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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reynolds son, todd, told "variety" she wanted to be with carrie and was distraught about her passing. debbie reynolds was 84 years old. new video of a violent confrontation involving a former 49ers player. >> you may find the video disturbing. >> it appears to capture a confrontation between ray mcdonald and the mother of his child. >> alisa harrington is walk us through this video. >> they want it to be used in family court as part of a
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domestic violence hearing. cell phone video showed the mother of his child, kendra scott, arguing. the woman begs them to leave amari alone. >> what are you doing? i was sleeping. here, with amari. you come in here and act like this. this is crazy. >> the baby boy is in scott's arms. >> i have a baby. what are you doing? >> just move. >> why are you doing this? get away. >> move. >> i will. i will. she's got my son, dude. a man tries to calm mcdonald down and the video ends with the woman running, screaming and locking herself in a bathroom. >> stop, stop. >> the disturbing video and photos of the injuries, bruises on the body and face are now being released as part of a custody dispute between the former couple. scott and her attorney are
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filing an emergency request to stop visits with the child until they can resolve issues. one, mcdonald's dogs which her attorney argues are dangerous. also, his long history of domestic violence. in a statement, he says the may video is one of the most horrifying i have seen in 46 years of practicing law. his off field behavior led to his removal in december, 2014. police arrested a man suspected of sexual assaulting and trying to rob an 80-year-old woman. the victim didn't suffer any life threatening injuries. minor is being held on elder abuse charges. >> traffic is slow after a
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deadly motorcycle crash. a car hit the sports bike. a 28-year-old man died. the driver of the car stayed and is cooperating with officers. two lanes of the freeway remained closes southbound. the chp says you should take el camino or 280 as a route. >> we have new details on a suspected dui crash on christmas morning. the medical examinr tells abc7 news the 14-year-old was killed in the crash on capitol expressway >> things got heated as the wife of a man stabbed to death inside of a target store on christmas eve came face-to-face with the brothers accused of killing her
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husband. laura anthony is live on washington street with the story tonight. laura? >> these families are touched by a tragedy, both distraught but with different viewpoints. removed from a courtroom, the wife of tyrone griffin junior had choice words for the brothers charged with stabbing griffin to death in a hayward target on christmas eve. >> i don't know if they were high. how can you do that? how could you do something like that? you took his life in front of his child. >> but the father of the two brothers claims they acted in self-defense. >> they were attacked. they were being portrayed as thugs going into the store, it's not like. that they're home with their family. >> the 22-year-old and his 25-year-old brother were arrested saturday night near the
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target. >> the suspects, after the stabbing fled the store and run nearby. and were hiding. >> he was trying to talk to them about the curse music they were playing. >> tommy griffith told us the man stabbed griffin after he told them to turn down their music. but the archuleta's sister told us her brothers claim it was self-defense, and griffin was stabbed only after hitting one with a bottle. >> i wish i can say sorry. it doesn't bring someone back. it was just an altercation that went wrong, you know? my brothers felt threatened. >> both are held without bail. in oakland, abc7 news. >> today the wily manual court
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house. there already some staff available to handle matters and addition to the normal business. all court houses will reopen tuesday, january 3. >> we're settling in for another cold evening. this is a live view of the clear skies from our camera. this is a time lapse view of the sunset. we're past the winter solistice, meaning we're starting to get more light every day. drew tuma is here with a look. >> it's a quiet night, we had clear skies that will continue. a chance of rain saturday and monday. we do have a chance of wet
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weather. it's one now on the storm impact scale. a light system moving in both of those days. what to expect saturday and monday? these showers on the cold side, meaning temperatures stuck in the 40s so it's going to feel like a raw, rainy day both we'll take a look and go hour by hour, showing you showers and if it will impact your new year's eve plans coming up in the accu-weather forecast. water is now pooling in lake elsinore in riverside county. a popular bay area
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restaurant chain closed down. signs of the pasta pomadoro restaurant say closed until further notice. no word if they were include gift cards. a fire broke out at homewood mountain resort. >> skiers couldn't hit the slopes due to the family from lafayette has season passes and explains what
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is destroyed. >> where we're going to get hot chocolate, and something to drink. >> he sent us this video of the smoldering rubble shot when his family arrived this morning to ski. the website has a message of thanks and says we plan to be open but check back for latest information about driving >> keith avila picked up two women and a girl and heard them talking about child sex trafficking. he brought them to a motel where the women allegedly pimped out
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the girl for sex. he called police. >> i didn't think about it. it was where that is do. coming up next, on abc7 news at 6:00 a story of determination that pays off. >> this is a case of very good follow through by homicide detectives. >> results of a five-month investigation. next. and at 6:30 hear what the real reason that many muni drivers skip work and call in sick. >> a sign of the environment improving. >> and you can see changes the river of river otter, as we continue continue.
