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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning bay area let's get up and get going. >>announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, november 19th. i'm cornell barnard in for chris nguyen. the bay area is bracing for a very wet weekend. here is what it looked like this morning on highway 101 in san rafael. >> hey there, cornell. most of you in the east and south bay haven't seen anything or very much, but it is coming. here is the storm impact scale. we'll rate the storm one being the lightest, this morning, we have a two, mod wrat to heavy rain. 50 miles an hour with rough surf. darker green and yellow, heavier rain that continues to push from sonoma down through marin, higher elevations in lake county, change over to light snow. a little light rain into berkeley, drizzle, 80.
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emville, san jose to get into the act, it will take a while, but we have a wind advisory, 37 miles an hour, half moon bay, 35 miles an hour. keeping your temperature in oakland, near 60. two-hour delays or better here at sfo. notice, not so rainy yet, but on the way. your forecast throughout the rest of the morning calls for windy and rainy conditions, the afternoon, we get a bit of a break. >> grab the umbrella. we have up to the minute weather information on the news app after you open the app on your phone or tablet, tap on the temperature on the right corner and it will give you forecasts. you can scroll down to see the radar and everywhere in the bay area. well, a foam frenzy in the south bay yesterday. attack a look at this bizarre
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sight. the video shows just how big a mess we're dealing with when they arrived near the international airport. katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: crews in protective gear tackled it with a defoaming agent. santa clara workers helped with the storm drains. >> started dropping sandbags in the lines. >> reporter: the fire suppression system inside the ha hangar went off. it oozed from the vents the size ever a city block. >> if there were a fire, we would be congratulating them on a well design system. >> i don't advise you go play in it like bubbles in a bathtub. >> this cyclist couldn't resist. this is a carcinogen, but san
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francisco bay keeper is worried about wild leave. >> it is reasonable to expect that some of it will make its way into the creeks and the bay. >> a serious situation, and popular attraction. >> i'm from wisconsin, i know it is snow, i miss it. >> it is a party gone baert. >> the owner of the hangar says there were no people or planes inside at the time and they believe it was a mechanical issue. here's one more look of the bike rider taking a ride through all of the foam. he posted this video on instagram. thanks, brian. when news happens where you live, let us know about it. share it with a shooting last night near 45th and ban kroft avenue. one of the victims died at the scene. second man was taken to the
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hospital with critical injuries. no word yet on what led up to that shooting. small plane slammed into two homes and a pickup track near half moon bay yesterday morning. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. sky 7 shows the scene on park avenue in the moss beach area. that's right near the half moon bay airport. one person in the plane died. the other was airlifted to a hospital. no one on the ground was injured. passengers on an american flight booed parents that lost their son in afghanistan. the parents were headed to rereceive his remains. the pilot allowed them to get off the plane first so they wouldn't be let. perry's father told the paper that several people in first class booed and complained. a packed meeting at a san ramon high school centered about what can be done about racially
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targeted graffitti. katie utehs has the story. >> this is an emergency. >> five incidents of racially derogatory graffiti, four of them at california high school. racial slurs, skrauld on bathroom walls, app as seen in these pictures. the feign is searing who see it as a threat. >> i can't explain how it feels and not feel save. i run a club of 150 cubs who don't feel safe and that are muslim, lgbtq plus. >> the consequences are not clear. >> i know it happens if i come to school if i show my bra strap. i don't know what happens if i'm writing hateful things on the wall. or throwing racial slurs. >> a student has been disciplined for the incident, but strict privacy rules prevent the district from saying much.
