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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings in for kristen sze. thanks so much for joining us. tonight the south san francisco police officer who was hit in the head with a skateboard is in critical condition. the police department just released this picture of overs robbie commhon. abc 7 news is reporting for on the officer. vic lee joins us now with the latest from san francisco. >> reporter: well, this is grand avenue and lyndon avenue and this is where the attack happened. now tonight we're learning more about the suspect. first of all, he's a student at skyline college, and he has a rap sheet not only here in san mateo county but also in san francisco, and tonight we are also learning more about the officer. >> this grainy security video shows the officer chasing the suspect. he stops and strikes the officer who goes down. another security camera picks up
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the suspect running down linden avenue after he attacked the officer. he was captured minutes later. >> the officer is a 12-year veteran of the south san francisco police department. he is married and has two young children. >> reporter: the officer is asigned to the motorcycle unit and it happened yesterday in downtown san francisco. starbucks customers waved down the officer saying the suspect was creating a disturbance as the officer was talking to him and the suspect started down the street on his skateboard. antonio figueroa was close by. he says there was a short foot chase, an officer in a patrol car joined in. he said the suspect suddenly turned around and struck him in the head with the skateboard and he fell to the ground. the police chief says he has had a long rap sheet. abc 7 news has learned it clufngs felony battery causing serious injury. assault with a deadly weapon and
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resisting arrest for disturbing the peace. >> my son, he knows that -- that he is a little mental. >> reporter: the suspect's mother talked to us. she told us her son has mental health issues and takes medication. was he taking his medication yesterday? >> he left very early in the morning. >> reporter: the suspect has been booked on an attempted murder charge. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> a gofundme page has been created to help the south city police officer and his family. they have raised just under $25,000, and that is the goal. it's close to the goal. a link is on our website one man is dead and two others and one critically after a shooting this this morning in san francisco keys western addition neighborhood. police responded to a call of shots fired on turk and scotts street. two men were find laying in the street and one died at the
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hospital and the other is suffering from life-threatening injuries. a third victim is expected together survive. police haven't unkwofrd a motive and the gunman says the suspect is the still at large. >> a man shot and killed in broad daylight as he drove down a west oakland street. abc 7 was in the area. firefighters performed cpr on the victim. he died at the scene. no arrests have been made. developing news out of sclera county. deputies have stepped up their research for those who cape on wednesday. they are offering a $20,000 reward for information related to the capture of the two men. the potentially dangerous pair escaped with two others by cutting through their cell farce.
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the other two inmates why captured almost immediately. >> sanies from chris are looking into the fire at a house on boreal avenue around 4:30 a.m. and couldn't revive her. this home is none to authority he had led officer and was in the back-yard after earlier threatening them with a nearby. the outdoor mal you in a. it's in the middle of the bustling shopping district with a new full time police officer. leslie? >> reporter: that's right. there are questions, of course, there have been over whether black friday on line shoppingps
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going to surpass inland people. people showing and actively bring new store and that's the decision to. >> for the first time the wall street creek at assigned a police officer to. >> we've enttered into han agreement to pay half the covers an office we're paying for -- he's working with stores on loss retention and even helping the blocking traffic. store management is hop to sea that a. >> it's so much different than if we were across town or somewhere else. >> reporter: expansion of this
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east bay shopping district is expected to bring more crime. >> i think it's really good for broadway plaza because there's been a lot of people getting mugged, especially like in park lots and things like to. >> i think it scares off people more. i think the security guards don't intame days, the they're is a full time officer here. no matter where shoppers go. top safety praises. i'm leslie bringry, abc 7 news. >> black friday is well under way at bay area department stor stores some shoppers were up at 2:00 in the morning to stand in lines to get holiday week i don't knowed. they waited to -- i can hear the
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birds chirping in there. whether it's. wow what, a then that is. some retails are also giving back to the environment. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joining us live. enjoying nature, cornell. >> yes, you know, why go. that's the advice from at least one reail for those this is a way. >> i was going to get. anna go a ham when she it is i jut thought they would be open. the originaling customers to on the outside on black friday.
