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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sunday, november 20th >> let's start with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have a little yellow and green on the map here. we will go in closer and you notice the heavier downpours just you knocking on the door of marin county right now. it will be sweeping through the city within the next 30 minutes or so. moderate rain from mill valley out toward the beach along the coast. further to the north, larkspur, san rafael and up through sonoma and pushing into napa right now. it's 51 on the storm impact scale today featuring scattered showers and light winds, possibility of a thunderstorm. temperatures cool, mainly in the low to mid-50s right now. a little bit of fog. notice throughout the 9:00 hour there's more yellow, indicating heavier downpours out there throughout the day. here it is noontime. we will track it for the rest of the afternoon in your neighborhood, and the all-important thanksgiving week coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. with the winter weather,
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san francisco's winter shelter program for the homeless will open this afternoon. spots will be available for single men at st. bonifice church between jones and eleven worth streets. guests can stay for days, will get two meals a day. sign-ups will take place each sunday with 100 spaces on a first come/first serve basis. doors open at 6:00 tonight. on land it may be dry for now, but by sea it's looking pretty rough out there. there's a high surf advisory in effect until this afternoon. it calls for 13 to 15-foot waves. with the storm came snow in the mountains. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has the details. >> reporter: driving to tahoe? the wintry scene on interstate 80 to boreal. skiers are already on the
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slopes. in squaw valley somewhat they call goose feather flakes were falling and accumulating. heavenly is forecasting 15 inches of new snow on sunday and lows in the 20s is perfect for making snow. that's inspiring a flurry of shoppers. >> it's been interesting this week to see how the weather drives our traffic. it's been a little crazy. >> skiers and snowboarders snapped up goggles, boots and skis and gary on what should be a full-on season of snow. >> it's raining in san francisco, so i'm assuming it's snowing in tahoe, though you never know. hopefully we will get a lot of snow this year. >> perfect with the thanksgiving weekend coming. we have a lot of groups. and potentially stopping in tahoe on the way back. >> i'm going next week to the sierra, tahoe. i'm really excited. >> from northstar to kirkwood,
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major ski resorts expect to open up some runs by wednesday. abc7 news. >> we have up-to-the minute weather for you with with our abc7 news app. you can also scroll down to see live doppler 7 radar for your neighborhood and everywhere in the bay area. new this morning, thousands of kanye west fans are outraged after he cut his concert short. this is video from another concert where he ranted and said he was pro trump. last night he performed only two songs and then went on a long
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rant, calling out facebook, talking about hillary clinton. the concert was only about 30 minutes before he walked off the stage. fans took to social media expressing their anger. one saying he starts ranting, drops the mic, says the show is over and leaves. i want my money back. >> another fan said kanye just ranted and then walked off stage. i have never been this mad. >> new details about the shooting of an armed teenager near watsonville. police responded to the report of a stabbing early yesterday morning. they found two people suffering stabbed wounds and a 15-year-old armed with a knife with a 4-inch blade. deputies tried to subdue the teenagers and then shot him after they say he advanced on officers. they have identified him at luke smith, a sophomore. >> it's hard to know what could have happened. he was active, he was a surfer,
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he was fisherman, he was just the brilliant. it's just tragic. >> deputies say the teenager is related to his stabbing victims who are now in critical condition. >> now to the transition to the white house. donald trump pushes to fill top positions in his administration. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has the update on the interviews conducted yesterday at one. his luxury resorts. >> reporter: donald trump in new jersey with mike pence, teeing up possible candidate picks. the most prominent name, mike romney, purchase reportedly vying fourth secretary of state. no barbs they traded during the campaign. but it was no done deal either
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after the 90-minute meeting. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. i look forward to the coming administration. >> i see tremendous talent of people that, as i say, would make america great again. >> at his first public appearance in days, the president-elect seemed to be in high spirits, even making nice with the press. >> take care. first time in my life i've taken good care of the press. >> trump has more interviews sunday and he implied more job announcements. >> you will hear more things tomorrow. [chanting] meanwhile, protesters were back in the streets. in washington, d.c. police took this man down in handcuffs and another man suffered a head injury. in trump's hometown of new york city, hundreds demonstrated against the president-elect. abc news, new york.