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>> we're trying to protect the rights of the student and the investigation. >> parent landon edmund says suspension isn't enough. >> you bring a knife to school, you're automatically in line for expulsion. >> students are now on thanksgiving break. staff will take the time to come up with a plan for their return on the 28th. in san ramon, katie utehs, abc 7 news. califonia highway patrol officers rammed into a pickup truck, happened at the height of yesterday evening's rush hour. chp cruisers tried to box in the car on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the woman behind the wheel kept going, but was eventually arrested at the fremont street exit. the chp says she was throwing alcohol bottles out the window during that chase. now to the transition to donald trump's presidency. vice-president elect mike pence took in a broadway show in new york city, and it quickly turned
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awkward. abc 7 anchor ama dates explained. >> boos on broadway. the audience at the hit show, "hamilton" rejected mike pence as he took his seat. the cast had a message for him after the show. >> vice-president elect pence, i see you walking up, but i hope you hear, we are the diverse america, who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> concerned about racial tensions is clouding two of donald trump's cabinet nominations. they're criticizing his pick of jeff sessions as attorney general. >> senator sessions overseeing the justice department should send chills down the backs of anyone of good faith in this country. >> 30 years ago, the senate blocked sessions as a district judge after he was accused of joking about the kkk. >> i am not a racist. i am not incentive to blacks. >> muslims are sounding the alarm over another nominee,
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retired lieutenant, general michael flynn, as national security advisor. over the summer, flynn said fear of muslims is rational. donald trump abruptly settled three major lawsuits against the now closed trump university. >> at trump university, we teach success. >> 6,000 students will be getting $25 million. the president-elect admits no wrongdoing. ama dates, abc 7 news. and today, donald trump will meet with a former rival, who could become his next cabinet member. mitt romney is reported to be a contender for secretary of state. here in the bay area, the rain has fallen this morning. >> not everywhere. we're getting tweets with partly sunny conditions. but it is coming your way in the next hour or so. but yes, it has been falling heavily. this is san rafael, winds gusting all around the bay area. we'll talk about how much rain, when and the snow that's going
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to fall in the seirrra in the next few minutes. >> getting skiers and snow boarders excited. how many are preparing. the protesters who created commute chaos on the bridge finally learn their
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of the lighthouse there in santa cruz. the storm slowly moving on shore, and the rain will move to all parts of the bay area today. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes. san francisco judge has dropped all charges against the 25 protesters who shut down the bay bridge earlier this year. the protesters, known as the bay bridge 25 were arrested on martin luther king jr. day after they got out of their car and chained themselves together. they wanted to bring attention to fatal police shootings. they were ultimately charged with infractions. abc 7 news was in concord for our annual give where you live thanksgiving food drive. abc 7 news weather anchor present aid check for $15,000 to the food bank on behalf of our station and our parent company, disney. it will provide 30,000 meals. just text the board "feed" to
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877 to help those in need. hundreds of family will receive food for their meal. marathon house will distribute food to more than 400 families. the nonprofit has been serving low income people in san mateo for more than four decades. samaritan house will serve thanksgiving dinner to 500 people. cub and boy scouts will drop off food to the san francisco food bank as this year's scouting for food campaign. they donated more than 40,000 food last year. the annual distribution is the single largest food drive benefitting the food bank all year. they'll gather the food at the lowell high school this morning. a five to eight inches of snow expected to fall at tahoe ski resorts and tomorrow too.
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leslie brinkley reports, skiers are getting geared up. >> it holds an incredible line. >> talk of early snow is inspiring local ski and snow board fanatics. they opened up on friday, other big resorts like heavenly and skch sqwa opens on sunday. >> a possibility of good snow, they'll be hitting the floor hard. >> coming in for gear. >> for new boots, talking about new technology. >> i'm pretty excited. i got my season pass already. so plan to go in about two or three weeks. >> shocked. mostly. >> that there is snow? >> yes, because i wasn't expected it this early. >> what are you pigging picking in. >> skis, jackets, getting here before the crowd comes. >> by mid december the waits at the store can be two hours long.
