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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we are tracking several breaking news stories this morning, including an officer involved shooting in san francisco. we are live at the scene on capitol avenue. and a three-alarm fire in oakland, crews now have the upper hand but not before two people were injured. and most of the bay area waking up under a freeze warning this morning. we are tracking the cold plus a tough friday morning commute. and we begin with that police shooting in san francisco. >> it happened on capitol avenue just a short time ago and abc7 news reporter lonnie riviera is nearby in >> reporter: we're here. you can see the police lights down the street. this is what i'm hearing from witnesses this hour. about 4:30 this morning, police were trying to apprehend someone inside of a mouhouse here and w that happened, they say that they used pepper spray and somehow the police officers were
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struck with the pepper spray as well during that. ten minutes later, a witness tells me, after they used the pepper spray, the man went back inside the house, they tried to approach him again, and that's when there was some sort of struggle. minutes after that, a person told me that the individual -- shots were fired. that person, he said he saw them taking him away in an ambulance and as of right now, police are still on the scene. no word on the suspect, why they were trying to arrest this man in the beginning, and no word on how those officers are doing, but police are still here on scene, and we are at the top of this hill where you can see the police cars down at the bottom. on capitol avenue-ye, we're liv here. we do want to get back to our other breaking news this morning. a dangerous fire breaking out in oakland. >> amy hollyfield is live on the
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scene. >> reporter: hi, i was just giving an update. we've got some changes from earlier reports. now we've got one injury. earlier it was reported as two. it's not smoke inhalation. it was a cut leg. the situations are fluid. firefighters trying to figure out what happened. i do want to get right to the video so you can see how big this fire was and what they had to deal with when they got on scene. 14 people have been displaced by this fire. the red cross is here helping them. six apartment units were damaged. the call came in at 4:12 this morning and they told us originally, an electric blanket was on fire. i now have a correction for that. they're saying it was a blanket that was ignited by a wall furnace. so a little change there. and then one person hurt. when firefighters arrived, they say it was really going. >> at approximately 5:12 this morning, we received a phone call of one of the residents saying that their electric blanket was on fire. first crews that arrived on the
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scene here on harrison street found an apartment on the first floor fully engulfed. the fire extended to the second and third floor. >> reporter: that call actually came in at 4:12 this morning. here's a live look now at the situation. the building was safely evacuated. firefighters did help people, went door to door, made sure everyone was awake, and evacuated, got them down the stairs safely but most people self-evacuated okay, but now the aftermath of trying to recover things, if possible, but six units damaged, 14 people trying to figure out now where to go, and firefighters now trying to figure out the official cause, but it did come in as a blanket that had been ignited by a wall furnace. it's very cold, so obviously everyone all bundled up and have those furnaces, space heaters going. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. well, have you checked your car this morning? some drivers will have to get to
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work this morning clearing off the ice off their vehicles and here's what it looked like in downtown walnut creek overnight. thin layer of ice covering all those cars at a dealership on north main street. video was taken around 3:00 this morning so you may want to give yourself some extra time to deice your car before hitting the road this morning the cold will give way to rain, wind, and snow over the next few days. the santa cruz mountains could get the brunt of this weekend's heavy rainfall. that has emergency officials preparing for the possibility of evacuations there. the u.s. geological survey has 70 monitors along the san lorenzo river. the river level could easily hit 16 to 19 feet over the weekend. >> we'll see flows that we haven't seen in this area for in excess of 10 to perhaps 15 years. >> we're talking well beyond flood stage? >> most likely to hit flood stage. >> county officials say they will be able to give residents anywhere from 3 to 24 hours' notice if they need to evacuate. they will be on alert for mud slides and road damages by the
