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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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breaking news here in san francisco, water is pouring into the street near the moscone center. we are at the scene at howard
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and 4th. elissa? >> we just saw water crews trying to plug up a valve at the intersection. there is a lot of work to do. they cannot turn off the water completely so they are trying to reduce the pressure. is for they have had some success. it is drying it burst at 3:00 a.m. and either was either 8" main or 12" main. we do not know the reason. the points are old and there has been cold weather and a lot of underground work going on. this will keep the crews here for several hours. it is shutting down the major intersection with water rushing into the underground parking lot into the underground parking lot of the
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>> it will be a mess around here. traffic is going to be an issue. i am sure they are work on >> the department left the scene and right now there are police and water department out here. i am told they do have a handle on this and have been able to reduce the pressure to a point where they are now able to try and determine the cause and get this area cleaned up and make sure it is safe before they let traffic come back through. alexis smith is looking at how it could affect traffic. alexis? >> yes, not a huge issue but as we just heard from elissa it could be going on for several hours. if that happens it will cause a ripple affect in san francisco. howard and hth around the
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moscone center the spire intersection is fully blocked. if you are heading in the southbound direction you can head over and use harrison. market is wide on. the san francisco commute is later than our further outlying areas. hopefully we will get it with respected up but if they say it will be a couple hours it will. >> the san rafael camera is going in and out but we have a problem on southbound 101 a sig-alert in sausalito area. more information on that is ahead. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco has fog and drizzle. >> the scattered light there is light rain up 101 to santa rosa but not so expense as the water coming from the ground in san francisco. live doppler hd shows the moist flow with drizzle possible and
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scattered light rain through 9:00 and then scattered light rain possible through 4:00 and we will mix in the drizzle again in most neighborhood through 7:00. near the coast in the mountains it will be damp with drizzle all day. mild temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. more on wet welcome ahead. >> in san francisco, police have closed off part of van ness avenue because a tree fell around 3:30 this morning. it blocked several lanes. we thank our viewer for sending us video and photo of the scene. in word on when it will reopen. >> we have new details in a string of sexual assaults at san jose state. police arrested a student who inappropriately touched another student. matt? >> good morning, even san jose state university said the cases are causing a lost anxiety here on campus.
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the good news is san jose state university police have arrested a suspect in all of cases and he is a student. here is his photo, a surveillance video from monday around the student union. he followed a female victim into the building and sexually battered the woman. he may have committed more sexual batties not reported. cam police have been notified of six cases and it is believed a single suspect could be associated with two of the on cases. people on campus are being extra careful. >> i be more alert up the stairs and i carry pepper entry. >> i bit for a friend to walk me to a car. >> san jose state university said 24 additional security cameras will be installed, six new police officers will be hired and additional lighting is put in around campus. there have been six sexual
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battery cases and six more sexual battery cases reported this year compared to last year. >> now the tragedy in oakland. we are hearing from a man who said there was small fire inside the warehouse a day before the massive fire that killed 36. he said he personally wanted the collective founder of the danger. here is cornell barnard. i am scared to show my respects. >> he traveled far to pay respects to 36 victims of the ghost ship the he was shot six times during the orlando, florida shooting massacre. he knows the tragedies are different but the support was a god send. >> it was overwhelm asking new it is my time to do the same. >> special mapping temperatures from the of that will credit 3-d imaging from inside the ghost ship warehouse to find a cause. >> no evidence they have found
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to indicate arson so they ask, what else could have caused the fire? >> i saw a little bit of a fire. we put it out. >> this man did not want to be on camera did odd jobs at the ghost ship and said there was an upstairscien fire on thursday and warned the founder, derick ion almena, that it was too dangerous. >> i told him, you need to secure this place if. people are going to get hurt. all the fire inspections? regular inspections as required by law were not done at the ghost ship for a decade. >> i don't have an answer were we have to find out what happened and what was pissed. >> finding a cause to take weeks. >> names of two more victims have been released. alaina kane lived in oakland, a
