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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the run from santa clara county jail. i'm thankful to be such a small part of a big thing. >> big thanks around bay area this thanksgiving. >> and they're off. the early start to black friday shopping. now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> breaking news out of south san francisco. a police officer has been attacked. >> abc7 new reporter joins you from the scene. lisa, what can you tell us? >> you know, an ambulance rushed to officer to sf general tonight. police say he was hit there in the middle of the street by this suspect. it all started around 2:30. the spekt was outside the starbucks on grant avenue acting erratically and bothering people. the officer who was hurt happened to be in the area writing a traffic ticket. he talked to the suspect and that's when the backup arrived. then the suspect bolted. >> he took off running after trying to be detained and tried
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and apprehend him me hit one of the officers in the head with the skateboard. the injuries are unknown at this time. >> the officer fell to the ground and was bleeding from the head but he was conscious the whole time. other officers were able to catch the suspect on lyndon avenue. in the meantime, police would not identify the suspect or the hurt police officer, just that the officer has been with the department for more than ten years. live in south san francisco, lisa, abc7 news. >> thank you. and now to another breaking story. a mother of two miss for nearly a month under mysterious circumstances has been found alive. >> sherry papinny vanished in redding and was discovered just before dawn today. investigatoring are now focused on how she got there and what led to her abduction. >> we are very ecstatic to report that sherry has been located and has been reunite with her husband and family on
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this day of thanksgiving. >> at a news conference this afternoon the shasta county sheriff described sherry's horrific ordeal. she vanished november 2nd while jocking near her home. investigators discovered disturbing clues, papini's cellphone, ear buds and strands of her hair along a rural road. 34-year-old mother remained missing without a trace until early this morning when her captors released here in northern yolo county. >> she was bound with restraints but was able to summon from a passing help from a passing motorist on i-5 near county road 17. >> reporter: a short time later papini was reunite with her husband while being treated at a hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. now detectives are to us cussing on the kidnappers and discovering their motive. >> we're looking for a dark colored suv with two hispanic females, armed with a handgun.
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>> reporter: for now detectives refuse to reveal if papini was session welly assaulted or how she suffered her injuries. many questions remain about where she was kept and why her captors suddenly released her today. 40-year-old man and 17-year-old daughter are okay tonight after a lifeguard pulled them from pounding waves off goat rock state beach in jenner. national weather service just inshoed a beach hazard. 15-year-old boy was caught in the waves. his dad and sister went in after him. the boy got out on his own. santa clara sheriff's deputies are looking for two inmates who are part of a group that made a daring escape from the county jail. two have been caught. these two are still at large. a bc7 news reporter lee is live at the jail. >> this escape is just like what you would see in the movies. now, the inmates escaped from an older wing of the jail. that building right behind me,
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right behind the rod iron gate over there, that building was built in 1950s. surprisingly, there are no security cameras in that area. look closely and you can see the bent bar from the jail cell window. and the makeshift rope still hanging outside, the one used by the four inmates to escape. they were all housed in the same cell, inside you can see a missing bar and the bed sheet tied to one side at the window. and here, what's left of a bar that was cut off. >> the fact that these bars were cut the way they were, it wasn't something they just thought of in a minute. it's something that probably took some previous planning. >> reporter: investigators have now processed the cell. they found no tools. still at large, these two inmates, chavez and campbell, both being held on various charges including firearms violations. the jail break happened shortly after 11:00 last night. some 45 sheriffs deposition
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siities with thes is assistant of there law enforcement agencies set up a perimeter around the main jail. two of the four inmates were caught immediately by a deputy who was patrolling the grounds outside the jail. >> he saw some movement of someone, you noerk know, in the shadows and saw the clothing hanging from the window and was able to apprehend two of the esca escapees. >> reporter: they may have had help from the outside. that's something investigators are looking at as well as video from cameras outside the jail fa si sill i si sillity. >> stay with us for the latest. you can download our news app for breaking news updates. now that many people have gobbled down the ur i can it's time to head to the stores. >> fairly new tradition of shopping on thanksgiving is in full force but not everyone is onboard. >> abc7 news laura anthony is
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live at the sun valley shopping center in concord. laura? >> hi there. these stores opened here at the jcpenney at 3:00 this afternoon. and while some retailers have shied away from opening on thanksgiving day, others are open like this one. they are trying to take advantage of those 20% of americans who say they will shop today. >> you plan ahead. >> reporter: gilbert has been down this road before. online as it were. this time arriving at 5:30 in the morning to be among the first in line at best buy. >> i'm in line for a toshiba hd-tv and it's about $199. >> you a veteran of this? >> maybe a few years here and there. maybe ten years. >> reporter: ron williams is here, too. third in line, sling and all. despite having a broken collar bone and eight cracked ribs from a recent accident, he, too, wants that $199 toshiba.
