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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 9, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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is hd 5 good morning, america. deep freeze in that deadly winter storm sparked whiteout conditions and icy roads. three people killed in this 40-car pileup in michigan and this 70-car pileup in pennsylvania. now half a foot of snow in the forecast. 16 states on alert. as the new storm heads for the midwest and then bone-chilling cold moves east. reality star president. >> you're fired. >> a stunning announcement from president-elect trump overnight staying on as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" with arnold schwarzenegger as the host, and hillary clinton reemerges lashing out about those fake news stories. >> this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. holiday shopping alert. four of your favorite stores are fasing a major lawsu-- facing a
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lawsuit, accused of deceptived a v vertizing like these. are you being offered fake deals? miracle twins. the conjoined sisters successfully separated after 17 hours of surgery. >> grateful for the doctors. >> the hero team of 50 doctors and nurses delivering hope for the holidays. and good morning, america. happy friday to everyone. we have a lot to get to this morning, but take a look outside. everyone bundled up there in times square. no mistaking it is december right now. >> that's right, and the entire country, nearly the entire country is below freezing with these windchills. there is near zero visibility in a lot of places. this is a look at the roads in cleveland. they are very treacherous as people are waking up and making their way into work today. >> out west, take a look at this message of solidarity from someone in oregon.
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i think that's something that could go for around the country. stay warm is what it says. you didn't wear a jacket. >> i had a really cozy sweater, and got into a warm car, so that might be why i didn't wear a jacket. let's go right out to rob marciano who is in ellicottvi e ellicottville, new york. where they are seeing a lot of snow this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. i can tell you it is cold here, and it continues to snow across western new york. these streets and sidewalks get plowed, and the snow piles up again. about 10 inches on the ground here, but there is nearly 20 in many spots. it has been a quiet season so far, a mild fall, which has the great lakes primed for a big snow event and this arctic blast is producing just that. overnight dangerous pileups across the great lakes as winter plows in with a vengeance. >> this is a skating rink. >> reporter: 70 vehicles slamming together on interstate
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90 near erie, pennsylvania. this is what it looked like stuck inside one of those tipped over vehicles. rescue crews racing to pull people out from the mess. >> we have some people trapped in vehicles. >> reporter: slick roads causing this 50-car pileup in lake county, ohio. and this crash in lansing, michigan, where three people died. the blinding snowstorms coming in fast. catching some people off guard. >> driving conditions in these lake-effect snow bands can deteriorate in a hurry. just ten minutes ago, there was barely any snow. those storms fueled by that arctic blast moving over the warm great lakes. >> look at it spin. >> reporter: the instability so strong in created this waterspout over lake erie. >> we're looking at two, two inches an hour. once you plow, you have to re-plow, and you keep salting,and plow yourself back up. >> reporter: nonstop. >> it is nonstop. definitely nonstop. >> reporter: those road crews are going to have their hands full again today. i can tell you that the roads in and out of these towns, they are dicey for sure. difficult traveling. this snow is pretty light. i'm not sure that's good or bad for clearing roads but it's
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going to keep coming down. we expect at least another foot. lake-effect snow warnings in effect through tomorrow and then likely another foot, and a larger system coming on sunday which means it may be snowing for the buffalo bills game against the steelers sunday afternoon. michael. >> thank you, rob. you and everybody else be safe on the roads. let's go to ginger. there's more snow and even colder temperatures on the way. >> that next widespread system that rob was just alluding to already creating a mess in nevada so they're also seeing the slide-off, and pileups and that storm will regenerate now, east of the rockies, and drop snow. i'm talking about half a foot or more. just chicago or north chicago to milwaukee. right through parts of michigan that are getting hit already by lake-effects and parts of new york and into new england. this will take us through the end of the weekend and then arctic air is coming along with it, right? so many folks feeling like winter this morning, the feels like in dallas, 28, nashville, 16. the 20s here but for minneapolis, minot, 26 below and, you guys, i don't want to show this. it's that bad. the arctic express will settle in by next week.
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this is how ugly it's looking. >> did you just say settle in? >> it's going to -- by settle in, i mean the pattern looks like december. and below average, yeah. so sorry. >> i'm not sure we can thank you for all that, ginger. but, mike, talking about that bills game, what was it like to play in the snow? >> i love it. you slide around and hit -- it's fun. >> you hit each other. >> it's more fun than cold rain. that's the worst. >> not saying all that much. but we'll move on now to the trump transition. president-elect held another thank you rally in iowa last night introduced their governor for ambassador to china as we learn he plans to stay on as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" while president. abc's tom llamas is in des moines with the story. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. from a very chilly iowa and yes. it does appear that the president-elect will keep some financial ties in show business as questions linger about his real estate business. this as president-elect trump as
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extended an olive branch to china with a very important diplomatic take. president-elect donald trump announcing how he's going to deal with the growing superpower. >> what we have to improve is our relationship with championship. china. >> reporter: in iowa, trump telling the crowd he is fixing the problem by appointing their governor, terry branstad to be the ambassador to china. largely because branstad has had a long, friendly relationship with china's leader and the job won't be easy. trump has a lot of problems with china. >> you have the massive theft of intellectual property putting unfair taxes on our companies, not helping with the menace of north korea like they should. and the at will and massive devaluation of their currency and product dumping. other than that, they have been wonderful, right? >> reporter: and trump's transition team announcing another high-profile hire. millionaire fast food executive, andrew puzder to be labor
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secretary. puzder's company owns hardee's and carl's jr., best known for these ads. >> the all natural burger. >> reporter: puzder is a critic of obamacare and has argued against substantially raising the minimum wage. the trump team, he is a proven job creator and abc learning the president-elect will be keeping another job besides commander in chief. >> you're fired. >> reporter: trump staying on as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice," now hosted by arnold schwarzenegger. >> everybody is saying i should run for president. let me ask you a question, meat leave, should i run for president? >> reporter: when he announced his candidacy he spoke about "the apprentice." talking about sacrifices. >> i'm giving up a lot. you know "the apprentice" was renewed. >> are you going to do it? >> no. i can't do it because you're not allowed to do it if you do this. >> reporter: trump's spokeswoman says we'll get more details on "celebrity apprentice" and more on this at a news conference
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next thursday, when trump talks about his business ties, and i just got off the phone with the top transition source, who tells me this morning speaker paul ryan for the first time, will head to trump tower in manhattan to meet with the president-elect on trump's home turf. this is another sign that both these republican leaders are trying to mend fences. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. a lot to talk about with jon karl, down in washington. jon, let's begin with that news of "celebrity apprentice," again, something new with donald trump every single day. but it's only going to add to questions about his conflicts of interest in the white house. >> reporter: this is something else. but, you know, in a way, it's hardly a surprise. "the apprentice" is his pride and joy. i have no doubt that if he could find a way to do it while president of the united states, he would still host the program but, george, it raises serious questions, conflicts of interest questions, we've never seen a president have an interest in a broadcast network and raise questions about the advertisers who spend money on the program and will they try to curry favor with the president, serious questions, but not all that surprising. >> now we see his cabinet picks and have that new secretary of labor nominee, the new nominee for environmental protection
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agency opposed by environmentalists, the secretary of labor nominee opposed by organized labor. no question you have a new sheriff in town. >> reporter: absolutely and a conservative cabinet emerging, one that is filled with business leaders and military leaders. one that conservatives can like, but i'll tell you, george. he is meeting with paul ryan as you heard tom say, this -- he is headed towards a potential real conflict with conservatives in congress as he puts out his agenda. he is readying things that they will like on tax cuts and deregulation, but also a very big infrastructure program that i can tell you that the trump inner circle is talking about how they may be fighting with the likes of paul ryan on and trying to create alliances with democrats. more consistently with democrats that would propose than republican. >> depending on the details that could be a real clash. >> reporter: it could be a real clash. if you look at this, you have a president that is not particularly idealogical. not particularly republican. harry reid had an amazing
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comment about donald trump. he said, quote, i have to say he's not as bad as i thought he would be." you may be looking at effectively the first independent president of the united states. >> meantime, at that ceremony with harry reid you saw hillary clinton back in the spotlight. let's take a look at something she said. >> the epidemic of malicious, fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. >> interesting choice there. she is not going away. >> reporter: absolutely not. you know, after that contentious 2000 campaign where al gore won the popular vote and disappeared after the election, that is not going to be the case i believe with hillary clinton. she won a big popular vote victory. her people tell you she got more votes for president than any white male in american history.
