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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, north bay. let get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings.
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>> it's 5:00 a.m. from the north bay to the south bay, rain is going to be a part of your commute. you can see it from this live picture, many bay area roads already pretty wet this morning. good morning on this tuesday, january 3, when a lot of you are heading back to work. >> we have meterologist mike and alexis smith back on the road. we are putting you back to work and getting you busy, mike. >> hitting the ground running. absolutely. let's take a look at live doppler 7. i have it zoomed on on the snow grade. sherden road, that whole area down towards mission boulevard, getting light to moderate rain right now. and you can see there's more moving through the south bay, lighter amounts as you head to the north so here's a look at walnut creek, look south on 680. 40 to 50, your temperature, right rain right now, oh my. let's see if i can get that back. and that 12-hour day planner is going to show you some moderate rain at noon and then moderate to heavy as we head from 4:00 to
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7:00 so it's only going to get worse as far as the commute goes because i think we'll have some standing water later, alexis. >> yeah. and add that together with the fact that it's the first day back for a lot of folks today so we're really going to be back to those full volumes. it's been crickets the last couple weeks but westbound 580, tracy to dublin, westbound 4, our okay. and southbound 101, could have some issues with that commute tie. but right now, southbound 101 look at 18 minutes. >> alexis, thank you. parts of the bay area waking up to some cold, wet weather this morning. want to bring you a live picture of fremont right now, that wet, slick pavement out there. >> check out all the snow and we're not talking about the sierra. wine country getting some of the most significant snow that it has seen in years.
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this is what it looked like yesterday near healdsburg. this is the beginning of a week that is expected to pack quite a punch. >> snow still clinging to some areas of napa county. the summit is about 2200 feet high. snow is reported as low as 2,000 feet. >> take a look at light snow flurries ato the the mountain in marin county. the national weather service reports the last measurable snow here happened last march and you can track the rain and in some places the snow with the abc 7 news app. we do have live doppler 7 any time you want it there. enable push alerts and you'll get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. >> if you commute from marin, good luck because the weather likely going to be the least of your issues this morning. >> you're also going to be dealing with limited lanes on the golden gate bridge. amy is there this morning. >> hi, reggie.
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looks good right now. it's early, so these people are getting -- there's a good payoff for getting up early and heading out this morning. you are looking at southbound traffic heading into te city from marin county. these commuters will three lanes this morning. they usually have four. there's an average of 50,000 cars that cross this bridge every day that will have to be squeezed into three lanes. here's the problem. the movable median barrier is broken. engineers are working on the problem. at this point, they say they don't know what caused it. they hope to have it fixed today but for this morning, it is going to be a rough commute. it is wet out here and now there are only these three lanes instead of four so give yourself extra time this morning if you're headed into the city from marin county. live from the golden gate bridge, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. northern california crabbers and seafood wholesalers plan to meet to try to end a strike that has stalled crabbing season.
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fisherman began striking last week and that followed one large wholesaler trying to renegotiate the price for crab from $3 down to $2.75 a pound. some retailers have already sold out of fresh crabs after the holiday rush if you have business to take care of at the alameda county clerk's office today, you're going to need to get it done earlier today. clerks' office hours will be reduced in the new year and it's all because of a budget deficit of $5 million. offices at all county courthouses will close two hours early so it will be 2:30 instead of 4:30 on weekdays. the county has also eliminated some jobs to help save more money. a high number of young people are taking their own lives in one bay area community and it has a 17-year-old now trying to do something about it. >> abc 7 news reporter lillian kim shows us the online support the teen is offering to students looking for help. >> and i really realized when i looked in the mirror that i wasn't happy with who i was. >> reporter: the concept is
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simple. a website for teens as operated by teens, young people from all over the world sharing their stories of survival and hope to let others know they're not alone. >> like research has shown that if a teen is in trouble or they want advice from someone, they're much more likely to go to someone their own age. >> reporter: high school junior nadia ghaffari came up with read an article about the suicide clusters in palo alto, high school students killing themselves on the train tracks. >> it was kind of brushed under -- teachers didn't really want to talk about it and i just felt like this needs to be talked about. and we need to get everyone the help that they really need. >> reporter: nadie designed teenztalk herself. in adition to teens sharing their stories, there's a resource page where people can hear from mental health experts.
