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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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because it's more than just health care. it's life care. pa pall. and that breaking news is in antioch where we've learned three people died after eating a meal on thiflg at the american legion hall in antioch. sutter delta medical center officials say four others were treat and released. >> one person remains hospitalized the patients were admitted between friday and saturday. the meal was provided at the american legion by a nonprofit group. we're working on gathering more details and will bring them to you throughout the newscast. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley in for larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. >> our other top stories. investigators want to know if terrorism motivated a man to attack several people at ohio state university with a butcher knife. the man is identified as
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18-year-old abdul artan who rammed a car into a crowd and stabbed people before police finally killed him. >> more on this story from columbus. >> reporter: it came in as an active shooter call, shots fired on the campus of the ohio state university. >> i was walking down 15th and people started running up 15th and poem were like don't go to campus, there owes an active shooter. >> reporter: police and fire swarmed the campus in columbus after reports of a gunman on loose. the university alerted the students and staff tweeting active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. >> there were three gunshots, and it sounded like a handgun. >> reporter: around noon a student captured the cell phone video. police standing over the suspect they shot and killed. the scene secure. it turned out not to be an active shooter but a man police took down after he crashed his car into a crowd of people. >> medics to 19th and college. this is osu. we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians.
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>> reporter: and then police say the suspect pulled out a knife. >> be advised we got a man with a knife running around cutting people. >> a male suspect drove a vee vehicle over the curb, west 19th, west of college avenue avenue and struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. >> there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts. most likely as the chief said from the stab wounds, from the butcher knife. >> reporter: late monday afternoon investigators identified the suspect as an osu student abdul artan born in somalia and living in the u.s. as a legal resident. investigators continue to dig into the suspect's background and motive. sources say at least one of his social media posts show he was upset about recent attacks on muslims. kenneth moten, abc news, ohio. >> we've been sending out push alerts with updates on the shooting at ohio state all day. download the free abc 7 news app to get them for the latest breaking news. >> two men died after they were
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shot in oakland. sky 7 flew above the scene at 39th and west streets, a few blocks west of the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station. several people called 911 to report shooting. a large crowd showed up within minutes of shots being fired at 10:00 this morning. no arrests have been made. there were unsettling moments for passengers on board a united airlines flight from san francisco to tokyo. the plane was forced to return to sfo after experiencing an engine problem on takeoff. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is live at san francisco international airport where people on the ground were some of the first to alert authorities about the problem. carolyn? >> reporter: well, this flight departs every day from sfo to taiko's narita airport. today things did not as planned. fortunately there are no reports of injuries. united flight 837 returned safely to sfo after a mid-air emergency. as you can see from sky 7, one of the boeing 747's four engines
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was not working. witnesses say they saw flames shooting from it shortly after takeoff around 11:30 this morning. residents in nearby san bruno heard loud booms. >> i was upstairs, and i heard a large boom, several times though, more than once. >> i don't know what it was at first, but i kind of looked and it sounded real close, like to came up from up top so i figured it was an airplane. >> reporter: plane carrying 202 passengers and 15 crew members was heading to tokyo when the mid-air mishap occurred. flight tracker indicates it circled off the coast of santa cruz for some time. devon durant, a passenger on the plane and photographer with airline geeks shared this video of the 747 dumping fuel as it prepared to land. an abc bruno resident said it also dumped this chunk of ice with
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toilet paper presumably from the lavatory. >> i related it to what happened to the airplane and it was overwhelming, pretty shocking. >> reporter: landing came more than three hours later. no comment from united officials, but an agent says the passengers were being rebooked on to another flight scheduled to leave at 4:30. at sfo, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> the fbi and homeland security have now joined the investigation into the hacking of san francisco's muni payment systems over the weekend. abc 7 news learned muni did not pay the ransom demanded by the cyber criminals. the problem was first discovered friday night and then fixed on sunday. rides on muni were free for most of the weekend because people just couldn't buy the tickets. municipali says the hackers did not compromise customer information or the train's control systems. coming up at 5:00, how much damage did hackers cause to muni's systems, and federal investigators want to know how did hackers penetrate a major
