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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning to you on a tuesday, january 17. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui alongside meteorologist mike nicco, jessica castro and alexis smith is back with us this morning. hey, everybody.
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okay, so, she says dark and early but it's going to be ind of dark for a lot of the bay, isn't it? not a lot of sunshiny, blue skies. >> rainbows and lollipops. you guys expect a lot sometimes. we have increasing cloud cover today. you may need the sunglasses from time to time as the cloud cover will filter the sunshine. yes, but it won't be bright and blue like it was yesterday, plus we have hazy conditions this morning, the airport up in santa rosa, quarter mile visibility. you can see up towards windsor river boulevard towards airport boulevard towards 101, thick fog. it is a spare the air, wood burning illegal. temperatures today in the low to mid 50s even with the lack of sunshine compared to yesterday. that's your 12-hour day planner. how about planning for the commute, alexis? i have good news. your plans are going to go a lot smoother if you travel highway 37 in novato. we have f we've had at least the westbound side for the better part of the week here after last week's storms, 37 eastbound they
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were able a get back open a little earlier but as of 4:23 this morning, caltrans confirmed all lanes are opened eastbound and westbound. we just found out about this 15 minutes ago so you can travel that between 101 atherton. slight delays out of the central valley. in developing news now, the widow of the orlando nightclub gunman is going to be in oakland federal court this morning following her arrest in rodeo yesterday. noor salman was married to omar mateen. mateen opened fire inside the pulse nightclub in orlando on june 12 of last year, leaving 49 people dead. the u.s. attorney's office says salman has been charged with aiding and abetting her husband who was killed by police, and that sthe provided material support. >> she's being charged with aiding and abetting and materially aiding the criminal act. so, she could be prosecuted, in essence, as a principal, as if
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she were the person who went to the nightclub. >> salman accompanied mateen on at least one trip to a gun shop as he was buying ammunition. she could face the maximum sentence, life in prison, or the death penalty. it's 5:03 and there are just four days left until donald trump is sworn in as our nation's 45th president. the number of democrats who say they will not be attending the swearing in is continuing to grow right now. abc has the latest from washington. >> reporter: as the nags's capital prepares for the inauguration and the 400,000 expected protesters, a new protest is growing among democratic lawmakers. >> i will not be going. people have not forgotten that he attacked a mexican-american judge, that he attacked a gold star family, and now a civil rights icon. i can not pretend that this is a normal transition of power. >> reporter: abc news has identified more than three dozen members of congress who say they will be boycotting mr. trump's
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inauguration. this movement by democratic lawmakers is being led by congressman john lewis, a civil rights icon who mr. trump dismissed at all talk, talk, talk, no action or results, after lewis questioned mr. trump's legitimacy. republicans, though, are crying foul. >> i think it's irresponsible. >> reporter: but most democrats, including hooek, still plan on attending the inauguration. the nation continues to be divided about this new administration. it finds that 44% of americans think that mr. trump and his associates with r are not abiding by federal ethics laws while 43% think he is. abc news washington. crews are getting ready in washington, d.c., laying down barriers for the parade which is expected to last about # 0 minutes. that's compared to nearly four hours fn president obama. on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol, there are platforms, viewing stands, and thousands of seats. organizers say don't worry about the lawn. >> the tiles we laid down
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actually allows light through so the grass can continue to photosynthesize while it's covered. >> that's pretty amazing, actually. across town from the white house, movers took boxes into president obama and the first lady's home. they'll live there until their daughter finishes high school. it's less than two blocks from where ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner ner are expected to live. dan ashley will be in washington with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. that happening today, planned parenthood will be holding a pink out day and the rally is in response to the republicans' push to take away funds. organizers want to protect sexual and reproductive health care for nearly 1 million californians. celebrities expected to attend. the rally will start at 11:30 this morning. there's a new east bay area
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code in our future and today the california public utilities commission is holding public meetings in two cities to talk about it. according to the numbers in the 510 area code will be gone by june of 2019. so the commission plans to add a new area code. no one with an existing 510 phone number will have their area code changed so you are locked n. the meetings will take place in oakland at 1:00 p.m. in the harris state building, berkeley is going to host a second meal at 5:30 tonight at the central library. i wonder what they discuss at these meetings. they're changing it, right? what else ask we do about that? >> a benefit concert will happen tonight in oakland to help two badly hurt members of the popular bay area band tower of power. the fan's facebook page says that david garibaldi is recovering. the bassist is listed in critical condition. they were hit by an am track train last thursday as they tried to cross the tracks. fellow band members say the