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>> i never thought this could be something as big as it is now. so it's kind of nice to know that i can make a difference in this way. >> reporter: already making a difference at 17 years of age. in los altos, lillian kim, abc 7 news. friends and family of an 18-year-old santa rosa woman killed in a suspected dui crash have no set up a go fund me account to help pay for her funeral. she was riding in the front passenger seat of a car that crashed into a tree new year's day. police say the driver, 19-year-old rebecca gill roy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and placed under arrest for felony dui. bedon't know what the relationship is not victim. you'll find a link to the go fund me page on our website abc 7 president-elect donald trump senior advisory kelleyanne conway spoke about several
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issues, including north korea. the future president tweeted yesterday that he will not let north korea develop nuclear weapons capable of reaching parts of the u.s. conway said this morning that tweet is some insight into his policies. >> president trump will be very tough on those who are developing nuclear capability. >> there's so few avenues, so few tools to stop them. what is the president-elect suggesting he's going to do? >> he has not stated that publicly and he won't before the -- before he's inaugurated. >> as for russian hacking into the election, the president-elect says that he knows things about it that most people don't. and he plans to talk about it either today or tomorrow. conway did comment on that but did not elaborate on what he meant. happening today, house republicans are expected to vote to dramatically limit the power of the watchdog that investigates conduct by lawmakers. congress created the office of congressional ethics eight years ago after a series of embarrassing scandals. it's now going to be called the
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office of congressional complaint review and it will now be overseen by the house ethics committee. the group will no longer have to release information to the public or contact law enforcement without prooul. it will also stop investigating anonymous complaints. republicans say it will streamline the investigation process. democrats say it will undermine confidence in congress. let's take a look at where it's raining heaviest right now, palo alto right there. you can see from waiverly street right across 1010, keenlt way and that's giengs to head over to fremont. look at this. richmond, san raphafael, all dealing with light rain also. you're not going to escape it this morning but the light rain brought in some warmer temperatures, we're about 4 to 5 to 7 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. look at all the mid to upper 40s in our inland east bay
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neighborhoods. mount diablo, 36 degrees so the snow level did rise during the overnight hours. may see a little snow on our mountains early this morning but it's going to melt as that warmer air rushes in today. 41 in santa rosa, the cool spot along with los gatos, 49 in san jose, 50 in oakland, 48 in san francisco, temperatures are going to run in the low to upper 50s from 52 in petaluma and oakland. cooler tomorrow. even cooler thursday. but that's our driest day in the forecast because wet weather's coming back friday and a stronger storm is possible saturday and sunday. we'll focus in on today and tomorrow when we come back in the next few minutes. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. reality check for a lot of folks who have had the last couple of weeks off. well, today, you're back with everybody else and you've got some wet pavement to deal with. life look at the bay bridge toll plaza. give that another 15, 20 minutes and you will have the light flipped on. it was nice not having those at
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all basically the entire past week or so. that will change today. live look at our traffic maps here, westbound 205, you are down to 23 miles an hour as you get out of the central valley. and no issues with mass transit today and pretty much everybody back on their normal schedules. just hearing about a potential new problem on the peninsula. we'll take a look at that coming up next. thanks, alexis. a jewish news group makes a serious claim against some bay area colleges. coming up, why it says they're among the worst campuses in the nation for jewish students and a surge in break ins in the east bay with a twist. why burglars are targeting homes for sale. >> it's 5:11 and we are watching the roads this morning, of course also watching the rain. course also watching the rain. you can watch
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well it's 5:14 in the morning and this is a live look at a wet sfo right now. we just checked for you, no flight delays or cancellations at this time but you know how things can stack up, especially when we have weather. so we'll keep checking those and if you take any photos or video of the weather where you live as you wake up, we want to see them. post them on social media with the #abc 7 now and you can see those photos right here on abc 7 news. >> a new york newspaper claims san francisco state university is among the worst schools in the nation for jewish students. it ranked sfu tenth because it's affiliated with a palestinian university that allegedly has ties to terrorism and glorifies