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>> a member of stanford's conservative hoover initiative think tank is on the list to have candidates of secretary of defense. he's a retired marine general whose sharp mind got him into the top echelon, but his words sometimes got him into trouble. >> retired marine general james mattis is considered a top candidate to run the pentagon. >> all i can say is he is the real deal. >> 66-year-old mattis spent four -- 44 years in the corps. he led groups in afghanistan and iraq. his last the military job is commander of a central command. >> he's a rugged, outspoken marine. >> sometimes that outspoken nature has gotten him into hot water. like during a panel discussion in 2005 when he talk about meeting taliban fighters on the battlefield. >> it's fun to shoot some people. i like brawling.
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>> mattis admitted it was a poor choice of words. >> supporters have nothing but praise for him. one said there's known i would rather be in a trench or war with. we managed to reach him by e-mail in new jersey. he said now i prefer to remain quiet, best, jim. he said he can only become the second highest the general to hold the post since the creation in 1987. >> one marshall. marshall becomes secretary under harry truman. nonsince. >> abc7 news >> patrick said most defense secretaries have either been junior officers or never served. and he said that's to show that the department is runly civilians, who would be less
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inclined to go to war. [chanting] >> enough is enough! >> abc7 news was in san francisco as hundreds of people stood in the rain to protest president elect trump. organizers say they are fighting back against racism, sexism and of the group marched from the civic center to the ferry building. it's the latest the of similar protests in the bay area and nationwide against the results of the presidential election. >> president elect trump sent a tweet this morning about the treatment of vice president-elect mike pence at the broadway musical "hamilton." the tweet reads the cast and producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. here's part of what the cast members said friday night during the curtain call. >> "we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not
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protect us." >> that came at the end of the show. pence was on his way out. he did stay to listen. he has not commented on the word of the hamilton star or on mr. trump 's tweet this morning. >> donald trump's incoming chief of staff, reince priebus, will appear on "this week"." you can watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopoulos" as 8:00 right here on abc7. >> and right here right now we have lisa talking about -- a little bit of unstable weather. >> that's right. we are looking at some showers right now in parts of the north bay but we could see a thunderstorm. a live look outside. here's emeryville where it's 57 degrees. not as widespread, the rainfall today. but we could see it come down in spots with a boom. we will talk about it in detail,
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the forecast for you coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next, what's being called the best weather satellite of has launched into space and part of it was made right here in the bay area. and coming full circle. tommy smith returns to mexico city where he made history back at the 1968 olympics by raising a fist with a black glove on the medal stand. what he will be doing for the raiders before tomorrow night's
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>> welcome back. 6:14 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up early for abc7 mornings. this is a look at live doppler 7. you can see right now not much going on in terms. rain. its going to be a scattered showers this morning and throughout the rest of the day, as we head towards thanksgiving. every little drop helps. lisa is along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. >> and liftoff from noah's go arc >> it's called the best weather satellite ever and it's got a bit of the bay area inside. the $1 billion satellite grafted off from cape canaveral yesterday. aiming for an orbit the
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of 22,300 miles over earth. hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms will all be tracked like never before with crystal-clear color pictures. the technology was developed as a lockheed martin research lab in palo alto. happening today. the us coast guard cutter waesche is scheduled to return to coast guard island in almeda where she was on a 97-day patrol off the coast of central america in counter drug and search-rescue operations. she also spent three weeks off the coast of san diego, completing proficiency exercises. the waesc the he seized hundreds of pounds of cocaine, worth more than a billion dollars. also there was a march through san francisco city streets, calling attention to
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those killed or injured in traffic crashes. the organization will officially launch world day of remembrance for world traffic victims. hundreds of expected to participate in today's march. the memorial march will start at 3:30 this afternoon at the 16th street bart station and ending at city hall with a vigil. organizations that supply food for those less fortunate need your help this holiday season because they don't have enough food. case in point here at sacred heart community service in san jose. plenty of volunteers but only 1100 turkeys to fill 4400 turkeys. then as if on crew a car club came to the rescue dropping off 100 donated turkeys. we asked one member how she felt. >> fantastic because i have been where these people are. and i want to help because it makes a huge difference, food on the table. sacred heart begins donating their holiday boxes tomorrow. they are still short. they could really use your help. >> happening now, portions of
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the east sidewalk of the golden gate bridge are closed this morning while crews work on a light replacement project. pedestrians will be able to access the sidewalk from either end of the bridge, but only as far as the closer area. today's closer will be at the south anchorage at the fort point arch. its expected reopen at 10:00 this morning. the work will be postponed if it rains. >> now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> we have a line of showers with some heavier embedded downpours just about to push be into the sunset district. some light showers across the bridge. as you head up into marin county, looking at more activity through mill valley and sauce lead dough. continue ron further to the north around san rafael and toward sonoma.
