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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the raiders are south of the border for tonight's "monday night football" game against the texans. it's happening live in mexico city, and you can see it all right here on abc 7. good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm larry beil. we're counting down to tonight's raiders game. you can check out the countdown clock in the corner of the screen as we count you down to our coverage of raiders and texans in mexico. >> all right. thank you so much, larry. we'll check back with you in a little bit. first, we want to the get to some breaking international news this afternoon. the threat of a large tsunami has forced evacuations in eastern japan. >> and this follows a powerful earthquake that hit in the same area of a devastating quake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown five years ago. >> this afternoon's 6.9 magnitude quake was centered 12 miles off the coast of the fukushima prefecture. a 24-inch tsunami has been spotted in the area. >> this shot of port city onah ha ma shows water in flux near a
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port entry point and strong undertow has been detected along the coast up to 186 miles away from the epicenter. hawaii and the california coast are not under threat. new video just in to the abc 7 newsroom shows the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant shaking. in 2011 a 9 magnitude quake sent a large tsunami washing over fukushima killing thousands and causing a nuclear disaster. there have been no deaths reported and no reports of serious damage. >> we'll stay on that, okay, but there's also breaking news in tennessee where abc 7 news reports six children were killed in the crash of a school bus in chattanooga. about 35 children were on board ranging in age from kindergarten to fifth krad. 23 had to be taken to the hospital. the bus driver is cooperating with police as they try to figure out exactly what happened in tennessee. all right. focusing our attention back here in the bay area. a man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his own 4-year-old doubter. >> yeah. gerardo mendoza ordaz was
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arrested after police say he went to st. john the baptist church on mathison streed in healdsburg and drowned his daughter. wayne freedman joins us live. wayne? >> reporter: we note facts what have happened, as you said, but we don't know the how or the way. healdsburg confirmed that a daughter brought his 4-year-old daughter in this church and drowned her in the baptismal pool. catholic church, remains a crime scene. it is the last place anyone would expect to find police tape, but here it is surrounding most of st. john's church in healdsburg. as the sign says no mass today, just many, many questions. >> we do believe that she was drowned and that that was intentional. >> reporter: that is police chief kevin burke describing why detectives arrested 42-year-old gerardo mendoza ordaz and charged him with the death of his 4-year-old daughter.
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police say he showed up behind the police station at 8:30 p.m. naked and crying for help and holding his unconscious daughter with his son by their side. >> we're relying on the testimony of the older son and the statement of the suspect. it is heald isburg first murder since 2008. from family and friends today surprise and sadness. the victim remains unidentified. neighbors say she was a sweet little girl as to how this could happen in a church. >> they were the only people inside the church at the time, there were no other parties present and our catholic church leads the doors to the prem itses unlocked late on sunday and they were there alone at the time. >> reporter: the santa rosa archdiocese and st. john's catholic church had no comment today. in healdsburg, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> police do not plan to seek criminal charges following a tragic accident that killed a 4-year-old boy. police are bringing flowers, stuffed animals and balloons as you can see to a growing
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memorial outside the bancia senior center. rescuers tried to save a boy after a car backed into him yesterday afternoon. the tragedy took place during a birthday party. another boy was inside the car trying to charge his cell phone when had the car lurched backwards and this tragedy touched everyone. >> hurt my heart so deeply to think that a sweet young life is gone and i feel so sadly for his family. >> just terrible. the 13-year-old boy and the 12-year-old from the car were also hurt and they were recovering from minor injuries. police in call osha are investigating a fatal accident outside a lumber supply store in san francisco. sources tell abc 7 news that an employee of goodview lumber of marin was killed when his forklift fell off a ramp pinning him underneath. the victim's name has not been released, however. >> san leandro police shared new details today in their search