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renting gear for the entire season will set you back hundreds of dollars, but buying new high tech gear can set you back thousands. but it is worth it. >> yeah, we're super excited. we're talking about maybe renting a place in tahoe, it is going to be a good season, getting friends together. >> living the dream. >> yeah, it is awesome. >> in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. now, accuweather alert from abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, you have to get up about 5,000 feet, right now in the sierra nevada, i'll detail that in a moment. live doppler showing the heavy rain that's been pushing up into the north bay and that's continuing. it will eventually sink to the south and east and everyone will see decent amounts. right now, it is up in the north bay to santa rosa, over 1.5 inches, and san pablo bay, san francisco finally getting wet and just into oakland, 980,
8:16 am
daily city, look off shore, the heavier cells have been pushing up to the north but continue to fill in and bring more rain around to 80. san mateo, boulder creek, i think within the next hour or so, you'll begin to get the light rain. it will last throughout the bulk of the day. we've had heavier snow around mount shasta, but at lake level, it s raining. the snow level will lower behind the front, and temporarily could get down to around lake level or below. but we're looking at any where from a couple of inches it a 1.5 feet. 1:00 this afternoon, the front will push through by late tonight, and then by tomorrow, looking at some snow accumulating up to 17 inches in kirkwood, couple inches around the lake. 2 on the storm impact scale and we rate from 1 to 5 all season long. and this arriving overnight has brought moderate to heavy rain in the north bay and gusty winds all night long for everyone.
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you can see them on the peninsula, south bay, san jose, livermore is calm, but it has be howling. 10:00, the wind advisory from port rays, but then all day, san mateo, sunniville and morgan hill. make sure you have the garbage can tied down and the lawn furniture in, because as you follow the color contour, we're at 30 miles an hour at the coast, but this is before the front pushes through. it will be breezy behind the system. it looks pretty nice around here, but you are looking at the beginning of a little bit of light rain. 58 in the city, with 2.5 hours delays. sfo oakland, ahead of the front, southerly winds in the 60s. drier atmosphere, san jose, it is pretty this morning, with some hints of sun and a cooler morning for you.
8:18 am
62 in hayward. and livermore at 60 degrees. so we're looking at that soggy exploratory camera, raining in the city this morning, heaviest rain will occur by noontime. scattered showers and another round of heavier rain tomorrow at this time. the focus will be this morning and tomorrow morning, and then the scattered showers. the wave heights have been up significantly, and check out the timeline here. hour by hour, 11:00, it is still raining, but cold front has pushed through the north bay in the afternoon. then by 10:00, scattered showers, this time tomorrow. another rainy start to the day, maybe you'll sleep through it. then by the afternoon, a few peeks of sun. we're looking at 1.5 inch to go to a 0.5. parts of san jose, windy, rainy, kind of on the mild side due to the high water content.
8:19 am
accuweather forecast, 2 on the impact scale. a 1 for tomorrow. so looking at still on and off showers throughout the rest of the week, at this point, thanksgiving looks dry, but if you download the app, you'll notice things change quickly and we could see more rain into next weekend. >> i'll watch my patio go from one in my backyard to the other early this morning. >> oh, boy, sorry about that. >> lisa, thanks so much. just ahead, window shopping for the holidays, tradition underway to find forever homes for
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imagine booking a hotel room and expect to spend $100, but getting a bill for $10,000. it happened to one couple. here is 7 on your side michael finney with their story. >> nancy and fred showed me how they went online and ended up with a huge hassle and hotel bill. >> i pushed the wrong buttons, and next thing you know, it was this major, major problem. >> nancy thought she booked one night at the san francisco airport north for about $135. somehow, she ended up booking 47 nights for $10,088.85. now, after some back and forth, the hotel offered to refund all but three nights. >> so i said why don't we pay