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transit system like this? >> well, weekend rain has depart, and now it's time for a nice dry pattern. here's live doppler 7. mostly clear skies and a few clouds are lingering. here's the view from our rooftop camera looking at most of the blue sky over the bay. 59 degrees in san francisco and in oakland, 57 in mountianview and 57 in gilroy and at half moon bay. we did find a few clouds over in the east bay from our emoryville camera and can you see the low lying clouds at santa rosa. 59 in novato and hayward 59 and 54 livermore. clear skies tonight. it will get chilly, especially inland. lows to mid to upper 30s and santa rose, and concord and morgan hill. mainly 40s around the bay and a bit of a warmup coming our way later in the week. i'll give you a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast in a minute. ama in. >> thank you so much. a potential lead to find two escaped jail inmates led to
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police surrounding a gilroy hotel this morning. rohelio chavez and laron campbell broke out of the jail on wednesday and they haven't been seen six. >> reporter: chaves and campbell were two of the four inmates who escaped. the other two were caught immediately. chavez is one police and sheriff's deputies thought was in this motel, the days inn this morning. now, it was one of the many, many tips that the sheriff's office has received. we even heard on our police scanners officers responding to calls from citizens who thought they saw the escapees, this after sheriff laurie smith announced a $20,000 reward. >> we have a $20,000 reward and that's generating a lot of tips. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened early this morning at the days inn just off 101 in gill roy. sheriff's deputies and gilroy police acting on tips from the public thought they cornered
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rohelio chavez, one of the two escaped inmates inside this second floor room, but chavez escaped the drag n.e.t. and then just before 7:00 another tip. police pulled over a driver on monterrey highway south of gill roy, another false alarm, but at the days inn sheriff's deputies did arrest three people. they would not say why. >> we look and csi miami, and -- and then i had the police surrounding the round. >> reporter: this german tourist and his girlfriend were watching tv when all of this went down. >> they put their guns out and go to this -- this direction. we were very scared and go not bathroom. >> bianca rented a room here because the plumbing in her home run toured. >> i thought oh, my gosh i knew i should have picked the ramada. >> reporter: abc's "good morning america" got the first look inside the cell where the four inmates escaped last week. this is where they were being
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housed, in an older section of the main jail south. they cut through the bar and the window, bent the surrounding bars and escaped by rappelling down bedsheets tied together. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> investigators now believe alcohol was a factor in a crash that killed a 25-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy in sunnyvale. both died at the scene along central expressway saturday evening. sunny s.e.a.l.'s department of public safety believe the driver lost control of the car before crashing into a treatment other drivers freed one of the victims before the burning wreckage before rescuers arrived. >> a track ran off the road tumbling down a steep embankment and rolled several times until it came to a stop with a mother and daughter inside. sky 7 arrived on the scene shortly after emergency crews transported the mother and daughter to separate hospitals. we're told both suffered major injuries, and when you see the car, you can understand why. the chp tells us a dog was also
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in the vehicle but its whereabouts are unknown. this crash happened on the transition ramp from eastbound state highway 4 to northbound highway 160 in antioch about 8:00 this morning. one of the suspects accused of killing an east bay musician made his court appearance. prosecutors believe the victim, 28-year-old william simms, was the victim of a hate crime shot to death near a local pool hall earlier this month. abc 7 news reporting elissa harrington was in court today and is live with more on the story. >> reporter: attorneys entered a not guilty plea arguing that the d.a.'s office has released zero evidence to prove that his client was involved and they have not explained why this is being described as a hate crime. we're told detectives cannot tell us what exactly was said or done to make this a hate crime because it could compromise the search for two outstanding suspects. a memorial of flowers, candles and pictures covers the fence at