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psychology ph.d student and her boyfriend, micah danemayer also died in the fire. 36-year-old joey matlock is described as philosopher of electronic music. he was the most gentle of all people. people. >> some survivors the staff paid for their entire meal and the group went to the red cross to pick up clothes after they ate. >> more than 500,000 has been donated to the relief fund on www. another site has gathered $400,000 from the raiders and raiders and a's. >> breaking news from live desk. >> the breaking news, a new report released accusing a
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thousand russian athletes of doing in the olympics including the summer and the winter games and it puts four gold medals on the line. the four gold medals are from the we winter olympics but did not name the athletes, release add short time ago saying there was an organized conspiracy over a four-year period. also found evidence of tampering with doping samples involve 12 russian medalists in the sochi olympics similar to what was reported in july by a canadian professor. we will keep an cry on any developments. interesting. >> if the commute takes you through menlo park the four red light cameras are operating today, at westbound highway 84. the camera will snapshots of violators but they will not receive tickets. for now. there is a 30 day grace period. the city will only mail out
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warnings. the grace period ends on january 7th. >> a traffic alert. >> back to the sausalito area where we have a pickup truck on its roof on southbound 101. before you get to expense are avenue we have a sig-alert issued from c.h.p., the two right lanes are blocked and the backup is not terrible. we just heard from them the tow truck is five minutes away. only one vehicle involved and no injuries. hopefully it will be cleared quickly. >> to van ness, at green street, on the north end of the city we showed you a video of the tree down at the intersection. we have a hard time to get confirmation if it is cleared. we are trying to get word on when it will re-open and will pass it along when we find out. the detour will not take long, the streets in the city are
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hocking wide open. >> sheen on the pavement at the golden gate bridge and you still weapon to slow down and use caution. >> now, a check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> there is drizzle. that will keep it wet in the morning. that is due to the warm rush of air. the temperatures are 50s this morning, and this is where our highs should be, 55 to 58 degrees cross san francisco and our other neighborhoods, same on both sides of the peninsula into the south bay and we have 50 in walnut creek a cool spot, 49 in pittsburg, dress for 45 in fairfield. today, we are going do have temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s and it will be mild and humid and the cooling will begin tomorrow with upper 50s to forly 60 and as we head to sunday the cooling deepens with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. our storm-impact scale is a "1" today with scattered light showers and drizzle and
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visibility. tomorrow it could pulse up to (2) but generally a "1". it could pulse up to "2" because we will have brief heavy downpours during morning hours and gusty winds at the same time. around 25 to thigh miles per hour. we will have bonding on the roads early tomorrow morning. >> from space to the senate and back to space again. coming up the bay area pays tribute to the incredible life and legacy of astronaut john glenn. >> murder mystery, the new details revealed of the woman accused of killing her twin sister. >> we have wet roads and want you to stay on top of weather you to stay on top of weather and
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>> a marin county man is on guilty in a case that has been covered for a year. greg am were received three years probation. our investigation revealed he lied about serving as a united states marine and about receiving a purple heart and other honors. he used the phony military history to raise money at his house of steel gym in san rafael. allen will have to serve 100 hours of community service and pay $18,000 in restitution. in federal court he apologized to veterans and others he hurt. >> funeral plans have yet to be released for john glenn, the
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former astronaut and united states senator kid year at the age of 95. in 1962 he was the first american to orbit the earth. the last mission to space was in 1998 when he was 77. a science professor explains why glen is considered an american hero. all the kind of bravery wanting to do something no one el had done and only a few people have the skills to do. >> he is survived by his wife, two children, and one lives in berkeley, and two grandsons. >> defense secretary carter is making an unannounced visit to afghanistan before handing off the we duties to the retired marine general james mattis and will meet with troops and afghan leaders. the united states has 10,000 troops to train and advise afghanistan troops. >> the woman accused of killing
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her tin sister by driving off a cliff will be extradicted to hawaii and now the ex-boyfriend of the woman who died is talking about the sister's >> alexandria duval the yoga instructor accused of murdering her twin sister is being extradicted to hawaii where she intentionally drove a car off a 200' cliff killing her sister in the passenger seat. witnesses saw the two women fighting in the car movements before the crash. >> i could see a pair of hands pulling on the driver's head. >> a federal boyfriend of her sister is speaking out for the first time on television. he said that he witnessed the twins fight on several occasions and even had to intervene. >> i tried to pull them off and they are pulling each other's hair and knocking each other down to the ground. >> we will have more of the