8:23 am
for one night, you know, which would have been -- if we had done the entry properly, that was our intent, was to stay one night and pay in advance, we'll pay for that. >> fred tells me, he thought it was a negotiation, and would hear back. apparently, the hotel took that answer as a rejection, and communication ground to a halt. until they got some good advice. >> honestly, several people had suggested you. this wasn't really part of, you know, my mental world was, you know, a tv consumer complaint. but i see now, really. >> that's because i made contact and things got moving. the hotel reiterated its offer and issued in statement. the holiday inn express is committed to the highest levels of hospitality and service, although we regret the time it took to reach a res lulgs, we are pleased that the initially
8:24 am
proposed offer has now allowed us to reach it. they took them up on it and got a refund for $9,525.63. they are happy, and very generous. they decided to pay it forward. >> the money is going to go to a scholarship fund at indiana university, which is my alumni, which has a wonderful school of journalism. >> read the refund policies and be careful when online. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. ymca's renovated facility has reopened. stones town family ymca where local dignitaries were treated to a brunch to mark the completion of a $5 million renovation, new gym, exercise studio and upgraded reception area more than a quarter of the
8:25 am
money was jen raltgenerated by y support. >> seniors to become better connected, children to reach their highest potential and this wonderful space out into the community. >> the y has served the outer sun set for the last six decades. it reopens to the public today. now lit up for the holidays, take a look. what a gorgeous shot there. the 30th year the four iconic buildings have illuminated for the start of the holiday season. 17,000 lights make up the display. fireworks to help kick off that ceremony. across town at macy's union scare, another holiday tradition, the department store revealed this holiday's pet adoption display. puppies and kittens will be on display through january 1st. had is the 30th year, the san francisco spca has sponsored the events, and 8,800 animals have found forever homes. just in time for the holiday
8:26 am
season, the reindeers have arrived for a visit to the zoo. bell, holly and peppermint can be found there. they supplied this video to us. guests can learn about what they like to eat, aside from carrots and leftover cookies. fighting back against hate. the new hotline and international effort to help those in the u.s. and food banks, nonprofits around the bay area, stepping up their donation drive efforts to help families just in time for thanksgiving. what you can do to help. a live look from the tam cam. the storm is moving in. in fact, it is here. a lot of the bay area will get wet all weekend in fact. meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast coming have your full forecast coming up in just a says it won't let up for a while.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather, parts of the bay area, waking up to some rain. look at the sfo camera captured a rainbow earlier this morning over the airport. is there a pot of gold? who knows. let's get the forecast. hey, lisa. >> we're having rain. that's the pot of gold. good morning, everyone. finally filling in on the peninsula and east bay, but it has been heaviest in the north bay. we rate the storms from 1 to 5.
8:30 am
this morning, we have 2 with moderate to heavy rain, wind gusts to 50 miles an hour and rough surf. sheer a look at the last several hours. notice the last few frames. we've got the yellow and darker green beginning to shift to the south. so although you've had a lot of rain here in the north bay, we're beginning to spread some of this liquid gold down through souther marin into san francisco. you can see the heavier rain here from mill valley, crossing over the richmond, san rafael bridge, raining in berkeley, a few sprinkles, and oakland on the peninsula, it has been rainy in san francisco, and finally, belmont and redwood city, a little wet pavement for you. as i widen this, you'll notice that's what's off shore, that's what will fill in along the peninsula. so it is rain and a snow mix, and in the sierra nevada, wind advisory for the next few hours, it pushes through the north bay mid morning and rest of the bay area, it will take a while.
