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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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welcome to wednesday, january 18. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. whole team here, jessica castro, good morning. alexis smith, and mike nicco, we are on storm watch again. >> yes and the first push of wet weather is moving through right now and it has some yellows and oranges. hi, everybody. first challenge to the rest of
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the day, right there, you can see from 580 between dublin and hayward all the way up to napa, even the slight chance of a heavy, brief downpour there on 80 from about richmond all the way up towards vallejo. let's see which way this is moving. absolutely moving quickly. in fact, it will be out of here in about 30 minutes and then we'll transition over to just some scattered showers for the rest of the morning. you can see the rain picking up in right now. 43 to 50. moderate 50s. windy conditions, even a chance of a thunder storm this afternoon and evening. lest finds out if it's affecting the commute. >> not yet but it seems like we'll have something pop up here soon. no incidents on the board so far this morning, mass transit is looking goods so it is feeling a little too good to be true with conditions pretty soggy at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet, that usually happens about 5:30. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 35 minutes out of the central valley, still wide open, 680 and 85.
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not quite as soggy in the san jose area this morning. still have a few weather-related closures from last week. talk about those coming up next. developing news in the east bay. police investigating a driver who struck a house. find out that he's been shot and killed. >> abc7 news reporter lonni rivera is live for us in antioch. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. we just got here on scene on east 13th street and you can see the lights behind me where the street is blocked off. they just towed that vehicle from the scene, and we do know the victim is a 27-year-old man from martinez. police first responded to a call last night about a car running into a house here. when they arrived on scene, about 9:30 last night, they found the driver inside the car suffering from a gunshot wound. he died. there were residents inside the house at the time. police say those people were not injured. so, this morning, antioch police are asking anyone who knows any
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information about what led up to this to contact them. that is the very latest, live in antioch, lonni rivera, abc7 news. as mike told us, yeah, some places still drying out but several more storms are headed our way right now. and in marin county, residents and businesses are busy proeping. >> let's go to downtown fairfax. just about every business there with sandbags ready out front. who can blame them. in novato, barricades of sandbags protect homes on lauren avenue after a nearby creek overflowed last week. in sonoma county, officials are going to be watching the rain. they don't anticipate the russian river will reach flood stage this time. many neighborhoods were left underwater just days ago. caltrans crews are scrambling to secure a hill near scotts valley. they're installing chain link fence there designed to hold back beach ball sized rocks and bolders from crashing down on to cars that are going northbound on the highway. >> the slope is stable at this time. just the soft stuff that got
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left behind. we couldn't reach when we were cleaning up. this is a protective system against that. there is further assessment to check the stability of the slope and come up with a permanent solution down the road. >> it was at this spot where you may remember last week one of our own abc7 news vans was crushed by a slide shortly after 3:00 in the morning. one of our colleagues is hurt and he is recovering. orinda city council has ratified a local state of emergency because of this large sinkhole. it was caused by a huge storm that moved through the weekend before last. the repair is expected to cost about $1 million. the declaration lets the city allocate money to fix that sinkhole and the work going to take about a month. it is a good time to remind you that a lot of communities have sandbag filling stations set up already and most places they'll give you the bags and the sand but you want to bring your own shovel just in case the location doesn't have one. list of sandbag locations on our website for you,
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and download the abc7 news app to keep track of the weather where you live. the app features a constantly updated live doppler 7. make sure to enable push alerts when you download to get weather alerts sent straight to your phone. breaking news out of houston this morning where former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital. he is being treated for shortness of breath. we've learned the 92-year-old was taken to houston's methodist hospital on saturday. his spokesman confirmed that news about two hours ago. bush has had health issues in recent years and is confined to a wheelchair because of a form of parkinson's disease. his spokesperson says president bush is resting and could go home in a few days. we'll continue to watch other breaking news happening in houston. this time, it has to do with the weather. flood waters are rising fast. >> jessica monitoring the situation from the live desk. >> yes, these live images coming from houston, i want to point out two things to you. first, this suv right over here,
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you can see that, again, this is an suv and the water all the way to the rooftop and then this bus, which is where we saw just a few moments ago people being rescued and i want to get to that video so you can see what i was watching just about ten minutes or so ago. and you can see this guy climbing out of the bus window, being taken to safety. we just learned, minutes ago, that this was actually a really dangerous situation that unfolded that when the bus stopped, water started pouring in, it started filling up fast, and they had to jump out of those windows to get out to safety. some of the passengers seem to be elderly people. we also know that it was a passenger who helped get the bus driver out. they are all safely at a mcdonald's now just off to -- i can show you here on our live image. just off to the right of your screen. that is where they are safe and sound. our abc reporter on the scene says these waters are still rising, so i'm going to continue watching the live images for you and i'll keep an eye on the