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rainfall. flooding is also a big concern for those who live along the yuba river. take a look at this time lapse video. while many may be planning to head for higher ground, this woman and her family plan to stay put. they live right next door to the levy. in fact, she says she has lived in this area through through year floods, but as we mentioned, it's cold outside. got to check on that with meteorologist mike nicco. we'll talk more about the flooding potential coming up. first thing is the freezing cold temperatures and the thick frost it's leaving in the north bay valleys. this is until 9:00. you'll need to keep the plants, the pets, and the pipes protected. the good news, look at that on live doppler 7. no fog. 24 to 41 is your temperature and some black ice this morning. increasing clouds, dress for highs mainly in the mid to upper 40s, some sprinkles are coming in by 7:00 and when this storm
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starts, it's not going to last until -- it's not going to stop until monday morning. more on that next, more on the black ice. black ice has been a major problem this morning for folks leaving the central valley and heading towards altamont pass. we had as many as 12 vehicles involved in spinout crashes, slideoffs early this mornin. they're all cleared from the roadway now but we're having a tough time bouncing back, so proad and north flynn, we're looking at well over an hour if you're trying to get from tracy to dublin. we also have reports of black ice northbound on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. that's near alma bridge road and that is in the far right lane so kailt on their way to check on that. we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up next. breaking news, a missing man from so cal has been found dead. >> very sad information. police have said they found the body of 80-year-old ray moore in a creek bed near santa cruz. i want to show you a picture of
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that man. he had been missing for quite some time. they tell us they found him yesterday and an investigation is now underway. at this point, they think his death was an accident. moore had been missing since tuesday night. his wife actually woke up, said that he and his truck were gone and she reported him missing. his truck was towed off the road early wednesday morning but they just found his body yesterday in a wooded area. he was down an embankment. that information just coming to our news room. they think it was an accident, but they are waiting for autopsy results to make that official. san francisco's computer aided dispatch or c.a.d. system is fully operational now. it actually shut down around midnight because of a power outage. police were forced to use two-way radios and phones to communicate. the actual 911 system we are told was never compromised. the c.a.d. system was fully restored around 3:00 this morning. already planning your summer vacation?
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the new flights being added at the oakland airport to you won't need a connection to the east quos. and a 13-year-old dog ends up stranded in this icy river. up stranded in this icy river. a good samaritan who called
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easier to tell you the cities or neighborhoods that aren't freezing in the north bay. san rafael, 36. everybody else, freezing cold. look at that, 25 degrees. we've got 32 in cupertino, 20s through the san ramon valley out towards brentwood. temperatures today, 49 to 52 with increasing cloud cover. let's go over our flash flood watch. 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through 7:00 sunday up in the north bay, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through 11:00 sunday. streams and rivers overflowing, debris flows in the santa cruz mountains. in fact, wait until you see the rainfall potential. it is scary for the santa cruz mountains. i'll have that next. 4:00 a.m. saturday to 7:00 a.m. sunday, damaging winds possible. power lines, they're coming down. alexis. okay. that is not going to be fun this weekend. also, could have a tough commute in some areas. looking pretty typical here at
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the bay bridge toll plaza. we have had those metering lights on since about 5:32 this morning and it is 15 minutes across the bay bridge right now. and wanted to show you some drive times here as well. no issues if you're coming through the walnut creek stretch on southbound 680 or westbound 24. check this one out. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 1 hour 28 minutes, we've had several slideoffs and several collisions this morning. reportedly due to black ice. so, we've got those in the clearing stages now but really slow down and take it easy. and i just got a new report of some black ice in napa county so we'll talk about that next. it is hard not to be touched by this image, the poor old dog shivering in that frozen pond. >> don't worry because he's okay. he was rescued by the firefighters here in madison county, iowa. they were called to the scene monday after a passer by heard the black labradoodle barking in distress and you can see firefighters used a small woet both to rescue the dog. he was treated and reunited with his owner. it's not clear how the dog became stranded. >> i'm glad he's okay. still to come, a new report
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a private funeral service was held yesterday for carrie fisher and her mother, debbie reynolds. took place at the gated beverly