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for more people involved in a shootout. that caught an innocent couple in the crossfire. surveillance video captured an image of what appears to be a black 2015 dodge caravan. you see it there. detectives expect someone in a minivan exchanged gunfire and that nissan crashed into a toyota prius. >> okay. we have bright skies and calm conditions right now, but we did have a pretty rainy weekend, at least part of it. here's live doppler 7. partly to mostly sunny skies across the bay area and let's take a look back at weekend rainfall totals. quite impressive up north where santa rosa had 3 inches of rain and nearly one inch here in san francisco and .9 across the bay in observing land. as you can see as you move farther eastward and southward the rainfall totals were much lower, and here's where we stand right now in terms of percent of normal rainfall for the season to date. santor, rosa has had over 200%
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of the normal amount and all locations are ahead of average for this time of the season. here's a live look headed out under san francisco under partly cloudy skies. low 60s in oakland and san jose and gilroy and half moon bay. this is the view at the golden gate. mostly sunny skies there. it's currently 62 in santa rosa and napa 61 and "the new york post"a and hayward and 60 degrees at livermore and another storm coming our way. it looks like it will arrive before thanksgiving day, and can you follow that storm and follow all the travel weather conditions by downloading the abc 7 news app and enabling push alerts. dan? >> okay. spence, thanks very much. fiy, for anyone who uses the great highway in san francisco, the southbound lanes will be closed monday through friday from 7:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon through december 31st. workers are removing sand from the beach and trucks will use the southbound lanes in order to do that. the closure runs from lincoln to sloat. if you're heading out of
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town for the thanksgiving holiday, be ready for lots of company. airlines expect the number of passengers traveling this year to increase 2.5% over last year. airlines are measuring and weighing bags so do expect delays. >> oh, yes, it's going to be busy. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings is keeping an eye on traffic tonight. >> and joins us live with a look at some of the hot spots, alexis. >> good afternoon, guys. a lot of folks trying to get home to watch the raiders game and make it to the sports bar and slow going in a lot of areas as would you imagine. 101 northbound and southbound lanes crawling. northbound quite a bit heavier. i'll show you that on our traffic maps as we zoom into the san francisco area, so all these folks trying to get out to the bay bridge, heading eastbound there. 8 miles an hour approaching there just past 280 and you speed up to 11 miles per hour just before you make it out on to the bridge. taking you down to the peninsula, northbound 101 just before embarcadero road and had a crash involving the motorcycle that cleared minutes ago and stop and go traffic remain and heavy traffic in the southbound. right at the 880 interclank and nothing blocking but you're
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crawling along for a mile and a half. we'll take a look at the east bay congestion coming up in 30 minutes. guys? >> alexis, thanks a lot. kanye west has cancelled the rest of his tour after upsetting fans with long political and personal rants from the stage. on saturday night he played just two songs in sacramento and then went off about hillary clinton, google, facebook, beyonce and jay-z. last thursday in san jose he angered fans as we reported when he spent 40 minutes on politics and said he would have voted for donald trump if he had voted at all. the tour was scheduled to run through the first of the year all across the u.s. and in toronto. west has not said why he is cancelling the tour. fans will have their tickets refunded. a visit to a san francisco high school by lieutenant governor gavin newsome got very emotional. abc 7 news was at burton high school as students cried and expressed their anxiety over the rise in hate speech since donald trump's election. students said they felt rejected for being different and feared a rise in deportations.