8:31 am
the wind is gusting to 30 miles ahead of the system. east bay hills camera, combination of sunlight and rain. we had a pretty rainbow you saw earlier. 40s to near 60 this morning and we'll look at the rain increasing. not a total washout this afternoon. >> lisa, thank you. when you get unusual weather where you live, take a photo or video and share it, #abcnow. it will help us find your content and use it on the air or abc protests are not dying down. abc 7 news was in east palo alto, as students marched along the avenue yesterday. students fear donald trump will deport young immigrants. the mexican government says it is being proactive in case there is any action taken by president-elect trump. immediately after the election,
8:32 am
they sat down to councils of america city to help mexicans in this country. here is reporter leann melendez. >> the next can government is posting these videos on social media on advice on what mexicans can do in these so-called uncertain times. that decision came from mexico's secretary of foreign affairs after sitting down with all the c consuls working in american cities. >> we want to be proactive and have our people ready, considering they are a different scenarios. >> the mexican government is using social media along with tv and radio ads, asking every mexican in this country have their papers in order. >> this woman was born in the u.s., but is worried about some of her undocumented relatives. >> where will they end up tomorrow? where will they go? we're not here to do anything
8:33 am
bad. we're just here to help the economy of the country, you know. >> mexico's consul general is reminding people to avoid being victim to scams. that was echoed at the district attorney, who reminded people of that department's hate crime hotline. >> your status is not of any concern either to the police department or to the desstrict attorney's office or human rights commission. you are not going to be questioned as to whether you have authority or not be here. >> in san francisco, leann melend melendez, abc 7 news. president obama is in peru for a busy weekend, he met with staff and families and with the president of peru this morning. he'll hold a meeting in the transpacific partnership this afternoon, and attend the asia cooperation, or apec summit this weekend. it has brought more than 1,000 delegates from 21 countries to
8:34 am
lima to ease global commerce. californiaians can buy medical marijuana without paying sales tax. the tax exemption is only by a special card issued by the state department. if you don't have the card, you don't get the exemption. the medical marijuana is just not enough. >> there is misinformation out there that sales are exempt. that's not indeed the case, because do you have to have the card from public health in order to get it. >> the plastic card costs about $100, so just paying the sales tax could make more sense for some people. happening today, one south bay nonprofit asking for your help to provide thousands of turkeys to feed families this thanksgiving. san jose says it is short by more than 3,600 turkeys. if you would like to help the donation station is open until
8:35 am
3:00 this afternoon. volunteers will be there throughout the day, packing food boxes. scred heart is on south first street in san jose. also happening today. one of the oldest charities starts its turkey drive. the holiday tradition, and accepting food donations and unopened toiletries. curb side dropoff starts at 9:00 this morning, and you can donate through thanksgiving day. black friday, less than a week away. bay area retailers are still looking for employees to handle the rush. eric thomas has more on why some stores are finding people to work. >> manpower has 260 positions to fill. >> yeah, it seems like this year, the talent pool is pretty tight. and so we're having to pretty much do double the work to find
8:36 am
the candidates that we had to last year. >> dick's sporting good has the help wanted sign for what it helps will be a busy shopping season. >> right now we're hiring about 150 employees across five different stores here in the bay. >> across the bay in emeryville, managers here say they're not looking to hire a set number of people. but they do need additional workers to make sure that everyone gets a positive shopping experience. >> that's our hope. we always want to plan for a big crowd and make sure we can provide the best service out there and no other experience. >> potential applicants should have lots of full and part-time options. they're looking for people strong with the force, folks who use the dark side, need not apply. >> basically the products we sell in store, we want to have an associate who can talk about them. it is passionate about them. >> you're interested in applying, go to either company's website and download an application. in daley city, eric thomas, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc mornings,
8:37 am
random acts of kindness popping up on san francisco streets. who is behind it? here is a live look from our richmond bridge cam. it is a very soggy drive over to marin this morning. and lisa argen says everybody is going to get wet today. and tomorrow, she is going to be along with your accuweather anknows how it feelsiabetes to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts.
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drive today, more like a stormy gate. lisa argen is tracking the storms, a series of them. she'll have your forecast in just a few minutes. if you're skier, you can be on the slopes this thanksgiving. not a lot yet, but that didn't stop boreal to open this season. the ski report says they have a base of four inches, sugar bowl, squab north star and kirkwood open on wednesday. if we take a look behind us, you can see the rain falling right here here. it will be a stormy weekend. >> kirkwood doing particularly well. but the other resorts, yes, getting a couple of inches. it is raining there now and it has been sog i didn't hear in the city. from the explore tore camera, 58 degrees, north bay, the most, while the rest of you still waiting for rain. we've got the wind and we have a
8:41 am
soggy first half of the day. i'll explain and time it out, coming up. all right, thank you so much. also, next, silencing the celtics. steph curry, kef kevin durant teaming up of the warriors historic
8:42 am
agine a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room.
