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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 27, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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>> i want to tell you i love you. >> the emotional video that may have you reaching out to reconnect. >> hi, dad. >> what's going on? >> we here at "right this minute" know strangers. when we're seeing it shot through the lens of those geniuses at red bull, it's like seeing it again through new eyes. >> sitting on that thing actually would be a cool, awesome feeling. >> i can absolutely agree with you on that one, gayle. it's like the biggest hammock in the world. >> it's pretty impressive when you see it. there are some incredible shots in this. you see people para sailing, slack lining. it's sort of an annual gathering which stands for gobble, gobble, female dog, yes. >> okay. >> thing of it is, mini burning man. instead of music, it's extreme sports. you can see people slack lining, base jumping, para gliding,
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whatever. everyone is just there to kind of share in this extreme sports spiritual get away, man. >> does the party diminish as people jump off? >> blue tooth speaker with him. >> hey, come back! get some of these incredible sweeping shots that also show you the breadth, quite literally, of some of the slack lines are enormous. you can see, look at that. just trying to figure out how far that is and how much skill and strength it takes to make it across. >> this is not for beginners. >> like the human flying circus. now, we all know i love the animals in these parts, but there's one animal that sometimes gets on my last nerve. can you guess what animal that is, nick? >> rook caccoon. >> exactly. i finally found the video that put another crack in my hard heart against raccoons. how can i not feel for this little creature? >> look at that, you can see all
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the scratch marks in the bark as he was trying to get out. >> but comes to the rescue, they are going to jack that tree up. >> so sad. >> it's all right. you know, the tree could be holding it together. >> yeah. >> oh, no. this is a season of miracles, my friend. finally somebody is like, hey, let's get a shovel. >> little buddy gets out. >> look at him go. that's incredible. >> that is amazing. >> wow. >> was it his pudgy bottom that brought him down? >> hey, don't be judging pudgy bottoms, okay? >> this video out of south dakota shows a rescue that was a bit easier, but the danger increased here because that creature right there, that deer, could give you one heck of a kick. >> cut up a little bit. >> you are right, nick. that one got his leg hooked up on the metal fencing and they are trying to get it out, but it's not cooperating exactly
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easily. >> there you go. no, no, the other way. the other way. wide open space the other way. skiing has its risks, but as we'll see in this dash cam video, it's not the skiing, but the ride to the resort that may be the most dangerous part of this trip. we've got a front-facing camera and rear-facing camera. >> what is this guy doing? >> he's making an extraordinarily dangerous passing move on this highway. the way to whistler in british, columbia, canada. >> this guy is out of his mind. >> isn't that nuts? we'll watch it again, you can see on the bottom left, that's this camera. you can see the driver with the dash cam tries to pull over as far as he can. >> pushing this car half into the ice and snow. the car is on the other side. >> this video did get the attention of the royal canadian mountain police. they have launched an
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investigation. this is a shuttle bus for a company that runs back and forth to the resort. reports say the driver has been identified and fired. let's head over to russia. >> uh-oh. >> hold my hand. >> we have got a bus stopped at this red light right here. the light will turn green and he begins to go. >> no, no, no, no! it was like a slow crash. >> early reports say the driver that ran the red light was distracted by a malfunctioning bus door. could be why he didn't notice the red light. here's what it looked like from the dash cam of the bus. all reports say there's no serious injuries. >> definitely got a door malfunction now. >> yes, they do. uptown funk was quite a hit. can i introduce to you "not so
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funk." ♪ well, they are not quite nine months yet. in this video they do a time lapse of their pregnancy. they are sister-in-laws, but also best friends and they've always wanted to be pregnant together. it finally happened. they go around in the video, you see they grow. >> imagine the husbands coming home -- why are there footprints on the wall? >> each day they are having a blast. we always talk about the fact that dancing helps anyway, right? >> so does putting your feet up on the wall. >> yeah. water break. >> oh, it did! >> towards the end of the video -- >> that was a quick labor, it was like that. >> doesn't quite go like that, though, nick.