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outpouring of love and support has been incredible and they are urging fans now to contribute to a go fund me account set up for the two men. tonight's benefit will start at 8:00 p.m. at yoesh's. happening today, roanoke residents will hear about crime in their city. officials from the department of public safety will discuss crime data specific to certain neighborhoods. they'll also discuss crime trends and recap the end of the year stats. if ground breaking for the warriors' new arena in san francisco is happening today. >> there are a loft questions about where they're going to play until that facility opens. lonnie is live in mission bay this morning. >> reporter: the ground breaking is private and it will be held here on these grounds for the chase center at san francisco's mission bay. scheduled for noon today. now, this arena will be 18,000
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seats, and it will sit on 11 acres that include restaurants, cafes, and will play host to concerts and special events. it wouldn't be finished until 2019 at the earliest, so the team needs to figure out where their going to play next season. well, today, the oakland city council will be holding a closed session to discuss extending the team's lease and an interesting twis yesterday, the joint powers authority said if oakland didn't work out, that the team could be looking for san jose as an option. they didn't say where, but it could be the shark tank. the warriors had a soldout crowd at last night's game, fans had this to say about the move to san francisco. >> pride that they bring the community, that you can't measure in dollars and cents. you really can't. >> with all due respect, it's going fob much more difficult to get to the games and much more crowded. >> reporter: arena opponents are also keeping up their fight. they say the mission bay area is already too congested with the hospital nearby and they are
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hoping the state supreme court takes up the case. in san francisco, lonnie riviera, abc7 news. in the ground breaking ceremony is prieft but you can watch it happen live. we're going to stream it all for you starting at 11:00 a.m. this morning on our abc7 news app, also on the ceremony is set to start at noon. if you're joining us from san francisco or that's your destination, temperatures low to mid 40s right now. and sunnyside, we've got 44 in west portal, marina, castro and the mission at 43, 46 in the financial, ferry building is 45 degrees, 45 in richmond and san leonardo. everybody in the 30s with santa clara, pleasanton, petaluma, american canyon, walnut creek and tracy at 36 and palo alto is about 39. here's a look as we look south
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at the fog in the east bay. this is looking south on 680 and walnut creek. it's the north bay and inland east bay that could have the worst air quality today but all of us under the spare the air umbrella so illegal to burn wood up until midnight. temperatures today around 50 to 57 degrees, little bit cooler than yesterday. 51 to 54, so rain cool tomorrow. and then about 54 to 57, a little bit warmer for thursday. here's a look at our chances of rain. 100% on thursday, saturday is mainly scattered, sunday, 100% so you can see when the three storms are coming through. i'll give you an hour by hour look coming up next. let's find out about the morning commute. that fog isn't sounding like too much right now compared to the rest of the week. we are seeing that on live doppler 7. i have the visibility layer added to the traffic maps but so far, fog not a major impact here for the tuesday morning drive. i do have a new crash just
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reported, westbound 237 past zanker road, a rupickup truck w not paying attention, hit two other vehicles so we have that pickup on its roof. that is in the center divide there and then we've got those two other vehicles on the right shoulder, possibly going to have lanes down. we had an earlier disabled tractor trailer, westbound 580 around north flynn so tracy to castro valley, wide open as is northbound 280 into san francisco. facebook's mark zuckerberg heads to court this morning. coming up, the allegation that his company's virtual reality technology is stolen. >> it was a tug of war over the little girl. can you imagine? a big scare for parents at a northern california park. northern california park. a man fights
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breaking overnight, four kids are hurt after a fire in los angeles. >> jessica has the news story coming into the live desk. >> within the last few minutes, we remember able to get this video from our colleagues? los angeles. you can see the huge response. right now, those four kids are hospitalized, three boys and one girl, all in critical condition. fire crews right now are searching for possibly any more victims. that's according to the l.a. fire department. about 90 firefighters responded. it was a huge fire fight. they were able to get it knocked down in less than 20 minutes and save those kids. it was a one story home, unclear at this point if there were any
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adults home at the time. accomplice or victim of abuse? the wife of orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen claims that face -- claims faces of federal judge this morning heading allegations that she played a role in the massacre. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, noor salman, the widow of alleged pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen preparing to appear before a judge, accused of helping her husband carry out his salman now charged with aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice, the fbi arresting her near san francisco. neighbors stunned to learn she's been living there. the fbi focusing on salman almost immediately after the shooting, confronting her with sur violence video. in a statement to abc news, salman's lawyers claim she was physically abused by her husband
