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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. breaking news in san francisco tonight. gunfire in the city's mission district. when the smoke clears two people are dead. i'm eric thomas. police have blocked off the area near the crime scene. the shooting happened just before 9:00 at 16th street and south van ness avenue. lillian i didn't mean is live with the latest for us. >> reporter: we're on 16th street and nearly two dozen police officers are here investigating this double homicide. it happened at around 8:45 p.m. this section of 16th street between south van ness and shotwell has several homeless tents and one person who lives on this block say the two people who died had been living on the street here. san francisco police say one victim, a woman between 20 and 30, was pronounced dead at the scene. she was killed by gunfire. the male victim also believed to
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be in his 520s was shot, taken o the hospital where he died from his injuries. police don't have a motive or a suspectar about an hour and 15 minutes later there was another shooting, not far from here, at 14th and valencia. also in the middle. a man there is suffering from a nonlife threatening gunshot wound. police don't know if that shooting and this double homicide are related. developing news. what lillian was telling you about, san francisco police are trying to find out if another shooting a few blocks away is linked to the previous deadly shoo shoo thing. a man suffered nonlife threatening wounds after being shot at 14s and the valencia around 10:00 this evening. the weather, another night of frigid bay area temperatures. last night freeze warnings. will we see them again tonight? drew tuma here.
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>> a third night of very cold temperatures, freeze warnings go into effect in less than an hour. a freeze warning at midnight. the areas in purple expecting the coldest temperatures around the bay area overnight. that includes san jose, sawn sunnyvale, milpitas, san ramon, cob cord, antioch, discovery bay, livermore under freeze warning midnight tonight. napa, san rafael. close tort bay water, frost advisory, not as cold but chilly in the mid 30s tonight. look at temperatures already right now, we have crashed at 28 in san ramon, 31 in fairfield, 32 in livermore, 31 in napa. so once again we have that freeze warning. many cities below that freezing mark, protect your pets and plants. protect yourself too. grab an extra layer tomorrow morning. the heavy jacket, the gloves, the scarf. we'll talk about when we get out of this cold snap coming up in the full accuweather forecast. more on the cold weather
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tonight. abc 7 news reporter alisa harrington is live in pleasanton with more on how people are coping with this winter blast. >> reporter: it's the third night in a row of extremely cold weather throughout the bay area. here in pleasanton, we have hit 32 degrees. it's officially freezing. and it's expected to get even colder. still we found some families making the best of it and trying to get into the holiday spirit. it looked and felt like the north pole at the woodmore world lights display in pleasanton. 250,000 million lights make it possible, transforming this home on chelsea court into a winter wonderland. santa's village, train town and a merry go round. >> we've got heaters we run when it really gets cold so people can warm up. >> reporter: homeowner bob widmer stand busy a fire pit. he says the cold is not a problem, it's wind and rain that cuse issues for the attraction. the chilly weather has not
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impacted the crowd. he expect ws about 17,000 to co through in december. >> this is sunday night, people are down around the block. >> reporter: like 2-year-old emma who looked ready for snow in her puffy coat. >> it's been pretty cold. we're bundled up tonight. but it's christmas so it didn't stop us. >> reporter: other visitors sipped hot cocoa and wrapped themselves in blankets. a fountain on the property was starting to freeze by the time crowds started to leave. >> we just decided we wanted to come out and see the lights and everything even though it was cold and i didn't want to come. but for the the kids we'll get out in the cold and come see it. >> reporter: a freeze warning is in effect in pleasanton from midnight through 8:00 a.m. lows could dip to 27 degrees. wintry temperatures created a rare sight in parts of the bay area. abc 7 news viewer nikolai sent us these pictures showing frost on cars in san jose this
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morning. send them to #abc97n7now and yo could see it on the air. chp thinks ice caused a pickup truck to crash late last night in santa rosa. afterward the county brought in trucks to spread sand on the roads. watch abc 7 morning at 4:30 a.m. for a full report on road conditions. members of the electoral college will vote tomorrow. they'll take part in a process that's been thrust into the spotlight following president-elect donald trump's upset win last month. lilian kim tells us more. >> reporter: they call themselves hamilton electors and they gathered in front of san francisco city hall on the eve of the electoral college vote, holding out hope enough republican electors will vote for hillary clinton instead of donald trump. >> for the first time in over 100 years we have a candidate who appears truly unqualified and this is a chance for the electoral college to prove its worth as the founding fathers
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intended in choose more moderate candidate. >> reporter: california's 55 electors will be meeting at 2:00 p.m., being given ballots with the names of hillary clinton and tim kaine. california elector christine pelosi says she hopes the recent conclusion that russia tried to interfere in our election will give members of the electoral college pause. >> i've been out front trying to promote the idea we should get an intelligence briefing, that the public should be briefed on this. but i'm not going to tell somebody else how to vote their conscience, that's up to them. >> reporter: at least one says he will defy his party and not vote for mr. trump but the likelihood enough others will are slim. >> there have to be over 3 dozen republican electors. loyal party members, people who are to have in their local parties da, siding to not vote for donald trump. that's just really unlikely. >> reporter: these hamilton electors know it's a long shot but they say speaking out is better than doing nothing.
