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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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in get ready for a lot more rain. this is a live look at doppler 7 and you can see green indicating rain. the system is breaking up but more is coming. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. take a look at our emeryville camera. it looks really gloomy. the evening commute is just getting under way. >> and let's look at our sfo camera. the weather has led to lengthy delays. low visibility is impacting the number of flights that can arrive and depart causing delays up to 90 minutes. >> yeah, drivers have to be really careful on bay area freeways. the wet weather made for a
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challenging drive during the morning commute. >> umbrellas were a common site in san francisco as people dodged the rain getting to and from work and more is still ahead. >> spencer christian has a look at the forecast. >> the rain is tapering off but there's a lot of wet pavement. the conditions are relatively quiet in terms of rainfall. as we pull back and take a larger view, i'm clicking the thing here and let's see if it will move. there it is. we've got a steadier pattern of rain to our south, south of monterey, and rain up north around eureka. in some spots, over an inch. santa rosa, an inch. san jose and, well, there is still a bit more left in the system which ranks one on the storm impact scale. it will be with us through tonight and midday tomorrow
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bringing pockets of light rain. so here's the forecast. starting at 5:00, we'll continue to see this pattern through the evening and into the overnight hours of scattered showers. wet pavement for tomorrow's commute. steady rain is not expected until saturday morning. i'll have that forecast later. ama? >> spencer, thank you so much. wet weather may be to blame for a fatal accident in campbell that killed a 16-year-old boy this morning. an 18-year-old driver apparently lost control of his bmw, spun out and slammed into a guardrail. the driver had just picked up the 16-year-old after seeing him skateboarding out in the rain. the two were friends. the driver suffered a head injury but will survive. firefighters spent 20 minutes rescuing the driver of a toyota scion that got wedge between a median and a big rail on 880 in vallejo along the eastbound lanes just after 8:00
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this morning. fire crews rescued the woman in the car. a true hero who conquered space and politics passed away today. >> americans are remember former astronaut john glenn. >> he was a true trailblazer on earth and in space. today, upon his passing at the age of 95 in columbus, ohio, nasa tweeted, "godspeed, john glenn." he became the first american to orbit the earth. the soviets had done it a year earlier and glenn's success earned him al lccolades. but he was not done. he represented his home state of ohio as a respected democratic
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retiring in 1999. still, glenn was not done. in 1998, he returned to space at the age of 77 to help test the effects of space on aging. in 2012, glenn received the approximate initial medal of freedom. his health started to decline two years ago after a stroke. today, hillary clinton paid tribute to her former senate colleague. >> i'm sure the congressional record will be filled with pages of appreciation and recognition of this extraordinary american's life. >> reporter: other reactions today, retired astronaut scott kelly tweets, "saddened by my colleague john glenn. was very honored to have known him. president-elect trump tweets, today we lost a great pioneer of air and space in john glenn. glenn is survived by his wife of 73 years, annie, their two children, and a grateful nation. larry and ama?