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and had no foreknowledge, nor could she predict what omar mateen intended to do that tragic night. coming up at 7:00, dan abrams weighs in the on the case live. with your gma first look, abc news new york. a fire sent a man to the hospital and killed three dogs in belmont. you're looking at a photo tweeted by belmont police showing a burning home on christian drive. 47-year-old man says he left the house and then came back after the fire started. he suffered smoke inhalation trying to save those dogs. we don't know what sparked this fire. the coast guard has canceled a search for a father and son swept into the ocean by a wave along an oregon beach over the weekend. 31-year-old jason dean thomas and his 3-year-old son were walking along the beach at cape blanco about 75 miles north of the california state line bht wave pulled both out to sea on sunday. the boy's mother saw it happen and called authorities. authorities say the waves were especially rough because of the
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approaching storm. mark zuckerberg is headed to court today. he is set to testify in dallas that claims the vr technology was stolen. facebook is being sued by a maryland based video game maker for $2 billion. they are accused oculus of knowingly stealing its software and trade secrets through the hiring of several of its former employees. more than a dozen bay area mairz are in washington, d.c., this week but it's not for the inauguration. they're attending the u.s. conference of mayors which formally kicks off today. the mayors include ed lee of san francisco, a dozen others as well, including the mayors of alameda, cupertino, danville, fremont, san leandro and richmond. altogether, 300 u.s. mayors will be in the nation's capital this week to meet with white house officials, congress, and business leaders. let's see what the weather has in store for you today. check in now with mike nicco. good morning.
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i want to show you the bigger picture, show you the clouds that are increasing. ahead of this system but any rain is going to be up north of us in fact there's going to be a significant ice storm if you're trying to head into oregon and then its turns into snow. let's take a look at what's going on at sfo and what we're seeing is hazy conditions there and starting tomorrow all the way through sunday, just expect there to be delays. it's that time of the year. sorry. partly sunny and hazy this spare the air day. into the afternoon hours. cleaner and wetter air, wednesday through monday, sunday's rain is trending the heaviest right now. tomorrow's storm, still looks like a 2 on the storm impact scale. with morning showers but heavy downpours during the afternoon and evening hours and the strongest wind then power outages possible. here's a look at tomorrow morning, pretty quiet out there, little drizzle so slickness on the streets by 9:00 you can see a little more showers developing by noon, we definitely have some showers everywhere, even some yellow starting to show up in the north bay, moderate rain and that's where it will stay
5:19 am
through 4:00, getting a little heavier with that orange, just about the entire bay area at 7:00, 10:00, all the way up until midnight, full of moderate to heavy rain so my concerns, power outages, hydroplanes, stream and creek flooding up to moderate also, river flooding and debris flows from burn scars, those are low. 7 day forecast, thursday morning, some rain, thursday afternoon, dry, friday, heavy rain, sunday, heavy rain, in between, saturday and monitor, we'll have lighter storms. right now, we've got dry pavement but we do have a rollover crash in the south bay. taking you down to westbound highway 237 just past zanker road. pickup truck on its roof. now when i told you about this ten minutes ago we didn't have any lanes blocked. emergency crews are there now. we have some fuel leaking so lanes 1, 2, and 3, the three left lanes are blocked right now and traffic is starting to strak up. hopefully they'll get some more lanes open soon. it sounds like the two other
5:20 am
vehicles involved in the crash are on the right-hand shoulder. westbound 80, no major delays for you so far this morning if you are doing the bay bridge commute and san francisco bay ferry riders, 7 colon 3 alameda, 7:40 oakland departures canceled due to mechanical issues. you're not going to believe this story. a girl's grandfather being credited with stopping a woman from kidnapping his granddaughter at a northern california park. police say a woman tried to snatch the 3-year-old child in auburn on saturday. they say grandpa jumped into action, pulling the young girl out of the would be kidnapper's arms. that person, lindsay frasher, is now charjd with attempted kidnapping. >> ms. frasher, l proechld one of the children, called her by a different name, if i remember right and tried to take her. >> other people at the park held her until the officers arrived. they say she has no connection to the child. thank god for grandpa. this is a spot of sunshine
5:21 am
for you today. a skub diver says a recent trip to monterey totaled exceeded his expectations and we're going to show you why. he says he encountered this extremely friendly harbor seal in san carlos beach. the two spent about half an hour just playing around, chasing one another there. now when he finally had to leave, he said that the playful seal kept trying to pull him back. he said, no, keep playing with me. definitely an underwater adventure that he will probably not forget any time soon. coming up, the seven thikz you need to know as you start the day. also, donald trump wants to make america great again. how one of his southern california supporters wanting to make dating great again. plus america's colors, certainly red, white, and blue, right? why a concord company is sending los of white to washington, d.c., just in time for the inauguration. inauguration. >> hees a
