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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 26, 2016 1:07am-1:46am PST

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now from abc7, live, breaking news. >> the breaking news is from cuba. fidel castro is dead.
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the man who lead a communist uprising on the island nation and been its leader for decades has passed away at the age of 90. i'm larry beil. >> cuban television is reporting castro's passing an hour ago. sergio has more on what we are learning. >> the uh -- announcement was made by his younger brother who went on on the news to break the news to the world. he governed cuba for 50 years. first as prime minister from 1959 to 1976 and then president until 20036. when -- 2006 he stepped down to be replaced by his brother. he will be remembered as a controversial and decisive world leader. for many he was a champion of socialism to up lift the cuban people. but to opponents he was a
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totalitarian dictator who banned free speech and freedom of press and freedom of assembly and jailed political opponents. he was a central figure in many foreign policy flashpoints including bay of pigs and cuban missal crisis. something he talked to with barbara walters. >> yes, we were close to the nuclear war, extremely close. >> reaction is alreadydy coming in. florida republican congresswoman who was the first cuban-american ever elected to the house tweeted tonight, tyrant and thug fidel castro is dead. we must work for a cuba that is free, democratic and prosperous. and in little havana in miami, there are reports of celebrations in the streets. people are honking their horns and banging pots and pans. no word yet on an official funeral service. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> thank you. we first told you about fidel
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castro's passing with a push alert on the abc7 news app. you can download it for free and make sure you get any breaking news updates as soon as they happen. >> and our other top story, a wet thanksgiving weekend. let's take a live look outside from the abc7 exploratorium camera. it is dry right now, but in just a few hours rain will befalling across the bay area. >> drew is tracking the storm with live doppler 7. drew? >> we are tracking the thickening clouds and the rain is moving on shore in the next couple hours. live doppler 7 shows it is quiet and you look to the north and west and there is the rain. it is less than a hundred miles offshore with a cold front that will be sweeping through in the next couple hours. let's timeout when you will see the first drops arriving. first in the north bay between 1:00 and 5:00 on your saturday morning. that front is sweeping through. the heart of the bay area is oakland and fremont and
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redwood city and it is finally making its presence known in the south bay between 6:00 in the morning and 9:00 on your saturday. and this is just one of several chances we are tracking for wet weather over the weekend. a series of storms are on their way and we will detail the full accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. the letter threatening genocide against muslims. san jose police are trying to find out who sent a hate-filled letter to a mosque. the threatening message was sent to the islamic center and that's where we find abc7 news reporter lilian kim. lilian? >> reporter: this is the first time it has received a letter of this kind. it is a threatening letter that references president-elect trump and hitler. the letter addresses the people of evergreen islamic center as the children of satan calling muslims vile and filthy people. >> it was disturbing to the fact that some of the
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parishioners were a little worried. >> he is the board president and he said officers arrived right away to investigate. >> we wanted to let law enforcement know so in case there is an unfortunate event people are prepared. >> it said president-elect trump will do to america what hitler did to the jews. he was among the locals who received a copy of the letter jievment this is a direct -- >> this is a direct, written threat by somebody and it is not protected speech. it is hate speech and i think it rises to the level of hate crime. >> the council says there is a spike in incidents targeting muslim-americans. more than a hundred nationwide. but evergreen easy law america center is heartened by the community support. the mosque says the phone has been ringing off the hook.