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interview at 7:00 a.m. with the first look from new york. apple c.e.o. is giving the commencement speech at massachusetts institute of technology. they made the announcement yesterday saying cook will head behind the ceremony in june. the president called the cupertino based c.e.o. a brilliant business leading saying his passion for important issues will resonate with the graduates. >> that is a pretty good "get." >> absolutely. now, over to alexis smith. >> i have a felling speed is most likely a factor in a rollover in sausalito. southbound 101 pickup truck involved and in other vehicles but it flipped on the roof's spencer avenue. the two right lanes are, month by emergency crews. we have the tow truck on the scene. we have not seen much of a backup but we have a sig-alert. looking at the bay bridge
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camera, distance fog this morning and overall we are seeing friday light commutes and drive times in the green. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is half an pleasure and in delays. northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino in the grown at 17 minutes. now a look at the friday forecast. >> check out this picture from our roof camera at what alexis was showing you, so much moisture in the form of mist and drizzle hanging in the air and it is covering the bay bridge where you will find the lowest visibilities, humid to damp today, on-and-off scattered light rain and heavier rain tonight through tomorrow and stronger storms are possible next week. our fog layer or visibility layer, no visibility is below a mile but hanging around a mile to two miles. that is where you see the heavier drizzle.
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the moisture is coming in and as long as the moisture is moving in we will have a chance of drizzle through 9:00. scattered light rains until the sun sets and more tonight. you can see the pockets of frend at 7:00 this morning and we will turn our attention then to midnight with yellows and orange moving in the north bay and reds heading into the heart of the bay at 5 o'clock. from 8:00 to noon it will manufacture through the rest of the bay leaving us with scattered showers into the evening. the rainfall amounts go from .25" to 1" from the south bay to the north bay. >> what did you do in there is a moose stuck in your frozen pool? call in the professionals. a man in vermont had that issue and you can see the proof, he fell into the icy waters so the person called police and a game warden tried to figure out how to rescue him.
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to rescue him. they pauled the is back with his moment. >> you can keep a holiday tradition alive in napa and a man has santa's elves stay tuned.
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we have another mess in the sausalito area southbound 101 before spencer. we have a flipped pickup truck blocking the two right lanes. a tow truck is on the scene. >> check out our rainfall intensity map. green and the bars are low from noon today through midnight. look at rush of downpours coming in tomorrow morning. this is going to be ponding on the roads heading out tomorrow morning. be careful. >> for, san jose student is facing charges accused in three sexual assaults. he followed a woman into the student union on monday and asayed her. police are investigating three other attacks since ok. >> the feds are sending in a special team of investigators to oakland to person out the cause of the deadly warehouse fire. they plan to credit a 3-d version of the scene to narrow down what sparked the fire. >> six from thely, moments ago
5:25 am
the great smoky mountains national park and gatlinburg, tennessee, has reopened to the public after the huge wildfires caused 14 degrees and damaged 2,500 building. >> the raiders have fouled into a first place tie with the chiefs. scans scans beat the raiders 21 to 13 ending the six game winning streak. this are only three games left in the regular season. aholiday lits are shining brightly at a napa man's home because of the help of the police department. >> each year people would drive by to him to see the decorations. this year the home owner could not do this because he is in the hospital. so the police department dispatch and their families stepped up and pit out the decorations for him. they hoping it will help him make a speedy recovery. >> very nice. >> we now know the color to be
5:26 am
of 2017. are you ready? greenery. that is its name. it will appear in fashion and household products next year. the color represents hope and nature. >> my gosh...and i am wearing i. >> you are head of the curve, sir. >> it will get you whether you want it or not. >> mick jagger is a father again. for the eighth time. >> his 29-year-old girlfriend, american ballerina, gave berth to a by in new york yesterday. jagger is 73. she' her 20s. his children childre range from 17 to 45. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including the breaking news
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at the mass condition center details on a big water main break. it is blocking traffic. >> a teacher in trouble with allegations against a south bay educator. police believe other kids are safe. >> nasa is ready for a big launch. that is ahead. >> the reason that san francisco mayor lee has vetoed new regulations for airbnb hosts in regulations for airbnb hosts in the city. regulations for airbnb hosts in the city. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. let's get up and get going. we are tracking breaking news in san francisco, a water main break is creating a mess. crews are trying to stop the water from flowing into the streets in south of market area. it could be an issue.