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attacks on jews. berkeley is also on the list, it ranked 12th. and independent study by the school found that some jewish students feel unsafe, but there was no threat of viol well, spike in odd burglaries in alameda county is targeting homes up for sale. abc 7 news was in livermore where thieves have been breaking into lock boxes to get into homes. burglars are taking things like mini-fridges and even the picture frames right off the walls. >> we found some cigarette butts, pillows on the floor, which appears they've been sleeping in the home or even showering in the home. >> sales of existing homes were expected to tick up in the new year but not like the jump that we saw this time last year. the national association of realtors says rising mortgage rates are contributing to the change. low and moderate income buyers are expected to feel the impact the most because they may have
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trouble qualifying for loans. that said, with rent soaring in many places, owning a home may still be a better deal. it's 5:15 now and the search continues today for missing passengers on an indonesian ferry. 224 people were rescued and 23 bodies have been recovered. indonesian police arrested the captain for alleged negligence. he's accused of continuing to sail even though he knew the number of passengers on the ferry exceeded the 100 listed. if convicted, he could face up to ten years in prison. authorities suspect a short circuit in the engine room could have been the cause of the fire but the official cause remains under investigation. >> this is new video showing investigators going into benjamin netanyahu's estate. they're questioning him over suspicions of corruption. they were at his home for several hours yesterday. they're investigating if he improperly accepted gifts from wealthy supporters. an israeli network reported
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netanyahu accepted favors. he is calling these allegations baseless. in today's gma first look, united airlines is now investigating how one of its baggage handlers ended up being an accidental stow away. >> he somehow got locked in the cargo hold of a plane going from north carolina to washington, d.c. we have the details. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, how did a baggage handler end up flying in this plane's argue hold. shortly after the flight took off, airport workers in charlotte realized a baggage hajder had somehow become locked inside. they immediately contacted faa, which contacted air traffic control at dulles international airport. >> locked in the baggage kmarmt. unknown injuries at this time. >> we need a police report. make sure the person involved is an employee and not a stow away. >> reporter: the plane eventually landed at 4:16, triggering an urgent investigation of the stow away. >> we're going to work it as a surt incident until we can, i guess, get some confirmation.
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he is who he is, even though he's in trade dress for a ramper in charlotte. the flight crew doesn't have -- >> reporter: how could this happen? colonel steve ganyarb in later in week's stormy weather changed the plans for an extended holiday celebration. the city tees holiday decorations came down. they were going to be up until next week but the city's maintenance superintendent ordered the change and got some help. >> we had good holidays. yeah, definitely. it was a lot of fun. lot of family, lot of fun, and lot of memories. >> and now she's a volunteer, the only volunteer helping you take these down? >> well, we were supposed to do it next weekend and there will be more volunteers here but there's going to be a storm coming so we woke up this morning and i thought, man, i'm going to get here and get a jump of it so i'm not taking these down in the pouring rain. >> all right. planning ahead. the johnsons were also happy to
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spot a little snow on mt. diablo. >> even before christmas at target, they were already selling valentine's things so people have moved on. it's amazing how fast we go now. >> we are looking forward, mark. >> isn't there supposed to be 12 days of christmas? not anymore. that's too long. here's a look at live doppler 7. 680, 84, right where they come together, just south of pleasanton and livermore, moderate rain, possible puddles developing there. tooechb stevens boulevard, free mobt about to get inundated with another mass of wet weather and 80, that's where we have some moderate to heavy rain right now. but for the most part, it's generally a light, steady rain as you can see right here at our bay bridge toll plaza. it's going to be lighter this morning but much heavier this afternoon and through the evening hours. little bit of a break thursday and friday morning, another storm friday evening and lasts through at least monday.
