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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> it protects certain undocumented people from deportation. alisa harrington joins us now with the changes taking place. >> 100 college presidents signed a letter urging donald trump to not only keep the program, but expand it. it's unclear if the new administration really plans to get rid of it, just in case, officials are urging those undocumented students to stay in the country. santa clara law professor has a warning for undocumented students do not leave the country around inauguration date. those people may not be allowed back in. >> they should be back before january 20th. >> daca allows some undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s.
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under 16 protection from deportation. mr. trump has pledged to end the program. >> travel is a broad is a important component of any young person's development. but we have to be practical. >> the cal state university chancellor urged administrator tz shared reality of the threat with their students. part reads, if they're outside of the united states as of january 20, 2017, there is no assurance they will be allowed to return to the u.s. there are about 600 undocumented students at san jose state. >> opportunities that are on or campus, state, or country that do yield some of the same benefits one can get from traveling abroad. >> international business programs without actually having to travel internationally a lisa
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harrington, abc7 news. president-elect donald trump appointed to two women to his cabinet, nikki haley is the united nations ambassador. they both supported other candidates during the campaign. the president-elect issued his first thanksgiving message today. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> mr. trump and his family are spending the holiday at his estate in florida. in heelsburg, the community continues to mourn a 4-year-old girl who police say died when her father drowned her in a church baptismal pool. wayne freedman has been covering the story all week and today, spoke with a family member. >> they just keep coming. through the doors of st. john
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the baptist church with flowers, candles and sadness for maria. >> difficulties to the situation that happened. it's difficulty for the community. >> police say that sunday night her father drowned the 4-year-old in this baptismal pool. carmine romano, a funeral director is donating his time. >> i sleep at the funeral hem. the baby is not by herself. >> the father appeared bewildered and grief stricken. family members told us they never saw this coming. >> maybe if we knew this was going to happen, we could have tried to to help him. >> max is a cousin of the accused man, told us of a gofundme page for the family and the mother does not work and still has four other children to
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support. >> she's devastated. you know? she's heart broken. >> nancy describes her cousin as a day labor saying they went for a walk to the church and everything changed. what do they need now? >> most of all, prayers. the children lost a sister. their father is not with them now, and maybe will never be. >> today, nancy said the family went shopping for her burial dress, similar to the one in which she was >> you'll find a link to donate on the >> we have just received a copy ofthe letter the city sent to the 49ers today in a dispute over levis stadium that gives the team 30 days to turn over
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final documents at levis stadium. 49ers say making it public could be a disaster for the sdwramd and success. >> holiday get away is underway. right now, no major delays to report. >> something to be thankful for. >> yes. >> jonathan, what have you found? >> it's been a busy day, but a smooth one because of the great weather but because in the world of holiday travel, the day before thanksgiving is no longer the big one. today is game day for us. but not the super bowl. >> i was surprised. because i was expecting big, long, lines. >> sfo estimated 150 travellers less than the 165,000 last friday. >> we think because a lot of schools give kids the week off, we can see the friday before and
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the sunday after as peak days. >> who is this? >> lady. >> the owner works for a airline. >> every flight is oversold. >> her comp pan wrin can take comfort. sfo has been adding relief areas and there will soon be one inside of security. >> you spend time post security at the airport. >> this spokesperson credits technology for that. the line to check in is shorter every year and the same starting to happen with the line at security. >> i have precheck in. so open to just whisk through. >> some say it's worth it. >> there is one place you can still feel the crush. >> i had to park at a friend's. i usually park at bart. but it was sold out. >> roads and parking lots are packed. still, the garages are full and
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at lots, it's a tight squeeze. >> they tell us to call or text them so they can get your car out of the pile that they probably parked it in. >> reporter: at sfo, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. taking a look at our bridges. the bay bridge, golden gate and san mateo bridges, traffic is moving. golden gate looks the best nouf. east bay traffic on the san mateo bridge is heavier. scomb the bay bridge, well, is moving. waze says today is the second worst day to drive for thanksgiving. the worst day is sunday. traffic, 240% heavier than normal. >> meantime, gas prices in california average a few cents cheaper, san francisco gas costs $2.80 for a gallon.
