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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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disans in mexico city and they will deal with altitude, pollution, and we will send them all the vibes we can. >> it will be a great game. right here. starting at 5:00. we have thick fog in the east bay neighborhoods but not hitting the reporting stations. thickest around petaluma to santa rosa and down to san rafael. it came in quickly. we went from unlimited visibility to this. in 20 minutes. temperatures range from 41 tousle at 7:00. increasing sunshine and upper 50s for all of us grab a coat if you are out and about. temperatures are in the mid-50s. chances of rain are next. alexis smith? >> we have a quiet start to the monday morning commute. with the exception of right here the bay bridge toll plaza is congested. we have had the metering lights
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on since 5:28. feeling in westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze at 26 minutes. 13 across the bay bridge and southbound 101. we will talk more on the fog next. >> police are trying to figure out the cause of a tragic accident that claimed the life of a four-year-old boy and left two hurt. it happened at the senior center before 5:00 yesterday. police say a 12-year-old boy was inside of a car. he was charging the phone and it went into reverse. it hit the four year old and 13-year-old. the four year old died and the 12 and 13-year-old have minor injuries. police do not september -- expect chances to be filed. >> president-elect donald trump is expected to meet with another g.o.p. primary rival today, former texas governor rick perry. still no word on which position he could be in the running for, after a weekend packed with more than 20 meetings including a "far reaching conversation with
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mitt romney and reince priebus discusses conflict of interest on his business only fire and he said while have the adult children take over. >> it isure nuclear but it is complying with the law and we will chemically with the laws and i can assure the american people this there would not be any wrongdoing. >> as for trump's $25 million settlement in the trump university lawsuits, reince priebus said the president-elect donald trump wanted to put the lawsuits to rest before taking office. >> president obama is new back in the united states landing overnight after wrapping up the final trip. the president spent the welcome at the asia pacific summit in peru and said he does not intend to be a constant critic of president-elect donald trump but reserving the right to reengage in politics if necessary. >> a protests against
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president-elect donald trump continue in the bay area and this is san rafael. a protest grew to 2,000 people yesterday. the rally was held at the plaza. word spread on facebook and the protesters were vocal but peaceful. >> members of the christian, jewish and muslim communities in san jose are vowing more protests like this, against intolerance. hundreds of people stood in the rain outside of city hall in a shift unity yesterday. they say they fear president-elect donald trump's promise to deport undocumented people living in the united states with more action and rallies are planned for the future. >> the bay area chapter of the national lawyers guild will call out oakland police for their treatment of anti-trump protesters. officials for the guild say they are holding a news conference at city hall at 10:00 a.m. and oakland police department used intimidation and violence against the protesters after the election and officers arrested dozens and oakland police say
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the protesters were assaulting officers including throwing rocks, bottles and fireworks >> an update with jessica castro. >> heads up before you do holiday shipping, toys 'r us is halting sales of this toy truck. it is the mighty wheels dump truck after it caught fire in washington state over the weekend. in the bed of a family's ford ranger while drive on the highway on friday night. the couple bought the toy for their grandson and on way him from the store. they had to cull the fire department to put it out. toys 'r us said it will not sell the toy truck to anyone while investigating exactly the cause of the bla >> raiders take the national spotlight on international soil. that is a big concern for the teams. >> the raiders play the houston texans in mexico city right
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here. massive pollution in america's capital and the thin air could make breathing an issue. a former united states soccer star said the stadium is actually the worst place he has ever played a sporting event. mexico city is 7,200' before sea level 2,000' higher than in denver, that raiders know very well. expect plenty of oxygen masks. >> we have all the action in mexico city with texans vs. raiders starting right here at 5 o'clock and then "dancing with the stars" after that. >> more fallout from wells fargo the new restrictions the bank is facing after a fake account scream. >> and steve kerr could face a whopping fine and how his opinion could cost him all of that money. >> a look outside of the backup the bay bridge toll plaza.
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the bay bridge toll plaza. stay
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>> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's go to mexico city and
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show the forecast. mostly clear. 64. dropping to 54. the weather could not be better. in san francisco, the presidio is cool ever hest at 48. the ferry building is 54. 48 in san leandro, saratoga, and 50s around pleasanton and walnut creek and tracy and pet lull at 45. today, upper 50s at the oast and 633 the rest us. the rain goes away on wednesday but mid-50s to low 60s remaining cool. more rain in the seven-day forecast. we have a new issue at the treasure island on-ramp a disabled vehicle lost power. it is dark in the second to right lane. the second lane to the right, actually. a backup there. the other issue is the fog. mike has been showing you the camera in san rafael, we are socked in.