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>> i'm not facing anything but i'm scared for my family hand my friends that are immigrants. >> you heard from the kids today fear and anxiety about their families being deported, about their dreams being destroyed. that's real. >> san francisco's superintendent is sending families a letter to reassure them. it says the districts will protect systems as what it describes as systematic oppression. >> activists are demanding changes at the oakland police department for increasing intimidation of protesters following the election two weeks ago. observers from the national lawyers guild said they saw officers had a ration protesters, including children and senior citizens the night after donald trump's victory. they claim at least one person suffered a broken jaw while two others had teeth broken. >> we saw the use of tear gas and concussion grenades being shot in a manner that was indiscriminate into crowds that
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contained children, elders, handicap folks. >> guild members want to meet with city and police leaders to voice these concerns. the oakland police department did not return our calls for a comment on any of this today. well, come up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," the picture that's stirring up trouble for the trump transition team. the possible secrets revealed on this piece of paper. plus, we're just days away from black friday and local businesses are hoping you'll head to their store. the small business push for the holidays. and we are counting down to the raiders and texans in "monday night football" from stadio azteca. it's going to be packed and fun. "monday night football" on abc 7. how good are the silver and bl
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it is a huge night for the raiders as they take on the texans live in mexico. >> yeah, that's right. "monday night football" will air right here on abc 7, and abc 7 sports director larry beil and mike schumann are here. exciting. >> ola, dan and ama. >> a battle of first place teams. >> she's been working on it. you've got the 7-2 raiders and
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the 6-1 texans at estadio azteca in mexico city and that stadium holds 76,000 fans and they sold out not a few hours. >> even though houston is closer to mexico geographically this may look like a raiders home game tonight. there are so many fans of the silver and black in mexico and around the world, the raiders are global. >> for sure. the last time the nfl went to mexico for a regular season game, 2005. the 49ers, tim rat yeah and alex smith at quarterback, and they lost to arizona led by josh mccown 31-14. niners went 4-12 for mike nolan that year. the raiders with jon gruden coaching played a preseason game. that against the cowboys at this very same stadium in 2011. tim brown with a drop. he's not going to be happy we showed that on the highlight. he's in mexico and can't see it. dallas won the game behind quincy carter. raiders, you talk about blasts from the past, but raiders ended that season losing to the new
4:16 pm
england patriots in the tuck rule game in the playoffs. don't need to go over that again, but this is obviously not your normal road trip. >> no. athletes are creatures of habit and routines so this does throw you off a bit. the flight is just like an east coast game, only about three and a half hours and that's not bad and when you're not familiar with the stadium, any stadium you play with in the nfl, you get your same locker and feel comfortable, it's a bit odd. fans will be mixed, those who know the game and some who are really soccer fans but just going for the experience. once the game begins though, players kind of lock in and it won't be an issue except for the elevation. this is half a mile higher than mile high stadium in denver. a lot of oxygen on the sideline and more substitutions than usual from the coaches. >> that will be something that both coaching staffs have to keep an eye on throughout the course of the game. a lot more coming up, keys to victory, and it may not be derek carr. dan, ama, back now. >> thanks very much. >> and you can watch the raiders/texans game comfortably in your home right here on abc
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7. pregame coverage starts at 5:00 and immediately following the game stick around for night one of the "dancing with the stars" two-night season finale. >> all right. coming up, a look at what's next for the raiders stadium. >> yes, here's abc 7 news reporter laura anthony. laura? >> ama, check these out. these signs will be handed out in mexico. coming up, we'll have the late on the efforts to keep the team right here. >> look forward to that. thanks, laura. >> black friday traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season, of course, but your local merchants hope you'll participate in a growing business on saturday. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joins us live on fillmore street where the mayor helped kick off local shopping there. carolyn. >> reporter: you guys know in between black farid and cyber monday, there's a day to highlight the more than 28 million small businesses nationwide.
4:18 pm