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>> kristen, thank you so much. turning now to the warehouse tragedy in oakland, the city has notified all families of the 36 victims who died in the warehouse fire last friday. >> atf investigators are working through the rain to try to pinpoint the exact cause of that ghost ship fire and just in the past hour, the city of oakland officially declared a state of emergency and that make it is eligible for state and federal relief funds. >> laura anthony is live at city hall with more on the latest developments. laura? >> reporter: hi, ama, we've heard much in the last few days about which agencies may have been inside the ghost ship warehouse before the fire, that is, fire department, police and city building department. but today we learned another agency from the county may have been in there as recently as last week. >> he hired me to do security. >> reporter: this man did not want his identity revealed for fear of retribution but told us he worked at the ghost ship
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warehouse as recently as last thursday doing security and odd jobs. he says a social worker from alameda county child protective services was there to check on the founder derick almena. >> were they upstairs, down stares? >> they were everywhere. >> reporter: cps would not confirm or deny such a visit. the man also told us there was a fire inside the building last week involving a refrigerator. a fire he helped put out. almena was concerned about a fire in 2014. one an arsonist set outside the ghost ship. >> all of a sudden we saw flames at 6:00 in the morning, lapping at the windows. your heart just drops. >> reporter: as for fire inspections, abc 7 news has earn willed that required inspections were not done for at least a decade. >> i don't have an answer to that. we have to look at what was
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missed and what information we did not receive that caused this not to happen and we don't have that. >> reporter: now, the mayor and the lead investigative agencies have not scheduled any press conferences for today. what we're waiting for are records, especially from the fire department, to see what inspections, if any, they have done inside that building. live in oakland city hall, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. officials have released two new names of victims. 35-year-old jennifer mediola was a psychology ph.d. student. her family said she died without suffering from smoke inhalation. >> joey matlock, known to his friends as joey casio, is described as a philosopher of electronic music. broken hearts and deep grief at the cal campus today.
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leslie brinkley was there remembering five victims of the warehouse fire. leslie? >> reporter: very much raw emotion today. at one point, the dad of one of the fire victims said his son didn't like using the #yolo. his son preferred he said to use the #yolf. >> so he came up with his own acronym, which is striking at this moment. and that was, you only live forever. >> there's a part of our hearts that is missing today. >> they were five members of the cal community who parisherished the ghost ship fire. four worked at a radio station. her room nate, jennifer morris from foster city, 33-year-old
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chelsea dolan and griffin madden, beloved as a volunteer coordinator for calib cal performances. >> he worked with the program. >> reporter: david cline also died in the fire. >> if anyone had a bright future ahead of him, it was david cline. >> reporter: tearful families took the stage at this vigil and personalized the heartache. >> vanessa is my twin sister. she is my best friend. she is my light. she is my sun. >> reporter: family and friends hoped their legacy would inspire future artists and musicians here at uc berkeley. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> for more information, go to and look through the photo gallery we've put
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together honoring those victims. barbara lee made a motion. >> we will continue to support our residents during this very difficult time with any recovery efforts. and now i ask the house to observe a moment of silence. >> all present, rise for a moment of silence. >> bay area flankly, called the victims young and being resilient and compassionate. two more fund-raisers will be held in oakland tonight. musicians will perform at karibbeean city on webster street and at golden bulbar. several life bands and deejays are performing there starting at 8:00 p.m. two major earthquakes, one
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in the bay and one across the pacific. there's growing concerns about sexual assaults in the south bay after three incidents on one college campus. it's really been a dream come. >> an emotional day for the parents of conjoined twins. the successful surgery in the south bay to separate these two young girls. and let's take a look at our traffic on this rainy thursday. okay. it stopped right now but you can see a lot of cars out there on the roadway and i can tell you that they are moving faster. >> not a lot. >> no, because of all of the rain. this is 101 through san rafael. i see flashing lights there off to the right-hand side. your southbound traffic is on the right-hand side. stay with
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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all right. happening now, traffic is just a mess. on northbound 101 in san mateo after a big rig spilled its load. what was on the big rig? chicken parts. and they went flying on -- flying was bad. but they went out onto the roadway. as you can see from sky 7, a cal trans sweeper is sweeping up the mess now just south of the kehoe avenue entrance. the freeway has been totally shut down while this cleanup continues. look at that backup, man. >> i'm sure those people really appreciate your pun right there. >> i didn't write that. that's why i'm -- not good. >> we'll keep an eye on that. a key step in the effort to keep the raiders in oakland is
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coming next week. it's been announced on tuesday the city council will hand over control to the open coliseum property to a group headed by hall of famer ronnie lott. the board of supervisors will vote on that the same day. the exact terms have yet to be released. it's widely believed that the lot group would lease the property owned by the city and county. it's believed that approval of this deal could possibly, maybe be enough to prevent nfl owners from granting the raiders permission to move to las vegas. san jose state police are looking for a man accused of sexual battery on campus. since august, there have been five incidents involving six victims. >> honey rivera has more. lonnie? >> reporter: one suspect is tied to these attacks and this is where the latest one occurred.