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whether you're just joining us or headed out the door, these are the seven things you need to know before you go. the widow of orlando nightclub gunman omar mateen makes her first court appearance in oakland this morning. noor salman is charged with aiding and abetting and abinstruction of justice in the nation's deadliest shooting. dry weather for today's forecast but that's going to quickly change. we're going to make up for it with six days of rain with a heaviest of the rain wednesday, friday, and sunday. and number three, the main traffic issues so far this morning, westbound 237 in the milpitas year, that's where we had that rollover crash. we have the three left lanes blocked t it souds like they're just reopening all lanes right now so everybody involved in this crash on the right-hand shoulder. one person has some injuries. number four from the live desk, the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 is officially over. the search was the most expensive in aviation history, $160 million. victims' families are vowing not
5:25 am
to give up look for their loved ones. number five, roughly 900,000 people are expected to attend president-elect donald trump's inauguration friday. tens of thousands of those will be protesters. over the next few days, d.c. will be transformed into a virtual fortress with barriers, security, and roadblocks. patriots offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels is taking himself out of the running for the 49ers' head coaching job. he was thought to be the front runner, and many suspect that he doesn't want to risk his career. >> harsh burn. number seven, happy birthday to betty white. she turns 95 today. friends say she's going to celebrate by having some girlfriends over for a game of poker and by indulging in one vodka tonic. also the first lady aes birthday today. one thing is certain about inauguration day weekend. airbnb is going to be making money hand over fist. >> they report more than 13,000 people have used airbnb to get
5:26 am
rooms for inauguration day. that is ten times the number of people who rented rooms using that service on inauguration day on 2013. and it gets better for airbnb. more than 15,000 guests have used its soefrss to book rooms for the weekend in washington, d.c, so they are raking in the dough. a bay area company prepares to send roses to the inauguration. 120 roses per box, he's sending run to outgoing first lady michelle obama, one to incoming first lady melania trump, and each rose include a message of hope sent in my customer there has. >> one line of just what they felt, you know, this whole process of, you know, old going out and new coming in from the administration side of things. >> the company says it is sending one box of roses to each first lady as a show of respect and admiration. a southern california man says that his idea to make dating great again is working.
5:27 am
>> david gosz runs a dating website out of his house called trump he says it's a place where like-minded voters can connect and find true, lasting love. goss actually started the site last turm sz a $5 monthly subscription. he thought it would last through the election and fade out but now that the president-elect donald trump is about to take office, business is booming. more than 20,000 people, he says, have signed up. >> people told us they went on da dates at gun ranges and restaurants and various places and we've had a lot of positive feedback since we got big. >> trump singles now charges $19. $19.95 a month. goss says he hasn't heard from the trump campaign but he hopes he will. he believes mr. trump may like the idea. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including how local communities are sorting out the legalization of recreational marijuana. and you seen this man, wanted for dons of autoburglaries and police need
5:28 am
help tracking him down. a beautiful embarcadero and still dry right now. which is kind of nice. that will change. that will change. we're keeping weather and
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5:30 in the a to the m. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. glad you're here. we have jessica castro, good morning. >> good morning. >> we have alexis smith. >> good morning. >> and mike nicco, hey. >> hi. >> bring in a few solid days of rain starting tomorrow. >> yes. at least three. so, time to get ready for that. reggie's laughing over there. >> super excited. >> i can tell. sure a lot of people feel that way, but you know, we'll get through it. quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. i have the fog layer on live doppler 7 to show you where the thickest fog is right now. looking down from sutro tower,
5:31 am
background for our 12 hour day planner. 32 to 43, low to mid 50s with a lot less sunshine today, mid 40s to 50, not as chilly at 7:00. wood burning illegal all day today. >> good morning. i'm waiting for the official word that we have the bay bridge metering lights on. certainly is filling in so i'd say if it didn't happen in the last couple seconds, i was walking up here, it will in the next few minutes. ten-minute b.a.r.t. delay due equipment proob on a train at montgomery station. i will stay on top of that and we'll take a closer look at that 237 rollover crash in the milpitas area coming up. in just a few hours, the widow of orlando nightclub shooter will make her first appearance in oakland federal court. >> noor salman faces federal charges after being arrested right here in the bay area yesterday. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the santa rita jail in dublin.
