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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 17, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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hollyfield is live in dub lynn. >> reporter: she's here in the dublin jail but will be taken to oakland today for the court appearance. this is for the attack that happened last june at a gay nightclub in orlando where her husband killed 49 people. there are two accounts of noor salman. the fbi believes she knew of her husband's plans to carry out a violent attack and that she obstructed the investigation. she has said she was abused by her husband and did not know anything of what he planned to do. authorities arrested her yesterday mortgage at her parents' home in rodeo in the east bay. once the charges are unsealed, we will know more about how serious the accusations are against her. >> if it's aiding and abetting after the fact, the maximum sentence she could receive is up to 15 years. if it's aiding and abetting in giving aid, material aid to the commission of the offense, it could be up to life imprisonment
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or potentially death. >> reporter: her attorney issued this statement. noor salman had no foreknowledge nor could she predict what omar mateen intended to do that tragic night. noor has told her story of abuse at his hands. we believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and that it dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person. the couple has a young son. one neighbor told us he feels sorry for the little boy. reporting live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. and happening today, the golden state warriors will be breaking ground on their new home in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. >> a private ceremony is pland for noon at the future chase center. team officials, city leaders and dignitaries will attend that ground breaking. the billion dollar, 18,000 seat venue slated to open in 2019. the oakland city council is going to discuss extending the team's lease at oracle which ends, by the way, at the end of
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the year. arena opponents are still fighting the san francisco location, hoping the state supreme court reviews this case. we're going to be streaming live on our website, after nearly three years, the hunt for mh 370 is officially over. >> yes, new this morning, they have called off the search for malaysia airlines flight 3706789 it's the most expensive and complex search in history. the intense, $160 million effort lasted three years and scoured 120,000 square miles of ocean. the plane mysteriously vanished during a flight to beijing in march 2014 with 239 people on board. victims' families are vowing not to give up. one man saying this morning, finding out what happened to his loved ones is the most important thing in his life. so, just the gravity of the end, you can feel this morning from those victims' families and the mystery now kontsz so we'll watch for any updates there.
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new details about the deadly new year's nightclub attack in istanbul. the suspect has reportedly confessed. this photo was taken yesterday -- following yesterday's arrest. he is suspected of gunning down 39 people on behalf of isis. authorities confirmed his identity using fingerprints found at the scene. the uzbekistan national was hiding out just outside of istanbul. authorities need your help finding a car burglary suspect who led authorities on a pursuit. he is identified as eddie nute, the subject of a $1 million arrest warrant. lillian kim has that story from fremont. >> reporter: our abc7 emeryville camera captured the pursuit friday night. authorities say eddie nute failed to pull over after deputies in richmond recognized him as a car burglary suspect. the pursuit continued on 80 president obama. nute left his car bint and ran away. fremont police say two days
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prior, he also managed to escape after officers tried to arrest him for an auto burglary at the strip mall. nute is part of a violent open street gang that's been breaking into cars all over the bay area. he's $1 million arrest warrant is related to an investigation involving a gang enhancement. fremont residents we talked to say the area has had its share of car break ins. >> there's cars all over the place and it's a -- everybody just comes over here, so i wouldn't think someone sees what they want, then they're going to get it. >> you can't even go to chipotle. you have to wide hyde your phone or keys or something. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies are working together to find nute and while they're following up on leads, they're seeking tips from the public. they say if you spot him, do not approach him. instead, call your local authorities. lillian kim, abc7 news. happening today, protesters
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will once again take to the streets of oakland over what they see as misconduct by police and to rally against proposed policies by president-elect donald trump. the group showing up for racial justice bay area is gathering at 9:00 this morning. another group yesterday organized a similar protest. in honor of dr. king jr.'s call for equality. americans want president-elect donald trump to release his tax returns. 75% of those polled believe mr. trump should make his irs statements available to the public. 40% say they care a lot about the release of the tax records. mr. trump has commented that the american people don't care about the issue. just 43% think the trump family is their advisors are complying with federal chets laws. meanwhile the number of democratic members of congress who say they will not be attending friday's naurg has grown to 40. one of those is barbara lee.
