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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. this is the one day i decided i didn't need that rain jacket. i think that worked out. >> yeah. hang it up, let it dry. it's got another day tomorrow and then boom. hopefully you stay dry this weekend as the rain will come downsideways. hi, everybody, here's a look out live doppler 7, i've also overlayed our clouds on top of it. there's a little bit of drizzle in our hills and that's going to hang around through about 7:30 or 8:00. tower looking pretty quiet. temperatures in the mid 30s to mid 40s a lot of sunshine we'll still hang out in the upper 40s this afternoon. freezing fog, black ice possible. i'll show you that next also before we get to the big storm at about 6:15. good morning, mike. and yeah we're looking much dryer out there this morning, no issues for the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 moving along pretty well. quick check of our drive times. westbound 580, 46 minutes.
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we had a pretty minor crash near grant line road that cleared, right through that altamont pass stretch, we have a couple large potholes in the right lane so trying to get cal trans out to clear those. also still in the green. next traffic update coming up. this red tagged apartment building in pacifica just teetering on a crumbling cliff above the ocean is finally coming down. >> the city council decided to demolish it last night. amy hollyfield live with what happens next. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. some people who live next to this building or nearby say they are ready for the wrecking ball to show up. look at how it's fenced off. it's abandoned. and the concern is that it's going to fall into the ocean. this city now agrees and says it's time for it to go. the city council voted unanimously last night to pay for the demolition. it will cost about $200,000. the owner of the building is not taking responsibility for this
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situation. officials say, because he has declared bankruptcy. meanwhile, the building has sat empty and neglected. >> and you know, you had squatters and i've been out here when people breaking windows inside and people staying in there and stuff. it's just not safe to have it. >> reporter: this cliff has eroded significantly over the past few weeks. officials say the building could fall into the ocean at any time now. that would contaminate it, of course, with just the debris but they're also worried about the lead and asbestos inside the building. engineers say that clean-up would cost more than just demolishing it right now. city officials say this was not an easy decision. this is not easy for the city of pacifica, but they are willing to do it only because the situation is so dire. the work could start next week. that is, if the weather cooperates. live in pacifica, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, thank you. meanwhile, officials in santa cruz county say much of the ground is so saturated, it can't absorb another drop of rain and
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they predict this weekend's storm, thereby be flooding. >> that's right. crews are working overtime trying to clean up roadways, working with pg&e crews who are we pairing downed power poles and keep ago close eye on the san lorenzo river. one resident tells us she hasn't seen the river this high in ten years. north bay, drivers not slowing down a bit on todd road where there have been flooding in the road. on highway 1 near valley road, you can see drivers just made an all too typical mistake. the general rule, remember, if you can't see the yellow line, you have to turn around. this woman became trapped. she was eventually carried to safety by a milk truck delivery man. boats cut loose from tuesday night's storm floundered on the rocks. most of the boats came from sausalito. if you are thinking about heading up to the sr, make other plans. eastbound interstate 80 is closed to certain big rigs near the state lines this morning. it was closed in both directions
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yesterday due to all the snow. trucks blocked most of the freeway until crews were able to tow them out. >> there was just so many accidents. boom, boom. and a semi was always involved. boom, boom, boom. >> what we're going to do is run our graders up there, clean out some spots, get them over to the side, get them to where we can get our equipment moving again. that's the biggest thing, keep our equipment moving, the roads are going to be fine. if you insist on being a part of this mess, chains are required on i-80 right now. you can track the approaching storm with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 news there any time and it will push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone. new this morning, the man in this video wanted for trying to break into a convenience store on new year's eve. the sonoma county sheriff's office posted this video on facebook, it happened at 3:30 a.m. on saturday in windsor, officers say he tried to break in and drove off in a white late model sedan.
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if you recognize him, contact windsor police or the sonoma county sheriff's office. como police need your help to find a man who spat on a pregnant employee at a fast food restaurant. this video was taken inside the popeye's fried chicken restaurant on december 14. it started when he started complaining about his order. he jumped over the counterand then demanded a refund. she gave him the money and he drove off but then for some reason came back, spit in her face, and then left again. 6:05 now in bay area police unions are calling for the removal of student paintings depicting officers in a negative light. our media par p the mercury news, obtained a photo of the painting. it's said to portray social injustice and called untitled number 1. it actually won a congressional art competition last year. this painting, as a result, is now hanging at the u.s. capitol. san jose, oakland, and san francisco police unions are calling on house speaker paul ryan to remove it.