5:32 am
>> reporter: hi, natasha, yes, she is here in this dublin jail. authorities believe she played a role in the attacks at an orlando gay nightclub last june where her husband killed 39 people. law enforcement officials say she went with hurry husband, omar mateen, to scout out potential locations, including the pulse nightclub and a shopping center called disney springs and that she knew he had spent thousands of dollars on guns and ammunition and that she knew he had thoughts of wanting to do something violent. noor salman was arrested at her parents' home in rodeo in the east bay yesterday. she has said she didn't know of his plans, and that she was abused by him. a lawyer told abc7 news that defense will likely not hold up. >> you're not allowed to kill. so, there is a limit to that defense. and in this case, husband going to a nightclub and just randomly killing people for being in the
5:33 am
nightclub, her abuse is unlikely to be a significant defense. >> reporter: her attorney issued this statement. noor salman had no foreknowledge nor could she predict what omar mateen intended to do that tragic night. noor has told her story of abuse at his hands. we believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and that it dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person. her federal charges include obstruction of justice and providing material support to isis. the indictment should be unsealed today when she appears in court. so we should learn more about the case. reporting live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening today, the golden state warriors will be breaking ground on their new home in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. >> the ser main planned for noon. team officials, city leaders, and dignitaries will attend that. today, the oakland city council
5:34 am
is going to discuss extending the team's lease at oracle. arena opponents are still fighting this san francisco location, hoping the state supreme court is going to review the case. we'll be streaming the ground breaking live on our website. new this morning, check out this large oak tree that came crashing down on to a busy street in al ma the other night. half of it in the street, half on to a home. a lone county worker showed up and started chopping and cleared the lanes for traffic around 3:20 this morning. authorities need your help finding a car burglar suspect. identified as eddie nute, the subject of a $1 million arrest warrant, 50 counts of auto burglary. he was spotted by deputies in richmond who chased him macarthur maze. he left his car behind and ran
5:35 am
away. authorities say nute is part of a violent oakland street gang responsible for car break-ins all around the bay area. >> you can't even go to which i poet lei. you have to ahehide your phone keys or something. >> tharts say if you spot him, don't approach. instead, call 911. happening take into consideration protesters will once again take to the streets of oakland over what they see as misconduct by police. they will be rallying against proposed policies by president-elect donald trump. the group is gathering at 9:00 a.m. another group yesterday organized a similar protest in honor of dr. martin luther king jr.'s call for equality. a new abc news/washington post poll shows americans want president-elect donald trump to reduce his tax returns. 75% of those polled believe that mr. trump should make his irs statements available to the public. 40% say they care a lot about this issue. mr. trump has commented that
5:36 am
americans don't really care if he releases i. just 43% think the trump family and their advisors are complying with federal ethics laws. meanwhile, the number of democratic members of congress who say they will not be attending friday's inauguration has grown to 40. one of those is oakland representative barbara lee kmo who's spent monday celebrating martin luther king jr.'s birthday and she says she sees no reason to do the same on friday. >> when you look at the campaign of divisiveness and bigotry and the fact that nothing has changed since the campaign, i don't think that's something that i need to do in terms of celebrating. >> concord democrat mark saul and san rafael's jared huffman will not be going. senator elect kamala harris say they will attend. dan ashley will be in washington, d.c, on thursday and friday, bringing us live on president-elect trump's
5:37 am
inauguration. after three years of searching, the hunt for malaysiaen airlines flight 370 is over. in march of 2014, flight 370 was flying to beijing when it disappeared with 239 people on board. investigators eventually detected debris in the indian ocean off australia's west coast. today, the joint agency coordination center in australia announced the search is suspended after crews painstakingly covered a 46,000 square nile zone. new dales about the deadly attack in us tan ball. the suspect has reportedly confessed. this photo was taken yesterday. he is suspected of gunning down 39 people on behalf of isis. authorities confirmed that his identity was true using fingerprints found at the scene. the uzbekistan national was hiding out in a luxury residential complex outside the city. two bay area communities will take up the issue of legalized recreational marijuana and how to regulate the sale and