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this is how areas look. slow down. drive for conditions. drive times are just ahead. >> steve kerr is facing $25,000 fine. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the fine is for publicly criticizing officials during a radio interview. on thursday afternoon he said that players are breaking one of the rules of the game: traveling. everyone can see it but for the officials who are paid to do their job. he said you can put together a blooper reel full of plays referees are missing. >> he did not hold back. >> tensions in thed in as veries face off with police over the pipeline. >> a new study on kids and junk food that could have you rethink what your kids watch on >> look at the lights up new for >> look at the lights up new for the holidays
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>> all news, all morning. >> powerful images from north dakota, can you see a police barricade blocking hundreds of demonstrators from crossing the bridge with officers using tear gas and a water cannon. police are saying they used the water to put out fire starts by
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protesters. one person is arrested. >> a teen was killed outside of a popular bowling alley in alameda. officials say the gunman opened fire on the 19-year-old late on saturday in the back parking of the bowling avenue. he was rushed to the hospital. he died. investigators have yet to release a description of the suspect or a motive. >> the annual food give away is kick off at sacred heart. the none profit is. coming up short. they are making a big push for donations. our reporter is in san jose with more on that. matt? >> good morning. this is impressive. check out the food boxes, have been put together by volunteers at sacred heart community service. all boxes go to families today. through wednesday. for thanksgiving day. check out the good food inside the boxes. what is missing for a lot of the boxes, turkeys. >> it is great we have had a lot
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of folks donate bringing turkeys or support the organization and people are pouring in the love. we need more. >> they need 2,200 more turkeys. sacred heart will do this, giving the food boxes and turkeys to family and this is video from the event last year, 4,200 families pick up the meal sold through wednesday and sacred heart will do it again for christmas. you can drop off turk kids or money at sacred heart or go to our website with more information on how to help. st. anthony's in san francisco is in need of turkeys for thanksgiving day, a family tradition for many people. a lane is blocked off for curb side drop off at avenue. >> we have a new dining room,
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bigger freezers and refrigerators and we stored more things. people are stepping up to fill them. that is great. >> a lot people do not have much and we want to help. do our part. >> if you want to do your parted to through wednesday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and you can log on to you do not have to go anywhere but you can donate a virtual turkey from wherever you are. >> wells fargo is dealing with tighter management restrictions after regulators made the announcement getting advance approval before making the business decisions including changes in the board and executive officers after the bank opened two million unauthorized consumer accounts. >> an alarming new study released on children and junk food. the american academy of peed at treks found young kids exposed to food ads consumed more food packed with calories and
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our medical editor weighed n. >> it is about increased eating and what kids see priming the money for behaviors later that lead to weight gain and it is impossible to avoid these ads. this is very conditioning. >> the doctor said that the parents need to control what their kids are watching. remember, the connection between ads and food high in sugar and, also, how to entice kids to eat healthy. >> and this is the week of food. of any color. >> good food but too much. >> is that the case? >> probably. >> we will hit the jim -- lot. it will be a tough week to get flights to sfo with 36 minute flight arrivals in walnut creek purchase patch
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and lafayette, golden gate is not fogged in but starting at san rafael it is brutally thick so be careful. chilly and foggy and sunny and a weak storm tomorrow and another chance on friday and on sunday you can see from three-quarters in fairfield to less than quarter-mile in petaluma up to half a mile in santa rosa. we have the same areas fogged in tomorrow, and just leave the heater on you will need it. >> storm-impact scale is "1" tomorrow, .5" in the north bay. toll, during the evening commute, moderate to half rain is moving in, yellows, oranges, reds, in the north bay it becomes moderate. it becomes light in the south bay by midnight the then it clears. you will see just scattered showers. up to .5" in the north bay and .1" in san jose. the seven-day forecast shows
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another chance on friday and sunday both storms are a "1". >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on since 5:30 this morning but it is very slow here with lighter volumes because of the holiday week. we have a problem on the bay bridge with a disabled vehicle around treasure island on-ramp the person's transmission went out. we have a crew on the way but they are not there. yet. the drive times is not slowing you down too much southbound 101 is great on the golden gate bridge and the disabled vehicle is not helping, and westbound 92 san mateo bridge, still in the green at 19 minutes. we have issues with the san francisco bay ferry this morning and i talk about that next. >> good "good morning america" s coming up next from new york city.