5:30 am
we are hear it could take several hours to clear. we will get to the general in a moment. good morning, on friday, december 9. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui alongside jessica and mike and alexis. we are seeing rain, mike? all the downpour tomorrow could make the streets look like that again. this morning it is lighter. live doppler hd is showing it is mainly drizzle. with pockets of light rain. that will continue as you can see on our 12-hour day planner through the morning commute and it will change over more to scattered to possibly on-and-off light rain and when the sun sets drizzle mix back in with a chance of drizzle all day neither the coast and san francisco and the higher elevations because the air is so moist in the upper 50s to let sick. we have heard of spend intermediates, alexis. >> not at the number of yesterday but we have had a couple of spinouts and a
5:31 am
rllover. that is the biggest issue. it is in sausalito. southbound 101 at spencer avenue before you get to spencer avenue, but not much of a backup. a pickup truck is on the roof. it is blocking the two right lanes. we are close to getting it cleared. the tow truck has been on the scene for 15 minutes. 101 and 880 not too soggy and quiet in san jose. we will look at the terrorism times next. >> back to the breaking news the water main break is right moscone center. elissa? >> an employee at the moscone center said it is causing major problems for them. he said that it is as if it is raining buckets interest their underground parking garage and they have rooms to control the phone systems and electrical boxes and at least one of the rooms has been flooded. the employee was wearing rain boots.
5:32 am
he had to try and get water out of the way because it is causing problems. we are not sure how it could effective vents at moscone center but we will keep on this. >> at the scene we have the water department has arrived and they were able to reduce the prior so right now there is no more gushing water but earlier it was a different story, water started gushing before 3:00 a.m. and we are told this was a 12" water main that burst. we do not know exactly why but it was old and they are not sure how old but that is probably the cause. the fire department just left and police and the water department are taking over and we are told that they will be out here for several hours and they specific the work to go well into the afternoon so it means it could cause a big traffic headache this morning.
5:33 am
>> thank you, elissa. a san jose state student is accuseed in three sexual assault on students, following a woman into the student union on monday and assaulted her. he may have committed other attacks. police are investigating more incidents that have happened in the past six weeks. san jose state university is adding extra officers along with the center security cameras and lighting. >> san jose high school teacher is on leave after being arrested for having a sexual relationship with a student. true difficult hill -- trudy hill is an english teacher. she used her position of authority to exploit the 17-year-old male student. >> i was blind side by this allegation and disappointed that it happened in one of our schools. >> terrible, terrible, terrible. you cannot even sent our kids to
5:34 am
high school and have to worry about the teachers. >> hill is facing two felony charges. both the school direct and% countrying investigations. police do not believe there are other victims. >> we found recent arrests involving teachers accused of molesting or having sexual or inappropriate relationships with students and we found in august, a language teacher was arrested for molesting a 15-year old girl in the san jose area. heather butts, was arrested the same month for having an inappropriate relationship with a ten girl. the following month, a long time math teacher in san jose arrested for sexually assaulting a federal structure. >> and earlier, arrested for having sex with a male student in fremont. >> now the ghost ship, a special a.t.f. will arrive to create a 3-d map of the warehouse.