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i do not think she is going away. she remains the most prominent voice in the democratic party. >> thanks very much. a lot more coming up this sunday on "this week." michael. >> all right, thank you, george. now to some breaking olympics news. let's go right to linsey davis and, linsey doping investigators are making a big announcement about a thousand russian athletes. >> that's right, good morning to you, michael. this jaw-dropping report implicates eight russian medalists, four from sochi in 2014 and at least four from london in 2012 as being part of a state-sponsored doping program. more than a thousand russian athletes are imp klicated in th final part of the mclaren report, which first exposed doping by russia earlier this yore resulting in hundreds of russian athletes being banned from the rio games. the report says none of these athletes acted alone but were part of an institutional conspiracy involving russia's secret service. the report author, richard mclaren, who was appointed by the world anti-doping agency says the doping took place on an unprecedented scale. according to the report the system was refined over the
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course of the olympic games in london and sochi as well as the 2013 world athletic championships in moscow. russia won 72 medals at the london games and 33 medals in sochi. the international olympic committee says they will certainly follow up with those mentioned in the report. michael. >> all right. thank you, linsey. that completely changes, you know -- you didn't win a medal, maybe you move up. completely changes the olympics. >> yep. all right. and now to a big travel alert about a change that could be coming to your flights. officials are now considering allowing wi-fi calls from planes. abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with more on that. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. you know, this is something we have been talking about for years. could you actually make a phone call on an airplane? what the transportation department is saying is they are considering allowing wi-fi calls on planes with one caveat. that you would be told when you buy your ticket you could actually -- somebody could be making a call on your plane. they're also considering an
7:13 am
outright ban on it, so it's up in the air, but this is an opening from the government. could we have wi-fi calls on planes? >> i like that, david, it's up in the air. for years by the way what's up with this? we were told it was dangerous to be on our phones in flight, so what's changed? >> reporter: so we were talking about cell signals, and whether cell signals would interfere with the aircraft. you already have wi-fi on the plane. you're doing texting or e-mailing now so as it's getting broader, more broadband aircraft could you use wi-fi, not cells to have a phone call. that is the difference here. >> okay. well, david, a lot of people present party included, not so happy about this. >> yeah. >> do not want to hear all those calls. >> a chance to comment. >> i like the fact that people don't think you'll talk with them anyway. it gives you some hours of peace. >> exactly. yeah. another shopping alert. we move onto another alert. a holiday shopping alert. four major stores being accused of misleading shoppers with their sale prices and paula faris is tracking that and those big deals may not be as big as they look. >> reporter: certainly not, george. the question is, are these
7:14 am
advertisers ever selling that item for that original retail price you see listed on the tag? well, the california city attorney who filed the suit believes four major retailers are engaged in deceptive advertising. he wants them fined and is seeking an injunction to prevent them from using this shady advertising tactic. this morning, just in time for the holiday shopping rush, the l.a. city attorney is suing four major retailers, accusing them of making customers believe they are getting a better deal than they actually are. >> customers have the right to know the truth about the prices they are paying. >> reporter: macy's, sears and kohl's all allegedly using false reference pricing. the lawsuits claim in january, kohl's allegedly advertised the sale of belted cargo shorts for a sale price of $35.99 from an original price of $60. but the shorts, the lawsuit claims, were never sold for more
7:15 am
than $35.99, and in april, the complaint states sears advertised a kenmore washing machine with a regular price of $1,179.99 for a sale price of $999.99. even though sears allegedly never offered that item for more than $999.99. also according to this lawsuit, macy's prominently advertises that its false discounts are being offered for only a limited time in order to create a false sense of urgency, and to mislead customers that they will miss out. >> a lawsuit like this sends a very strong message to the retail market that if they are engaging in false advertising, that they'll think twice about those practices. >> reporter: jcpenney, sears and macy's tell abc news they do not comment on pending litigation. kohl's did not respond to a request for comment. and this lawsuit could have real effects across the country as well since nearly every state has laws similar to california in regards to deceptived
7:16 am
adverti advertising. it really sends a message for these retailers to stop false advertising or there could be consequences. maybe it wasn't on sale to begin with. >> i'm a sucker for the line that goes through. yes, i'm getting a deal, right? >> i got it for 98% off. you and me both. we will celebrate a great american life right now. so many weighing in on john glenn. including president obama, he said that he was the last of america's first astronauts. he has left us, but propelled by their example. we know that our future here on earth compels us to keep reaching for the heavens. he died yesterday at the age of 95 after a life defined by adventure and duty from the battlefields of world war ii to the frontiers of space and the floor of the senate. fighter pilot, astronaut and statesman, john glenn was a true american hero. >> as the astronaut prepares for spaceflight. >> reporter: one of the seven original "mercury" astronauts. >> zero g and i feel fine, capsule is turning around, oh, that view is tremendous. >> reporter: in 1962, the first
7:17 am
american to orbit the earth. his "friendship 7" capsule circled three times in seven hours hitting speeds of miles an hour. >> i'd like to be cocky enough to think i did a good job on that flight, which i did, but i think whoever had done a good job on that flight would be a great comeback for america. i happened to be there at the right time at the right place. >> reporter: a highly decorated marine pilot in two wars and after that spaceflight watched around the world the most famous of those original seven astronauts. >> welcome to washington. welcome back to this planet. >> reporter: he parlayed that to a career in politics winning an ohio senate seat in 1974. >> "discovery" with the crew of six astronaut heroes and one american legend. >> reporter: in 1998 while still in the senate, glenn returned to space at the age of 77. his nine-day mission aboard the shuttle "discovery" studied the effects of weightlessness on aging. >> one thing i promised annie the day we were married, in addition to our wedding vows of
7:18 am
course, i would do everything i could to keep life from being boring. >> reporter: in 2012 he received america's highest civilian honor, the medal of freedom. >> john glenn became a hero in every sense of the word. >> reporter: glenn once told ohio state graduates that we're more fulfilled when we're involved in something bigger than ourselves. >> i guess i have looked at my whole life as being sort of a service to my country. >> reporter: and for this trailblazing space traveler -- >> godspeed, john glenn. >> reporter: -- it was an amazing ride. and there you see the capitol, right there, the flags flying at half-mass today, at the u.s. capitol. john glenn serving in the senate in ohio for more than 20 years and he is called an american hero. you throw that word around, but he looked the part, lived the part, he mentioned his wife annie, married for 73 years. >> she survives him? >> yes. >> so our thoughts and prayers go out to her. >> absolutely. back to ginger now and we have a lot of weather. >> we do, and james on twitter just said, just barely missing that freezing line in savannah,
7:19 am
georgia. but freeze warning go through houston and austin, the numbers are dropping. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, the weekend getaways brought to you by walgreens. >> i am meteorologist mike nicco with the highlight, today's temperatures very mild. we're already in average high. this morning, we'll jump off to low to mid-60s. we'll fall back once again. heaviest rain is going to fall
7:20 am
from midnight tonight through noon tomorrow. coming up, the father of this student caught on camera with knives is now speaking out after an officer shot his son. then two amazing stories about miracle twins. those little girls safely separated after a dramatic surgery, and the emotional moment these formerly conjoined boys finally see each other.
