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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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. the first rain in few weeks hit the bay area today. and in the middle of this historic drought, tonight the hope is both rain and snow will be common sights this where were. even though the rain has mostly passed, the roads might be a little slick still out there tonight. a live look from our bay bridge toll plaza. this is what it looked like earlier on the road. in sausalito, it was a around the area. drew is here with more on that. >> a gray and rather
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the live developpler slowing yo street view. there's a high surf advisory. take a look at the current wave height, 13 to 15 feet. live doppler 7, more moisture aiming on to the west coast. so what to expect on your sunday, scattered morning downpours are on the menu, we could hear another clap of thunder and a chilly afternoon to round out the weekend. we'll take a look at the timing of these downpours and the feets in our accu-weather forecast. . new details tonight about the shooting death of an armed teenager near watsonville. they found two people suffering
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from stab wounds and a 15-year-old armed with a knife with a four-inch blade. friends of the victims identified him as drew smith a sophomore. >> he was active, he was a skate efish yad depot, he was just brilliant, so it's just tragic. >> deputies say he's related to his stabbing victims who were critically injured. . a woman killed in a plane crash in a single engine cessna when it slammed into a pick-up truck in the mos beach area, a man survived the crash and was air lifted to sanford hospital with injuries. . to the presidential transition, he's keeping up a brisk pace as
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he fills top positions in his cabinet. he conducted what amounted to job interviews at one of his luxury resort properties. >> reporter: donald trump at his private golf course in new jersey with mike pence, teeing up possible cabinet picks. the most probable name, reportedly a contender secretary of state. but after a 90-minute meeting, no sign a done deal either. >> we had a far reaching conversation about the various theaters in the world where there are interests in the united states. >> we're seeing tremendous talent, people that as i say, we will make america great again. >> reporter: at his first public appearance in day, the president-elect seemed in high
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spirits, even making nice with the press. >> i'm going to get a hot dog. >> reporter: trump has more interviews sunday and he implied more job announcements. >> you'll hear some things tomorrow. >> reporter: meanwhile protesters were back in the streets n washington, d.c., police took this man down and handcuffed him. and another man suffered a head injury. hundreds demonstrated against the president-elect. >> a member of stanford's conservative hoover institution think tank is on trump's short list of candidates. his words sometimes got him into trouble. retired marine general james
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maddid met with the president-elect today. the 66-year-old maddis spent 40 years in the corps and may be the most respected marine general of his generation. his last general job was commander of central command. and sometimes that outspoken nature has gotten him into hot water, like during a panel discussion in 2005, when he told about meeting taliban fighters on a battlefield. maddis later admitted it was a poor choice of words. supporters have nothing but praise for him. international affairs expert told abc 7 news there's nobody i would want to be in a trench with. he said i appreciate the invitation and it's kind of you
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to offer, but for now i prefer to remain silent. he could be only the second high ranking general to hold the post since it's cession in 1947. >> george harris who became secretary of state under harry true marine. >> most secretaries of defense were either junior officers or never served. >> enough is enough! >> abc 7 news was in san francisco as hundreds of people stood in the rain in protest of president-elect trump. organizers say they're fighting back against racism, sexism, xeno phobia. the president-elect abruptly deleted a tweet tonight about
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vice president-elect mike pence and his appearance at hamilton. he said very rude and insulting of hamilton cast member to treat our great future vp mike pence to a theater lecture. >> we sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> pence was on his way out of the musical, but he stayed to listen. the vice president-elect pence phas not commented on trump's o the hamilton star. there's more on a high surf advisory that will be in effect until tomorrow afternoon. >> reporter: it's going to last another day and a half yet, 13 to 15-foot waves across the california coast expected.