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here they are, both given birth to two healthy babies. >> i wonder if they are over that song. okay, that's it, never listening to that song again. >> never want to hear it again. time to go for a ride. >> as if kayaking isn't risky enough, why don't we wait for the water to freeze and get rock solid, then take our kayak boat out? >> okay, sure. >> see how snow kayaking goes. plus -- >> happy fun new year, everybody. we're going to make white chocolate champagne fondue right now. >> the amazing treat for your new year's party. >> i notice you didn't bring champagne. >> oh! >> wow, what a surprise. enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're liquid gels.
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closed captioning provided by -- it penetrates 10 layers deep to help stop dry skin before it starts. gold bond! some people just have extra talent, and that person would be andrew wong, and here he is with molly burke. she's a youtuber and a tv host and also an inspirational speaker, but also blind. >> i happen to be blind. when i was 4 years old, i was diagnosed with a eye disease and it caused me to lose most of my vision when i was 14 years old. >> what andrew does with her is really, really amazing.
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he has her bring in all her equipment she uses to get through the day and get through the world and he wants to make music with it. what she blings in is amazing and educational. first thing she talked about is her brailler. >> makes lots of clunking noises, but also has cool things. >> yeah. >> after they go over the brailler, she shows him some other stuff. >> typical standard thing people would use. >> i'm hearing that as a high hat. >> she brings in other stuff like a dog chain for a guide dog. >> guide dogs always wear one of two collars. >> he collects all the sounds and then he starts to make some music, and it's pretty cool. ♪ even the dog gets in on it. >> this next part of the song i did manage to work with the high
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pitched speed. i brought it into a sampler to be played at different pitches and made it much nicer to listen to. ♪ >> just amazing, amazing, what he's able to do with all these devices and things that a blind person would use and hear every day. he turns them into something musical. >> he's a genius. as if kayaking isn't risky enough, why don't we wait for the water to freeze and get rock solid and then take our kayak boat out? >> okay, sure. >> that's why they invented helmets. >> let's take the kayak to michigan. >> let's make it happen. >> clive whitney was the only one of his friends brave enough. >> stupid enough. >> to risk going down champagne hill in the kayak. >> the rest got it on their
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phones and laughed and clapped and cheered. >> champagne is so named because its position to bring you champagne in the hospital. >> let's go! >> here we go. let's see how snow kayaking goes. paddle, paddle, paddle. remember, there are no brakes. gearing left, gearing left. veering strong left. >> tuck and roll. >> back in the channel here. >> go, guys! thankfully, that wasn't clive's head that went tumbling down the hill. it was the camera. >> stands in astonishment. >> he did survive. the kayak kept going out over the frozen lake. >> i'm good! i'm still alive. >> thumbs up, he says, only some minor scrapes and bruises. >> over the last year jessica has brought in all kinds of amazing creations, but as we finally approach the magical
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moment we can say good-bye to 2016 -- she may have just saved the best for last. once she's done doing a bit of dancing -- >> happy fun new year, everybody. >> just watch. >> we're going to make some white chocolate champagne fondue. >> oh! i don't even care. >> first thing you do is turn on some heat on low. then we're just going to stir in some cream. >> white baking squares, as well. >> need to try really hard not to drink the champagne while you do this. >> here's an idea, as well. get the amount of champagne you need for the recipe. >> some for the recipe, some for me. >> stir in a little bit. >> fondue keep it somewhere warm so it stays melted, then do more
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dancing. >> how drunk did she get? >> let's find out. let's bring jessica in. >> can we dig in? >> sure. you might want to use a skewer. >> that's how it works. never mind. i do have one question. is there such thing as too much champagne? i'm like -- >> you're going to take away the sweetness if you put more in there. this is three tablespoons, but you can still taste it. >> can you use something else? >> i bet you could. >> you could maybe use some christmas leftovers to dip into this. i see you have angel food cake, but maybe pound cake? >> or the fruitcake. >> that will help make it not so dry. >> noticed you didn't bring champagne. >> there was none left. >> oh! >> wow, what a surprise. >> you guys want to make this at home? go to our website,, click on tv show, orrer go to our mobile
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app. dad is taking the little one out sledding. >> you want to expose your kids to new and exciting things but try not to hurt them. >> see why that doesn't always hurt. and your face is not the only thing that needs exfoliating. >> it's the hand wax. >> maybe my days of hand modeling are still in front of me. >> i think you're done. >> why this product could come in handy. ng besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight... water. this refreshing water gel... plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin that bounces back. hydro boost... from neutrogena®. see what's possible. promotional considerations provided by -- pain, new icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. it appears. is that a dark spot? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. being a parent is awesome. it's like a never ending series of hilarious and traumatic memories that you'll kind of
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laugh about one day, like these ones. first one, dad taking little one out sledding. you want to expose your kid to new and exciting things and not hurt them. yeah, all going so well. then it's not. afterwards, the kid just lies there. you can almost sort of draw a chalk outline. really, dad? really? >> i'm telling mom. >> babies this age, you can't stop looking at them or videoing. look at them. so cute. you helped make this little thing. now it's there with you. >> uh-oh, uh-oh. >> didn't even flinch. >> may have thrown up, spit up on dad's face. back then, well, grown up and dad has not. dad is still a child. he decides now -- >> oh, wow. that was cold. >> watch harper.