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te today's storms is moderate, gusty winds this afternoon and evening and minor flooding in the santa cruz mountains and north bay mountain. we're going to keep an eye on you more than anybody else during the day for that particular threat. all right, here we are at 7:00 to 9:00. you can see waves of light rain, moderate at times and then the moderate rain really starts to get going up in the north noon. just keeps coming. 7:00, there's even some reds in there. slight chance of a thunder storm with some downpours and possibly some small hail. we don't have to worry about show. that's not going to happen. but look at 7:00 wednesday morning, another batch of rain moving in, it's light on our storm impact scale. thursday all day drive, friday evening through monday, look at that. and it could bring mod ral at least saturday and sunday. >> good morning, mike. one of those days weather and traffic going together. i have live doppler 7 on top of our traffic map so you can see, just about everybody dealing with that rain currently and zooming into th peninsula, we
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have a vehicle that hit a pretty big puddle and that is now in the two right lanes. northbound 101 is just north of the san mateo bridge and you can see right there, that yellow and orange, heavier stuff. here is a look at the san mateo bridge. if you're leaving the heyward area, not looking terrible at the moment but we have seen some downpours on traffic cams this morning and so far, doing okay. no major blocking incidents but give it another half an hour, i think these are going to start to get ugly. southbound 680 and westbound 84 through walnut creek, okay. 45 minutes if you're coming from tracy into dublin. >> alexis, thank you. if you're wearing a pair of jeans today, take pride. you're now supporting an official symbol of california. among the t 00 new laws that took effect on january 1 is one that makes denim the official state fabric. denim was invented in san francisco during the gold rush. it has since become a symbol of american culture worn by miners, cowboys, hippies and now, yes, even tech workers.
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96% of americans own a pair. 75% of the premium den nuim sol actually originated in california. i'm sure the people down the street at levi's are happy to hear that. >> who are the 4% who don't own jeans? coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> a heart stopping accident caught on video but this, fortunately, has a positive ending, the big brother being called a lifesaver this morning. also hads, unplugging over the weekend where employees with now legally ignore their work e-mails when they're off the clock. today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time on track today's storm any time on the abc
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track today's storm any time on the abc jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll.
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are seven things you need to know before you go. number one, me, i'm bringing you the weather and it's going to be a wet one today with the heaviest rainfalling during the evening commute. we've got some right to moderate rain this morning but nothing like the puddling, the pounding, and the breezy conditions we're going to get this evening. so, be careful and number two, of course, the weather going to impact traffic today. we've mad some really light volumes with the holidays the last couple weeks, starting to see those return to normal today. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet. i think we're going to get them any minute. just slow down and drive for conditions. number three, heads up, if you're commuting to san francisco from marin. the golden gate bridge will only have three lainz of traffic coming into the city. the movable median barrier is broken. they don't know why and that means they can't shift it to the normal four-lane configuration the glitch at airports nationwide has been fixed. the u.s. border and processing systems went down for hours yesterday, affecting inbound
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international travelers. hackers are not being blamed. number five, the niners are searching for a new gm and head coach. several offensive coordinators, including the patti josh mcdaniels are reported to interview for the coaching job number six, congress returning to washington today. the gop-led house and senate are planning votes to replace parts of obamacare and the first days of the trump administration. number seven, just when you thought the shopping season was over, get ready for holiday hangover day as americans get back to work today, many are going to be trying to snag good deals on everything from jewelry to linens, making this one of the busiest shopping days of the season. there you go. 5:26 now and we have terrifying but incredible video showing a toddler saving his twin who was trapped underneath a fallen dresser. take a look at this video. it is jarring. we can tell you the boys are okay. look at this. that's just terrible to watch. they were climbing on the dresser and it falls down on them and it appears the open drawers helped absorb some of the impact but the brother
5:27 am
clearly left trapped on the left there. take a look. the other brother is looking for ways to help. he eventually manages to shove the dresser back, freeing his twin. their mom says that she did not hear anything when this happened, but they have now bolted that dresser to the wall and they hope that the video spreads safety awareness to other families. it can happen so quickly. and many just never see this coming. >> that boy has so much strength. i love seeing that. in france, a new law now gives workers the right not to check elysee. >> it's true. the law applies to companies with 50 or more employees throughout the country. companies cannot punish workers if they ignore e-mail and other communications when they are off the clock. >> coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including the reason the bay area's source for water is about to change plus breaking news out of the san francisco, the arson investigation underway after a homeless man says he was targeted in his tent overnight. here's a live look outside
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at 5:27. abc news now is your way to take abc news now is your way to take a look at what's happening
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going let me guess, it's mostly green. in fact, live doppler 7 showing us that new round of storms hitting the bay area this morning so if you are heading back to work today, you need to put on that rain jacket or at least bring the umbrella. good morning. tuesday, january 3, at 5:30 a.m. >> welcome back to work. we've alexis smith looking at those wet roads and mike nicco looking we wet welcome back to work for us. >> absolutely. it's been a wet start to 2017. it's only going to ramp up as we head towards the afternoon and evening hours. right now, our best area for some moderate rain right there between san lorenzo, that will probably cross 238 and head into
5:31 am
castro valley. there's a little bit of a break but don't let that fool you. as you look at the 12-hour day planner from the bay bridge toll plaza you can see there's plenty of rain falling right now. and it will be heavier the north bay for lunch and heavy and entirbreezy for all o for at least 4:00 to 7:00. our second one this weekend coming up next. here's alexis with that morning commute oh, boy, a lot more folks heading into work today than we've had the last two weeks combined i'd say. live doppler 7 on top of our traffic map so it is a soggy drive as we've been saying but so far, haven't had any major issues. hopefully we can keep it that way. minor collision on northbound 880 just past 98th, that is off on the shoulder and i have not seen any delays form. we're take a look at drive times coming up in less than 10 breaking news out of san francisco where an early morning fire is beiinvestigated as a possible arson.
