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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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people? a pop superstar gone too soon. george michael passed away this afternoon at his home outside london. sergio joins us with more on the artist's career and reaction from fans. sergio? >> in a brief statement, the local police said an autopsy will be performed. his death is unexplained, but not suspicious. according to billboard magazine and the hollywood reporter, george michael was found in bed in his home outside london. his manager said he died of
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heart failure. ♪ wake me up ♪ he shot to fame in 1984 as the lead singer of wham and his music was part of a sound track of a generation and his death a shock for fans. >> he was an icon. very energetic, entertaining person. it's a tragedy to see him go. >> what are is with 2016 and us losing all of our favorite people? >> he collaborated with numerous artists and went on to a successful solo career that included controversial hits. his private life became public after what he admitted was an embarrassing arrest after lewd behavior in beverly hills by an undercover police officer. >> it was stupid and i feel reckless and weak for having allowed my sexuality to be exposed this way, but i don't
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feel any shame whatsoever. >> his career continued with his real life experiences inspiring his music including that beverly hills arrest. in late 2011 before christmas then, he nearly died of pneumonia. >> merry christmas to everybody. >> his career spanned four decades and he sold more than 100 million records worldwide. >> in addition nearly dying of pneumonia in 2011, he was also in a near fatal crash in 2013. his publicist described his death today as peaceful. he was 53. back to you. >> thank you. andriy ridgely was his band mate in wham. he tweeted heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend. the world at large. frofr lived. elton john wrote i am in deep shock. i lost a beloved friend.
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a kind and brilliant soul and artist. actor george takei said rest with the glittering stars. you've found your freedom and faith. it was your last christmas and we shall miss you. >> we posted this picture on our twitter page. you can share it by following us and retweeting it. we sent out a push over right after his death was announced. download and allow push alerts for updates on breaking news. it has been a tough 2016 for the music industry. we lost david bowie in january following a private 18-month battle with cancer and released his final album days before his death. in april prince died in minnesota. the cause was an accidental drug overdose. he was 57 years old. carrie fisher fans are holding out hope the 60-year-old's
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health improved after a cardiac episode on friday. her mother debbie reynolds carrie is in stable condition. if there is a change we will share it for all her fans and friends. i it thank you for your prayers and good wishes. the actor is at ucla medical center and she fell ill minutes before landing major league an 11-hour flight from london. she was shooting scenes for catastrophe and her new book. going now to the weather. a live look outside, it's a cool quiet christmas night out there. it looks clear, but warmer weather is on the way. that's what drew tells me. >> tonight being a little bit warmer than last night. last night we fell into the 20s. not so tonight. temperatures running 5 to 6 degrees warmer and this time than yesterday. 44 in san francisco. 41 is the current number in san jose and antioch at 37. overnight tonight, here's the
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call. it will be chilly. not as cold as we were last night. no 20s on the board. 36 in san jose and 38 overnight. 37 in san francisco. about 33 in napa. yesterday that napa started in the 20s. better. we will be chilly and watch what happens as we get into mid-week. mild air returns and it will last for a few days. we will look at how warm we get with the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you very much. people hitting the slopes at tahoe had a white christmas. video from vail resort of people enjoying a fresh coat of snow. they are reporting between 15 and 25 inches of snow over the weekend. other news, a 14-year-old boy and suspected dui driver died in a crash in san jose. police responded to capital expressway and snell as a chevy malibu and lexus were involved in a crash. a 25-year-old woman died after
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crossing the center median and colliding with the other vehicle. theyas uer the influence. a boy was kill and two others were hurt. berkeley police are investigating a shooting that shattered a storefront window around 2:00 and hit a car. the person in the car was hurt by shattered glass and no other injuries reported. they found multiple shell casings on the ground. the bay area rescue mission provided hot meals and mellowships for those in need. they know what it's like to be on the other side of the table. melanie woodrow reports. >> since wednesday, volunteers in richmond estimate they served 300 people. this traditional christmas dinner was a welcome meal for many. >> you don't have a family or home to cook a meal, it's hard especially a good meal like this. >> you need somewhere to go or food or help or you are