5:35 am
another a.t.f. team coming from maryland made up of electrical engineers to track down the cause. oakland is eligible for state and federal relive funds because it is under a "safety emergency." there were no fire inspection for a decade. a man who did not want his face on the cam said he did odd jobs at the warehouse as recently as last week and said there is an upstairs kitchen fire on thursday and he an the founder, derick ion almena, that it was too dangerous inside. >> i saw the fire and we pit out. i said that people would get hurt. >> we have not seen a host interior photos so this is giving at look at what happened, a photo that we obtained from a photographer who said he took this inside the warehouse on saturday after the fire. you can see a firefighter in the shot and the damage to the
5:36 am
building. >> the identities of two more of the 36 victims hand been released. alaina kan. was a psychology ph.d student. her boyfriend, micah danemayer, died also in the fire. joey matlock was described as aness federal of electronic music. he was the most gentle of all people. three was 96. >> people gathered in oakland to grieve to comfort each other, the leaders talked of the victims they knew who died in the fire. it was a night of reflection for the arts community. >> a victim's girlfriend is hopping a photograph will help her heal. on sunday, she turned to social media. she whenned it find whoever took a really beautiful photo of her and her boyfriend, griffin madden, during a trip to new york city in june. the photographer saw her plea on the photographer saw her plea on wednesday and posted the soviet
5:37 am
>> i remembered them because they thatted so adorable. photography is like a time machine. it is a sad moment but i hope she keeps this as a memory. >> we they looked to in love. this brought a look of your light back into my light. >> one of the hardest stories to get through when i read that i could midnight believe it. >> at the oakland museum of california is dedicating the weekly fright night event to the ghost ship with a moment i lens for the victims tonight at 7:00 designating a space to create a memorial wall to the victims and collecting donations to benefit them and their families. you can she support by using a badge on facebook on our page news. ago painses in santa rosa on high alert.
5:38 am
a woman grab add fur-year-old girl inside of a trader joe's and started walking out of the story. officers arrested 4-year-old tina szczepanek who entered trader joe's after 10:30 while the little girl wasshipping with her mother and went to return the shopping cart. tina szczepanek grabbed the child saying "she's mine," and walked out. the mom chased after her. >> someone was there to stop her and i could not imagine how that would feel. >> we go each weekend and shop and i am okay with him going in front of me and not thing anything will happen. >> such made it 30' and put down the gill when the immigration reform started yelling, officers arrested her in the parking lot. >> an update from abc. >> at look at nasa television where they are getting ready to
5:39 am
launch the cargo craft from southern japan. this is the flight path with everything here written in job necessary and they will deliver 4.3 tops of supplies including water and space parts and experimental hardware. there are six astronauts on board including two americans, from the live desk. the launch is ready to go in about 20 minutes. >> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> check out the 24 hour temperature change up to 12 degrees warmer. it is really mild. how mild? in the north by, the 8:00 spot is 50. in guerneville we have 55 at bodega bay, rohnert park, and 56 in san rafael, mill valley, napa, and 57 in tiburon and to
5:40 am
san francisco we have redwood city at 56, and san jose at 58. cooler at fairfield and brentwood, and this is how it looks in walnut creek, so for this week, 1" of rain with drizzle. it will be wet at times. especially this morning and on the water it will be moist with light breezes and damp and mild if you are now, san jose 87, bone dry, and only .06". temperatures and on-and-off scattered light rain, low-to-mid 60s well with average. tomorrow we are beginning do have downpours in the morning, scattered showers in the my 50s to nearly 60 and cool but dry on sunday. we will take a look at our next chance of rain next. >> quite a few issues our sig-alert in the sausalito area
5:41 am
has not caused a backup, southbound 101 before spencer avenue is where we had a pickup truck flip on the roof. known was hurt. one vehicle was involved. tow truck is on the scene. >> a report of trees down at van ness and green street seeing a delay in both directions. they could still have the intersection close there is a water main break at moscone center with the intersection closed at howard and 4th. >> the bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights on and new we have reports of a crash before the toll booths. >> i can guarantee you will have an opinion on this. can you hear me? airline travelers aren happy with shrinking seats and rising fees can have something else to be upset about.