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this church outside 18th street and van ness avenue. a homeless veteran claims the items that were burned belonged to him and he says he's been targeted because he's been trying to stop car burglaries in the area. there is some damage to the church if your morning commute takes you over the golden gate bridge into san francisco, you may want to leave early this morning. >> not just talking about the rain. we're also talking about lanes that are limited for today's morning commute. abc 7 news report amy hollyfield is live at that bridge to explain what happened here. amy? >> reporter: what a combination, reggie. they've glost a lane. traffic moving so far. you are looking at southbound traffic coming into san francisco. these commuters usually have four lanes available. this morning, they will only have three. we just drove the drij to take a look. notice, no one is out there moving the barrier to create that fourth lane. that's because the movable
5:33 am
barrier is broken so you are stuck with three for now. engineers don't know what caused the problem but they're hoping to fix it today. this could create a slow drive this morning, an average of 50,000 cars cross this bridge every day. it is also wet out here. so give yourself extra time this morning if you're headed from marin county into the city. live in marin county, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. for the rest of us not driving on the golden gate bridge, the first commute is just plain wet yep, jessica castro watching things from the south bay right now, live in free looking, jess? >> hi, natasha and reggie. certainly festive out here, feels like winter. the rain is pretty light right now and that has been the case throughout the morning, coming down steady, though, it has not stopped. we spoke with some drivers out here earlier this morning. we're in an area where people actually come to park and then car pool to work, and we spoke with commuters. take a listen.
5:34 am
>> drive this morning in the rain? >> it's -- we drive, be so i think we, you know, late for the job. >> reporter: others that we spoke to didn't want to be on camera but they said the same thing, that they take a little extra time to get to work on days like this, although they said they didn't mind the rain and look at this. there is snow right now in mt. hamilton and it can be dangerous. it's fun to play in but be careful if you're driving that way, highway 130 is closed so that road is blocked off. you will find a little trouble commuting there. as for the rest of the bay area, if you're experiencing the light rain that we are seeing out here in fremont, just take a little extra time. it's also certainly pretty cold out here so you may want to turn on that heater. in fremont, jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> jessica, thank you. in the sierra, chains are
5:35 am
required because of dangerous driving conditions. caltrain shut down 7 miles after drivers started to spin out. several inches of snow have fallen and there's much more to come. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning. some areas could see more than 3 feet of snow just this week. >> with all the rain we're seeing, officials are hoping the first snow pack survey of the season will bring good news about our drought. officials will take reading from highway 50 this morning and california gets a third of its water from the snow pack. it is too soon to know whether we've gotten enough rain and snow to move closer to ending our five-year drought. the snow pack is usually at its deepest around april 1 so weather watchers won't know with certainty what kind of season it's been until then you can track our rain and sometimes snow with the abc 7 news app. enable push letters and you'll get weather vaz advisories right on your phone. >> access to san francisco's
5:36 am
main water supply will be shut down for 60 days to inspect a nearly 100-year-old tunnel. the more than 2.5 million people served by the hetch reser reservoir should not notice a shutdown. five regional reservoirs are already in service. hetch hetchy is showing some wear. >> in our last inspection, we noted there was some deterioration of the lining of the tunnel. you have the possibility that that lining deteriorates and it starts to crumble and it starts to fall down and so you can put less and less water through that mountain tunnel. and that's the concern going forward. >> a shutdown will end in early march. then the sfpuc will make decision to build a new tunnel the search is on for the 49ers to get a new manager and a new head coach. >> in what's become an annual event, ceo jed york held a press
5:37 am
conference yesterday. this is the third year in a row the coach has been fired. the niners have reportedly scheduled head coach interviews with the patriots josh mcdonnells, the falcons kyle shanahan and the bills anthony lynn, all offensive coordinators. as for the team's poor performance, york's position was made clear. >> i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. and i'm going to do everything that i can to get this right. >> as for who he hires first, the general manager or head coach, york says they're going to be flexible. he made it clear that the two do have to get along. okay, so as the niners search for a new staff, the raiders are scrambling for a new quarterback. >> so, when we go, come back next year strong. >> it's a hard road but there's always hope in a raider fan. >> so, there you heard some cautious optimism there from raider nation. back-up quarterback matt mcgloin went down with an injury sunday.