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>> thank god we live in a community like this. life goes on. >> abc7 news. >> there was an investigation into an early morning house fire that killed a 70-year-old woman. the fire crews found the woman in the burning home on oak street. investigators say the cause of this fire is suspicious. >> this is the type of thing that touches us both the police department and the fear department as much as it touches the rest of our community. we are get together bottom of this so if there are people to beheld accountable we can do that. >> fire officials say they shot and killed 35-year-old robert cairn who lived in the house. the police officer who was struck in the head with a skateboard remains in critical condition. >> he has been on duty since
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thanksgiving day when he was attacked. here is vic lee. >> this is grand avenue in linden avenue. this is where the attack happened. tonight we are learning more about the suspect. he is a student at skyline college and he has a long wrap sheet not only here in san mateo county, but in san francisco. we are also learning more about the officer. >> my son is getting old and this is a little mental. >> she said her son has mental issues and takes medication. >> was he taking his medication? >> i don't know. he left very early in the morning. >> this grainy security video shows him chasing the suspect is. he vices the officer as he goes down. another security camera picks up the suspect running down linden avenue. >> the officer is a 12-year
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veteran of the south san francisco police department. he is married and has two children. >> it happened yesterday in downtown south san francisco. starbucks customers waived down the officer saying the suspect louis ramos korea was creating a disturbance. he darted down the street on his skateboard. >> antonio was close by and he said there was a short foot chase. an officer in a patrol car joined in and the suspect turned around and struck him in the head with a skateboard. he fell to the ground. the police chief says he has a long wrap sheet. abc7 news has learned that it includes felony battery causing serious injury, assault with a deadly weapon and disturbing the peace. he was booked on an attempted
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murder charge. vic lee, abc7 news. >> there is a go fund me account set up to pay the medical bills for the officer to help out his family. we have a link to donate on nay a $20,000 -- a $20,000 reward is being offered to lead to the capture of two santa clara county jail inmates. they broke out of the santa clara county jail late wednesday. the two are part of a group of four who saw through the metal barss in their cell and then climbed down to the street. deputies caught two of the escapees and today bloodhounds joined the search for chavez and campbell. the missing redding woman who disappeared for three weeks is believed to have been abducted by two armed women while jogging. they say she was dropped off near interstate 5 in yolo county yesterday. today her sister expressed her
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family's gratitude. >> everyone's tire less efforts has made our family whole again this thanksgiving. thank you for allowing our family time to heal and for gefg -- giving us our privacy jaivment she declined to comment on the investigation. coming up on on abc7 news the a 11:00, it is a sexual revolution happening in san francisco thanks to a little blue pill. but tonight this game changing medicine is coming with a warning m. >> plus lights and cheers. the return of a holiday tradition in san francisco. >> and tracking the storm that is moving in. we'll be back with your hour by hour forecas
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happening in san francisco like birth control in the 60s this pill is a game changer and preventing hiv and doing a great job at that. why are the lines so long at the std clinic? reg scree shows -- reggie shows us the numbers it isn't sharing. >> reporter: you probably walk had right past it. all around san francisco signs of a a new sexual revolution m for some like paul. >> every day i take a blue pill and i take mine in the morning. >> reporter: it is like freedom in a bottle. >> i met moi boyfriend -- my boyfriend for two years now and he is hiv positive. one of the good things is it it allows us to have a natural sex life. >> reporter: he takes pre exposure pro law lack particular. it decreases the chances by 90%. doctors at kaiser permanente are leaders in prescribing it. none of the prep patients
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contracted hiv. and so a city once at the epicenter of the aids crisis is using it to turn things around. a steep drop in the number of new hiv cases. they say it has gone down 60% and prep they say is likely accelerating that. at the same exact time other std's have exploded. syphillis has gone up 180% and gone rhea has doubled its numbers. >> one of the risks that we are seeing is a rise in other sti's. >> kaiser's director of hiv care and prevention says prep is one of a number of factors leading to this, lines outside free health clinics. in the castro people regularly show up an hour before opening to get a same day appointment. >> i was in line waiting for n std treatment. >> he doesn't always use condoms. a trend in san francisco well before prep. but still the timing is notable.
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in 2011 the cdc says 30% of gay men in san francisco reported using condoms consistently. prep hit the market in 2012 and by 2014 consistent condom use dropped to 18%. >> small changes in rates of condom use can actually lead to pretty big changes in rates of std's. >> dr. stephanie cohen is the medical director at the san francisco city clinic. she often hears what we heard. >> i know what i can get myself into and still get treated and be okay at the end of the day. that's risky. it is what it is. >> people are going to do what they are going to do. >> supervisor scott wiener made national headlines as the first known elected public official on prep. >> i do not agree with the notion that because more people are getting chlamydia or gone rhea or syphillis that we need to de emphasize prep and increase hiv infection
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rates. >> politicians and doctors have a tool against hiv that is not a hard pill to swallow. the social side effects are up to us. our status with the sexual revolution is like so many modern relationships. it is complicated. >> christmas trees are lighting up all across the bay area. hundreds and maybe thousands took part in macy's 27th annual tree lighting. families have made it a holiday tradition to take in the shops to pick up black friday deals. >> it is crazy and crowded and it is festive and fun and we can't resist it. way do a little shopping. >> well a lot of shoppers say the discounts were so deep that they bought things they didn't necessarily need, but they cooperate pass up the deals m doctor dash they couldn't pass up the deals.