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san jose state students head to class after learning of several sexual battery attacks on campus. three of them in the past week. a campus official tells us, two of the cases have the same suspect. >> it goes beyond just disrespect toward women and their bodies, which is far too common. i was sexually assaulted recently. >> reporter: morgan survived an off-campus attack but she can relate as a victim. >> truly accepting that it's not your fault. truly accepting that it's not your fault is hard and it's painful and it's also trying to figure out how to trust your environment. >> reporter: the latest attack happened wednesday about 1:00 in the afternoon. police say a male suspect sexually battered a female in the stairwell at duncan hall and then ran up the stairs. >> i'll be more alert when i go up the stairs and i also carry around pepper spray. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a mail in his 20s
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with black, spikey hair, gray-hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and navy backpack. >> do you feel like the school is doing enough? >> sometimes. i feel safe when i see the staff. >> reporter: this is a suspect in another attack monday afternoon. he followed the female into the union, sexually battered her, the female confronted him and he walked away. >> many of the students we talked to learned of the recent attacks by text alerts or e-mails on their smartphones. >> we don't receive until like three and i feel like that's a safety issue but it's also difficult for the police to get all that out at that time. >> reporter: there was another attack at sweeny hall last wednesday. a male subject female battered a victim and he was wearing dark clothing and a backpack.
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in san jose, abc 7 news. immigrant rights groups are rallying in support of a state bill that would make mass deportations harder to carry out in california. abc 7 news was in oakland's state building as supporters of senate bill 54 called on the legislature to pass the bill. it was introduced yesterday and would limit police and hospital workers from identifying, reporting or detaining undocumented immigrants. >> this is really urgent. i mean, the new administration has outspokenly said that they are going to continue to deport 2 to 3 million immigrants in our community and that represents our families and friends. >> the california value act as it is known would prevent california from taking place in a registry to profile muslims if enacted under a trump presidency. a 6.5 earthquake struck off the coast of humboldt county followed by a powerful aftershock. it happened roughly 100 miles out in the ocean west of
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ferndale. jessica castro talked to people closest to the epicenter. >> well, i was cooking for a customer and we got a big jolt and he goes, earthquake, and i said, yes, a good one. and i was next to the sink and had it full of dishes and you could hear the dishes clink together. and the floor was rolling. >> reporter: meanwhile, doug was delivering pies across the 100-year-old bridge and said this. >> i'm constantly on that bridge behind big vehicles and i never heard it shake like that before. >> reporter: as chance would have it, it's a small city with just over 100 residents and the police chief happened to be having breakfast at the ferndale pie company. >> i looked over my shoulder and no one was there. the roll of the earthquake, we were all kind of looking around. >> reporter: ferndale is no stranger to earthquakes. in 1982, the earthquake six
4:20 pm
years ago was a 6.5 like today's quake. but there was widespread damage. the national weather service did not issue a tsunami warning. jessica castro, abc 7 news. there have been at least a dozen aftershocks followed a 7.8 earthquake that struck near the solomon islands. this morning's quake briefly triggered a tsunami warning for the nearby islands but it was sent sently recently canceled. >> back to spencer for the weather. >> here's a live look at doppler 7. we have cloudy, dreary conditions around the bay area. just a few little spotty showers. so it's not very wet at the moment, as you can see from this
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live view from our rooftop camera looking out over the embarcadero. 59 degrees in san francisco. low 60s at oakland, san jose and it's wetter than it is down in the lower elevations. low to mid-50s and 48 in fairfield. 53 in concord and 61 in livermore. here's the view at sfo where delays are being experienced right now. we'll see a showery pattern overnight. the actual storm arrives late tomorrow into early saturday and unsettled pattern again early next week. here's a look at our morning lows as we see a few passing showers in the overnight hours. low temperatures will drop mainly into the low to mid-50s overnight. it won't be terribly cold. tomorrow, we'll see highs right around or just above 60 degrees from the coast to inland. again, with a few passing showers. if go out tomorrow evening, you'll probably encounter a mainly dry evening.
