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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 23, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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where you live, this is abc7 news. check out live doppler hd. it lose like it is decorated for christmas. patches of green represent showers continuing across the bay area. it is the busiest travel days of the year. that rain could slow you down. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> we are keeping an eye on the sky around the bay area. you can see rain drops on mount tam, clouds over the east bay hills and gray skies at sfo. that is having a big impact as so many of us head to the airport. we will take through in a moment. we start with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> we start with the
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storm-impact scale on what to expect. showers develop. some could have lightning, thunder, brief small hail. gusty winds and downpours. gusts could be in the 20 to 40 miles per hour and two hours and 15 minutes at sfo and oakland and san jose on time. we have greens so it is lighter rain falling from the san pablo bay and heavy weather moving into the santa cruz mountains. that will slide into the south by. we will all see the rain turn to showers and thunder and hail lingering through 8:00. then it will taper. we have snow on the way. the hour-by-hour look coming up. all theth is not helping the best travel day at sfo. f.a.a. reporting arriving flights delayed an average of two hours and 15 minutes. matt? matt: yes, tough day at sfo.
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i checked and it shows 162 delays in and out of sfo. 47 cancellations, and even rudolph would have a tough time getting santa claus out of here today. the weather out of the sfo was frightful. inside? the arrival and departure board and security leans were not delightful for travelers. >> we are at the end of the security line. how do you peel? >> i'm in shock. we got leader early to try to beat this. >> today is the busiest travel day for the christmas weekend, 166,000 passengers will be in and out of the sfo, 100,000 more than normal and with the rain dozens of cancellations. >> delays two hours. >> what do do you? >> hope it does not happen what happened last year, catching a
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flight the next day. >> and a singer was hired to get people in the holiday expert. ♪ have yourself ♪ a merry little christmas ♪ let your heart ♪ be light >> i feel good. i'm in the christmas spirit. everyone is calm now. the skies were not calm at morning rush with huge puddling, people trying to get inside. >> i wasn't expecting the rain. >> i will have to tell our meteorologist mike nicco you were not watching. >> he has to send it to my phone! >> we are trying. have you seen our news app? >> i have not. >> this for our buddy and everyon else, easy to download the app with access to our news and weather and you have access to the live doppler hd so can you see where the rain is headed
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next. >> love that woman's voice. >> if you are drive we have storm-related issues including downed trees. we have our reporter at the toll plaza plaza. >> it is messy. the rain stopped but now it is become. it is not affecting traffic going into san francisco on the bay bridge. it is a rainy and messy start to the holiday weekend. heavy downpour created flooding near lucky drive. the drive along the richmond-san rafael bridge was slick and windy. drivers who had to travel dealt with it. >> driving conditions? people were driving fast but not a lot of people on the roads. not congested. most traffic was here. >> in the east bay crews dealt
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with this fallen tree in the san leandro neighborhood. >> it was all saturation lifted on the sidewalk and came down. >> two back-to-back storms was too much a week away. >> this is fully mature tree and it is soft. if it was little we could save it but not this one. >> the bright side? kids are out of school, traffic is light are than usual and people are home ready for the holiday weekend. the rain coming down out here is just the beginning of another round. if you have to be somewhere allow plenty of time. we appreciate that. all the south bay is getting rain. this is video from our camera on highway 101 with rain drops on the camera. the highway was wet and we saw plenty of brake lights but not a lot of volume.