5:42 am
>> it is jr. >> water federals say the musty-smelling water coming from san francisco taps is safe. >> a look outside to get ready to start the day we have a look to start the day we have a look at t ♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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>> very interesting development with airbnb, san francisco mayor
5:45 am
has vetoed legislation to put limits on services like airbnb. the mayor said the 630 night annual limit on short-term rentals would drive more hosts to rent illegally. current regular lay about for up to 90 nights for unhosted rentals and a full year if it is hosted. >> transportation agencies will hold an open house so commuters can learn of the project that is designed to relieve traffic congestion on the richmond-san rafael bridge. a third eastbound lane on interstate 580 is scheduled to open. ramp closures is mostly at night and early morning and could extend to 8:00 a.m. on the weekend. the shoulder will become the third lane. the open house is hell at san rafael city hall from 6 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> and the tom
5:46 am
devil's slide will be closed for testing. it includes fire, crash, and smoke simulations. detours are in place for the tunnel closure, on pacific could take southbound 280. from half moon bay go east on 92 and to northbound 288. >> new the transition of president-elect donald trump. there are closive new details on the inauguration next in. the theme is the mantra of the presidential campaign: make america great again. he will attend two official inaugural balls. the chairman of the committee said melania will pay a key role in the events and will be visible and dominant in the things she is going to take responsibility for. >> san francisco water customers have noticed a funny taste in their tap water. the city's public utility commission said it is the result of a harmless natural chemical that did not get flushed out at the plant. the water is safe to drink. the problem came from the hetch
5:47 am
hetchys very near yosemite national park. the agency switched over to a reservoir on the peninsula. it could be a week's the water returns to normal. >> do you find it annoy when you are flying and someone near you is talking on their phone? >> i find it illegal because you can not did that. but federal regularlies are diagnose lift the ban on cell phones during the flight. department of transportation is proposing to let airlines decide if they allow phone calls using the wi-fi. the question is, why not on your flight because you can do it elsewhere? >> where do i start. airlines have to tell customers of policy before they bay their ticket. there is a 60 day comment period that will be lively. i am going to start making comments immediately. >> absolutely. what did you think? we post add poll
5:48 am
this is a big "no." 72% of viewers have voted agree with moi. >> you have four hours to vote. what did you have to say? >> now a check of weather and traffic. >> thumb's down on this. the people have spoken. good morning. thumb's down on the commute because it is damp. a batch of drizzle is moving through the heart of the bay on live doppler hd and you can see the moisture hanging in the air, hard to see the bay bridge with the lowest visibility and all of the rainfall 1.2" in san francisco andwe a record rail. heavy rain tonight and series of storms next week promising heavier weather than we have had so far. today, a lost 50s around santa rosa and lakeport and cloverdale and the rest of us around 60 to
5:49 am
63. very mild. all day. mild tonight. most of us in the mid-to-upper 50s. now, through the day we have drizzle up to 9:00 and drizzle in the mountains and language the coast and the rest of us on-and-off showers and by midnight, yellows and oranges and reds, the brief heavy downpours moving through the heart of the bay tomorrow at 5:00 and the south bay by 8:00, and by 12:00 they are headed to the monterey bay looking scattered light showers. the storm will be a "1" on the storm-impact scale but there will be isolated areas where it pushes to a "2" with the rainfall reaching 1.25" in some areas. alexis? >> we flipped our emeryville camera around so we can see before the toll plaza toll and this is not the most ideal angle but you can see flashing lights
5:50 am
coming from the last we have a two-car crash. no one is injured but the videos are not drivable. when tow truck is there. it will show you down through the maze getting through the bay bridge toll plaza. in sausalito, sig-alert southbound 101 before spencer avenue. flipped pickup truck has been there an hour. all green on the traffic flows. friday height through walnut creek stretch. 31 minutes in the green from the central valley westbound 580. back to you. >> what facebook is revealing of >> what facebook is revealing of the pest pest >> a long journey to get here, a dream come true. a17 hours in operating room,