san francisco mayor ed lee shopped small making a big splash buying neckties at assembly high, a store on fillmore street. this was the kickoff to a holiday campaign now in its third year called shop and dine in the 49. it encourages residents to support their neighborhood merchants and acknowledges the high cost of doing business in the city. >> we can help the workforce with a higher wage. help their families and also we need to do our share which is to let's make sure that we support all of our small businesses. >> reporter: peter papayas, owner of blade and blue, made the ties the mayor bought. >> when i made a necktie and my label is made here in san francisco, there's a label-maker who has a job. >> reporter: in fact, a national organization called advocates for independent business says shopping local creates 57 jobs for every $10 million in consumer spending. in san carlos, the bulletk of
4:19 pm
the 2000 businesses here are small, and shopping local is more than just a slogan. the chamber of commerce sells nearly $40,000 worth of these gift certificates each year that can only be spent in town. purchased locally because your tax dollars stay locke al for the most part. not all of them obviously. >> and more shoppers seem to understand and embrace the movement. >> i like the people that live in our community and keep the dollars here. >> reporter: small business saturday is this weekend. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> after a rainy weekend what can we expect this week? spencer christian is here with the latest. >> going to be a mixed bag. >> okay. >> a little rain and a little sun, hoping for more sun on thanksgiving. a look at live doppler 7. quite a bit of sunshine at this moment with just a few clouds around. it's a lovely crisp monday afternoon around the bay area. this is the view from mt. tam looking down on the bay under partly cloudy to mostly clear skies, and these are our
4:20 pm
forecast features. rain will arrive tomorrow evening. first in the north bay and then sweeps southward and eastward. we'll see scattered showers lingering into wednesday morning. looks like it will be bright and dry and our storm impact scale which enables us to rank the impact and tomorrow ranks 1 on the impact scale. it will produce basketweave periods of rain and it won't be very steady or long lasting. high levels of shower and take a look at the forecast animation starting at 6:00 tomorrow evening at which point we'll see the first wave of rain arriving in the north bay and it will intensify a bit as it sweeps southward and eastward at 8:00 tomorrow night and 10:00 tomorrow night and most activity in the east bay and south bay and that's followed by periods of scattered showers and periods of light rain early wednesday morning. over in the forecast animation projected rainfall totals before i get to the sierra, generally between .1 of an inch and .3 of an inch. now over to the sierra, there's a winter weather advisory from 4:00 in the afternoon to noon wednesday. we expect only a few inches of
4:21 pm
snow. 4 to 8 inches above 7,000 feet. higher totals at the peaks and slippery snow-covered roads and overnight here in the bay area, look for chilly conditions with low mainly in the low to mid-40s and we'll have a few clouds around. tomorrow the clouds will thicken later in the day and highs will range from near 60 at the coast to low 60s around the bay and inland, and looking farther ahead to friday morning, we'll see the next wave of rainfall coming in, ranking one on the storm impact scale. that will produce rain that continues into saturday. so it will be wet ending to the week, but over the weekend maybe not so wet. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. thanksgiving is looking bright and dry, prettiest day of the week. of course, we need the rain and more on the way friday and saturday. sunday, partly cloudy and dry and there is yet another chance of showers next monday so this kind of pattern is what we call unsettled. >> yes, an an embarrassment of riches. >> indeed it is. >> thank you, spencer. >> okay. coming up, helping others this
4:22 pm
thanksgiving. the mission under way across the bay to heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care.
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it's life care.
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today's sacred heart community service in san jose started its thanksgiving food distribution. >> and the folks in charge have more faith that folks will help them meet the needs of hungry family. >> reporter: tower of food boxes were packed and ready to go at sacred heart community service in san jose. >> a turkey. >> this morning it was just the beginning of the annual
4:25 pm
thanksgiving food box distribution. over the next three days 4,200 families will go through the line. >> they have provided turkey, turkey and -- >> reporter: all the fixings, right? >> yes, yeah, and that's very helpful. thank snow more than 2,000 turkeys were still needed this morning. people from a church in saratoga helped fill the freezer by dropping off a big donation. how much do you have? >> we have about 50. >> reporter: 50 turkeys. >> and some cash. >> reporter: kay cred heart says the need is great. even though unemployment numbers are down, housing prices are up in silicon valley, making it hard for many to set aside money for a holiday celebration. >> having trouble making rent, and when they can make rent, there's very little money left for food or even healthy food. >> reporter: sacred heart updated me on the donations. they say they still need 2,000 more turkeys. if you would like to help go to our website, we set up the link with details on how you can donate.