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let's take a look at the beach at pacifica, really serious rip current warnings, gray skies continuing, but up in the mountains, it's all white. driving to tahoe, the wintry scene on i-80 today. at boreal, skiers are already on the slope. at squaw valley what some said were huge goose feather flakes were falling. and resorts say lows in the 20s are perfect for making snow. that is inspiring a flurry of shoppers. >> it's going to be interesting going into this week to see how the weather drives that traffic. this week has been a little crazy. >> i'm excited today. >> reporter: skiers and snowboarders snatched up coats,
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goggles and gear for what could finally be a full on season of snow. >> hopefully we'll get a lot of snow this year. >> it's perfect weather, thanksgiving weekend coming, it's a couple of days off, we're actually heading up with a group, so we're going mammoth and stopping in tahoe next week. >> i'm going next week. i'm really excited. >> reporter: from north star to kirk wood, major ski resorts hope to open up powdery runs by sunday. still ahead at abc 7 news 11: 11:00. >> lift off what's being called the best weather satellite every. and another sure sign tonight in san francisco that the holidays are right around the corner. and a look at live doppler 7,
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it's mostly quiet tonight, but
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and lift off of noah's ark. >> it's being called the best weather satellite ever. it's got a little bit of the bay area inside. the noah gozar took off from cape canaveral tonight. hurricanes, natures and lightning storms will be tracked as never before with crystal clear color pictures. the father of a soldier who was killed in afghanistan says
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he was booed on an airplane. sergeant john perry was the victim of a suicide bomber and was targeting soldiers in a 5-k run. his dad said a delay in the flight bringing his body home says he was booed. >> to hear the reaction of a flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class cabin booing that made us cry some more. and my son was over there trying to help put a stop to this garbage and he died. to a brighter story here. a san francisco tradition played out on the embarcadero. the annual lighting of the christmas tree is covered with bowes, ornaments and of course
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thousands of lights. the cast from the lion theater was a break from the constant grind. >> we do the show eight times a week so it was nice to get out and do something else. this is my fist time here and i get to learn about the city and do a fun little event. >> that tree will stay lit throughout the holiday season. a giant toilet is now on display in the streets of s to highlight sanitation and the homeless. it's actually a tent, a toilet tent where you can sit inside, hear water running and stories from those wholy on the streets. >> and the reason the tent the clear, is, i think when you're homeless, you feel anonymous yet you're always under surveillance. so in this giant tent toilet,
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when you're inside, it's like being in a fish bowl. >> the constructor of the te tent -- rain was a factor today in stanford's win over cal. stanford says they went remember the last time it rained on a big game day. >> reporter: it's a game day tradition at uc berkeley, the football team enters memorial stadium through a sea of fans while a band riles up the crowd. but today, there was no music. a university official told me they were worried the rain would harm the instruments. it did not dampen spirits. >> a little water ain't going to
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hurt anyone. >> reporter: many cal and stanford fans sported ponchos in their team colors. the party scene was still big as ever at fraternities. >> i'm going out, i'm in my shorts, it's -- yeah, it's pretty popular. >> victor raidy said there's fewer people than normal at his tailgater, but they came prepared with tarps. >> we poke the thing, and then the water falls off. >> reporter: rain fell all over the bay area, high winds battered the coast, where there's a high surf advisory. two trees toppled near power lines, this weather keeping emergency crews busy throughout the weekend. >> as a soggy start to the weekend, we'll see more scattered showers develop in the morning hours and a dryer pattern will set up for the evening. still an active picture, just a
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sprinkling of showers out there, zooming in just a little bit tighter, going to street level in the north bay, nevada and sears point, light rain this hour. good news in the sierra, we got some snow, lye doppler showing we have snow showers moving through close to take tahoe. we do have a weather advisory in effect expecting six to 12 inches of snow. that's a got sight to have for you winter weather lovers. look at rainfall, a wide range, santa rosa, certainly the winner today, over 2 1/2 inches, redwood city .2, and just some light showers coming in with .04 inch of moisture. current temperatures have not moved all that much during the
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day. it's 57 in san mateo, awesome in san francisco, 57 in oakland and 55 in san ramon. as we take a look at the storm impact scale for our next wave of rain moving in on sunday, it's a 1, it's a light system, we'll have those scattered showers, some light winds and yes, there is just a small chance of hear a clap of thunder. future weather, hour by hour, early tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning, hit or misdownpours, they're going to be very hard to target, that's going to be the theme as we go through the early morning and an hours, you won't need the umbrellas throughout the entire day. and this system will wrap up late on sunday, but the clouds will linger through the first part of monday. very similar to where we were yesterday in temperatures of afternoon highs. 63 that high in san jose.