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amy? >> yes, happy monday. next on "good morning america" the first big winter blast creating dangerous traffic conditions and where the storm is headed mention and what you can expect during the busy weak of thanksgiving travel with all the snow and cold in syracuse. and donald trump holding dozens of interviews as major announcements are expects on the cabinet. >> the war between hollywood and trump is heat up with the littest. here. on "good morning america" next. >> i hope ginger is wearing triple layer of socks and clothes because syracuse is brutal. >> next, important information for parents, "7 on your side" and michael finney has a tip if you are saving for check. >> fryery crash on australian
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. >> take a look at fiery crash scene from australia, officials say a semi hit a stonewall today on a busy highway and as you can
6:24 am
see the crash gist sparked a huge fire. other drivers pulled the semi driver from the burning cab. he was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. the highway was shut down with no word on the initial cause of the crash. >> it is that time. ask finney. >> this morning we have ryan. the question is on his child's education. "7 on your side" is michael finney has the answer. >> what is the best way to save for my son's college? >> i have to el you it the cost of college is high and going higher all time. assembly not cheap. the only deal out there is the 529 plan, like a 401(k) but for education. the money agrees tax free. anyone with contribute to the plan, companies, grandparents, uncles, honors, friends, anyone can contribute without being taxed. i will post a link to the i.r.s.
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website so you can look up information and see what applies to you, in anything. good luck to you and your son. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it and michael finney record it and share it on social media ask >> the amazon has a new chef at your disposable with recipes from campbells and a chef and now the website is getting in on it, with 60,000 recipes. in word if they are good. but they are there. it uses a voice function to give you step by step instructions hands free. you can pause and appropriate steps if you are not sure what is going on but they not responsible if you burn the food or it doesn't take good. >> i don't have that thing but there would be a lot of abuse if
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i had it. i don't know if i could treat her how she needs to be treated. >> and the american music awards. >> i love my husband. president obama. >> and comic got political during the missouri american music awards with big performances including by taking home the big award. >> i love you. with or without you i love you from the bottom of my heart, i think of you with everything i do you are everything to me. >> congratulations to selena gomez for top rock art it. >> a dozen people are forced from their home overnight with a
6:27 am
fire. >> push to get home holidays with a look at new chances after the new year. >> and 36 minute flight arrival delays starting today at sfo and chance of rains tomorrow, wednesday, friday and saturday and sunday and more delays in the sierra. keep on top of weather and traffic through the commercial traffic through the commercial break with
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good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> welcome to monday. it is 6:30. on november 21. the week of thanksgiving day. >> i am natasha zouves. it is a big day. >> it is. we have the raiders game tone at 5:00 p.m., and taking place in mexico city as the nfl tries to expand their international appeal. they are playing the texans. hopefully we have a win. it starts at 5:00 p.m. >> and mike nicco? >> we will talk about the forecast next weather. i will focus on we the fog, fog, and more fog. especially in the north by. parts of inland east bay hills and develops and toward the coast you can see petaluma with the lowest visibility down to san rafael and the cloud cover
6:31 am
on sutro tower. temperatures are running in the low 40s to 50 ander in the upper 50s to increasely 60 with sunny conditions from noon to 4:00. >> i found the disabled vehicle on the bay bridge and it made it to the shoulder. right there. a vehicle without lights made it to the side and we briefly had c.h.p. there with lights flashing in the left center lane and no longer blocking now. we will look at residual delays in a few. >> the san francisco bay ferry is having mechanical issues and 8:00 a.m. vallejo and return trip from san francisco will be serviced by buses. >> we are waiting to hear more information on highway a perked car reversed and killed a furrier old boy. >> our reporter is in benicia this morning. >> good morning, police are calling it a tragedy all the way around. they say they do have a warning
6:32 am
for parents, this little boy was killed here at the benicia senior center yesterday afternoon at 4:45 while attending a birthday party. police say a 12-year-old boy want out to a car to charge his phone and i'll he was in the car it suddenly want interest reverse and hit and killed the little boy. a 13 year old standing near him was also hurt but is okay. police say that parents need to think twice before handing keys to a child. >> it is important to remember giving kids access to cars, cars are a machine. they can inflict injury. in not supervised. you need to take it into consideration when allowing a child car access. >> officers have not said where the kid was sitting in the car or if the was war turned on. they do not know the relationship between the kids. they were at a birthday party together of the it is called "accident," with no charges
6:33 am
expected. the families have been in touch with grief counselors. >> terrible. >> six people are without a place to live after this house fire broke out. it ignited shortly after 12:30 and took crews an hour to get it under control. it by have started near a bed in the basement. one pet was missing but no one was hurt. >> fur police officers shot in 24 hours and the nation rattle eled. >> the only fatal shoot happened yesterday morning in san antonio and the others were in st. louis, kansas city, missouri, and south florida. a manhunt is underway in san antonio where the officer was shot and killed. the 50-year-old benjamin was writing a traffic ticket when a driver walked up to the window and shot. twice. the shooter drove off in a dark colored families.