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she spent monday celebrating martin luther king's birthday. she says there is no reason to do the same on friday. >> when you look at the campaign of bigotry and the fact that nothing has changed since the campaign, i don't think that's something that i need to do in terms of celebrating. >> concord democrat mark desaulnier and san rafael's jared huffman will not be going, eric swalwell kamala harris they will be attending. dan ashley will be in washington, d.c., on friday bringing us live reports. happening today, two bay area communities will take up the issue of legalized recreational marijuana and how to regulate the sale and delivery of it. they will decide on an interim ordinance to prohibit the cultivation, delivery, and sale of marijuana for one year and the campbell city council will vote on putting a measure on the april 25 special election that
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would tax marijuana businesses. california voters approved a proposition legalizing recreational pot last year. the law gives local governments the power to regulate sales. the cal student suspected of stabbing a berkeley woman to death will be arraigned today. pablo gomez is accused of killing emilie inman inside of her home on january 6. inman says the two didn't know each other. gomez is accused of stabbing another woman on ridge road. she vooifd. after the attacks, gomez traveled to southern california, where he checked himself into a hospital and then surrendered to police. a project to create a third eastbound lane on the bridge could be coming up. a retaining wall and a bike lane will be moved to accommodate that expansion and once it's done the added lane will only be open during commute hours. november is the target month for completion. a stretch of westbound
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highway 37 in novato is still closed because of storm related flooding. caltrans has no date on when that will reopen. you can see this from the highway patrol, shows how much water is still in the lane there. caltrans crews are pumping the water out and one eastbound lane reopened on friday. so we talked about i'm tracking fog. we have temperatures that are tlirting with freezing. now we have dublin, livermore, san ramon at 34, danville at 33, walnut creek and concord and also looks like presentwood at about 36 so there is some possibility of some bliegs in those areas. napa 35, not quite black ice yet but you're only a couple degrees away. novato 37, some of the warm spots, san jose and oakland at 40, san francisco 44, and pacifica is about 41. here's a look at from our exploratorium camera. today is going to be dry, foggy to hazy on the water today and also it's going to be foggy, so some caution for your commutes
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this morning. golden gate bridge, we have a northeast wind at 13, that's what's drawing in the fog from the central valley. right now it's not making its way to the golden gate bridge just yet. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s today. low to mid 50s tomorrow, mid to upper 50s on thursday, up and down because of the chance of rain that's rolling into the forecast. in fact, we've got two storms before we get to the weekend and then a number 2 storm over the weekend. i'll have all that details for those. here's alexis. i want to take you back to highway 37 that they were just talking about. the closure is here. the westbound said, between atherton and 101, still officially close. however, we're starting to hear that they may be getting really close to opening that back up so working on making contact with caltrans right now. hopefully we will get a confirmation and that would be nice if we had that back open for the morning commute. other than that, with we are pretty quiet this morning. live look at bay bridge toll plaza. little stack-up. if you are just heading out the
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door, that right-hand side is moving along just fine. we do have some ferry cancellations today. i'll talk about those coming up. opening statements are set to begin tomorrow in the sierra lamar murder trial. coming up, the big challenge prosecutors will face in proving torres kidnapped and killed her. also, broken escalators a major complaint on b.a.r.t. right now. why it now says riders have been taught to do is to blame. plus the bay area's hometown plus the bay area's hometown porn c
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the gunman who kill # five people at a mexican nightclub is still on the loose this morning. we are learning that an american was among the victims gunned down during electronic music festival in playa dell carmen yesterday morning. jessica castro brought you the information yesterday. cell phone video captured the moment this all happened. moment this all happened. >> he's got a gun! >> you can see the chaos as people were running to safety from that club. one of the victims was crushed trying to escape. 15 people got hurt and authorities think the gunman got away in a taxi. opening statements begin