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the intersection of appian way where william simms was killed. contra costa county sheriff's detectives say the 28-year-old was the victim of a hate crime, beaten, robbed and short. daniel porter kelly was arraigned monday on murder charges. his attorney argues there's no evidence or police report to prove he was even involved. >> mr. porter kelly doesn't have a hate bone in his body. he did not commit a hate crime. he didn't commit a murder sneer pollutors are not seeking the death penalty. they say porter kelly did not pull the trigger. investigators are searching for two other suspects. daniel ortega of riff monday and ray simons of herculez. >> they have committed the crime and could potentially pose a danger, and we would like for the family and the community to know that justice is working. >> reporter: simms was killed the early morning of november 12th after leaving the capri club. bar owner don peterson says simms was a regular there. >> this is the first time this tragedy has ever happened, you
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know, and i'm very sorry and my sincere condolences for the family, but it was just a bad tragedy. it happened after the bar closed. >> reporter: peterson says deputies took his security camera video before he could even see it so he's not schnurr there was an argument inside the club. porter kelly's next court date is scheduled for december 9th. alissa harrington. abc 7 news. coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," a hopeful sign, a new update on the condition of a south san francisco police officer critically injured in a skateboard attack. >> and the question state lawmakers had for wells fargo after allegations of fraud. plus, high hopes for cyber monday shopping. the early numbers that signal a record-breaking day for retail. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and post them with the #askfinney. he'll answer those questions here live just a littl
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a massive outpouring of support from the community today for the south san francisco police officer who was attacked with the skateboard on thanksgiving and suffered major head injuries. abc 7 news here -- krinsten sze is here wih an update. >> reporter: we have new word from his department that he's showing signs of improvement. >> he owes talking a little bit and is able to move some of his extreme tis, and he's able to open his eyes and he's responding positively to some of the tests that the doctors are providing him. >> on thanksgiving the 12-year
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veteran of the force and father of two boys was chasing 28-year-old louise alberto ramos on grand avenue. ramos took off on his skateboard and allegedly hit officer chung with it, knocking him unconscious. the suspect's mother tells abc 7 news her son has mental issues. today police released ramos' picture for the very first time. the south san francisco man is being held at the county jail charged with attempted murder. we also learned new information that ramos had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon about. now, a gofundme page that a fellow officer set up to help officer chong and his family has raised huge money, $107,000 so far in just four days to offset medical expenses or other unexpected bills. a vigil for the officer has been organized for tonight outside the south city police station. dan and ama? >> kristen, thank you. california lawmakers said wells fargo has an atmosphere of greed at a special hearing at the state capital today.
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employees were caught setting up 2 million fake accounts without customer consent just to meet sales quotas. wells fargo recently settled with the federal government for $485 million and they blamed low-level employees. they say the fine isn't enough and they want to know who is responsible for the fraudulent activity. timothy sloan was asked to speak at the hearing today but he didn't show up. >> i checked with the senate historian a few minutes ago, and i asked the question when was the last time that a company refused to participate in an oversight hearing of the senate? the last company that refused to do that was enron. >> customers and former employees have filed lawsuits against wells fargo. . cyber monday sales today could hit record levels. online sales are on pace to reach a whopping $3.36 billion. that's a growth of more than 9% compared to last year. the projected sales figures follow a larger than expected
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lift in online shopping on black friday. analysts were worried that lift might eat into cyber monday sales but that does not appear to be the case. the best online deals today, televisions and travel. amazon says today is its busiest sales day of the year but the surge in clicking and buying isn't just concentrated on a single day anymore. abc 7 news reporter amy hollifield takes us inside the amazon fulfillment center in tracy to show us how busy it is there. >> the amazon fulfillment center in tracy is humming right along this cyber monday. although executives say the high demand is no longer limited to a day. >> it's really become more of a deal season so it's not just cyber monday, though cyber monday is still our busiest day of the year. also black friday and a lot of shopping on thanksgiving and really all through the holiday season. >> shoppers don't have to wait until monday anymore to return to their officer computer and its vast internet service. they are more mobile than ever and internet companies like amazon are responding. >> you don't have to be tied down to your computer.