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>> we appreciate being outside. my family has been outside all day, and i can certainly understand why management would want to give employees an opportunity to spend a long weekend with their families. >> black friday is not a huge day for us. >> reporter: you can say that again. patagonia stores were open but making money not a big deal. saving the planet is. the manager says the national clothing jane is donating 100% of black friday proceeds to local nonprofit groups dedicated to changing the air, water and shoal. and, yeah, it makes me good to be working retail on black friday. >> reporter: >> one i heard all the proceeds were going to good causes today, i've got to the stop then and had a few knickknacks to pick up and made it a point to come up here and feeling really good about if. >> some folks took a break an headed to the forest instead where admission and parking at
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116 california state parks was free. the state called it freezing rain friday. >> the day after thanksgiving this whole weekend is really all about friends and family, and it's about giving thanks for how lucky we are to live in this spectacular place. >> reporter: an alternative from the malls and a chance to check out some of mother nature's best deals. in marin county, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> we are about to get some more rain. here's a liar look from our scliria studios. abc 7 drew tuma is here with the time line. >> reporter: track the showers and clouds and that will give way to clouds overnight. over the bay area, we'll quiet and the wide is a cold front approaching the coastline tonight and bring us showers tomorrow morning. future weather hour by hour. tonight we are rain-free but that's not the case after midnight as that cold front moves onshore and this is just
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the first of a couple of rounds of rain we're thwakking weekend. the full timing up coming up in the full weather forecast. >> dry. what they are now saying about the kidnapping. >> and holding out hope. why investigators believe a little girl is alive nine months after show went missing. >> and the wells fargo scandal over neighboring
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well, it's been more than seven months since a san francisco's woman's body was found in a shallow grave. mer daughter is still missing. the families in san francisco spoke with abc news reporter melanie woodrow about their desperate search. melanie joins us now live from the newsroom. what is the family saying. >> reporter: they believe their niece arianna is alive and
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possibly still in the bay area. they are hoping that somebody will recognize picture of arianna that are you about to see and anonymously call police with information that could help bring her back home. it's been more than seven months since nicole fitz' body was found in a shallow grave at san francisco's mclaren park. her body covered with this piece of plywood. in an unusual move san francisco police previously shared this evidence hoping it might generate tips about who was responsible for fitz's death and where her missing daughter arianna, now 3 years old, could be. >> she's still out there and we're still looking. >> someone wanted arianna as their own. >> reporter: thanksgiving was the first big holiday the fitz family came together for since nikki's death and ariana's disappearance. >> all of our hearts are broken ad, you know, we just -- we want her back home. >> reporter: frisco police originally focused their attention on arianna's babysitter, helena martin.
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by phone today the babysitter's attorney says he advised her to stop sneaking with investigators because police couldn't guarantee they would not charge her with a crime. >> i believe that he would not be able to be a potential witness but more as a suspect. >> i mean, we're desperate. >> it's that desperation that has this family pleading for help hoping someone will recognize arianna's pictures and call police. >> just telling them to come home because arianna is home. >> in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> the older sister of the redding wife and mother who went missing for three weeks says her family is thankful and ecstatic that she's been safely returned. shasta county sheriff's deputies believe two armed women abducted 34-year-old sherri papini while she was jogging on neve 2nd. they say papini was dropped off in yellow county yesterday.
