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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> it is friday, december 30. i am matt keller. >> jessica castro here. alexis smith, and talking about quiet roads? >> no one is at work. seriously. >> we are at work today. >> frances, great to see you. >> i'm here for meteorologist mike nicco who is not at work. taking the day off and enjoying the holidays.
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milder this morning with limited visibility and fog in parts of the valley including santa rosa dropping down to .75 mile with fog through the central valley. today, we have temperatures milder, so, upper 30's inland and around the bay and the coast it is in the 40's and partly cloudy and close do normal near yesterday's normal before we see increasing clouds and changing tomorrow. >> still very quiet with a lost folks off for the holiday and more so today. here is northbound 101 at 880 in the south by, so it could be filling in, beoverall we are counting cars today. drive times are in the green all we around at 16 minutes westbound 80 highway four to the maze and eight americans across the bay bridge and at the airport tell take you 10 minutes on southbound 101. next traffic update in 10 minutes. >> breaking news on the growing continuations between united states and russia after president obama ordered 35 russian diplomats to leave the country.
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>> jessica is tracking new reaction from vladimir putin. jessica? >> in the last 20 minutes, vladimir putin has announced afternoon he not reciprocate the expulsion of diplomats that goes against the recommend additions from theship foreign minister. its with expected this russia would expel 35 american diplomats. this surprising change this morning despite not taking any action, putin had strong words. he called the move to kick owe the diplomats provocative and he went on to say that it does undermine united states and russian relations. so far no comment from the white house officially. i have collected and i have checked social media to see in president-elect donald trump has reacted this morning but he has not made a comment. >> diplomats working at the shark consulate in san francisco will be impacted by president obama's order. >> katie utehs reports they have only hours to leave the country.
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>> as i said, it is only a [ inaudible ] >> a man stepping into the vehicle with consulate plates called the actions unfriendly step. some 35 russian diplomats have been ordered to eleven the country within 72 hours. it is unclear how many of the people work out of the san francisco consulate on green street. every day business occurred as usual. [ inaudible ] >> the diplomatic expulsion is in response to allegations of mistreatment of united states diplomats in russia. russians we spoke with are upis the about the developments. >> i feel sad about that. it is a misunderstanding between our nations. >> in response to russian hacking, the state department is shutting down two russian come ponds used for intelligence gathering. two hackers warned by the f.b.i. are being targeted.
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>> mostly concerned how the next president will handle this. it needs to be investigated. >> president-elect donald trump released a statement saying it's time fur or country to move on to bigger and better things. >> people at russian cobs lot appear to be preparing to lebanon. returning to the building with fullshipping budgets after consulate hours. >> we are getting the first picture of the 14-year-old san jose boy killed in a christmas day car crash, in a car with his parents that was hit by a suspected d.u.i. driver after midnight on christmas day. the photo was provided by his family to our media partners. the of green valley high school freshman died at the hospital after he was rushed to the e.r. from the scene. his family issued a statement to the bay area saying "while we grieve thisless we celebrate the immense joy andrew offered to those came in contact with.
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andrew will forever remain a source of love and inspiration in our hearts e the suspected d.u.i. driver in the other car also died, identified at 25 -year-old woman wanted on a nobility want for a previous d.u.i. arrest. >> two crashes on the bay bridge brought traffic to a crawl after a treasure overturned west of treasure island injuring one person and a crash on another eastern span blocked several lanes. the crashes backed up drivers on 580 and highway 24. it took an hour to clean up. with in crash on the bay area roads you are likely dealing with heavy traffic and it is getting worse. >> true. a new report said traffic congestion has shot up by 84% in the last conclude aid. our reporter joins us in santa clara near 101 with more on this report.