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tomorrow in the sierra lamar murder trial in a san jose courtroom and prosecutors are facing the difficult task of seeking a conviction without the victim's body ever being found. antolin garcia-torres has pleaded not guilty to killing 15-year-old morgan hill teenager. defense attorneys say lamar ran away on her own, pointing to a friend of sierra's. prosecutors say they have dna evidence that links garcia-torres to her murder. she vanished while walking to school in 2012 of the established etiquette for b.a.r.t. riders may be the reason escalators are always breaking down. here's that rule and you probably know it. stand on the right, pass on the left. a b.a.r.t. board member claims the practice causes uneven wear on escalator gears, which they claim leads to repairs and closures. this revelation comes as the agency plans to repair or replace 23 escalators
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system-wide. literally every single escalator in the country, that is the case. porn production will stop nks month in san francisco chls the san francisco chronicle reports that's in-house porn directors are moving to nevada, so cal and elsewhere in the bay area and that's because of weakening economics in the adult film business. happening today, general motors will announce a $1 billion investment in its factories, creating or keeping about 1,000 jobs. a spokesperson stressed it is not from any pressure by president-elect donald trump. the person said the investment is part of the normal process of equipping factories to build new models and has been planned for months. mr. trump has attacked gm and other automakers for building vehicles in mexico and then shipping them to the u.s. did you watch the golden state warriors and cleveland cavs renew their rivalry last night. the dubs were not gracious hosts. the warriors scored early and
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often, so often in fact that they took a 29-point lead into the half. klay thompson led the scoring, steph curry chipped in 20. the final score, 126-91 for nba champs. now, both teams anticipate seeing each other again in the finals after splitting the season series one apiece. steph curry paid tribute to president barack obama by wearing these red, white, and blue kicks last nigh. the mvp posted this video, saying, mr. obama embodies the inspiration, faith, and hope dr. king stood 23r. we are forever grateful. #44. and and notice the presidential seal. lots of details on those shoes. let's check in with mike nicco because we enjoyed beautiful blue skies yesterday. >> today, not as much. i've overlaid the cloud layer and the clouds are increasing as we speak. and plus there's a lot of fog out there. we're going to go from hazy conditions this morning to
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murky, if not mostly cloudy this afternoon. the chilly fog hasn't made it into the bay yet but it's going to. clouds return today. rain free on your accuweather highlights. ready for three storms, that's how many we have through monday and saturday is not going to be as wet as sunday so you may be able to get outside. the weekend, not a washout right now. tomorrow morning, we have some showers. tomorrow evening, we have downpours with strong winds and power outages possible. that's why the storm is a 2 on our storm impact scale. here is 4:00 tomorrow morning. ice latelied showers, especially cross the north bay. little bit of drizzle for the rest of us and that is be the case through the morning commute and then the north bay at 12:00, ringing in lunch with some moderate showers up in the north bay. the rest of us some light showers. and the showers will stay through 4:00 and be around until 7:00. the heavy jest about 8:00 to 11:00. even scattered and moderate rain
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around midnight and then they go away by 4:00 thursday morning. tomorrow morning, may be a little bit of moisture on the ground but nothing like, look at that, 1 to 2 inches possibly 3 in the santa cruz mountains. here's a look at the 7 day forecast. 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, just like yesterday. doesn't stop, alexis. oh, boy, i guess not. we will certainly enjoy the dry commute here this morning and i do have some great news if you travel highway 37. we were able to confirm all lanes are back open. the westbound side was the only side that was still closed here, between atherton and 101. and they got that open a couple minutes ago so crews were pumping water out of there all night. that has been flooded since last week. we'll see how we do the next few days as mike telling us there is more to come but this morning, eastbound and westbound 37 are back open in novato. also quick mention of san francisco bay ferry, 7:30 alameda, 7:30 oakland strip to south san francisco canceled due to mechanical issues. some delays starting to build us in the central valley.
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we'll check that on that coming up. that breaking news coming in from the atlanta area. a police shootout involving an armed man, it left the suspect dead. here are some of the first images we're getting from our abc affiliate in the atlanta area. i want to show you some of the new video coming in as well. the sheriff's department said the suspect first broke into a home, then stole a car and let deputies on a chase through several counties. police got calls he hit a guardrail on the interstate, jumped out and ran away before eventually getting in that shootout with deputies. no word on exactly how many deputies opened fire and now a huge investigation is underway and our station there talking to people who saw everything so we'll have updates for you when they come in. coming up next, cannabis curriculum, san francisco still college taps into a growing business here in california. also why that cup of coffee you may be about to enjoy could be doing more for you than giving you that morning boost.