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former republican presidential nominee john mccain urged his fellow senators to launch a formal investigation into possible hacking of last month's presidential election. this follows assertions by president-elect trump that there is no conclusive evidence of election tampering by russia or anyone else. mccain is one of four senators calling for a select committee to rule out any interference when voting. >> we need to find out exactly what was done and what the implications of the attacks were, especially if they had an effect on our election. >> foreign governments, russia but also china and iran and they're hacking our political system as well as our economic infrastructure and social systems. >> president obama vowed friday that the u.s. would respond to any hacking by russia. back here the party is on in oakland. the raiders are headed to the playoffs for the first time in
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14 years. >> i'll be back! hey, hey, we back! >> playoffs! >> playoffs? we're going to the playoffs! >> oakland stars rising. the niners, gee. >> yeah, well. but there's nothing like that feeling knowing you're going to the playoffs. and for the first time since 2002, the raiders are in the playoffs. today they beat division rival san diego improving to 11-3, snapping the second-longest playoff drought in the nfl. oakland scored one touchdown. late second quarter, derek carr, 13-yard pass to crabtree, gets both feet inbounds, 10-10 at the half. janikowski kicked four field goals. reggie nelson picked off philip rivers to end the game. 19-16 the final. here's jack del rio addressing his team. >> one thing we know for sure, we are on our way. we just punched our ticket to the playoffs.
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enjoy the victory. it will be a sweet ride home, man. it's going to be a sweet ride home, let's go, let's go raiders on three. one, two, three, raiders! >> the work is not done, they have two games to clinch the division and a first-round bye in the playoffs. we'll have more highlights and reaction coming up in sports. silver and black is back. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, neighbors in the east bay are stunned tonight after a house fire kills a woman. what's being done to find more trees in danger of falling after a tragic accident at a southern california wedding. smile. >> dishing out smiles. warriors star draymond green spreads holiday cheer in the
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a woman is dead after fire burned a townhouse in castro valley. it started about 6:00 a.m. on san miguel avenue right next door to a fire station. the woman has been identified as 51-year-old jacqueline burns. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story from castro valley. >> when we opened the apparatus doors up to respond to the fire, we could smell the smoke. >> reporter: alameda county fire crews say they responded to this duplex fire on san miguel avenue in under a minute. >> ironically, the fire was 100, 150 feet down the street. >> i open the door and the flames must have been 30 feet in the air. >> reporter: neighbor bill saw the smoke and fire engulfing the second floor of this duplex. the fire was out in about 15 minutes but crews locate the body of a woman in an upstairs bathroom. >> the rescue company pulled the victim out and we tried to revive the victim but we were
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unsuccessful. >> called 911. >> reporter: this neighbor who didn't want to go on camera said she heard the woman screaming. >> i went back out to put -- turn the water hose onto the back of my house and when i did that, i heard screaming from the bathroom. it was a woman's voice. >> reporter: the fire department is still investigating a cause, but did confirm there were working smoke detector in the duplex. earlier this week, a body of a woman was found in her castro valley home on grove way after a fire on december 13th. police say she had been murdered. the fire, an attempt to cover up the crime. the sheriff's department says the two fires are unrelated. arson is not suspected in today's fire. police have shut down a park in southern california where a woman was killed by a falling tree. the woman was part of a wedding party taking pictures in the park on saturday when the 100 foot eucalyptus fell and crushed her and critically injured a 4-year-old girl.