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spiritually empty, this place helps you. >> it helps year around. >> i got to meet the wonderful people at the mission and they changed my life. >> it changed joseph's life too. he cooked tonight's meal. >> i came a long way. >> three years ago he was homeless. >> i was living in tents and going through the same thing. >> ramirez saidentors helped him find himself. >> anyone can change their life around if they choose. >> shawn ford made a choice as well. far away from home, this coast guard officer petty class decided he would rather volunteer than sit around. >> i'm from the south and that's a big thing is southern hospitality and people treat everyone like family. >> even when the family includes people who otherwise might be strangers. >> it means the world. >> we are blessed to be here. >> melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> thousands considered low income or homeless retreated to
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a christmas meal as well by hundreds of volunteers and college athletes in the foster farms bowl wednesday night. abc 7 news was at san francisco as the university of utah served up christmas cheer with donated prime rib, mashed potatoes and dessert. >> i love doing something like this. what better way to give back to people who don't have much or anything at all. >> abc 7 was at saint anthony's where 3,000 people got hoosier hospitality. they helped them prep and serve the holiday meal to those less fortunate in the community. >> it's christmas and we are giving back to the community and that's what it is all about. being an athlete and giving back and what not. it's beautiful so far. >> both teams said they are thankful for the opportunity to give back and look forward to going head to head on the gridiron. still ahead on abc 7 news at
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11:00, a journey from loss to hope. >> it's just trying to salvage what we can of christmas. >> the out pouring of kindness is putting the holiday into perspecti perspective. >> the native held in an iranian prison for two years is thrilled to be home for christmas. >> she is yours. >> thank you! >> you're welcome. >> it's the gift that keeps on giving. a local animal shelter is afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. a hayward family is finding out how special the christmas can be and making the loss a bit
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easy toir bear. abc news reporter has a heart warming story this christmas. >> it's obvious which toy is a favorite for the sosa girls this christmas. the scooter comes from this christmas eve toy drive. a san jose friend entered their names in it. >> it's going to make them smile and make them happy to have something to open up for christmas. >> seeing this smile is priceless for sosa. gift giving is low on the priority list this year. >> as the smoke cleared. >> the smoke cleared from a fire at their hayward home. they lost nearly everything. >> the house burned and on the inside. not too bad. enough where we can't go home. >> an out pouring of love and support followed and it touched her. >> children's schools and they donated clothes and the clothes burned in the fire.
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my job put up a go fund me and raised money for us. >> her sister in law invited the faamly to her home for christmas. >> we always stick together and make sure we have love in our and family. >> it put life into perspective and the oakland warehouse fire happened. >> i felt bad for the families there. >> they may not have a permanent home, but the focus is on what they do have. >> love, family, togetherness. warmth. >> the things are far more valuable than any gift. in fairfield, lonnie ri ver aa about, c 7 news. >> what a difference a year makes. today he tweeted you can be as angry as you want about whatever you want, but after spending the last two in prison, i am going to enjoy my christmas this year. he was in prison for 18 months with his wife on charges of spying before the release last
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january. his editor tweeted he was in prison in iran and this year he brought cookies to "the washington post" newsroom. he is planning to write a memoire about detainment set for release in 2018. >> dozens finished opening christmas gifts and enjoyed a south bay tradition. abc 7 news was in san jose for christmas in the park. each year organizers create a winter wonderland with 60 animated exhibits like airlining mice and wood crafters. it includes entertainment, thousands of lights and a 60-foot tall giving tree. >> everyone has a different tradition and for some it includes watching basketball. we were at the overland country bar as the warriors took on the cavaliers. you saw that game on abc 7 and he opened for basketball and the
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cereal bowl brunch. >> we are a local bar and here to serve the community and we love our customers and there is no way i would open up for them. >> the warriors lost by a single point and we will have the highlights in a few minutes. >> she's yours. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> abc 7 news was there for a christmas delivery from the humane society. the puppy shelly is with her forever family. most shelters are taking part in the home for the holidays adoption event and all cats, dogs and rabbits more than six months oelds may be adopted for $15. a therapy animal can help travelers keep calm after christmas.
