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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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you know, it just doesn't make any sense. >> i prepare myself for the worst. and i pray for the best. >> unspeakable grief. families and friends mourn the victims in the deadliest fire in oakland's history. >> everybody that i know in the city is affected by this. >> we have activated the criminal investigation team. >> tonight so many questions remain as we get our first look inside the warehouse on the very night that at least 33 people lost their lives. indeed a city in pain. a region in mourning. good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. the city of oakland has officially released the names of 7 of the 33 victims of the devastating fire friday night. cash askew was a 22-year-old
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oakland resident. she was a member of the music group them are us too. friends are remembering her as a talented guitarist and d.j. >> 32-year-old brandon chase wittenauer from hayward also went which the name nex iuguolo. he was an accomplished musician and on his linkedin page described himself as a polymath artist. >> 26-year-old nick goechlz-hall was originally from coronado in san diego county. the blog berkeley side reports gomez-hall worked at counterpoint press in west berkeley and had just started doing book design. >> 32-year-old donna kellogg of oakland is also among the dead. she was a native of chico and was working at high wire coffee roasters in berkeley. her family shared this photo of kellogg with abc 7 news. >> 35-year-old oakland resident travis hough was an art therapist for inner city kids. he texted his girlfriend from the ghost ship just before 11:30 saying, "baby, there's a fire."
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it was the last time his girlfriend heard from him. >> 30-year-old sara hoda from walnut creek was a teacher at the urban montsore cy school near mills college in east oakland. colleagues say she was well loved on campus and had a strong support network of friends and family. >> 24-year-old david cline was a uc berkeley alumnus who graduated with a computer science degree. on his facebook page tonight cline's brother posted the sad news about his passion, saying to david, "we love you. you will be with us always." >> the eighth identified victim is 17 years old, and the city is withholding his name because of his age. but the san francisco school board has confirmed that he's a student at the ruth osawa school of the arts. >> and tonight many of the victims' loved ones and the many still missing gathered at a growing memorial near the fire. >> abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has this truly emotional scene. melanie? >> reporter: well, most of the people that were here friday
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night say that they've known each other for years, in some cases decades. as the victims have been identified, people have been coming here. they're setting down flowers, candles, and now pictures of their friends. we spoke with one man this evening who says he has lost eight of his best friends in this fire. two days after tragedy, grief is outpacing hope. >> it just didn't hit me till i got here and i saw all this crap and i'm just like, damn. you know? it just doesn't make any sense, man. it doesn't. and it hurts like crazy right now. >> reporter: with each victim identified a friend is lost. osby lost eight. >> i loved them so much. i loved them so much, man. >> everybody that i know in the city is affected by this. >> reporter: rachel saks is still waiting to hear about three of her friends, ones she considers friends of friends. she says the number is
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staggering. >> we lost like a lot of beautiful people. >> reporter: people who said they felt they could be themselves in a safe space though the physical space they gathered may not have been. >> we partied in the unsafest warehouse ever. >> it brings up a lot of questions. brings up a lot of questions for our city and how we treat space and how we treat people. >> reporter: questions that will come later. the focus now on finding those who are still missing. >> it's sad when we lose one life in oakland, and it's even more sad when we lose dozens. >> it just sucks. i mean, i've known most of those people like, you know, half my lifetime. you know? >> reporter: in oakland melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> the recovery continues to be a round-the-clock effort. the work is both difficult and dangerous. >> meantime, the investigation is under way. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live at the scene with new developments.
