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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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people. >> this investigation is just beginning because as we learned tonight here at the health department, all of the patients involved were sickened or died, lived at the same facility. they may have contracted this illness in their own home. sulter delta hospital started receiving patients and three died. officials are not releasing details about the patients nor confirming reports that they're elderly. of the patients attended a thanksgiving charity meal hosted by golden hills community church. 835 people attended that event and part of the challenge is tracking down
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>> all patients are associated with the same facility. it's unclear whether it's related to the thanksgiving event or living >> it is an annual event for the elderly at the american legion hall. investigators say it will be days and possibly weeks before getting the tests vague when it came to details so it will be clear within the
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coming days. >> we sent a news alert to people who have our abc7 news app and will continue to send updates as we learn more. today a suspect was arraigned and a search continues for two others. alisa harrington is live >> his attorney argues the da has not explained why this is being called a hate crime. a memorial of candles and pictures covers the fence where william sims was killed. sheriff detectives say the 28-year-old was the victim of a hate crime, beaten, robbed and
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shot. his attorney argues there is no police report to prove he was involved. >> we have not been provided one police report or one arrest warrant and one witness statement suggesting he had anything to do with it. >> deputy district attorney says that is because they are busy searching for other suspects. >> this investigation is ongoing meaning they're working to find the two outstanding suspects and i think we'd agree we'd rather them do that to satisfy the defense attorney. >> sims was killed early morning hours of november 12th just across the street from the capri club. >> i don't like it. we're always hearing issues like
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this at this bar. a sonoma county judge ruled a father is not competent to be charged for the death of his daughter. the judge ordered a second evaluation by a second doctor before he returns to court next month. a firefighter fell to the roof of an apartment and it was caught on camera. you'll be glad to know he is going to be okay. the fire damaged aner by apartment building. >> today we're getting a better picture of a cyber attack that
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hit a mass transit system over the weekend. a closed view shows a hacker's message. sergio quintana joins us live with how much worse this could have been. sergio? >> this weekend learned hackers were demanding $70,000 to unlock the eastbound encryption, today, the systems are running as normal but they do tell us office computers are off line. >> muni riders voiced concerns about this weekend's cyber attack on systems. >> scary. what if you're on the train and they decide to shut the trains down in the middle of the tube. >> something tells me that they picked muni because defenses were not so good.
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>> actually the sfmta says they've contained most of the hack and important system not infected his biggest concern. >> one of the things we don't know about, these people committing 100 bit coin, this is chump change, you know? >> he says the attackers are likely eastern european. we contacted the group through the e-mail published on muni booth monitors. they said they did not target the transit systems but warned those computers could be vulnerable to other attackers. if a hacker tried to hack your
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infrastructure, would it is more impacts. now, developing news in gilroy. acting on tips from the public, sheriff deputies and police thought they cornered a 33-year-old inside of a days inn hotel room but he apparently escaped, acting on another tip, police pulled over a driver south of gilroy. >> we had a $20,000 reward that is generating a lot of tips. >> abc's good morning america got a look inside of the cell where four inmates escaped and they cut through this bar in the window, then to surrounding bars and escaped by repelling using bed sheets tied together.
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a boeing 747 returned to sfo. from sky 7, you can see one engine was not working. this is about 11:30 this morning. >> i don't know what it was and it sounded close. i figured it was an airplane. >> devon durant, a passenger on the plane and photographer with airline geeks shared this video dumping fuel as it prepared to land. the spokesperson did say there were no injurys. >> the city is standing tough on a threat to close stables with
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110 horses in them. the city is hoping to see progress now. >> this is a working man's table. and. >> this is to kill my stress. you know? >> he boards two horses, or he did, anyway. last month, they threatened to close the facilities. >> they were here two years ago and code enforcement, county and city walked through the property. passed with flying colors. >> now, owners may need to find new homes. no easy task for others. it is a tough stance by the city, but the mayor says he's
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tired of fielding complaints. >> from what i can tell, they've never gotten a permit to do anything out there. >> among the top complaints, horse manure, piled high, in violation of code. >> everything is up to code. i need to pull weeds. that is about it. >> contra costa ant animal control says if it does come to the point they have to shut down, they're hoping a closure doesn't happen at all. >> our goal is to get the violation cleaned up. >> translated that means an extension. and lots of work to do. still to come on abc7 news at 6:00 a former secretary of defense. >> what this native
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and update on an injured south san francisco police officer. >> a look at a december warm up coming up. what does a story of bravery, heroism and sacrifice have to do with this flea market? i'll explain, ahead on abc7 news.