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they say this painting is disrespectful and that it could endanger the lives of officers. an skapd sex offender wanting in washington state is in custody this morning after he made it all the way down here to the bay area. officers arrested 35-year-old george blair at a homeless camp near the north berkeley safeway on tuesday. police say he escaped from a community custody program in spokane in october and had been on the run ever since. he failed to register as a sex offender, following a california conviction in the late '90s. he's being held without bail at the santa rita jail. the white housements to speed up plans for the california's controversial delta tunnels project. there's a $15 billion plan this month. and that is a big step towards construction of the two tunnels that are intended to carry water from the san joaquin delta to the bay area and central valley. critics say diverting that water would hurt fish and wildlife.
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supporters say the tunnels would boost the water supply for 25 million californians. it's been ten years and billions of dollars in bonds meant for flood control and water conservation. still hasn't been spent. what state officials are saying about it now. and with 15 days left until the inauguration, one group plans to give out thousands of joints. the message that they want to send while our next president is being sworn in. and here's a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are keeping track of your weather and traffic and you can too on your screen during the too on your screen during the
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some of our warmest temperatures opt peninsula from 41 to menlo park and then we've got the same temperature in pacifica and daly city. 43 to 46 just about every where else. san jose at 47, mid hops inland east bay. black ice possible in santa rosa. lot of moisture in the air that is now going to freeze on some elevated surfaces. half mile petaluma but notice it's stretching across to napa now so that's going to be around through about 10:00. temperatures the next few days, chilled sunshine, about 50 to 54 today, same tomorrow, and then a
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lot warmer, mid to upper 50s with that rain rolling in saturday. saturday at 8:00, uptick in the winds, they'll be fastest while we're schlepping through 7:00 a.m. sunday morning and then taper about 8:00 sunday evening so that 12-hour time frame when we'll see the biggest potential for damaging winds and power outages. taking a look at that fog in the north bay as well, mike, i have been asking on twitter and facebook if anybody has come across black ice. haven't heard reports of that yet but the brighter the white the denser the fog and pretty thick there, santa rosa down through petaluma and no major delays. down to about 33 miles per hour on southbound 101 just south of petaluma so be on the lookout for that. it could be a little bit longer commute for you this morning. also, b.a.r.t. back on time. we have new issue with vta, about a 20-minute delay for light rail trains due to an earlier electrical power outage. the number of extreme storms here in california is expected to triple by the end of the century. a study out of mit says severe
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precipitation events in this state will become more frequent as earth's scliemt warmtz. researchers say california will experience three times the number of extreme storms and that is if the world's average temperature rises by 4 degrees celsius by 2100. researchers started studying this after the december 2014 storm which dumped 3 inches of rain in just one hour here in the bay area. coming up next, we're going to tell you about this monster to tell you about this monster storm that is coming this i accept i'm not the hiker i was. to tell you about this monster storm that is coming this i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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a quick update for you on a huge oil platform fire this morning in the gulf of mexico. officials now say there is no pollution as a result of the fire, which is very good news. it broke out a few hours ago. we brought it to you as breaking news, happened off the coast of louisiana. the coast guard just put it out and they used these aircraft that they tweeted a picture out here. i reported earlier they rescued four people who jumped off the platform just off the coast of louisiana. they jumped into the waters to escape. also right now, clean gulf, which is an oil spill response organization, wooerp told headed out to the platform just to be sure that there is no oil spill. investigators still looking at a cause. with the big storm headed to the bay area this weekend, roofrz are urging you to check your roof for any leaks now. crews were at a palo alto home
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yesterday putting tarp on the roof to help protect it from leaks. contractors say leaks are not always found in roofs. >> when you have a lot of wind, that can create a lot of different types of leaks, not all necessarily related to the roof. could be window leaks, could be siding and stucco leaks, chimney leaks, things of that nature. >> they also say not to delay when you see the first sign because once the rain comes, that can be disastrous. the approaching storm may force yosemite to close because of flooding. this is video from a flood that caused extensive damage in the late '90s. the damage was so bad, it forced the park to close for two months while they made repairs. officials will decide in the next day or two whether to shut down the park. they're concerned intense rain will bring the river well above flood level. as the bay area gears up for more possible flooding a new