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. good morning, check it out. a sea of green. live doppler 7 radar, as the
8:44 am
storm slowly moves into the bay area. a series of storms this weekend. lisa argen, tracking the storms, and she'll have the forecast in just a few minutes. in sports, many bay areas divided today for the 119th big game. the 7th straight year, kickoff at memorial stadium at 2:30. tonight, air force takes on san jose state at cfcu stadium, kickoff there at 7:30. the warriors will play a back-to-back in milwaukee, tip off at 5:30. the dubs won their season high sixth straight in boston. steve kerr became the fast st coach for 160 victories. >> celtics wanted durant. they booed k.d. last night.
8:45 am
don't make him angry. you won't like him when he is angry. steph curry, signing pregame autographs, this kid looks like he is going to explode. celtics hanging around early in this one. alley-oop from bradley and within six. a trade rumor to boston that was just baloney, but they wish it was it. 24 free run, k.d. with authority on the oop from steph. gets the kind bounce here, finishing with 16 points. zaza does a little weird cowboy dance, apparently imitating durant, the doves roll 84-88, and in milwaukee tonight. >> i would like to continue the trend tomorrow in milwaukee. they got a ton of talent. it is not easy winning out on an east coast trip, but we have the ability if we stay focused. >> stanford and cal in the 119th edition of the big game this
8:46 am
afternoon in rainy berkeley. will it be the last big game for sunny dikes with rumors floating around that baylor may be interested in him. if cal was going to snap a losing streak, they need a huge effort from davis web, a graduate transfer, his one and only big game, hoping it turns to a big win for his bears. >> obviously i would like to have it be part of a team that was able to beat stanford. at the same time, it is a 60 minute ball game. >> it is impressive to watch. those guys make plays. they do a good job of moving them around, keeping you off balance. you can't fall asleep on any of these guys. >> tom brady grew up in san mateo, worshipping the 49ers and he'll face them as the patriots visit levi stadium. after a loss last weekend, julienne edelman, they're hoping for a happy homecoming.
8:47 am
sixth round draft pick who desired the niners would select him way back when, has turned into one of the best quarterbacks ever. he is looking forward to this game. >> it is still great to go back there and play in the bay area. i have a lot of family and friends. i'm sure there will be a lot of support from a lot of people. i know i got a lot of people coming to the game. great memories from growing up there. >> niners trying to snap an 8 game losing game. yikes. that's a wrap. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> don't forget the raiders face the texans on monday night in mexico city, a game you can watch right here on abc 7. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. now an accuweather alert. >> good morning to you. hopefully you're enjoying the rain from your home, warm inside. while it continues to get awfully messy here. live doppler 7, heavy rain that's been falling in the north bay all morning long. this rain ban continuing to fill in, and shift as a pretty strong
8:48 am
cold front heads our way. so as we check out live doppler 7, notice a few returns lining up here, into vallejo, and lighter rain into the east bay. as we go down 101 into mill valley, it has been heavy, but lafayette highway 24, getting wet. you can see the rain line, not quite over 680 in dublin and livermore, coming your way in about an hour. daley city, half moon bay, 280, 2.5 hour delays at sfo. most of this has been lifting into the north bay but it will push along to san francisco, peninsula and we'll see decent rain throughout the next several hours. lake tahoe, higher elevations, know, but actual air temperature, lake levels in the 40s. winter weather advisory through tomorrow. the rain will change to snow overnight tonight. higher elevations getting snow
8:49 am
now. 6 to 12 inches, 6,000 feet with the gusty wind. we talked about kirkwood earlier, maybe to 1.5 feet. 8 inches at donner. the storm impact scale, a 2 as we rate the storm system a moderate one with gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour, san jose, mountain view, you haven't seen much action at all, but it is coming your way. until 10:00, we'll see the winds kick up, and then it pushes through the north bay. the rest of the day, windy and gusty, from the peninsula and south bay. as you follow the colors, you'll notice the gusty winds, 20 to 30 miles off a shore but breezy throughout the day. we still have those bruisy winds behind the front. walnut creek, it is dry now, but a couple of areas of rain to the west. another dry spot, this is san
8:50 am
jose, where you haven't seen any action yet, but rain is headed your way. about 9:00. 62 hayward, 60 in livermore. emeryville, 80 there. high surf advisory tomorrow through sunday. this has increased dramatically. it will in a short time. so do be careful. your hour-by-hour forecast, keeps the rain going all throughout the bay through 11:00, by 2:00, we still have rain, remember the game over in berkeley, it will be wet by but the afternoon and evening, i say late afternoon and evening, we'll get a break. this is tomorrow morning. another round of morning rain, while the afternoon could see a thunderstorm perhaps as colder air filters in behind the system. rainfall amounts through tomorrow, perhaps a 0.5 inch in livermore, better than that in mountain view, hayward breezy in berkeley. temperatures will be in the low 60s, very gusty winds at times.