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a california mom missing three weeks was found alive.
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the 34-year-old says she was taken by two attackers while jogging near her redding home. she was found along i 5 thursday. the mayor talked with pepini just a dave she was found. >> she was tearful on the phone. and i'm getting tearful. i mean, there isn't anything better. >> i was trying not to >> investigators continue to interview her to gain more information. >> the south san francisco community will turn out to honor a motorcycle officer when he was attacked with a skateboard. kristin?
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a vaj yil will begin for officer robbie chong. >> he is talking a little bit. he is able to move some of extremities. >> he was chasing a 28-year-old. ramos allegedly hit officer chong with it, knocking him unconscious. we learned new information he had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon before. a go fund me page has raised $108,000 in just four days, and yes, a community vigil for
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officer chong will begin in 45 minutes at 7:00 p.m. outside of the south city police station. >> we wish him well, thank you. >> more legal trouble for palo alto based theranos. investors accused the company of making misleading claims about its blood sampling product and not performing as the company claimed. >> days after thanksgiving, one family had something extra to be thankful for because of an unlikely discovery. jonathan bloom has a story of an american hero whose honors are finally on the way home. >> can i open it up? i couldn't believe my eyes. a purple heart is hardly what she expected to find at the
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flea market. >> when i first discovered that it was a reward, too, i couldn't believe it. it looked brand new. >> it's more than 70 years old with a name on it. shirley rmacon. she bought it for $10 knowing for someone it was priceless. >> i knew in a minute, a second this has to be returned to someone. to a family. >> the turning point early in the morning. not even 24 hours, she found a name on a website for a family historian in alabama. >> i was thrilled. in fact it was difficult for me to continue speaking with her for a while because i got pretty emotional. >> teresa cunningham told us about her uncle. >> we called him rudolph. his name was shirley rudolph. >> he survived the attack on pearl harbor, he met and married
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his wife, and redeployed to the philippines. >> it was said that was the largest, greatest battle, toughest battle. >> in the battle, the uss samuel roberts was outgunned but helped take down a japanese ship. macon was killed as it was sinking. >> he gave his life for us. >> tammy thinks it was more than luck that she found the purple box. it's a thanksgiving to remember. >> i can't thank her enough. >> in san jose, clear skies, temperatures dropping and that is going to happen this night early tomorrow morning but first, taking a look at current conditions. this is the view here at abc7
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over the bay. these are the readings. it's 57 degrees here in san francisco. oakland, 54. 54 in san jose. gilroy, 58. and this is a view on a clear night, looking over the bay, looking west, it's 51 in santa rosa and napa. a cool 47 in fairfield. and dry, quiet over the next seven days. no rain expected for a while. a warming trend later this week. let's take a look at our surplus. san jose, more than half an inching more rain than average. and san francisco, approximately 6-tenths of an inch
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so rainfall chances near 0 throughout the weekend. let's take a look at morning lows. lows to 36 in santa rosa. east bay, 39 at concord, 38 livermore. down south, a low of 48 as well. low to mid-40s near the coast and tuesday planner looks like this. despite the cold morning start, temperatures at 7:00 a.m. we'll see sunny skies with temperatures mainly mid-50s from bay to coast to inland. and at 4:00 p.m., temperatures in the low 60s and skies clear again tomorrow night. starry skies. temperatures drop again as we would expect. tomorrow's highs in the south bay, 68 in santa clara and san
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jose. 61 palo alto. upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco topping out at 59 degrees tomorrow, north bay, mid to upper 50s on the coast and inland. low 60s to napa. the bay shore line of the east bay, we'll see highs in the low 60s and inland east bay, mainly upper 50s to about 60 and here is the accu-weather forecast. seven dry days ahead. another chilly start thursday morning giving way to milder conditions friday, saturday, sunday. highs around the bay in the mid 60s and a drop in temperatures on monday. looks like a lovely week is aahead. >> saving time and money. next at 6:00 how this year's cyber monday shopping compares to last year.