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sergio? >> reporter: throughout the weekend we've been told that the priority out here is the recovery of those victims, but this afternoon we have learned that there is the first steps in a potential criminal inquiry. the district attorney has dispatched one of their investigators to this scene. >> what i can confirm is that the district attorney has activated the criminal investigation team. a representative from the d.a.'s office is here on site, is engaged in our recovery effort. >> reporter: very quickly people on social media raised questions about derek almena, the man behind the artists collective called the oakland ghost ship. i asked if authorities have been able to contact him. >> police department this investigation is far evolved from victims to witnesses. we started that from the moment everyone got the call. >> reporter: in pictures from the ghost ship's website you can see the intricate contents. recovery crews have uncovered
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lots of unusual items. last night we saw what looked like a world war ii-era bomb. and they still have more than half of the collapsed warehouse to sift through. >> we have another 60-plus percent to search, and we're finding mobile homes -- or rather motor homes or trailers where people may have been living inside those. those trailers will need to be searched. >> reporter: police who've been inside the ghost ship before the fire describe a very cramped space. but it's not unique. there are lots of similar artists collectives in oakland. >> it's surprising to me that people don't realize that this kind of thing is in oakland. it's a huge staple to the community. >> reporter: the tragedy of this fire is far reaching. artists have lost friends. parents have lost children. and the recovery effort isn't over. and this is a tragedy that has even affected one of the point agencies that is leading the recovery effort. this afternoon the sheriff's department confirmed to us that one of their deputies lost a son in this fire.
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now, the next update is going to be tomorrow morning at 6:00. we will carry that live on abc 7 news. we will also stream it live on abc 7 and on the abc 7 news app. reporting live in oakland, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> all right, sergio, thank you. and as we learn the names of some of the victims dozens remain missing tonight including an up-and-coming producer-director who just moved to oakland from new jersey. >> reporter kimberly richardson from our sister station in new york spoke with his anxious mom. >> i prepare myself for the worst and i pray for the best. >> reporter: hoping her only child, her son alex casan-s found alive. but emily grandchamps is well aware he may not be. >> it's excruciatingly painful because everybody's calling and everybody's asking. everybody's wondering. >> reporter: emily spoke exclusively to eyewitness news and chose to sit and talk with me inside her home, in alex's room, where the up-and-coming director and producer works on many of his projects.
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♪ now living in oakland, he also has many other offers on the table in europe. that's where he met and fell in love with his fiance hanna. alex and hanna are now missing, warehouse friday night where the deadly blaze started. alex shot this video from the party time-stamped 10:26. it was his final post. emily spoke to a friend who was with the couple. >> he said it turned dark, so dark he couldn't see, that he had to put his hands against the wall to get out. he found a way out. he tried to get other peoples out with him but they couldn't. it was too dark. >> reporter: dynamic -- emily saws alex has twin 4-year-old girl who are with their mother in hoboken. >> they're the apple of his eyes, and they're artists at heart already. >> reporter: friends here are also extremely worried about alex. >> i love you so much. we want you home as soon as
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possible for the holidays. and we're just out here spreading your message. >> reporter: emily last spoke to alex on wednesday. it may turn out to be the last time she heard her son's voice. >> he always wanted to be remembered by his work. 'll so let's just celebrate him and his work. >> that was kimberly richardson reporting. if you're trying locate a loved one you can call 510-382-3000 for more information. >> and if you want to show your love for oakland and support the people who have lost loved ones in this tragedy, we have a special badge on our facebook page that you can share. abc7news bay area. we have breaking news ahead on this tragedy in oakland. we just spoke to the man who rented out of the ghost ship for that dance party on friday night. also why the impact tonight is being felt especially hard among the lgbt community in oakland. plus -- >> it doesn't seem real that this was happening. >> a real-life nightmare.
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we'll hear from two artists who lived inside the ghost ship and had to run away to escape the ferocious flames. >> reporter: and how canines are comforting families of fire victims at such a difficult time. in the week ahead we're tracking the arrival of the coldest air so far this season and then the return
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here, there is magic for days. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit the warehouse where friday night's concert party was held. >> let's go live now to abc 7 news reporter liliankim who's live at the hotel -- outside the hotel where the gentleman is staying in oakland. lillian?
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>> reporter: eric and kristen, derek almena and his wife are staying here. we spotted them as they came out of the elevator about 10:45 this evening. they were surprised to see us and tried to walk away from us. almena is the man who ran the illegal artist enclave at the ghost ship warehouse. since the fire stories have been surfacing about how he allegedly ignored repeated warnings that his articlist enclave was a death trap. he was criticized for a facebook post soon after the fire many thought to be insensitive saying how upset he was about losing his furniture and art collection. tonight we asked him what he would like to say to the 33 families who lost their loved ones. >> people have been wondering if you have anything to say to them. >> they were my children. they're my friends. they're my families. they're my loves. they're my future. what else do i have to say? >> reporter: that was all he would say before walking away with his wife micah allison.
