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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it's 5:00 a.m., good morning to you on a tuesday, january 10. i'm natasha zouves. >> and i'm matt keller in for reggie aqui. we have traffic reporter alex smith and meteorologist mike nicco and mike, i feel like if you just rung out my clothes every day and just have a big puddle right on the floor. >> that's a visual. would you like to do that later today for me? >> if you want to stand out in the rain, go right ahead. >> i feel just walking to my car, that happens. >> the small walk to the driveway. good morning, everybody. you get caught in one of those downpours, have matt come ring
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out your clothes for you. here's a look at live doppler 7. let's show you where some of the heavier rain is, antioch, buchanan road there, hill crest avenue, going to cross the delta and head up towards rio vista right there and you can see there's another batch of some yellows and oranges about to head into the victsanta cruz mountains and we have jessica castro on the way down there in case there's in more rock and mudslides and i think there will be. the rain picks up in intensity at noon. throw some thunderstorms in there, why not. that means more intense localized rain and winds for 7:00. more on our watches and warnings next. here's alex. that means another tough day on the roads and yesterday, just awful on highway 17. so, taking you back down to the santa cruz mountains, right around vine hill road, that's where we had that significant land slide yesterday. that is still fully blocking the northbound side of the road, they've split the southbound side. basically you get one lane aech
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way but that's going to be a sig alert for a long time to come and another downpour here right around the bay bridge toll plaza. check out those rooster tails. also a high wind advisory so give yourself plenty of time this morning. the big threat this morning is in the north bay and sonoma county, the rising russian river has flooded homes, cars, and other property. the giant mudslide, 50 feet wide and two football fields long came crashing down beside the guerneville home there. that home is being red tagged because of fear that the giant redwoods nearby could fall on it. some residents have been told to evacuate and debris flows in the area is still active. >> all morning you could hear the trees cracking. some of the bigger trees fell and when the mud would push, it would get to a point where it would break so you could hear that and the rocks tumbling down. their going to red tag it for a couple days and then see what they're doing with it. it's hard to tell. it's all so soupy.
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>> the russian river crested yesterday at 35 feet, flooding several low lying nakeds. a new video shows the nearby nee river flooding over the weekend. this was at the height of the storm sunday morning. the river is at about 17 feet. that's 8 feet below flood stage. all this rain is flooding means students are getting another day off from school today, both the harmony union and guerneville school districts have canceled classes at all of have canceled classes at all of their campuses for a heavy downpour in marin county this morning. this is what it looks like on northbound 101 in san rafael. the drivers in the city said there's a lot of ponding in the lanes between san rafael and mill valley. in the south bay, you can se it coming down this morning. we spotted several cars slowly driving through this intersection on highway 9
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north santa cruz avenue. chp says be sure to leave early and give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going. also, slow down. your car can't stop as fast or turn as accurately on wet pavement. well, as alexis crews are cleaning up. >> he is recovering at home but the problems continue for drivers this morning. jessica castro is live on 17 with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, matt and natasha. certainly, dangerous situation here in the santa cruz mountains. we are making our way southbound on highway 17, and i want to tell you the situation that is going ton right now. we've got rain coming down but take a look at the debris on the side of the roadway, fallen branches and a lot of mud out here and that is the fear that not just in that spot that we saw the mudslide yesterday, one
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of our own crews caught in that mudslide, so we want to show you some video from yesterday of what has part of highway 17 shut down, but i can tell you, as we are making our way southbound to that location and get you a better visual of what the situation is now, that highway 17 has these problem spots all along the way and the fear is that we can see another mudslide like we saw yesterday morning. again, we are on highway 17 making our way down there to that spot that is now blocked off the northbound lanes are closed off, southbound lane has been converted into two directions. i just got off the phone with california highway patrol as we were making our way into the santa cruz mountains and they told me this clean-up here will likely only happen somt tomorrow so that the northbound lanes on highway 17 through santa cruz mountains will be blocked off today. you want to plan accordingly. we do see a lot of cars coming through this area as we make our way through the santa cruz mountains. so, drivers are taking it slow. that's the good news. we have been taking it very
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slow. we are going to continue heading southbound on highway 17 to get you a better visual of that problem spot where it is blocked off, but i can tell you that everything we have seen, we have seen some mud coming down on to the street as we made our way this morning, so it's a pretty dangerous situation out here. we are being very cautious and taking it slow. we'll have another report for you here shortly. well, homeowner face as job of rebuilding after a large tree crushed part of their house in fair fax. you're looking at the aftermath follow ago tree toppling on to a garage on scenic road. that also took out peej power lines. >> i didn't know what it was when i got up. i just, you know, we have -- that was a big storm. the wind was really blowing. >> tfs a difficult road to get up. there were some access issues so we needed to make sure that the situation was safe. >> yeah, thankfully, nobody was
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hurt. the storm is causing flight delays and cancellations at san francisco international airport. here's a live look from our sfo camera. we just checked with the duty manager at the airport. 12 flights have already been canceled. six roifls and six departures, we are told delays and cancellations will most likely increase throughout the day. public works will ask to declare a state of emergency after a pipeline ruptured causing a huge spill. the city is now asking people to cut back on their water use by 30% until monday. here's abc7 news reporter katie marzullo. >> looking for some -- a few days of kind of white knuckling it. >> reporter: sunday's storm deliver add double whammy. it churned up the san lorenzo river to the point the water is unusable and it ruptured the main pipeline that serves as the back-up plan. >> when these kind of conditions exist, we go on lock loamen and we've lost the connection between our lake and our treatment plant.