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report shows california is oiting on billions of dollars this unspent bonds that could help ease these concerns. a study from the legislative analyst's office looks back to 2006. that's when california voters approved $42 billion in new infrastructure bonds. ten years later, roughly $7 billion of that has still not been issued. the lead analyst on the research project says ethat doesn't mean the state is ignoring the issue. rather, the projects are complex and the permitting process between federal and state agencies takes time. in this case, a lot of time. a lot of part-time. all right. driving tough yesterday morning, alexis smith tracking our roads today. oh, boy, so much better today. you can see a little bit of sheen on the pavement here at the bay bridge toll plaza, but of course yesterday, oh boy, we had those heavy downpours, that high wind. today much better. so enjoy it while it lasts and those metering lights turned on about 5:29 this morning. not too bad, pretty average. checking our drive times, southbound 680, highway 4 to
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walnut creek just 7 minutes and if you're continuing on westbound 24 to highway 13 that will take you another 9 minutes. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 47 minutes and right around north flynn be on the lookout for a couple big potholes in the two right lanes. let's check in with mike nicco now. we've got about 36 to 48 hour window. here's a look at that opening in the north bay. you can see the lack of clouds but that's why we have fog and temperatures around freezing so black ice possible through about 8:30, 9:00, we'll see increasing sunshine for the rest of us today and it's dry on the san mateo bridge this morning. alexis tells me that traffic is pretty normal. that's moving so slowly to the east. dry this afternoon, increasing sunshine, umbrella, nope, sunglasses, yes. patchy frost tonight, our coldest night, dry tomorrow and then heavy rain and gusty winds this weekend. all right, let's talk about temperatures. 54 in san jose, to half moon bay's 50. those are your extremes. not too extreme today. tonight, much more.
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26 in santa rosa to about 39 in half moon bay. we'll have some 20s in the san ramon valley also so with all that moisture, the frost can be really thick tonight. storm impact scale. let's jump to sunday morning. showers afternoon and evening downpours the winds will strengthen after 7:00. and they'll continue to do so through sunday morning. that's when we'll have our heaviest rain also and that's when we're most likely to have our flooding concerns and damage. lot of snow in the sierra but notice around blue canyon, only about 2 ichlks by 9:00 saturday to about 24 inches in kirkwood. the snow levels are going to be very high. all right so we've got a little bit of rain monday. another storm tuesday. it will be moderate and it will taper into wednesday. i think we have some good news from alexis. let's talk about that toyota tahoe ski report. these base totals, they are double what they were a week ago at some resorts. squaw al pine, north star, and
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heavenly, the only problem is going to be getting there. so chains are required for 89 and 50 and i know a lot of drivers were stranded yesterday with that closure of 80. it's back open today but with restrictions. you have to have those chains. sugar bowl, 41 to 72 base, sierra, and kirkwood, 50 to 79 inch base and i think those totals are going to go up even more once we have the new totals in today. just plan ahead. you've got to drive for conditions. "good morning america" is coming up right here on abc7. >> a look at what's ahead. amy, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, natasha and reggie. coming up next here on "good morning america," donald trump vowing to shab up the cia as he gears up for that briefing on the election hack. as republicans prepare a case to repeal and replace obamacare, our political team's going to break it all down for us this morning and then an abc news exclusive, lyle menendez, one of the two brothers convicted of killing their parents nearly
6:21 am
three decades ago is speaking to abc from behind bars. we're going to tell you what he is saying now and then the super bowl electronics show is kimming off today, we are previewing some of the hottest new gadgets, live in las vegas, not sure exactly what that guy is doing but it looks like he thinks he's flying. >> i do want that robot you just showed, though, because it's like a nanny and also will take a look at your pets when they're at home alone. >> compelling. >> i need that. thank you, amy. the inauguration of donald trump may be infused with marijuana smoke. the dc cannabis coalition plans to hand out more than 4,000 free joints to people at the january 20 event in washington, d.c. and those who light up are asked to do so 4 minutes and 20 seconds into mr. trump's speech. that's, of course, 420, the code for consumption of weed. they are seeking equal rights for cannabis users, growers and their families and hopes to promote the legalization of recreational marijuana at the national level. oakland's new police chief
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has a lot of work ahead of her. everyone knows the cost of living in the bay area is outrageous but a new study just put us on the top of another list that may also drive you list that may also drive you crazy.