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this is the case throughout the day. taking you south, south of morgan hill, just west of gilroy. notice the shower activity. highway 1 west of hollister. but hollister, you, too, are getting your head wet and down toward big sur this morning. some rainfall just around monterey. rain around be blue canyon at will lake level. you have to go higher, truckee, tahoe city we are getting some rain-snow mix. a winter weather advisory up to 4:00 today with 8 to 16 inches above 7,000 feet and 2 to 6 below. that could be five, six inches around kirkwood and donner. a slight chance of a thunderstorm and a little bit breezy from our sutro tower camera. temperatures in the 50s this morning. 55 gilroy, 57 in oakland. half moon bay, san francisco, 56. and atop vollmer peak, the sun come up and getting what seems to be a little later setting at
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4:55 and coming up after 6:00. 55 degrees santa rosa with 56 in hayward. so from sfo right now a little early for delays. showers today, possible thunderstorm. back to sunshine tomorrow. of the system is out the of here by wednesday morning. a high surf advisory all along the coast until 3:00. so 17-foot waves around half moon bay. actually we are looking at some pretty dangerous conditions there. the models do pretty good with timing out the line of showers here and there. 10:00 this morning you notice anywhere from vallejo, highway 820 through the city into san mateo and maybe around fremont in the afternoon. but they get more widely scattered as the sun sets. so by the time we are looking at that niners game, just a slight chance of a shower. 10:00 tonight looking pretty good. rainfall amounts anywhere from just trace amounts, a couple hundreds, to perhaps a tenth up
6:20 am
in napa with the heavier downpours. it will be hit-or-miss throughout the area. through the late overnight hours it's very, very light. by early into wednesday, it's over and we've got more sunshine the day before thanksgiving. so looking at highs today ranging from the upper 50s, possibility of a thunderstorm along the coast. about 60 today in concord. and down around santa clara 62 degrees. a slight chance of a shower. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today isolated shower and or a thunderstorm. tomorrow it will be dry and then we will look for temperatures to stay pretty cool, pretty seasonal with evening showers on tuesday into wednesday. boy, what a nice start we've had for the rainfall season even though the next couple of systems will be weak. looks like they keep coming. by next weekend we could be looking at more significant rain. >> all right. but don't ruin thanksgiving, lisa. >> no, of course not.
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the turkey, well -- >> just ahead, how the father of an nfl player made history during a college football
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>> welcome back. coming up on 6:24.
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here's a live look from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. it was wet yesterday, unsettled weather all week. what happens on thanksgiving? lisa will tell you all about that in just a few. dan harris is joining us now from new york to tell us what is come up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> good morning. we are heading into what appears to the pivotal day in the formation of the donald trump administration. he's out at his estate in new jersey where he met with mitt romney. could he be secretary of state? and ana born found safe. somebody killed her mother in kansas and took the baby to dallas. investigators in both states now looking for leads in the sad and baffling case. and on a much, much lighter note this morning, we will go behind the scenes with the host of the american music awards.