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using the amazon app you can actually look at all of the upcoming deals for the next 24 hours and mark which ones you want to watch. they know you expect deliveries, quicker, too. that's where these robots come in. they bring the product to an employee for packing. not all amazon centers have them. the ones that rely on people take much longer to ship the products. >> when a customer presses by for the time that we're getting the item off the shelf, we're still really fast but it's a matter of a couple of hours. in this building, we've taken that time down to a few minute. >> which is great on cyber monday. last year on this day amazon got more than 54 million orders worldwide. >> that's 629 items per second last year, so if you can imagine what this year might be, it's pretty compelling. >> reporter: you are looking at orders that were placed today. that's how quickly they are moving in here. they brought in extra help to handle the holidays. more than 3,500 extra employees were hired just in northern california for the holiday season n.trace, amy hollifield,
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abc 7 news. >> we had a great weekend, a little bit of rain, a little bit of sun. hope you had a great happy thanksgiving. >> spencer is here with a look at the weather for the week ahead. >> the rain is gone for a while and the week ahead may be dry and even warmer towards the end. a live look at doppler 7. mainly sunny skies right now. a few clouds around. all they are doing really is giving us what looks like it's going to be a lovely sunset. our very of the east bay hills. these are -- our forecast features will show you chilly conditions overnight, and a warming trend later this week. this is what they are looking at and season jose has had rain above average since october 1st. oakland over .8, almost .9.
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san francisco.6 and total in santa rosa 5.5 above average total and chances of rant next seven days near zero through the seven-day period. relatively cool, seasonally cool with temperatures mainly in the upper 50s at all locations around the bay area, so as we look ahead here's the tuesday planner. under clear skies and day will get off to a chilly start with temperatures dropping into the mid-30s and then sunny throughout the day with temperatures rising into the low 60s by afternoon, and in our inland areas and near the bay and then tomorrow night under clear skies you'll see lots of stars and might even find dan and ama out there. south bay highs, mainly low 60s. 60 degrees in san jose tomorrow and 61 down in morgan hill. on the peninsula 59 and 59 in redwood city and downtown san francisco will have a high of 59
4:22 pm
degrees and now we go up to santa rosa where we'll see a hive 61 and 61 also expected to be the high in sonoma and 62 over in napa. east bay, look for highs in 61 and 60 san leandro and the inland east bay will have highs mainly in the upper 50s right around to 60 at walnut creek and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast and it's going to be seven days of dry weather. a few extra clouds will show up on wednesday but we have virtually no chance of rain. a chilly start thursday morning and that will be a chilly one as well, but it will get a little bit milder in the afternoon. here comes the warming trend starting on friday. friday, saturday and sunday, high temperatures in the mid-60s inland and near the bay with a slight cool down early next week. but no rain in sight and after the rain we had this weekend. looking for a dry week. >> really came down at times, too. thanks, spencer. >> coming up, is prince william changing his tune about who brother harry is dateing? >> and the brutal public outcry after thousands of fish are frozen deliberately. find out the reason behind this
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prince william is showing support for toys brother's relationship with a hollywood actress. actress megan markel has been the target of racist attacks sifnts relationship was first reveal n.a new statement, the duke of cambridge, says he absolutely supports prince harry and his privacy. this comes after rumors started circulating that william was unhappy for releasing an official palace statement about his relationship. sheriff's deputies busted what's being called an upscale cock fighting ring. these photos were taken at the property where the alleged animal abuse was happening. some of them are dead and adjacent to the a cock fighting ring. deputies say bets were placed and the fights drew people from all over southern california, an
4:26 pm
anonymous tip led to this operation. >> the japanese theme park space world has apologized for freezing 5,000 push. the park closed this special winter attraction after public outcry. it had fresh, crab and other shellfish embedded into the ice. the space world manager said the park will hold a religious service for the fish after theyy will moved and then used them as fertiliz fertilizer. >> who approved that idea. >> and someone said let's do that. >> coming up at 4:00, two very different reactions following fidel castro's death. >> yes, mourning and celebrations amid political uncertainty for cuba. we'll get the late forest havana. >> and california secretary of state fiery response to president-elect donald trump's allegations of electoral fraud in the state. plus, the distinguished former congressman from california's take on mr. trump and the