6:34 am
>> most families celebrate the holidays and we will be burying one of our own because of cowardice by a suspect who will be cut and brought to justice. >> officers are asking the public to look at this picture. it is believed there are witnesses. the officer was a 20-year veteran of the force. >> in st. louis police say the suspect who ambushed an officer is dead. the sergeant was shot twice in the heads while sitting in the patrol car. the suspect drove alongside of him and opened fire. the sanction sent in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive. >> in missouri, a police officer is recovering after he was shot we an 7:30 our time last night. the suspect was shot and his condition is not known. police say the officer is expected to survive. >> president-elect donald trump is promising to reveal more cabinet picks soon spending the weekend very muched in a rotating door of meeting from
6:35 am
mitt romney to new jersey governor chris christie with the soon-to-be president meeting with 20 potential candidates. the administration is dealing with backlash from filled positions including national security adviser retired "los angeles times" general michael flynn. flynn called islam "a cancer." >> is he in line with how president-elect donald trump views his slam? >> i think so, look, phrasing can always be done differently but clearly there are some aspects of that faith that are problematic. >> former next governor perry among candidates meeting with president-elect today. >> kayne west canceled his show tomorrow night in press know with europes at the aran saying they are not needed. the arena has yet to make an official statement after kayne west canceled in los angeles with hours to go and on stage rants at saturday in sacramento and who can forget last thursday in san jose.
6:36 am
a last fans are upset. >> i was disappointed because i drove here in the rain and wanted to see kayne west and was excited. >> very disappointed. this is the last time i will come to the show. it is ridiculous. >> it is automatically giving refunds to los angeles and sacramento fans got refunds. >> the thanksgiving day travel rush is on. get ready for extra company with 2.5% more passengers fly there year than last area. airlines are measuring and weighing bags and united just announced in january they will launch a new tier of air travel: no frills, basic economy. if you back you are the last to board. and you will be assigned a random seat apart from others. no standard-sized carry on bags are allowed in basic economy. >> traveling alone i would do
6:37 am
that. with family? my kids, i would not, absolutely not. >> travelers say willingness to make the sacrifice would depend on the price. >> if you are flying through chicago over the thanksgiving day holiday, pay attention, this morning workers at o'hare are announcing when they are striking: 500 baggage handlers, security and cleaning personnel over better wages and, working conditions. >> transportation officials in chicago say travelers "shouldn't," be impacted. >> a suspect is in custody after stealing this san francisco fire chief's car. it happened last night at 8:00 people and an hour later, they found it, and they found the person inside. this is between 4th and 5th on bryant. they stopped the car, arrested the suspect, with no word on charges the suspect faces or in anyone anything was taken. awhat happened hear? two homeowners facing expensive repair work after the accident
6:38 am
in vallejo and ought of ideal minivan sideswiped a house and crashed into the garage of the house next door yesterday afternoon on stageline drive. the driver was taken to the hospital. a structural engineer was called tout evaluate the home with the most damage. >> listen up in of own an iphone 6s apple is helping you out. >> 51, if you own one you can get your battery relisted for free because they are getting reports of a 15 unexpectedly shutting down. apple said a small number of the devices have this particular issue and customers can go into any apple store and check and see in the phone is eligible for the battery repolicement a worldwide officer with a lot of the problems overseas but they are offering the replacement here in the up, too, and apple
6:39 am
said make sure you back up your phone, first, saying it is not a safety issue but a battery problem. reggie? >> the countdown now on, hooking forward to the raiders game right here, and so does a guy called godfather griz jones, founder of "oakland forever," and throws giant tailgate pairs to raise money nor local nonprofits the 6320 freds are in mexico city for the game. >> we will meet with oakland raider fans around the world like when they come to oakland we fed them and they spend time with us and we break bread and we will break break with them in mexico city. >> cool. there are big issues: pollution and elevation. mexico city is 1.5 mile above sea level so both teams face
6:40 am
several problems. can you watch raiders and texans in your home right here. pre-game coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. and after the game stick around nor night one of "dancing with the stars", the two night finale. >> new, the forecast. >> meteorologist mike nicco is considerably further south but check out the weather, like ours, 64, clear, a few clouds and 54 by end of the game. temperature wise the raiders do not have a big issue. san rafael, with the fog moving in, it came in hard, and it is not going anywhere. low visibility through the commute. on the water, light breezes, out and about, chilly and foggy but san jose at 280 and 17, clouds are opening and sunshine developing in the low-to-mid 60s, low 60s tomorrow and mid-50s on wednesday and another cold front and a chance