6:25 am
what's on tap for tonight's big show which will aerate here on awc. see you soon. >> thanks, dan. >> a man best known for his show of black strength in unity during the 1968 olympics in mexico city will return there as a guest of the oakland raiders. tomorrow tommy smith will light the torch in honor of the team's late owner, al davis. it's before the game in houston against mexico center. the former track and field athlete-turned wide receiver, raised a black power fist at the 1968 olympics medal ceremony. he is a long-time friend of the raiders owner mark davis. you can watch the texans a-raiders game on abc7. the pregame coverage begins tomorrow at 5:00. a 55-year-old made history last night on the football
6:26 am
field, fulfilling his dream with a three-yard gain south carolina state joe thomas senior became the oldest division i football player ever. his son, joe thomas junior, plays for the packers now. but he played for sc state for three years. here's the dad being carried off the field after they beat savannah state 32-0 last night. they presented him with the game ball after the game. still to come, a former trump university student in california is relieved that president-elect has settled a $25 million lawsuit. why mr. trump said he decided to settle out of court. and also facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has a new pledge to stop the spread of fake news on his social networking site. and taking a look outside right now, this is the view from our south beach camera. a beautiful shot with the bay bridge. sky looking lovely as we wait for the sunrise.
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>> welcome back. let's start this half-hour with
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a look at the whether with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. less than 30 minutes toward sunrise. we have a little of that and a little of this, which is shower activity. live doppler 7 showing rain here around san francisco in the sunset district. and up toward mill valley it's wet, highway 101, across 580, the richmond-san rafael bridge and napa and toward livermore. perhaps showers in gilroy. looking at wet weather for you. and down around hay way 1 toward salinas. it's a little soggy out there in spots. once again today we are looking at some shower activity, lighter than yesterday but the order of it could be hit-or-miss due toes possibility of a few thunderstorms. we will detail it for you in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you.
6:31 am
the rain was a factor yesterday during stanford's win over cal. fans say they can't remember the last time it rained on a big game day. abc7 news reporter eylisa harrington has the story. >> it's a game day tradition at u.c. berkeley. the football team speakers the stadium through a sea of fans while the band riles up the crowd but there was no music. a university official said the band was concerned rain would damage the instruments. the big change in weather came just in time for the big game against stanford, one of college football's greatest rivalries, but it did not dampen spirits. >> a little water won't hurt anyone. >> for me it's more epic. it's football weather. >> reporter: many cal and stanford fans supported ponchos in their team colors. the party scene was still as big as ever at fraternities.
6:32 am
>> i'm going out. i'm in my shorts. yeah, it's pretty popular. >> victor said there's fewer people than normal, but they are barbecuing and came prepared with tarps. >> every now and then we poke the thing and the water falls off. that's the best solution we've found be so far. >> rain fell all over the area. >> showers soaked milbrae, high winds battered the coast where there's a high surf advisory. in salinas, two tree branches toppled over powerlines. this weather keeping emergency crews busy throughout the weekend. elysa harrington, abc7 news. when you get unusual weather where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7now. that will help us find your content and use it on the air at a former trump university student is cheering a settlement by the president-elect. donald trump has agreed to pay $25 million to 6,000 former students involved in a lawsuit against the university.
