turbulence trying to get them back, he turned to the abc news fixer. ♪ don sincell says he has the best job in town. he's the editor of the local newspaper in tiny oakland, maryland. to pay the bills he uses a business credit card from barclay card that earns miles allowing don and his wife susie to take some pretty cool trips. >> and all made possible by those cards and those points. >> reporter: a great perk until it all got tripped up. >> something was definitely wrong. >> reporter: don was still spending, but his american airlines points just weren't adding up. >> i talked to barclay card month after month after month. >> reporter: finally someone at barclay card corrected the glitch that had been sending
7:41 am
don's points into a black hole. but 94,000 miles were still missing, more than enough for three cross country round trip flights, and while the customer service reps could see them in the system, no one could put them back. >> it was the epitome of exasperation. you feel totally helpless and you sense they're never going to fix this. >> reporter: so he called in the abc news fixer. our fixer stephanie zimmermann swung into action. >> i wanted to talk to you about what happened. >> reporter: stephanie contacted an executive at barclay card and within days they restored don's missing points and promised him 20,000 more just for his trouble. but what exactly happened? barclay card said the card originally was issued through another bank and when they took over a data error occurred. barclay card says the mistake was not widespread and they thanked the fixer for bringing it to their attention so how can you stop something like this from happening to you?
7:42 am
>> keep good track of your points. there's lots of online tools to track everything you're earning. set a goal so you know what you're saving for and when you'll get it. >> all: it's fixed. thanks, abc news fixer. >> great advice right there and if you have a consumer problem for the abc news fixer, you can find stephanie at she's already recovered $1.8 million for frustrated consumers. maybe she'll fix your problem right here on "gma" -- it has to be a consumer problem though, dan. >> i got a lot of things i could share with her. >> not personal problems. not your therapy turkey. >> might cause some trouble at home. coming up here on "gma," great advice on how to have a -- speaking of this -- stress-free holiday and what to do if you feel your temperature rising. expert tips. and a new way to feed your chocolate and cookie cravings. ron, do you know where we're going with this? >> there's a hint right there. >> yeah, the delicious details with diane. diane has delicious details. >> thank you, diane. oreo. >> always bring sweets. >> oreo. eo.
7:43 am
>> always bring sweets. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house? we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? no, i'm more like a metaphor. okay, a spokes-metaphor. no, i'm... you're a spokes-metaphor. yeah. ok. see how voya can help you get organized at as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it "the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to [ chuckles ]
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7:46 am
♪ all right, time for "weekend download." we're coming up on the holidays, source of a lot of joy and sometimes stress over family, travel and expenses. so here with quick and doable stress beating techniques we've got, empfa seppala, ph.d. author of "the happiness track." thanks for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> so, what is the most basic thing we can do to calm down? >> well, the very most basic thing you can do is label your emotion. just by acknowledging how you feel either by telling someone or writing it down, you're immediately going to start to calm down. >> yeah, but if we're in an acute situation like we're having an argument with one of our kids, we can't write stuff down. what do we do then? >> the key thing to do then is to breathe. breathing deeper and slowing down your exhales will slow your heart rate and your blood pressure in minutes. >> interestingly,
7:47 am
you say on a general level one of the sources of relationship conflict is stress. >> that's right because stress makes us self-focused. when we're anxious, we feel focused on me, myself and i. so what you want to do in those moments is focus on the other person. find out how they're doing. what their perspective is. you'll calm down and the relationship will definitely benefit. >> and you say finally one often overlooked way to reduce our stress in this time with thanksgiving coming up is being grateful. >> that's right. when we're stressed we tend to focus on the negative but research shows that three times more positive things happen to us every day than negative. so just remembering the things you're thankful for can really make a difference in lowering your stress levels. >> i'm thankful for you. >> i'm thankful for you. >> appreciate it. emma seppala, author of "the happiness track." if you want to hear more of my conversation with emma check out the 10% happier podcast on or apple podcasts and we'll be right back with "pop news." play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people
7:48 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by macy's. time for "pop news." the one, the only diane macedo here. >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> so, any "game of thrones" fans out there and i think just everybody is a "game of thrones" fan, well, actress emilia clarke is going from the seven kingdoms to a galaxy far, far away. the "game of thrones" actress best known for her role as khaleesi, the mother of dragons, is joining the cast of the han solo spin-off movie. she'll join donald glover who will play a young lando calrissian and alden ehrenreich who will play han solo. it takes place years before han joins the rebel alliance. it doesn't have a title but look for a release in spring of 2018. >> it will be a huge hit. >> we'll get the back story on how han solo became han solo. and chewy, of course. have to have chewy. >> always curious about chewy. >> in the market for that. >> everybody is. >> your thirst will be -- >> your request has been answered. well, and it's official. justin bieber has now joined the list of performers for the