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get your tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america for as low as $25 per month and 90 night free trial. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. it's 7:23. good morning, if your transport takes you through san francisco, you may want to rethink the route you're taking. a huge water bramain break has t down on fourth and howard. kind of a mess. >> that is a mess. so is this one, westbound 580, the richmond san rafael bridge. you're at a complete standstill across the bridge. we did get the news from chp, very large crash involving up to eight vehicles, san quinton has cleared.
7:24 am
eastbound to westbo
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now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we're back and we're talking storm impact scale. storm 1, to 5. light drizzle. light showers. low visibility during the rest of the morning commute. you see the best returns fuelling out of maren. and napa. you see right around midnight it tapers down moderate rain as it moves to the south, the south bay and morning hours. then it will turn over to scattered showers in the afternoon. only to about a quarter to inch and a half, reggie. exclusive details on the inauguration of donald trump. that is next on "gma."
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we noticed. buy one, get one 50% off all barbie dolls, play sets and more! toys"r"us ...awwwesome! ♪ start me up ♪ i never stop mick jagger, the rolling stones, "start me up." the reason for that song this morning, mick jagger's starting up all over again, 73 years old, just welcomed his eighth child into the world, a little boy. now, this is something. he actually became a great-grandfather just a couple of years ago. >> so, wait, so his infant son will be the great uncle to his great grandchildren? >> yes, infant son is younger than his great grandchild. that freaks me thought. >> spins your head you. that's the rock star, right? >> lost me at the beginning. >> life of a rock star. also right now, deep freeze. 16 states on alert from coast to coast for dangerous whiteout conditions already sparking massive pileups in multiple
7:31 am
states, and now a new storm is headed for the midwest. and overnight, president-elect trump holding another thank you rally in iowa as we learn he will stay on as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice." the show is now hosted by arnold schwarzenegger. our very own nick watt is standing by with some big news about cheerleaders and the olympics. [ cheers ] there he is literally standing by with cheerleaders. all the details coming up on our big board. there you go, nick. >> shake those pom-poms. >> a lot of changes could be coming to the olympics. we're going to begin with that violent encounter at a nevada high school. a student was shot by an officer for wielding knives. matt gutman has the story from reno. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. that father saying the officer should not have pulled the trigger. he is saying his son may lose a lung and may suffer brain damage. we are learning this morning that this officer who pulled the
7:32 am
gun did have nonlethal options at his disposal. >> responding to hug high school for an officer involved shooting with one student down. >> reporter: this morning, mounting scrutiny of this school police officer's shooting of a knife-wielding teen. >> he just shot the kid. >> reporter: the 14-year-old's family saying he wasn't a lone wolf attacker. >> this is clearly a situation where you had a very mentally unhinged student attempting to keep people away from him by swinging knives in the air. >> reporter: lawyer david houston tells abc news the pboy is a troubled child with special needs crying out for help. >> if that's worthy of execution then i guess i'm standing on a different platform than those people that think it appropriate to shoot a child. >> reporter: his father posting on facebook that his son brought the knives to school in order to defend himself against a gang of bullies. and while we're not showing his face, in the video, his mouth and nose seem to be bloodied. as some students film, he slashes at the air, lunging at others. >> back off.
7:33 am
back off! >> reporter: seconds later, the officer arrives. he fires that single shot. >> all units, dbw with shots fired with a student down at hug high school. >> reporter: that officer then renders first aid. the boy is now in the hospital in critical condition. the officer on routine paid administrative life. on thursday, the school superintendent commended the response of emergency personnel and that officer. >> each has a response team trained to react in a split second. yesterday at hug high school both of those plans worked flawlessly. >> reporter: but the school district police chief offering a more qualified response. >> please remember that these accounts don't tell the complete story. this is an ongoing investigation and as such we will not be able to release any details. >> reporter: reno pd tells me me there is no hard and fast rule about the use of lethal force. only that it be proportionate to the threat and that's what they'll investigate here.
7:34 am
now we spoke to some students yesterday, and they said their parents were outraged, asking, what if that bullet had missed and hit another child? george. >> one of the big questions. okay, matt gutman, thanks very much. let's talk to dan abrams about this. always so difficult to second-guess these decisions, split-second decisions by police officers but as the father pointed out, other options were available. >> right, any time there is an officer-related shooting there will be an investigation and there's going to be a very serious one here, and the question is going to be exactly what else did this officer have, for example, a taser, if he did, why couldn't he have used the taser instead of firing his weapon? and i think that the point that matt made there at the very end will be really relevant, which is it's not just going to be the family of this kid who are going to be asking these questions. it will be the family of other kids that were there that can certainly end up leading to some sort of civil lawsuit down the road. >> how relevant this young man may have been bullied?