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so we're about 30% down in terms of what we can produce. >> reporter: the city is calling it a short-term, serious water shortage. officials are asking people to cut back on water use, including running the dishwasher and doing laundry for a week. not a problem for conservation locals. >> try to do dishes with less water. i don't use a lot of water anyway. >> i do plan to cut my use by 30% because i have never stopped using my buckets in the shower anyway. >> reporter: the water district discovered the break after an hours-long leak of 1500 gallons a minute. it's not on a major road, which is in part why it went undetected. but at the height of sunday's storm, there were 33 roads closed in santa cruz county and there's more rain on the way. >> we expect to see some more slides and maybe slipouts that will occur over the next week or so. >> reporter: in santa cruz, katie marzullo. well, despite all the damage these storms are causing, they're adding hundreds of billions of gallons of water to california reservirs. our media partners report that
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350 billion gallons have poured into the state's biggest reservoirs raising storage levels that we have not seen in years. there's so much water, in fact, dam operators have been releasing some of it to reduce flood risk. you can keep tabs on storms with live doppler 7. this is on the abc7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts. let's talk about the russian river at guerneville, 34.6, so 2.5 feet above flood stage but it's going to go higher through tomorrow morning and into thursday, possibly cresting at about 37.5 feet. when that happens, guerneville, brookside resort will begin to flood, we'll have more extensive flooding in parkers resort and northwide, lower redwood drive will start to flood and numerous residences and businesses are going to flood if not flooded already. light to moderate rain over
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guerneville. heavier areas just to the south of graten, right near the resorts. and this is all sliding off to the east. you can see it gets a little more intense around the aired because the radar is sitting in some of the most intense rain at 3500 feet. flash flooding, which means it happens in an instant, you have to take immediate action, because rapid rises in our creeks and streams and rocks and mudslides, everywhere and he want the bay shore line and then wind damage is possibility from noon today to midnight with gusts 50 in the lower levels to 65 in the higher levels and we're going to have coastal flooding and bay shore flooding because of king tides today all the way through thursday. look at these rainfall estimates. 3 inches in the santa cruz mountains, nearly 1 inch to 2 inches for the rest of us and that's all going to fall now through the end of the day. that's why we're going to have more issues. in fact, traveling a bear this
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morning. alexis? not going to be a fun commute once again so taking a look at our traffic maps, 23 incidents on the boards. two problems, westbound highway 24, that's the two-car krark in the right lane. the second one, past highway 13 interchange, near broadway and that was a solo vehicle crash that hit the center divide. that is now on fire. i'm starting to see some delays building there as you get through the tunnel and across highway 13 so that one's filling in. i'll have an update coming up. new crash, southbound 880, that's involving two vehicles, blocking the far right lane right now. they're trying to get that pushed out of the roadway and wee briefly saw this pop up. southbound 17, we hear that we possibly had another mudslide just some rocks and dirt possibly but then it disappeared so i'm hoping that just means it was a minor issue that and they already have it cleared. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. coming up, a bizarre kidnapping and bank robbery in
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florida, how people across the country watched as it went down. and parting words, what president obama intends to say in his final address to the nation. it's 5:12 in the morning and this is abc7 news now. a live look at a wet bay bridge glowing in the darkness. glowing in the darkness. st