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there could be spotty showers in the evening hours. 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., it's cloudy. notice the next wave of rain north around ukiah. that approaching storm for saturday morning ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. there could be early morning downpours on saturday with this storm but then after that we get mainly showers. so 5:00, saturday morning, as most of us, i presume, will be sleeping, the heaviest downpours will be occurring and then they will start to taper off and break up. for the remainder of the day into the evening hours, pockets of light rain and showers and go into the overnight hours into sunday, mainly dry conditions. sunshine on sunday before we get a more active pattern next week. expected rainfall from saturday's storm will be at the greatest up in the north bay. half an inch to an inch and a half and the least wet region is the south bay where some locations may measure no rain at all.
4:23 pm
up to .02. the current storm for tonight, with showers in the next storm on saturday morning, both ranked 1 on the impact scale. turning schooler on sunday under mainly dry conditions. increasing clouds on monday and then on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we get a 1, 1, and a 1. >> dancing in the raindrops. >> perfect. thanks, spencer. all right. coming up, disappointment for dog owners. the final plan for the golden gate recreational area and when these changes are expected to take place. and the amazing sight
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let's enjoy this sight. dolphins put on this on a whale watching trip.
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look at them go. scientists are still unsure why these pods merge into what they call superpods but they are super. a leading theory is that it happens when several pods all speed toward an abundant food source. cool. well, a conservation group says the world's tallest animals are in the process of a silent extinction. the international union for conservation of nature says the wild giraffe population has plunged 40% in the last 30 years. of nine species, five are affected. deforestation and illegal hunting is blamed for the decline. dog owners are expressing disappointment with today's release of the golden gate national recreation area rules on how to manage dogs in its parks. the final rules will slash 90% of the areas where dog owners are allowed to walk their pets off leash. the plan include as new off leash area and a new on-leash
4:27 pm
dog walking loop in marin county in addition to four other off-leash areas. but the ggnra said something has to be done. >> we have about 300 law enforcement actions every year related to dogs and one of our key objectives is to improve safety for our visitors and employees. >> and these rules take effect in 30 days. coming up at 4:00 -- >> the epa could do immense damage, the air our children breathe and the water they drink. >> weighing in on the newest names for donald trump's cabinet. plus, the latest on the 14-year-old shot by police on a reno school campus. he is expected to survive. and a path of destruction. the blast of winter weather that caused a 30-car pileup.