7:35 am
>> look, now let's switch focus to the investigation of him. right. kids swinging knife there, number one, self-defense, right. which is if he was bloodied and he had been attacked and he's effectively responding, that could be a self-defense claim but most importantly if anyone was thinking about charging this kid because, you know, he is waving a knife there, if he had been bullied, i think that will very much weigh into the decision of prosecutors to decide whether to prosecute at all, if so, what to prosecute him with. look, if he was bullied and he had just come out of a fight i don't care what you think about what he did and it may have been the wrong way to handle it, but what a horribly sad situation that if this kid was bullied, that he responds this way. he ends up getting shot. you know, it's just so heartbreaking, all aspects of it. and i think that prosecutors and law enforcement will take that into consideration if that was the case. >> so many kids wiwith phones. we're likely to see other pieces of video as well. >> right, that will be part of the investigation, right? because they will want to see
7:36 am
more than just this one to see -- how did this start? what led him to do that? and just as importantly, what led the police officer to take that shot? >> a lot of layers to the story, dan abrams, thanks very much. now to the latest on that twin murder mystery, a woman charged with intentionally killing her sister by driving their car off a cliff. well, she is now being extrad e extradited as her sister's ex-boyfriend speaks out and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on that. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning that man, the ex-boyfriend telling abc news the sisters had an extremely volatile relationship. at times, they were best friends. other times, getting into intense physical fights, adding he thinks this is all just a tragic accident. >> warrior one and two are similar. >> reporter: this morning, alexandria duval, the woman charged with murdering her twin sister, prepared to fight for her freedom. the 38-year-old who has been indicted on second degree murder charges this morning is being extradited from new york to
7:37 am
hawaii, where police say she intentionally drove her car off this 200-foot cliff, killing her sister, anastasia in the passenger seat. witnesses saying they saw the two women fighting in the car moments before the crash. >> i could see a pair of hands yanking on the driver's head. >> reporter: now a former boyfriend of anastasia's speaking out for the first time on television, telling abc news he witnessed the twins fight on several occasions, and even had to intervene. >> i'm trying to pull them off and they're pulling each other's hair, knocking each other down to the ground. >> reporter: even describing an incident where he says anastasia, after allegedly drinking heavily, attempted to veer his acar off the road. >> she turned over and she took her left leg and, you know, kicked my right hand at first on the steering wheel and i swerved off and luckily nobody was there. when they would get into these modes it was like watching cats fight. >> reporter: but in spite of
7:38 am
their heated fights, he believes alexandria is innocent and never meant to harm her sister, he thinks. alexandria has not filed a plea. it could take two weeks before she is officially expedited. a bizarre case, she was injured as well. >> she went over the cliff as well with her sister. >> it'll be interesting to see how they make the case. it could be about two weeks before she is officially extradited. >> she went over the cliff as well. >> mara, thank you. michael, what's coming up next on the big board? >> coming up on our big board, the huge changes to the olympics. skateboarding and cheerleading. all the details when we come back in two minutes. hello, sunny. this holiday... store is the store get your romantic on. get your appreciation on. and get your unexpected on. kay jewelers. where right now, you'll save up to 30% on select in rhythm...
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welcome back. it is time now for our big board, and we're breaking down more of this morning's top stories. sunny hostin here at the table. and let's start with the legal battle over a very famous name, blac chyna trying to trademark angela renee kardashian which
7:41 am
will be her legal name when she marries rob kardashian, but -- but her future sisters-in-law are trying to block that move so, sunny, what kind of case does she have? it will be her name after all. >> there's nothing like a holiday family squabble, right. a trademark is a brand name and the kardashians are a huge brand. they have denim, makeup. they have "keeping up with the kardashians." they have just about everything, and it's a multi-million dollar brand, and they want to protect it, and i don't think that blac chyna has a very good case. >> really? >> yes. >> she's going to marry their brother. it's going to be a very tough, you know, holiday. >> yes. >> good tv, though. >> makes for great tv. >> but if you're marrying, that's your legal name, why trademark it? >> let's say martha smith is going to marry jack stewart and her name is going to be martha stuart, and she wants to
7:42 am
trademark her name so she can do a cooking show. you better believe that the martha stewart brand is going to try to block that. >> her name isn't khloe, kim or kourtney. it's angela, so i don't understand why she can't do that. why is it such a big deal, her name? it's her official name. >> what's in a name? i think shakespeare said it best, right? >> i set you up for that. >> that we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. a name is a trademark and there is real value in that. there is real money. check this out. elvis presley's name in 2013 was worth $125 million. just his name. in 2009, michael jackson's name was worth $434 million, and in 2015, michael jordan's name, worth $480 million with nike. just for the name.
7:43 am
>> and so we're just talking about kardashian. last name. >> it's the last name. >> i'm worth about 18 bucks. glad you didn't do mine. >> sunny, thank you. next up bust out the pom-poms. the international olympic committee announcing it's giving the sport provisional recognition which means we could soon see cheerleading at the olympic games and nick watt joins us live from los angeles this morning, and, nick, what is the thinking behind the move, ioc considering cheerleading as an olympic sport? what is the thinking behind it? >> reporter: clearly, the ioc is trying to appeal to a younger crowd. we've got surfing, skateboarding, debuting and tokyo in 2020. maybe the dressage, like the horse dancing thing and the archery and modern biathlons don't really appeal to the younger crowds, so provisional recognition means that in three years they might get full recognition and then they can apply to be in the olympics. cheerleading could get gold
7:44 am
medals. >> wow. >> reporter: but there's another sport that has just been given this provisional recognition, muay thai, it's a kind of kick boxing thing so there will be competition, it's not definite, but cheerleading has a shot, guys. cheerleading has a shot. >> and i'm cheering that decision. i for two years did that i was a gymnast before that. it takes real athleticism to do what these young women do and young men, as well. cheerleading is a nongender sport, but is there any blowback, any criticism of this potenti potential decision? you're shaking your head, yes. >> reporter: well, straight off the bat i got to tell you the net bull crowd is furious. every small sport wants to get into the olympics. for obvious reasons. the other chris schiriticism, i american. it was invented here, do any other countries do it? well, in fact, they do. there is a an international cheer union with 100 nations involved. i would still say the usa would
7:45 am
be -- i would bet my house if this makes the olympics the usa will win the gold medal, so that is a good thing, but you know what? also, there are sports like golf and tennis in the olympics and the olympics is not the pinnacle for that sport. the olympics would be the pinnacle for cheerleading. would it not? yes! [ cheers ] so, therefore, i say go for it. bring it on, get cheerleading in the games. i'm into it. >> yeah. >> we're into it, too, nick, just like those young ladies behind you. we're all into it. >> no offense to curlers out there, but if curling is an olympics sport, so can cheerleading. >> it does require a lot of athleticism. >> only thing we're missing at the desk is pom-poms. thank you, sunny, thank you, nick. coming up in two minutes, it's feel good friday, everybody. the two sets of twins, successfully separated. and then we have exclusive new details about president-elect trump's inauguration plans. stay with us.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
we have we have got a happy story to make you feel good this friday. twin sisters successfully separated after 17 hours of surgery. eva pilgrim here with their story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. conjoined twins are incredibly rare and the surgery to separate them even more because most never live long enough to get that chance. this morning, the sandoval twins are beating the odds. this morning, eva and erika sandoval waking up in separate beds for the first time. the girls sharing everything before they were born literally, joined at the hip until now. >> they have a strong loving family and they'll have the independence that they've been looking for too. >> reporter: doctors at stanford lucile packard children's hospital separating the twins in a marathon surgery lasting 17 hours. >> the area of fusion was right
7:49 am
up to their sternal bone here, and right down to their belly button. >> reporter: a team of 50 surgeons and medical staff working around the clock even using a 3d virtual reality system to help with the procedure. then for the first time in their lives, the sisters were wheeled into their own separate rooms. >> i wanted each girl to have half of the belly button, so that for the rest of their life, they can look at that belly -- that half of a belly button, and think, that's where i was connected to my sister. >> reporter: eva and erika's parents overcome with emotion talking about how much they endu endured, grateful. >> thank you to the doctors for believing. >> reporter: erika and eva are in stable condition in the icu. here in new york at hospital, another set of twins, jadon and
7:50 am
any ania anias mcdonald separated at the head and their mom posting this video of them cuddling and talking. really warms your heart on this friday. >> oh, yeah. >> what a miracle. they had their hands clasped together. what a miracle the doctors are able to do that. >> thanks for bringing that. upstairs to lara. >> thank you very much, george. upstairs with the audience. we'll talk about in the upcoming hour an important story. a model and some incredible pictures. the message she is trying to send with those pictures. a lot coming up in the 8:00 hour so don't go anywhere. you guys excited? [ cheers and applause ] see you soon. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ closure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted.