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what is going on in georgia? that is a llama on the loose, y'all. the llama made its way through athens, slowing traffic along a busy highway. officers finally corralled the animal outside of a restaurant. workers there got it to settle down by luring the llama with carrots. officers got in touch with the owner who came and picked the animal up. it's unclear how the llama escaped. >> let the llama run free. that's what i say. >> i'm glad you're not in charge. charge. time now to >> "7 on your side's" michael finney has answers. >> when you're looking to buy a new car, how do you know if you're getting a good deal? >> hey, david, that's a great question. the best way to check prices is to go to several different websites.
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kelly blue book is a good one. true car tells you the list price and what people are actually paying in your area. when you grab all that information and put it together and then you'll know basically whaus what you should pay. then it's time to go to the lot or send out e-mails to several lots and ask them to bid for your business. now, another way to handle a car buying situation is to use a car buying service, aaa has one, so does costco, and there are others. they cost a couple of bucks, but they really do take away all the hassle. david, good luck. all right, michael, if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it on social media with #askfinney. you can see your question answered right here. stranded in the sierra, a bay area man is forced to spend the night in the snow. coming up, the warning he has for the rest of us. and the doors officially open at the consumer electronics
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show in vegas this morning. we have scouted out the most interesting products, including a stationary bike for kids. while we're enjoying the dry weather today and tomorrow, watch out for the fog. let's jump ahead to the weekend. let me give you an idea of what to expect. 1 to 3 inches in the santa clara 1 to 3 inches in the santa clara valley, 4
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good morning, it's 6:29 thursday, january 5. >> i'm natasha zouves and we have the whole team, jessica castro, good morning, alexis smith and mike nicco, bringing us one or two dry days. >> yeah, couple of days before the big hammer drops. the anticipation, the anxiety, absolutely. we'll start with what's going on this morning. too much moisture in the north bay, no cloud cover, fog forming, it's been less than a quarter of a mile in some areas and temperatures hovering around freezing so watch out for black ice on elevated surfaces. the rest of us doing okay this morning. here in san jose, 280 and 17, the streets are damp. 35 to 48 this morning. near 50 throughout the afternoon hours, 50s and 40s again at 7:00. we'll talk more about the big storm coming up next. how's the commute? hasn't been too bad, especially when you consider how it was yesterday and how it's going to be on the roads this weekend. i do want to take you out to the
6:31 am
central valley, westbound 580, we've had a couple issues so the crash at grant line road is gone but at north flynn, we've got a couple big hot holes in the far right lane and we've got a four car crash on the right shoulder so some stop and go traffic at about 47 minutes through that stretch and so far we're looking okay although we do have some stop and go traffic here at walnut creek, southbound 680, no blocking issues there. couple of problems with mass transit this morning. i'll talk about those next. work to prepare for this weekend's major soaking has to happen right now and that is especially true in the victsant cruz mountains. >> flooding could be a real problem there. matt keller is watching that for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. here in ben lomond, they get more rain than any other town here in the santa cruz mountains so everybody gets prepared, there's an ace hardware store igt up highway 9 here and a lot of people will be headed there today and tomorrow to get ready for the weekend's storms. the people with bigger tools,
6:32 am
they are already working to clear mud slides off of roadways, also working with pg&e and the rising water of the san lorenzo river has residents concerned. >> it's hard because when it's consistent, the trees kind of lose their ability to root and so that's when we see a lot of the slides and the trees going down. but you know, we'll buckle down and light a fire and bear through it. >> reporter: yeah, there have been and will be plenty of road closures because of flooding. this example is in gilroy. the creek overflowed, closing silvas crossing and christmas hill park. for people up there, they're used to this weather, they're tough people, all they do is get ready, prepare, and that's all they need to do to get through the weekend and these storms. matt, thank you. and all the rain has pushed the left lane reservoir in santa cruz to capacity. officials provided the video.