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>> good morning, we all know the information is actually coming from the business times at the 101 traffic is moving right along but we no this highway can get backed up dug the morning and even commute. the katie is coming from caltran this morning from 2005 to 2015 they estimate that 72,000 hours of delay for vehicles each day. the top congestionths include alameda at the top of the list, 35% of congestion, santa clara is coming in second with 22%, and contra costra at 14% and san mateo at eleven% and san francisco at 7% which i found surprising. 101, no traffic right now and a couple solution caltran has to deal with the congestion and more connected consider doors and express lanes. we are in santa clara county for
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abc7 news. >> at least two bay area cities new trying to figure out what caused a rot were egg or sulpher smell the last couple of days. we were in richmond. the mayor said there have been 100 complaints of the bad smell. we told you yesterday the odor has drifted into san franc >> everyone is looking. it is a big mystery. maybe we ought to offer a reward for whoever can solve it. >> bay area quality management district said it appears to be a sulpher release from the chevron re15ry in richmond but they are saying it is too early to speculate. >> interesting news if you like crab, the commercial crab fishing is extended to the area off limits because of the high levels of domoic acid. but in oregon, fishermen are on
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police after dropping the price for crab. fishermen in san francisco are working but those north of bodega bay are not working. >> details that lawmakers are asking the park service to give dog owners another month to get ready for new leash rues according to the marin i.j. releasing the golden gate new requirements for managing dogs in the pas in marin, and san mateo and san francisco counties. representatives including nancy pelosi requested a 3 day delay until february 9. >> check out the power were nor'easter in northern new england dumping a foot snow and damaging wind projected to be the most powerful in the area in two years. winter storm warnings have been issued including winter weather advisory with gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour that could cause power out averages.
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travel is proving to be treacherous. officials are witnessing people to stay off the roads until after the storm passes by the end of today. >> an accweather update from abc7 morning. >> good morning, another cool start with temperatures in the 30's in the north bay where we have limited visibility and milder in san francisco at 48. san jose is 42 right new. highs today are in the upper 50's. to low 60. that is close to average and warmer in san jose at 62. we will have partly cloudy conditions. the next chance of rain is next week, monday and tuesday. we are not ruling out pop-up shower tomorrow morning. however, the rain chances are coming from the arctic air that moves into the bay area bringing us very cool temperatures in the next week. more on that in the next fast.
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alexis? >> we still really, really light this morning, and why have any incidents. here is a look at the emeryville stretch of westbound 80 move along toward the bay bridge. i want to talk about your mass transit options for new year's eve there are a last free options here, so that is good news. muni is free system-wide stating tomorrow neat at 8:00 p.m. until 5 o'clock a.m. on sunday and, bart is not free but we have extended service to and from san francisco at 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the following morning. keep in mind bart is going to be at naturing the san francisco stops so it means old pittsburg bay point lane is not pittsburg bay point lane is not stopping at at 8:00 people to 5:00 a.m.
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service and a regular saturday schedule which is free, as well. c.h.p. will be in max enforcement period tonight from 6:00 p.m. until monday at midnight and all available personnel are out looking for impaired drivers but it does not monday you cannot celebrate. >> we ask if they chink, they have a game plan, whether it is uber and lyft or taxicab or designated driver. >> no matter your game plan check this out, expect a lot of again at look at san francisco traffic right as the fireworks are wrapping up last area, and a lot congestion or you can do what i do, i will be on my couch ringing in the new year that way. >> that is the best way. totally have it figured out. saw this an invitation to your couch? we will all be there. >> i will be impressed if i make
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it to midnight. you have been warned. >> new law for the new year including rules of road with important traffic laws beginning into effect this weekend. >> something want wrong and a base upper fell 300' not only did he survive but we will hear from him next. from him next. >> stay
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>> a pot last on a stove started a fire with firefighters trying to put out the fire on the two story apartment at 164th street. they weapon the damage to only one unit, two adults and a chide one unit, two adults and a chide made it out safe. we have interesting video to show you a base jumper caught on camera crashing into a canyon wall in areas on tuesday is talking. he said he is still not sure what want wrong after he jumped off the ledge on campbellback mount and bystanders watched as the chute opened and he hit a wall. this is not the correct video. it took place. it will take him six to eight months to fully recover.