5:38 am
delivery of it. first, the contra costa board of supervisors will decide on an interim ordinance to prevent the cultivation and sale of marijuana for one year. and the campbell city council will put a measure on the april 25 special election. california voters aumd a proposition legalizing recreational pot. the law gives local governments the power to regulate sales. the cal student suspected of stabbing a berkeley woman to death will be arraigned today. pablo gomez is accused of killing inman. police have not released a motive. inman's family says the two didn't know each other. gomez is also accused of stabbing another woman and she survived. after the attacks, gomez traveled to southern california where he checked himself into a hospital and then surrendered to police. a project to create a third eastbound lane on the richmond-san rafael bridge could be finished by the fall. initial work is underway object
5:39 am
contra costa side. a retaining wall and bike lane is going to be moved to accommodate the expansionment the added lane will only be open during commute hours. november is the target month for completion. we have some freezing cold temperatures on the peninsula. look at woodside, 32. menlo park, close to 33, foster city cooler than yesterday as is san mateo, 37, 38, half moon bay much cooler today also, 39. everybody else about 40 to 42 degrees. let's take a look at the rest of our neighborhoods. some concern for some freezing fog in livermore, 32 in fire field, 32 you're freezing, your fog is not as thick as it was yesterday but a coating of black ice is possible. san francisco 44, oakland and hayward, about 41. here's a look at walnut creek, poor air quality on this winter spare the air. the fifth one this season. out and about, good today, dry, foggy to hazy dp you're going to be on the water and for our
5:40 am
driving commute, foggy all through the morning. here's a look at san jose, 101 and 880, mainly cloudy in the south bay, temperatures from 30 5 3 to 57 today. 52 to 54 tomorrow because of the rain and then about 54 to 57 as we get a little bit of a break thursday we we've got two more storms on the way. accuweather 7 day forecast next. going to take you down to highway 37. that's where we have that flipped pickup truck pass zanker road. we had lanes one, two, three down. now just the far right lane and everyone involved has been pushed to the shoulder but you are crawling from 880, down to 5 miles an hour so definitely worth taking a surface street or the longer way around at this point in the morning. oakland road, you can see conditions pretty good so i don't think that was the cause. i think just someone wasn't paying attention this morning and overcorrected. that's what it sounds like from chp. and i have an update on our b.a.r.t. situation. up to 20-minute delay for san
5:41 am
francisco stations. the earlier equipment problem at montgomery has been solved now a switching problem at embarcadero station and that means 20 minutes there. i'll talk more about this coming up. opening statements set to begin tomorrow in the sierra lamar murder trial. coming up, the big challenge prosecutors will face in proving antolin garcia-torres kidnapped and killed her. broken sleerks are a major complaint on b.a.r.t. right now but why it's saying something you likely do out of common courtesy is to blame. plus the bay area's hometown plus the bay area's hometown porn anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies,
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the gunman who killed five people at a mexican nightclub is still on the loose this morning. we're learning that an american was among the victims gunned down during an electronic music festival in playa del carmen early yesterday jessica castro brought it to you from the live desk. cell phone video is going to show you the moment this all happened. >> he's got a gun! >> people obviously running to
5:45 am
safety from that club, and one of the victims was crushed trying to escape. 15 people got hurt and authorities think the gunman got away in a taxi. opening statements begin tomorrow in the sierra lamar murder trial. prosecutors are facing the difficult task of seenging a conviction without the victim's body ever being found. antolin garcia-torres has pleaded not guilty to killing the 15-year-old moralen hill teenager. prosecutors say they have dna evidence that links him to the murder. defensive attorneys say that she ran away on her own. lamar vanished in 2012. we've talked a lot about broken escalators at b.a.r.t. stations and get ready for the newest reason why that may be happening. because we're too polite? okay, as you know, the kind of the established general rule is that you stand on the right so that people who want to go faster pass you on the left, right? well, a b.a.r.t. board member says the practice causes uneven wear on escalator gears, which leads to repairs and closures.