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it's just a silly game, but for one second -- and now i made you poop your pants. snow is impressive. ♪ hey, guys, welcome back to another episode of tina tries
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it. >> face is not the only thing that needs exfoliating or you may apply a mask to. >> in today's episode i'll be trying out a hand wax. >> my my days of hand modeling are still in front of me. >> product i'm trying out is a hand wax. this product is made in taiwan and it's meant to nourish your hands, prevent dryness, and exfoliate your hands, making them whiter. >> she does mention people use it for their elbows, hands, maybe their feet. >> i'm going to use a little bit of this. i'm just going to apply a nice, even layer. the trick is not to get it too thin or thick. i'm meant to leave it on for about 15 to 30 minutes until it completely dries, and then just peel it off. so let's go ahead and peel this baby off. >> yank it off. go on. >> yeah, that's not good. >> like when i got really badly
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sun burned as a child. that's what i'd do with my arms. peel off these huge bits of skin. >> definitely looks more red, this arm, and definitely because i have little fine hairs there, so i feel like i waxed my hand pretty much. >> in conclusion, don't really need it. and if you do use it, it will probably hurt. >> ouch, ouch, ouch. a phone was put out in a public place. >> to call someone they lost contact with. and as you'd expect, there are a lot of special moments. >> witness the power of suggestion
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have. >> $30,000, but a cool toy. >> oh, soul pancake did it again. they put a phone in a public place and encouraged people to
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call someone they lost contact with. as you'd expect, there are a lot of special moments. it starts with this girl right here. >> hi, dad. >> what's going on? >> just calling to say hi and, you know -- i love you. and i miss you. >> i want to hear the other side of the conversation. >> you do get to hear the other side of the conversation. >> you're my dad and i want to be around you and i want to have experiences with you. >> i want that, as well, honey. >> okay, great, awesome. >> why this? why this phone? they've all got phones in their pocket. they don't want to use their
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minutes? what is it about this? >> i wondered the same thing. it's fascinating how raw people will allow themselves to get in public, in front of a camera. >> i think it's the power of suggestion, having it that big in front of your face when you're walking by and encouraged to do it. this guy called to say i love you. >> hey, how are you? just wanted to say i love you and i want to be able to talk to you more often. >> somebody even called his ment mentor. >> just wanted to thank you for being such a great mentor, really helping me get on the right path in school and everything. give me a call some time. >> really, really gets emotional. couple people call their mentors and some call their love one. >> make people be the impetus for those watching at home. >> social media doesn't always count. sometimes it's much better to hear somebody's voice. >> sometimes all you need is a little nudge. thanks for watching. catch us on the next brand new episode of "right this minute".
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what i see is celebrity is just obscurity biding its time. >> born of famous parents and thrust in the spotlight. >> an unwitting celebrity and undeniable talent. >> today we remember actress, author and screenwriter carrie fisher. >> good afternoon. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. we begin with the passing of carrie fisher. >> she died today at the age of 60. abc news reporter lauren lyfter looks back that goes far beyond her iconic role in "star wars" somewheres. >> reporter: best known as the iconic princess leia in "star wars" actress carrie fisher passing away today but leaving behind an unforgettable


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