6:33 am
for sonny lowe, that means eat getting back at least half the money he spent learning about real estate. the man who lives in san diego said instead of becoming a successful real estate investor like he hoped, he spent the last six years working at home depot. >> i water plants and serve customers. >> lowe said without the settlement he would have had to declare bankruptcy. president-elect took to twitter to talk about the settlement. he said he settled for a small fraction of the potential award because, "as president i have to focus on our country." he continued to say, "the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u. too bad." president barack obama is trying to ease concerns in latin america that his successor will
6:34 am
stomp on trade deals. during the last leg of his final trip as president of the u.s. he held a meeting yesterday with the leader of peru. he told people at a town hall style meeting that there are likely to be new tensions given donald trump's opposition to trade deals. the president pointed out the importance of democratic governments working together. >> you can maintain order for a while with repressive, nondemocratic governments. but it will rot from within. over time those governments fail. >> president obama also met with china's president. he hopes the relationship between the u.s. and china will continue to grow after mr. trump takes office. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has heard the concerns about fake news spreading on social media, and he says he has plans to stop it. zuckerberg addressed the problem
6:35 am
friday night from peru, where he's taking part in the apec summit. on a post on his facebook page, he said facebook takes misinformation seriously. some people think the fake stories shared over facebook and other sites may have influenced the federal election. zuckerberg outlines seven projects they are working on to hlp stop the spread of fake news. that includes stronger detection of fake news stories, making it easier for users to report fake news and working with journalists and others in the news industry to better understand their fact-checking systems. still ahead on abc7 mornings, it's a cross between battle box and pokemon go. a look at what may be the hot holiday toys this year for kids of all ages. and here is a live look from our abc7 roof cam. soggy today, damp, showers. the showers are lighter than
6:36 am
yesterday. lisa argen has your forecast in
6:37 am
6:38 am
>> the mannequin challenge is really taking off in ireland. a crowd posted this video on youtube that's already had more than 50,000 views. staff members and real life customers got in on the internet craze, doing everything from throwing darts to singing karoake and everything in between that you find at a bar. there was also this video posted on twitter showing irish sheep
6:39 am
that appear to be doing their own mannequin challenge. and lisa is viking a weather pose. >> okay, sure. good morning, everybody. we are looking at showers from santa rosa to san jose and right hear if santa cruz it's gray. temperatures in the 50s. a smattering of showers throughout the landscape and that will be the case throughout your sunday afternoon. we have some rain before thanksgiving. i'll let you know how dry thanksgiving and beyond will be coming up >> all right. thank you, lisa. also ahead, oakland's andre ward makes his case for being the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world after a controversial close decision. mike shumann has the details coming up in
6:40 am
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6:42 am
. >> welcome back, everyone. 6:42 on this sunday morning. here's a live look from our tahoe camera. it's raining there. light rain and snow mix today. about 35 degrees. 40s later on today. start waxing those skis and get ready. it might be a great season this year. let's check out sports. this afternoon tom brady is making his first start against the 49ers in the bay area. the niners are hosting the new england patriots at levi's stadium. kickoff 1:25:00 p.m.
6:43 am
tomorrow night the raiders face the houston texans on monday night football in mexico city. a game you can watch here on abc7. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. stanford has bragging rights over cal yet again after the cardinals beat the golden bears for the seventh straight year in the big game. here's shu. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the big game always has a lot on the line in this 119th version. a stanford win they can tie the record with seven straight wins while cal needs a win to be bowl eligible. this is cal quarterback david web's first big game and make -- maybe christian mccaffrey's last. to the left. quick toss to chad hansen on the slant. nothing but green grass. 70 yards. hanson, 114 yards receiving, two touchdowns. 7-0, cal. however, an unsportsmanlike penalty gave them great field position. the two-play draw with 16-yard run. 7-7 ballgame.
6:44 am
second quarter, tray watson gets the five. dalton schultz. >> 9 yards. 17-14 at the half. third quarter christian mccaffrey breaks free and he's gone. 90 yards. third longest rushing touchdown in school history. he set a record with 283 yards, 3 touchdowns. and stanford claims the axe for the seventh straight year. 35-31, that final. san jose, a phenomenal game. the td pass, 7-0, spartans. showing off his wheels. three rushing touchdowns. dukes the defender. 17 yards for the score. they are up 14-7. the play in the third quarter. he threw to 342 yards, 2t's. they tie the game. 40 seconds left.