5:46 am
that revelation comes as the agency plans to repair or replace 23 escalators system-wide and my question would be, every escalator in the country is subject to that rule, so they're not breaking down all the time. just a question. porn production is going to stop next month. mission district armory in san francisco, the "san francisco chronicle" reports's in-house porn directors are moving to nevada, so cal, elsewhere in the bay area because of weakening economics in the adult film business. purchased the historic building partner $14.5 million a decade ago. happening today, general motors will announce a $1 billion investment in its factories creating or keeping about 1,000 jobs. a spokesperson with the knowledge of the deal stresses this is not because they received any pressure from president-elect donald trump. that person says the investment is part of the normal process of equipping factories to build new models and has been planning for months. mr. trump has attacked general motors and other automakers for
5:47 am
building vehicles in mexico and then shipping them to the u.s. go ahead, this morning you can still revel in the blowout victory from last nigh. the golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers renewed their rivalry at oracle. klay thompson led the scoring with 26 points, kevin durant add 21, steph curry schiped in 20. the final score there, 126-91. teams anticipate seeing each other again in the finals after splitting the season series. here's what a lot of you are talking about. after the cavs lost to the warriors, they lost to the internet. you may have seen draymond green's reaction to lebron james' flop. suggesting very strongly that the all-star may have been a little dramatic in his fall, to pull a flagrant foul. as you can imagine, the internet was ferocious. this is my favorite one. do you see that? >> i can't look at this.
5:48 am
>> a mash-up of disney's lion king. >> that is so -- wow. >> you can see the meme reflects the scene in the movie after the king was trampled to d simba -- i love that. twitter is so quick. indeed it is. and ferocious. let's go to alexis smith. you have some b.a.r.t. delays. >> major problem and this is turned into a major delay, it was ten minutes, then 20 and now major delay for san francisco stations, it's all die dew a switching problem at embarcadero station. we did just talk to b.a.r.t. a couple moments ago and essentially, trains can't get past there. either direction there. so if you're coming from the east bay trying to get into san francisco and vice versa, everybody is having to stop at embarcadero station and not moving at the moment. i did talk to somebody from rock ridge and it sounded like they were leaving the downtown oakland area heading towards san francisco. i will check in with them again shortly to see where they are stopped. embarcadero station or what the deal is. we do have the bay bridge
5:49 am
metering lights on so that is starting to fill in and it is a normal weekday commute. i know things were nice and light yesterday. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco and today likely the only dry commute at least really starting to sound that way. >> yes. the last dry day for a while. at least through monday starting tomorrow. hi, everybody. in the battle is brewing above us right now, as you can see on live doppler 7 i have overlaid the cloud layer. we have high clouds coming in and that tends to thwart the formation of fog but i understand beneath that we've got a northeasterly wind that's bringing the haze and fog, that tufl, and it looks hazy from our roof camera. so clouds returning today, our last day rain-free. ready for three storms in that's what we're going to have tomorrow through monday and saturday is not going to be as wet as sunday. hopefully you can get outside and do outdoor activities. did i mention today is a spare the air day. no burning wood. tomorrow 2, moderate on the
5:50 am
storm impact scale. morning showers but afternoon and evening downpours with damaging winds, possible trees and power outages coming. trees topples. here we are tomorrow morning. there's a little bit of drizzle. slick spots during the morning commute but you can see the scattered light showers to moderate up in the north bay, moderate rain through 4:00. then the rest of us will get it by 7:00 all the way up to 10:00, possibly even midnight inland east bay and the south bay and you can see it tapering. rainfall amounts are going to be pretty impressive once we get into the evening hours. more than 1 inch around the bay, 2 to 3 inches up in the mountains. accuweather 7 day forecast, sunday's storm would be even stronger. new at 6:00, another injury involving a takata airbag. it's raising questions about the difficulty of recalling millions of vehicles. but first why that cup of coffee could be doing more than just giving you that morning cough feen boost. cough feen boost.