6:41 am
of rain, and the best chance driving on 80 or 50 is wednesday evening, through friday morning, 6:00 tomorrow night through noon on wednesday, moderate-to-heavy snow, 5:00 on friday evening through 11:00 on saturday evening, moderate-to-heavy snow. plaza be careful. if you are heading out and about, alexis? >> we have not had too many issues and lighter than average day on the roads. maybe a lot of you are taking the whole week off. a new problem, in the east bay, southbound 880, we had a two-car crash and it was blocking the two center lanes and it cleared a couple moments ago, and they were able to get it pushed to the shoulder. a check of the bay bridge toll plaza we have had the metering lights on since 5:28 and a disabled vehicle before you get to the treasure island turn knell which is pushed to the right shoulder and not too bad. through the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lits you are gun to 22 minutes. slight delays but improving.
6:42 am
>> a hummus health alert what is revealed about danger hiding in a popular brand. >> shop and dine in the 49, an initiative to boost business in san francisco. >> ready for thanksgiving day? >> ready for thanksgiving day? showing off favorite recipes by
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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>> look at this surveillance video, he stole two purrs in downtown walnut creek october 26. investigators are just release the video now hoping someone recognizes the suspect. they can see his car was caught on camera. if you have information call walnut creek police. all the annual food give away is kick off at sacred heart in san jose. all the nonprofit is coming up short. now they are making a push for donations. matt? >> good morning, i am freezing my tail off to show you how much more room sacred heart community service has for more turkeys. right new they have 2,000 turkeys. they need 2,200 more. today is the day the food box give away starts at sacred heart. 4,200 families are picking unthanksgiving day meal starting today through wednesday getting food box with vegetables, and pantry items and breads and a
6:46 am
turkey. this video shows the workers dealing with high-rising costs and often there is not enough money for the holiday celebrations but you can help by dropping off turkeys or money at sacred heart or go to no jokes on me being the biggest turkey here. >> cold hearted. >> people are warn not to eat hummus products because of possible police tear why contamination. the f.d.a. said listeria was identified at the manufacturing facility. and the bacteria was not been found in the products tested but the company said they are issuing the recall out of "abundance of caution." listeria can cause high fever and nausea in healthy people and for young and elderly it can be fatal. consumers are urged to throw away broad with best buy date through john -- january 23rd
6:47 am
of next year. >> santa clara based intel is rethinking their businesses and that could mean lay off. >> jane king has that in the money report this morning. >> good morning. according to tech crunch, intel wearable divisions is facing massive law offs because of poor performance in the wearable business which is part of the company they have been developing smart watches and ear buds and electronics embedded in clothing but intel said that it is not getting out of the wear abouts so we will see. >> the trial to stop the we immigration reform clear between anthem and another say it would hurt competition and consumers pay more but anthem said it will produce benefits without hurting competition at $48 million. mobile will overtake for online shopping at 53% shay
6:48 am
of business but shopping is hard because it is difficult to fill out forms with the small screen but it is not translating into big revenue. starts have if you records, the nasdaq hit a new record high up 51 points and we expect a slow week with the thanksgiving holiday. >> thank you. san francisco mayor lee will kick off the third annual shop and dine in the 49. the initiative promotes local business by encouraging to spend their money in the city, continuing support of small business, which is this saturday. a 1% of spendin in san francisco global businesses generates $100 million for the economy of the city. >> many of us would lover to play basketball like steph curry but the anothers are slim to
6:49 am
nothing. >> but we can eat like him especially this week. >> it is in the spirit of thanksgiving we are doing something i do at my house, macaroni and cheese. >> yes! >> and the recipe is in the book. >> it is extra cheesy macaroni and cheese. >> wow, the new book is called "the season delight, food, family, faith and the joy of eating well," with side dish recipes from ayesha curry, stick's we have, meals she cooks at home. she loves the holidays because it brings families closer to together. >> a time to cuddle and say thanks. >> or go skiing. >> perhaps. >> some do. i wanted to dovetail on what we talked about when to drive up here by showing you how it looks, with more snow on the way. 3 to 6" on wednesday and heavier