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lilu the spotted pig will be at terminal three. they asked the travelers to be patient and give her space and ask her handler before you touch her. >> if you are taking to the skies, you should have no trouble at all. across the state of california, quiet conditions that leads the way to a warming trend over the next couple of days. we had clouds up stairs and did not give way to any rain. we don't have any rain on live doppler 7. they show you the beautiful lights and lit up under mainly clear continues. you look at the temperature change and most spots are warmer this time than last night. by 6 degrees. in san francisco, 1 degree in mountain view and two degrees warmer in napa. that will lead the way to a chilly night, but not as cold as last night.
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40 in vallejo and 44 in fremont. 41 in san jose. the chilly spot on the map at 34 degrees. we will show you throughout the day and high clouds pushing through with a storm system off the coast that is exiting off the coast at this hour. that will not bring us rain and they will have a bright looking day on the way for monday. they will show you into the morning hours on your monday, 8:00 in the mork, it's chill we the north bay. 42% for san francisco and oakland as well. they will warm into the 50s and it will be a nice day tomorrow afternoon. highs around the region, in san raphael. 52 in san francisco. up to 52 degrees. if you are traveling across the states, take northern california with tons of sunshine. 50 in chico. sacramento and southern california, we will have more on
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the way of cloud cover. we will tap into the 60s. the future tracker will show you wednesday approximate we start to see the return and oakland and san jose. this mild spell will peak on thursday. a lot of 60s around the immediate bay water. this chill will take a brief exit mid-week. we will take you to the preview on saturday. you notice by 7:00, partly cloudy and upper 30s to mid 40s and by midnight as we ring in 2017, a little different. we will have a mixture of stars and clouds and comfortable in the 30s and 40s. here's the seven-day forecast. on monday, we are on the cool side. temperatures mainly in the 50s. near average and mild air arrives thursday. it's a nice afternoon with a
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winter beauty. cooler, but quiet out there to welcome 2017. >> still ahead at 11:00, a christmas miracle of sorts. a dramatic 80 foo afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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. >> per a christmas update on a curious cat who got stuck in this palm tree in new zealand. they tried to rescue, but when they got close, he jumped and hit the ground running. animal rescuers caught him with a net and as you can see, the kitty appropriately named dennis the menace is fine now, contemplating a to the top of his foster family's christmas tree. they might be able to use him.
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>> it was a tough weekend for sports teams. then today the warriors suffer
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the rematch between the warriors and the cavaliers lived up to the hype. they featured another heart breaking finish. after a busy night, the santas took time off. kevin durant with the dunk on one end, but cleveland comes back with the pass to lebron james who answers on the other
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end. a team high of 31 points, but the calves stood by at the half. clay thompson was hot and made five 3-pointers and finished with 24 points. k led with 36 points. golden state had the game under control when they gave a 14-point lead. the cavaliers battled back to tie and a technical should have been called for him hanging it on the rim. tie at 105, curry finally connects a second three of the game and put the warriors on top with about a minute left. they led by one with three seconds to go, but irving comes up with a big basket and cleveland goes on top. golden state in for one last shot and they stumble and that is your ball game. turning the ball over 20 times was a big reason why. >> we lost the game and gave
11:30 pm
them a gift. we have to be solid and not turn the ball over. you better be mad. i don't care if it's christmas day or anything. any time you blow a 13-point lead. they got a great test on it and it safely went in. >> we take care of the ball and win that game. we didn't do the necessary things it took to win the game. they may place it on the stretch. we know what it takes. >> we let it slip away and have a lot to learn. i'm happy about that.
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>> taking on san diego state at the diamond head classic. he throws it down and the highs on the camera. this kept the lead to two. one football note that derek karr did not have surgery today, but will have it earlier this week. this has been brought to you by river rock casino. more christmas highlights and two nfl games played tonight. >> looking forward to them. much more to come on abc 7 news. russia is in a state of mourning as they deal with a plane crash that killed 92 people. >> and hunkering dow
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. if you are joining us, a pop-singing icon died this christmas day. people are remembering george michael. his manager said he died of heart failure in his home in england. michelle turner has a look back at his prolific career. ♪ >> it's the song that had the world tapping their toes. that ditty wake me up before you go-go. it was 1984 and they were the british boy duo known as wham.