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it's unclear how long they would be staying here at the marriott. they did not check in under their names and it's not known if their three children are here as well. live in oakland, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> lillian, thank you so much for that. and more details are emerging about the man who rented out the ghost ship for the dance party. the east bay express reports that derek ion almena and his partner lost custody of his children before the family was reunited in june. child welfare officials took the children after fearing for their safety at the commune last year. almena plead nod contest to charges of receiving stolen property in alameda county last year and he's on probation until 2019. artists who lived in the ghost ship describe to abc 7 news today what it was like running for their lives to escape the flames. one woman told us she jumped out from her loft in the dark, went through a fence, then crawled low to the ground below the smoke to get out as quickly as possible. >> 15 feet of flames. literally getting into my loft and just being like hit in the
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face with black smoke that i was immediately like blinded by and made my eyes water and i couldn't breathe. >> like this orange wall of fire. it was -- i don't know. it felt like seeing a monster. it was just like -- i didn't know -- it almost didn't seem real that this was happening. >> both women say a fellow artist stood in the doorway screaming at people so they could find the door when the power went out. they say he saved lives. religious leaders across oakland have pledged to help the victims' families and promote healing. the leader of the catholic church in the east bay shared how ministers is can assist when tragedy strikes. >> listening to them, offering to pray with them and for them. even if people aren't religious, they often find it very peaceful and calming if people of faith come together and support them. even people they don't know.
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>> oakland's fire department chaplain father jason lan dechlt eza raced to the scene friday night. now he's concerned about the men and women who risked their lives to save others. >> it's the mass casualty aspect of that. there were multiple victims, and i think that could be very overwhelming at time. >> father jason has also helped the families impacted by the fire. a large candlelight vigil is planned tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. at lake merit to honor those lost in the fire. on facebook more than 2,000 people have said that they are going. comfort is also being provided to those affected by this tragedy by canines. volunteers from the valley humane society in pleasanton brought their dogs rosie, cozy, and sweep to the family assistance center on east 12th street in oakland to help provide comfort to anyone in need. the specially trained dogs approached people they can sense are hurting and lean against them to create a feeling of calm. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> it will be a quiet start to
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the week. the cold air will quickly filter in before we track several storms wanting to make their move into the region. live doppler 7. it was a quiet week and tonight we're getting the all clear in terms of the precipitation but to take you outside which a live look, in san francisco we are beginning to see fog from the coast make its traditional trek inland. and that will be the case tomorrow morning. areas of fog first thing on your monday. some areas may be dense in spots. then we're tracking the coldest air so far this season, set to arrive wednesday, and then finally wet weather looks to return thursday. out there right now we're seeing some chilly spots like fairfield down to 39 right now. we're at 47 in livermore, holding at 52 in oakland, 53 in san francisco, 55 in san jose and 48 that current number in napa. most spots with the fog tomorrow morning will hold in the 40s. hour by-hour forecast will show you first thing, there's the areas of fog by noon. it's a bright day chilly temperatures below normal for this time of the year and by 4:00 a few clouds will bubble up but mainly sunny skies and cool
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temperatures in the mid 50s to lower 60s. future weather will pick it up early tuesday morning in the predawn hours. a weak front's going to move through here, try to touch off a light shower. not a big issue at all. it's out of here before the morning commute, but in the wake of that front it's going to allow chilly air to finally filter in and really set until wednesday morning. future tracker temperatures will show you widespread 30s on the board as you get to work and school wednesday morning. would not be surprised if spots especially in our sheltered valleys do dip into the 20s. that's how cold this air miss is going to get. future weather as we jump ahead pof rain looking to approach th region. the first round coming thursday afternoon. another round arriving early friday morning. and then a third round to move in early saturday morning. and if that is the case take a look at future tracker rainfall amounts. we could see widespread areas between two and three inches of rain. that's something we track for you right here. accuweather seven-day forecast we show you we do have a chilly day on the way as we head into tuesday. it's really cold around here on
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wednesday. thursday it's a rainy day. right now a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. on and off showers friday and saturday gets downgraded to a 1. and then sunday just a cool afternoon around here. and of course we're thinking about all the rescue efforts in oakland and those storms could have a huge impact coming late in the week. >> thanks for keeping us posted, drew. abc 7 news at 11:00 continues. next, the raiders' tribute this afternoon to the victims of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united.