6:50 am
snow for friday into saturday with sunny showers on sunday. what a treat heading that way. a nice treat on the water, it is calm. chilly to foggy and sunny and a weak storm tomorrow and another on friday and again on sunday. upper 40s to low 50s and 48 in leg let, with 48s in danville and lafayette and novato at 46 and alameda and oakland at 52 along with san francisco and half moon bay. tonight the lets are cooler, a last low-to-upper 40s. jumping ahead to what is beginning on, live doppler hd is quiet with the clouds breaking up, with the increasing sunshine and a big mess of swirling clouds ranking "1" and that is light from light to severe and evening showers, naviest in the north bay with yellows and oranges and reds and possible heavy during the 7:00 hour, and it will taper into moderate moving through the heart of the
6:51 am
bay and then through the south bay around midnight. by wednesday morning, it is cleared, and it will be dry day for travel and dry for thanksgiving day, and then friday and traveling sunday, another light store. mike i want to show you this cmera to she how dense the fog is. this is san rafael. 101 at one point we could see the highway. we cannot see the brake lights now or the headlights. it is dangerously low visibility. we slow down and drive for conditions. walnut creek is not ground level clouds and impacting the drive but there is a new problem southbound 680, a disabled vehicle blocking the left center lane and the backup is growing on 242 from the concord area. drive times are next. >> people in marin county are eager to buy recreational marijuana could be in for a long
6:52 am
wait. prop 64 localizing the recreational pot but local jurisdictions can ban sales. civil communities in marin have imposed moratoriums on the cultivation of pot, the marin independent journal things all jurisdictions could decide against commercial sales. there are only a handful of dispensaries silling medical marijuana and it is doubted they will sell recreational pot. >> giants fans can invest in what they hope will be historic 2017 season with tickets from april to june on sale at 10:00 a.m. and something cool this evening there is a special night for students and alumni of each of the local universities. we have more details at >> see you in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know. >> follow us for more photos
6:53 am
like this. >> this is the golden gate bridge we keep weather and bridge we keep weather and traffic up through the says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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>> here's the seven things you need to know before you go, benicia police are investigating how a car suddenly started rolling backward killing a four year old and injuring a 13 year old boy. another boy was inside of the car charging his phone when it
6:55 am
shifted into reverse, police do not plan on filing charges. >> from the live desk breaking news from indianapolis, four kids have died in a house fire overnight. their mother is hospitalized right now, two police officers were also hurt with no word on what sparked the fire. >> president-elect donald trump has more meetings today fill out the cabinet at a summit in peru, president obama encouraged americans to in the prejudge trump's policies before he started implementing them. >> the thanksgiving travel rush is on with more expected to fly this year. the busiest days to floor or wednesday -- to fly or wednesday and sunday, the least busy is thanksgiving day. >> tracking fog this morning, we will look at live doppler hd i have everplayed the fog with less than quarter-mile around fairfield, petaluma, toward santa rosa and parts of 680. watch out for the bus steps, it will be fog requests, brighter
6:56 am
and warmer this afternoon at 57 to 60. >> overall, it has been a quiet morning on the roads, with disabled vehicle southbound 680 with slow delays at 15 minutes highway 4 to walnut creek, correct 24, 17 minutes and heavy getting out of the central valley tracy to dublin westbound 580 an hour. >> calling raid are nation, in mexico city to take on houston texans for monday night football battling pollution and thin air with coverage starting at 5:00 right here. i will be curious to see how big of a deal it is for the teams. audit actual temperature is very similar to what we have in the bay area. >> about 64 do dropping to 54, the air is cleaner in the winter than summer...i hope so. >> coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. the northeast hit by the first major snowstorm of the season. a foot of snow already falling. more on the way. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. and temperatures plunging from chicago to florida as millions prepare to hit the road for thanksgiving, a new holiday travel warning this morning. breaking right now. a massive manhunt. four police officers shot from st. louis to san antonio. overnight, a cop attacked while driving a squad car, and a 20-year veteran gunned down while writing a traffic ticket. >> i have an officer down in front of headquarters. >> the desperate search for the shooters. president trump closes in on new cabinet picks. 21 meetings in two days. an announcement about secretary of defense is imminent. as trump picks a fight with hollywood, slamming "snl." and the cast of broadway's big


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