6:33 am
they say the reservoir began spelling yesterday morning. loch lomond is the only drinking water reservoir for the city of santa cruz. city leaders say having the reservoir full is certainly a good way to start the new year. if you want to track the weather where you live, you can use the abc7 news app. i look on my phone. be sure to enable push alerts so we can send you weather advisories. developing news in concord, residents of a an apartment complex hit by a fire are waking up without water and power. 20 adults and 10 children managed to escape the fire last night. four units were burned. an some residents had to make a harrowing escape. >> we had two females who have been transported to the local hospital to get checked out for some minor injuries. and that's because they went out the rear window. >> pg&e had to cut off gas and electricity to four other units at that complex and the cause of
6:34 am
the fire still under investigation. san francisco firefighters had to do a remarkable thing last night, pull off a rescue at a b.a.r.t. station and you're going to see photos here of firefighters carrying a man up the stairs at the b.a.r.t. 24th street station. now, that man somehow got wedged, if you can imagine this, between the platform and a train last night. this is just inches of space. firefighters had to use air bags to get the car off of the man. >> it comes out as a flat pillow, it's a very large, it's called air bags but they're very large, about 16 by 16 inches. and they can move 20,000 pounds. >> a witness tells abc7 news the man appeared to be drunk and stumbled in front of the car. that incident happened at 6:15 right in the middle of the rush hour and that caused major delays for the commute. macy's is closing 68 stores and cutting thousands of jobs as part of a reorganization. the company released a list of stores yesterday, all bay area stores will stay open.
6:35 am
in san francisco, the building that houses the men's store at union squau square and the macy's will be sold and leased back to the company. the closings are among the 100 store closures announced in august following disappointing holiday sales, roughly 10,000 jobs will be cut. oakland's new police chief knows that she has a big job in front of her. she's going to need to prove herself to the rank and file while working to reform the department. the selection of anne kirkpatrick was welcomed by the police union. she brings 34 years of law enforcement experience to oakland and has a history of leading reform efforts in chicago and spokane. leaders wanted to find a chief who could change the culture of the force. >> i don't consider it a mess. it's an opportunity. okay? and it's all about going forward. the it's about going from good to great. >> kirkpatrick's contract still needs to be approved by the city and that is expected to be a
6:36 am
done deal. she's going to start next month and expects to live in oakland, which is unlike some of her pred ses tors. the santa cruz county sheriff's office needs your help finding this man, 80-year-old ray moore, missing since tuesday night. he walked away from the cherry veil avenue neighborhood. now, moore was last seen wearing a blue robe, jeans, and slippers. if you've seen him, please call the sheriff's department. an arizona police officer caught on camera approximate punching a woman in the face resigned just hours before the department was about to fire him. here's a cell phone video from november. it shows the altercation. the flag staff police department was going to fire the officer yesterday. you're going to see the pench right there. he called in the morning to resign before they actually got a chance to cut him from the force. the officer claims that he was defending himself. he says that the woman kicked him first. she is denying that. no charges have been filed as two investigations are right now underway. an experienced outdoorsman is now warning everyone, including other hikers, that
6:37 am