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7:54 am
they don't even get that that pawn a quick look at the cold. you can find me by our fireplace. because the next couple of days and weeks,
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. it is friday. let's look at our rainy forecast. hi, mike. >> hey, reggie, hey, everybody. out of san francisco, an inch and a quarter so far. we'll go past midnight tonight, the yellows, moderate to heavy rain moving through the north bay all the way up to 2:00. it becomes light to moderate rain. the first half of the day tomorrow is going to be a washout. on the westbound side of 580. still in recovery mode. about 30 minutes ago we got all lanes back open from that pretty serious crash near san quentin. we're down to an hour down to 40
7:57 am
minutes. slight improvement but we'll take it. coming up, how one model is trying to change the face of fashion. that's next on "gma." look at that. you can bear by see the city there's so much rain afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
7:58 am
all seems beautiful to me.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. winter hitting hard. a deadly storm sparking whiteout condition, deadly accidents. 16 states now on alert as it aims right at the eastern u.s. running while female. millions of women facing harassment when they jog. so we laced up for our "gma" experiment. what we learned and what you should do if you become a target. ♪ get the chains out breaking barriers. she's the rising model trending high this morning for taking on the most famous photos in fashion. the real-life black mirror she's holding up and what she's saying about race and the runway. one-on-one with ryan gosling. >> that's how love makes you feel. >> our favorite leading man on love, emma and singing and dancing his heart out.
8:01 am
♪ let it snow and let it snow. country star brett eldredge here live, and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ let it snow a great audience this friday morning. >> but you have to do it again because we have great guest this morning, brett eldredge. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> and there you see him. more reason to cheer, he brought us something, his favorite holiday treat. they're called -- and i'm going to take a bite -- mom's awesome chocolate malted cookies. >> are they awesome? >> i'm going to take a bite too. >> mm-mm. >> we want you to send us your favorite recipes for our great american cookie search, so get the details on our website, and on top of that, he brought us
8:02 am
cookies, and brett is actually going to sing for us. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> music, cookies, and it's friday. oh, my goodness. also, want to share with everybody really an amazing story, a woman named deddeh howard is with us. she's making a lot of headlines this morning trying to revolutionize the fashion industry. looking forward so much to talking to her about what she's doing. [ applause ] >> as you can see, we have a lot coming up. let's get the morning rundown from paula. good morning, george. the big story this friday morning, we're talking about the deadly arctic blast moving across the great lakes. millions of people are facing treacherous conditions, icy roads, blinding snow sending cars spinning out of control, and abc's rob marciano has the latest from stormy western new york. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hey. good morning, paula. the snow continues to come down here in western new york. i have to admit, it's pretty in the downtown streets here bucks they just plowed these sidewalks, and they continue plow the roads.
8:03 am
driving and getting around western new york and throughout all the great lakes is really, really difficult and dangerous in some spots. we expect to see another foot of snow here in many areas across western new york. schools are closed in the snow bands. these are mostly south of buffalo and mostly north of syracuse, and the warnings are in effect through at least tomorrow. with such a mild winter we have the great lakes that are really, really warm and that is cranking out the snow, not just here but across all the lakes, including your home state of michigan, paula. >> making up for lost time, rob. thank you. and staggering new allegations about doping among olympic athletes. investigators now say that more than 1,000 russians in both the summer and winter games have been involved in a state-sponsored doping conspiracy in the last four years. they include a dozen medalists from the sochi olympics. and a stunning fall from power this morning as lawmakers in south korea voted to impeach the country's first female president because of a corruption scandal. crowds gathered in the streets shouting, "we won, we won." and president-elect donald trump is meeting with house
8:04 am
speaker paul ryan at trump tower today. trump took his thank you tour to iowa last night vowing to heal a divided nation. now, he also pledged to establish a mutual respect with china, and he promised to stop the epa from intruding into people's lives. trump continues to stock his cabinet with wealthy businessmen. he's tapped fast food executive andy puzder for labor secretary. puzder opposing raising the minimum wage. and we have exclusive details about trump's inauguration next month. the theme will be make america great again. he will attend two official inaugural balls and one to pay tribute to the armed forces. the chairman of the inaugural committee says melania trump will play a key role in the events. >> she's a central part of not only his marriage, but of his life and his platform, so she will be visible and prominent, and very dominant in the things that she is going to take responsibility for, and i'm going to glet that be a surpris.
8:05 am
>> it certainly will be. the inauguration 42 days away january 20th. at&t is beginning to refund customers for so-called bogus charges. the company has been ordered to pay $88 million as part of a settlement. millions of former and current customers will get about 31 bucks each. and finally, you know, this wasn't the smoothest way to break out of jail. this guy in brazil, he slathered himself with sunflower oil to squeeze his way out of the cell, but he tried to fit through the opening in the door, you guys, where meals are delivered. needless to say, he didn't make it out. i'm sure you're wondering if he's still stuck, relieved to report that he is not stuck this morning. made it out. maybe he should try coconut oil the next time. that's the big craze. >> i don't know where you find that in prison, but all right. >> oh, boy, what do you call those guys? >> dumb criminal file. another entry. you got to love them. "pop news" friday edition. [ cheers and applause ] so happy it's friday. how are you guys doing? [ cheers and applause ] love our audience, and i have
8:06 am
lots of news for you. looks like it will be a very merry christmas for taylor swift fans, or should i say a swiftmas? for the first time in over two years taylor swift has released new music and here it is. ♪ i don't want to live forever >> that's taylor swift? >> well, wait for it. she's not singing alone. ♪ i don't want to -- forever you were right, george. there is another voice there. taylor has gone -- ♪ just want to keep calling your name till you come back home ♪ >> i like it. >> taylor has gone in a new direction. that's a clue. former one direction member zayn malik joining taylor swift. there they are. the two surprise dropped this new single. it's called "i don't want to live forever" and made it for the upcoming "fifty shades" sequel, "fifty shades darker." who is excited for that? >> you know how excited they are when they said the sequel.