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raider nation is coming together to help the ghost ship fire victims and their families. abc 7 news was in oakland at the coliseum as the hometown team and its fans stood in silence before today's game against the buffalo bills to pay tribute to the lives lost. >> very proud of this area and the people in this area and
11:25 pm
several people, you know, had their lives taken away. and it's really, really sad. really unfortunate. so our prayers go out to all those people. >> both the raiders and the oakland a's will match donations of up to $30,000 to help the victims and their families. and guess what? they've already raised $58,000 of the 6 $0,000 goal. >> well done. hats off to the raiders off the field. hats off to the raiders on the field today. >> well, the niners keep setting records in the negative column as they lose their 11th straight, while the raiders keep grinding toward the playoffs. their sixth straight ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh
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the raiders scored 29 unanswered points against the bills to win their sixth straight game. they're now 10-2. derek carr became the first player in league history to throw five game-winning touchdowns in the fourth quarter or overtime in a season. raiders were down 10-9 at halftime. first drive of the third quarter lesean mccoy busts loose. 54-yard run deep into raider territory. he had 130 yards on the day. they pretty much kept him in check. next play tyrod taylor threw for 191 yards, decides to keep this one. 12-yard touchdown run. bills with a 17-9 lead. late third quarter down 24-9, derek carr, nine-yard strike to michael crabtree. cuts the lead to eight. after a bills' three and out latavius murray becomes just the third raider to rush for more than ten tds in a season. two on the day. oakland down 24-23. fourth quarter carr threw for 260 yards two, tds. his tenth fourth quarter td pass this year to amari cooper.
11:30 pm
raiders up 30-24. then the defense closed it out. khalil mack gets a piece of taylor's arm. ball's picked off by nalt allen. mack played college in buffalo was not drafted by the bills strips and recovers this fumble that'll teach them. 29 unanswered. raiders 10-2 with a 38-24 victory. >> that's the belief every day, every week. we work hard and go out there and fight together. and try to get those wins by any means. >> everybody played a big part in this win, and everybody did their job. and we handled it right and we came out with a w. >> we expect to go out there and score points obviously just like everyone in the nfl does, but you know, when things were going bad we were just like guys, just stay the course because if we just make the plays we're supposed to make we can score a lot of points. >> proud of our guys and encouraged to enjoy this one quick and then come in ready to work tomorrow, getting prepared for the trip to kansas city. >> they get the chiefs on thursday. chicago, the niners and the bears in the snow. they failed to complete a pass
11:31 pm
in the first quarter. colin kaepernick 1 of 5, four yards, sacked five times. benched him after the third quarter. late second quarter jordan howard, first td of the game, he had 117 yards rushing. 7-6 chicago at the half. once again, the third quarter, the niners worse. howard two more tds. tackling optional here. 21-6. blaine gabbert came in in the fourth. he was 4 of 10. 35 yards and this sack for a safety. 26-6 the final. 11 straight losses for the niners. here's kap on getting benched. >> it's not my place to really argue on the sideline. i want to make sure i do what i can to help this team win. and that was the decision that was made. so i want to support my teammates. >> we have to continue to keep building, keep progressing. this is a setback, most definitely. but we have to continue to keep pushing forward. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. chip kelly, by the way, playing with a heavy heart. his dad paul passed away on friday. plays of the day around the nfl,
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final four match-ups in college football and tiger woods all
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. here are the headlines on the deadliest fire in oakland's history. these are the face of the first seven victims identified tonight by the alameda county coroner. >> they died friday night during a party at an artists' collective inside a warehouse known as the ghost ship at 31st avenue and international boulevard. a 17-year-old has also been identified, but the city isn't naming him because he's a minor. so far 33 bodies have been
11:36 pm
