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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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coliseum. fans must be devastated. >> reporter: even though the raiders beat deals somber moot out here. fanners are worried with just 11 minutes in the fourth quarter are derek car was sack. the blow broke his fibula. the game wasday laid. the quarterback was first taken to sidelines and then by cart to the locker room. a lot of fans are devastated, while the team rushes to move forward. >> like seeing one of my kids get hurt. once you see someone hurt that is carrying your team, it's like one of my oldest kids because looking out morphia babies. >> just like you do with any position you carry on as a football team and put the next guy in. i'm not trying to dismiss anything but any means. obviously a huge thing to have to deal with, but that's what we do, as a team. >> reporter: carr told del rio
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that he knew his leg was broken. he could feel it. carr entire family was at the game and rush to the locker room to meet him. the raiders need another win next week to win the afc west assure themselves of a first-round playoff bye. car is expected to have surgery tomorrow on christmas day. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian. abc7 news. >> rick quan was they latest. >> just so sad. just named to at the pro bowl this week and talk about him being an mvp candidate for the league. things go so well for at the raiders and then disaster strucking a derek carr went down with a broken leg. he can't avoid a rush and has his right leg twisted, take another look from another angle. carr suffered a broken right fibula and will have surgery
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tomorrow. coach jack del rio says he is out indefinitely. the raiders close out the send neck sunday? -- next sunday in denver. >> a tech situation. he is a very good friend of mine and that's tough to see him go down and him get hurt, to go down and see him like that was tough, but at the same time i did my best to stay calm, stay poised, focused and do my job.
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zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> we had some technical problems there. today marcus mariota suffered a broken fibula and is out for the season. so, likelihood karr is gone. >> titans and fans and raider fans have something to be sad about. let's turn to the weather now. can we go outside for a live look at the golden gate bridge? right there. bridge looks okay and traffic is moving fine. but we could have the coldest start to christmas day in san francisco since 1998. meteorologist drew tuma has an early look at your holiday plans. drew? >> since 1998, it will be the
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coldest start for christmas morning in san francisco so this cold air has been a while away from us. we have a freeze warning in effect. this is the north bay starting at midnight tonight until 8:00 a.m. sunday morning, santa rosa, petaluma. temperatures dropping to 32. outside, a beautiful as could be. crystal clear. if you're headed out for evening services no weather worries. just grab the jacket. here's the overnight lows. 35, san jose. a frigid start to christmas. looking at the rest of the weekend in a few minutes. >> take a look at these pictures pose build the chp on interstate 80, an suv slid on the snow and ice and ended up between two bridges. just hanging off the edge. nobody was hurt.
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>> chain roll controlled have been lifted but you can see the lanes of the freeway are clear but still ice and snow on the edges so be careful there if you're head that way. you can track storms anytime with the abc7 news app. we have the live doppler 7. he canland police are searching for some shooting suspects in an incident involving two vehicles. officers responded to 59th 59th street and martin luther king, jr. way just before 3:00 p.m. two cars or people in them were shooting at each other. one car crashed a few blocks away. if you have any information about the incident you're asked to contact oakland police. it's the season of giving but some santa clara county employees are taking. here's high one official is asking the tv to give the gifts
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back. >> my mom told me to come over here and pick up a toy for him. i didn't know nothing about it. but it's a blessing. >> this toy drive outside the santa clara county building drew long lines. low income families with littles, so excited for the special gifts. hello kitty scooter, dune buggies. todays delivery isn't the first. what happened thursday concernss some can york officials. >> i found out some county employee us, probably a couple dozen, took advantage of this. >> county assessor larry stone was angry after learning some county employees took a few toy is. he grew evennening degreer when he found out another come myee says legally it was okay. >> i'm concern about county employee loose be doing the right thing. >> stone e-mailed his staff a letter advising them to return the presents them drive organizer says he wade fine with the employee is taking them if
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they promised to donate them to a charity. >> i feel pretty trusting of county employees. i feel if they take them and going to a good home that's probably a safe bet. >> these are pretty generous gifts. each of them worth $200 each. the company which donated them is dynacraft wheels. >> we reached out to the company and there is no response. it's unclear if the donor knows what happened. as far this christmas eve deliver delivery he is certain these gifts well unin -- end up inty right hands. >> rescue crews in vacaville recovered the body of man who drowned in a canal. it is a policy of abc7 news to show dead bodies on the tv. the seven are hour search began his morning after police got reports a man in a canal. an investigation is underway.