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>> are you going to be able to maneuver in this tl with your shoulder? >> a motorcycle accident. yeah. >> reporter: david mack is vying for the same deep discount tv. >> are you going to keep it? >> yes, i'm going to keep it. in the past i just got all of these tvs and sold them. >> reporter: those who have done this on this day before told us these lines with actually shorter this year. perhaps it has to do with black friday sales that now extend over several days. not everyone we talked with is headed to the mall or in the market for some big electronic device. >> i went tobt two or three different stores so i thought maybe they're outlawed. >> reporter: mike knapp was on a mission in search of one very small item, the all important turkey baster. >> you're the hero of thanksgiving. >> well, no, i better show up with this or they won't be inviting me back. they'll send me home. >> we're back live here at the
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jcpenney at sun valley mall. the national retail federation predicts that holiday sales will be up this year by more than 3%. and i can tell you guys, these folks are doing their part. live at sun valley mall, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thank you. if you miss shopping today, don't worry, there's still black friday tomorrow and cyber monday for a list of deals and store hours just go to and i'm checking out the abc7 news app. we have all the information up there as well. >> easy. while she's doing that if you're heading out shopping tonight what can you expect weatherwise? >> abc7 news meteorologist has a first look at the forecast. >> hopefully you feasted to your heart's delight and now ready to shop until you drop. here's the look at the forecast. it is going to be cool out there this evening. 40s, 50s. if you're heading out at midnight, partly cloudy and is going to be a chimy morning with 30s and 40s showing up. 7:00 a.m., a couple of sprinkles
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in the north bay but nothing to stop you from enjoying your shopping. live doppler 7 is tracking a storm. there's a second one behind it. i'll let you know how they will play into your holiday weekend plans coming up. cheryl? >> sandy, thank you so much. you know today is about family and food and st. anthony's of san francisco honored both. the foundation standing room was packed with people. more than 3200 meals were serve bid the end of the day. st. anthony's is just one of several places around the area providing food and comfort to those less fortunate. >> reporter: it's a massive operation to feed thousands in the san francisco bay area. thanksgiving dinner at glide brings out the very best in people. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it's been wonderful. >> since i didn't have any place to go, all these wonderful people is just -- i'm grateful. >> reporter: he fights happy tears moved by being part of this huge cause.
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>> and this guy right here. >> reporter: partnership on the food line has turned into friendsh friendship. this is where volunteers get their aprons and then they sign in before they head to the kitchen to begin preparing thanksgiving meals. glide cofinder reverend cecil williams says this year's feast drew lots of young volunteers. >> i see more young people committing themselves to at least one day. >> it feels good to help. >> reporter: generosity served up inside the glide dining room. in the mission, a long line stretched outside the market. amanda, the owner of this place who is doing all this is an angel to me because i have nowhere else to go for thanksgiving. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: for seven years now this place has served up free meals to go. >> i really love to share. i'm a really love to share with people. >> reporter: the market's meals are healthy with lots of veggie, even fruit to take home.
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>> it's a tradition in the mission. >> reporter: a heartfelt tradition. these folks look forward to every thanksgiving. in san francisco, lonnie rivera, abc7 news. more than 25,000 people took part in this year's silicon valley turkey trot. that's a lot of folks. abc7 was in downtown san jose this morning as the 12th annual race got under way since it began the turkey trot has given almost $6 million to charity. a new shake-up in the presidential election. the massive fund-raiser under way right now to recount votes in three states. plus -- >> we are communities that move forward together. >> -- a call for unity from president obama. and a heartwarming story of thanks. a very special thanksgiving for families with sick children. and on this thanksgiving day, if you're driving to grandma's in the east bay, right now we're looking at i-80 through berkeley. you can see there is quite a bit of traffic in both directions.