6:45 am
air force down four. 11 yards passing until this 22-yard strike to sjalin, and air force comes back to win. that was a heartbreaker. 41-38, your final. andre ward with the biggest fight of his career in las vegas as he faced off for the light heavyweight belt. both fighters undefeated. he was down, but rallied with his defensive style. he won the last six rounds on all three score cards and would win the unanimous decision 116-111 on all three judges of the judges' cards. ward is now five-time world champion in two different weight classes. the warriors visiting milwaukee last night where they lost their first game last year after winning 24 in a row. former cal star. the second quarter. going up and in for the slam. and the greek freak had 30.
6:46 am
kevin durant, all alone in the corner for three. durant with 33. third quarter, draymond green. the steal and the stop. dubs by 12. midway through the fourth, klay thomson what he does best, the three. lead is 14. klay had 29. the bucks make it a game. jabari parker. the and-one. it's a three-point game. dubs trying to put the away but they are going to turn it over and the greek freak with a chance for the dunk and the tie! and he misses it! dubs hang on for the victory. they have won seven straight overall. sharks and coyotes heading into the third. deflected by joe pavelski. look at that. he tipped it up and over the shoulder of mike smith. 2-1. then with under ten minutes remaining, he beats smith with the one-timer. his first goal of the year. ties it at 2. game went to overtime. 3-on-3.
6:47 am
scores on the deflection. sharks ended their six-game road trip 3-3. and -2, the final. patriots face the 49ers. all those highlights tonight at 5:00. hope to see you then. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. here's live doppler 7. you can see across the entire state we have activity from southern california to the bay area. i want to take you over san francisco. light showers from the golden gate bridge to the richmond-sunset district, daly city and south city getting a little bit wet. also toward the richmond san rafael bridge and over into albany, perhaps richmond, as well. to the north you seat highway 12 and napa, a smattering of showers and westward and out by fairfield. way south, east of the morgan hill and gilroy, you have had some showers. it's been a little the wet around san jose but it's dry right now. we look for the snow to continue
6:48 am
in the sierra nevada right on through the afternoon. so right now it's 35 degrees with some rain. looking at temperatures near 40. so it's the upper elevations that we will look for the accumulation, 8 to 16 inches above 7,000 feet and about half a foot at 6500 feet. so today just 51 on the storm impact scale. we will be detecting some showers from time to time. perhaps a thunderstorm. the winds will be light and here's the view from mt. tam where the rain has really favored the north bay yesterday, anywhere from two inches to 2.5 inches. and this morning it's wet with a little bit of mist and fog. 56 in mountain view, as well as is san jose. 55 gilroy. san francisco. delays of about 45 minutes at sfo. here's the way it looks in downtown san francisco, sutro tower. some fog over into the east bay, as well. 57 napa, 56 in hayward and liver more. finally at sfo it's gray. the tarmac is a little wet out there.
6:49 am
more showers today entering the bay area. possible thunderstorms but we are back to sunshine tomorrow. the next chance of rain comes in tuesday night into wednesday. the high surf advisory right through the afternoon today with the current wave heights 12 to 17 feet from half moon bay, even down by monterey bay it's pretty big. so looking at your hour by hour forecast, you can see the line of showers. 10:00, perhaps from i80, vallejo, emeryville and san francisco. as we go through the afternoon and we have the sun that helps to destabilize the atmosphere as the system moves to the north, and that means we can see a pop-up shower from fremont right up through sunnyvale. but the bulk of the day will be dry for most of you. when you see that thunderstorm, if you do, it will be quick moving. so by 10:00 tonight pretty much dry. and amounts really not amounting to too much unless you are right under one. those heavier cells. so anywhere from trace amounts to perhaps .2 where you get a thunderstorm. fast forwarding into tuesday night about 5:00, 6:00 in the
6:50 am
north bay you will see a few light showers. through the evening hours some of those showers will sink south into the east bay. then by wednesday morning, we are back into a partly cloudy day. so looking at temperatures today, it's cool around the back side of that system. and with a little moisture in the atmosphere it will work to allow for a few light showers, maybe a thunderstorm today with low 60s. you could see a heavier downpour at times if you get caught under one of those cells. at levi's stadium looking at numbers in the low 60s with a chance of a shower. of the accuweather seven-day forecast, some rain showers today. tuesday night into wednesday, i didn't put a number on that system, it looks light. and the system thanksgiving night also looks light and the one after. at least they are going to be continuing, even though they will be on the light side. we are at much as ten times above normal up in santa rosa in terms of rainfall.