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many people have taken the day off. >> rain here means snow in the mountains and that is coming down at lake tahoe. this is a look at heavenly, thick snow, falling and the chair lifts very running the many holiday ski resorts are open for the holiday weekend. on i-80 we caught up with bay area rents hoping for a white christmas and many stocking up on new gear and others have warnings of tough driving conditions not slowing them down. >> we have four wheel drive so hopefully that is good. >> it is supposed to rain on friday and it will be hectic and i will wait until after to spend time with my family. >> at lake tahoe take chains and let someone know the route before you hit the road. >> happening now crews are dealing with a big mess in san francisco in the indian basin
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neighborhood, a giant sinkhole before 9:00 a.m. the water main broke coated the intersection with mud and flooded shuttles and other vehicles parked in a lot nearby. it took half an hour to shut off the water and they are pumping the water out the sinkhole. the intersection is expected to remain closed. >> we have new information on the ghost ship warehouse with the first lawsuit that alleged a 20-year-old woman who died was unable to exit the building because it did not mean safety standards and claims there was willful and conscious disregard for safety. the parents of the victim are going to join their attorney at a press conference in alameda this afternoon to announce full details on the charges. the fire was the most deadly in california since the 1906 san francisco earthquake.
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we are learning month of the possibility cause behind the hijacking of a libyan commercial plane. authorities say the libyan nationals who took over the aircraft were seeking asylum in europe. the flight was diverted to mall that when they threatened to blow up the plane. we have learned the grenades were fake. >> after landing all 118 passengers and crew were released and the hijackers surrendered and were escorted away by jeep to be questioned. all the most wanted man in europe is dead. but serious questions remain regarding the attack are. merging. italian police shot and killed anis amri, the only suspect in the monday track attack at a christmas village that killed 12. how did he make it cross two borders in europe on public transportation without being detected? it is thought that anis amri was in lit to meet with a terrorist
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cell. >> it is mainly about uncovering net wores to discover more of the back ground. >> before being shot and killed he fired own an officer. he was hit in the shoulder. the officer is expected to recover. >> united states senator from connecticut trying to keep this from happening on planes: recharge medium batteries and. cigarettes exploding hike this from england and fresno. the senator wants the airlines to ban the e-cigarettes but he wanted the federal government to rule them unless and until there are clear safety standards in the batteries that were in the samsung galaxy note 7 phones that were recalled. >> wicked weather is happening back east that is having an impact from coast to coast. >> trying to boat the last minute shopping rush with deals you need to know
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it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> we have new weather video, the scene at the park-'n-ride in mill valley as drivers battle the rain. you can see ponding on the roads, an entire line taken up, with drivers splashing through it in the commute. remember, we want to see your view of the weather where you live, so share your photos and video on social has and we can e
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them. all the holiday travel rush is on. some places are not seeing a rush but a slippery crawl. the reason? snow in the midwest and the east, grounding and delays nights on this busy day causing ripple affects exacerbating issues by the rain we are seeing. >> we have been in this airport for 24 hours. >> you have tom could early and be mentally prepared to stand in line and wait. >> we checked an hour ago and 162 delays at sfo, with 47 cancellations. the t.s.a. is recommending anyone flying domestically to get there two hours before the flight. >> this is it, the final count down for christmas shopping is on. if you have not finished buying gusts, you are in luck. we find out where to get the
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last minute discounts. kohl's is taking 15% off if you order less than 100 dollars. and target is giving you a discoopts on legos but if you want toship from home on amazon and use prime now, they have a list of items this are going to be good to order until 9:45 p.m. tomorrow, yes, christmas eve and believe it or not they programmed to get you the gifts by midnight. >> holiday deals to make wishes come true a chance to spend had cheer to bay area children. >> a magical expense for -- experience for the whole family. >> at look at the golden gate bridge is not so rainy as earlier but the clouds. meteorologist mike nicco has
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more on the storm and what to expect for the holiday weekend.