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plus, got milk? if the answer's yes, you could have money coming to you. first, this morning's tech booitsz. putting an end to high-tech batteries that can catch fire. >> stanford researchers have designed a lithium ion battery that contains a flame retardant battery that's released if the battery gets too hot. >> lithium ion batteries are a known fire hazard. >> donald trump is planning to keep his popular twitter handle. he won't personally use @potus. he said he'd rather build on 20 million followers. >> the third most used password is qwerty, the six letters on the left side of the keyboard. >> number two is the numbers 1 through 9 in order. through 9 in order. >> everybody knows a through
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but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit
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city college of san francisco plans to roll out cannabis curriculum now that recreational marijuana is legal in california. according to the san francisco examiner, school officials are working with marijuana's trade school, oak cent labor industry to develop the program. it is estimated marijuana sales could exceed $7 billion by 2020. >> the future
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ness crab is in jeopardy. populations would be 30% lower than they are by 2063. the acidity is happening because of increasing fossil fuel use. oceans absorb 1/3 of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and that makes the water more acidic. the study was published in the journal "global change biology." . if you bought milk any time psince 2003, you may have some money coming to you. the national milk producers federation will pay $52 million to settle a lawsuit. "7 on your side's" michael finney first alerted us to this suit last night and it's pretty grim. it claims that milk producers conspired to limit the production of raw farm milk by prematurely slaughtering cows in order to raise prices. milk producers deny any wrong doing or liability. you can sign up to get between $5 and $20 depending on how much milk or milk products you've bought. we have a link to our form on our website.
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caffeine can do more than just wake you up in the morning. it can also lessen the inflammation that's linked to high blood pressure and stiff arteries. stanford research ez say they found evidence caffeine brokz the inflammation process. no one is saying that coffee is an antidote to aging but it might help explain why so many studies have linked higher caffeine intake to a longer life. other distances like omega 3 fatty acids also help ease inflammation. i'm still staying away from coffee. we are getting a better look at the impact that all the recent rain is having on the sierra snow pack. satellite images from yesterday, you can see the snow pack just a sliver in 2015, compare that to this year, the darker blue and purple, the deeper the snow there. meteorologists say the brout is basically over in much of northern california but 60% of our state remains in drought conditions and mike, i got to ask, how long can that cessation
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of drought possibly last? >> it all depends on the snow pook now. we've got plenty of rain. we've received plenty of rain but it's the snow pack that's going to sustain us as we head into the summer months and fall. so we've got 6 to 12 inches coming tomorrow above 4500 feet so if you're heading that way, be careful. we have a 12-hour window of possible damage, wind advisory, from 1:00 tomorrow afternoon to 1:00 thursday morning, southerly winds 40 to 50 miles per hour. faster near the coast. rainfall, 4 to possibly 6 inches by monday from the three storms. we'll have 50s and 6 # 0s through the skreent, upper 60s in so cal and heavy snow coming wednesday, friday, sunday, in the sierra. hey, lex. good morning. and we're up to a fairly quiet start although we are starting to see things fill in. westbound 580, we have reports of a disabled tractor trailer in the slow lane. however, that just cleared from the boards a couple moments ago.
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doesn't take much through a stretch. it's not too ugly yet. southbound 680, still nice and light if you are heading towards mission boulevard there and northbound 85 also still in the green at just 15 minutes. great news if you travel highway 37. i'll have that coming up at 5:00. authorities are warning people to be on the lookout for a mountain lion. a homeowner spotted the animal yesterday. mountain lions have been spot there had before and the san mateo county sheriff's office reminds you to avoid hiking or jogging alone at dusk or dawn. that is when the animals are most active. we are new details on a fire that gutted a popular restaurant in alameda. investigators now say friday's fire caused an estimated $250,000 in damage to kamakura japanese restaurant and they believe that fire was accidental, that it started
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a dryer in that restaurant. official cause has net to be determined. kamakura has been a fixture in that community for almost 35 years. the owner says the restaurant will reopen as soon as possible. phones, tablets, other smart devices, the 510 area code is running out of numbers. next at 5:00, how you can weigh in today on a plan to give the east bay a new area code. the warriors breaking ground on their san francisco arena today. why
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good morning to you on a tuesday, january 17. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui alongside meteorologist mike nicco, jessica castro and alexis smith is back with us this morning. y,


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