5:38 am
to so the team went out and signed free agent garrett gilbert who has never thrown a pass in the nfl. if mcgloin can't play, gilbert would likely back-up rookie connor cook. you can watch what happens to the raiders as the kickoff wild card weekend here on abc 7. they're going to take on the texans at houston. authorities may be closing in on the shooter who gunned down at least 39 people at an istanbul nightclub over the weekend. investigators say this video shows the gunman. turkish police sources say he is known to authorities. they're not releasing his identity just yet. they say he arrived in istanbul in november with his wife and two kids. at least a dozen people have been arrested, including his wife, who claims that she did not know he was a member of isis. as soon as today president-elect donald trump could share inside information he claims to have about the investigation into whether russia hacked the u.s. election. this follows a weekend event where he announced that he knew
5:39 am
things about the hack that others don't. and that it would be revealed either today or tomorrow. and now, mr. trump's press secretary says that trump won't necessarily reveal anything confidential, and will instead talk about his conclusions of the classified report. mr. trump has scheduled an intelligence briefing on the hacking for midweek and senate republicans are expected to hold a hearing on cyber threats thursday. as for his transition into the white house, we are just 17 days from inauguration, and mr. trump is expected to nominate lawyer robert lighthizer as u.s. trade representative. lighthizer served as deputy trade representative under president ronald reagan. there are just a few more positions to fill in the administration's senior team. now, your accu weather forecast with mike nicco. >> your umbrella may need an umbrella. that's how much rain's in the forecast the next seven days. light rain across the north bay. you can see up near lake county, our best chance of anything
5:40 am
measurable as far as frozen because the snow level is rise right know. in fact, it's about 36 on mt. diablo, 3800 feet so all this is following around the bay. into our east bay valleys, along the east bay shore, temperatures is about 50 so a little milder. on the peninsula, 48, right now, look at that san carlos, mountain view, fremont, 47 albany, concord, you can see some wet weather in san jose. so far, sijs midnight, about 4 slrk 100 of an inch and that's all you need to cause hydroplaning. on the way water, it's going to be breezy and wet. the evening drive, look at those downpours, there's going to be ponding on the roadways and it's going to be breezy, especially in our east/west bridges where it's going to hit you perpendicular so hold on to that steering wheel and be ready for those quick changes. about .007. low 50s and dryer by thursday. >> just a harsh welcome back for
5:41 am
everybody who's had the last couple weeks off and dwe do hav those metering lights turned on now. i think the last time we saw those turned on was last tuesday. we're getting back to normal today so they should last throughout the entire commute from this point forward and we do have that rain too of course. mike talking about that this morning. live doppler 7 on our traffic maps. 14 miles per hour now, westbound 205 po 580 and a quick check of some drive times. overall not terrible. we haven't had any major incidents yet. but boy, you definitely want to give yourself a few extra minutes out the door. richmond san rafael bridge just 7 minutes, and 9 minutes if you're going to be traveling the dumbarton bridge alexis, thank you. it used to be a rare sight. well now you have at reason to keep an eye on the bay. coming up next, why dolphins are suddenly flocking to our waters and the puzzle scientists are trying to solve. also, dangerous weather
5:42 am
sweeps across the south. the deadly toll it's taken and what millions of people are in for today for today keep on top of
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in if you take photos or videos of the wet weather, we would like to see them. you may see those photos right here on our newscast or online.