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then he said can you expect to see him jumping off more mountains. later. >> 100 different reasons it could have happened. and when it opened it just -- something wasn't right and i went back into the cliff. >> two broken ankles, a fracture in his hip and he said he is beginning to still keep doing that. >> glad he is okay. >> the one time you hit a wall or mountain is the time you stop. >> usually. but he has a passion for it. >> today in the first look tragedy strike as family on a ski trip to colorado. >> woman was killed and two daughters injured after falling from a chair lift. >> authorities investigating a deadly accident on the slopes. >> station one, spending to three parents falling from the chair lit 25'. >> 4-year-old mother from texas
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and her two daughters falling on tuesday from the chair colorado. >> paramedics rushing the family to hospitals transporting one nine-year-old girl by helicopter and her sister by ambulance. the more did not survive. >> they will fell from the chair lift. >> investigators are now trying to determine exactly how and why the three fell out. >> it is a sad day in the ski business. this type of incident is extreme rare. >> we will have the latest details at 7:00 a.m. with "first look," from "good morning america" today. >> new this morning, a police officer is new out of surgery after being shot in the stomach. the suspect was slot and we have new video from texas last night
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outside of dallas. the officers with hurt occurring a traffic step in a parking lot of a bar or restaurant. there was a struggle with the suspect who hit an officer with a flashlight and a second officer used a taser on the suspect and it did not work so he opened fire. unfortunately that hit the fellow officer in the stomach putting him in the hospital so a complicateed investigation underway and the officer who opened fire is on leave. police are reviewing video but it is not clear if they will release that. we will watch the store. we have video out of texas, a sky lift is driven into an a.t.m. and he maneuvers the sky list to pick up the a.t.m. and drives away. the a.t.m. was load on to what is believed a stolen u-haul that
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has not been seen since that time. >> seals have a new hang out in alameda, dozen of seizes were sitting on the new platform paying for, $68,000 platform not for this republican or after an old dock goal into the water. members of the seals are drawn because of the shelter and fish. >> here is where the seals are gathering right now, you can see it is next to the museum. >> they are fun. fun to watch. i hear them snorting and it is funny. >> the record for this year happened on christmas eve when there were 49. >> the seals are not the same as the famous sea lions that are so popular at pier 39 in san francisco and experts say harbor
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seals are less existable around people so this is a pretty unique chance to see then. >> an american bald eagle is waiting for the arrival of her eaglets. this is the in fact from the southwest florida camera. they seemed ready to be born yesterday but it did not happen. you can watch the feed live any time on the abc7 news app. >> we should all be huddled up with our mothers this morning. >> frances, it is cold? >> are you offering that? >> anyone can cuddle. that is fine. >> we have live doppler hd show quiet conditions around the bay area and it is cool with 30 and 40's and from sutro to the bay bridge in san francisco we have slight chance of a shower, chilly new year's eve into the weekend making way for showers and snow possible in owe
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forecast. next week. highs today in the upper 50's and low 60's so comfortable and mild again. we have partly cloudy conditions, san rafael and santa rosa, 59, and fremont, look for low 60's today. the next storm ranks "1" out of "5" light, coming late machine night into tuesday and it is going to bring very, very cold air so the snow levels could drop down to a thousand feet or less and we could see some in the backyard, comet scattered showers and rainfall less than quarter of an inch. we have freezing numbers, temperatures are falling next temperatures are falling next week into the 40's and
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will be the same. we have fog and some around the north bay so santa rosa and down through novato and san rafael area, too, have not heard of anything or incident because of that but look out you could deal with the reduced visibility and westbound 80 before san pablo dam road we had a spinout crash this morning with the vehicle off on the shoulder and no injuries and no backups to speak of. we will look at light drive times next. >> next the seven-day forecast >> next the seven-day forecast >> we will
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so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper that's why i use excedrin.n hold because of a headache. it has two pain fighters plus a booster and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. now moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] >> and now 35 russian diplomats have 72 hours to leave the
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country after the interference in the presidential election. >> breaking news from the live desk, russia's president vladimir putin said moments ago that no american diplomats will be expelled in retaliation for the united states expulsion of russian diplomats. put said america's actions undermine united states-russian relations. >> palo alto residents could cringe water that looks smells and tastes funny for the new few days, with a switch on resolution veries to repair the regular reservoir. the looks, smell, and taste should disanear a few days. >> another mild day in store for us with temperatures in the upper 50's to let 60, we are close to average, and it will cool down tomorrow and we have a very chilly 2017 forecast. >> i have a light traffic forecast for you, and it is friday, a holiday week, with no one out there, southbound 680, through walnut creek at six minutes and if you continue to
5:26 am