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>> we were at the city's annual tree lighting and kickoff of christmas in the park. the long-time holiday tradition has put people in the christmas spirit with lots of rides and more than i can is animate -- more than 60 animated visits. >> now your accu-weather forecast. >> we are tracking showers arriving first thing on our saturday. live doppler is showing you just off the coast this will be our next storm system. a cold front is gaining spayd and will move in. a lot of us will not only wake up to damp roadways, but showers moving through the region. uh hd of the front we are drop -- ahead of the front we are dropping into a lot of spots. it is holding at 54 in san francisco and oakland and down to 50 throughy in san jose and napa with a cool temperature of 50 degrees m our next cold front will be a light system, a one as it moves through on
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saturday. morning rain showers are tapering to afternoon scat are ited showers. most are a quarter to half an inch of rain and it is breezy along the coast with winds reaching 25 and 35 miles an hour. let's go hour by hour early on your saturday. 4:00 in the morning and the showers are moving through the north by. the north bay. it is moving through the heart of the bay area. we could have an isolated downpour. that's future weather picking up on this pop of yellow. by 8:00 it is making its way through the south bay. behind the line of rain it will taper to widely isolated showers and that will be the theme through saturday and dodging a few drops here and there, but it will not be widespread rain. highs on your saturday limited sunshine and the morning rain will keep us in the 50s. 58 in san jose and the same in palo alto. 58 in oakland and 56 fairfield and a chilly high of fest 3 degrees -- 50 throughy degrees in lake port. ucla is in town taking on
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cal. we will see an isolated chance. 57 dree degrees by kickoff. we are dropping to 54 degrees. future weather will pick up on saturday evening. our next wave of showers moves in late saturday night. have the umbrella with you. it is not a solid line, but by midday we get a brief break in the activity as we track another storm system and that will arrive early on monday. the winter weather lovers, i want to show you a winter storm warning goes into affect tomorrow morning and if you can, please hold off your travel until sunday afternoon as the storm system winds down. accu-weather seven-day forecast we have rain to showers on your saturday. our next storm moves in early on sunday morning. we can get a break on sunday midday and by thursday and
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breaking news we want to take you to an area called little havana in miami, florida and there are huge celebrations in the streets. cuban-americans are celebrating the death of fidel castro. >> castro passed away tonight at the age of 90. we have no control over this camera. this is one of our affilliates. it is almost 2:30 in the morning in miami. it is not stopping cuban-americans from celebrating the death of fidel castro. >> we will have more coming up on abc7 news. >> sports is coming up
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the warriors cruise to their second victory over the lakers which would have been fine except for a freak collision that took out draymond green and clark. they are working on their pre-game handshake. the hoop and the foul. yeah, i workout. the give and go and slammed by andre. getting loose. kevin durant is so silky smooth and left wide open. to the second quarter and curry with the steal all alone. without authority steph is laughing. jack at his usual spot. third quarter and steph with a steal again and good job and let's just lay it up.
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here is a scary moment. draymond lance on clark's throat and turns his left ankle in the process. both left the game and would not return. neither injure -- injury looks serious. they will play minnesota at home tomorrow. college hoops. charlie moore with the steal and pushing it and 102nds left in the half. bears by 12 and 38-26. anticipating the pass and another steal. moore had 18 points. bears are rolling in this one. he gets the friendly roll and bears have won 22 straight. for all of those hockey fans who said we are are not going shopping, we are going to a hockey game.
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they saved their best for last brent burns lets it fly and beats the former back up. less than a minute to go and he ties it up against the sharks' current back up and you think oh we are going to over time. patrick marlow with the redirect. 3-2 sharks and both wins come against them. it is hard to believe, but the boston herald reports the giants had internal discussions about reacquiring pablo sandoval from the red sox. for this to be considered thisy would have to eat the 58 million left on the panda's deal. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> awesome. thank y
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- ♪ and it's magic... - you know, my daughter? ( announcer speaks ) a message from the foundation for a better life. >> that's our report. >> we leave you from the
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havana as they are celebrating the death of fidel castro. the controversial figure that lead that nation for five decades. >> abc mornings will have the latest at 5:00 a.m. have a good night, everybody.
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks.
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a healthy baby is worth the wait. this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a technical engineer from boulder, colorado... a registered nurse from lake wylie, south carolina... and our returning champion, an aspiring tv writer from west hollywood, california... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. hello, everyone. because i want to get through all of the clues on the program today,


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