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hills compound where they lived. stars, including meryl streep, meg ryan, were among the celebrities who attended. fisher die on december 27 four days after suffering cardiac arrest. her mother died the next day. people on the peninsula and the south bay living in the path of a concierge airline are going to be once again dealing with the noise. santa monica based surf air has been flying in and out of the san carlos general aviation airport since 2013. but the noise from the planes drew thousands of complaints from san mateo county. surf air began flying over an alternative bay route but they say it is no longer an option. it will have to fly the original route. the raiders may be down another key player when they take the field against the texans in houston tomorrow. all pro tackle donald penn is recovering from a knee injury. his main job is to protect
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rookie quarterback connor cook. cook has to start of injuries to derek carr and his back-up matt mcgloin. the raiders game is on abc7 tomorrow. our wayne freedman is heading to houston for the wild card game against the texans. live coverage starts at noon here on abc7. wayne will have reports from texas tomorrow. i'm sure he'll get the latest on the best barbecue in houston as well. plus he'll have a complete wrap-up with live post-game interviews on after the game. if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint when you drive, you're going to want to head to the south bay this weekend. the silicon valley auto show now underway in san jose. one green car is getting a lots of attention and that is the new chevy bolt ev. an all-electric small kosover suv. it can get 238 miles on a full charge and that driving range is similar to tesla but half the price. our own jonathan bloom took it for a test drive. >> reporter: bolt is designed to feel like driving a regular car
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but when you drive it a little differently, that's where some of the real possibilities happen. there's a little paddle right here that drivers will soon learn to love. >> the paddle is used to slow down the car and recharge the battery when you drive. the bolt ev costs about $30,000. well, too bad out there on the roads thoday your not havin very much fun when you're driving. good morning. we're hearing about some pretty icy conditions in many spots and yeah, makes sense, we've got some really chilly temperatures out there this morning too. the latest spot is in napa county so we have some ice reported along with a slideoff in the 1500 block of arnold drive. so really just want you to slow down, use caution, and many of these spots here this morning, you're not going to have much o a choice. you're going to have to go slow. westbound 580 leaving the central valley, several spinout crashes there around north flynn and grant line road. pretty hefty drive times and
6:19 am
northbound 17 in the santa cruz mountains right around alma bridge road we have more glies reported in the far right lane and mike nicco, you saw some on 24 around caldecott. >> before i could even react, i hit it and i was off it just like that. of course, i was doing 65 miles per hour and i was doing the speed limit. conditions warranted because everything was dry until i hit that patch. the only reason i knew is because the steering wheel just jerked a little bit but for the other folks, not so lucky. here's a look at some of the high clouds coming in. that black ice will be around until 9:00. 32 degrees in san jose. you can see the sunrise. so cold before the storm today, weekend, flooding rain, damaging wind. by 9:00 tonight, you need the umbrella on the peninsula and out towards the coast. by midnight, you can already see moderate rain and forms of yellow and oranges there. becoming heavy tomorrow morning and then they start to taper by about 9:00 to just some scattered waves of showers, light to moderate, until it gets heavy again about 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow hooechk and it just continues to be heavy for about
6:20 am
12 to 13 hours and then starts to slide ever so slowly south from mid-morning to the afternoon hours. rainfall estimates just incredible amounts, 8 to 10 inches in the south bay, 3 to 5 inches for the rest of us and if you're heading to the sierra, another 2 feet possible tomorrow. wow. are those bases going to get even higher. you might have been watching them climb several feet this week. >> yeah. toyota tahoe report, mike, i think a lot of skiers and snow boarders are going to be happy with these base totals. the problem is going to be getting there. today, not quite as treacherous. squaw alpine, 60 to 117 inch base. that is way up. north star, 50 to 91 inch base and heavenly, 41 to 76 inch base. we still have chains required for 89 but 50, no chains required. same thing goes for 80. don't have the chain requirements here this morning that we had yesterday. diamond peak, 30 to 72 inches and mt. rose way up as well and
6:21 am