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right now at 4:30 we're following breaking news from the east bay. this is a live picture from sky 7 over antioch. this is the sutter delta medical center where eight people were taken after food poisoning. hundreds of people were served a free thanksgiving lunch not far here at the american legion that was on thanksgiving day thursday. three of those patients have now
4:30 pm
died. the contra kostya public health department is investigating what appears to be a case of food poisoning and public health officials will be holding a news conference in 30 minutes right at 5:00. we will bring you that live when it happens right here hon abc 7 news. >> and here's what else is making headlines at 4:30. an overs shot and killed a man who went on a campus rampage at the ohio state university today. police said the student, a legal u.s. citizen originalfully somalia drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians. he got out and started stabbing them with a butcher knife and 11 people were hurt, one critically. abc news tweeted there are still questions about the alleged abduction of a redding mother. sherri-mile-an-hour knee was found bound on the side of a road thanksgiving day. an expanded investigation into her past as authorities try to piece together what happened. reporter amy hollyfield tweeted a picture from inside the amazon facility in tracy.
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on this cyber monday they are expecting to put out 629 orders per second. analysts expect americans to spend a record 3.3 billion online today. the cuban people began official mourning for their former leader this morning. at the same time many cubans and cuban americans are celebrating despite political uncertainty. more live now from havana. >> cubans lining up by the thousands in havana's revolution plaza to pause and pay tribute to fidel castro. the first public memorial since the 90-year-old's death friday beginning with the salute marking the end of an era for the island nation castro ruled for nearly half a century. >> we lost a great figure of the cuban people, a transcendental man in the history of cuba and in my opinion of the world. >> reporter: the somber reflections beneath lowered flags, a glaring contrast to the
4:32 pm
celebrations of cuban exile in miami. >> now that he is gone there is an opportunity to really get behind the opposition leaders in cuba so that we can secure a better future for the people of cuba and also the united states. >> reporter: and hope for the thawing relationship between the two countries highlighted as the first direct commercial flight between the u.s. and havana took off from miami. >> this is history. >> first time in over 50 years. >> reporter: coincidental timing as cuba mourning and its future under president raul castro remains uncertain. president-elect trump saying his administration will do all it can to ensure prosperity and liberty for the cubans. >> and other memorials for castro are planned here in cuba throughout the week and with the dictator's funeral planned for sunday the white house says for now there are no plans to send a u.s. delegation. marci gonzalez, abc news, havana, cuba. and there's this. 44 minutes is all it took from wheels up to touchdown for the
4:33 pm
first commercial flight from miami international airport direct to havana, cuba. the american airlines flight landed this morning about 8:30 a.m. local time. charter flights have been going to other cuban provinces since september, but this was the first direct commercial flight to havana in more than 50 years. >> it makes perfect sense for us to be the premiere gateway to cuba, not only because miami is the episert of cuban americans but miami hub is the epicenter of our growth into the region and our largest international h hub. >> 147 passengers and 6 crew were aboard this historic flight. here in u.s. president-elect donald trump is blasting several recounts under way. >> and here's abc news reporter kenneth moten with the latest from the washington. >> reporter: wisconsin recount, the state is now in the process of recounting nearly 3 million
4:34 pm
votes in the presidential race. >> every candidate who is on the ballot as a presidential candidate has the right to request a recount. >> reporter: effort led by the green party eats jill stein and joined by hillary clinton's campaign. >> you know, we're in a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: winner, president-elect donald trump who for months railed against what he called a rigged system blasted a move which could lead to recounts in pennsylvania and michigan and trump tweeted the people have spoken and. election is over, but in a tweet twist the president-elect posted he would have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who vote illegally. then he claimed serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california, so why isn't the media reporting thon? serious bias, big problem. trump tweeted no proof to back up his claims. california's secretary of state called the allegations of voter fraud absurd. trump's latest tweet storm comes as there's more attention on his global business interests. >> what are all the conflicts of interest? i think that's the thing that's going to follow him through this entire presidency. >> reporter: there's also