highway 13 another nine minutes and 24 minutes worker 580 tracy to dublin is light from the central valley. >> six, traffic could be light now but a new report fines that grid hurricane in the bay area is certainly getting worse. the congestion officers 84% the last decade with in improvements in sight. >> amazon is having another huge when day digital only sale today, offering up big discounts including up to 80% off video games and 50% off top hosts and t shows. it ends at midnight. >> this morning we hearing from an oakland man who risked his life to save a 13-year-old boy near south lake tahoe. teen was walking his bicycle across the frozen lake on wednesday and it gave in, and ian was visiting family in the area and heard the 8th grader calling for help. it was a san francisco technical two minutes. he said he got on his stomach and belly and crawled toward the
5:27 am
boy. >> he said help me please, it sounds like he was struggling, but just cuts and scratches from the ice. >> he grew up in michigan so he knew he needed to lay flat on the ice and crawl to the boy. both of them managed to slid back to shore, boys with taken to the hospital with severe hyperthermia, feeling better though and grateful to the kind stranger. >> at 5:30 more on the international dispute between -president-elect donald trump is now spending. >> more trouble for wells fargo, the former" now making new claims against the san francisco bank and all related to the account scandal. >> breaking news from san jose a shooting investigation and underway. i will let you know how the i will let you know how the victim is doi
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>> good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning, on friday, december 30, 2016 is almost over. i am matt keller. >> lot people are okay with? and ready for the new year. >> jessica castro, good morning. and alexis smith looking at quiet roads. >> unstate. >> and frances is here for machine. >> temperatures are cool. in the not by. only 31 in santa rosa with visibility limited. look at how much milder in league and half moon bay at 51. the next few hours it will climb into the upper 30's inland and 40's at the bay and the coast and near average this afternoon. then we have changes cooling down again for tomorrow and this weekend with the full forecast. >> looking at the bay bridge i saw a couple videos going slow in the far last lane and i am
5:31 am
not sure if they escorted a disabled vehicle or doing rolling slow down but it look like that is gone and we are on the move. it is moving along fine with fog out there in a few areas and remember, ace is reduced service only three and five on the morning and four and six on the run the on monday, no ace rail service. >> developing news, expelled. the clock is sticking for three dozen russian diplomat whose must leave the united states. >> it includes some in san francisco. our reporter is at the russian consulate. amy? >> good morning. it is quiet at baker and green. let me show you the scene. a beautiful lit up building but no people hauling suitcases. yet. the most activity we have eastbound was yesterday a hint of possible move preparations bringing in fullshipping bags
5:32 am
after hours. at embassy. we talked to people doing business with a lot of shock and concern. this is hope that it will not last. >> it seems like hostility is increasing but i hope the incoming president is more open toward normalizing the relationship. i am sure russia doesn't want conflict. >> we are told it was business as usual here and people coming here to do business including process, pass parts staff need was friendly and everyone seemed normal. 35 russian diplomats have ordered to leave within 72 hours. it is not clear how many work out of the san francisco consulate. we will watch the situation.
5:33 am
new this morning, russian president vladimir putin is new spending. he said russia will not expel united states diplomats despite the recommendation from his foreign ministry. he said they see the latest unfriendly moves from the outgoing united states outgoing united states administration as to say the kremlin had anything to do with the election. all the computers have complicated lives greatly and the age of computer has made it where no one knows what is going on. >> mr. trump said it is time to move on to bigger and better things and will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week to be updated with the facts of the situation. >> we watching breaking news in san jose jessica tracking a shooting investigation. >> we have more information in the live desk.
5:34 am
jessica? >> i have big updates from an hour ago. we have confirmed with san jose believed that this is a shooting investigation. look at this video. this is the victim, he was hurt but now police are saying he has at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to the local hospital and we learned a few minutes ago the injuries are not life threatening. this happened at 1:30 a.m. at neighborhood near serenade. police are look for a were. parts of the neighborhood are shut down. back to you. >> this morning, a sunol woman is in jail accused of may theft. investigators say it was easy for the 45-year-old in illegal possession of postal service master key allowing her to unlock mail boxes in the bay area. she was arrested in the 7-eleven parking lot, officers spotted
5:35 am
her parked illegally in a handicapped space. officers discovered more then a dozen pieces of mail from addresses from the south and the east bay and a master key and hand made keys positive used to open up mail boxes >> the arrest and recovery of key will hopefully theft. >> police do not know how she got ahole of the master keys and we apology in the incorrect video. the postal service is have thing. >> in san francisco, the video has police investigating a jewelry wholesaler robbery at 7:00 people at the jewelry center, a man was taken to the hospital but he did not have serious injuries. >> wells fargo is hit with another lawsuit and it is from a former employee alerting the san francisco bank to the illegal practices and claims that wells fargo retaliated against her for being a whistleblower
5:36 am
fargo agreed in by $15 million opening the unauthorized accounts to reach the sales goals. she was let go in march of 2015. >> a man caused chaos for bart rider for an hour and a half. daniel turner tweeted out the photos, with trains moving slowly from manual while they searched for him causing a delay of 20 americans and tracked him down >> new details from the ex fiance of i.r.a. mcdonald. >> get away. stop! >> she said he beat her causing bruises as she was pregnant. she is filing an emergency request to stop the visits with her 20-month-old child.