6:51 am
the reservoirs to the north of full. but south bay could use more for sure. >> we have several opportunities this week. thank you, lisa. it's hard to believe but black friday is just five days away and the season for shopping is almost upon us. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a look at one new toy that just launched and it is sure to make it on to some wish lists. >> meet meccamon. >> it's a mechanical monsters. >> their creators always had a passion for nature so if they look alike, it's no accident. >> they work on the motion of this robot so they look alive. >> and they come alive when you look through your phone. unlike the world of pokemon go, they can have real battles in the real world. you can snap on missiles and laser beams. >> when you get the two-on-one,
6:52 am
that's when the magic happens. >> while the kids were in school, we found some adults in touch with their inner child at the design floor across the street and brought it over for a robot invasion. the designers at cooper picked it up quickly. >> three, two, one, go! they staged a race that quickly turned into a wrestling match. [cheers and applause] >> they talked to them like family. >> just don't let him intimidate you. he can be very evil. >> and observed them like wild animals. >> it's like watching a national geographic special on the four-legged spider. >> even experts are impressed. >> it's pretty cool. it's the most chanced robotics i've seen on a consumer-level toy you can buy for a kid. >> but it comes at a price, $325. >> it's more on the expensive side so less will be able to buy it. >> he makes lower-priced toys that interact with smart toy apps. >> toys used to have a short life-span, and now you can do
6:53 am
things with them for a lifetime. >> that's the thing, it grows and never gets old. >> it ships in january with a surprise gift for those who preorder. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> coming up, the american music awards are just hours away. find out what's on tap for the world's biggest fan-voted awards show. and take a live look from our emeryville camera. keep your umbrellas handy today, it will be damp, soggy and scattered showers off and on. lisa will be along with the final forecast in just a few.
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $320 million powerball draw. no one picked all six numbers so, lisa, we've got a chance. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $359 million. happening today, the biggest fangs-voted awards show, the american music awards will be presented in los angeles. fashion model gigi hadid and comedian jay pharoah will host the 44th annual show. more than a dozen artists, including lady gaga, bruno mars and john legend, will perform. drake leads the nominations with
6:57 am
a record-breaking 13. the amas air at 8:00 tonight right here on abc7. let's get a final check of your accuweather forecast. >> we have a few showers out there. mainly here in san francisco. looking at the sunset district and also around the bay view. light towards the berkeley and albany. fairfield, american canyon and finally east of mt. hamilton and hollister, it's a little wet out there. the forecast, possible thunderstorm today with the 1 on the storm impact scale. tomorrow we are dry, maybe some showers late tuesday into early wednesday. and late on thanksgiving. so the pattern is just about every other day with just some light activity, cool temperatures, a little bit of snow in the sierra. just kind of good, you know. >> good. thanks, lisa. thanks for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen.
6:58 am
we want to thank abc7 news viewer b. j. for this photo of san francisco's city hall during a break from the rain last night. really pretty. share your pictures with us using the # abc7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. "good morning america" is next. have a
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. new overnight, building his team. donald trump starting a second day of meetings after sitting down with mitt romney. could he be the next secretary of state? and the contender who impressed him for secretary of defense. >> he is the real deal. >> who the president-elect will meet with today. the new "hamilton" duel, donald trump taking to twitter to demand the show apologize for a message sent from the stage to vice president-elect mike pence in the audience. >> we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> the fierce response online and outside the theater. winter blast. the first major snowstorof


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