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oakland oakland. fresh snow fell in south lake tahoe captured on camera from lake tahoe tv this morning. and let's check on our road conditions from caltrans right now. there are no change restrictions along highways in the sierra. the windshield wipers are on and spencer christian joins us for a look. >> i don't expect weather related travel changes. we have clear skies right now and it's going to be cold in
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spots. santa arosa, napa, vallejo, concord, livermore, morgan hill. and it's going to be chilly. here is a look at our forecast. four-day forecast, tomorrow, being of course sunny day, chilly in the morning and a sunny afternoon thanksgiving day. friday begins mostly sunny but a late night storm arrives, will be rainy and breezy and a second storm will produce showers into sunday morning. here is the location of the storm. the first one lurking to sea. i'll show you it's expected path and how much rain we will get from these storms coming up later. dan? >> spencer, thank you. bad news for crammers. health officials recommended delaying the start of commercial crabbing season between point reyes and humbolt bay. the ban affects an area between
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point reyes and humbolt bay. it was allowed to start south last week. a wall covered with encouraging notes disappeared overnight in oakland. >> we found a person who says he is responsible and had a chance to ask him why he did it. plus... a sobering message police are sharing in time for thanksgiving. tonight, abc7 news i team has information about the loma fire two months after it destroyed a dozen homes. dan noyes learned the man suspected of starting the fire i considered a hero by some property owners and the investigation is coming up on abc7 news at 6:00.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. abc7 news discovered who took out hundreds of post it notes from oakland's so called love wall, containing hopes and fears of people following donald trump's election. abc7 news frngor eric thomas
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talked with a man responsible for the removal. eric? >> right behind me, you can see this mural. there used to be hundreds of post it notes. some hopeful and some angry but they're not there anymore. you're about to hear from the man who took them down. we were only at oakland's love wall for minutes when this man showed up and finished the job he started yesterday. >> why are you taking those off? >> why not? >> thank you take these off before? >> i took them off yesterday. >> the 85-year-old took issue with hundreds of post its that once filled this wall near lake merit. some fearful of what a donald trump presidency could bring. others preaching love, and patience, none worth being there according to tomkins. >> it's empty expression some child that didn't get the right kind of training he told me he didn't like the notes because
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they block the view of the mural he helped work on in 2004. and he didn't like them because he is a trump supporter. >> trump is our president regardless of circumstances. he's our president. you've got to go with it. >> others told us the love wall was about more than that. >> in view of so called negativity it was impressive. >> it was not fave rabl to trump, but with hope. >> for now, they lack numbers and passion of the old wall. >> abc7 news spotted this political message that says i voted for donald. you can report vandalism any
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time. politics may come up over thanksgiving. we talked to two experts about how to handle those conversation with family and friends. it's a busy time at the grocery store. and abc7 news reporter laura anthony joins with us a look at what is different this year. hi, laura. >> hi, ama. we're here at sun valley mall. and there is some backlash for what has been called friday crepe.
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nordstrom among 40 retail chain that will keep doors shut on thanksgiving. others will open at 3:00 p.m. >> families come out. >> for the fourth year, sun valley mall will open on thanksgiving day from midnight. >> we're excited to be here and have people coming to see us. >> other national retailers will close for the holiday. there is a petition to close on thanksgiving. >> are you going to come out? >> no. >> why
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>> what about eating turkey? >> he says he'll open his store grudgingly. >> i'd rather stay close however, in rome, you do what the romans do. >> in concord, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. under clear skies we'll see temperatures dropping sharply oakland, 54. and this is a view of
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gate. 53 in hayward. these forecast features will see bright, sunny conditions for thanksgiving. that followed by saturday night into sunday morning. temperatures dropping but by noon, we'll see temperatures back up into mid to upper 50 and friday evening ranking one, a storm of light intensity. rainfall totals expected to
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range from 5/100ths to half an inch. friday night by 11:00 we'll see the first pockets of rain arriving in the north bay. by 4:00 a.m. saturday, rain will have spread to most of the bay area, by 6:00 a.m. will have spread to all of the bay area, going to be quite wet and then, the system sort of breaks up into scattered showers and pockets of light rain by mid day, saturday. and i'll show you the next storm coming our way later, here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny, dry, and cool thanksgiving day. beautiful day. and periods of weather throughout the weekend with partial clearing. >> nice break. >> coming up next, how many miles some bicyclists had to
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travel to create this