11:36 pm
♪ take me dancing tonight >> they had several top 10 hits, but it was george michael with that statement t-shirt, alluring eyes and super moves that took the spotlight, sealing his fame with this chart-topping ballad careless whisper. ♪ time can never mend the careless whisper ♪ ♪ to the heart and mind >> he split from his band mate and launched a solo career. never looking back, but heading straight into his first big clincher. it was 1987, george michael looking the confident rock star in this provocative video with an equally provocative title ♪ i want your sex
11:37 pm
>> the song's lyrics were considered by some to be raunchy. the legendary casey kasem refused to say the title of the song on his radio show and some stations wouldn't play the song until after dark. ♪ michael's lyrics invoking the pleasures of sex bumped heads with conservative who is thought he had gone too far, but with a hollywood desperate to bring attention to the aids epidemic and the need for safe sex. michael would later say his lyrics were misunderstood. by the late 1980s, he was a bona fide superstar garnering awards and hanging with celebs and royalty and delivering more hits like father figure. ♪ one
11:38 pm
♪ and more ♪ it can be said the 1990s were not quite as kind to george michael. fewer smash hits and then this. april 7, 1998, he is arrested by a police officer charged with engaging in a lewd act in beverly hills, california. it took no time for it to be an international headline. on cnn not long after, michael confirmed what it was rumored. he was gay. >> i want people to know i have not been exposed as a gay man in any way i feel -- i don't feel any shame for it. i feel stupid and i feel reckless and weak for having allowed my sexuality to be
11:39 pm
exposed this way, but i don't feel any shame whatsoever and neither do i think i should. >> there were more scuffles with the law and drug-related arrests and a nasty car next 2010. michael was found to be driving under the influence of cannibis and went to jail. there was always the music. at nearly age 50, his creative masterpiece with full orchestra was a critical success. ♪ the first time ever i saw your face ♪ >> i still believe that music is one of the greatest gifts god gave to man he said. lucky for us, he left us plenty of it. ♪ freedom
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>> that was michelle turner reporting. police are treating the death as unexplained, but not suspicious. george michael was 53 years old. some parts of the country are dealing with stormy condition this is christmas. the storm came cascading down in salt lake city, utah. driver his to take it easy on the snowpacked roads. in flagstaff, all the snow left people late getting home for the holidays. interstate 40 left travelers stranded until it reopened. the weather system issued a blizzard warning for parts of montana. tonight we learn pilot error is probably to blame for a crash of a russian military plane. a grim search for the remains and the wreckage and answers as well. chuck has the story. >> mourners placed flowers in
11:41 pm
memories of the lot of, ships plucked fragments. a russian military plane took off sunday morning from the airport in sochi. two minutes later, it crashed, taking 84 passengers and eight crew members into the waves. by air and by sea, more than 3,000 responders are on the scene working through the night they recovered bodies and fragments of the plane. the flight recorders have no radio beacons, making the recovery more difficult. they reported no problems before and the plane's wreckage was scattered over a wide area, raising the spector of terrorism. among the victim, 64 members of the official choir of the russian military. russia's president vladimir putin declared monday a national day of mourning. we will conduct a thorough investigation and do everything to support the victims's families. in sochi sunday night, they came
11:42 pm
to pay respects with candles as part of the darkness and not the mystery surrounding the doomed flight. abc news, new york. >> tens of thens were forced to evacuate after a world war ii era bomb was found in southern germany. they uncovered it last week and they cleaned it up and disabled the detonateors. this was the best time to diffuse it because there was less traffic and people could stay with relatives. rescue workers in italy reached 153 skiers stuck in a broken cable car on christmas eve in the italian alps. it took seven hours to reach the skiers stuck more than 8,000 feet in the air. they used wires to slide down to the ground. no one was hurt. >> video out of southern chile where a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the island some 800 miles
11:43 pm
south of santiago. the national emergency director evacuated 4,000 people from coastal areas out of fear of a possible tsunami. that danger has since passed. the quake caused minor damage, but no deaths have been reported. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a volunteer in the east bay is spreading holiday cheer in more ways than one. >> next, the man who proves he has heart and soul. >> a cool and quiet night out there right now. we are tracking mild air making after washing apply and rinse
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24 hours of moisture with no sticky feel. then get dressed and go. delight your senses with in-shower cocoa butter. available in the body lotion aisle.