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welcome back. it's 5:14 in the morning and look at the wet roadway, the approach to the richmond-san rafael toll plaza, tracking a
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number 2 on our storm impact scale today and remember if you take any videos or photo of the weather where you live, we want to see it. post it with the #abc7now and you can see it right here on abc7 mornings. turning now to a deadly officer-involved shooting in san jose. it has been ruled lawful. in 2015, san jose officers shot and killed murder suspect matthew castillo. prosecutors say he was involved in the shooting death of christopher wren. three days later, officers tracked down castillo. officers say he pulled out a loaded handgun and two officers then opened fire. when castillo was on the ground, he reportedly still tried pointing the gun at officers. police then shot him again, killing him. the 26-page report concluded that police acted within the law to protect themselves. along to gma's first look now, a man hunt underway in florida for the suspect in the murder of an orlando police officer. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, a massive man hunt. police are searching for
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they say gunned down an orlando officer. >> we are going to bring this dirt bag to justice. >> debra clayton was on duty outside this walmart when a shopper alerted her that a wanted murder suspect was in the store. >> he had a security vest on and everything and i came out, i'm walking down the side, by the officer, i heard her hel him to stop or whatever. he shot her and he took off running. >> officer shot. >> reporter: sergeant clayton died at the hospital. >> i can tell you that it doesn't matter where he is, we will track him down to the ends of the earth, trust me on that. >> reporter: we'll have the latest on the search for her killer coming up at 7:00 a.m. abc news new york. a suspected bank robber is accused of kidnapping an uber driver, claiming to have a bomb, and giving cash away. some of this was captured on facebook live. it all started inside this bank in miami yesterday. the robbery suspect is in the
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suit. the stream ends and starts again inside a car. the alleged hostage filming as an uber driver and ex-marine. suspect shows off his money and investigators believe he then started handing out cash to people on the streets. that suspect then called to turn himself in but said he had a bomb. the area was cleared. he was arrested, and another man was also detained. well, powerful earthquake hit off the coast of the southern philippines. want to show you where the epicenter of the magnitude 7.2 quake is. this happened around 10:00 last night in selibes. but seismologists say this was too deep to cause damage. this is part of the ring of fire where earthquake activity is common. a homeowner is facing a massive repair job after crashing her suv through her house and into her backyard pool. >> here's a look at the home in north carolina. the driver was returning to her home sunday when she lost control. police believe she accidentally hit the gas instead of brake as
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she pulled into the barrage garage. the suv plowed through the garage wall, landed until the pool. she is okay. >> what a mess. it looks cold there. i'm sure the icy conditions didn't help out in that case. >> there are some parts of the carolinas that have been below freezing for almost three days and that's unusual for them. for us, three days of rain, why not add a couple more. we don't need it because of the damage it's going to cause but it is nice to see there is a positive impact in our reservoirs and the fact that our snow pack is now about 126% of average. moderate to heavy rain or our storm impact scale. our exclusive storm impact scale, evening downpours, gusty southerly winds. this is not an ordinary category 2 storm because of what happened sunday. the damage could be greater than what we normally expect. all right, our best radar returns, golf links road, you can see lake road near san leonardo and this is going to head to san ramon and danville.