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challenging way for working off thanksgiving dinner, one cyclist has an idea. >> the city is getting a lot of national attention. >> kristin zee is here with the interesting route. >> feast on this. the bike route is ruffling fathers, 50 miles, four hours, and 4,000 feet of climbing. this is the san francisco man who executed this idea
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notice feathers and a buckle. just the beak requires >> i figured bay view good for tail feathers and worked in how to do a head, breast, and feast on streets that exist. >> the ride is getting so much buzz it was featured on "good morning america" this morning. he's ridden other interesting routes like this jack-o'-lantern and his next act may be santa claus for christmas. >> that takes work. >> yes. it does. >> thanksgiving is supposed to be bringing families together but some police officer families have empty chairs at the table. >> powerful message some officers are sending to make sure no one has empty chairs without being remembered. also ahead... >> the technician accidentally
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cracks a stove top. now, it's too danger russ to use. coming up, 7 on your side gets it fixed. tonight, exclusive new information on the devastating loma fire. the
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it's a somber message sent by san jess yeah police officers. they want to draw attention to the empty chair that's will be at many family tables tomorrow. >> they're left empty by fallen officers and the message being promoted through an online video. >> vic lee has the story. >> reporter: the minute-long video asks... police union president unveiled the ad next to a mock thanksgiving table, dressed with a picture of law enforcement officers who are killed recently in the line of duty. >> these heros will not be with
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the family tomorrow, celebrating thanksgiving. >> the union video says so far, this year, 56 officers have been killed by gunfire, a 70% increase over last year. the video open the heels of an incident last week when a gunman shot at two officers in east san jose. neither was hit but it's the second time this year when someone fired at police officers. kelly says the only public expression of anger comes when there is a officer-involved shooting. >> there thought on anger when society begins to accept that cop killing is the new >> they're doing the opposite.
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>> he says they won't be quiet as long as there are officers being ambushed because they wear a badge. as a testimonial, the flag and offices have been flying at half staff for months. in michigan a police officer shot in the head they're still searching for a gun used in the shooting. an official is in the front line against the dakota access
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pipeline. he standing rock sioux believe it could hard drinking water and sites. >> abc7 news i team identified owners of the profrt where the loma fire started. a marijuana grower being called a hero for saving his neighbors and pets while his possessions burned. >> dan, we misspoke. the pot grower not suspected of starting the fire. >> that is right. the fire destroyed a dozen homes and burned 2700 acres. information is coming out about what happened and where. this firefighter launched facebook life. >> yes.
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she returned, surprised to see the main house still standing. >> we're blessed and have a house and neighbors that are there. >> this home burned with power lines down. flames so hot it melted metal. her neighbor lost a car collection. she's crediting a marijuana grower. >> he let his product burn, he's a good guy. >> the sheriff's department arrested him, confiscated plants at minimum $800,000 and charged him with two felonies. >> he's being made an example
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of. and it's the wrong example this resident says door received a call from another grower. >> they called to come over said no way. call 911. >> could have gone beyond the point. >> yes. there wasn't a little fire when he got there. >> where did the fire start? i spoke with this man who works in the marijuana industry. >> do you know where it started. >> why some. >> a video poin points the spot. >> i was in awe. >> he was driving his route. he pulled over and recorded the blaze. i shot a video, sent sky 7
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overhead and identified the not of land. neighbors sent this image. a check confirms an llc purchased the property last year. at the time of the fire, he was president of green acres dispensary. they did say he offered to resign the day of the fire. >> there is no evidence he did anything wrong. >> his lawyer told he he would not be interviewed but resignd so no one would connect the dispensary with the fire. >> did it have anything to do with the fire? the answer is no. it would appear rted on the
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property. so how far did it start? >> i was told it was a cigarette. >> law enforcement taking a look at whether a hot plate or generator were involved. >> thank you. >> well, we are in the countdown now to thanksgiving. >> yes. how the bay area gets ready
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thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and to give back. how the bay area has stepped up. >> the football team spends the afternoon cooking or learning how to make a meal for the community center at campbell villa village. >> all of this delicious food will be serve theed tomorrow to those in this xhount who don't
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have a place to spend the holidays. in a long line of volunteers helped serve lunch to families in need. surewood harris tells others never to give up on themselves. >> 22 years of sobriety. reunifying with my family, and my son. 1200 pounds of turkey to those unable to heave home. >> you remove the legs and
