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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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people are preparing for the next several days. drew? >>. >> reporter: dan, we are now seeing that storm start to end on shore, ending our period of dry weather and series of storms over the next several days. on top of the job tonight, you notice live doppler 7 right over the immediate bay area, we are dry at this moment. but just north of clover dale, north of ukiah, that is where the rain is located right now. over the past three hours, showing you, this is just the initial line of moisture, heaviest impacts still about 12 to 18 hours away. on the storm impact scale, it is get you into wednesday. this is a moderate torm, starting off with ice and showers in the morning and really ramping up in the evening with heavy rain and very strong winds. some concerns that we have tomorrow, power outages certainly a high concern with those winds whipping especially in the evening. tomorrow evening's rush is a slow-go. heavy rain means ponding on roadwayes.
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good news, preflooding looks moderate. debris flows look low with the storm system. we will go hour by hour and time-out this wet weather for you and that full accuweather forecast. >> thank you, drew. people living along a picturesque town along the beach have more to fear than most of us with the upcoming storms. one portion of highway 1 is close end there could be more trouble coming. new at 6:00, wayne friedman joins us live with that story. wayne? >>. >> reporter: well, we know about the closure on highway 1 south, that highway is closed there. now cal tran acknowledges there may be another problem developing north of town between the beach and stinson beach which makes only one way out of town that road has been reduced to one lane for a couple of years it has been a content, a matter of contention for quite a while. this winter the concern isn't so much about paradise lost as
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paradise becoming land locked. but the road to paradise is paved with -- >> obstacles. >> they are marked with hieroglyphics readable only to the crew. this road is closed until further notice while caltrans works a solution. residents have seen this before. >> when that road up there closed, what went through your mind? >> fear. >> because dr. edward and his neighbors and even caltrans noted new slippage of highway 1 on the other side of town between mur beach and stinson beach. a closure there would leave only one lane of frank valley road in or out and this particular spot has been an unsolved source of contention for years. >> i think it's negligent because we're in big trouble if something happens. >> frank valley road may be the most overpopulated two-laner in
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california because it leads to the muir woods national monument. the county received $6 million in federal money to improve it and fix the break but so far it paid for a lot of talk between the national park service and county engineers. >> making sure it is safe as far as the actual environment it selves. like the land, trees, wildlife, creek bed. >> they can't just build a temporary bridge until they figure that out? >> i mean, unfortunately, it's not that easy. >> in the meantime, all this leaves muir beach at the mooers of well potentially slipping time bombs. in ma rrin county, wayne freedm, abc 7 news. >> this video shows what water was left on the stretch of highway 37 near 101 over the weekend. caltrans crews pumped that water out of the area but warned the same stretch could flood again. >> today abc 7 went back to
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minor road to check out the cave-in we told you about last week. but we will move on for the moment. the next series of storms could trigger more flooding and slides in the mountains. rocks and boulders crushing one of our abc 7 news vans as you can see here. our photographer inside was hurt but we are very relieved to tell you he is now recovery. david louie is live where caltrans took steps to protect other drivers. david? >> reporter: the fence caltrans installed here along highway 17 will probably look normal to you, but they insure us it is designed to help make drivers and their vehicles safe if the rain triggers another slide but for now they believe the hillside here that did slide last week is stable for now. the hope is that this fence will keep vehicles safe if the next series of storms loosens rocks or boulders over a stretch of highway 17. >> this fence could hold back