they can get into big trouble when the bad weather hits and he knows this firsthand. a search and rescue team found eric van wambeke tuesday morning. he facesed major challenges after getting disoriented during a snowstorm in the hills of calaveras county on monday. hensz he did have enough tools, though, to help keep him alive and he reminds otherwise to always be prepared. >> i had a compass with me. i mean, i had intended to have the stuff to start a fire. i had first aid kit. i had extra clothing. i was as prepared as really i could have been for just going out on a day hike. recognizing that having that stuff with you really makes a big difference. >> he says even on a short hike, you need to bring along all of your emergency supplies. today, president obama's going to receive his first briefing on a classified report detailing russia's alleged role in cyber attacks during elections. president-elect donald trump is going to receive that same briefing tomorrow. mr. trump has said that he does not believe the intelligence
6:38 am
community's conclusion that russia is guilty of cyber attacks. a south san francisco lawmakerments california to be more relevant in the election process and is proposing to move up the presidential primary. assemblyman kevin mollen plans to introduce a bill that would move our primary from june to march. for all intents and purposes, the primary race was decided well before california voters got a chance to go to the polls. interestingly, this has been tried before. in 2008, lawmakers moves the primary to february and then promptly moved it right back. well, the annual consumer electronics show officially opens today in las vegas and there's already a lot of buzz building about some of the advances in tech that will be unveiled. the amazon echo, of course, the popular gift over the holidays will now cars will start talking to one another too. the new vehicle to vehicle technology is aimed at avoiding collisions by warning drivers about stoplights. one drawback to all this new connectivity is a loss of
6:39 am
privacy. consumer reports says to pay attention to how the data is used after it's collectsed. now there is more from ces coming up in just a few minutes, some of the top tech toys for kids. good morning. remember the big drop in temperatures we talked about yesterday. here they are from 7 in antioch to 17 in santa rosa. palo alto to 9 in san jose. where's that put us? a lot of low to mid 40s until you get to the north bay. freezing cold and we do have thick fog up there so black ice is possible through 9:00. you can see the colder dryer air pushing in as our camera bounces because of those breezes. still a few slick spots on our spreets this morning so take caution there. activity planner shows tranquil weather if you're going to be on the water and out and about. it's a little cool this morning, dress warmer. sfo, no delays right now. we're going to be in the low to mid 50s today and again
6:40 am
tomorrow, increasing sunshine today, increasing clouds tomorrow and then a dumping of rain starting saturday. i'll have more on that next. we are enjoying those calm conditions for right now. of course, yesterday at this time we just had a ton of rain and standing water on the bay bridge. this morning, we're just seeing that stack-up there at the toll plaza so those metering lights on at 5:29 this morning. i don't think we're back at our full post-holiday volumes. a lot of folks taking this week. if you're riding san francisco bay ferry, leaving from vallejo, the 6:00 and 6:30 riders, you're already on the bus. 8:30 a.m. trip will also be replaced by bus and 2:0 and 5:50 this afternoon from san francisco to vallejo also replaced by buses. the alameda/oakland trip will not happen today, that is canceled due to mechanical issues and vta have fixed an electrical power outages but still about a 20-minute delay if you're riding a light rail train
6:41 am
this morning. this is not the toy bike we all grew up, how fisher price is fusing technology with exercise to keep your child happy and hopefully healthy. hopefully healthy. >> and something happened with
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we are a military family. they travel a lot. every four years when we got re-stationed you think it's going to be the biggest change in your life but there's always more changes to come. the first thing that we would do when we would get into our new place was set up the beds. and when i go to t.j.maxx i buy good quality things that are going to last a long time.
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everything i get there, i get at a lower price. shopping at t.j.maxx is always like a bonding experience. discover real value worth sharing. i just think that home, it's wherever your family is. maxx life at t.j.maxx. that breaking news is coming in from turkey.