pulled from the rubble. >> grieving friends and family members are batherigathering at growing memorial less than half a mile from the warehouse. flowers, candles and messages of love line the wall and they are focused on finding the missing. >> the district attorney has activated a criminal investigation team to the site of the fire. people on social media have raised questions about derick ion almena, the man behind the artists' collective. crews have about 60% of the building left to search, and that search will continue round the clock. and breaking news now. abc 7 news has just spoken with the man who rented out the ghost ship for friday's party and concert. derick ion almena is staying at a hotel in downtown oakland. >> people have been wondering if you have anything to say to them. >> they're my children. they're my friends. they're my family. they're my loves. they're my future. what else do i have to say? >> he was tracked down at that hotel by abc 7 news reporter lilian kim. that's who you heard asking the
11:37 pm
question. it's not clear if his three children are also in the hotel, but you saw his wife there along with him. we don't know if the authorities have spoken to him yet or if they are looking to speak with him. but that's probable. >> yeah. you saw they had come out of the hotel, then they saw the reporter, or i should say lillian, and they turned around to go back in, but she had the persistence to stay with them and did eventually get to ask him a few questions, which he answered. he referred to those people inside as being his children. again, it is not clear if his three children are also in the hotel. we don't know if he meant that literally or figuratively. there are worries tonight that there could be hundreds of other warehouse buildings in oakland with the same dangerous code violations. >> yeah, many working-class families and struggling artists say they just cannot afford to live anywhere else. >> abc 7 news reporter lesley bringly has that story from oakland tonight. >> there's 200 that are out there, they have no papers, no permit, no fire code, nothing, that are sitting here. but they're similar to this one. so the reality is this city has
11:38 pm
to step up and do the code enforcement. >> reporter: gallo says many house marijuana growing or manufacturing operations. neighbors called in complaints about the warehouse that burned. gallo says that was clearly documented. members of a nearby church marched here to the fire scene to say prayers and then clean up the neighborhood, like they do every sunday. they described the inside of the warehouse as a tangle of electrical cords with several rvs parked on the bottom floor. >> probably was a couple families living on the top of the building and there was people from guatemala. >> reporter: many believe they would have been sleeping there despite the noise from the concert. people out here told me that's just part of life in a city where high rents are forcing some to make do in crowded unsafe buildings converted illegally by landlords. this man now lives in his van. he says he was burned out of the 10-foot by 10-foot room he rented for $550 a month. he blames his landlord for converting a two-bedroom house into five bedrooms and carving
11:39 pm
out tiny living spaces in the basement. >> the wiring was all faulty because he didn't go by code, didn't go by permit, he just wired it himself. >> we should not be waiting for tragedy. we should be more active in our community. >> reporter: many hope this tragedy will at least spark a re-examination of the enforcement of safety and fire codes here. in oakland i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf said a team of city employees is combing through every public record the city has with the ghost ship building. there had been complaints of garr banl piling up outside the artists' collective and unpermitted construction going on inside. abc news correspondent neal karlinsky today asked schaaf about neighborhood complaints about the building. >> taking tremendous steps to make sure we're doing a complete and thorough investigation of not only this building and its history with the city but also what we can do to potentially prevent these types of disasters from happening in the future.
11:40 pm
>> schaaf told abc news she'll be bringing in an independent expert to analyze the city's process and recovery operation to make sure it's done thoroughly. a woman who was supposed to go to friday night's rave but didn't go is now doing her best to make sure the tragedy does not get repeated. kelci aguilar has been to many raves in the bay area. she says it's a close-knit community even though people like to remain anonymous. aguilar says the allure of raves is the underground feeling, and that makes it tough to put safety first. >> there's no fire sprinklers and it's really dangerous. but it's just not top priority. top priority is fun and music and, you know, family gatherings. >> aguilar says she'll dedicate her time to make sure rave promoters focus on safety. she's also using social media to contact family members of those still missing so they can share pictures and personal information about their loved ones. many people turn to prayer following this massive loss of life in oakland.