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though you're
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chl. turning to the latest transition in the presidential. here's abc news reporter. >> reporter: abc news learned donald trump expected to name 78-year-old investor wilbur ross to head the commerce department. ross was the owner of west virginia's sago coal mine in 2006 when a dozen miners were killed. regulators cited safety violations. yesterday mr. trump named two women to his cabinet, south carolina governor nikki haley, a former marco rubio supporter named ambassador to the u.n. >> i think it's very interesting that he is able to go beyond his strict loyalists because that seems to be the thing that mattered most to him during the campaign. >> and for the education
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department, republican mega donor, school choice advocate, and kasich delegate, betty due valse. now he's sending out this message on youtube. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> and even though it's thanksgiving the president-elect is tweeting and working, he sayses on trying to keep the carrier air conditioning company located here in the united states. carrier responded that they are looking forward to working with the administration. lana zach, abc news, washington. money keeping poursing into a recount campaign headed by jill stein. she wants to audit votes in three rust belt states won by president-elect trump. michigan remains too close to call. now, if a recount gave those states to democrat hillary clinton, clinton would win the election. right now steines raised nearly
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all of her $4.5 million goal. president obama's calling for unity in his final thanksgiving message in office. >> as a country we just emerged from a noisy, passionate, and sometimes divisive campaign season. thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we're still one people. part of something bigger than ourselves. >> president obama continued with that theme, calling nine military members overseas today to wish them a happy thanksgiving and thank them for their service. hillary clinton is thankful today. she tweeted a picture of signs thanking her posted near her home today. she called it awarming displadi displ display. a special thanksgiving lunch today for children and their families at the rorch nald mcdonald rouse in stanford. >> melanie has the emotional story of families who depend on this home away from home on this holiday. ♪ let it snow let it snow let it snow ♪
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>> reporter: there's no snow but there is someplace to go this thanksgiving for families whose loved ones are receiving medical treatment far away from home. >> it's a blessing to be able to be a part of what's going on here and top let people know that they're not alone for the holidays. >> reporter: candy arnold has been volunteering at ronald mcdonald house for seven years. arnold is one of several volunteers with jubilee christian center out of san jose. >> it's a beautiful thing. i don't know. we've come a long ways from the last four months. wasn't sure if we were going to be here. >> reporter: pat o'brien's 8-year-old daughter debbie needs a hearter transplant. >> god wants to make miracles like me. >> she's at the top of the list for her type and size. we're just got to wait. and literally you get a call, you go. >> reporter: as the o'briens wait, debbie is focused on being a little girl with her sights set on a christmas wish. >> an american girl doll house. >> reporter: her parents'
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wish -- >> just her to be happy and healthy. >> we pray for the very perfect match. >> reporter: the match they say will make starting over possible. >> it's amazing this place. >> reporter: for the o'briens this thanksgiving home is where debbie's part is. in palo alto, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> and the nice thing about the ronald mcdonald house is that the families are able to stay for $10 a day but sometimes they can't afford that so donations are the key. if you could help, they would love it. >> so vital, right? all right. you know, it was a beautiful day today but rain is on the way for this weekend. >> we're not going complain. >> sandy is here with a look ahead. >> yeah, something to be thankful for. we have storms coming and happy thanksgiving to all of you. hopefully you're enjoying a nice meal friends and family. live doppler 7 showing you increasing clouds in the north bay. we still have a beach hazard statement. waves between 10 and 13 feet. strong rip current possibility and sneaker waves until later
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this evening. this incredible or what? just a stunning shot from our east bay hills camera. after glow of our sunset. san francisco, oakland, san jose, 55 degrees right now. and a live look from our gingrich bridge camera. pretty clear on that than a few clouds. temperatures in 50s. around santa rosa, napa, 53 degrees. another live picture from our sutro tower camera is sparkling tonight. chilly for all of you black friday shoppers. storm number one friday night, storm number two saturday night. a cooler pattern this weekend. hopefully you get something nice and warm to keep you warm this weekend. temperatures first thing in the morning. 30s to 40s. you are going to notice it's chilliest in our inland valleys. not as cool as this morning. tomorrow afternoon, mid 50s to the low 60s for your friday. it will be cool. it will be cloudy. we bring in our storm impact scale. one on our light system, late friday night into saturday. we're expecting moderate rain at
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times a tenth to .75 of an inch. breezy along the coastline. here's a look at the winds. ed a midnight, 20 to 37-mile-an-hour winds gusting along the coastline. at 3:00 a.m., might wake up to the rat of winds as you will notice there. and was ahead into the latter part of saturday morning winds will ease up. it is going to be a breeze where with this system unlike the last one. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, a few sprinkles not out of the question between 7:00 and 8:00. right around the north bay. but we really have to wait until friday late night to see the storm arrive. 11:00 p.m., it's in the north bay. light to moderate in intensity. 3:00 a.m., crossing the east bay, san francisco. wide spread around 5:00 a.m. but lighter in intensity. 8:00 a.m., santa cruz mountains. saturday at noon, the showers wind down saturday afternoon only to see another system come in saturday night going into sunday. in terms of your rainfall totals, pretty good system. most areas will pick up a quarter to a half. maybe a less than .10 in
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concord. second system is saturday night. it's one on our storm impact scale, going into 8:00 p.m. you will notice the wide spread rain. hopefully many of you will be sleeping sunday morning they will wind down and it will turn to fresh powder in the sierra. carry your chains. be prepared for major problems on the roadways with the gusty winds. if you're heading up to enjoy the snow. you can download the news app to track these storms. accuweather seven-day forecast featuring a one going into saturday. saturday, one. we have a sunday storm that's a one. we dry out as many of you head back to work. we bump up the temperatures slightly next week but this weekend it's going to be pretty cool. mid 50s to the low 60s. we are expecting a slight chance of showers next week on wednesday. >> you've got so many movies to catch up on. great weekend for that. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. something missing from a lot of new cars.