8:07 am
you said 50 shades -- two people said darker. >> yeah, so much i could say but shant. fans were disappointed this fall when taylor didn't release new music. that has been her routine since the beginning of her career. every two years she drops an album in october. it is not that she's been chilling but writing songs for artists including calvin harris, her ex, and also -- i always get their name -- little big town. the country band. i always want to say big little. but remember that beautiful show. that should still be on. >> didn't she have a problem over writing -- >> yeah. i don't know any of the details so i don't want to get into it on the air. but i think it's all in the open now. she wrote it -- >> they're working together again. >> i don't know how much they're working -- >> i think they just cued the music. >> to move on? >> yeah. >> the control room is so subtle, it's like the academy
8:08 am
awards. like a cane pulling me out. okay. so what's the old adage? stars, they are just like us. you got to see us a little bit doing our thing in between commercial breaks. jennifer aniston wore a coat to her new christmas movie and she's feeling fabulous but see that, she didn't realize she was pulling a minnie pearl. she left the tags on the coat to see. aniston says it was not because she was going to return the coat. it was actually a gift. she got -- it was a celine coat by the way. and got it from doing a commercial shoot and even more painful she revealed to jimmy kimmel that she had actually not worn it just that once but worn it four other times. >> with the tags? >> without realizing it until she got busted. she owned the coat but have you ever done that? i mean, i have. it's not pretty when it's like -- >> sometimes it's just the wire thing sticking out like that plastic thing that you forget. oh, my god.
8:09 am
i'm going to hear the music soon, so i better can't continue. remember the hypnotic voice of ben stein as the teacher from "ferris bueller's day off." >> bueller. >> thank you. well, ben stein is now putting that beautiful blase tone to really good use. i want you guys to listen to this. his voice is featured on a meditation app called calm for their new sleep stories to help adults relax in a major way. they are very soothing stories told in melodic rhythm. yes, sometimes boring works too. here's ben stein reading -- i'll tell you in a minute. >> the annual labor of every nation is defined as supplies to all the necessaries and conveniences of life which it annually consumes and which consists always either in the immediate produce of that labor or in what is purchased -- >> okay. thank you, ben. [ applause ] i just had a catnap. did you like that? that is a chapter from adam
8:10 am
smith's 1776 economics book "the wealth of nations" in case you cared. and the ceo of this app, which i just downloaded in the back because sleep does matter, as we all know, says that he has not made it through ten minutes without falling asleep. >> so funny. anyone, anyone. >> and that, everybody, is your friday edition of "pop news." >> that was great. [ applause ] >> well done. >> thank you, lara. coming up next, we're going to be talking about running while female. our jogging experiment in four different cities to see what women actually experience. this is pretty incredible. yes. and breaking barrierbarriers. we're going to talk to the model behind a new movement to change the face of fashion. she's here this morning. you can only see that right here on "gma."
8:11 am
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♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ hey, we are back now with our running experiment. we have seen recent stories
8:15 am
about the dangers women face while jogging. we laced up and turned on the camera to see what happens coast to coast and becky worley is here with us with those results. becky, you're a runner, i'm a runner. this is really fascinating. >> it is and it all sparks from a runner's world unscientific survey that says 43% of women get some form of harassment when they run compared to 4% of men so we took that idea and road tested it. you're running. it's your time but then -- >> where ya going. >> somebody, almost always a guys whistles or yells. >> where ya going. >> i don't even know what that guy just said to me but i just could tell it was weird and creepy and off. ew. to see what would happen on our own runs we went to four city as cross america. my producer suzanne has a gopro on the back of her hat.
8:16 am
we'll run together and i have this microphone that will pick up ambient noise. we'll see what happens. on the east coast runs provoke a lot of comments. >> i got the pro-verbal wolf whistle, number one. >> legs. >> was he talking to me? >> there was something. hey, mama. that's what i heard. okay. that was one. shake shake. i don't even know what that means. austin texas, it was mainly southern charm in the lone star state. >> hollow. >> good, how about you? >> good. >> the biggest hazard from my producer. are you okay? in california, there's a whistle. while results from our brief experiment were pretty tame, for many regular runners like the all female tough cookie running
8:17 am
club in austin, texas, the stories are much more extreme. >> how many of you have had someone yell at you while you're running? harass you in some way. so most of you. >> yes. >> whistling. >> whistling. >> or just being -- >> taunting. >> they follow you. >> creepy. >> very creepy. >> it always jars me. >> you got that while you were running? >> oh, absolutely. just really shakes me for a long time. >> i've had a couple instances where guys have flashed me. anyone? >> yeah, it was possibly. i freaked out. oh, my god and i ran as fast as i could. it was scary. >> our takeaway, harassment for women who run is very real. man, you know, it's my personal story is that i've been yelled at more times than i can count. i had a beer bottle thrown at me and i've been flashed three separate times. you know, we tell women protect yourself, don't wear ponytail or headphones but there is a statement to be made.
8:18 am
you know, when women are running or just walking we're trying to get a workout. those comments, they're unwanted. >> i mean i know they say not to wear headphones but i always do and it just kind of makes you not aware of what people are saying and makes it easier to focus on the exercise. >> i appreciate that we did this story just to let it be known, hey, you know what, just good job, or nothing. >> or nothing. >> i think nothing. >> do you report them or do you just want to get out of there. >> the flashing, i did end up reporting one of the guys and waited at the trail head and wrote down his license plate and had him arrested. the rest of the time you got to keep running. >> all right, becky, thank you. fantastic. coming up next we're talking about the revolutionary model trending everywhere for these photos and she is joining us live. stay with us.
8:19 am
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aaaaaah! each sold separately. back here on "good morning america," baby, it is cold outside. >> cold outside. >> and brett eldredge is here. >> he's going to sing. >> i'm going to start soong. let's do this. let's do this. >> we're >> i am meteorologist mike nicco
8:23 am
with the highlight, today's temperatures very mild. we're already in average high. this morning, we'll jump off to low to mid-60s. we'll fall back once again. heaviest rain is going to fall from midnight tonight through noon tomorrow. we'll another "gma" exclusive. a model trying to revolutionize the fashion industry. take a look at the movement she's begun. she is a model on a mission to change the fashion industry one revolutionary image at a time. deddeh howard posting on her website her own rekriegs of famous ad campaigns like kendall jenner for calvin klein. gigi hadid for guess and she strikes the exact same pose. her point to highlight the lack
8:24 am
of african-americans at the top of the modeling industry. her project is called black mirror. howard writing, it is time for more di remembeversitdiversity. why can't the big brands not embrace our diversity. here's our take on louis vuitton and victoria's secret. howard saying i felt it was time to do something positive and inspiring about my race. and she is. deddeh howard is with us now. not only are the pictures beautiful but so powerful in what they say. what was your message with the black mirror project. >> so, my message with the black mirror is to just let the world know that african-americans are just diversity, women of all shade of colors are not represented. they're not given a chance and we need to be given a chance. when i look at myself in a mirror that's what i see. why not me? why not? if she can do it, i can do it.