4:26 pm
in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. st. anthony's is making holiday donations easier in san francisco. abc 7 news was on golden gate avenue as people drove up to drop off turkeys and other items. st. anthony's needs 1,500 turkeys by thimping the donation drive will keep operating until thursday so keep it up. today san francisco's mayor helped hand out dinner baskets at the tenth annual turkey and food basket giveaway. the acting police chief was also there and told us it was especially meaningful for him because hint's point is a neighborhood he patrolled for 15 years as an officer. >> coming up on abc 7 "news at 4:00," moving forward. >> i think they all love america, and they are all looking forward to having a say. >> transition meetings continue amid concerns of conflict of interest with the president-elect. plus, the effort calling for california to secede from the united states takes a step forward today. and larry beil here. a live look at estadio azteca as
4:27 pm
the raiders get set for the texans, a clash of first place team. counting down to kickoff of "monday night football" on abc 7. just how good are the silver an
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headlines at 4:30, a large earthquake hit coastal japan forcing evacuations because of a tsunami threat. a two-foot surge reached the fukushima prefecture. so far there have been no deaths or serious damage reported. reporter wayne freedman tweeted this picture of a church in healdsburg closed today because of a 4-year-old's murder. the girl's father has been arrested, accused of drowning her in the baptismal pool. world news tweeted what may be welcome news for hungry travelers headed east this thanksgiving. 500 fast food workers at chicago's o'hare's airport will join a larger nationwide protest for better pay and the airport workers agreed today to delay their protest until after the holiday. a teenaged stabbing suspect who was fatally shot by a santa cruz county sheriff's deputy had taken lsd and late today investigators showed us video of what their body cameras recorded the night of the shooting. elissa harrington is live at the
4:31 pm
sheriff's office with the latest on the investigation >> reporter: deputy who fired the weapon has been put on leave and the review board will examine the case. we did see body camera video and we see deputies using tasers and even a canine on that teenager before opening fire. i did get a chance to speak with his devastated parents who say that he bought tainted drugs that triggered a violent reaction. 15-year-old luke smith took lsd with a friend late friday when he had adverse effects, turned hostile and violent. the watsonville teenager stabbed his father and uncle at their house. >> 911, how can i help you? >> i need an ambulance. >> reporter: in a 911 call you can hear his dad panicking. i spoke with him on the phone. he says they were just trying to calm luke down. >> they started shouting, sir, drop the knife. >> reporter: neighbor alex santana watched from his window as santa cruz county sheriff's deputies tried to defuse the situation. and in body camera video you see
4:32 pm
them use non-lethal force to little or no impact. >> it didn't seem like the first two blanks that were shot at him worked because he was just stunned but then he continued to stand. he didn't drop the knife >> reporter: sheriff's department arrested the drug dealers who sold luke the lsd and flowers line the fence along pioneer road. counselors and psychologists at the high school he attended are there. >> we're going into the all the classrooms to support teachers and students and we'll continue to provide the supports as necessary as the students are coming forward. >> reporter: friends set up a gufnd site to raise money for the family. elissa harrington, abc 7 news. a suspect is now in custody for fatal ambush of a san antonio police detective. police say the alleged shooter of detective benjamin marconi was arrested without incident along a freeway in bexar county just outside san antonio. he's been identified at 31-year-old tyrone mccain. detective marconi was shot as he sat in his vehicle after making
4:33 pm
a routine traffic stop outside of police headquarters. a st. louis police officer shot in what's being called an ambush is out of hospital. police say the officer was waiting at a red light in his marked police suv last night when a vehicle pulled alongside and someone opened fire. the 46-year-old sergeant suffered two gunshot wounds to the face. the 19-year-old suspect initially got away but was later shot and killed by officers. and a police officer in missouri is expected to make a full recovery after being shot last night. the shooting happened after a traffic stop in gladstone, a suburb north of kansas city. we're told the passenger got out of the vehicle and ran off. the officers chased him and was shot. the suspect was killed though it's not clear who pulled the trigger. all right. we have new details about the transition at the white house. president-elect donald trump has detailed plans for his first 100 days in office in a youtube video. >> i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive
4:34 pm
actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time. >> plans include eliminating coal and shale restrictions, withdrawing from the transpacific trade agreement and requiring two regulations to be overturned for every new regulation. the president-elect trump is also interviewing more cabinet contenders, and there are growing concerns about conflict of interests with mr. trump's businesses and new job. >> reporter: one by one they came to trump tower to meet with the president-elect and his transition team. some potentially being considered for cabinet position. others consulting as the administration starts to take shape and some of the meetings were with former critics of mr. trump. >> included a lot of his former presidential rivals, some of the so-called never trumpers, but i think they all love america and they are all looking forward to having a say on what happens next. >> among the visitors former massachusetts senator scott