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basically beach ball sized rocks and boulders. small amount of dirt. small rocks. but if we have a major landslides like occurred last monday, there's very few systems that could protect against that anyway. >> last week's landslide struck in the dark just after 3:00 in the morning, crushing an abc 7 news van. the photographer was on his way to work. he was injured but later released from the hospital. caltrans spent several days clearing up debris from the roadway and removed additional rocks and trees. >> all the trees within 15 to 20 feet within the top of the slope, the trees themselves were removed and so there would be no weight or loss of soil from the trees blowing in the wind but the root system is still there to stabilize the slope. >> the crews are racing against the clock with the next storm coming but helped by the fact these k rails were installed to keep the mud back and they are designed to hold poles for the fence project they are working
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on. caltrans engineer spent the majority of his time the past year addressing slides and doing improvements to the median barrier and drainage. other engineers are tasked with evaluating slide potential and stability of hills. further assessment of this slide will be done along with plans for a permanent solution. near scotts valley, david louie, abc 7 news. >> now you can track the incoming storms with the abc 7 news app, we have live doppler 7 on the app and you can enable push alerts to get weather advisory owns your phone or tablet any time. we have new video from santa clara county, two people died this afternoon when their vehicles slided head-on near morgan hill. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon. the highway patrol tells us a man drove a volkswagen across the double yellow line hitting a woman driving an suv in the oncoming direction. investigators are still on the scene. it is not clear when the road will be open. as you see, a terrible accident. >> a woman is accused of trying to kill a person over a park
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spot at a 7 eleven on east third avenue and san mateo yesterday. greenbomb was found and arrested. >> breaking down on a new billion dollar arena, city and team leaderser is moanusly shovelled dirt. it was an incredible show showing acrobats with excavators and even showing fireworks. the chase center will be a destination for more than basketball fans. >> the place you sit now will be transformed into the warriors practice court. 200 feet behind me is center court. closer than that is where b beyonce will take stage. >> the arena already has officials at ucsf on edge. the hospital put up these no event parking signs during
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today's ground breaking. the new arena is across the street from ucsf's new children's hospital. mission bay alliance fears the arena will cause traffic congestion. in statement they say they are continuing dealing with other fronts. >> stranded passengers at stations like this one in west oakland, passengers today exit their b.a.r.t. train and wait for another one. katrina wong made it to work but her boss didn't. >> my manager who actually was coming from east bay, they all had to get off at one stop and then she ended up having to work from home because of the delays. >> b.a.r.t. had major system wide delays twice in the last two weeks between san francisco and oakland. and then there's this. esalator break downs on b.a.r.t. are nothing new if you ask many commuters, you probably notice this too. there is an explanation for why they break down so often. kristin is here to explain.
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kristin? >> i want you to show you the list of nonworking escalators. 14 out of service. so this picture is all too common, right? b.a.r.t. escalators not moving and commuter's feet, moving. >> you know how important escalators are to our patrons and we really work hard to shut them down outside of commute rushes. >> in fact, b.a.r.t. is now seeking bids to replace and repair escalators which prompt one commuter to tweet an idea to supervisor dufty. suggesting painting on escalator steps, stand right, walk left. b.a.r.t.'s response, we can't do this because it would cause more break downs. uneven wear if one on one side but stand on other. in other word, the extra weight passengers put on the right side causees a tilt and it wears out the right side more quickly. one abc 7 news viewer has
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another suggestion. larry medinah, even and odd days for standing on right or left. that will simplify things. b.a.r.t. tells abc 7 news it is not going to ask passengers to do anything differently. but we always appreciate your viewers creative ideas. dan and alma? >> thank you so much, kristin. weaikileaks says obama may have saved chelsea manning's life after granting her clemency. she was released 30 years early after sefbirving six years. there has been a long time standing trying to get manning released. >> she was trying to let the american public see things that were war crimes. we are surprised and delighted. it is the right thing. >> wikileaks founder tweeted thanks to manning supporters but didn't mention his earlier pledge agreeing to u.s.