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the park is filled with several more large trees just like it. >> you have a regular tree maintenance program, we have certified arborists on staff that are managing our parks and street trees. but at this point we want to make sure we determine what caused this tree to go over. >> arborists won't be outside until tomorrow or tuesday. city inspectors will be checking other trees to make sure they don't pose danger to visitors. artists who lost people dear to them in the ghost ship warehouse fire came together today in song. ♪ abc 7 news was at the chapel of the chimes funeral home in oakland for musical reflections of 2016. some of the performers are survivors of the fire earlier this month who honored lost friends and bandmates through music. >> a lot of these musicians were affected in one way or another. by those that were lost. some of them actually were in the building when the fire broke out. >> edward and jones barbecue
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hosted a tribute to the 36 victims tonight with artists from the salt lick warehouse. abc 7 news was in burlingame today when members of the central county fire department went shopping for toys. today's shopping spree took place at nuts for candy on broadway. this follows the store's owner and a local law firm donating over $25,000 to this year's toy collection drive. the money came from the proceeds of a class action lawsuit. the toys will go to children in need from 12 different social service agencies in san mateo county. warriors forward draymond green played santa handing out shoes to youngsters in oakland. green met with 50 kids at the west oakland youth center on market street. he gave them each two pairs of nike sneakers. green says he came from a similar background. he grew up in saginaw, michigan, 35 miles north of. >> for them to say hrks i smile with you, laugh with you, it shows them that it's real and
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it's possible for them to reach whatever goal it is that's possible. whatever goal it is that they want to reach. it is possible for them to reach it. >> reporter: the kids also enjoyed food, a deejay, dancing, and lots of selfies with their warriors hero draymond green. in accuweather, tracking a third night of freezing temperatures for the majority of the region. another cold one as you head off to work and school. live doppler 7 showing you we're getting the all-clear. no rain this weekend. that is similar as you head through the overnight hours. us a we go to a live logic from sutro showing the bay area. sunny skies led to clear nights tonight and last night. those are recipes for very chilly overnight periods so the forecast going to call for that freezing start in many spots on our monday. we are tracking warmer air arriving midweek. the next chance for any wet weather coming one week from tonight on christmas. out there it is downright cold.
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san ramon 27 at this hour. 31 in napa. freezing in vallejo. 35 in fremont. closer to the bay areas we're a little warmer, relatively speaking. 39 in oakland. 45 in san francisco. half moon bay 45 degrees. right along the immediate waters, a frost advisory in effect at midnight tonight, does not include the city of san francisco. the reason why is called the urban heat island effect. san francisco has a lot of concrete which retains heat very well during the day. we are slow to cool off in the city of san francisco. we will not reach froms advisory criteria overnight tonight. the coldest spots will hit freeze warning criteria beginning at midnight. areas in purple will be at freezing or well below it. morning lows, these are starting temperatures as you step out the door. 28 antioch. 30 concord. 25 santa rosa. 38 san francisco. 34 palo alto and san jose a cold 30. hour by hour forecast on monday, even at 8:00, we're still in the
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30s at 34 degrees. not until 10:00 we break into the mid-40s and into the afternoon we'll warm into the mid-50s by about 2:00. so highs on your monday across the region, it's going to be a cool day but it will be a nice-looking day. a lot of sunshine, about 55 in oakland. 53 for san francisco. 56 the high in san jose. 55 in napa. 54, the high in fairfield. we do have a spare the air day in effect. as warmer air tries to move in it's going to create a lid on our atmosphere and trap particles near the false. north bay poor air quality, it's illegal to burn wood the next 24 hours. future tracker, tuesday we're going to wipe away the 30s and stay in the 40s tuesday morning. as you step out the door tuesday morning you'll notice it feels warmer than it did the past couple of days. future weather into next weekend. christmas eve looks just fine. it's surface day that we're tracking the chance of a light shower. right now looks to be in the evening. we'll keep you updated.