81 inch base, looks like today might be the day to travel. speaking of travel, oakland international airport continuing to expand its route, now adding a cross-country flight. southwest is starting daily nonstop flights to newark. beginning on june 4. if you're thinking, how many people are actually traveling out there? airport officials say more than 650 passengers every day make a flight connection or leave from other bay area airports for a flight to newark. forget about those glowing reports of how well california's kindergarten through 12th grade students are doing. golden state schools have a solid c minus, 40th overall among the 50 states. 41st in conditions that help children succeed, 39th in school finance, and 30th in achievement. a spokesman for state school superintendent said the report relied on old data and that state cools are actually thriving. there's a major cell phone
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happening today, san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to make history by appointing the city's first openly hiv-positive supervisor. jeff sheehy will be named to the district aide seat. this picture is from his twitter page. he will represent the castro, noye valley, and the boast triangle neighborhoods. the mayor is expected to make the official announcement this morning at 11:00. today, chuck from fremont has a question about home prices. >> are housing prices going to stabilize and fall down any time soon, or are will they continue to rise? we would like to see more friends and family get houses. >> all right, chuck, it was great meeting you at the ask finney event down there in fremont. no one has a crystal ball, so in the short-term, anything could
6:26 am
happen. for instance, marin county sales have just dropped back in price a little bit while sales throughout most of the bay area continue to rise. next month, that could flip-flop. if the past is any guide, over the long-term, prices will continue to rise. here in the bay area, it's important to get in and buy a home as soon as you can. this is one of the most desirable places to live on earth, and it is easy to wait too long and lose out on home ownership, so think about it when it's your time and you have the money, jump in. you're going to look like a genius in about three or four years. sounds good. if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it on social media with the #askfinney so we can find it or go to a major cell phone carrier is offering to pay you back if you don't use all of your monthly data. more on that coming up. we're also tracking breaking news in san francisco. we just got an update on that
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officer-involved shooting in capitol avenue. we are live at the scene in just moments. steps are being taken in the east bay to help prevent another prajic fire like the one at the ghost ship warehouse, how city leaders want to help building owners and artists. plus yahoo, their finance division, saying oops, and sorry this morning for an offensive tweet. i'll explain next. i wanted to give you biggest concerns for this weekend's storm. the number one, and it's a high concern. and that is the possibility of stream and creek flooding. it's going to happen, so is debris flows on burn scars, hydroplane is going to happen, hydroplane is going to happen,
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it is 6:30 and we are tracking breaking news in san francisco. an officer-involved shooting. >> let's get right to abc7 news reporter lonnie riviera in the city's ocean view neighborhood. lonnie? >> reporter: yes, matt and natasha, you can see there's still some police officers here on scene. we're at montana avenue and capitol and you can see a couple of the cars that were here earlier left the scene but here's what we know. about two hours ago, police were trying to arrest someone at a home here on capitol avenue. during the that attempt to try to arrest this person, there was some sort of struggle involved. now, we're hearing from witnesses, pepper spray was
6:31 am
used. police officers left the house, came back, made another attempt to try to arrest this individual. there was another struggle. at some point, the individual was injured. he was taken away. eventually surroundeendered but police are still here on scene gathering all the facts so still a lot of questions we don't know. we did notice a number of cars leaving the scene but there's still a few down the hill here gathering all the information. we're live here, lonnie riviera, abc7 news now let's get back to our other breaking news this morning, a dangerous fire in oakland. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live on that scene on harrison street near 580. amy? >> reporter: natasha, we're now getting an idea of just how scary it was for the residents as they tried to escape this fire. look at the video and you can imagine how difficult it was to get out of this situation. there was a three-story
6:32 am
apartment building. the call came in at 4:12 this morning. one resident told us about his efforts to get himself and his girlfriend to safety. >> in the bedroom, we kicked out the window, started yelling for help. the firemen came down the alleyway there, were great, really responsive and told us just to hang tight and they took care of the fire and escorted us out. >> reporter: he did cut his leg when he kicked out that window. he said he couldn't get out the wind because there were bars on it but he kicked it out so he could get some air into the home for them. two people did suffer from smoke inhalation, minor injuries, though, no one transported to the hospital. firefighters say 14 people were displaced by this fire, six units were damaged. right now, some people are being allowed back inside to try and retrieve some of their belongings or they say mostly it's covered with soot or it's wet. they do believe that this fire started from a wall furnace catching a blanket that was on a bed on fire. live in oakland, amy hollyfield,