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extradition if u.s. obama granted manning clemency. a spokespersonassange will stand by his statements. mccuffy pleaded guilty to tax evasion in 1995 after he failed to report income earned while signing autographses at sports mix bealea shows. he was sentenced to two years probation and received a $5,000 fine. >> bay area resident are getting ready to head to washington for donald trump's inauguration but aren't going to celebrate. >> nekstxt, the plan to protest d.c. and here in the bay area. and at 6:30 -- >> determined to destroy me and any other black contractor that dared to be successful. >> hear from the man behind a lawsuit against a big construction company that he says drove him out of business through extortion and fraud. >> plus, the future for what left of the old eastern span of
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the bay bridge. that story and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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in just three days president obama will leave office and donald trump will be sworn in as our nation's next president. >> it is historic lay moment to celebrate. many californians are planning to use the inauguration as a reason to protest. >> we have the bay area's response beginning with laura anthony with a focus on the women's marchs happening in several cities. laura? >> hi. when there is an event on saturday, saster event here in walnut creek and it'll start here at civic park. it and others like it are designed to send a clear message to the new president.
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>> i think the most political thing i do is vote. >> reporter: karen is a long time republican and never before participated in a political demonstration. but that will change this saturday when she joins 2,000 others in a sister women's march in walnut creek. >> because i think women's rights need to be protected. i think women have the right to choose and take care of their own health. >> walnut creek is not known as a community for activism. i'm feeling anxious about the inauguration but really excited to see so many people mobilize and what's often times considered a sleepy town, walnut creek. >> valley gilbert will take it a step further. she is flying to washington, d.c. with a group from berkeley to participate in saturday's event on the capitol mall. she hopes to send a message to the new president, donald trump.
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>> i think most of the energy and most of the critical mass will be in washington. it feels like historic opportunity and it feels like the place to really have the numbers tell a story. >> reporter: besides walnut creek, sister marchs in oakland, san jose, san francisco and napa. abc 7 news. >> oakland is bracing for inaugural protests. late this afternoon the city sent resident and businesses an advisory on protest plan for friday and saturday. it says quote the intent of some event organizers is to disrupt traffic, commerce and business as usual, particularly on friday. the advisory says the oakland police department behavior. >> meantime, hundreds of high school student in oakland and berkeley are joining a march to cal where cal student may join them as well. planning for friday's student protest kicked off in full today. malia is live from cal where
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speak-out wrapped up not long ago, leah. >> right. again the mayor's office in oakland put out a press release letting people know about all these demonstrations that are going to occur on friday and saturday. now preparations for at least one of those demonstrations began here at uc berkeley today. is it. >> a last-minute speak-out was organized at uc berkeley by a group called, by any means necessary. it was poorly attended. one of the organizers had spent the day editing and printing flyers encouraging student at cal to walk out on friday in protest of trump's inauguration. donald cruz says he stands by those targeted by president-elect donald trump. >> the immigrant communities, women who would lose abortion rights, people who would lose health care are under direct attack. their lives are. >> but it's hard to gauge how student here will react on friday. daniel ginsburg said he may march even though he believes the country must move on.
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>> i do support the end result. trump did win fair and square as per the electoral college. >> the group is asking cities in the bay area to close. some high school student have committed to walking out. >> we want people to know how we feel. we want to express our feelings like other people are in other parts of america. >> the young people, we are the future, and we have to be the change. >> berkeley high school student walked out in november right after the election. they vow to do the same on friday and march to uc berkeley. oakland students are expected to march to downtown oakland. both districts are encouraging student to stay in school. the districts may lose thousands in state fund if student don't show up to school. berkeley unified said while they support their student' interests in political issues, the district is not closing school on friday. >> we'll be in washington, d.c.
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and we'll be live on thursday and friday with full reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. >> now your accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. >> hello, there, dan. we are talking about our first of a trio of storm systems moving in overnight tonight. live top lar 7 showing you, it is on the job. a lot of this moisture around ukiah still not reaching the ground yet. it is moistening up our atmosphere. getting ready for the storm system that will affect us tomorrow afternoon and evening. out there right now, coming off of a cool day. a lot of spots struggle to get out of the 40s. that's where we still sit in a lot of spots. 46 in san ramon. 50, mild spot in san jose. 47 santa rosa. hayward at 51 degrees. overnight, we have that cloud cover overhead. it acts like a blanket, insulates us.