4:35 pm
brown. >> we obviously spoke about my passion and his passion which are veterans and veterans issues. >> reporter: he says he expects to hear if he's offered a cabinet position after thanksgiving. the governor of oklahoma mary fallin said no job was made to her. >> initial discussion to discuss a wide range of top sniks and a democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard of hawaii. she shied away from the press and shied away from her statement and said i believe we can disagree strongly and still come together on issues that matter to the american people, and today his senior adviser defended one of those meet that is mr. trump took following the days of election with business partners from india. >> very confident he's not breaking laws. has many lawyers, accountants and advisers who tell him what he must do. >> reporter: the president-elect will also need to determine how to dis-ntantangle his business interests from his new role as a public servant. mr. trump has more than 100 trump companies in 18 different
4:36 pm
companies. another one of president-elect trump's visitors over the weekend was chris kobach, current lit secretary of state for kansas. he may be mr. trump's pick to head the department of homeland security this. picture was taken as mr. trump greeted him outside his private golf club. when you zoom in closer, you can read the paperwork kobach is carrying including his plan to bar the entry of potential terrorists. the details include using extreme vetting and eliminating syrian refugee intake. today the group organizing california's effort to withdraw from the united states formally submitted the paperwork to start the process. they tweeted these photos. the campaign now needs to collect more than half a million signatures to qualify their measure for the ballot in 2018. the earliest criminals would vote on independents would be 2019. there are still competing arguments over the legality of secession. >> authorities are defending the
4:37 pm
use of water hoses against dakota access pipeline protesters during a confrontation in below freezing weather. a morton county sheriff's office spokesperson says the hoses were used to put out fire set by protesters and to keep them away from officers during a violent clash that went into the early morning hours today. a spokesperson for the protesters said at least 17 people were taken to hospital, some with hypothermia. still ahead here on "abc 7 news at 4:00," a special day for some wounded warriors. >> how it got into the action with the 49ers today. >> i'm spencer christian. we're looking at clear skies right now over the golden gate, but there may be a storm moving
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
a few veterans got a rare treat. the san francisco 49ers invited 50 vets with disabilities to have some fun on the practice field with some other players. >> abc 7 news reporter lieian melendez was there and joins us live from levi stadium. hi, lyanne. >> reporter: hi. what a beautiful evening with levi stadium behind me. now, for the 49ers this event meant spending time with some very special people. now, for the veterans it meant saying for the first time we can and we will. war veterans gathered outside levi stadium on a monday afternoon. it was an invitation only event hosted by the 49ers. >> go deep. just go deep. >> reporter: tight end garrett
4:41 pm
sellek paired up with someone with a lot of grit. jeffrey coveto, a veteran who lost part of his leg and arm in afghanistan nearly five years ago. >> you had two options. you either sit in your sorrow or you embrace it and move on and move forward which is what i have done. >> reporter: 50 veterans registered online for the event called wounded warrior training day. >> you want to give any pointers here? >> reporter: no, i think they will give me the pointers. i know there's a couple of football drills out here that we'll put them through. >> veterans tried their skills at archry, lifting and rogue. >> that was really the thought behind this if we could help our athletes, able-bodied and those with challenges to learn from each other today that it would bring us closer together. >> there's certain things you can and can't do and for me for the most part i do mainly all the things i used to do. i used to play soccer and used to run and i still do it. >> reporter: this is the first event of its kind involving a professional football team. the hope now is that other nfl
4:42 pm
teams will follow. in santa clara, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> we'll start with live doppler 7 showing cloudy skies. dense fogg advisory from the san joaquin valley, fog pretty dense obviously, thus the advisory, if you plan to be driving in that area. be on the lookout for reduced visibility. back to the bay area, tomorrow increasing clouds as we get later into the day and high temperatures ranging from the upper 50s at the coast and here's our accuweather seven-day forecast. another storm is on the way. rain will arrive tomorrow night starting first in the north bay and swinging southward and eastward and later in the overnight hours. it's ranked one on the storm impact scale. there may be basketweave periods of heavy downpours. thanksgiving day is looking sunny and dry and rain likely again on friday and saturday and we're in one of the active
4:43 pm