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moderate to heavy downpours around bolder creek right now. and that is sliding over to the summit on 17 and you can see it's got a tail on it. and that means it's going to be a round about a half hour to 45 minutes so we'll keep an eye on that and jessica castro who's down there to see if there's any more mudslides this morning. 6:00, you can see the best of the yellows moving east by 8:00, there's a few spotty downpours around in san francisco and across the richmond-san rafael bridge and then up north and notice the yellows get more persuasive as we head towards the lunch hour. and then, look at this. oranges and reds start to show up during the evening commute and that's when we could have thunderstorms with brief, heavy downpours, more flooding and even faster winds during the evening hours. so for the morning commute, standing water, then it will be wet. so our early commuters are going to have the toughest time. during the evening rush, gusty winds, low lying flooding and hydroplaning. today's storm impact scale is a 2. we'll have storms thursday and
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in the evening it starts to dry out. taking a look at our traffic situation, not good. we now have a sig alert for this highway 24 crash so it's westbound just past 13 near broadway, vehicle lost control, hit the center divide and then it caught fire so that thing was fully engulfed for a few minutes, fire crews are there but the three left lanes are blocked so that is backed up to the kald tunnel. walnut creek, you can expect delays and chp just issued that sig alert. you can see heavy rain. we had a vehicle hydroplane across all lanes. they had to stop traffic there but cleared it to the parking lot. so all lanes are back open and it is soggy. 101 at 880. drops on the lens there. quick check of drive times. southbound 680, 6 minutes. 20 minutes, westbound 24, that should be in the yellow. and westbound 580, you are up to
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39 minutes. in just ten short days, president barack obama will be leaving the white house. >> and tonight, he'll be back home in chicago delivering his final public speech as president. abc chicago's diane has more on what's being planned. >> reporter: the president will thank his many supporters and talk about his success over the last weigeight years and he's d it at a place where his political career started in chicago. president obama says his speech will be a chance to say sthaung and offer thoughts on where we should go from here. thousands of people lined up in the bitter cold over the weekend to get free tickets. some of those tickets ended up on ebay and craigslist, some lists for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. it's a chance to see history right here in the president's adopted hometown. we're told he was still tweaking his speech late last night and will address his thoughts on the challenges that lie ahead. >> i hope he speaks to some of those challenges that we face because that's something all
5:22 am
americans should care about, whatever their political affiliation. >> reporter: we're told the decision to return to chicago for his speech was important to the president who believes chicago is the place where his career and service began. we are expecting thousands of people to start lining up here at mccormick place very early to make sure they get a good seat to watch the farewell speech. abc news chicago. and abc news will air president barack obama's farewell address starting at 6:00 p.m. and abc7 news will begin immediately afterwards at 6:30. next the seven thins you need to know as you start your day. a strange sight in a washington river, just what is in that swirling circle? the answer coming up next on abc7 mornings.
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it's 5:24. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things to you before you go. drivers should expect another day of big delays on highway 17 following a big mudslide. abc7 news photographer was strapped in that mudslide, he's okay. crews are still working to get lanes open and say it could take until tomorrow to open it up. number two, we've got a problem if you're coming in from walnut creek, lafayette, we've got a sig alert on westbound highway 24. that's around broadway so just east of the rock ridge guard station. the three left lanes are blocked, a vehicle lost control and hit the center divide and burst into flames. number three, light to moderate rain falling right now on live doppler 7. moderate to heavy rain during the afternoon and evening hours so the strongest part of this storm is still in our future. and it's going to make the evening commute even worse than the morning commute. number four, officials are hoping to get a good look at
5:26 am
daylight at whether any damage was done by this massive mudslide in sonoma county. this slide came crashing down in guerneville near homes. fortunately, no one was hurt. number five, confirmation hearings for president-elect donald trump's cabinet begin today. retired marine general john kelly is up for secretary of homeland secretary. alabama senator jeff sessions is up for attorney general. number six, the mercury news is reporting the san francisco 49ers filed a lawsuit against santa clara. team officialsment the city to sign documents saying there was no breach of contract. this is over whether or not the team failed to perform obligations under the stadium management agreement. number seven, college football has a new champion. the clemson tigers defeated the alabama crimson tide in the national championship game last night. turned the tables after losing the alabama in the big game last year. it's clemson's first national title since 1981. >> this is one of the craziest things i've seen in a while. take a look at your screen. we're going to show you an
5:27 am
amazing sight on this river in washington state. look at this. it's like a crop circle in a lake. it's not really. a hiker captured this swirling, seemingly perfect disk of ice. this is in the snoqualmie river in north bend just east of seattle. the national weather service says this phenomenon occurs when relatively warm water freezes on the surface and then gets caught in the river's swirling current. the disk's edges grind against the stationary ice and it makes that smooth, perfect rounded eej. things got pretty wild at a luxury dealership. >> a deer came prancing into the showroom in georgia. oh, goodness, slip sliding around, got scared and so started running around the lexus dealership. he apparently jumped in through an open window, kept -- oh, ouch. he eventually made it out safely. we're happy to say, although he did cause quite a ruckus inside. >> and i think he got a good deal on a prius too.