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accuweather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow, it's a bright day. it's a chilly day. tuesday we're not as cold as mild air moves in. wednesday winter arrives. a nice afternoon on thursday. partly sunny friday. a touch cooler saturday. christmas the slight chance of showers moving through. bundle up. >> that's what you're getting me for christmas? >> a scarf. >> i want you to knit it yourself. still ahead, oh "deer." not quite the workout buddy the people at this gym
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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take a look at the top right corner of your screen. most people need a membership to work out at gold's gym but that's for people. when you're a deer you crash through the window and hit the weight room. the surveillance video is from anderson, south carolina, on friday. that's right, get out of the way. you could see some of the paying gym members were startled.
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the deer managed to get out the same way it came in. did it not drop any money to pay for the broken glass. >> i spent that much time in a weight room. what do you think the deer benches? a look at sports. >> the 49ers appear to be tanking for a draft choice. it can't this be bad, right? they've lost 13 straight. no worries across the bay, raiders win in san diego. tale of two cities
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. raiders beat the chargers in san diego to get their first playoff berth since 2002. then the chiefs lost to the titans so the raiders victory gave them first place in the afc
11:29 pm
west. raider nation taking over san diego, more silver and black than blue and gold. philip rivers threw over 206 yards, 2 tds. 47 yards to traf jis benjamin, 7-0 chargers. raiders answer, derek carr's long td pass 13 yards to michael crabtree. crabs just got both feet in. 10-10 at the break. third quarter, chargers regain the lead. rivers seven yards to hunter henry, the extra point is no long area gimme as josh lambo misses. fourth quarter, tied 16-16. i great heads-up play by the quarterback to a 44-yard sebastian janikowski field goal. just inside the uprights. raiders up 3. chargers, fourth and 15 deep in their own territory. reggie nelson picks off philip rivers. raiders win 19-16, they're 11-3
11:30 pm
head together playoffs for the first time since 2002. >> i'm certainly proud of us earning our way back. you get what you earn in this league and so far we've earned a postseason berth, over the next couple of weeks we'll determine exactly where that happens to be. >> all it means is there's two games left and we have to take care of business. it's on our shoulders. it's on us. you know, going forward, that's all that matters. we can't think about anything outside of that. we have to get ready for the colts who are a great football team. niners and falcons, first quarter after a niners three and out. devonte freeman, five-yard touchdown. after a carlos hyde fumble, matt ryan nine yards to taylor gabriel. 14-0. ryan's nine-yard td pass to austin hooper, 21-0 after one. niners had 15 yards in the first. second quarter, kaep to selleck, 21-7 game. donte freeman through the niner defense 139 rushing, 3 tds, 28-7.
11:31 pm
kaep threw 138 yards, 2 t dchls. niners down 28-13 at the half. but freeman again busts loose, 34-yard touchdown, becoming the 11th 100-yard rusher allowed by the niner defense this year. 550 yards of offense by the falcons. niners lose their 13th straight, 41-13 the final. >> with that explosion of an offense you're going to get free stops and give yourself a chance. i thought our guys battled back to get 14 there in the first half. but we can't start in a hole like that against this good football team at home. >> we have to create a culture of winning and winning by any means. and right now our culture isn't that. and we have to be able to improve and create that. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. we'll hit the ice with the sharks, the barracuda, and your plays of the day. >> much more to come at abc 7
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news at 11:00. in europe one country plans to give away money to people who are unemploymented. a fiery weekend soumtds of the border. volcano eruption sending ash nearly a mile into the sky.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. tonight's headlines, a search for clues in san francisco tonight after two people died. they were shot in the mission district. police believe they were shot inside a tent at 16th street and south van ness avenue around 8:45 p.m. no arrests have been made.