4:35 pm
transition turmoil over possible secretary of state contender mitt romney. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. i don't think a cost of admission for party unity has to be the secretary of state position. >> reporter: trump's transition team will have a second meeting with romney tomorrow and he'll meet with former cia director david petraeus. >> abc 7 news was at san francisco's city hall when a group called on several states to delay certifying the results of this month's presidential election. the california association of voting officials believes current software used to count votes is subject to hacking. >> we now believe there is enough evidence of manipulation regarding the 2016 election to preclude certification of the election results until a thorough recount, audit, investigation has occurred. >> the same group also says that leading computer scientists have expressed worries about the security of voting systems all across the country. one of california's most distinguished public servants is
4:36 pm
weighing in on president-elect trump as he forms his own cabinet. former defense secretary leon panetta has been a public servant for 50 years. abc 7 news reporter lieian melendez spoke with him today. >> frankly i take that twitter account away from him. >> reporter: secretary leon panetta has never restrained himself from speaking what he believes is the truth. as a former white house chief of staff mr. panta is already seeing president-elect donald trump make mistakes. >> to be a responsible president, you can't just react emotionally to every issue that comes into the oval office, or we'll riding a roller coaster of emotions for the next four years. >> reporter: as mr. trump forms his cabinet, panta saetta says should rely on a chain of command capable of making their own decisions and that's why he says potentially bringing in arch rival mitt romney is a good idea. >> if you're just limiting yourself to a certain set of viewpoints, it's going to limit your ability to make the rights decisions for the country. >> reporter: over the weekend
4:37 pm
the president-elect said without any proof that he would have won the popular vote had it not been for all the illegal voters. mr. panetta said as president trump must put aside the accusations and rhetoric and focus on the true issues that need addressing in the country. >> that's the most important responsibility of a president. it's to make decisions, but also to note what the consequences of those decisions are going to be. >> recently he spoke to president bill clinton to express his disappointment of the outcome of the election. >> if there's anything about the clintons that i found through my time and experience with them that they never give up and they keep going and that's what they are going to do. >> reporter: when asked what he thought was the biggest throat america, mr. panetta said it's washington's stalemate. >> the this country cannot take another four years of paralysis and gridlock. it just can't. >> reporter: he says if president-elect trump is to succeed he must reach across the
4:38 pm
aisle. in monterrey, lohan me lendes, abc 7 news. >> a dust storm with deadly reports. we'll explain thunderstorm asthma that is ravaging parts of australia. >> ask finney is just ahead. i'm taking your questions on facebook and twitter and post them with the #askfinney and i'll answer them here in just a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian. we have a beautiful sunset coming our way and this is a view from the east bay hills and i'll let you know how many more days like to we ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto®. it can cause harm or
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death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto® with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto®. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible.
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six people have died and five are still on life support after a rare condition after thunderstorm asthma struck melbourne, australia. >> it caused rye grass pollen to explode over the city with tiny pollen particles penetrating deep into the lungs. >> this video taken by a beach goer showed how strong winds were. a third of the people affected had never before suffered. >> we'll start with live payments and it's going to get quite to mid to upper 30s. rights around the play and tomorrow looks like had a nice fair day. sunny skies with high
4:42 pm
temperatures ranging from upper 50s in the cost and a few low 60s right around the bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. dry conditions and mainly sunny days with a cloud on sunday and maybe a few more clouds coming in. thursday morning will get off to a chilly start and a warming trend begins on friday. friday, saturday and sunday with temperatures in the mid-50s and right around the bay and we'll start to cool down a little bit next monday. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, pilots on a major airlines plan another series of strikes. how the walkoffs could cripple travel all around the world. >> and a day of action for uber drivers. what they are calling for tomorrow and how it could impact your plans. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney.