5:45 am
philadelphia police are investigating an altercation between an officer and a young woman. police say they broke up a fight between a large group of teens. cell phone video shows an officer and a young woman separated from the group. it appears that officer threw that woman to the ground and then jumped on top of her. the officer can also be seen hitting her. the video does not show what led up to this incident. the department's internal affairs unit is now investigating it's 5:45 now and this story is all over social media. we're going to show you an outburst on board a flight bound for sfo. take a look at your screen. this man was apparently upset because passengers on either side of him were speaking to one another. this happened on sunday just 40 minutes after the united plane took off from australia. flight attendants tried their best to calm the man down. >> once the flight attendants interve intervene and tried to deescalate everything, he then used homophobic slurs toward the flight attendants. >> he also yelled racist slurs and grabbed drinks right off the
5:46 am
beverage cart. the flight was diverted to new zealand and passengers were all rebooked on to a flight yesterday. the man was arrested, questioned, and not allowed to enter audiocassetteland. no word on where he flew next a memorial for victims of the ghost ship fire continues to grow. abc news was at the site yesterday as people placed flowers and mementos to mark that month since the fire that killed 36 people. the fence around the perimeter is now filled with a lot of christmas decorations. >> i feel almost like i have an obligation to push the on because they didn't have a chance to, all the victims. so that's the way that i'm sort of dealing with the alameda county district attorney is still determining if any criminal charges will be fired. dangerous and deadly weather is moving across the southeast right now. tornados, floods, and storms are moving across texas, mississippi, and alabama. four people were killed by a
5:47 am
fallen tree in alabama. that is on the florida border. heavy rain is expected in other states like georgia and an arctic blast is bringing heavy snow into the northern plains. going to take a look at our weather now. nothing like what you just saw on that video but terminal going to be wet throughout the week. mike? >> that's the truth. you can see some light rain covering most of your neighborhoods, and then, exextends all the way up into walnut creek where we've had a little over .2 inch of rain since midnight. the san ramon valley with some of darker greens on the map and then fremont, union city, then again here's some of your lighter rain across the bay. look at this. .022 since midnight at sfo so it has come down heavier and it will increase for all of us, the rain, the intensity. it will diminish thursday and friday morning, then a weekend
5:48 am
soaking that will slip into monday. today's storm is a 2. it's moderate. give you an idea what to expect. moderate to heavy rain in the afternoon and evening, that's when our fasters winds so you think this morning's bad, wait until the evening commute, there's going to be some minor flooding possible on the roadways and also in the north bay, santa cruz mountains also we could see some debris flows and minor flooding. 9:00, a little bit of a break in the south bay but look at the moderate rain moving into the north bay and all of us by 4:00, even some red starting to show up around 7:00. and then it starts to taper by 10:00 in the north bay and we'll have to wait all the way until about 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow morning before the rain tapers in the south bay. 2/3 of an inch in the south bay. alexis good morning. and i have live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps so you can see widespread showers for this morning's commute and only going to get worse from here according to mike nicco there so just be prepared for a really wet day on
5:49 am
the roads. keeping a close eye on southbound 101, approaching golden gate bridge, you're still cruising along there at 58 miles an hour and we've got some issues with that barrier. normally those zipper come through and give us four lanes sobruthbound, but that is not working this morning. we have three lanes. once we get into the 6:00 hour, we could see delays now. moving along just fine on the bay bridge, though metering lights are on at the toll plaza. most agencies back on their normal schedule today. additional vallejo service started yesterday. b.a.r.t. looking good today, nothing like yesterday's commute, 43 trains in sefrs right now. drive times coming up next oochltd scientists are puzzled. it seems that bottle nose dolphins with randomly and viciously attacking their small every cousins. there was a change this population here.
5:50 am
more and more bottle nose dolphins are being spotted inside the bay. reports more than 400 were seen in san mateo. they're being seen as far north as mendocino. scientists say our warmer waters are luring them north. we are still on eaglet watch this morning. >> let's take a live look now at the bald eagle camera in florida. we have watched these eagles, i don't know, do eagle things that for some reason people are just fascina fascinated by and we're no exception. >> this is time lapse video showing feeding, dad dropping off the food, doing some light grooming. you can join in on what is now eagle watch 2017 any time on our website, or on the free abc 7 news app it's a nice way to start the new year. next at 6:00, michael finny had help if you've sefd an unexpected medical bill but first some new advice for obese couples who want to
5:51 am
have kids. the impact their weight may have on their youngsters, even years after they're born plus a dramatic collision on plus a dramatic collision on a california highway, we're
5:52 am
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the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain, so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. we're back at 5:53 and look at the screen here. a man in southern california is alive this morning thanks to a tv news photographer. that freelance photographer had his camera rolling when he saw this happen. a car crashing into a stalled suv along interstate 110 in l.a.