6:33 am
abc7 news. yeah, a lot of people trying to stay warm overnight because we do have a freeze warning throughout the bay area this morning. >> this is the freeze before the storms to come this weekend. meteorologist mike nicco tracking that. >> this is san jose this morning, layers of thick frost as the temperatures hovering around 31 to 32 degrees so that freeze warning continues. let me show you what i had to wake up to and maybe some of you. i that i had thick frost on my car and it was 25 degrees. this, you cannot get off with a credit card. you've got to have a real ice scraper and protect your pets, plants, and pipes in the north bay through 9:00. quick look at temperatures today, starting off in the 20s and 30s, end up in the 40s with sunshine this morning. clouds this afternoon. sprinkles this evening. to heavy rain tomorrow. we'll talk more about that but we do have black ice out there in some spots. yeah, we sure do and we've had a lot of reports of that in central valley, so tracy, making your way into dublin and go new
6:34 am
crashes for you on westbound 205, grant line road, sounds like we have the right lane blocked there. another one near mountain house parkway off on the shoulder and slow after that once you continue towards altamont pass and we had several spinout crashes earlier this morning near north flynn so really heavy traffic if you're leaving tracy, heading to dublin, that is close to 1 hour 30 minutes. thank you, alexis. well, in the north bay, the incoming storm is worrying a lot of residents and business owners. many are taking advantage of dry weather to prepare. in san anselmo, employees had to move merchandise of the ground. big concern is the creek. it rose quickly last month. >> we live on the creek so we were watching it rise and we kept watching it go higher and higher in our backyard. so yeah, it was pretty scary. >> yeah, homeowners told us there's not much they can do to fend off the water besides using
6:35 am
sandbags. >> with the risk of flooding looming, residents of a morgan hill rv park have until tonight to evacuate. abc7 news was at the thousand trails rv park on uvas road as people started leaving last night. the park sits along uvas creek and that could overflow this weekend. tenants say they do appreciate is advance notice considering how much time they were given during last year's storms. >> we had a ten-minute flood warning on a sunday. we were on our way in and they were just blocked the driveway and everybody was evacuating. >> ten-minute warning is tough. the property owner says everyone has to be out by 5:00 today. displaced tenants have the option of staying at another rv park in san benito. a lot of bay area stations have sandbag filling stations. we have a list of locations on our website, and you can track the approaching storm with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 there any time. enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. on other local news, san
6:36 am
francisco's computer aided dispatch or c.a.d. system is now fully operational. it actually shut down around midnight because of a power outage and police were forced to use two-way radios and phones to communicate. the police department says the actual 911 system was never compromised. the c.a.d. system was fully restored around 3:00 this morning. developing news in the south bay. police are searching for the gunman who killed two men and wurned a third at a san jose taqueria. shots were fired on south sunset avenue in story road just before 8:00 last night. two of the men died at the scene. the third was taken to the hospital. a woman who worked next door told us what she saw. >> well, she was a customer, i think she's related to one of the victims. she was screaming and she got a phone call, i'm guessing from family member, letting her know what was going on. and she ran outside screaming, like saying no, and just panicking. >> yeah, last check, the man in the hospital was stable, neither a motive nor the victims'
6:37 am
identities have been released. and sfpd looking for the driver who rammed into the back of a car and took off dragging a woman about five feet. officers tell us that the driver of the suv hit the parked car as people were unloading groceries from it. a woman who confronted the driver was dragged a short distance. the driver will eventually be charged with felony hit and run if and when he is caught. the suspect's car should have moderate damage in the front and the aid. an east bay state senator plans to introduce legislation to help artists comply with construction codes. the goal is preventing another ghost ship warehouse tragedy. state senator nancy skinner wants to give building inspectors expanded authority to enter properties. the legislation would also provide loans to help building owners meet safety codes. the december 2 fire inside the converted east oakland warehouse killed 36 people. investigators still have not determined the cause. happening today, landlords are fighting back. an association represented them plans to sue the city of richmond over a voter-approved rent control measure.