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san rafael firefighters reported to a car over a cliff. it was winched back up to the roadway. fire official says nobody was hurt and an investigation is underway there as well. coming up at 6:00, changes in bathrooms and at barber and beauty shops. new lawed that will affect you no 2017. the free christmas tree give away happening tonight, and later, tracking santa's journey to the bay area. stay with us. we're back in just a moment.
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>> this year governor brown signed into law 898 bills going into effect january. here are a few. the six month sentence give to former stanford swimmer brock turner inspired a bill that broadsens the definition of rape. it is all forms of and is no longer subject to statute of limitation. lane splitting is legal. and beauty salons and barber shops can serve wine and beer as longs as it's free and served before 10:00 p.m., and california now requires all single toilet bathrooms in business and public agencies to be gender neutral. >> head to san francisco's embarcadero on christmas eve to
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take home free tree. the delancey street foundation maintains several tree rots to help residents suffering, each year the foundation gives away what of whatever i is on the lot the night before christmas. at 6:00, christmas eve treat making the holidays brighter for some deserving kids. we'll be right back
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a competition between schools in fairfield to see who could collect most christmas gifts ended up with a winner, three schools were valley, green valley, rodriguez high and brandon eden high. notal for all three schools was almost 1200. the gifts were taken to fairfield fire department which distributinged them to churches and heather house. lefty o'doole's will hold a drive until 11:00 tomorrow and some dies have already been delivered. >> merry christmas. we're excited to be here.
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er bring something toys and gifts to some great children. >> and as you can see, abc7 news was in the bay view district. hundreds of toys were given away to kids who may not have had a lot for christmas. footballs and basketballs were lined up on tables, along with plenty of dahls, games, and educationol toys. >> tracking another cold night, freeze warnings into effect for parts of the region at knight and the coldest air we have seen christmas morning in nearly two decades. one recipe you need to get that cold night is clear skies and that's what we have. live doppler 7 showing you not a cloud to be seen. it will be a quiet next 24 hours. did have some impactful snow in sierra the past 24 hours but live doppler 7 showing you just a few flurries out there right now. the leftovers of the storm system adding to the holiday
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feel. the snowed a up. the past 24 hours, kingville, 18 inches, squaw, sierras, tahoe, 13 and 15 inches. cushingwood, 13. heavenly and surgery bowl -- sugar bowl, 17. a live look at the embarring care row cam. it's quiet but cool. 48 the number at san francisco 50, in oakland, 40 in gilroy, and half moon bay at 48. taking you to san jose, a quiet picture out here. clear skies and a cool night on the way and those numbers are dropping at this hour, down to 44 in santa rosa, 43 in fairfield. livermore, 44. one final look from the exploratorium camera, a gorgeous sight. the forecast calls for the cold start for christmas morning. freeze warnings into effect. a really dry pattern is set
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image for the next seven tase. no significant rain on the horizon and we'll see mild air returning by wednesday. take a look at future tracker temperatures. overnight hours those numbers are going to drop under the clear skies. a lot of 30s on the board, by 4:00, on your sunday morning. they do expect those numbers to continue to fall and we'll see some spots that end up in the 20s overnight tonight. mainly the north bay. so freeze warning into effect for santa rosa, petaluma, napa, from midnight to 8:00 in the morning. so overnight lows, mainly clear skies, chilly. 39 in san francisco. 35 in san jose. starting temperature on christmas day. 39 oakland. 34 antioch and livermore, 33. that 39-degree reading in san francisco tomorrow morning will be the coldest christmas morning in two decades (123)467-8998 --
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in 1998. that cold morning, no weather issues. we'll have a couple clouds breaking down for afternoon sunshine but ineffective sunshine. not going to warm us up. mid-to-low 50s tomorrow afternoon. a look at your highs on sunday, 353 -- 53 in san jose. redwood city, 62. 50 the in pacifica. san francisco 52. and to the north bay. 51 petaluma. 51 vallejo. east bay, meres. 54 oakland, 51 hercules, and ininland, sign but -- sunshine but could the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow, we have the cold start, the freeze warnings go into effect at