5:28 am
our storm coverage continues as another storm rolls into the bay area. plus growing concerns in marin county this morning as officials prepare for a king tide as well. the areas that will be threatened today. also, saving san francisco's seawall, residents being asked to foot the bill for repairs, how much the city needs. taking a live look outside right now with abc7 news now, there's a quiet damp, slim there's a quiet damp, slim
5:29 am
5:30 am
happening now, we are tracking the flood threat. mudslides and flooding are hitting homes all along the russian river. the worst of that is still to come. a live doppler 7 shows us a new storm moving in and with it more heavy downpours and powerful winds. >> good morning to you. it is tuesday, january 10, glad
5:31 am
you're here. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm matt keller in for reggie aqui and just when we couldn't get more soaked we are getting more soaked and it's obviously cause ago lot of problems on the roads this morning, right? alexis? . we've got a lot of got a lo, mudslides, and a sig alert right now. so a crash on westbound highway 24 really starting to slow things down. if you are coming from parts of the east bay, so, lafayette, yeah, we've got a long back-up. it all started with one vehicle, sliding, losing control and all this heavy rain here this morning, hitting the center divide and then burst into flames. we're really starting to see a long back-up with some slow, slow speeds. let's see if my clicker will cooperate. 8 miles an hour and 4 miles an hour around highway 13 so all the way through the caldecott tunnel. and still coming down here at the bay bridge toll plaza, actually do not have those metering lights on this morning. couple new problems in the south bay.
5:32 am
get to those next. good morning, alexis. noticed the rain was coming down just a little bit sideways, the heaviest of the rain and the fastest of the breezes aren't here yaet but tell that to the folks trying to travel on crow canyon right now. i've been watching this downpour heading towards san ramon valley boulevard and san ramon. that's going to continue for the next 15 to 20 minutes or so and then we have some pockets of heavy rain around santa rosa. you can see right there, on 101, heading up towards windsor, this is the way it looks in san jose, you're not immune from the light rain, becomes stronger by noon, heavy downpours at 4:00, heavy downpours and gusty winds, thunderstorms possible at 7:00. and it is just a mess for the people near the russian river. the rising water has flooded homes and cars. >> abc7 news reporter amy holida hollyfield is on her way to guerneville. >> reporter: it's been raining our entire drive, matt. it's hard to imagine the people
5:33 am
in guerneville having to deal with more rain but a lot is coming and take a look at what they were already dealing with before this storm hit. this is the russian river that crested yesterday at 35 feet. it's estimated that about 500 homes are taking on water, many evacuated. it is expected to flood again tomorrow and >> i am sacared, you know? it's okay, you know, you live in the second floor. downstairs, it's dangerous. i say to my relatives, something happen, go up. and sleep in the second floor. >> reporter: mudslides are also an issue. there was a giant one that came close to some homes. they had to evacuate and were red tagged. the concern is that, you know, more giant redwoods could start to fall. residents say, though, they expected this, so they thought the storm was actually going to be worse than it was. so, not a lot of complaining.
5:34 am
in fact, some are even saying they're glad that the river is going to be full for the summer because that is good for tourism. reporting live from sonoma county, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a major rock slide has closed silverado trail in napa county. you can see from this video, county recommends taking highway county recommends taking highway 29 as an alternate route back to highway 17. crews are cleaning up the big mudslide. one of our photographers was hit by the mudslide on the way to work. just take a look at the chp video. his van was tserribly crushed there. we're very happy to tell you he was treat and had released from the hospital. he's recovering at home now. he told us the mudslide hit without any notice. chp says he's just lucky to be alive. public works crews are still
5:35 am
working this morning to clear this mudslide on richmond drive. city officials shared this photo with abc7 news. slide happened yesterday afternoon. it's unclear when the road will reopen. if you have pictures or video of the weather, be sure to share it withous on social media, just use that #abc7now. a woman is recovering this morning after she had to be rescued from the san lorenzo river. santa cruz fire department led the rescue to pull her from the chilly water around 10:00 last night. officials say it's not clear if she fell into the river or jumped. of course the stormy weather making this situation. listen to that. you can really hear it coming down in marin county this morning. this was shot in mill valley, northbound highway 101 near strawberry village just about 2 1/2 hours ago. no rest for your windshield wipers on the morning commute in in places. residents in lark spur will be keeping a close eye on the
5:36 am
water because high tide is hitting at 10 sln 17 this morning. the one-two munpunch of rain and high tide is leaving some officials worried. >> we're seeing movement of soils. we've had a lot of trees come down into structures. >> crews are also working to quickly clear san anselmo creek because it became clogged with mud and debris after someone's whole backyard collapsed into the creek over the weekend. this morning, nearly 4,000 poo pg&e customers are still without power in the bay area. nearly 1200 on the peninsula, about 1,000 in the south bay, few hundred in san francisco, and dozens in the east bay are without electricity. crews are having a hard time accessing some areas due to flooding and mudslides. pg&e says initially about 6,000 customers lost power over weekend because of the storms. state emergency officials want to remind you to be ready