6:38 am
an attorney for the california apartment association claims that measure l that was passed in november is unconstitutional for several reasons, including that the mandate that the landlord must accept subletting. richmond mayor says he is against rent control but adds that since people voted for it, they should get what they want. all right, the free falling temperatures continues. we're seeing this frost on the cars in walnut creek this morning. look at that parking lot. yeah, they'll start melting about 9:00. that's also when the threat of black ice will end. here's a look at our temperatures kpar temperatures compared to 24 hours ago. let's focus on the south bay. only three areas not freezing. milpitas 36, really close in mountain view at 34, in los altos -- mountain view at 33, los altos at 34, the cool spot look like cupertino at 28 degrees. freezing cold temperatures in redwood city, upper 20s through
6:39 am
the san ramon valley. nevado, 27 degrees right now. this is approximathe way it loo mount tamalpais. have caution. black ice out there. tranquil on the water today and it's the coldest morning we're going to have for a long time. let's talk about our watches. up in the north bay and vict cruz mountains it starts at 4:00 in the afternoon and ends at 7:00 the next morning. 31 hours of possible streams and rivers overflowing and debris flows in the santa cruz mountains and if that's not enough, all these areas shaded in burnt orange, that you just saw run by us there, that is the wind advisory that starts tomorrow afternoon through the evening hours. i'll load up that graphic once again and i'll start the next weather with that and then we'll talk about those incredible rainfall amounts that are coming. we have got some more reports of black ice coming in. couple more for the north bay. so, if you're going to be traveling on 101, just south of santa rosa here, it's been reported on the northbound side
6:40 am
just before you get to santa rosa avenue. so, just use some extreme caution there, sounding like that onramp is pretty icy too and then just south of there, if you're going to be traveling near petaluma, we've got reports of a slideoff so vehicle went off the roadway, i'm guessing that is probably due to black ice. quick check of drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, you're improving, believe it orchlt lot of reports of ice through this stretch. if you're starting on 205, we have two crashes there. southbound 680 okay out of dublin. northbound 85 still light. and we have haven't had any major problems for the bay bridge toll plaza commute. those metering lights have been on since 5:32 this morning but pretty average time once you make it across the toll booth and across. all aboard. when the north bay's commuter train starts running later this year, it will be free. how long that will last. and president-elect donald trump is taking to twitter once
6:41 am
again this morning. who's really going to pay for the wall that he wants along the mexico/u.s. border? and taking a live look outside with the abc7 news now. take a look at santa cruz there through the blurry conditions. didn't know that was an official weather term, right? blurry. it's blurry outside in santa cruz. cruz. >> you said
6:42 am
here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you.
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we have the search is on now for a gunman who shot a toddler in oakland. police say yesterday around noon, there was a hail of gunfire near 66th and outlook avenue. the child who was shot was actually strapped in a car seat. 7-year-old sister and mother were in the front and were not injured. a neighbor heard everything go down. >> it was about maybe four or five and then there was a pause and there was another probably four. right after the, like the last gunshot i heard a car peeling away. >> police are looking into whether this shooting was connected to a homicide that took place the day before. meantime, the toddler who was shot is being treated at benioff children's hospital and is said to be stable. berkeley police hope that surveillance video they are just releasing now will help them track down a bank robber. take a look at your screen. the robber pulled a gun on a teller at the wells fargo on university avenue just before christmas after grabbing the money, he points the gun at other people inside of the bank. customers and employees, you can see, hit the floor there.