11:36 pm
a group rallied outside san francisco city hall tonight hoping to urge members of the electoral college to vote against president-elect donald trump tomorrow. a candidate needs 270 electoral votes to be elected president. mr. trump collected 306 on election day but the results are not official until the electoral college votes. holiday lights might brighten the night but they won't warm up temperatures around the bay area. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for several communities including the trivalley and much of the south bay. you may feel temperatures dipping into the low 30s, even high 20s tonight. millions of americans faced another day of bundling up trying to shield themselves from frigid arctic air that swooped into the midwest and northeast. so far a dozen deaths are being blamed on the cold weather. richard cantu tells us more. >> reporter: for 50 million americans, this is another brutal round of bone-chilling, sub-zero wind and cold. >> feels like i'm in the
11:37 pm
antarct antarctic. >> reporter: in minneapolis this thermometer looks frozen at minus 2 degrees. air travelers frozen out. more than 3,000 flights grounded, stranding so many trying to get home for the holidays. >> got through security. then my flight got canceled. >> reporter: in chicago this plane slid off the runway, landing in the grass, no injuries. at soldier field -- >> go bears! >> reporter: the tailgaters were "bearing" up. >> frozen guacamole and hum miss. >> it's going to freeze. >> reporter: giving new meaning to the term cold brew. and the bitter temperatures couldn't throw the nfl for a loss. players and fans bundled up in chicago, denver, and kansas city. the coldest game today, 2 degrees at arrowhead stadium. the dangerous cold is a call to action for good samaritans. these two women passed out subzero sleeping gear to the homeless. >> the way they held the sleeping bags and the smile on their faces. >> thankful, really thankful.
11:38 pm
it's going to help me out, help me out a lot today. >> reporter: with millions still digging out and weather-related wrecks still being cleared away, another bitter cold blast comes monday for millions. richard cantu, abc news, new york. minus 22 looks severe. let's check in with drew for more on weather in other parts of the country. >> that was a vivid line of storms that has moved through the eastern half of the u.s. on live doppler 7 we're tracking heavy showers through the deep south. it's this front, cold air on the back side bringing lake effect snow showers. you can see a closer look. there's a snow shower producing 6 to 12 inches of snowfall. we have a windchill advisory. for good reason around the chicagoland area. take a look at these numbers. future tracker windchill, tomorrow morning it feels like 17 below zero in chicago. 21 below zero in green bay. 7 below zero in detroit. the air mass will moderate as we
11:39 pm
head into tuesday. not as cold but still rather chilly. take a look at our own freeze warning and frost advisories in the bay area in a few minutes. take a look at this drone video taken after freezing temperatures gripped michigan and ice completely covered a lighthouse in st. joseph, michigan, on the eastern side of leigh lake michigan. the icy conditions led to problems on nearby roads including dozens of spin-outs. an actress known for numerous marriages, zsa zsa gabor died of a heart attack in her los angeles home. she was 99. gabor was born in hungary in 1917. she came to america in the 1940s and had tv and movie roles into the 1990s. gabor was married a total of nine times. she had been in bad health in recent years following an auto accident, stroke, and lung infection. take a look at this. lava, ash and smoke spewing nearly a mile high in mexico.