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just into our live desk, ten people hurt after an explosion in the city of izmir, which is on the western coast of turkey right near the mediterranean sea. they think it was a car bomb set in front of a courthouse. one person said to be in very serious condition. there was also some sort of shootout. two suspects were killed. a third is on the loose. this comes just days after 39 people were killed in a nightclub attack in istanbul during new year's celebrations. isis claimed responsibility for those attacks. rejny, natasha, to you. on to developing news now. the red tagged apartment building in pacifica, you can see teetering on the crumbling cliff is coming down. >> the city is going to have to pay to demolish this. amy hollyfield is live with what happens next. >> reporter: they say they're doing it because this building could collapse any minute. you can see they have it fenced off. it is abandoned. walk this way. you see the ocean view is
6:45 am
blocked by a protective fence. but now, the city is ready to take this one step further. the cliff is eroding quickly, especially over the last several weeks. officials are worried pieces of it will fall into the ocean, pieces of the building, and contaminate it with lead and asbestos. the property owner is not going to pay for the demolition. he has declared bankruptcy, so the city of pacifica has decided to do it. >> this is not simple for the city to do, and in fact, if the implications of having it fall to the beach weren't so dire, in other words, the cost being so much higher, we would not be taking these actions. >> reporter: this demolition will cost the city about $200,000. that will come out of the discretion fund. the city council voted unanimously to do this. this will be the third apartment building here on esplanade here in pacifica to be demolished. the work could start next week. that is if the weather cooperates. live in pacifica, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
6:46 am
muni officials in san francisco are still trying to fix the system that tells customers when the next bus will arrive. muni next has been on the fritz since tuesday. officials say the electronic signs have been underestimating or rather overestimating wait times for customers. providers of the service are now checking it out. officials say in the meantime, you can follow muni on twitter or subscribe to text message alerts to get the correct arrival times. it turns out fewer people are taking caltrain between san francisco and santa clara county. ridership is down for the first time in six years. officials say crowded trains during the morning and evening commutes are turning people away. average weekday ridership dropped nearly 2% in november. caltrain is trying to find ways to make the commute more relaxing and less crowded for people. adding new stops in april. if you're looking to buy a used car, you may want to look outside of the bay area. a new report finds san
6:47 am
francisco, oakland, and san jose are the most expensive places to buy a used car. the average price? nearly $9,500. the least expensive place to buy a used car in the u.s. is the cleveland metro area, $5,200 is the average there. the study by insta motors only includes cars for sale by owners and not from dealerships. google is in a dispute with the u.s. labor department and stationary bikes with ipads for your kids? jane king live at the nasdaq in our morning money report. >> good morning. yes, the labor department trying to bar google from doing business with the federal government unless it turns over confidential information about thousands of its employees. so it alleges that google has repeatedly refused to provide the labor department with this information. they want to ensure that the company isn't discriminating against workers based on gender or race. google says it has provided hundreds of thousands of records to comply with the requests already. and apple investing $1 billion
6:48 am
in a massive tech fund is run by japan's soft bank which has gotten more attention lately due to president-elect trump. the money will be used to fund promising emerging technologies and fish eprice launching a high-tech exercise bike for kids, the think and learn smart cycle, an exercise bike with a tablet holder tacked on to the handle bar. it does cost $150 and is a little expensive there for the kids. okay, we do have stocks this morning. quiet. the dow's down 2. s&p down a fraction. nasdaq is higher. the retailers especially under some pressure here today as they've -- many of them issuing disappointing holiday sales. . does fisher price make that if you're 6'4"? asking for a friend. >> you know, they have those for adults. they're there. googling now. thank you, jane. stationary bike? maybe not your thing? this is called lego boost, debuting at ces as well.
6:49 am
this is building and coding. it's a set that lets kids build five different smart toy models with the help of sensors and motors. users will also need to download an app featuring dozens of coding activities to help enhance the se the lego boost will be available later this year for $160. connor cook set to start this weekend. he says he is confident taking the field in his first start ever in the nfl. >> you just go out there and play really. you always have the nerves leading up to the game and once you get out there and have a couple snaps and get hit, get knocked down, the stuff goes away and you start to play ball. >> he's a confident young man. cook's first action as a pro came when matt mcgloin got hurt in denver on saturday. the raiders hope to get mcgloin healthy enough to be cook's back-up this weekend. raider nation, you can watch abc7. we're going to have live coverage of the game between the raiders and texans starting at noon on saturday.