6:45 am
fortunately, no one was hurt. wells fargo is now offering $5,000 to track that man down. and happening today, a sure to be tense briefing between president-elect donald trump and u.s. intelligence agencies. the point of contention, of course, whether russia hacked the presidential election. the nation's top intelligence officials say they have no doubt about the matter. in fact, they say they know who passed stolen e-mails from russia on to wikileaks during the campaign. they also intercepted conversations in which top russian officials celebrated mr. trump's victory. mr. trump is skeptical about the assessment, claiming a supposed conspiracy among democrats and mainstream media. new this morning, president-elect donald trump is clarifying details of his plan to build a wall on the mexican border. around 3:30 this morning, he tweeted out that mexico will reimburse the u.s. for the waum. mr. trump and his transition team are hoping to get it paid for initially through a government funding measure. that would make democrats less likely to fight it because a
6:46 am
standoff could cause a government shutdown. if you have any business to take care of he santa clara county government building today, you're going to have to wait until monday. the san jose building is still closed because of a major electrical problem there. sky 7 was over the complex at west heading and north 1st street right after the power went out yesterday morning. repairs on some electrical equipment are just taking longer than expected. officials say the county's online services are still available if you need to take something or take care of something that way. yahoo now apologizing this morning for a mistake on twitter. >> yes, yahoo finance saying, sorry for accidentally tweeting out the n-word. they promptly took down the offensive tweet. this is it. we have blushed orred out the offensive word. the tweet was actually in relation to president-elect donald trump's plans for the u.s. navy. the headline for the story on yahoo finance was supposed to read, "trump wants a much bigger
6:47 am
navy." but it was tweeted out thursday with the word bigger with an n in front of instead of a b. this morning, the company is chalking it up to a speller error and they are apologizing. thank you, jessica. well, here's a gamer's dream. razer just unveiled a new concept computer in vegas. it's a gaming laptop with three built-in monitors. take a look. it's called project valerie and razer's claims it's the first of its kind. each screen is over 17 inches, two side morntss automatically slide out of the side of the main screen and adjust into place. razer calls ilts the greatest amount of screen real estate ever assembled in a single computer. wired magazine speculates if the concept ever makes it to market, it would likely cost around $6,000. >> a gamer's dream. that's pretty cool. this was also unveiled, a virtual reality hypersuit. looks a little funny, maybe, to be lying there with a fan
6:48 am
blowing in your face, but this hypersuit basically allows users to feel the physical sensations of various exhilarating activities like riding a motorcycle, even flying or b.a.s.e. jumping. >> of course you look ridiculous doing it but who cares? >> in your mind's eye, you are the coolest cat around. >> yes. you're flying everywhere. wells fargo is giving raises to 25,000 employees. >> jane king live at the nasdaq with that story and more in our morning money report. >> good morning to you and happy friday. lyft said it is on path to profitability and has tripled its total rides over the last year. they are ending many incentives for drivers, including payments for working during peak times. the san francisco based company said it had almost 53 million american rides in the fourth quarter alone and wells fargo giving 25,000 tellers and other entry level workers a raise. wells fargo said the pay hike will be to a minimum of $13.50 an hour. it's aimed at attracting and
6:49 am
retaining talent. it's not a response to the fake account substanticandal. it follows similar moves by other major banks. t-mobile says it will include taxes and fees in its advertised prices and it announced it will pay you back if you don't use all your mobtly data. that feature starts january 22. markets are kind of hop hum this morning, got the december jobs report this morning, 156,000 jobs added last month. the unemployment rate edged up slightly to 4.7%. the dow is down 50, s&p down a little, the nasdaq is positive by 3. live from times square, i'm jane king. thank you so much. >> thanks. animal control officials in contra costa county credit the compassion of abc7 news view ez we told you about the 42 pets brought into their marlt martinez shelter on tuesday and the shelter took in 33 more
6:50 am
animals yesterday and they are at capacity. officials tell abc7 news that the cats and dogs are finding new homes in response to reporting by our own alyssa harrington. 13 animals have been adopted so far and another 13 lost pets have been reunited with their owners and we hope all of them find their forever homes. >> and everybody taking care of their pets this morning because they need to be inside or else they're going to be freezing cold outside. let's check in with mike nicco with a look at our weather. some of those that are outside, make sure they have fresh water because it will freeze during the overnight also. this is up until 9:00. wind is going to be a big issue for about 27 hours from 4:00 tomorrow morning to 7:00 sunday. especially the area shaded in burnt orange. that's above 1500 feet. that will down trees and power lines. check out the warm sunshine or the sunrise trying to overtake the cold blue of the nighttime sky. in fact, clouds will increase dry and cool today, waves of heavy rain and wind saturday and sunday, flooding, power outages likely. you've heard the term atmospheric river, we've talked