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the dow backed off it's record it setting streak today. and nasdaq lost 30. bank of america down 2%.
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>> shoppers are continuing the trend sales are up nearly topping $7 billion. according to fortune, 122 million people are expected to shop online today. >> abc7 news was in tracy today for the busiest day of the >> when a customer presses by to the time we're getting the item off the shelf, we're still really fast. it's a couple hours. we've taken time down to a new continues. >> last year, amazon received 54 million orders, so far, company is on track for its best cyber monday in history. people just clicking and buying away.
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>> yes. >> the transition to a donald trump presidency is well underway. but some haven't accepted results yet. >> an update on the multi million dollar effort that could change the results of the race. >> be a responsible person. you can't just react. a perspective on a president from a man who served california and our country for five decades. >> hear if a survivor of a terrorist attack who says they're being cutoff from the support they need to recover.
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in less than two months, donald trump will be sworn in as the next president of the united states. >> leon pin yetta was named secretary of defense under president obama. >> lyanne melendez sat down to
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talk about president-elect donald trump. >> a long time washington insider former defense had words of advice. >> presidents of the united states ought not to be on twitter. >> reporter: he criticized president-elect for saying without proof that he would have won the popular vote had it not been for all of the illegal voters. >> i take that twitter account away from him. >> reporter: pinetta said mr. trump should have a diverse cabinet. that is why he says potentially bringing in mitt romney is a good idea. >> i think it's a good idea for presidents to think about bringing in viewpoints he may not always agree with. >> when asked what he thought was the biggest threat to america, he said it's washington's stalemate. >> suddenly you've got gridlock
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again. that is the most dangerous thing for this country in the future. >> he says president-elect trump must reach across the aisle. i spoke to president bill clinton to express his disappointment. >> in. >> you find what you need to do to make life worth while. >> it taught him to believe somehow, the country will move forward. >> california secretary is calling the tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of a president-elect. a group saying there is evidence of evidence of voter fraud wants an audit of the presidential election. representatives from the
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california association of voting officials wants a recount. >> if you can see the bugs, you can fight the bugs. we want to use transparency as an ally. >> the group fears foreign governments may have manipulated the vote. today, wisconsin elections commission said it won't demand the count done by hand. if the state is being sued to demand a hand count if she doesn't win her lawsuit, each of the 72 counties will decide if they recount by machine or by
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hand. >> the green party candidate jill stein is push for recounts. all 11 people injured during a campus rampage at ohio state university today are expected to survive. police say the gunman drove his vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians and got out and attacked them with a butcher knife before an officer opened fire, killing him. >> people running and screaming. i thought emergency services did a great job. >> he was born in somalia, transferring to ohio state posting a message complaining there is no dedicated space to spray. federal investigators are helping to determine whether or not he was contact with terror groups. it's been almost a year since the san bernardino terrorist attack and some are saying they're being cutoff from help and support they need.
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december 2nd, sayed farook and tshfeen farouk fired shots and the attackers were killed. >> the trauma from them is beginning to overshadow the trauma from the day. >> reporter: on december 2 she hid in a bathroom as her co-worker and his wife shot and killed 14 people and injured dozens of others at the inland regional center in san bernardino. now, she's been denied the medications that help her cope with the ptsd. >> none of those are supposed to be cutoff without any they've been cutoff. >> she said she'd been cutoff from the county's worker's
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compensation program. >> hard to fathom when the doctors say i can't give you anything because the county won't let me. >> survivors and family members spoke today and says medical requests are not approved by the county but a review board, a group who determined whether it medicine was needed but a lawyer representing survivors says the county can, and should, step in. >> it's a gesture of empathy and sympathy to authorize what they need to get better. >> cardonlei made her message clear. >> we need our medication, surgery and physical therapy. >> the board saying many issues are caused by a lack of documentation. the county announcing it's going
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to hire a firm to monitor the issues and try to ex-ped yeet the process for employees. greg lee, abc7 news. >> some small dogs took a big flight in hopes of finding homes. >> the connection that made this trip happen. plus... >> one of the hottest gifts this holiday season will be televisions. i'm michael finney. the latest and
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virgin america is offering a doggone good deal. travellers can donated to animal care and control. virgin provided this video from it's 7th air lift today. it is hopefully forever homes for the adorable rescue pups. >> sweet story. >> billy crystal is coming to the bay area. he's going on tour next year across the country in march will visit the san jess yeah center for the performing arts. tickets are on sale now from
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$50-200 each. and starting today, bud light is offering super bowl tickets for life. 37,000 golden bud light cans being distributed, find one, take a picture, and you can be the winner to receive tickets to every super bowl for the next 51 years. the bay area hosted the game this year, the next year's game will be in houston. >> coming up next, michael finney answers the faq on hdr and shows what a difference it can make to your tv. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers.