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separate the breast and slice it up. >> today's efforts will help feed 4,000 home bound people in the city. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> designated survivor is based on real life. 2020 takes a look at how, and where that happens. here is a sneak >> it's wild. >> here are the details of the special edition of 2020 airing tonight at 10:00. >> coming up, next, on abc7 news at 6:00 michael finney steps in to help out a woman whose stove repair made a problem g
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what if your oven stopped working on thanksgiving day? >> this woman lived for months without a working stove. >> she contacted michael finney
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who stepped in to help. michael? >> that is why we have 7 on your side. the electric burners kept getting too hot. she had a contract with sears and a technician came out. >> he looked and said you've got two burners out. >> the technician put in new burners. he slid the stove top on, a new problem. >> the heat started the crack. >> she noticed a crack in the glass. the more she cooked the more it grew. she complained to sears. the manufacturer warned it could
6:46 pm
burst if she turned on the heat. >> she said shut it at the virginia would have to pay the cost. >> i said i'm getting mad about this. i pay. >> she contacted 7 on your >> i started to cry. >> sears tell us, we're pleased to provide her with a new oven of up $3,000 in value. >> thank you very much. thank you. you do help the people. i'm going to cry now. >> virginia did get her new range and so if you have cracks
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it could be risky to keep using it. the hot line is open and you can also reach me on my facebook page and through >> thank you. >> here is something we can be thankful for. this picture has #abc7 now. >> share your pictures and video and follow us on instagram. spencer is back to update the
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forecast. clear skies, a storm is coming our way sunday. the light rain begins to arrive friday night. and this storm will fizzle and followed by a second storm and continues into sunday here is the accu-weather forecast period of rain off and on, we'll have clearing sunday, sunny skies and tomorrow, and dry.
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>> this time a score to settle. sports i
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. warriors meet up with their old coach again tonight with luke walton. in the sixth game of the season in l.a. lakers stunned golden state. larry nance throwing >> we tried to go out there to try to win. we'll see what happens. >> i don't think kef durant is worried raiders
6:53 pm
go. he knows they can get carved up as they let success go to their heads heads. >> it's not going to mean anything if we don't win another one. >> how did the 49 nine-game losing streak? this guy with 80 # two yards. niners improved but still, dead last oaf all, giving up close to 180 yards per game. so keeping him contained is a
6:54 pm
big concern. >> averages 5.6 >> andrew luck will spend thanksgiving on the side line as slam dunk champion did a 360 dunk which should not be humanly possible. i would love to do that just once. then, we can call the paramedics. >> thank you.
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>> join us tonight at 9:00. millions of dollars being raised now to challenge the presidential vote in three states. does that make a difference? >> not all child care facilities are licensed. one family found that out after he suffered a severe head injury. at owe b 11:00 looking into what happened. at 8:00 catch a charlie brown thanksgiving, and followed by modern family. and 2020 about real survivors followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. tomorrow is my favorite holiday for a variety of reasons. an american day to spend with family and friends. a time to be grateful. and there is so much to be grateful for when we look around
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at other parts of the world. this is a divisive time. police under fire for treatment of and relationship with people of color. and under lying tension and uneasiness with disparity between those who have much and little. a gap seems to keep widening and the election. healing is daunting but it can be done. one of my favorite lines there is nothing wrong that cannot be fixed by what is right with america. what matters is that what divides us is no match for what units us. from all of us here, happy thanksgiving. i'd love to hear from you. >> that is going to do it for
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this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. and have a good night.
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come join us this season,orld at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. please welcome our three finalists. a junior from north woodmere, new york, alec fischthal, who $16,500 in the first game of our finals. a sophomore from madison, alabama, sharath narayan, who won $28,000. and a junior from darien, connecticut, michael borecki, who won no money on yesterday's show. and now, from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. for the last time here in d.c. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. this, to be honest with you,
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is a bittersweet moment for me, and i'll tell you why. at the end of this half-hour, these three young men are going to be leaving here very happy -- the champion with $100,000, the second place finisher with a guaranteed $50,000, the third place finisher with a guaranteed $25,000. but i'm going to be leaving here with a tinge of sadness, because of all of the wonderful people we have met here at dar constitution hall. we'll get rid of the dollar figures in front of alec and sharath. they start from zero today. we add today's total to yesterday's total to determine the champ. good luck. here we go. now the categories... and we're dealing here with pluralizing that does not end with the letter s. followed by... then... notice a difference? [ laughter ] michael, where do we start today? poetry fill in the blank, $1,000.


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