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on the mild side so to speak for the winter season. holding in 40s across the board. then we track our first storm on the storm impact storm. a moderate storm coming tomorrow. tomorrow morning isolated showers ahead of the main storm that will pick up in intensity in the afternoon and evening with heavy rain strong winds as well and the biggest threat with this next storm will be tree limbs coming down and power outages. future weather, let's get you overnight into the first thing wednesday morning. watch the time stamp up here. most spots you can see are just dealing with a lot of cloud cover but take the rain gear as you step out the door for work and school. this system really gets its act together in early afternoon by 2:00 we see rain become widespread heavy in nature. with pops of orange and red north of santa rosa. as we get into the evening by 6:00, yes, the evening rush. a messy one. slow-go as we track downpours moving through tomorrow evening along with gusty winds. by 9:00, looks like the focus is
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inland and in the south bay. here is the tail end of those showers that will taper just widely isolated sprinkles by thursday morning. future tracker rain fall highest totals we are expecting, about an inch and half to 2 1/2 inches there through the heart of the inches there. by half inch to an inch and a half of moisture and around san jose, livermore and mountain view, a quarter to half inch of rain. this system will be the wind. wind gust by 5:00 tomorrow evening. look at wind just whipping right along the coast nearing 50 miles per hour. even around the bay we do expect a lot of gust to reach 40 miles per hour. it is until that storm system moves through and we approach the midnight hours on wednesday that winds will relax. for that fact we have a wind advisory that will go into effect early wednesday for the entire bay area. see it shaded in yellow. southerly wind cranking 40 to 50 miles per hour. even higher winds than that in our hill. be prepared, power outages will
6:22 pm
be a big threat tomorrow evening p. accuweather forecast showing you our storm really intensifies in the evening. wet and windy. prepare for the evening rush to be very slow. by thursday, scattered shower. friday more rain and wind in the morning and doing it all again on sunday morning. noermg storm with heavy rain and more whipping wind. >> okay. >> so what would it take to end traffic in the bay area and everywhere around the world? >> apparently only three wo
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social media app vibe ne is gone. twitter is replacing vine with vine camera. that means you can only share videos with twitter app. you can still update but the vine app will eventually stop working. >> co-founders of the cherry company lift says the end of traffic problems is easy. smart lanes everywhere. they laid out a plan in detail in an article published today on the website median. they describe smart lanes like car pool lanes or express lanees. free for cares with three or more people during peak hours. other drivers could pay to use the lanes. money generated would be used to
6:26 pm
fix roads, create jobs and increase public transit. in the article john zimmer writes quote throughout history our country's best infrastructure efforts always had a sixth focus, giving america a long-term competitive advantage. we now have the rare opportunity to do it begin. one watcher calls it a lift plan of utopia willingness. nice, but unlikely. >> the construction company at the heart of the celebration, clark construction, facees a lawsuit over a prior project. >> details of an accusation of extortion and fraud of a minority contractor. plus -- >> major settlement for san francisco woman whose rent went up 400% to $8900. i'll have more coming up on 7 on your side. >> new at 6:00,
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every step of the way, clark
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construction threw a roadblock, through a molotov cocktail. >> a minority contractor is suing clark construction, the builders of the warriors new home in san francisco saying the company drove him out of business. his lawsuit claimes it was the result of ex trortortion and fr. >> vick lee now with the full story. >> we have asked the lawyers and we want to ask public support for our request that clark construction be removed from that job. >> the job, the warriors new home in san francisco. clark construction, the company that's been contracted to build it. a company that minority contractor, art blacksheer, accused in his lawsuit of fraud, extortion and discrimination. >> i lost my business. i today mohad to move back home mother. i've been b life. >> plaqblacksheer was a subcontractor in the massive highland hospital renovation in
6:31 pm