11:40 pm
this is time lapse video of the colima vol cape know. mexican officials say it's been especially active these past ten days. the volcano was 400 miles west of mexico city. finland is planning an unusual social experiment, giving away money to people who are unemployed. the "new york times" reports 2,000 people who are out of work will be chosen at random. they'll receive regular government checks to guarantee income and shelter for two years. the hope is it will encourage more people who are out of work to take risks and take part-time or freelance jobs without fear of losing what is known as the universal basic income. mountain view startup y commonator is doing similar where 100 family will get unconditional cash grants up to $2,000 a month. a twist on a timeless holiday classic and heartwarming doesn't begin to describe it. david wright has the story. >> reporter: as the curtain
11:41 pm
rises on tchaikovsky's christmas classic, this production by the festival ballet of rhode island features something special. among the miles and the little toy soldiers, the nutcracker and the snowflakes -- >> beautiful princess, right, gabby? >> princess. >> reporter: 9-year-old gabriela has a place helped by her friend sammi shore. >> we've become good friends, right? >> reporter: 18-year-old sean muldoon is in the cast too. that's him, practicing with one of the principal dancers. he and gabby have down syndrome. >> he is a bit of a ham. he loves to dance, loves to be on stage. >> reporter: they're star students in the company's adaptive dance program for kids with special needs. and tried out for the nut crack they are year like everyone else. >> the students in our production have taken them under their wings. it's special. it's a warm -- gives us a warm, very warm feeling. ♪ >> reporter: as the party scene
11:42 pm
begins, gabby is beaming. her mother too. >> it's emotional, to be honest. when you have a child with special needs, you're very hopeful that she will be included and be a participant. >> reporter: the nutcracker is all about a christmas dream come true through the magic of ballet. here in a way tchaikovsky never imagined. david wright, abc news, new york. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a forceful weekend at the box office for "rogue one." abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom talks
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the producers and cast of "star wars" "rogue one" are celebrating a big weekend at the box office. the movie earned $155 million this weekend. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom sat down with the director and cast to talk about the force
11:46 pm
and the making of "star wars" magic. >> the world is coming undone. >> reporter: not just the world but a galaxy far, far away. >> i showed up to start shooting, hundreds of storm troopers stood there on set. >> action! >> you're in your childhood fantasy. >> reporter: ahmed grew up a "star wars" fan but the biggest fan on set was almost certainly director gareth edwards. >> as a kid i thought the world was full of storm troopers and x-wings before i realized it was full of cars and guys in suits. >> reporter: "star wars" has one guy in a suit. maybe the best-known bad guy of all-time. >> being on set with darth vader is hard to beat. >> reporter: it even brought back childhood nightmares. >> he comes back to me and talks to me at night. it's quite scary. >> reporter: "rogue one" is the first live action "star wars" movie that's not part of the main saga. alongside the seven episodes that came before it you might say this film is the rogue one. it's the story of what happened between "star wars" episodes 3 and 4 and the characters are new.
11:47 pm
jyn erso, the fierce heroine played by felicity jones. >> i got the call, that's great, but i think i'm going to have to start going to the gym. >> reporter: it's a highly physical role. so is the one played by martial artist donnie yen. >> you kicked about it. >> storm troopers. >> reporter: his character is blind. >> he's connected to the force. >> reporter: it's a grittier vision of that far-away galaxy where good and evil are not so clearly defined. >> they don't discuss good and evil, they discuss it as, are we going the right thing? >> from critics point of view, we are very much doing the right thing. >> reporter: the villain we meet in the first scene, in a film whose cast may be the most diverse in "star wars" history. >> audiences are asking to be represented on the screen, and i'm proud to be part of that. >> may the force be with us. may the force be with us, it's cold out there. >> winter jacket, hat, scarf, gloves tomorrow morning. temperatures already falling
11:48 pm
near or below the freezing mark at this hour. 32 right now in livermore. 31 fairfield and that pa. 36 concord. 36 in san mateo. oakland checking in with an equally cold 39. a frost advisory begins at midnight tonight. in a few minutes mid 30s where you see that shade of blue color, the coldest areas will go under freeze warning. that's the purple shading you see on your screen where we'll dip below freezing overnight tonight. here's the call. your morning lows are going to be chilly as you step out the door. 27, 25 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 35 in oakland. 30 below the freezing mark in san jose. 38 san francisco. and half moon bay around 37. the accuweather seven-day forecast going to show you not only the cold tomorrow, we also have a spare of air day in effect. no woodburning. it's illegal. winter arrives on wednesday. the next chance of wet weather coming on christmas day next sunday. >> christmas day and we'll be right here to let you know about it. >> of course. our own storm trooper. >> yeah!