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spare tires. >> yeah. but, how well do those run flat tire options
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. what do you do when you have a flat and don't have a spare tire? do you have any other options? >> michael finney partnered up with consumer reports to find out if the alternative is a good one. >> gloria recently leased a new car that has no spare tire. she drives long distances, by herself to see her family. it was to depend solely on her run flat tires in case of a puncture. she's worried about their 50-mile range. >> it was a big concern of mine and it still is to this day. >> reporter: consumer reporter tire expert gene peterson sent says run flat tires has thicker side walls than traditional tires. most mfers say they will support the car at speeds up to 50 miles an hour for a distance of at least 50 miles after most floods. but he has a caution. >> they're not going to work for
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everything. so if you do have a ripped side wall, if you do have a large hole in the tire, obviously you may not be able to drive on it. >> reporter: run-flat tires are also more expensive than regular tires. depending on size, some can cost as much as $300 each. there are also fewer models available and might have to be special ordered. so, why are many carmakers ditching the spare for run-flat tires? >> manufacturers are eliminating the spare to lighten up the load in the car to help improve fuel efficiency, okay? in the case of run-flat tires though, may also be because they don't have room in the car for a spare tire. >> reporter: still, if you do get a small puncture you will be able to continue on your way, won't be wrestling with a jack and a spare tire at night or in an isolated area. if you're buying a new car that doesn't come with a spare and you want one, ask. sometimes dealers can sell you a traditional spare tire kit. make sure it's designed for your
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trunk and fit security. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. some senior citizens in napa county say somebody has been calling them claiming their social security benefits have been suspended. district attorney is warning seniors, don't fall thor that. don't give your personal information and hang up immediately. sorry, we lost the picture there. if you had any questions abs your benefit, please contact the social security administration. if you think politics issen awkward holiday dinner topic, check this out. >> the unusual nativity s
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this woman thought she had lost everything in a house fire including the last picture of her father. witness the moment she opens the frame to see what survived. plus, meet the army needed to bring denner to thousand of people and see what it takes to make thanksgiving mobile. that's all coming up in half hour on abc news at 6:00.
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well, security was tight at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade in the new york city but that did not keep people away. ♪ this is the 90th year the parade has made its way through the streets of manhattan. this time around there were three giant balloons who were new including charlie brown. >> of course. well, four new floats made an appearance along with the a thousand clowns. hundreds of dancers and cheerleaders and 8,000 marchers? my goodness. >> glad charlie brown got a little respect. can't be snoopy all the time. it's a must have holiday item this year p. >> a hap center nativity scene flying off the shelves. it's a modern take on the traditional christman katrina scene. >> it comes with wise men on segues bearing gifts from amazon prime. there's a latte drinking mary and man bun sporting joseph taking a picture with baby jesus. >> they are selling 500 sets a day. >> i can see it. really see it.
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tell us what you think about that on twitter? >> more on news tonight is next. >> t tonight, we're tracking several holiday storms. the trouble in the west. and the hazard in the east. icy rain and snow fueling what could turn into a travel disaster. breaking news. found alive. the supermom who vanished while jogging three weeks ago, discovered safe. now with her husband. tonight, new questions about how she disappeared. rudy versus romney. the battle within the trump transition team. who to name as secretary of state. the revealing tweet from a top trump adviser. ambush. the lone police officer making a traffic stop when a fugitive jumps out of the trunk. this comes after a week of attacks on police officers. and the best deal. on the eve of black friday, we're scouring stores and the


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