8:25 am
>> you're showing that with these pictures. so many of the biggest campaigns that we've all seen and there you were looking just as strong. >> we matter. diversity matters. >> what has been the reaction so far. >> it have been unbelievable. i mean, i have women from all over the world contacting me sending me messages of being rejected by agencies. asian, japanese, unbelievable. like to see real people making this into a movement and standing by me, fighting for diversity, it's just a blessing. >> on a personal level, you want to work. >> yeah. and, yeah, i need to be given a chance. show the world what i can do thanks to my boyfriend, we did this all in our apartment. little small apartment with not professional light, nothing. we're not an insider. just a regular girl and i work every single day and i did this
8:26 am
so we matter a lot. >> was there one moment where you said i need to do something. >> yeah, actually i was in a grocery store shopping because i'm a fashion blogger looking for inspirations and i realized like, wow, there's nobody that represent me. it's all white girls. and that's when i told my boyfriend. he came up with this brilliant idea. if there's anybody that can show the world what the diversity of black girls are capable is you so let's marry them. let's give them the -- >> deddeh howard, you've got people talking. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thank you so much. >> your message and your career, we'll be right back. stay with us.
8:27 am
a water main break has essentially shut down the intersection at 4th and howard. repair crews do not expect work to be completed until late this afternoon. alexis smith has been tracking that. >> yeah, definitely congestion in the area. plus, sog good outside. we're looking on the side of the richmond bridge. that crash is pretty much long gone. everybody in yellow or
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. good morning. still a lot of moisture in the air. sfl, we still have flight and arrival delays. check ahead. as we move towards midnight, we're going to see heavier rain. see the yellows and reds there, it's going to taper through the morning hours into the early afternoon hour. by the evening hours it starts to clear up. >> we'll be back in 30 minutes. you can always get the latest
8:30 am
news with the abc7 news app. you can join reggie, mike, ♪ [ applause ] all right. welcome back, everybody, and as usual we have a great audience here in times square. [ cheers and applause ] you know what else we have, we have the most popular cookie on pinterest underneath this tin. what do you think it is? >> chocolate chip. >> okay. >> george. >> that's a pretty safe geshgs right? all right. you know we'll be wrong, though. >> george, you were actually right if you take a look at what cookie it is. >> george is all about safety. it is the buttery thumbprint jam cookie. >> those were your cookie, right? >> that is the most popular cookie on pinterest. more people want to find out how to make that cookie over the
8:31 am
holiday especially i'm sure. how is it, george? >> pretty good. >> it's good. so that was that. >> coming up. >> they're looking hungry. you're not going to eat in front of us and not offer us anything. that is the most popular cookie on pinterest. >> salty sweet. >> enjoy your cookie. let's talk. what's going on? >> here we go. i have something else for you. a survey -- i love a good survey. i do. i love to find out what people think. >> survey says -- >> when they call me and say, michael, do you want to do a survey over the phone i say yes with gusto. >> 35 minutes later. >> 35 minutes later i regret it. pitch, every year they make cookies for their clients. they are not for sale but every one of these cookies has the highlights of the year. they put something on the cookies and it is a survey or a quiz. you have to figure out what these cookies mean? oh, boy. >> so i have a few here. >> takes the fun out of it.
8:32 am
>> it is fun. you sit around the office and have to figure out what they mean. we'll do a little quiz here. >> are these our own version. >> no, this is their version. >> this is real. >> this is real. let's see how good we are. top highlights of the past year. what do we have there? >> he got a toupee. >> no, you don't know what that is? come on. did you watch the election? who asked the question at the election. >> oh, ken. >> the sweater. >> ken bone. >> ken bone. >> ken bone. >> his head and it's cut off. >> that's a combover. >> i thought it was a new thing. >> it was all about the sweater. >> where is the red sweater. >> hey, man, i didn't make this. i'm just bringing the cookies here today. that's one down. how about this one here, let's go with -- oh, we got to get this one. what is that one? >> lemonade. >> oh, it's beyonce. it's beyonce, yeah. >> wow.
8:33 am
>> okay. how about -- oh, that one. tv show. >> mike and lucas and dustin and eleven -- >> "stranger things." >> i saw eleven, of course. >> we'll do one more -- >> because we're failing. >> okay, please, what is that one. >> walking off a cliff. >> kind of. >> "walking dead." >> "walking dead." >> no, they're on the phones. >> texting -- >> pokemon go. >> oh. >> tough. >> i just need a cookie and like relax. >> all very to say -- >> it's not a good sign we failed it so badly. >> i don't know if it's not a good sign for them or us. not a good sign but there you go. that was my pitch with the cookies. [ applause ] now that i have one -- >> we'll keep -- that was kind of a nontraditional holiday cookie but we're 16 days now
8:34 am
till christmas. of course we all are into the traditions eating cookies every single day. but i want a true confession right here. how many of you are thinking, boy, when it comes down to it i wouldn't mind just being away this christmas? [ applause ] >> i'm the only one. come on. >> actually most of you actually want to stick with the traditions right here. >> a lot of them want to go away. they just don't want to raise their hands. >> their families are going to -- >> a little baby part of me. >> michael, good for this. an article in "redbook" talking about this conflict she felt. she felt like she's a doer, pleaser, always wanted to please her family around christmas but finally about four years ago her husband and little baby went away for four days and now confessing she loved every single minute of it and has learned even more important has learned how to bring the rest of her family in on it and make them feel good. >> how so? >> a lot of time.
8:35 am
>> a tradition that is sticking now. >> sticking and go away every christmas and -- >> avoid the big family -- >> four or five days later they see their family after christmas and it's a second gift, less pressure, second gift for their daughter and not the real -- >> she looked out the window and saw the ocean on christmas morning. it was her first gift, one she didn't even have to unwrap and i started laughing, i was thinking that sounds really nice. >> i do love the tradition, i have to say. i have a huge family and christmas eve even though it's frenetic. i don't think i would miss it for the world. >> for a lot of people with packing up the kids, packing up the husband and getting in the car making sure everybody is on time and puts a lot of pressure on whoever is leading that charge to go on to the family -- >> it's what you need that you should feel fine. >> whether it's obligatory or something you wanted to and if you can find a way to do both in your own way that's how you should go about it. >> i say you treat every day like christmas. [ cheers and applause ]
8:36 am
[ applause ] >> beautiful, michael. >> thank you. >> all right, sometimes, well, we all get into arguments with our significant others, right? okay, so, never, never. what do you do -- i've done this. i don't know if it's a girl thick or universal but sometimes call our best friend and complain about our significant other, yes, have you all done that? >> sometimes? >> okay, all the time, every time and it seems therapeutic in the moment. i'm like i'm getting it off the chest completely on my side and by the way only hearing my side but there's now some concern that this could cause a problem with your friendship. we've got a sipsychologist that says this could backfire just like this episode of "sex and the city." take a look. >> he called. he sounded upset and said he needed to talk. >> since when does big talk? >> what do does that mean? >> he's upset about natasha
8:37 am
leaving. >> you know what, i'm not holding your hand through this again. >> i'm not asking you to hold my anything. we're just having lunch. >> a huge mistake. >> it is not a huge mistake. it's lunch. >> wake up, carrie. how many more types are you going to go through this? he is bad for you. >> after you complain about the significant other and then you make up and all good now your friend is still feeling that anger. has that ever happened to anybody? >> it doesn't just go for relationships, it can be a friend thing when you're mad at one friend and sort of dump to another friend and then you guys work it out and the other friend is like, wait, i thought i was sort of buying your story and i thought she wasn't a good person. so, yeah, i think you have to be very, very careful with relieving your own anxiety. >> i know it's like an indulgent thing because it feels so good at the moment. >> i learned my -- >> moi mom taught me not to do. >> i've learned my lesson from
8:38 am
people complaining and then they're back with her. you're going, oh, yeah, i really -- >> i was kidding. >> one situation where it's better to be a guy. >> i do tell my friends, don't complain if you -- if there's a chance you're going to get back together because it makes it awkward for me as a friend and for you to be -- >> family too. you can dump on your parents and say my husband or boyfriend is doing this then it creates real tension when you're all together again. makes sense the advice is you seek out professional help. you talk to somebody who can hear both sides of the story so that it isn't just one-sided because although we think we're probably total right we're probably not. >> three sides to every story, there's yours, there's somewhere in the middle is the truth. >> that's true? very wise. >> i believe that too. mine, mine and mine. i'm joking. i'm joking. all right. >> i enjoyed talking to you. >> this is a lot of fun. >> do you feel like you bonded with us today?