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or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. german airline lufthansa may have to cancel more flights tomorrow and wednesday. the pilots union called for more strikes after talks for the airline nailed to settle a pay
4:46 pm
dispute. pilots forced the airline to cancel more than 2,700 flights. it affects about 345,000 passengers. lufthansa's pilots say they have gone without a pay raise for more than five years and the airline describes the union's demands as unacceptable. on the ground, hundreds of pay area uber drivers plan to join the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage tomorrow by marching at sfo. they will protest alongside fast food workers, airport employees and home care aides in what's being called a day of disruption organized by the fight for 15 group. the san francisco-based company says its drivers and top 20 u.s. markets make an average of $19 han hour or more, but that doesn't cover driver expenses like gas, car repairs and insurance. a new report is fueling speculation of what the next iphone will look like. how does a curved screen sound or wireless charging. cupertino-based apple is testing
4:47 pm
at least ten different prototypes of the iphone 8 including a curved screen that extends to the edges and there's technology to help conserve power. the iphone 8 could go on sale next year. >> time now for ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. cindy asked what recourse do i have inside a store and a person comes in with an animal not qualified as a service animal? i have allergies so severe i could die? >> this is becoming more anded more of a concern because there's more and more service animals and fake service animals out there. cindy, thanks a lot for your question. now, a lot of people don't know this, but it is a misdemeanor if someone lies about their dog being a service animal. they can actually be written up. that said there's a lot of leeway on the definition of a service animal so for you the best course of action is to ask the store's manager to handle it and explain to them that you have health issues. the americans with disabilities
4:48 pm
act states business owners can ask two quesions only. is this a service animal and what is it trained to do? in california non-service animals are not allowed in food facilities. a good question. i'm glad she asked. >> pen frefremont wanted to know i'm having a problem with a pest control company and have tried to resolve it for three months. what's my next step? >> i'm assuming you talked to the company and the problem has not yet been resolved. the next thing you do is file a complaint with the state. a lot of people don't know, this but there's an agency called the california structural pest control board. now they have a downloadable complaint form online. you have to print it out and i want you to do that. i'll post a link on our wednesday i'm can you find it at if that doesn't work call my hotline and we'll take it from there. >> far asked how can i get my original wireless plan after the new plan is not what the carrier promised me. oh, many of the old plans are being changed.
4:49 pm
that's causing a lot of confusion. i want you to start with your wireless provider. call and tell them there seems to be some kind of mistake scanned for you to be returned to your former plan. generally they say no to that so i've got to warn you. if they do refuse to help, call the california public utilities commission and file a complaint. they are hearing a lot about this and we may get change if enough people complain. now the state will launch an investigation and also consider moving to another carrier and even just threatening to move to another carrier. >> yeah. >> that's what you need to do. >> okay. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that number is 954-8151. >> great questions. >> thanks, michael. a new data reveals holiday weight can stick around until summer. >> not good. and natural beauty products can be actually bad for your skin. >> reporter: weight that was gained during the holidays tends
4:50 pm
to stick around move of the year. thanksgiving meals can be upwards of 3,000 calories with those extra portions and additional holiday grazing makes the problem even worse. munch of the caloric excess comes from ignoring serving sizes. for instance when serving a turkey about the size of a deck of cards. getting a head start on new year's resolutions to exercise may be a way to stave off the winter important. most health conscious consumers would prefer more natural alternatives for beauty products and just something is botanical doesn't mean it won't be an allergen or irritant. poisy i'vy is natural after all. many top triggers of allergic reactions in the skin with natural plant-based ingredients like balsam, eucalyptus and roemz. researchers are working on a new patch that would detect hydration. the center for biointegrated electronics says sweat has biochemical components within it that tell us a lot about someone's physiological health
4:51 pm