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and here's what's making headlines today at 4:30. americans are honoring a national hero. john glenn died this afternoon in columbus, ohio. in 1962, glenn was the first american to orbit the earth. glenn is survived by his wife, a daughter and a son who lives in
4:31 pm
berkeley. john glenn was 95 years old. nasa tweeted a picture saying, "godspeed, john glenn." he received more than 20,000 retweets. eric thomas is in oakland talking to grieving artists. president-elect donald trump flew to ohio today to continue his thank you tour. hillary clinton returned to capitol hill for the first time since her election defeat. abc 7 news is live in washington with the latest on the presidential transition. lana? >> reporter: the president-elect has announced his new pick for labor secretary. a ceo who has over seen hardy's and he's been an outspoken advocate against raising the minimum wage. all indication are that the hunt continues for the next secretary
4:32 pm
of state. at trump tower, a hand of candidates on the short list met with donald trump. >> we talked about the world, defense, our state of our military. we talked about cybersecurity. >> reporter: there's a growing list of retired military officers being considered for the trump cabinet. three generals have been picked and another, david petraeus, is being considered for secretary of state. meanwhile, other nominees were meeting with senators in advance of the confirmation hearing. >> i'm here to learn about their concerns and to learn. >> reporter: one nominee that may have difficulty with confirmation, mr. trump's pick for the epa, scott pruitt, who has been a vocal critic of the agency. >> pruitt could do immense damage to the air our children breathe and the water they drink. >> reporter: and hillary clinton joined harry reid for a
4:33 pm
retirement celebration, her first visit back to the capital city following her defeat. >> this is not exactly the speech at the capitol i hoped to be giving after the election. >> reporter: outside of washington, the president-elect continues his thank you tour, traveling to iowa and ohio to meet with the heroic first responders at ohio state university. meanwhile, the stock market has been celebrating mr. trump's move towards the oval office with a steady increase analysts are giving much credit to his promises to cut corporate taxes and provide other deregulations that may benefit businesses. reporting live from washington, abc 7 news. >> there's a bloomberg poll out that show's mr. trumps ratings at 50%. can you put that into context for us? what does that say about the way americans are viewing the future president? >> there's a lot of different things in there. 50% show certainly that a lot of
4:34 pm
what we heard before about the country being divided is certainly the case. only 50% of americans are -- have a favorable opinion right now of the president-elect. by contrast, when president obama was first elected, his approval rating was in the high 60s. but it also demonstrates a change that's positive for mr. trump prior to the election our polls indicated that he was around 35, the high 30% in terms of favorability ratings. now at 50%, a lot of americans are willing to give the new president a chance who didn't think so before the election. ama? >> lana, thank you so much. the house passed a stop gap spending bill to keep the government opened beyond tomorrow's deadline. house lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the bill through april 28th. however, senate democrats from coal states are threatening to delay the bill, demanding more help for retired miners. >> a second officer has died in
4:35 pm
georgia. officer jody smith died a short time ago, one day after officer nicolas smar was killed responding to a domestic dispute. the manhunt for the suspect ended earlier today when the gunman was found dead. here's elizabeth herr. >> reporter: based on a tip, police and s.w.a.t. surround the home believing a suspected cop killer is inside barricaded. >> the caller new the gentleman and was there when he came to the house. >> reporter: he was on the run since wednesday for the killing of a 25-year-old police officer, nicolas smar. >> jody and nicolas were close friends. when jody heard the call and knew nick was on his way, he took it upon himself to respond. >> reporter: the two officers responding to a domestic call near the campus of the university and were shot by limbrick and he was found 24
4:36 pm
hours later dead. >> reporter: he was a convicted felon and had a criminal history record of 32 pages. >> reporter: he was already wanted on kidnapping charges when officer smar and schmidt responded to that call. >> they were both heroes, in my opinion. they were there together and they were there together through it and even after the shooting they were together throughout the whole ordeal. >> reporter: and we are told there is body cam video from the shooting, which is now considered evidence as this investigation is continuing. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. a boy who was shot in reno, nevada, is still in the hospital. he is recovering and will likely pull through. video of the incident shows the teenager weielding two large
4:37 pm
knives. the officers shot the boy after he refused orders to drop the weapon. snowy weather hitting the midwest prove deadly in lansing, michigan. police are blaming slippery conditions for a pile-up that caused closure of the freeway in both directions. a marathon 17-hour surgery to separate conjoined twins is being called a success today. meet the bay area team behind the surgery and hear what the family is saying. >> i'm spencer christian. this is the dark and dreary view from our emeryville camera. i'll have the forecast in a moment as abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. dreary is the way i would describe the commute in walnut creek. bumper to bumper.
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back with more after the break.