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home theater experience keeps getting better and better. and michael finney shows us what we can expect. >> last year it was 4 k. now be we're taking a leap forward with 4 khdr. it is said to be the latest and greatest in home entertainment.
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the most important advantage is picture quality. >> over a billion different shades of colors are missing on a 4 ktv that does not have hdr. >> about he say a billion with a "b"? >> over a billion. >> you get high dynamic range. the difference between darkest blacks and whitest whites as well as more colors on screen. >> his company's dolby vision is a competing floor mat to hdr 10. >> it's similar to hdr but they're more active. >> lg and vizio support dolby vision.
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good. >> it's going to improve all sorts of content. >> jeff lee says the great thing is that there is >> what is this going to set you back? prices range from six # $50 for 43 inches to 9,000 75 inch set. . and i want to hear from you. the 7 open your side hot line is
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open. and you can reach me on i don't know if i need to see spencer that close. >> or any of us for that matter. >> yes. there you go. there you go. >> thank you, michael. >> the bay area is a beautiful place to live and news viewers continue to prove it. >> these colors this morning, isn't that great? that is a pretty picture, right sf. >> we do like spencer. spencer is back with the update. >> glad you liked me. that is a pretty picture. we have clear skies and it's cool right now. temperatures low to mid-50s but they're going to drop lower into mid-30s inland in the wee hours of the morning. lows in the low to mid-40s and
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tomorrow's highs from upper we do have a warm up coming our way at the end of the week, friday through sunday. highs in the mid-60s again. >> december worked. >> thank you. >> some fun games. >> 49ers had positives in the record loss. raiders, well, they just win, baby. they put this team on their shoulders. monday evening
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yesterday, derek carr dislocates his pinky finger, pops them back in, returns to the game and leads the silver and black to a victory. went to the locker room leadership and moxie of carr led this team to victory. today, his head coach is still amazed. >> it was awesome and i think the team got a lift from it etc. good stuff.
6:51 pm
you know? put the glove on. lead us down and get a win. that is good stuff. >> now, khalil mack was out of this world. the final play of the game forced a fumble and recovery. this can do it all. we asked, could you do more? >> we need another playing td. if you need me, man, i can get in there. we can run rezones. that is all i'm limited to. >> good news collin kaepernick played his best game and seems to be getting used to chip kelly's system. yesterday, against the dolphins kaep through 296 yards and three
6:52 pm
touchdowns and run 113 yards becoming only the fifth quarterback to rush for 100 throw three tds. >> he missed time and we get a start in the buffalo game. he's gotten better and progressed. you look at teams that have good quarterbacks. they've been their system a long time and have been comfortable. i think each week it gets better. >> warriors host atlanta tonight, kevin durant leading the way. averaging 25 points, eight boards, three blocks. 26 times he's been awarded this honor. now, draymond green will start tonight. >> i'm wiser now.
6:53 pm
you know? pushing through it. it's not easy. it's boring. it's just i don't know. not fun. so i'd rather >> the school fined, criticizing officiating in the game this saturday, in which wolverines lost in double overtime. >> bitterly disappointed today. i'm bitterly disappointed. in the officiating. can't make that more clear. i'm better. bitterly disappointed. with the officiating. that is how i feel
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>> oh, good news. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, coming up, a nation may have elected donald trump but democrats are in control here. the super powers that state democrats just won, at 9:00. >> at 11:00 we're continuing to follow our developing story, three people died after eating a thanksgiving meal in the east bay. at here is tonight's line >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from all of us, thanks for joining us. we'll see you later tonight.
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