oakland in 2009. clark construction was awarded the contract with the agreement it would give 15% of the work to minority subcontractors. blacksheer said clark defaulted on making timely payment to him, his workers and to the union which triggered penalties and other liabilities which eventually drove him out of business. >> i would literally have to beg to get paid. vanner construction, construction management company who assured me through their construction management person, he was working to help developments. >> vener construction was hired to insure among other things that clark treated minority constructors fairly. instead blacksheer charges his supervisor began extorting money from him, promising to make payments. vanir construction said it had no idea its employee was
6:32 pm
extorting blackshir and when they found out they fired him. they eventually played blackshir's union debt after he threatened suit. he said he will provide more information later. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> uc berkeley student facing murder charges stemming from the stabbing death of a woman. pablo gomez jr did not enter a plea during his first court appearance today. it is believed gomez killed emily inman on january 6. officers discovered inman's body while investigating the robbery and stabbing of another woman in north berkeley. that woman survived. gomez was arrested near his home in southern california. he is in jail. >> the wife of a the orlando nightclub shooter will be back in court after charged with obstruction of justice today. prosecutors say she spent months
6:33 pm
helping her husband plan the attack that killed 49 people. she is also charged with supporting a terrorist organization. her uncle said his niece didn't know about the attack until she called her husband that morning after he didn't come home. >> she call or text him. he said, don't you know what happened? she said, no. he said, i love you baby, and hung up. >> orlando's police chief said she could have prevented the tragedy. her arrest comes as city of orlando released first photos of the interior of the nightclub. you see it there. they show walls full of bullet holes. a victory tonight for a woman forced out of her home after hit with a 400% rent increase. that's in 2015. >>. on your side's michael finney has news of a major break in this case. >> do you remember this? you guys were reporting it every night. attorneys announcing his client won a $400,000 settlement of her
6:34 pm
lawsuit alleging unlawful eviction. it has major ramifications in the city after midst of an affordable housing crisis. >> it's been a long two-year struggle for deb. >> i don't want to think about it any more. >> the settlement in the case while welcome didn't come easy for her who just completed treatments for breast cancer. this is her back in 2015, when she was holding a moving sale after her rent went up from $2100 a month to $8900. >> i can't afford to live here. a lot of my friend can't afford to live here. and it is pretty heart breaking the way the city is changing. >> after she moved out she couch-served with friend and house sat before finding a three bedroom apartment in san francisco which she shares with two others. she declined to disclose her rent but says it is significantly less than $8900 a month. she is happy but knows others in
6:35 pm
san francisco are desperate no find an affordable place to live. >> i've been just watching an immense amount of greed in this town. not every landlord is bad. but some of them are. >> her attorney told 7 on your side landlord nadia ilama moved into fallenstad's old apartment. one man identified himself as her boyfriend and one woman who says she was lama's daughter walk inside. both said lama would have nothing to say us to. her attorney paul shang told us by e-mail saying the settlement is no admitted wrongdoing. but tenant's together says this case is similar to many others. >> it is probably one of the worst cases we've ever seen but unfortunately it is really common to see rent gouging throughout the state. >> fallenstad said she is trying to remain optimistic for the
6:36 pm
future. >> and hopefully things will improve and hopefully humanity will improve. >> the settlement was reached just one week before the scheduled trial. >> thanks. >> sure. >> starting tomorrow, we are tracking storms through the weekend. >> yeah. really active pattern. here is a live look outside from our emeryville tower camera. drew will be back with a stormy forecast in 10 minute. >> what happens when doctors and artificial intelligence work together? i'm jonathan bloom at the new doctor's office in
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university of california president janet napolitano is in the hospital being treated for side effects from kearns treatment. uc officials say nepal tanno went into the hospital yesterday and is expected to be discharged later this week. the school says the 59-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in august and her treatment is almost complete. uc is not specifying what kind of cancer janet napolitano says. she did undergo a maa mastectom.