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we have a creative solution for gifts. >> we've teamed up with hoodline. how you can make diy christmas presents in the city. >> it turns out, being one of santa's elves requires
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woodworking machinery. it was a rough start, but behold, i made this walnut cutting board with my own two hands and you can, too. this is a woodworking shop, two brothers founded it. you can find their products in stores like urban outfitters and williams & sonoma. >> with all our products, they have to pass the wow factor, which is kind of the reaction. the tie is the ee ppitomy of th >> you can learn how to sand and oil it until it shines. even personalize it. drop by on saturday any time from noon until 6:00. >> on sunday at 8:00 p.m., hear
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the sounds of mexico and the tickets are at 20 bucks. taking place on sunday, a dash through the cash benefiting the san francisco aids foundation. all are welcome. for all of the info, go to and we'll link you with hoodline. chopper 7 is still picking up light showers but we don't have any significant precipitation going on at the moment. we'll see scattered showers tomorrow, rain early saturday morning and it's going to be a cool day on friday. on we go as we move along. sunday afternoon, levi stadium, jets are in town. game time, 1:05. it will be partly cloudy and it will get cooler as the game goes on. let's hope somebody can win that
4:43 pm
game. rain next week, a series of storms. here's the forecast animation on tuesday afternoon. on tuesday, one of the storm impact scale followed by another on wednesday and followed by a third storm on thursday. so we certainly have a wet week coming our way. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. showers tomorrow. steadier rain on saturday and then mostly dry on sunday and increasing clouds on monday and wet pattern develops on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. jets/49ers is an epic clash. >> yes. >> thanks, spencer. still ahead, a changing world and surprising why life expectancy is going down. plus -- >> he's the picture. who knows. maybe he'll be doing the same thing for everybody else. >> bay area heroes take on a new
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it was an early christmas for children in san jose. >> it was the annual shop with a cop event. matt keller was the emcee at the breakfast. he has a closer look at this really special event. >> reporter: santa came to town in san jose and brought a bus full of kids. >> here comes santa. >> reporter: law enforcement officers are spending the day at target. the nonprofit shop with a cop works with local law enforcement to give back to the community. 70 students from sandy elementary and 38 other who is suffered a hardship are given a $150 gift card to check off their christmas list. >> what are you giving yourself?
4:48 pm
>> a basketball. >> it is an amazing fill-in. it's hard to describe it. i feel very special for being here, to have the opportunity to do something, you know, special for somebody in this christmas. it's just amazing. >> reporter: the students were chosen for the shopping spree because they dramatically improved their reading scores. shop with a cop organizer say this is a great opportunity to build relationships with their community and encourage students to stay on the right path. >> you plan on asking her for a tour of her car? >> yeah. >> maybe you can run the siren as little bit, pull someone over? >> yeah. >> who knows, maybe in the picture he'll be doing the same thing for everybody else. >> reporter: not only do the kids get $150 target gift card, they get a goodie bag, free photo with santa. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> great to see the smiles on those kids. if you're an at&t mobile
4:49 pm
customer, money may be on your way. >> 10, 20, 30, that's what people are getting. at&t mobile customers will receive an average of $31. for unauthorized charges on cell phone bills. we told you about this for years. it's called cramming. that's when third-party bill you on your cell phone. it's the largest those customers no longer with at&t will receive checks and everyone else will get a credit on their bill. >> state farm insurance has filed two refund. and will reduce fees by 7%. this came after two consumer
4:50 pm
groups successfully argued state farm's 7% rate hike in 2014 was unjustified. the insurance commissioner has overstepped its right to a fair profit. consumer watchdog and consumer federation of california say voters granted that authority when they passed proposition 103 in 1988. would you pay money to stream movies before they leave the theater? apple wants to stream first round movies on itunes and is negotiating to do just that. they are already planning to rent movies for how much money? what do you think? 25 to $50. as early as two weeks after theatrical release. napster and screening room are hoping to be able to rent first-run movies. 25 bucks. get over here. >> yeah.