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welcome back. if you bought milk any time since 2003, you may have some money coming to you. the national milk producers federation will pay $52 million to settle a lawsuit. "7 on your side's" michael finney first alerted us to this last night. now the suit claims that milk producers conspired to limit the production of raw farm milk by prematurely slaughtering cows in order to illegally raise prices. milk producers are denying any wrong doing or liability here. you can sign up to get between 5 tlars to $20 depending on how much milk or milk products you've bought. we have a link for that on our
5:54 am
website. maybe you can use that extra coin to buy yourself a cup of coffee this morning. caffeine it turns out may be able to do more than just wake you up. it can also lessen the inflammation that is linked to high blood pressure and stiff arteries. stanford researchers found evidence caffeine blocks the inflammation process. no one is saying coffee is an antidote to aging but it could help explain why so many study have linked higher caffeine intake to a longer life. other substances like omega 3 fatty avids also help to ease inflammation. we have a major commuter alert. b.a.r.t. issue, switching problem at embarcadero stations, essentially no trains can get by so that is a major delay system-wide. looks like a lot of folks in the east bay are having to get off heading into san francisco. we're going to have much more on this. i talked to someone else trying to leave the rock ridge area and the announcements are sounding optimistic. so we'll see. hopefully that means we can get
5:55 am
this problem solved but we're going to have residual delays. central valley, 57 minutes, westbound 580, 31 on westbound 4 and southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, 18 minutes. let's check in with mike nicco. tomorrow, the winds pick up. let's talk about what to expect. 1:00 in the afternoon during the overnight hours thursday, damaging southerly winds, you see shaded in yellow. all of our neighborhoods. could be faster near the coast and above 1,000 feet. rainfall through mobd, look at this. possibly 4 to 6 inches, hydro issues with flooding and ponding. today's pretty quite. mid to upper 60s in so cal, rain in eureka and up in tahoe this week, about 1 foot of snow wednesday. possibly about another 2 to 4 feet of snow friday and sunday when we're getting heavy rain,
5:56 am
they're getting the heavy snow. hope you're prepared for both. just coming in to our live desk, abortions in this country at a record low. the lowest level since 1974, which is the year after abortion was legalized in roe v. wade. a new study finds abortions in the u.s. at 926,000, that's based on 2014 rates, compare that to 2011, when rates were at 1.06 million. the numbers are part of a comprehensive new study -- survey, i should say, by a group that supports abortion rights and this particular study included all states in the u.s. so it's getting a lot of attention this morning. the cdc also releases its own numbers but they don't include all states. and california on one of those lists, they don't count. so, this is a very comprehensive study that we're looking at and just released. thank you. authorities are warning people in a san carlos neighborhood, be
5:57 am
on alert because there's a mountain lion in the area. a homeowner reported spotting the animal just after 7:00 yesterday morning. mountain lion have been spotted there before. the san mateo county sheriff's office is warning everyone to avoid hiking alone at dusk and dawn because that's when the naems are most active. new details on a fire that gutted a popular restaurant. it costs an estimated $250,000 in damage to kamakura japanese restaurant and they believe the fire was accidental. an official cause has not yet been determined. kamakura has been a fixture in that community for almost 35 years and the owner says the restaurant will reopen as soon as possible. next, at 6:00, the two injured members from the popular bay area band tower of power are recovering after getting hit by a train. how you can help them out tonight. also, fighting back, how also, fighting back, how supporters of
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning to you on this tuesday, january 17. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. we do want to get straight over to traffic reporter alexis smith. we have a major problem with b.a.r.t. this morning, major delays system-wide, all due to a switching problem at embarcadero. so essentially no trains are able to get by. b.a.r.t. has not been able to give us an estimate on when this problem will be fixed but that is a major delay system-wide. i have been talking to our coworker who got on at rock ridge. he thought it was starting to sound optimistic but he was forced off at west oakland station along with many others so not even coming into afrs yet and boy 240ez platforms are full. i'm trying to get a picture for you. let's check in with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. couple of concerns as you head out the door. the first of it being fog. it's not as thick as it was


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