5:54 am
early sunday morning. the photographer put down the camera, see that explosion there, and do you see him there in the vest? he helped out. >> grabbed my fire extinguisher and my flashlight from the back of my car, ran across the freeway. i just got met with flames and smoke so i took a deep breath, went back in, managed to pull his shoulder belt down and rip him out. >> and here's another look at the crash. okay, so you see that disabled car on the side there. and you can see that the other driver just did not see that car. i mean, there were no flashes or anything. and that driver escaped with minor injuries. >> i can't believe he's okay. that's wonderful. all right. there is a new study that shows for both the mom and the dad, being overweight can affect your child's development. children born to obese moms are more likely to have difficulty using small muscles like in their fingers or hands. now, this is one of the first studies that also looks at the weight of the father, and it finds that obesity on the dad's side is associated with children failing at social activities like feeding themselves, playing, or putting on and
5:55 am
taking off clothes. this is in the journal of pediatrics. the cause is not clear, though the study authors say that animal studies show obesity increases inflammation and that can affect the baby's brain during pregnancy. happening today, if you have an overdue book from the san francisco public library, now's your chance. you can return it. you won't have to pay the fine. the library says it just wants its stuff back and doesn't want to spend money to replace it. so for the next six weeks, you can haul in your books, cds, dflds, whatever you got, no penalties, no questions asked. they actually did this forgiveness program in 2009, and back then, the library waived $55,000 in fines. this current offer ends on valentine's day. i am loving watching our tahoe cam. it is just pouring big fat flakes of snow right now. 2 to 4 feet possible. of course, getting ahead of myself a little bit. let me show you what's going on. down to fresno north, that's where we'll have the wet weather
5:56 am
and the valleys and the snow isn't the mountains. how about 34 in tahoe, 34 in yosemite. our winter storm warning begins at 10:00 to 4:00 thursday morning. by 7:00 this evening, already 2 to 7 inches so too late to be heading up there. by thursday, wow. nearly 3 feet on the mountains there. alexis. >> thanks, mike. 101 and 880, just got a report from chp about some flooding not too far just to the north and west of here on junction road so be careful. we do have standing water. you could hydroplane this morning on and some surface street too, pretty big puddles. drive times not too bads. we westbound 80, up to 17 minutes across the bay bridge and that's looking okay. i'll show you some soggier areas coming up in less than 10 alexis, thank you.
5:57 am
police in an orange county community looking for the thieves who pulled off this heist. once they got inside, the masked and hooded thieves grabbed dozens of boxes filled with laptops. in fact, it took them just 6 minutes to steal at least $250,000 worth of high-tech goods next at k67, republicans take aim at the watchdog group that investigates members of congress. the action lawmakers are going to take today and alert for commuters headed into san francisco from the north bay, the reason you will not see four lanes of traffic this morning. plus terror in the streets plus terror in the streets of india as a leopard canvass a
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> now it's 6:00 a.m. we doment to warn you about potential trouble for the first real commute of 2017. this movable barrier here on the
6:00 am
golden gate bridge, it is not moving this morning. >> that means you won't have as many lanes and you're also dealing with the wet roads. good morning, i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. more on the barrier issue in just a moment. but let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> have some patience and something to keep you dry but not as warm as yesterday. it's a little bit milder outside. our best radar returns right now from san francisco, right across oakland, and into the east bay, all the way to discovery bay into the altamont pass and there's a little bit of a break coming in the steadiness of the rain but when it comes back later this afternoon, it's going to be heavier. we're supposed to be looking at walnut creek. i think i stole your shot there, alexis. we've rain and windy conditions this afternoon and evening. hour by hour look at that coming up that's okay, mike. save me some time. i don't have to show you that now and you can see we've got those metering lights flip on. big diffenc


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