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>> a salvation army volunteer added vocals and some couldn't resist singing along. this is daniel howell who the salvation army of hayward features on the facebook page with christmas carols. he collected donations outside of the shopping center and they were hoping for a repeat performance next year. >> waste management is not wasting time letting people how to dispose of christmas trees. curbside collection begin tomorrow. they ask that you take off all tinsel and decorations before you place them out. >> scott cable works in cleveland and vowed not to shave until the cleveland browns won a
11:48 pm
game. that happened yesterday after 109 days of beard growing, he said he will shave tomorrow. he started as a reason not to shave each day before heading out to work, but never thought it would get this far. if we tried that with the 49ers, he would look like grizzly adams. >> it would be down -- >> checking out the forecast. >> we are talking about a cool night on the way. not as cold as last night. we won't see 20s, but 40 in vallejo. 44 in san francisco. 41 in san jose. overnight, 38 in oakland and 37 in san francisco. we don't have any 20s on the board. no freeze warnings are in effect. taking you in the highs. a lot of sunshine and in the 50s. a bright clean day. it will be on the cool side.
11:49 pm
nothing too atypical. mild air moving back in. future tracker shows you we have will stay with us at least through friday. the seven-day forecast is cool on monday and tuesday and new year's eve all is quiet. >> i like quiet. >> i like quiet too. >> rick is here and we will have a look at sports. >> it was not quiet during the day's game. i will have more on the are warriors with the tough loss. it was a kc masterpiece a (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit,
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zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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the raiders had a chance to clinch the west if denver could beat the chiefs. that did not happen. kansas city was a merry chiefs mas. the former 49ers quarterback runs in for the gim's first score. the chiefs have a speedster.
11:53 pm
he blows by the defense and takes it 70 yards for a touchdown and that made it 14-0. there was no d in denver. travis kelsey, look at him go. he breaks loose for an 80-yard touchdown. he had 11 catches for 160 yards. late in the game, the chiefs rub it in, snapping the ball to a 350 pound lineman. he throws to a wide open harris. the chiefs win 33-10. the defending super bowl champs will not be in the playoffs. >> it's a huge rivalry as it is. christmas night was a big win for us. >> we went out as a team effort. the offensive line held their ground against a good defensive front and on top of that, making plays for the guy behind and everyone else on the team. >> the game was a lot closer down by 10 and pittsburgh
11:54 pm
rallies. he bounces to the outside and he will get in and rush for 122 yards. ben roethlisberger dumps it off and will find it. steelers and baltimore regains the lead by the great run. he powers his way 10 yards for the touchdown and the ravens go up by three. in the final seconds, pittsburgh pulls it out to brown who just gets the ball past the goal line. the steelers win and they captured the afc negotiate while the ravens are eliminated from playoff contention. it's a giving season, but the warriors got carried away, turning the ball over 20 times while losing to the cavaliers. the fans weren't so merry after watching them blow off the lead. james with the monster dunk. a technical should have been call for hanging on the rim.
11:55 pm
with about a minute left, he hits the-pointer. they were still up by with 3.4 seconds to go and irving comes up with a basket like he did give cleveland the lead. the warriors lose and they will square off january 16th at oracle arena. >> it's always fun. the competition is what you live for. it's always fun when you have an opportunity. he lived up to what everybody wanted. >> the thunder took care of the t wolfs and a bonus is going strong for the dunk. russell westbrook had another great game here with an easy two-hand slam. he came within three rebounds and had 31 points and 15
11:56 pm
assists. this is going to steven adams. oklahoma city wins 112-100. westbrook is not missing kevin durant. the battle in l.a. the lakers took over. d' angelo russell finished and julius randall had 13 points and makes the steal and takes it all the way. his basket put the lakers up by 16. williams came off to score 14. 111-102 is the final. they lost 11 straight to the clippers. in an san toneio, this baby reindeer was looking a little lost. not so with the spur who is had no problem with chicago. the former st. mary's star patty mill and la marcus aldridge made 15 of his 20 shots and the spurs win 119-100 and they are 25-6. the knicks fans were hyped up for the game with boston.
11:57 pm
the celtics with a christmas delivery and 15 points. new york went on a reason late in the fourth and carmelo anthony ties it up. with under a minute to play, marcus smart puts it on top for good. 119-114 the final. the knicks lost the last four games on christmas. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> get them next time. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. change who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show.
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