11:49 pm
>> i like that. >> we were thinking the same thing. all right. on to football now. >> now speaking of cold and ice. >> segues are on point today. >> sharks ended a tough road trip in chicago, handed a black eye by the blackhawks. the minor league affiliate the san jose
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we face off on the ice where your san jose sharks ending a four-game road trip against the best team in the nhl, the chicago blackhawks. defenseman brett burns leads the sharks in goals and points, eight-game point streak picking up his 30th point of the year in the second. little joe's 11th goal of the season, about un-0 sharks. the blackhawks would respond. later in the period, duncan keith drills it past martin jones, his first goal of the season ties it 1-1.
11:53 pm
in the third off the face-off, ryan hartman rifles top shelf. sharks fall 4-1. the san jose barracuda took on their rival ontario rain. first period, barracuda on the power-play. the pass in, 2-1 san jose. under five remaining. brett sutter ties it, game goes to overtime. san jose took a too many men on the ice penalty. barracuda get a point but fall 4-3. >> played good for probably 50 or so minutes. it was the last 10 minutes they really came at us and we kind of didn't hold our ground. they were hemming us in and we gave up a goal and then just kind of miscommunication on the bench there in overtime. >> that's three times that's happened to us this year where we've lost points in the last couple of minutes. and not find a way to bail
11:54 pm
ourselves out in the three on three or the shoot-out. >> give the minor league team a little love. week 15 of the nfl in the books, must be time for your always popular "plays of date." chiefs/titans. :00 c. 17-16, 5 seconds left. titans ryan succop 53-yarder for the win, comes up short but andy reid called a time out. succop gets another chance, nails it. titans win. the raiders are a game up on k.c. in the west. nothing goes right for the browns. losing 33-13 to the bills. charles clay slips on the turf but still made the touchdown catch. packers/bears, ty montgomery, a were there but ran for 162 yards and 2 touchdowns in the packers victory. brock is on miler benched by booil o'brien after throwing two picks against the jags. backup quarterback savage and miller helped the texans come
11:55 pm
back in the fourth, winning 21-20. >> we don't make decisions on how much a guy gets paid, we make a decision on how -- what's the best way to win a game. that was the decision we made today. i thought today it worked out okay. drew brees threw for 389 yards and 4 tds in the new orleans '48-41 win over the cardinals. highest-scoring game this season. adrian peterson returned from injury against the colts but only ran for 22 yards. the raiders' next opponent blew out minnesota 34-6. battle of the birds. eagles/ravens after a philly td with 4 seconds left, the extra point ties it. they go for 2. carson wentz's pass knocked down, 27-26 ravens. patriots clinch the afc east 16-3 in denver. legere rit blunt scored the only touchdown. here's a happy bill belichick. >> definitely something to be proud of. something we accomplished. but now we can, as i said, we can reset. you know.
11:56 pm
try to accomplish more this year. >> is he excited or what? dallas excited about their rookie running back ezekiel elliott. ran for a career high 159 yards against the buccaneers. then donated himself to charity. cowboys win the nfc east. giants still control their own destiny. at 10-4 they defeated detroit. odell beckham jr. with the great one-handed grab. and those are your "plays of the day." women's hoops. 10th ranked stanford taking on tennessee. erika mccall had 13 for the cardinal. nice feed, carli samuelsson also had 13. downtown three-ball. stanford trailed by one at the half. tennessee went on an 8-0 run to end the third, middleton with the three. deshields 13 points, three assists, dishing to mercedes russell. 59-51 the final. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. and i for one am excited the raiders are back in the playoffs. 2002 is the last time they lost
11:57 pm
to the bucs in the super bowl in san diego. how appropriate they clinch the playoffs back in the place where they were last there. good for the silver and black and it will be exciting the rest of the way. >> do you think mr. succop should change his name? >> him? oh, the other one, okay, thank you. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 11:00. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at fouf: 30. 4:30.
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porter who broke this story-- vanessa chandler of the "post's" styles section. vanessa, we have a name now. (phones ringing) former white house communications director olivia pope. how sure are you that she's the woman who had an alleged affair with president grant? it's just one source, but it's a good source-- a source in a position to know the true identity of the president's mistress. (clicks) and, well, you know how this works. it's just a matter of time before others come out of the woodwork and more details emerge.


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