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we'll take you into this south bay, we got the patriots in town, taking on the niners, 62 degrees, including a chance of a scattered. by the fourth quarter, you do notice temperatures cooling off to 60 degrees under plenty of clouds out there. we'll take you into sunday, we have a light system on the storm impact scale. clouds monday through tuesday afternoon, on thanksgiving, another system wants to move in here thursday evening. we're dry friday and then another pattern of wet weather on sunday. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, there's hope for people my age, 55 years young this saturday night. and tune in to abc 7 monday night for our coverage of
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a 55-year-old made history tonight on the football field. with a three-yard game, south carolina running back joe thomas sr. became the oldest nfl football player ever. his son joe plays for the packers now. there you see dad being carried off the field by his much, much younger teammates. he said it was the happiest day of his life. he was a walkon there at south
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carolina state. >> he went back to get another degree. >> yep. >> so you're saying there's a chance for guys like you and me. >> i had speed strength and intelligence. >> speaking of football, stanford took on cal, tieing a record with their seventh straight victory. wildcats ran for a big game in school
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the 119th vrgs of the big game started out to be a close
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game. on the bears first play from scrimmage, david webb, nothing but green grass. two touchdown, 7-0, cal. however, unsport man like conduct. two play drive with a 16 yard run. second quarter, trey watson, drives in, first of his two t.d.s, 14-7 cal, but stan answers. 17-14 stanford at the half, her comes chris mccaffrey, 90 yard touchdown, third longest in school history. stanford claims he act for the seventh straight year, 35-41, your final. >> any kind of accolades or
11:31 pm
anything isn't just me. it takes a lot of guys not just me. >> he's a lifetime football, he's as good as advertised and i thought he played very well. >> two years, i kind of run out of words. the bottom line, is he's not the biggest guy, but you can't tell him that. >> warriors visiting with milwaukee. second quarter, going up and in for the slam, bucks by 7:00, the greek freak at 30. late second quarter, kevin durant, dray mon green, doing all the dirty work. the steal and the stuff. midway through the fourth, clay thompson gets hot. but the bucks make it a game.
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and one with 2:30 to go. they turn it over and walk the greek freak, a chance for the dunk and the tie. and he miss. 3-0 on the road trip, seven straight overall. sharks and coyotes, deflected by joel, he tips it up and over the should if of mike smith. his first goal of the year. ties it at 2-2. three-on-three here, scores on deflecti deflection, sharks ending their three-game road trip. checking in on the andre ward fight and a lot more coming
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. tonight's headlines, santa cruz sheriff's deputies shot and killed an armed 15-year-old. the teen stabbed two people this morning. officers tried to two different met ways to disarm him. romney said he and president-elect trump talked about global issues. and a local figure could be named head of the pentagon. retired marine general james mattis also met be the president-elect. mattis let in iraq and
11:37 pm
afghanistan. a former trump university student is cheering the settlement by donald trump that agreed to pay 6,000 students. for sonny lowe, he says he's getting back at least half of the money he spent to learn about real estate. he said instead of becoming a successful real estate investor like he hoped, he became an employee at home depot. >> i water plants and i load up bhags of cement. >> he said without the settlement, he would have had to declare bankruptcy. during the last leg of his final trip to europe as president, mr. obama told people at a town hall style meeting that there are likely to be new
11:38 pm
tenses given trurp's opposition to trade deals. >> you can maintain order for a while, with repressive, nondemocratic governments. but it will rot from within. over time, those governments fail. >> president obama also met with chesapea china's president. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has herd the concerns about face news circulating on social media. he's taking part in the apec summit n a post on his personal page, he says facebook takes misinformation seriously. some say the stories shared on facebook and other sites may have influenced the election. he mentioned seven projects to help stop the spread of fake
11:39 pm
news, making it easier for users to report fake news and working with journalists and others in the news try to check their fact checking systems. the university of nevada is offering counseling to help people deal with election anxiety. some say it's needed, others are a bit skeptical. >> this is different, this is very polarizing times, people are aliterally afraid that their well-being is going to be attacked. >> this is something, like if you're really devastated by it, you got to look on the bright side. you got to look at like what is donald trump good at, not just sit here and cry. an alarming twist in the bay area domestic abuse crisis.
11:40 pm
abc 7's morning's anchor has one woman's story from san jose. >> reporter: latoya is like any proud mom. her world is eli and jacob, her two little boys. she says, though, for this family, things weren't what they seemed. >> you guys don't know what was going on behind closed doors. >> reporter: she says hidden from view, six years of domestic abuse. she says she met a man in high school. >> it was in high school that i should have known that bhooes was there. >> she said it started slowly, that junior didn't like her speaking with friends, then her family, she says the first incidents of violence happened a year later. >> strangling me, kicking me and spitting in my face. >> is she found out he was pregnant in jail and had her
11:41 pm
first son and another baby and she thought about leaving -- >>er day. >> reporter: but housing was out of reach. she said the cheapest studio she could find was $1,200. she finally moved the boys to a shelter. after 60 days of homelessness, she went back hoping it would be better. this time, shortly after, she lost custody of her children. >> they called me a negligent mother because i let the violence keep on escalating. >> reporter: one south bay shelter says stories like latoya's are very common. >> every day. >> their focus has shifted. >> this wasn't the case ten years ago. we weren't asked to spend most of our time going housing searches.