5:37 am
for any type of natural disaster, we've posted guidelines on our website,, covers everything from stocking your own emergency kit to develop ago plan to keep you and your family safe. if you download if abc7 news app, you can find live doppler 7 under the weather section and you can track the green moving in where you live. enable push alerts when you download to get weather alerts sent straight to your phone. the decision on whether to spend $350 million on san francisco's embarcadero seawall will soon be up to the voters. the gate reports the bond is qualified to be on the 2018 ballot. officials hope it will be the first step in what's expected to be a multibillion dollar project. seawall prunz from fisherman meese wharf to china basin. 5:37 now and berkeley police are making plans to extradite a cal student now in custody in southern california for the murder of a berkeley woman. friends and family of the victim say she did not know the suspect, pablo gomez jr. emily inman was a uc santa cruz
5:38 am
graduate who worked at sienna ranch in lafayette as a nature program and middle school science instructor. police say that gomez stabbed her inside of her home on friday after having stabbed another woman who survived his attack. >> the fact that a student did this, it definite leave makes me feel a lot more unsafe walking around campus, especially at night by myself and i think that's one thing my friends have talked about too. >> when berkeley police do bring gomez back to the bay area, he will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon and murder. alameda county supervisors are voting on funding for urban shield with millions of dollars at stake. it is an intense tactical training program for law enforcement all across the bay area. alameda county sheriff sergeant ray kelly says it will greatly impact first responder training. the vote is for about $5 million in funding. now, a traffic alert. >> we've got a ton of stuff to get to this morning.
5:39 am
as you can imagine, it is a mess. this is westbound 24 at broadway. we've got a crash that started was just a solo vehicle hitting the center divide and then that caught fire so that was fully engulfed. still have fire crews on the scene blocking the three left lanes. a new crash on that back-up as well, westbound 24 at tunnel road. still waiting on details to see if any lanes are blocked but you are backed up well past the caldecott tunnel at this point. so if you're coming in from walnut creek, orinda, expect delays. northbound highway 85 we have a report of a pickup truck that is blocking the two left lanes so that spun out. dirt and gravel in the roadway. we do have a tow truck driver on the scene. he is trying to assist and get those two lanes back open and a quick check of drive times. 680 looking okay but westbound 24, 28 minutes, i'm guessing that's going to be in the red any minute. slow going out of the central valley. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 42 minutes. also new problem, eastbound on
5:40 am
the bay bridge around treasure island. we'll talk about that next. an accident on highway 24 coming in once again, seemsic every day it rains, i see accident. this time it was a later model mustang, probably think it can handle the wet weather better. didn't happen. spun out into the guardrail near b.a.r.t. let's talk about a temporary reprieve in the crest of the flooding in the russian river, down to 34.6 but that's still 2 1/2 feet above flood stage and it's going to crest at 37.5 feet on thursday morning so that means numerous businesses and residences in the lowest sections of town are going to flood. the guerneville brookside resort is going to flood. more extensive flooding will occur at parker's resort. lower redwood drive will flood also. we've got a little bit moving we've got a little bit moving through mill valley right
5:41 am
cor heading towards 101. flash flooding is going to be a big concern. when that warning comes out, seek shelter immediately. flash floods happen in an instant and that's for everybody through midnight. winds are going to be just as fast as they were sunday from ant noon to midnight so trees coming down, more power outages and king tides. light rain right now on the san mateo bridge. hydroplaning except for around the noon hour, there for both commutes, gusty in you're on the water and rain all day. >> all right, thank you, mike. big news this morning for bay area dog owners fighting for parks to take their dog to. the move by national parks officials that no one saw coming. dangling for dear life, the rush in the north bay to get a driver surrounded by flood waters to dry land. and the weather is the big story this morning. stay on top of traffic and
5:42 am
weather during the commercial break with abc7 news now. break with abc7 news now. beautiful sho
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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good morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza there, and you can see it is wet and things are going to be backed up there all morning long. just expect it out there. if you do take photos or video
5:45 am
of the weather where you live, be sure to post them with #abc7now. well, take a look at this slow chase. this armed attempted murder suspect took police on this strange, erratic chase in southern california overnight. this lasted 90 minutes and we're not slowing this down. this is really how slow it was on the 405 in the san fernando valley. at one point, the man appeared to shoot a gun and he kept slowing to a crawl and yelling out of his window. you're looking at how it ended here. officers used the p.i.t. maneuver. he's accused of shooting his sister-in-law early yesterday morning. if you own a dog, listen up. a plan to drastically reduce off leash areas off the coast is on hold indefinitely. under the national parks services current proposal, beach access will be cut by more than half. it's a move to protect native plants and wildlife. three bay area congressional members asked for the extension. they say the public needs more time to review the new rules.