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papini flagged down a driver while bound by restraints. she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries before being returned to her family. >> appreciate how respectful people are being to their privacy and allowing all of us to recover from this situation. >> investigators have released few details about what happened to papini during the three weeks she was missing. accusations tonight that wells fargo is harming its customers yet again. they claimed he diverted more than 3 billion of employee savings into expensive and underperforming mutual funds for its own benefit. >> meanwhile wells fargo is asking a federal court in utah to dismiss a lawsuit by scores of customers on unauthorized accounts and they want to resolve the disputes through arbitration. hewlett-packard is recalling more than 4,000 hp and compact noteback batteries that pose a fire has hard. the company receives 20 reports
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of batteries overheating. industry watchdogs say there's been a minor burn injuries. the batteries were made in 2005 and they have a barcode label starting with l3. consumers will receive a free replacement. >> more and more people are sink up for high deductible health insurance plans and some are swayed by lower monthly premiums but often people don't have a choice. 7 on your side's michael finney teamed up to find out how to keep your plans from wiping you out. >> reporter: high deductible plans can really set you back. individuals have to may an average of $23 a year and for families more than $4,000. >> people are finding the deductibles so unaffordable that they are putting off care or they are not getting care at all. they are not filling prescriptions. they are not going to the doctor. >> reporter: monique's only insurance option carried a $6,000 deductible.
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she put off surgery and almost didn't discover that she had cancer. >> it was scary to me that i almost didn't do the surgery, the first surgery to just know what was growing inside my body because i knew it was going to be a lot of money. >> reporter: if you're forced into a high deductible plan, how can you afford the care you need? well, first, use the tool on your insurance company's website to check prices of treatments and procedures, the differences between providers can be enormous. >> also consider opening a health savings account. that's an account where you put in pre-tax dollars you can use to pay your deductible and other qualified health expenses and that's money if you don't spend this year can you use it next year too. >> reporter: be aware, a lot of preventive health services such as colonoscopies are free. if you're skipping medical care because you can't afford the out-of-pocket costs, "consumer reports" recommend talking to your doctors who can often help you find less expensive
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prescriptions, diagnostic tests and other health services. more of "consumer reports'" advice on surviving high deductible health plans is available on our website. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> car ranch in contra costa county will be preserved as wild habitat and open state. east bay should buying the 60 had-taker property. the utility approved the $1 billion purchase in partnership with the john muir land trust when raised nearly 7 million to save and preserve the land. and in accuweather this evening, we're tracking a pupil of rounds that will be moving in this weekend. live doppler 7 is day et and we're seeing a little bit of shower activity and that will be
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moving through first thing in our important on saturday. what we have this year is it will give way to showers early tomorrow morning. the forecast calls for rain sweeping in overnight and tracking another system arriving saturday night and a third round of brain comes in late sunday into early monday and light showers definitely in the forecast the next 48 hours. out there right now a bit of a chill in the air. fairfield already down to 49 degrees and we're holding at san francisco and a touch warmer at 58 degrees and san ramon checking in with a temperature of 58 degrees. overnight with the clouds building, that will slow the cooling process so overnight tonight the numbers will fall five to ten more degrees in the mid-40s to lower 50s. you can see future weather picking up on the downpours and the storm impact scale. the storm coming in earlier. it's a light situation and
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won't -- but it will be breezy right ray long the immediate coastline. hour by house, 4:00 in the morning tomorrow morning and here comes the downpours and the pops of yellow and orange and first moving into the north day and sweeping through the heart of the bay area probably between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning and then moving into the south bay closer to 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning. behind that initial lines, the cold front in the wake of it, we're really just going to taper to isolated showers for the remainder of saturday, so when you take a look at your highs limited sunshine, a lot of cloud cover, it will be on the cool side, a lot of upper 50s on the board, 58 in san jose and 57 san francisco and the same in vallejo and lake port chilly with a high of 53 degrees. saturday evening, we track our next system moving through which you notice it's not a solid line of rain like the one coming tomorrow morning. it's more isolated showers for your saturday night. not out of the question to have a downpour but it's a really quick moving system and by early