8:39 am
[ applause ] >> we've been chatting. everybody stay right there. when we come back ryan gosling is opening about singing and dancing on the big screen and the moment he knew "la la land," his new movie, would be a big hit. ♪ she said ooh ♪ agine a world whee holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades.
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[ cheers and applause ] we are back now with the macy's believe campaign. it is national believe day which
8:42 am
means for every letter to santa received in store and online today, macy's is going to donate $2 to make a wish. that is double the usual -- yeah, you can say whoo. double the usual $1 up to an additional $1 million. macy's and make-a-wish are highlights wishes across america granting wishes in macy's stores across the country. and we have a wish kit right here right now 14-year-old margaret stoffregen and her parents eric and molly. so great. so good to have you here. hi, margaret. your wish was to spend a week in new york city and you're doing just that during christmastime. you had many fun adventures. "gma" behind the scenes tour and left -- >> yes. >> you met michael. got your own dressing room and place at the set. you're going to the wildlife conservation society central park zoo. what do you want to see.
8:43 am
>> i think i'm most excited for the red pandas because they're so cute and cuddly and they're red so they're super festive. >> you're so put together. you really got it down. one more surprise for you. miss margaret. a special gift basket from macy's and "gma." so come on out, sal. look at our little elf bringing it out. you can get into that a little later. some good stuff in there for you. don't forget macy's is donating $2 instead of $1 today. all you have to do is visit a macy's store and send your letter to santa. for more hello. on abc7 news. a little drizzle this morning, scattered light rains possible. temperatures around 60 g oh, we are checking out all
8:44 am
the good stuff in here, lara. we'll head back to you. >> thank you very much, ginger. ryan gosling is singing and dancing his way into america's hearts in the new film "la la land." it hits select theaters today and already scoring major award show bus and he sat down with chris connelly about making old school hollywood magic. >> reporter: before "the notebook"? thousands of a. a mortgages. >> reporter: and leading man status ryan gosling was a teenager from cornwall, ontario who moved to l.a. to be an actor. >> it's not easy to leave your hometown and your family and your support system and come out to los angeles to pursue a dream where the odds are not in your favor. >> reporter: that same yearning, sustains his and emma stone's characters in "la la land." ♪ she captured a feeling sky with no ceiling ♪ >> reporter: at the outset of this freshly imagined musical gosling sebastian is fighting
8:45 am
his l.a. dream of a life playing jazz under serious siege. >> i hear what you're saying but i don't think you're saying what i mean. >> i don't think you hear what i'm saying. you're fired. >> reporter: he experienced so much rejection he is on 9 verge of becoming a very bitter and angry person. and that's the worst time to meet a potential love interest but that's exactly when he meets her. >> as he and stone's mia connect, result is a modern romance made for the big screen. uplifted by a little of that old school hollywood magic. >> just kind of regular people who were experiencing this heightened feeling of love and only way they could express it to one another was sing and dance. >> reporter: their seemingly effortless dancing months of rehearsal. you've danced before. >> '90s hip-hop doesn't translate into soft shoe. doesn't matter how many times you thread the needle. >> reporter: his onscreen chemistry with emma stone a big
8:46 am
plus for the director. >> you put them on screen and they create this magic that it's like, it's the best special effect. >> why do you think these kind of movies touch us in special ways? >> for instance, in this film we float off into the stars and what they're really doing, it's just they feel and how love makes you feel so you get to have this abstract experience in a way that doesn't feel pretentious. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. [ cheers and applause ] >> got to say it is so good. "la la land" in select theaters right now opens nationwide december 16th. coming up, brett eldredge performing live on "good morning america." ♪ as long as you love me
8:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
8:48 am
♪ have you areself a merry little christmas ♪ >> that right there, that is country music star brett
8:49 am
eldredge. his new album "glow" is out now and full of holiday favorites along with an original tune and you're a country music star but you sound like frank sinatra. >> man, i love frank sinatra. the way you say that, i love that. i just love this music. i love the classic vibe of it and i made a whole record of it. >> did you always want to do a christmas album. >> i always wanted to do a christmas album with this classic crooner swinging vibe and i think we got it with this album. >> i've been hearing you practice and warm up. you pulled it off. time for everybody else at home. here's brett with "have yourself a merry little christmas." brett eldredge. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas let your heart be light ♪
8:50 am
♪ from now on our troubles will be out of sight ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas make the yuletide gay ♪ ♪ from now on our troubles will be miles away ♪ ♪ oh here we are as in olden days happy golden days of yore ♪ ♪ faithful friends
8:51 am
who are dear to us gather near to us once more ♪ ♪ through the years we all will be together if the fates allow ♪ ♪ hang a shining star upon the highest bough ♪ ♪ oh and have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪
8:52 am
♪ a merry little christmas now >> sing it with me, everybody. come on. ♪ whoa merry little christmas little christmas ♪ ♪ merry little christmas little christmas ♪ ♪ merry little christmas little christmas ♪ ♪ merry little christmas little christmas now ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax. drive what's possible. ♪ make the
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okay, america, you looking for the best christmas cookie this year? huh. us too. >> guy, those are for set, please. >> okay, no problem. look over there, fonzie. >> this month, "gma" is on the search for the perfect cookie. can it be yours? >> we got to say a big thanks to brett eldredge. >> yes. >> put us in the christmas spirit. thank you, man. you're awesome. >> this has been amazing.
8:56 am
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this is abc7 mornings. good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc7 mornings. let's get a check on that rainy forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> definitely a damp drizzle all the way through the forecast. temperatures moderating from low 60s to high 50s. showers tomorrow afternoon. alexis. >> actually looking at say pretty dry san mateo bridge. you're barely moving on that west side. and near the high-rise. westbound, getting to the maze about 11 minutes. 880 into the south bay, north bay, you're looking great, still in the green in cupertino. alexis. we're back with the midday news.
9:00 am
reporting kovntss now on the news app. jo >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from the new film "all we had," katie holmes. from "man with a plan," kevin nealon. and a country song from country star brett eldredge. and how one picture can win you a prize over $10,000. also, actress taraji p. henson is kelly's cohost of the day. all next on "live!" ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and taraji p. henson! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> kelly: thank you!


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