8:51 am
the accuweather forecast, 2 on the storm impact scale by the afternoon. rain becomes more scattered. another band of heavier rain tomorrow morning. chance in the morning, monday. couple of dry days there, one of them thanksgiving, but you notice before and after thanksgiving, weaker systems. that's all good. we want to keep it coming. download the app and track in your neighborhood. >> if you're driving, roads are slick. i did a little hydroplaning while i was driving into work this morning. lisa, thank you so much. now to the story of a star who is helping people experience kindness in a new and different way. random compliments popping up on streets around san francisco. they're put there by a good samaritan who knows many are feeling anxiety and uncertainty in the wake of the presidential election. we have an abc 7 star who wants to spread hope an joy. >> i feel lucky to be apart of something positive.
8:52 am
>> she is hitting streets armed with a tape gun, trying to light in the mood around san francisco in the wake of a divisive presidential election. >> there has been a sense of sadness and fear and hatred regardless of what your political opinion is. >> so anna started the compliment process, you can take them with you. the thoughts are simple. light up the room. you're like sunshine on a cloudy day. your smile is beautiful. >> i feel like i'm doing a marketing campaign for kindness right now. >> are you? >> that, it is kind of what it feels like. >> the flyers are going up around san francisco neighborhoods. >> first no reaction, but from a distance, they look like an ad for a roommate or dog walker. so we gave it a few minutes, and that's all it took. >> that's cute. that's a great idea. >> julia devoran and her mom emily could use a compliment these days. >> i hope more people do this kind of thing, touch people. >> a little kindness goes a long
8:53 am
way. >> it is nice to know there is still hope and love down there. >> download your own at compliment and spread the joy where you live, and many have you. from new york to texas and beyond. >> brussels, france, germany. >> i can't change the course of the world, but to be able to get out there and do something positive, see how it can grow is just really fulfilling. >> if you would like to download the sheets, we have a link on our website, abc 7 the majestic 50 feet tree at pier 39. the south beach cam, rain moving in. a series of storms, and lisa is trac
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
shine, holiday cheer will be spread at san francisco pier 39, sing songs, send letters to santa and welcome the season with a day of fun for the family. cast members from "the lion king." disney is the parent company of abc 7. if you're headed out, bring your umbrella and poncho. >> right. the heaviest part will be through the first half of the day. here is a look at live doppler
8:57 am
7. we've got rain around port ray. and east ward extent, 580, a little in castro valley, and this is beginning to pick up in half moon bay along the coast here, as you see, the heavier cells, with the yellow and green, offshore and that will fill in. as i widen this out, the cold front slicing through the bay area, the seven-day forecast, gusty winds, wind advisory and we'll see more rain tomorrow, with colder air, shifting further south. on and off rain showers you can see. thanksgiving looks dry, it could change. but it looks like it will be weak compared to the one today. >> all right, lisa, thank you so much. thank you for joining us, i'm cornell barnard for chris nguyen. next, a big day of college football. number 7 wisconsin takes on purdue in indiana.
8:58 am
at 12:30, 17th ranked florida state takes on syracuse in the dome. then at 5:00, ninth ranked oklahoma takes on morgantown in west virginia. and then after the game at around 8:30 p.m. news continues on facebook, twitter and instagram. i hope you're having a great weekend, everybody. stay dry out there.
8:59 am
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