11:42 pm
when we crossed the line i think is when we started talking to women about maybe we can make your homelessness work. >> reporter: they have everything from emergency clothes to diapers. but the need is great, between four shelters in santa clara county, there are just 63 beds. in all they turned away 2,000 women last year. henderson says this is what keeps her up at night, being forced to stay can mean the difference between life and death. in 2014, there were two dhes domestic violence related deaths. in 2015, there were 16. >> i knew every one of their names, every one of their childrens names, i will never stop thinking about them. >> reporter: but for latoya, there seems to be a new start. she has found a room to rent and a good job, and she has her boys back.
11:43 pm
>> latoya tells us junior is in jail on domestic abbhus charges and is set to be released next month. we reached out to junior's public defender by phone and e-mail, but we didn't hear back. still ahead on abc 7 news, the mannequin challenge everybody's talking about. a series of
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a 9-year-old girl in texas proves there's still some good in this world. she saw a story about a woman who stole money from a tip jar. so the girl decided to do something for the shop. >> it says i felt really bad for
11:47 pm
him, for getting his money stolen. i took my tooth fairy money, i put it in there and we folded it and then we put it in -- when no one was looking we put it in the chip jar. >> she's such an amazing kid. >> the owner says because of r her -- a pub posted this video on youtube that already has more than 50,000 views. staff members and real life customers got in on the real life craze from throwing darts to singing karaoke and everything in between that you find in a bar. and this video posted on twitter that show some irish sheep who appear to be doing their own mannequin challenge. time for a check on the weather forecast. due? >> what was that?
11:48 pm
we're tracking some light showers. i can't get over there. we're tracking the scattered showers. just take the map. why would you take the map? we have got scattered showers out there and as you go into your sunday, we're tracking more on the way. scattered showers, light winds and a chance of thunder is out there. your highs, 60 in san francisco, 62 in oakland, 62 in san jose, and we could see some isolated showers turn into some isolated downpours if they do gain strength. so sunday, just clouds and showers, early shower on thursday and then the next storm comes in on saturday. >> thanks drew. let's talk about college football now. >> no major upsets in college
11:49 pm
football tonight. some thought there was an upset tonight in
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we kick off the second half of san jose state versus stanford. phenomenal game. 25-yard td pass. potter showing off some wheels. three rushing touchdown. juice the defender. 17 yards for the score. they're up 14-7. potter threw for 340 yards, two tds, 40 seconds left in the game. air force down 4, had 11 yards passing until this 22 yard strike and air force comes back
11:53 pm
to win. oh, that was a heart breaker, 41-38 your final. they're dancing in seattle. early pass to mcclacher. guess what? he's gone. still second quarter, browning up top, to daunte pettis. 45 yard touchdown and 17-0 dogs. the apple cup next week is for the pac-12 north title. john thompson for the touchdown, 24-21, cougs. 11 yards to get colorado the lead at 28-24. and phillip puts it away. former san jose coach has the team on the track.
11:54 pm
43-24 the final. >> we don't lose in folsom. and they have so much character, we come a long way. we got another one. our goal is pac-12 champs and these guys are amazing. >> number 12, utah and oregon had plenty of twists and turns. eight second to play, originally ruled incomplete, but he gets one foot in bounds, and has control, an amazing 17 yard td. number two 0 ho state taking on michigan state. tyler o'connor, he was just 6 of 16, for 105 yards, 64 of his 76 receiving yards right here. he had 160 yards and a td on the ground.
11:55 pm
7-0. curtis samuel tying the game at 7-7. weber, third buckeye to rush for 100. ohio state up 7. ohio state up to play. scott gets the call. michigan state down one. they decide to go for two, o'connor, he's picked off in the end zone, ohio improves to 10-1, 17-16 that final. michigan has never lost two straight under harbaugh. wolverines trailed, 34 yard touchdown. smith again, this time 39 yards, he had 158 yards, two tds. because it snowed the entire fourth quarter, turning the field white, snow angels. they face ohio state next week.
11:56 pm
number 4 clemson at wake forest. watson gets a block, finds a corner, still first quarter, watson. td pass to mike williams. 21-0. 28-0 tigers, three total tds for watson. andre ward with the biggest fight of his career as he faced o andre took a shot in the second round. wrestled the rest of the way with his defense style. ward on won on all three scorecards and would win the fight with a nacunanimous decis. ward is now five-time world
11:57 pm
champion in two different weight classes. and this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. and you know how boxing can be. and andre is a little like m mayweather. >> a lot of deep coverage misses today, we're going to have to coach that up this week. thank you very much. that's it for tonight. 'm eric thomas, news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. se
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