7:53 am
american music awards this year. the singer will hit the stage from his "purpose" tour in zurich, switzerland. this marks his sixth time performing for the awards show and he's no stranger to the ama podium either. he's already won eight american music awards and is nominated this year for five more. so don't forget to tune in to abc sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. jay pharoah is co-hosting with supermodel gigi hadid and the opening act, bruno mars. >> love that. can't go wrong. >> i still remember his super bowl halftime performance. that guy is amazing. >> he is fantastic. so talented. and britney spears is not performing, but she's got some other exciting things going on. she just debuted her new music video for "slumber party." let's take a look. ♪ i i i ain't gonna sleep tonight ♪ ♪ we got some candles hanging from the ceiling ♪ ♪ we use our bodies to make our own videos ♪ >> so, the theme of the music video is that the two of them take over this swanky mansion
7:54 am
party in this steamy video where they're having some sort of a slumber party, hence the name of the song. >> with bubbles, i believe. >> yeah. >> there are bubbles. there are paint bombs. >> they were going for realism. >> yeah, so she was clearly excited to premiere the video and she told fans to stay up for its 3:00 a.m. release on twitter. fans are now excited too and have been raving about it on social media and already has more than 4 million views but some are saying maybe it's a little too steamy, so to speak. >> not safe for the kids? >> i had a lot of slumber parties in my day and i don't remember any of them being like that, i will say that. >> a little more elaborate than a pillow fight. >> of course, we love sweets here on "pop news." so i had to bring you guys a little something. >> you brought us food. >> oreo is teaming up to bring us cookie and chocolate bar mash-ups. the new bars come in two sizes, the smaller one has cream filling with pieces of oreo in it. the bigger one has layers of cookies, cream and milk chocolate. talk about a guilty pleasure. >> come on, dan. go for it. >> if i have that that early in the morning, i will need a therapist. >> dan, people want to see you eat.
7:55 am
>> no, they don't. >> please, they do. >> you're getting a sneak preview. these are expected to hit stores by next year. so now are you more enticed? >> these actually are really good, diane. >> yeah, the bigger ones are good. >> the bigger ones? >> that got the filling. >> all the same. >> well, it's double stuf. i'm a double stuf guy. >> ron can't talk. >> which one? >> this one. >> all right, i'm going to move on to the puppies while you continue sampling the chocolate because i want to get to mission pawsible. the adopt-a-thon has been shining a light on our adorable pups in need of a home. time to reveal how many dogs we have helped land forever families. popular drum roll, please. we have found homes for 3,710 dogs. >> wow. >> wow. >> now the mission continues till november 22nd, so still time but always a good time even after the mission to extend your home to a rescue pup. >> then we're moving on to turkeys. >> adopt a turkey? >> need therapy. >> therapy chocolate. >> therapy chocolate.
7:56 am
>> it's all about therapy. >> i think better than a turkey for me anyway. >> yeah. i'm trying to avoid an early morning chain spiral. thank you very much for watching "gma" this morning. we'll see you tomorrow morning. here you go. bye. good morning, i'm cornell barnard, one nonprofit is asking for your help for thousands of turkeys to help feed families thanksgiving of they're short by more than 3,600 turkeys. the donation station is open until 3:00 this afternoon. volunteers will be there throughout the day to pack food
7:57 am
boxes. also happening today, san francisco's oldest charities starts its drive today, st. anthony's host its annual tradition, accepting food donations and unopened toiletries. starting at 9:00 this morning on golden gate avenue an jones street. rain or shine, some holiday cheer, peer 39 for the annual tree lighting celebration. sing songs, send letters to santa and welcome the holiday season for a fun day for the family. the lion king will perform and the tree lighting is at 6:30 tonight. all others start at 2:00 this afternoon. disney is the parent company of abc 7. lisa argen is tracking the storm. >> good morning. we've seen from a 0.1 of an inch to an 1.5. live doppler shows the green and yellow, really bearing down from
7:58 am
san no sa nom ma, oakland, very light rain daily city getting into the act. east bay and south bay, not quite yet. should be another hour, i'll detail it for you coming up. >> lisa, thank you. coming up next, excitement grows for skiers just in agine ad where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first.
7:59 am
let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
8:00 am
good morning bay area let's get up and get going. >>announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, november 19th. i'm cornell barnard in for chris nguyen. the bay area is bracing for a very wet weekend. here is what it looked like this morning on highway 101 in san rafael. >> hey there, cornell. most of you in the east and south bay haven't seen anything or very much, but it is coming. here is the storm impact scale. we'll rate the storm one being the lightest, this morning, we have a two, mod wrat to heavy rain. 50 miles an hour with rough surf. darker green and yellow, heavier rain that continues to push from sonoma down through marin, higher elevations in lake county, change over to light snow. a little light rain into berkeley, drizzle, 80.


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