6:40 pm
>> dr. bloom visited a doctor's office in san francisco where health care comes with a healthy dose of technology. >> is that comfortable for you? >> perfect. >> hardly your standard blood pressure cuff. >> and 122 over 67. >> and not your average stethoscope. >> if adrian's heart is beating faster than normal, it is because this is the day his vision becomes a reality. this is $450 a month and changes how we think of the doctor's office. >> you think, you wake up in the morn willing and have y morning and you have a rash so you go to the doctor. you have a flat tire so you go to the mechanic. >> we have a pharmacy on-site. we do men's health, women's health. here we have the forward body scanner that what i'm going to do is step right on it and show you how it works. >> basic data is gathered in 45 second then blood work is done on the spot within 12 minute
6:41 pm
your results are on the screen. >> your kidney function, electrolytes down to digestion enzymes. >> perhaps the most important piece of technology in this office is the technology you don't see. >> because this info is in one place we use artificial intelligence to personalize the treatment plan for you. >> forward does genetic testing, gathers dataa from sensors your doctor sends home with you and has machine learning algorithms. >> all of the information we have seen, that doctor has those superpowers. >> the founder hope it means earlier detection of cancer. and prevention of big problems down the road. >> the heart attack which caused 100,000 plus to deal with, could have been less if we would have dealt with it extremely early. >> as you well know, there are a lot of medical technology break throughs in the bay area. >> next, see what people all
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of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. new at 66 okay -- new at
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awning we see where pieces of the bridge are going. they will be near the petaluma river here and across the state. will steel will be distributed in the next few months. caltrans has the new span one truss at a time. >> you know we spend billions of dollars a year on scientific research. what happens if millions of people around the world chip in. >> a research has big data gathering reality. as cheryl jennings learned, he is doing it by thinking small. >> that is a picture from a slum in kenya. >> a biochemical engineer isn't surfing the web, he is dropping in on a massive network of citizen scientists he helped create. >> the joy of science we had needs to be shared so the types of tools we make enable others to engage in scientific exploration. >> we first met the professor
6:46 pm
when he was unveiling the scope. users fold precut sheets into a device capable of examining objects many times smaller than human hair. with the cost of under a dollar the stanford team was able to ship more than 50,000 fold scopes to people more than 130 countries. >> and that's really the real power of the tool. and since it's all documented, a kid ma in one country can at something a kid in other country has. >> this kicks it into overdrive, looking at the way scientistic data is accounted around the world. >> his team is ramping up to deliver a million new fold scopes and they are developing new low-cost tools that could make citizen scientists more powerful. like a $5 chemistry set inspired
6:47 pm
by the workings of a music box. >> this is the long-term vision to build infrastructure and scientific capability in society that goes far beyond just professionals. >> the only rule is users must share what they're finding. and p if possible share full scopes with people in their area. keeping the army of scientist expanding to tackle some of the world's most pressing problems. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> clever. he was recently honored with a genius grant from the mcarthur foundation providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to help drive his research. >> if you were up early this morning, you had the chance to see a beautiful sun rise. >> i missed it. >> me too. >> many of our viewers -- hey, we work late, right? orange and pink sky. these a have the hashtag that helped us find them. >> it is all about puddle pictures and we see rain
6:48 pm
intensifying especially in the afternoon tomorrow and into the evening. live doppler 7 showing you that dry scan is no longer with us. we are tracking moisture in upper parts of the atmosphere and this is the start of a storm that will intensify tomorrow. and a moderate system with heavy rain as especially in the afternoon and evening along with strong winds. so your morning commute looks okay. just a few showers, an big deal. the evening commute that's kwoing to be slow. downpours, gusting winds and threat of ponding on roads could lead to hydroplaning. wet and windy on your wednesday. scattered shower thursday. another storm arrives friday and the third in the series will arrive on sunday. >> all right. thank you so much, drew. >> a new man at cal. >> i see we have the same taste in ties. >> i said the same thing. >> introducing a new football coach today. 49ers hope to have theirs soon. is this a foul or flop.