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the alameda county sheriff's office says a woman called for a homicide over the summer. how deputies put the crime together. >> this is a case of very good follow through. >> someone shot and killed aiden catani. >> officers had to put the car in park deputies said the attack was targeted. >> like they knew his route, life style and operations. >> but they weren't sure why
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this couple would want to hurt a california man. >> we noticed a connection between him and a woman named takeisha up-shaw. >> in march, abc7 news met upshaw at a woman grow event. she described herself as a cannabis entrepreneur. >> i think it's a great concept for women to get together. >> deputies say she was in business with catani and they had a falling out. >> as often goes wrong with dealing in drugs, something went sideways. >> brown is now facing murder charges he was instrumental in organizing and getting the team here to california. >> when deputies arrested upshaw, they say they found a illegal marijuana grow in her home. what they haven't found is the gun used to kill catani.
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a concord family forced out of a home by a fire has been having a hard time after their lap top was saved from the fire but then, taken by a >> they used my account numbers and visa to make purchases of their own. >> an effort to help replace items is underway and community response has been amizing. organizers say more help is needed. >> these folks lost everything. everything was burned up or water
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>> did you feel them? usgs recorded 25.7 quakes north of hawthorne. the third hit just after 1:00 a.m. and there have been a number of after shocks. no damage are injuries have been reported. >> after nearly being driven out of exist yens, river otters are making a come back in california. >> there is a major draw that was trout. now, it might be sight seeing. >> we see otter here. they go in the water, you can see them, chasing fish.
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>> well, he can see them. we saw swans, squirrels, ducks and the otters, they're kind of shy. >> their map shows three so far, and 1700 others around the greater region. >> this is a good sign. >> yes. there is a ban on restoration. the lake is in the shadow of six flags. the fishermen seem to enjoy their encounters and this gentleman plans to leave them a meal of the trout. >> i just let them go.
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>> >> and this evening, into new year's eve, looks like we'll have to see showers into the forecast. tonight, clear skies so there is a quiet night. if they do have flights, weather will not be an issue. sunshine and mild temperatures but the forecast calls for temperatures
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about five in napa. stepping outside, it's not that bad out there. 42 in fairfield. and clouds north and south overnight, you notice we're on either side of 40 degrees. getting away from the water, it's cooler. dropping to 33. 30 santa rosa. and it's a cool start. bright skies and mild temperatures.
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62 in fremont. a storm system will bring rain south. and so friday, not as bright of a day. saturday, we track a chance of wet weather. it's a raw by monday, another system is going to drop in from the north. monday morning, you can see showers likely moving through the new week next week. there is a chance of showers by mid day. showers into afternoon. clouds by 4:00.
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it looks like clouds will decrease. will be chilly, and you'll want to stay up to date on the forecast. there is a a lot of spots chuck in the 40s. >> how one
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. an yuper driver says he hit 236 green lights in manhattan this month. it's happened >> twitter launched live 360 video today through it's periscope app. only certain users have the ability to go live. anyone can watch with them, live, today, t-mobile blocked
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the charging ability of samsung galaxy note 7 phones, recalled because their batteries caught fire. an update prevents the batteries from being charged. today, all gnc health stores shut down to reset pricing structure. abc7 news was outside of the store on ignacio valley road. to make the shopping process quicker, new check outs are being installed. >> still ahead, the phone call that made donald trump change his tone after tweeting president obama is disrupting his transition. plus... >> what is it >>
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we have an update on breaking news, legend debbie
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reynolds died one day after losing her daughter, carrie fisher. >> her son says she suffered a massive stroke around noon, dying less than six hours later. >> todd fisher says she said she missed carrie and wanted to be with her. >> debbie reynolds could she can dance and act. >> in two days my best friend hates me. >> movie studios recognized her appeal. she held her own with the
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biggest of stars. and recorded a number of hit records, this >> she earned a oscar nomination in "the unsinkable molly brown". >> no panty line, because no panties. >> and in the movies... >> you know i don't like to look back. your father said never look back. >> her personal life was not so successful. >> don't you think marriage is just the most important thing in the world? >> there were three failed marriages, including one to eddie fisher. >> i'm in the the mother. >> who walked out on her for elizabe
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elizabeth taylor. she outlived her daughter carrie fisher, staying by her daughter's side by the end and had to be rushed to the hospital the next day. she was 84. abc news, los angeles. >> reynolds did get an oscar. academy awarded her 2014 gene hershel humanitarian award. >> the two starred in a documentary about their lives >> in this clip, fisher continued to perform into her 80s. >> she loves doing it when she's doing it, but afterwards, she's laying on the floor. >> but in a good, dignified movie star way.