5:46 am
well, this is an incredibly busy day on capitol hill. lawmakers have their first chance to ask questions of president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks. hearings today for retired marine general john kelly and alabama senator jeff sessions. the president-elect's choice for attorney general. four cabinet picks with confirmation hearings this week still have outstanding issues in the vetting process. eight years ago, republican leader mitch mcconnell sent a letter asking for the vetting process for president obama's nominees to be finished before the confirmation hearings so on monday, the democratic leader sent mcconnell's letter right back to him with the names changed. >> the very things mcconnell thought were necessary for nominations, we're asking for. and now they're denying it. >> at least nine of mr. trump's cabinet picks face confirmation hearings this week. with all the rain expected today, emergency crews are prepared for another intense
5:47 am
day. >> they've been inundated with calls. in rural sonoma county t sheriff's helicopter was summoned to air lift the driver of a hummer after he became stuck in deep water on a rural road. deputies attached a long rescue rope to the driver and hoisted him to dry land. he was not hurt. alexis smith has been reminding us, you've got to drive for conditions, right? >> you definitely want to do that. actually, sorry, i was trying to get my maps finished up there before i was on, but i didn't quite do that. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. actually don't have those metering lights on yet but it is really tough going out there this morning. looks like i don't have this set up ready to go. sorry about that. i'm going to go ahead and put this in play mode for you. we do have several issues to get to, including a sig alert. if you're traveling on westbound highway 24 -- thank you, mike nicco, with the assist there. maybe we have some gremlins in here today. westbound 24, if you're traveling right around broadway, that sig alert, three left lanes
5:48 am
block due to a crash and you are jammed. new crash on the lower deck of the bay bridge so we have the three left lanes blocked just before you get to treasure island, not too much of a back-up yet. but boy, i'm guessing that's going to start to have an impact. that was a two-car crash. want to get you down to highway 17. that's where we have that major slide that's where jessica castro is. i'm starting to see a pretty significant back-up on the northbound side and again northbound side still fully blocked by that mudsle from yesterday. reports of a new mudslide as well, southbound highway 17 past the cats restaurant and that is blocking two left lanes right now. let's check in with mike nicco with a look at our weather. you said a new mudslide? >> yeah. highway 17. >> all right. i'll show you live doppler 7 in a minute. some of the heaviest rain the moving through the santa cruz mountains. can't emphasize enough the storm is going to levels on the storm impact scale as far as rain and wind but the damage could be greater because
5:49 am
of what happened sunday. let's take a look. there you go. you can see the yellows, the oerngz, and the reds from a boulder creek, and that area, so you got to be careful if you're traveling through there. and theoryhere's the brighter w tops. so here are my biggest concerns, stream and creek flooding. debris flows not as much as on the burn scars, but pourjs, here we are at 6:00. you can see not too many yellows out there except for up around the russian ifr unfortunately and that will continue through 9:00 and then notice by noon, we start to see more yellows and even oranges developing up in the north bay. as we head through the afternoon hours, those are going to spread through all of our neighborhoods, even red at 5:00. causing flooding and more gusty winds and then at 6:00. and by 7:00, they're still out there, 8:00, still out there and
5:50 am
then 9:00, we get the last push through the south bay and you can see we'll have some scattered showers for the overnight hours. the rest of us could get up to near 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch to 3 inches in the mountains. more flooding. some light showers for wednesday into thursday morning, thursday evening, we begin the drying trend. natasha. >> lookin forward to it already. thanks so much. all right, we know you're busy. do you not have enough time to exercise during the week? well, coming up next, we're going to tell you why perhaps you can wait until the weekend. a violent robbery caught on camera, police want you to take a close look at this masked man. the next at 6:00, mother nauch's power on display during the weekend storm. the northern california water fall that was no match for the wind. and we're going to take a quick break but we leave you now quick break but we leave you now with abc7 news now, we've got
5:51 am
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today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain, so gear up before you go out, and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. police say they are determined to catch this armed rosh who held up a liquor store, pointed the gun in the clerk's face on sunday evening. the robber was dressed in a mask and black hoodie. suspect got away with some cash. officers searched the neighborhood for the man but couldn't find him. 5:53 now. if you exercise just once or twice a week, researchers say you are getting nearly as many health benefits as people who work out more often. health experts recommend that you exercise for 150 minutes a week, 75 minutes if you are doing a vigorous workout.