5:51 am
serious surgery to separate serious surgery to separate conjoined when
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> the storm-impact scale is a level "1" which is light rain. keep the umbrella handy. drive safely. track the storm on the abc7 news app. >> a live desk update. this just coming in, two major drug companies announcing this morning they are working together to develop a drug to combat alzheimer's disease. they are developing a drug that would essential help your body create antibodies to fight the disease. it is in phase one of
5:54 am
development. yu can see where they sent out the press release just a moment ago. this is currently in physician one and some of the testing is being done in california. >> they have had real set backs so i hope this is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> 2-year-old twin girls from sacramento area new have a chance as a normal life after team of surgeons operating for 17 hours to separate the conjoined twins. they are so cute. they shared most of their pelvic organize agains. the team had to carefully map out the big operation. parents want their daughters to live healthy and individual lives. >> i want to go chasing after
5:55 am
one that way and chase after other. that is something i for look forward to doing. >> normal dreams. the twins were born with a third leg and doctors remanufactured the bones from leg and used skin and muscle during the operation. the 20s will be at the hospital for the next month so doctors can closely monitor their recovery. now a look at the storm-impact scale we rank our storms from "1" light to "5" severe and this is light with drizzle to scattered light showers. there will be low visible in the morning commute. in the mounts, that will be the heart of the wet weather and some of the hills and mountains around los angeles to the north. 45 in lake. windy and wet. 60s, low-to-mid 60s through the central valley. 67 in los angeles. lake tahoe will be poured on tomorrow with heavy rain. great for the resolution stores
5:56 am
but nut for the snow pack. >> the roads have a couple of issues in bay bridge toll plaza before you get to the agos and we have more emergency responder on the scene and this is obviously just before you get to the toll books we confirmed with c.h.p. it is lane 11 and the center of the toll plaza and it is a two car crash. still light in most areas but we have had thing is alert for an hour now, southbound 101 before spencer, two right lanes are blocked because of an overturned vehicle. pore updates in less than ten americans. >> playing video games for cash. a new game platform lets guilters challenge your friends for real money. the app lets you play last evening arcade games and bet against your friends. pick a game, choose stakes, real money or tokens and compete against opponents of similar skill. if you think that sounds like gambling the guy behind it said
5:57 am
it is not. >> it is not about winning or losing a lot of money but the fact that having a dollar on lean maybes games more interesting it is not gambling. gambling is about actually wageering money for a game of chance. >> well...some games are based on skill is to make sure this is legal they have deliberately taken the "luck," out of the games. >> san francisco is still look for a new police chief but the next leader could first new rules. >> we are back to howard and 4th in san francisco where crew are trying to clean young after an overnight water break. internationally, korea lawmakers voting to impeach their president and are their president and are celebrat
5:58 am
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>> be ready for delays. this water main break is causing a big problem in the area. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. all the intersection could be closed for many hours. >> we are there on the scene. what is the progress, elissa? >> i have some good news. police open one lip on 4th street so drivers can turn right on howard to get people back into the area and they have restored water to all of the hopes and businesses in the area. they have been able to close off the water main break. can you see their ening which un. it happened before 3:00 a.m. it was a 12" water main that burst. this is one of the older water marines in the area. old agency was probably the cause. water flooded the intersection. it dumped water into the base president of


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