11:41 pm
♪ abc 7 news was at st. elizabeth's church on 34th avenue. that's near the scene of the dadly fire. when parishioners gathered for sunday mass. st. elizabeth's pastor talked about how the suffering extends beyond those who lost loved ones. >> their pain in many ways is our pain too. the loss of all these young people. is the loss of all of us. >> prayers and messages of hope rose from the congregation inside the cathedral of christ the light on make lake merit. mayor libby schaaf has asked the cathedral to host a special vigil to honor the victims and their families. now, this is an agonizing time for family and friends of the missing. an oakland police chaplain says the worst part for many is not knowing. >> i think maybe perhaps family want to be able to have some kind of closure to what's going
11:42 pm
on. but it's just the difficulty of being able to access that side. >> what do you say to them? >> there isn't much you can. you listen and assure them of the presence and support of the city of oakland and beyond. >> abc 7 news spoke to father jason landeza at the sheriff's substation on east 12th street to offer prayers and counsel to those waiting for an update on their loved ones. grief counselors as you heard him say are also on hand. in the meantime, donations keep pouring in to help families hurt by this fire. one drive on the website surpassed its original goal of $100,000. right now donations are at $212,000 just over, getting closer to a new goal, that of a quarter million dollars. >> for updates on the fire including recovery efforts and the search for victims download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts and you'll get updates on your mobile device. still ahead on abc 7 news at
11:43 pm
11:00, a victory for the activists. why the army decided to halt a controversial pipeline project that's drawn thousands of protesters to north dakota. and another bold heist at a bay area apple store. but this time police get a big break in the case. and in accuweather a foggy
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
a controversial pipeline project in north dakota has been put on hold. today the u.s. army's civil works division announced it will not approve a key part of the project. the dakota access pipeline was designed to run under a lake which is a main rev warr for the standing rock sioux reservation. an army official said it was concerned the project would affect drinking water. project designers will have to seek an alternate route. police in palo alto are looking for help. up to six people accused in another smash and grab robbery at an apple store. they have arrested these two people. take a look. 19-year-old shakeen ferguson and 18-year-old erica white. along with two juchblsz. officers say they were among a team of up to ten thieves who drove an suv through the front window of the store on
11:47 pm
university av around 4:30 this morning. police say they then crawled through a hole in the window, grabbed a large number of items, and then just ran. police are investigating whether this crime may be connected to two recent robberies at the apple store in the marina neighborhood of san francisco. it's been a cool couple of nights and i understand there's some rain out there. >> i know. we'll check in with drew tuma to see how long we have before we might get those raindrops. >> we've got cooler air settling in mid-week this week some of the coldest we've seen all season and then we'll track some moisture moving in. live sfo camera showing you what we have in the near term is the fog and it's making its traditional trek inland. many spots tomorrow morning will wake up with fog. into the afternoon we'll have a blend of sun and clouds out there but it will be cool once again below normal. 60 in oakland, high of 57 in san francisco. 60 in san jose, 59 that high in antioch and 6 o'the high in napa. want to show you which storms we're tracking for you on future weather. thursday there's round 1, round
11:48 pm
2 moves in friday. and then a third round wants to move in here on saturday. and that could bring anywhere from one to perhaps three inches of rain once it's all said and done. want to show you futuretracker rainfall amounts. there you go. thursday through saturday. some spots getting very close to three inches. that's what we'll be tracking in the coming days. accuweather seven-day forecast after those late-day clouds tomorrow perhaps a chilly morning on wednesday and then the rainy day at 2 right now on the storm impact scale on thursday. >> thank you, drew. >> sure. teams are positioning themselves for the playoffs. one of two teams here in the bay area. >> that is true. so you're saying my tee time thursday is washed out? >> no. try wednesday. call in sick. >> all right. as eric mentioned, nfl teams positioning themselves for the playoffs as we hit december. and that means even more top fly
11:49 pm
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week 13 of the nfl season is in the books. so that must mean it's time for our plays of the day. giants and steelers in pittsburgh. new york a six-game win streak coming in but they ran into big ben and antonio brown. the leaping grab just gets his elbow in the end zone. steelers win it 24-14. with the giants' loss cowboys clinch a playoff spot. look at that. lions are first in the nfc north facing the saints. matthew stafford threw for 341 yards. golden tate 145 in this one-handed grab. detroit wins 28-13. broncos defense will be in blake bortles' nightmares. picked off twice. this ball juggled before chris harris jr. finally makes the grab. and then this one just a terrible throw. bradley roby returns it 51 groortds pix six. jacksonville 1-5 at home, 2-10 at home. 20-10 that final. cam newton benched for the first drive because of a violation of team rules. didn't wear a tie. so derek anderson got the start.