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sunday morning we're beginning to clear out our skies and then we're watching another system approach our region, this one off the coast sunday afternoon. that will prove in and potentially bring us a wet monday morning commute early next week. potential rainfall for the next 48 hours. pretty bad in most spots. would like to see over an inch and with the weak systems a quarter to half an inch of rain. see a downpour set up, not out of the question and winter weather lovers are going to love this. a winter storm warning is in effect starting tomorrow morning about 8 to 12 inches over the passes and conditions are rapidly going to go downhill saturday afternoon so if you do have to travel try to do it first thing tomorrow morning. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's rain to showers primarily in the morning hours and then we'll do more showers early in the morning on sunday and then another round of rain on monday and real the timing with each of these systems and coming with the overnight hours in the morning and then we dry out for the second half of the search day. >> we'll take everything that he
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did. >> thank you. >> all right. forget the sales. got a better reason to hit the trails. >> and new at 6:00 you're going to meet some of the children whose lives are changed forever. thanks for a camp for children and families living with cancer. >> and then at 11:00, a new sexual revolution in san francisco. it's all about the pill that's a game
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you're watching nearly 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks go up in sparks. authorities in peru exploded the massive haul near the capital of lima. entrepreneur has some of the toughest regulations after a fire in a supreme court next warehouse in 2001 killed hundreds of people. next time you need help at mall you may not get that help from a human. >> have you talked to a robot before? come over and talk to me. >> i don't know if i should. >> abc 7 news was sent to the
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westfield san francisco center as this robot greeted curious shoppers. pepper is the robot's name outfitted with a be it alet computer to interact with people. >> pep ker offer to teach you to say hello in six different languages. pepper can take a selfie with you or play games, so he's helping keep kids busy during the busy holiday shopping season. >> it looks like pepper can dance a little bit. soon pepper will do a lot more. it will offer shoppers directions to stores and restaurants. click on selfie there, westfield is trying out the robot in san francisco and valley fair malls in hoping of rolling out in malls nationwide. >> he'll be doing the news next. staff at san francisco's fairmont hotel are working overtime to create a winter warnedland. is that righting tomorrow feast your eyes on this gingerbread house in the lobby. the culinary creation is 22 feet high and 23 feet deep. it's made up of thousands of
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pieces of gingerbread with 1,200 pounds of royal icing and 650 pounds of candy. the house is on display through year 1st. the money raised will bring adults and children with life-threatening illnesses to live concerts. >> that is awesome. go check that out. jaffe, got gold on display. up next the one-time display of the olympicbling belonging to three golden state warriors. >> and first we want to thank abc 7 news viewer heidi for this instagram picture of delmar beach in santa cruz. beautiful. share the pictures with you in social meemdia use the taarabt abc 7 now. you may s
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all right. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 it's the alternative to black friday. it's called plaid friday and see what is behind the name and what it promotes.
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>> some animal owners in richmond may have to sell their animals. both sides of this debate. >> and sexual assault on campus making headlines all across the area. see the specialized self-defense classes designed to keep them safe in situations they may never faced before. that's come up on the "abc 1 news at 6:00." >> the tree ore of golden state warriors stars who helped team usa bring home in the gold in rio this summer had very impressive bling to show off to bay-area fans. >> we were at oracle arena where medals belonging to the three are all on team store draped around life sized cardboard cutoffs giving fans selfie opportunities. the display is open until 7:00 tonight, and, remember, the team is not at oracle because they are in l.a. playing the likers tonight so keep that in mind. >> pick a dinner?
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>> they will beat the lakers easily. >> t tonight, as we come on in the west, we're tracking a massive storm. heavy rain and flooding along the coast. dangerous driving. reports of pileups on the highways. up to 18 inches of snow from california to washington state. the possible delays for your return trip home. the missing mother who vanished while jogging three weeks ago found alive, tied up along the side of the road. what police are now analyzing. black friday mayhem. mall shootings across america. customers wrestling over items on sale. as the shopping season takes off on a record start. turf war. surveillance v


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