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>> think about it, if you take a family of four to the theater, it's way more than $50. so if you can get it on your ipad and hook it up to your big screen, you'll be fine. i'll hook you up, michael. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. gnc agrees to do more to keep illegal supplements off of its shelves. >> and carbs may fend off a cold. >> reporter: gnc has agreed to ramp-up efforts to ensure the products it sells are safe and legal as part of a deal with the department of justice. gnc will conduct a couple of voluntary initiatives aiming at the purity of dietary supplements. exercise could help fend off a cold. that's the total opposite of what scientists have believed for years. some types of exercise do seem to hinder the immune response and lead to fewer infection
4:52 pm
fighting white blood cells. eating carbs could be more robust. new analysis finds that half of the headphones it tested did not restrict volume which could be hazardous. wire cutter restricted volume. and can you get too much protein? while studies aren't conclusive, doctors are wborro worried abou over abundance of protein. from the nasdaq, here's to your health. life he can peexpectancy di month to 78.8 years. it's the first decline in two decades. some of the reasons for the decline, an increase in heart
4:53 pm
disease, diabetes, and suicide. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. >> from the moment we knew that we had conjoined twins, we wanted to get them to this place where they can still have an individual life. >> a dream comes true for the parents of conjoined twins. >> and kristen is here with a look at what is coming up at 5:00. kristen? >> ama and larry, thanks. get ready to crane your neck. what's behind the building that some say looks like superman's fortress of solitude? and plus, a bay area man needed help and local police come to his rescue. also, the 99-year-old million artifact found at
4:54 pm
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story that time forgot." then "shrek the halls" followed by great american baking show and then the news at 11:00. this family's 2-year-old conjoined girls were successfully separated in a 17-hour operation. >> the doctors spoke about the difficulty of separating the twins. lyanne melendez was there. >> it's been a journey to get there. it's been a dream come true. >> reporter: the journey started in may 2014 when doctors told her she was carrying conjoined twins. from there, there was talk of an operation to separate the twins. the operation would not be easy. >> joined at the sternum, at the diaphragm, the liver and they shared parts of the bowel, small and large bowel and most of the pelvic area. >> reporter: a team of surgeons carefully mapped out where they needed to separate the twins.
4:58 pm
by now, their growth was putting added pressure on their organs. >> i was at the point where i was concerned about erica's reserve and her ability to tolerate the stress of such a big operation. >> reporter: the separation team included 50 people, followed by the reconstruction experts. the twins were born with only three legs. that third leg was anatomically abnormal and doctors removed the bones in order to use the skin and muscle during the operation. >> so we used all of that skin and muscle on erica to close her trunk, essentially. >> reporter: today, they are in stable condition and doing well. as one can well imagine, the twins will need years of rehabilitation and physical therapy. the family will take this one day at a time. >> we'll see how things go. >> it still seems very surreal. when i see one on one side and the other on the other side, it brings us all joy. >> reporter: at lucile packard
4:59 pm
hospital, lyanne melendez, news. survivors of the oakland warehouse fire meet with controversial building manager derick ion. >> one after the other, artists in oakland speak out. the backlash they are trying to block. plus, a moment in time. the photographer who captured a picture and helped ease someone's sorrow. and the stairwells at san jose state are starting to feel sinister. there have been sexual assaults there and police are searching for a predator. now at 5:00, oakland city council takes action officially approving a local state of emergency. this will pavement way to state
5:00 pm
and federal help after the warehouse that killed 30 people. let's go to laura anthony live at city hall with new revelations about what happened in the days leading up to the fire. laura? >> reporter: kristen, hi. we'll get to that in a moment. like many cities, oakland was hard hit during the recession. many positions were left unfilled. but now that the funding has returned, despite that, many of those positions, especially in fire prevention, are still vacant. it was a tragedy waiting to happen, say several people who have been inside narrow staircases that did not lead to access. 52 pianos, a building the oakland fire department did not regularly inspect, even though the ghost ship was a commercial building and those inspections were required by law. >> i don't have an answer to


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