including dehydration and electrolyte levels. there remains a lot of testing to be done before the skin patches go into production. want a wired smile then there are foods to avoid. coffee, red winer and tea are teeth sustainers and apples can help clean the teeth. >> nasa researchers know why some astronauts have blurry vision after long periods of time in space and it's been experienced in two-thirds of space explorers. scientists say it may be caused by changes in the clear fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord because the body is confused by the lack of posture-related pressure changes. an american hero is being honored thanks to the goodwill of a bay area would. up next the unlikely discovery at a bay area flea market finally in the right hands. and kristen is here with a
4:52 pm
look at what's coming up at 5:00. coming up next, the unable life of dozens of horses. why they may have to move and what's being done to make sure they have someone to go. california will be the first first woman of color elect tolled house leadership. the only question is which one, and landing on a ship in rough seas from the eyes of a helicopter pilot. those stories and more when i
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
>> and i hoped it up and couldn't believe my eyes. >> she stared at the purple heart, a medal award are for twhoes pay the ultimate price, and i knew this has to be returned to somebody, to a family. >> has a fame on it. shirley r. makin and she bought it for $10 and began the search. i knew i had to get rid of it as quickly as i could. >> the turning point came early in the morning, not even 24 hours after finding the metal here at the flea market tammy found a fame on a genealogy website for a family historian in alabama. >> i was thrilled. in fact, it was difficult for me to consider speaking with her for a while and i got pretty emotional. >> theresa told us all about her uncle. >> we called him rudolph. his fame was shirley rudolph. >> reporter: and he was a u.s. navy gunner's mate in the world war ii and survived the attack on pearl harbor and wound up in san francisco where he met and
4:57 pm
married his wife and redeployed to the phillipines. >> and it said that that was the largest battle, the greatest battle and the toughest battle. >> in the battle off somar the "uss samuel b. roberts was outgunned and outmaneuvered and helped take down a japanese ship. >> he gave his life for us. and now it's truly a thanksgiving to remember. >> i just can't thank her enough. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a teenager in minnesota is making headlines all over the world for what she did at the state's pageant competition. 19-year-old helnena is muslim and is the first to wear the hijab during the entire competition and she wore a burke neo-a bathing suit that covers her from the neck down. there were 45 total contestants and made it to the top 15 but
4:58 pm
not the final five. she says she just wants everyone to embrace the person they are. well, that is going to do it for "abc 7 news at 4:00." thanks so much for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with dan and kristen. a community thanksgiving kills five people and sickens several others. we're live with the late on the breaking news. >> burning fuel over the pacific. tense moments as a united flight is forced to return to the bay area. >> in the east bay, a police standoff finally ends and when it is over, one of oakland's most violent criminals is arrested. >> reporter: the search for two escaped inmates shifts to gilroy and the men are still on the run but authorities may be closer to finding them. and i'm meteorologist drew tomb a. after a wet weekend mother nature about to do a 180. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> and that breaking us? from the east bay where a free thanksgiving meal served at this hall may have left three people
4:59 pm
dead and sickened several more. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us today. let's take you live now to martinez. we're looking at the offices of contra costa county public health services getting ready to hold a news conference on the sudden deaths of people at the medical center. >> those people had thanksgiving dinner together. hundreds of people were served a free meal thursday at the american legion in antioch on sixth street. sky 7 was over the hall earlier this evening. can you see it right there. people started getting sick after the meal which was prepared by volunteers from golden hills church in brentwood. >> eight people were taken to sutter delta medical center in antioch. you see the hospital here from sky 7. they were admitted between friday and saturday. three of those eight patients have now died. four have been treated and released and one remains hospitalized. and taking you back live to martinez now. it looks like that news
5:00 pm
conference is going to begin. let's listen in from contra costa county health officials now as they tell us more about the situation. sfls what is your fame again, louise mcniett. >> we're ready for you. >> let me start by saying that we're saddened this incident occurred during what should be a festive time and our hearts go out to the families affected. on november 25th we received a concerning report from sutter delta hospital that a group of community members had become ill after attending a holiday event in antioch. right now it is unclear what the cause of the illness may be and whether it was related to the november 24th event or not. we are working with our environmental health division to determine whether this is an outb


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