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>> you now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> here is a look at what is beginning on outside. the san mateo bridge show as third of the inch on the eastern side and it is raining now. in the south by we had a third of an inch, 101 and 80 it is dry
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right new. looking around the rest of our neighborhoods, we had from a third of an inch in the south bay to .2" in cupertino the low spot to three-quarters around santa rosa and two third in santa rosa and three-quarters in san francisco. at the exploritorium we still have light rain. local downpours, hail, thunder and breezy all day. some faster breezes with the downpours. christmas morning could be white in our deep of the valleys with frost. dry and seasonal most of next week. this is the last deal for a while. you can see the winds gusting 26 miles per hour. down to san jose, 21, and 20 at oakland and 31 at fairfield and they will get around 30 to 40 miles per hour when the cold air is here. it is not here yet ahead of it we still have showers moving down on the south bay and the santa cruz mountains could have light flooding and ponding on the roads. here is the cold air you can see the rough technicalture to the
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clouds and where the cold air and instability and energy is for thunderstorms with rain and snow down to 2,000 feet. the key, it is chase the wet weather be the moisture, at noon you can see scattered yellows and moderate rain and same at 4:00 and as we head to evening and the colder and dry air is moving in the chance of a shower and thunderstorm decreases but it is at this time if it bumps into our higher elevations it will dust them with snow. this evening, you will be dry but the breezes are kick up and the wind chill will drop into the 30's, so dress accordingly. the sierra is a no go, dangerous travel at 50 and 84. white out conditions and blowing snow that could pile up to to 2 feet of powder. by noon we heard have 2 to 4" and 1-to-2 foot for the tom.
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no go today, tomorrow will be slippery, sunday is sunshine and dry. lake tahoe is going to be the last go around other than snow showers tomorrow with temperatures frigid the next couple of mornings and we will have forecast inland and more on christmas morning with 20's and 30's for lows and dry weather next week. >> glad to see the rain chances are decreasing each day. that is what i was concerned about. >> look for christmas fun? jessica castro has ideas from our partners at hoodline. all the holidays upon us and the most beloved christmas classics comes to life again, "charles brown," fun for the whole family. for the limit ones who will get to know the gang for the first time or those who.soon it many times enjoy it through the
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beautiful sounds of the san francisco symphony with tickets available friday and saturday. the contemporary jewish community day with free admission and a lot of contemporary art and the building itself is an art piece. another great event with plannive magic is the african-american shakespeare company preventses "cinderella." >> this year we have a lot more dance and music numbers. >> "cinderella," we wanted to have as a signature show so little girls of color would have strength in themselves and to see themselves in the way they have not been portrayed. >> when she finds prince charming she believes anything is possible when you believe in yourself.
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>> i am jessica castro, happy holder holidays. ♪ impossible ♪ the play country >> i knew you would do that. >> chance to do good. >> you are testing me. lefty o'doul's is a popular restaurant and bar in san francisco at union square kick off the massive toy drive with 50 volunteers working. left last is making this easy to donate, curb side pickup until 11:00 p.m. with the response far has been incredible. they stepped up the game this year. >> we did well hitting everybody up for $0 -- $20 so kids have big eyes when they open them. >> if you cannot make a donation, no worries itry sues tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. >> they need 13,000 toys to reach the goal. lefty o'doul's is located near
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powell at geary. >> in time for christmas we have two adorable furry friends you have to meet, the perfect pets. they are christmas
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>> we are featuring two pets for our perfect pet segment, a pair of rabbits. meet ben & jerry. they are that lovable. volunteers say ben & jerry are sweet guys would love to be around people. they need to be adopted together because they are best friends. a good samaritan has made it easy for give them a home for the holidays by paying their adoption fees. to adopt the rabbits call the marin humane society at the number on the screen. >> society. >> if they are best friends, where is my cherry >> you have to bring it. have a wonderful christmas or whatever it is you are
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celebrating the next couple of weeks. happy holidays. be safe, warm, and surrounded by family and friends.
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>> hey, everybody, i'm hoping to make some people very rich today. maybe $1 million rich. did i mention i love this job? let's play "who wants to be millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to "who wants to be a millionaire." are you guys ready to play today? i am, too. our first contestant has been running a business for the last 17 years and needs to win $1 million to help expand her family's restaurant. from tallahassee, florida, please welcome alicea acevedo. [cheers and applause] >> hi. >> alicea, how you doing? welcome. >> thank you. >> come on in. welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. thank you for having me. i'm so excited. >> so, family business. you have the restaurant. >> mm-hmm. >> what do you need this money for? >> well, we found out we're not able to stay in our current location-- th


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