5:37 am
she told us why show recorded video of the arguments. i recorded it so he coup look back at it the following day and reflect on it. this time i was scared. >> mcdone alleged's ton said the video is taken out of context and being used to influence the custody hearings. >> actress debbie reynolds received a spell send off at a place she made famous, the chinese theater in hollywood dimmed its light, her palm prints are in the front. funeral plans are finalized but we know she will have a smile joint service with her daughter, carrie fisher, who died a day before. tonight there will is special one hour addition dedication to the leaves of debbie reynolds and carry filibuster we, their years, relationship and
5:38 am
bond. >> we are wait for days for police on a shoot at specific center at civic center plaza. man was taken to hospital. we do not know his injuries. >> more security is expected in new york city on new year's eve than usual. >> 7,000 uniformed officers are watching the crowd at times square with no specific net but the city is not taking any chances. 65 sand trucks are parked on streets around the celebration making it impossible for then to drive into the crowd. the police chief said it will be one of the safest places in the world. you can expect plenty of police here in san francisco, as well. >> you can celebrate the new year's eve with abc7, starting at 8:00 p.m. and we will watch you up on news at 11:00 and back to seacrest through midnight.
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>> start off with live doppler hd showing fog and limited visibility in north bewhere it is down to rosa and elsewhere it and clear. highs today are existable and mild under partly cloudy skies nearly average temperatures in the upper 50's to slow 60. in san jose a comfortable 62 and oakland is 60 and napa is 61 this afternoon. our next best chance of rain is on monday and tuesday. that coming from the cold canadian air driving and the bay area next week with frigid air coming and temperatures will be dropping five 5- to 10-degrees w average next week. alexis? how is traffic? time to file your nails? >> frances is watching me kick become. i need a manicure, but, is nut
5:40 am
got done that level but i will do a doughnut round in a minute so i will take your orders in the studio. the san mateo bridge is wide open leaving hayward. over to the traffic map, we green all the way around and keeping an eye on the fog we have some in the central sale in the north bay and know delays leaving tracy at 59 miles per hour average and drive times are in the green 24 minutes between tracy and dublin westbound 4 antioch to conquer at 14, and southbound 101 from the north southbound 101 from the north bay in the grown at >> local lawmakers want to close a loophole putting everyone on the roads at risk. a bill has just been introduced. >> new gun laws in anot on sunday with big changes in new your. >> we have breaking news in palo alto, the scene of a house fire.
5:41 am
efficients have given an "all efficients have given an "all clear," and we will have t
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>> breaking news in appeal, with a house fire in palo alarm fire with smoke and firefighters. the cruise are on the roof of the home. the latest information is they
5:44 am
thought maybe someone was trapped but they have given the house all-clear and the home owner is with officials right now, but you can see the fire fight is underway. firefighters are on top of house and they fighting the fire from the ground. mountain view and santa clara officials are there on the scene helping out with the fire. our report is talking to the officials right new for us, and our crews are gathering information so we will have much more coming up at 6:00 p.m. that is latest. >> thank you. two bay area lawmakers introducing a bill to close a loophole in the recreational marijuana law. nothing said smoking pot while driving is illegal. lawmakers say their legislation makes the law consistant with alcohol use in a car. a woman we spoke with said she thinks it is a good idea. >> if we were to for example
5:45 am
allow you to smoke marijuana while drive but not drink alcohol it would cause an uproar and diminish the ability of the public to accept it. >> smoking president or drinking alcohol while driving is different than being actually impaired, and this is always illegal. there is not yet the equivalent of a breathalyzer for marijuana which is another issue. >> new gun laws starting sunday in california january. people cannot buy semi automatic rifles with a fast bullet button. those this have the weapons have to register with the state. people who fullsly report a fair arm as last or stolen face a history charge and face ten year ban on owning a firearm upon conviction. listens to carry concealed weapon will for longer vary from county to county and the state will create an overall listen. law enforcement officers who leave firearms in cars are required to lock them in a safe box or in trunk.