unsettled periods which is good. we need the rain. >> thanks, spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. the best place to get nutritioused into in the grocery store and it's not where you think. >> and raiders fever south of the bothered. a look ahead to tonight's raiders game. you can see it right here on abc 7. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. what happens if you apply for a rebate, do everything right and still don't g
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and we are counting down to tonight's "monday night football" game right here on abc 7. >> that's right. you can see the clock in the corner of your screen counting down our coverage. we're now about 13 minutes away. >> and that's right. abc 7 news sports director ra oy beil and mike schumamn are here. even though the league wants all the pageantry of the event the business trip is an event that requires the protection of derek ca
4:47 pm
carr. >> derek carr was emerged as an mvp candidate and they will be challenged by the texas defense that's very strong even without j.j. watt who is injured and out for the season. >> interesting measuring stick game because we saw the patriots in town beating the 49ers. are the raiders in that elite company yet? >> no question. you saw the niners hold the patriots to 13 points in the first half so they are a team that can be beat. i see the raiders getting better every week on both sides of the ball. the run game has emerged, never an issue with the passing game while the defense is getting stout, and you want to be peaking in december and that's what i see with this raiders team. this will be houston's defense, the toughest test of the year and especially the secondary so we'll see if they are for real. the raiders are moving into the top three teams in the afc east and can put some distance in the afc west. >> and kansas city's loss magnifies the importance of this game for the raiders. going to be really fun to see the crowd tonight because the
4:48 pm
fans will be filled with silver and black. the raiders hotel was packed when the team arrived last night. they are like rock stars in mexico city right now. dan and ama? >> really exciting. thanks so much, guys. famed olympic gold medalist tommy smith says he's come full circumstance. the sprinter will be back in mexico city for tonight's raiders game. it's where he and fellow san jose state student john carlos raised their fists to support the human rights at the 1968 olympic games this, iconic photo. smith will be lighting the raiders torch, a pregame tradition which honors late owner al davis. smith says lighting the torch is an honor because he respects the raiders progressive attitudes when it comes to hiring practices. >> getting set to head home or out for tonight's game we're here to check the traffic. >> a look at what's happening on the roads right now. >> no major blocking issues. just a lot of slow spots like this. of course, we're looking at eastbound 80 and once you get past the maze, a 22-minute drive
4:49 pm
to golden gate field and it does open up significantly. zooming in on the traffic maps, taking a look at other eastbound spots, eastbound 24 in orenda and 27 miles per hour and 8 miles an hour on 4 and 23 miles an hour and northbound 6 will 0 out of danville. that's a little bit better. 580 and getting there in the tri-valley and livermore is stop and go once you getted to the altim ho nt pass. a pretty shot of the sunset from the san mateo bridge and i'm here every weekday on abc 7 mornings to track your commute. i'll be back here right and early tomorrow at 4:30. >> and time now for "ask finney." michael, the first question from ruth who asked my husband and i purchased $35,000 worth of counters and cabinets sglts yikes. >> from a home improvement store. they said it would take six weeks to install. it took five months. we asked for some of our money
4:50 pm
back and they refused. what can we do? >> by law in the state of california you have to have a completion date on one of the contracts, that's the good news. the bad news, there's nothing in the law that says what happens if they don't complete it. there's so little. going to court would be so costly. enjoy your nice new kitchen and just kind of forget part of the has hassle. >> that's common. most people have these kinds of issues. >> neal from hayward asks when will the rental market plateau and be affordable in the bay area? >> affordable rent in bay area, i don't know if i've ever heard that in the same sentence. i grew up here. look, it's just a bad deal around here for renters. just a really, really bad deal. the thing you should know is the prices do go up and down and recently san francisco dropped about 3%, but at the same time contra costa county was going up 4%. find the place that's affordable for you and try to figure out how you're going to buy your own
4:51 pm
house and set that up down payment. i know. that's all impossible, too. it's not going to get good. >> rob from fremont wanting to know i purchased a washing machine last year and had a rebate from pg&e. i applied for the rebate and didn't get it. they told me they ran out of money. my rebate had not expired. what do you think about this? >> pg&e ran out of money? no, not actually pg&e. it's the program. depending on the appliance you can get 50 to $150, but believe it or not and i think it's weird, it is what it is. it's first come and first serve. if enough people pie the appliances and put in the paperwork and there's no money left for you, that's why before you bite appliance if you're depending on the rebate, call and find out if they have money left and send it off right away. >> no way. >> hey lost people get that paperwork. you send it off to the side and not with these rebates. you really have to get on it. >> okay. how can people hear from you? >> i'm glad you asked. call that number right there.