6:51 am
about it a lot. it's a narrow band of moisture that contains heavy rain and very strong winds and comes up from the tropics. this is the way it looks on the satellite. this low is going to tap into it and wring that sponge out. light rain, moderate rain by midnight and then rod rat to heavy rain through 7:00 tomorrow morning and then taper to waves of lighter showers until we get to 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow evening and look at all the reds that continue all the way through about 9:00 sunday morning. and then its starts to slide into the south bay and then finally out of our neighborhoods by the latter part to the evening hours as it transitions over to lighter rain. we'll have puddles tomorrow morning. and then look at those scary amounts, 7 to 10 inches in the south bay, 3 to 5 inches of rain by sunday evening for the rest of us. little bit of a break monday night into tuesday morn is then a moderate storm. okay. lot of soggy driving ahead this
6:52 am
weekend. this morning, though, we are worried about that black ice and we've had several reports in the central valley heading towards altamont pass. westbound 205 at grant line road and mountain pass parkway. and another accident from grant line road from 580. and another spinout, several around north flynn this morning as well. so since about 2:45 this morning, we've had seven crashes through that stretch. we also just heard we've got a collision within the bay bridge toll plaza here. so i have not spotted it on this camera yet. may be way off on the right-hand side you can see just a few flashing lights. does sound like a pretty minor issue a semi spa nissan involved. those are both drivable so i don't think that's going to a long-term situation but i am keeping my eye on that. quick check of drive times, no issue there. 15 across the bay bridge and 10
6:53 am
minutes south on 101. we're coming back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. a viewer tweeted us frost on the windshield. follow follow share your photos and video follow share your photos and video it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
6:54 am
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. whether you're just joining us or headed out the door, these
6:55 am
are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, this breaking news, san francisco police are investigating an officer involved shooting in the city's ocean view neighborhood. witnesses say a man was shot during a struggle with police. he is being treated now. two officers were pepper sprayed and should recover. number two, one person suffered a minor injury in a three-alarm fire in oakland this morning. everyone else in the apartment building on harrison street escaped safely. firefighters say an electric blanket next to a wall heater may be to blame. and number three, the dangers from freezing cold temperatures kontsz for the north bay inland east bay and the south bay through 9:00 and then we'll turn our attention to the storm concerns, especially sunday, stream and creek floodings high, debris flows on those burn scars in the santa cruz mountains high, hydroplaning high, power outages, a little less, and river flooding, low. and number four, we are worried about that black ice this morning, just got reports of a new crash due to ice. it's on 280. the northbound onramp from woodside road and the woodside area.
6:56 am
hearing that a vehicle slid off the roadway, crashed into the bushes and it is slick in that area. many areas this morning, slow down, take it easy today. number five, a 22-month-old toddler is recovering after being shot in oakland yesterday. she was strapped into her car seat inside of her mom's car when the shootout started. number six, from the live desk, san francisco's 911 emergency system is fully back up and running after a power outage overnight. it took a little more than three hours to restore. police told us all calls went through. they just had to take reports manually instead of on a computer system. and number seven, a san diego news anchor reported on an accidental purchase through amazon's echo actually triggered new purchases with that same speaker. >> and alexa, you get this all the time, when your television is on in the morning and we say her name, alexis, it triggers times. >> alexis, coffee please. >> alexis, coffee please. >> you're out of luck, buddy.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. state of emergency. massive winter storms hit from coast to coast. 80 million americans in 40 states bracing for major snow, whiteout conditions, frigid cold, and ice. kids stuck at school in new york overnight. cars flipping over in the midwest and skidding off roads. airlines canceling flights. california bracing for a once-in-a-decade storm. fears of heavy snow, flooding, avalanches. donald trump face to face with the groups he's been fighting with over the election hacking. amid new reports russia celebrated after trump's win. the evidence officials say it's leading straight to vladimir putin and the trump team's reaction. the communications director, sean spicer, here live. just two weeks to the inauguration. the church of scientology


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