5:46 am
>> potential problems at san francisco superior court could affect more than 100 criminal cases. a court reported allowed a certification to happens for five months between june 1 and october 20 and the court executive officer notified 117 tons in cases handled by the unidentified shorthand reporter. the transcripts prepared become part of the record used during appeal. officials have not said how this may affect those cases. astart monday for resolution are going back and for the between vallejo and san francisco. this includes four new departures from vallejo and three from san francisco. the existing 8:00 a.m. weekday vallejo departure is discontinued. santa rosa taxi company will shut down and pay $200,000 to settle a labor case. the california labor commission said a.c. transportation services failed to provide
5:47 am
worker compensation insurance provided by law and was fined for misclassifying their drivers as "independent contractors," rather than employees. they say they are closing for good now because of the costs of battling with regulators. >> in weather it could be cold now and at the end of 2016 it looks like 2017 will be very, very cold. >> frances, we still do not believe it? >> i want to warn everyone so you are not caught by surprise. live doppler hd is showing fairly quiet conditions with high clouds out there, and not causing a problem, pretty view from the east bay looking to san francisco, clear, slit chance of rain tomorrow morning, very slight, and chilly for new year's eve so bundle up if you heading out, and also, our next chance of showers and sunny is next week. i am talking about snow in the bay area, highs today beginning to be mild and comfortable, and look for upper 60's or upper
5:48 am
50's to let 60's and san francisco is 57, oakland is 60 and san jose comfort am at 62. our next storm is ranking "1" on the storm-impact scale and late monday interest tuesday, snow levels are dropping to a thousand feet and we could have snow on highway 17 and in back yesterday and scattered showers are light less than .1" and overnight lows are dropping into the defense for some of the valleys and of course this means the highs are cold, as well, with the seven-day forecast. alexis smith is taking doughnut orders. glazed! >> so slow in traffic, i have all kinds of spare time, hopefully that means you will, too, heading to work. the commute should be a breeze. the toll plaza shows no meter lights. only have them flipped on for an hour on tuesday. why think we will see them here
5:49 am
today. we are not complaining. in the south bay we had a report of a small brushfire southbound 280 off-ramp to northbound 101, and that cleared from the bars so it looks like it is tapped out and they have it cleared so in longer units are on the scene and i am working on putting a map together of the house fire and response in palo alto so we will take a closer look at that next of the >> the mother of a fallen soldier from walnut creek said she is devastated after thieves targeted the final rest place of her son. someone broke into the museum house the remains of army specialist to steal a cherished 14 kate gold ring that holds 14 kate gold ring that holds sent >> cemetery is sacred. a sacred place. that is unconscionable. i cannot understand how someone
5:50 am
could do something like that. >> she discovered the ring was missing on christmas day when she visited her son's resting place. she does not necessity when the theft happened but wants the ring returned. >> happening today you can get a chance to learn c.p.r. for free in the south bay with a special boot at the christmas in the park tonight with the christmas trees there and the decorations, and medical volunteers and e.m.s. will also demonstrate and teach visitors how they can help save a life. the booth is at the plaza from 5:00 to 10:00. >> warriors make dreams come true for-year-old who received a bone marrow transplant in june but the family found out his cancer came back. his mercedes the his mother said the visit was good for his son. >> this was cool. a big smile on his face! he deserved it.
5:51 am
>> someone so strong and courageous, we can learn a lot from him. probably doing more for us than we do for him. >> aikens is an athlete and plays football at the local high school. >> the warriors are holding a holiday food drive at the oracle arena before the final game of 2016 with fans encouraged to bring food items for the food bank with barrel relatives at the north, east south and plaza entrance. volunteers will accept financial donations. tip-off is 7:30. >> more trouble for the hottest holiday gift, some parents are shocked by what their kids hatchimals are saying. >> help those in need in 2016 an event that could help your next tax bill. >> moose on the loose. stay tuned.
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a bull moose was running alongside a car in montana, and then darts into the woods. >> six-year-old girl is reunited with her mom after being kid were pad yesterday in los angeles. official say the young girl was sitting in a car and a woman jumped in and drove off. the million was inside a laundromat when it happened. the suspect dropped off the girl at a day care and said show was
5:55 am
at a day care and said show was lost and being abused before@%h
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>> breaking news on the peninsula where officials are battling a husband fire. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> yes, i just talked to the chief. this fire behind me broke out at 5:00 a.m. this morning. when they arrived they were not sure if someone was trapped and the first order business was getting in there to see in someone was inside. the owner was already out. right now, they have it some what contained with quit a bit of smoke. they just going around checking forment spots and they have a number of crews here on the scene at california road at lewis which is blocked off. no one was hurt. it is a single story fire. the cause, they not really


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