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>> reynolds son, todd, says he's comforting knowing his mother loved taking care of carrie. a new audit offers a look into sick calls into the mta. >> it's costing about $42 million a year. >> some routes had to be cancelled because many are missing. saying when they ask for a day off, some call in sick. >> years ago we used to have enough people on report what we call it to carry on the weight when someone calls in sick. that is no longer. >> tonya conducted the audit and
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found the largest group of workers is the least satisfied and the absenteeism may stem from feeling disrespected. >> there are studies that say individuals want to feel valued. >> operators apparently don't feel bosses give them credit. >> we know who is helping this agency to the point now. we are. >> the report has recommendations including fostering meaningful collaboration and communication. sfmta says some changes are in the works. >> i can't say there is anything surprising. i can say it's validated work we're doing and we've gotten good ideas. >> the fire department, not muni has the highest rate in the
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city. >> president-elect trump spoke on thephobe with president obama today after mr. trump called out mr. obama for what he called interfered with his >> he said things were going smoothly after a nice conversation with the president. >> he phoned me. we had a nice conversation. very general conversation, very, very nice. appreciated he called. >> president-elect trump took credit for sprint's plan to return thousands of jobs to the united states. sprint announced it would create or bring back 5,000 jobs. the company cut 2500 across the u.s. last january. the president-elect is considering abel maldonado for a
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leadership role in the administration, then, working as a senator from 2004 to 2010, serving as lieutenant governor for less than a year before gavin newsom was elected in 2010. now, democrats are confident president-elect trump will not turn california republicans into the 2018 governor's race. if the democrats can create new jobs in the dwindling manufacturing sector, and re resolve the ceremony takes place friday, january 20th. >> we're expecting the weather to warm up slightly over the next few days. then, it turns colder. a storm moves into the bay area,
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drew tuma will be back with the forecast. > milk was ice. bread was ice. >> the temperature outside didn't matter, inside
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entertaining over the holidays can be stressful especially if something goes wrong in your >> there is a problem. refrigerator. >> juices were ice. >> everyone wants a refrigerator but this is beyond cold. >> milk was ice. bread, ice. >> she says her brand new fridge was turning everything to ice. >> vegetables. juices. bread. >> it's the first time she wished it would warm up. >> i turned the knob to the left to make it slower. to see it if makes a
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it didn't. >> you hear some sound. you know? >> she wanted the manufacturer to replace >> what about $800 she paid for it? >> 7 on your side kablthing, a spokesperson telling us we'd like to apologize and we're able to have a check hand delivered to her and removed the refrigerator from the garage.
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and channel 7 fixed everything for me. >> i'd like to thank whirl pool for stepping up and making that refund. now, i want to hear from the number is on the screen and through facebook. >> well, coming up next, we're going to sum up the year in xs and os, hits, runs, errors and (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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say good riddance and leave it behind. a dumpster and shredder were set up and organizers say it's a good way to start the new year with a clean slate. >> but this year had a lot of moments that we don't want to
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forget. >> kenneth molton has the unforgettable moments of the year just past. 2016. a doubt, the first team to come back from a deficit in a final. defending a record setting final. the denver broncos were victorious at 50. super bowl 50. and tom brady following
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other athletes joined in their own way. championships celebrated on ice. on the track, meaning to march madness. also winning a fourth title. and summer olympics back.
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team usa shined. michael phelpps ruled in the pool. >> oh, my goodness. >> rise of a. >> giants in sports who paved the way this year from football to baseball, to
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and there is vin scully. calling his final game. >> many great moments. >> touching ones. >> last few days are ending on a chilly note. >> this morning this picture has #abc7 now. >> temperatures dropping into 30s. it's going to lead the way to a nice thursday. taking a look at highs,
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63. we'll track showers as well. not a lot of rain. it's a light system of saturday and monday on the storm impact scale. new year's eve, 7:00 in the morning light showers. it won't be wide spread and all indications out of here for new year's eve at midnight and monday, there >> we have rick quon in for larry. >> warriors staff steph curry talks about not scoring like last
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. in matt mcloin we trust. the broncos are out of playoff contention.
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in 2013, he made his rookie debut in houston, beating texans 28-23. he completed 197 yards and three touchdowns. he's one in five as a starter, says he's looking forward to running offense against denver. >> this is a position you want to be in. this is why you spend so much time. >> we're excited about it. >> be who you are. make your plays. let us do our jobs around you. not your responsibility. we ask everybody to do their job. no different from them. >> 2 and 13 niners will close out one of the worst seasons
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hosting seattle sunday. san francisco able to beat the rams last week. rashard robinson with this interception, coach chip kelly asked if some back ups will get a chance what they can do. >> i don't think that >> we're going to see what he can do. i think just say i know but let's chuck him off the field. >> the foster farms bowl going on now at levis stadium. utah leads indiana, 17-7. yankee stadium, pitt took on northwestern after taking early lead. wildcats celebrated like the rockettes. nathan peterman and it's going to be a touchdown. but northwestern comes back
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behind justin jackson. the game's mvp rushing for 224 yards and three touchdowns. down by seven, pitt had a chance to tie but the pass is intercepted by jared mcgee. northwestern wins 31-24. warriors play nine of their next 10 games at home, hosting a good toronto team led by guard demarco rosen. finishing with a quiet 15 points. curry didn't sound too worried today. >> this season whether scoring 16 or 40, felt confident of the way i helped our team win. and know what i can do to get better on these nights.
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>> he set the bar high. it's going to be a point of discussion. >> last season, curry averaged 30 points a game. >> step it up, curry. >> set the bar too high. >> join us tonight at 9:00. and here, abc7 news at 11:00. >> we're going to have the latest on breaking news. death of screen legend debbie reynolds just a day after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher. >> reaction to her sudden passing. here is tonight's prime time line >> it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that is a good line up.
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>> be sure to tune in tonight. all evening. that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us here, we'll see you later.
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