5:54 am
researchers asked people about their exercise habits and they found that people who just exercised on the weekend actually had the same health benefit as people who work out several times a week. researchers discovered that so-called weekend warriors lower the risk of dying by 30% when compared with inactive people. abc7 news viewers have been marking the loss of the historic tree that fell over the weekend. strong winds and heavy rains were just too much for the ancient tree at calaveras big tree state park. the driver through tree was a popular tourist attraction ever since its base was karcarved oun the 1880s and hundreds of our abc7 news viewers have been sharing their memories of the tree on our abc7 facebook page. you can see them there in these photos. these pictures posted and we want to say thank you. pretty cool to have those memories and we want to see your photos and comments. just go to news. >> i always wanted to see it. i'm so bummed about that. great to see the photos. hey, alexis.
5:55 am
we know we're tracking a alert. i just said to might think, i need like 30 minutes. westbound highway 24 at broadway, still tracking that sig alert although it's letting up just approaching that. the three left lanes down officially as far as we know. also just getting reports of a vehicle on its roof, northbound 680, that's just before crow canyon blocking the far left lane, sounds like that driver is out of the vehicle and walking around. we have a crash blocking the three left lanes on the lower deck of the bay bridge. let's check in with mike now. it is a wet morning and it's going to cause some more issues for the napa river now the flood warning was a discontinued yesterday but it was reissued while erp sleeping. right now, it's well below flood stage, it's at 16.7 but it's going to crest at 3:00 tomorrow morning around 25.1 so inundation of the lowest agricultural land in napa valley, secondary roads are going to be inundated.
5:56 am
it is going to be bumpy trying to land at the airports from 1:00 this afternoon to 1:00 tomorrow morning, southerly gusts at 46 miles per hour so an airport weather warning and look at all that snow up in the sierra. we have a blizzard warning and avalanche warning, another 3 to 7 feet of snow is going to fall on top of the 7 to 8 feet we've already had in the last couple of days. mike, thank you. one michigan man is probably going to be thinking twice the next time he decides to warm up his car. >> taylor was slapped with a $128 ticket for leaving his car running. he said one day last week he walked out to his driveway, started his car and walked back inside. short time later, when he walked out to leave, he noticed a surprise under one of his wipers. >> it was in and out in probably about 7 to 8 minutes. so, in that amount of time, he ran up here, gave me the ticket, and by the time i got out, he was nowhere to be seen. >> common sense. we can't warrant everybody on every law there is.
5:57 am
common sense says you don't leave your car running unattended. >> in his town, roseville, there's an anti-idling law. the purpose is to reduce car thefts and subsequently insurance premiums. department does not apologize for enforcing the law and in fact encourages officers to do so. coming up next at 6:00, water trouble. the pipeline damaged by the weekend storm in the plea that one city is making to water customers. and traffic trouble in the south bay as crews work around the clock to clear a mudslide that crushed an abc7 news live truck. what drivers can expect as they head out the door this morning. also, transform, san francisco's pier 29, the plan francisco's pier 29, the plan that could bring beer,
5:58 am
5:59 am
listen to that downpour. now at 6:00, the bay area drenched again. the heavy rain is coming down in
6:00 am
the north bay this morning. this is highway 101 in san rafael. >> the rain could cause trouble for your commute. live doppler 7 showing the showers right now across the bay area. you can see the wet roads as the commute stacks up at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we have you covered this morning. team coverage of the storm starting with abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. hi, everybody. the sad part is this is the easiest part of the storm today and we're already having tons of issues like me disappearing right there. all right. the rain is not going to disappear. in fact, it's going to get more intense as we head into the afternoon hours. 280, edgewood road that's where some of our better downpours and ponding on the roadways are going to occur. you can see some heavier rain in the santa cruz mountains and up around santa rosa which is going to flow into the russian river. i'll have an update on this next. light rain at 7:00. rain heavier during the afternoon and evening hours po


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