6:50 am
kickoff is at 1:20 is all of it is here on abc7. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman will have reports from houston on saturday plus a complete wrap-up with live post-game interviews after the game. the 49ers will interview two members of the green bay packers staff for the role of general manager. eliot wolf is the packers director of football operations, brian gutekunst is the director of player personnel. each of them have been with the green bay packers for more than a decade now. yesterday, the niners interviewed anthony lynn, the buffalo bills running back coach. more are scheduled for next weekend and this week to find a replacement. you need to start paying attention to our weather. it's going to be a downpour like we haven't seen in a while. >> hope people realize it in my years here that i don't hype things and when i do really talk about something, really me that, you know, something significant is going to happen. and that's what happened the
6:51 am
last couple days up in the sierra. they're not slopes here. really worried about avalanches. wait until they get the dumping of heavy wet snow. slow clearing but where it has cleared out up in the north bay, temperatures in the 30s, fog, possibility of black size until about 9:00. clearance going to take place from north to south today as drier air rushes in, maybe a little breezy from time to time but nothing too aggressive. patchy frost tonight, our coldest night, dry tomorrow and heavy rain and windy conditions this weekend. temperatures from 54 at san jose on the high end to 50 at half moon bay to lake port at about 48 degrees. now tonight, 20s in our north bay valley, san ramon valley, low to upper 30s for the rest of us. storm impact scale let's just start talking about saturday. morning showers but afternoon downpours. the winds will strengthen during the evening and overnight hours, the strongest part of the storm will be sunday morning so we'll wake up in the heart or the eye of the storm, if you will.
6:52 am
with the flooding concerns and the wind damage being greatest during the morning into the afternoon hours. let me show you a quick look at how much rain i'm thinking. 4 to 8 inches, santa cruz mountains, flooding, debris flows, 2 to 4 for the rest of us, approxima3 to 5 up in the n mountains, some possibilities of rocks and mud sliding there. this will linger into monday. tuesday's storms are moderate, linger into wednesday as light. taking a look at our traffic maps, not too many major issues this morning. one of the bigger problems has been potholes. if you're leaving the central valley, westbound 580, two of them reported in the two right lanes. sounds like that did cause a couple flat tires and you are slow as usual leaving tracy down to about 10 miles an hour but overall not terrible. averaging about 45 minutes on your trip into dublin. golden gate bridge moving along just fine this morning. southbound 101, you could come across some pretty thick fog and some chilly temperatures too. santa rosa down to petaluma, hovering around freezing so black ice is a possibility but
6:53 am
we haven't gotten reports of that. westbound 80, 14 across the bay bridge this morning and southbound 101, you are in the green at 10 minutes. we're coming back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. but first, our instagram picture of the day. follow us at abc7 news bay area and you can see a lot more great photos like these. if you want to share your photos if you want to share your photos and
6:54 am
6:55 am
it's 6:55. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here's seven things you need to know before you go. take a deep breath today and tomorrow before the big storm moves in. creek, stream, river, roads, they're all going to flow weekend. downed trees and power outages most likely sunday. number two, people across the bay area will be taking advantage of today's drier weather to get ready for the weekend storms. in the santa cruz mountains, they're going to be preparing for mud slides, homeowners in other areas are advised to clear culverts and prepare to hunker down for a few days. number three, we are enjoying it while it's dry for right now. maybe just a little sheen on the bay bridge toll plaza. vehicle with i would say hazards on the right shoulder that's being reported as a hit and run collision. yes, those metering lights on but not too bad of a commute. number four, from the live desk, two men and two women are
6:56 am
in custody, accused of beating a special needs man and treeming it live on facebook. police just said charges against the teens will come down soon but don't think it was racially motivated. the victim is recovering. number five, san francisco firefighters are being praised this morning for quick thinking to save a man pinned between a b.a.r.t. car and a platform at the 24th street station. they used small air bags to lift the car enough for firefighters to get that man out. old man winter putting a kink in the travel plans, for anyone flying through denver today, look at this. crews are deicing planes on the runway at denver international right now. they say 145 flights have already been canceled this morning. number seven, this baby goat is now back where he belongs with his mama. deputies spotted the little goat running around yesterday. he eventually found him hiding underneath a nearby car. >> oh, simba circle of life baby goat situation there. so cute.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. shakeup at the cia? new reports president-elect trump wants to make big changes as the top spy agency as he's prepared to brief obama and trump on the russian hacking, outlining specific connections to putin. winter wallop. 35 states on alert. wild weather coast to coast. snow and ice targeting the eastern seaboard as whiteout conditions lead to pileups like this and dangerous driving conditions across the midwest. airlines already cancelling flights. one-two weather punch on the way. shocking assault live-streamed. on facebook. attackers hold a man hostage, make reference to the president-elect. >> [ bleep ] donald trump. >> was it a hate crime? four suspects now in custody and an investigation under way.


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