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life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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seattle offensive line coach and assistant head coach has decided it stay with the seahawks after his interview
6:52 pm
with the 49ers. niners are offering their head coaching job to atlanta offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. hopefully the 37-year-old accepts after the playoffs the niners are left holding the bag. justin wilcox is introducing new head coach in berkeley and under jeff from 2003 to 5 and defensive coordinator with tennessee, usc, washington and busy state the past 11 years. he has his hands full being so late in the recruiting process in a university that has tough ak testimonyic requirements. over a half a century without a rose bowl for the bears and coach wilcox wants to change that. >> we need to make memorial stadium at extremely tough place it play. we know there is going to be challenges ahead. but we wouldn't be sitting here, i wouldn't be sitting here, if we didn't think we could get this done in the right way. on and off the field. with that, i'm just excited and honored to be here. i've been at work but excited to get back to work and connect with our players.
6:53 pm
>> as we showed you earlier in the newscast, a lot of speit e . it will be a state of the art place. steph steph stephen kerr and kevin durant were there. players and coaches worry more about on-court issues. stev steven kerr is excited about the chase center. >> it will take about three years to build. so the chances of me standing on the side lines for the warriors are slim to hopeful. maybe as like the coach of another team or something. but so far so good. >> when i talk to people in san francisco, over in oakland and east bay, is that they feel like this team is their team from each side. and to feel that support and love is key for us. we're all excited and for the
6:54 pm
future and you know i'm happy i'm here. >> all right. warriors had a day after after ending a four-game losing streak to the cavaliers with a four-game victory. the lebron james mixup at half-court and a flagrant one foul for this clicks and he and richard jefferson got technicals when they face off. but the league will look at this and possibly rescind the flagrant one foul if lebron is called for flopping. was it a flop? >> just looking like a normal foul where guys in transition, you want it foul them and take way the fast break and obviously he went down hard and sold it pretty well. >> i thought it to stop the break and he went down. and in the aftermath, got in my face. >> it was so fast, i didn't know who it was. but i'm all right. >> two strong forces coming together so, i don't read much
6:55 pm
into that at all. >> pretty big strong guy. >> all right. raiders super bowl hopes may have been dashed but derek carr didn't need the gridiron to be a hero this week. all he had to do was log on to twitter. derek has 237,000 followers. when he saw an amber alert go out from the oakland police department. he retweeted it. carr's retweet led to a reply that helped locate the missing child. the oakland police department tweeted thank you derek carr. child safely located. to which carr replied, great news. thank you for letting me know they are safe. god bless y'all. and we leave you with this. the mountain from "game of thrones" throwing washing machines. 6'9", 39 of fou6 pounds, throwa washing machine and it did not break. setting a record.
6:56 pm
you might not know, but in my college days, i threw washing machines. >> i ahad a hunch. >> joining us on coffee table channel 13, donald trump is in washington, d.c. tonight. we will take you inside the invitation-only dinner, that's at 9:00. >> then at 11:00, celebrating chelsea manning. local friend and supporters toasting early release of former army soldier convictd of stealing u.s. secrets. >> tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, the middle followed by american house wife, fresh off the boat and the real o'neills. >> at 10:00, catch marvel's agents of shield then abc 7 news at 11:00. then jimmy came el with vin diesel and katie mixon. >> still thinking about him throwing that metal. >> just man handling that styrofoam. >> from all of us, thanks for watching. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a bartender from north highlands, california... a history educator from denver, colorado... and our returning champion, an attorney from arlington, virginia... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. hi, everyone. john avila, our champion, plays the sousaphone. you heard that on yesterday's program.
7:00 pm
at the end of yesterday's program, he told me that he might use some of his $14,000 in winnings to buy a new sousaphone. those things are expensive. andrea and pete, i don't know what you will use your winnings for. if you win the game, you'll have a lot, we hope. good luck. let's find out. here are the categories. first off... then we have scrambled kegs for you. you're dealing with anagrammed beer brands. then... and finally... each correct response will be a word that comes before "amble" in the dictionary. john. college football history for $200. pete.


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