11:53 pm
first play picked off. that's how the night would go for carolina. gave up 240 yards on the ground. 75 right here on the tyler lockett reverse. seahawks win big 40-7. here's cam after the game. >> i stand by his decision. the position that he's in, you know, i follow it hand in hand. >> crushed today by the bengals. andy dalton threw for 332 yards two touchdowns. brandon lafell nice grab and inbounds. 32-14 that final. texans and packers in the snow. aaron rodgers two td passes. he'll find a wide open jordy nelson. 118 yards receiving. 21-13 green bay. cardinals beat washington in arizona. carson palmer 42-yard strike to j.j. nelson. three tds for palmer. 31-23 arizona. and tom brady made nfl history against the rams winning his 201st career game, which is the most wins by any quarterback. had this nice back shoulder throw to chris hogan.
11:54 pm
26-10 patriots. >> it's been a lot of football over the years. you know, it's always been about winning and i've been very fortunate to be on a lot of great teams. bucs have won four in a row. now lead afc south thanks to their win over the chargers. jameis winston and cameron break combined for a late td. also had some help from the chiefs who gave up the lead with 4 1/2 minutes to go. falcons quarterback matt ryan picked off by eric berry on the two-point conversion to put atlanta up three. he goes 100 yards. that turns out to be the game winner. 29-28 the final. chiefs host the raiders for first place on thursday night. and those are your plays of the day. college football playoffs are set. number 1 alabama will face pac-12 champion washington in the peach bowl. and ohio state gets clemson in the fiesta bowl. both games on december 31st. winners will play for the national championship on january 9th in tampa and of course stanford will play north carolina in the sun bowl. football playoffs at the end
11:55 pm
of the month but faechlt utbol or soccer had the women's ncaa championship today at avaya stadium in san jose. usc taking on top-ranked west virginia. savannah the header. andrews heads it in for the goal. 1-0 trojans at the half. second half now tied at 1 leah pruitt leaves a wide open katie johnson. she doesn't miss. that would be the game winner. usc with the upset. 3-1 the final. they are national champions for the second time in school history. could hoops. cal take on nebraska. how cute is that? christina niguay had a monster game. 10 of 13 from the field. great spin move and the foul. bears up 21. freshman nicole caden. check out this. fakes the pass goes right around her opponent. that's just sick. cal improves to 7-0. 86-65 that final. number 11 stanford beat u you sc as well.
11:56 pm
tiger woods finally feeling the effects of being off almost 500 days. shot a 4 over 76. three double bogeys, finished 4 over on the tournament. meanwhile, hideki matsuyama seven-shot lead coming in. 1 over 73 but 18 under was good enough to capture his fourth win in the last five events. >> big picture it feels good. it feels good to be back out here playing again. competing. and trying to beat these -- the best players in the world. i missed it. a lot. and this stretch where i've been out for almost a year and a half has been rough. and the last few years have been rough. >> well, it's good to see him back, and i think he played pretty well for his first tournament back. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. raiders and chiefs thursday night in kansas city. raiders get that win i think they're on their way back to the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season. and before i go the rose bowl, the fighting drew tumas. penn state. taking on jessica cast froes, i
11:57 pm
found out. usc trojans. a little in-house rivalry here. >> but can we get back to my lady bears, the cal bears? >> yes. >> you guys do know i went there. >> we did. >> where? >> stanford. >> by the way, you a couple weeks ago proposed a rule change in overtime you'd have to win by a touchdown. i have a rule change. if you're a quarterback if you throw an interception you've got to chase the guy all the way down the field. you can't just -- >> you're right. >> abc 7 coaching staff. >> have a great one. we'll see you later. lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence
11:58 pm
i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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nd red line train... (man continues indistinctly on p.a.) (sighs) (indistinct conversations) they're fixing the green line at petworth. connecting red line trains are stuck waiting at fort totten, which puts the next train to shady grove about 20 seconds away. thank you. (man continues indistinctly on p.a.) (train horn honks) (train arriving) look at that. just like you predicted.


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