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midnight. the afternoon has sunshine but a chilly da. on monday, carbon copy of the chilly sunshine and cold start. by tuesday, touch warmer out there, wednesdy, we good on the mild side, 60 saturday make a comeback by thursday. a nice afternoon friday, picture perfect and saturday, new year's eve, a lot of sunshine and temperatures cooler. >> it's winter: thank you. >> well, football, it's not supposed to feel like it if you're 0 raiders fan. >> the grinch stole christmas from the raid and he was wearing a colts uniform. a costly win for the raiders as they boot beat the colts but lose derek carr to a broken leg. andrew luck is picked off in end zone. oakland takes it 80 yards, carr to rashard. he'll score from four yards out
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and send celebrates with the fans in black hole. 19-7 at halftime. third quarter, frank gore takes it up the middle but coughs up the football. tj cary recovers. two plays later the give to washington. the rookie from texas tech takes 292-yards -- 22 yards inch the h with the raiders up by 19. carr has his leg twisted while being brought down. carr would suffer a broken rightfully and now have surgery tomorrow. oakland beats the colts but there wasn't much celebrating with carr going down with the injury. >> once he is held, we'll go. but until then he'll be healing so the football team is a good win but a tough setback. >> we're ready, prepared, so we just do the best. that's the game. that's the game. and got to move forward. wish him nothing but the best. it hurts but got to keep
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fighting. >> you risk getting hurt every time you step on the field. i'm praying for him and hopefully we can go out there and win and play hard for him. >> if you're mike shumann's friend on facebook you know he was he last 49er to score a touchdown against the ram tuesday l.a. coliseum in 1979. today the two teams melt again at the coliseum. dereck goff getting the start. kaepernick to hyde for the score. 7-0 niners. the rams seemed to take control by scoring the next 21 points. goff to higbee, 21-7 l.a. but the 49ers rally with five minutes left, kap can't find a receiver to scrambles 13 guard a touchdown. 21-14. then with 35 second left, kaepernick connect width streeter for the touchdown. chip kelly guess for two-point conversion for the win and will get it as kaepernick scrambles
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and gets interest the end zone. the 49ers snap their 13-game losing streak with the victory. both wins have come against the rams. christmas came early for the brians as they got anywhere first win of the season. crowwell scored a pair of touchdowns. san diego had a chance to tie as time expired, but josh lambo's field goal attempt is no go. the browns win. >> game the warrior fans have been look forward to, a rematch against the cavaliers. you can see here at 11:30. the warriors lot of to cleveland in the finals after lead throwing games to the one. lebron james, and then in the final minute of game seven, irving knocks down a huge three to put the cavs on top. as lebron gives cleveland its
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first pro sports title in 352 years, draymond green who missed game five is looking forward to the rematch. >> one offers those rivalries that kind of grown over the cost of the last couple of years. a fun game to day. so excited. get to play austerer good team. on a day -- a very good team on a day everybody is watching. you're not excited nor that game, question your ticket. >> the warriors will be at full strength but the cavaliers without jr reed who has a fractured right thumb. derek carr is out probably for the season. matt mcgroin takes over as the starting qb. >> bren leg for him and broken heart for the fans. santa is on h
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tonight at 9 on 6:00y tv 20, cops helping kids and at 11:00 here on abc7, much more on what is next for the raiders after the star qb, derek carr goes down with a broken leg. its christmas eve and children are excited about santa but here here's a question, whether is the guy?
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norad is tracking him. they track all things in space. santa is delivering presents to bermuda right now. the air aero space dense and has been tracking st. nick sent 1955 and have jets ready to escort him if there's trouble, but there's never trouble, it's accepts. you can see him delivering presents right the world. the app is free to download. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. goodbye.
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