4:52 pm
415-954-8151. you can reach us weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and you can also catch me on facebook and through >> her next. >> thanks, michael. the drug company milan will not testify over its epipen. executives won't testify because the settlement is still pending. milan has agreed pay $465 million to settle allegations that this overbilled medicaid for epipen. the price of epipens had grown to $608 for a two-pack. that's up more than 500% since 2007. in today's wellness report americans are eating more seafood and could do better. >> and where is the most nutritious food in the grocery store to be found. here's jane king. >> well, this week is all about turkey, but here round americans are making room on their plates for more fish and other seafood. we ate an average of 15.5 pounds of it in 2015 continuing a three-year rise.
4:53 pm
that's according to the recent report according to the atmospheric and oceanic administration. half of what is recommended. reliance on food pantries can make healthy eating difficult. two recent studies suggest a substantial number of food bags did not meet minimum number of dairy items or items carrying vitamin a, c and calcium. food pantries are dependant on donations and fresh produce is hard to transport and store. wellness programs can be useful at work but there are trade-offs. expert at the georgetown health policy institute say employees are giving up aspects of their privacy. the kaiser family foundation says 35% of large firms pay an innocecentive for employees to undergo wellness programs and where can you get the most nutritious fruits and vegetable in the grocery? maybe not where you think. it's the frozen section. nutritionists say the produce has the most nutrition when it's picked ripe and then freezing it right after that preserves the nutrients. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health.
4:54 pm
"abc 7 news at 4:00" continues with the raiders in mexico tonight, we're taking a closer look at the possibility of the team moving out of the bay area for good. just how close are they on the effort to keep the team in oakland? >> and larry and schu are here with what's coming up at 5:00 special edition. >> we're sticking with the raiders theme. why their matchup with the texans is already guaranteed to be the high point of this football season. >> and derek carr is about to make his "monday night football" debut. is he ready? >> and after use of just being the team with the cool logo hand not a great record, are the raiders truly relevant again you? better believe this. all of this and more
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
well the raiders may be playing far away in another country and here in the bay area there's a flurry of activity to keep the team close to home as in out of las vegas. >> yeah, right. abc 7 news reporter laura
4:58 pm
anthony is live at the coliseum with the late developments on this ongoing saga. >> hey, dan. we understand both the city and the county are set to consider proposals from an nfl half fame their would keep the raiders right here. we understand the key to the deal, the land i'm standing on. >> mark thinks that we're going to ping and go wherever he goes and that's just not the case. >> as proudly portrayed on the cover of "sports illustrated" ray perez is dr. death, the embodiment of a rard nation fighting desperately to keep their team in oakland. >> and i'm very confident that over the next few weeks the city and county will come together with ronnie lott and his group and present a viable responsible plan. >> to come up with what they are talking about, we're going to move to las vegas. >> but owner mark davis pledges his allegiance to las vegas which has committed an unprecedented $750 million in public funds to a new raider stadium. >> and so you have all the right parties stay all the right
4:59 pm
stuff. >> reporter: not so fast says former rard ronnie lott who is close to signing a term sheet with alameda county to either lease or sell the current coliseum property. >> i'm told as recently as two days ago the city will have, quote, something to present unquote at the december national football league owner's meeting. >> reporter: the nfl owners could vote on the raiders proposed move to las vegas in january n.oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> and raiders fans we want to see your team spirit. post your pictures on social media using the #abc 7 now and you might see them on air or online. >> especially if they are cute. the raiders game live from mexico city is next and watch a brand new "dancing with the stars" tonight immediately following the end of the game. >> all right. well, that is going to do it. we thank you for joining us for "abc 1 news at 4:00." i'm ama daet
5:00 pm
>> and i'm dan ashley. >> a special edition of "abc 7 news at 5:00" begins right now. >> the first place texans dominant "d" plans to stall the raider attack. >> we're not fearing anybody. >> the raider nation goes international now on abc 7. ch. >> [ speaking spanish ] . ola. >> very good. >> larry beil, my amigo


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