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situation. we'll get you any updates if there are any. back to you. that was a crazy picture. i'm glad that man was rescued. happening now, a group of protesters who are a part of the anti-police terror project are camped out in front of san francisco city hall. they vow to be there until tomorrow, trying to talk to city officials. >> our goal is for them to indict the officers who killed emill lopez. that is our goal. it's to put pressure on him to do his job. >> 21-year-old waut mallen immigrant was shot six times in the back by san francisco police officers last february. police claim he was trying to stab them. witnesses said pres-lopez was defending himself against a group of men. the fight over obamacare takes center teenage today as the number of democrats opting out of the inauguration of president-elect donald trump continues to grow. >> here's abc in washington. >> reporter: at a d.c. dinner
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mr. trump joked about the confirmation hearings and his pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson. >> it's tough dealing with these politicians, right? he's going to be so incredible. >> reporter: today, the senate takes up another cabinet nominee, congressman tom price for health and human services amid growing concern about the potential repeal of obamacare. >> representative price's approach is moving us in exactly the wrong direction. >> reporter: the congressional budget office estimates 18 million people could lose their insurance. d.c. is making the final preparations for inauguration. the number of democrats boycotting continuing now to rise. one in four democrats in the house saying they will not attend on friday. and there could be another problem for representative price. democrats are asking the s.e.c. to investigate a trade he made last march. he also introduced legislation that benefitted that company, but price says that it was all done by a broker without his
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knowledge. abc news washington. abc7 news anchor dan ashley is making the trip to d.c. he'll be there tomorrow and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. storm watch this morning. hi, everybody. san pablo avenue right there, benicia road, railroad avenue, like herman road, all this, 680, 780, getting soaked right now, some ponding developing allegation on 242, 680 and highway 4. ignacio boulevard, and all the way down 680 through the san ramon boulevard too. about foothill road there. not into the sunol grade yet but it's almost there. temperatures, 42 in san ramon is the cool spot, 45 in pleasanton, the warm spot. and mid to upper 40s every where else. 14 degrees warmer. oakland 50 for the warm spot, san francisco about 48. out and about with your activity
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planner, yeah, it's going to be pouring. the rain is going to increase this afternoon and evening, wet and choppy on the water, especially the afternoon hours and ponding this morning, nothing like the pondsing we're going to deal with later on during the evening commute. temperatures around 53 to about 58 degrees. tonight, we see things will be a little bit quieter. scattered showers out there, mid 40s to 50 out there, about the same as this morning. hour by hour today's forecast, let you know how much rain we're going to get and how fast those winds are going to be. let's see if rain is affecting the commute yet. it is starting to. not too bad in walnut creek. so here's a look at 680. pretty soggy but those speeds just fine right now this morning but you can see that heavier patch along 680. that yellow, that orange, that mike just explained tl. and we do have a new crash, southbound 680 just before you get to el pintado road, three vehicles involved, an suv hit the center divide and a couple other vehicles were hit after that so we've got the far left
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and right lanes blocked as you head towards danville. it is coming down there right now. so certainly use caution through the area and i will keep an eye on it. also still hanging around from last week, highway 84, eastbound and westbound at 280, alternating lanes just one-way traffic control in effect while that clean-up from a slide last week continues so hopefully we won't have further damage from storms today. mass transit could be impacted. it's looking good this morning but i'll talk about later hours coming up at 5:20. a member of the san jose earthquakes grabs a cab to the airport. the generosity he showed to driver that has earned him a far for life. the 49ers are in a race against the clock to find a new head coach. it's a sign that they may have found their man. warriors turn, the ground breaking for their breaking for their francisco arena into an an
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live look outside at a wet golden gate bridge this morning and if you think it's a little rainy now, wait until you see what the storm has for you today. if you take photos or videos of the weather where you live, post them with #abc7now. listen to this story. a 21-year-old san francisco woman now faces charges after police say she stabbed another woman over a parking spot. it happened monday night in san mateo at a 7 eleven on east 3rd
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avenue and south delaware street. the victim is 18 years old. the woman arrested faces attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. this next story could alarm you if you ride b.a.r.t. a group of seven people robbed a woman at the palo street station. they used a taser to do it. four men and three women approached the 49-year-old victim. they grabbed her phone, pushed her and took out the taser before snatching the phone and taking off. the victim fortunately was not hurt and those suspects haven't been caught. this is dash cam video from a spearman, texas, police officer cruising oun a highway on monday night. seems like a fairly normal patrol. things went wrong very quickly as you're about to see. keep your eyes on the road ahead off to the right. a huge blinding explosion lights up the night sky. the officer flipped on his lights and sped toward that direction. turns out it was a gas pipeline that exploded and one nearby house had to be evacuated.
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no word on what sparked that explosion. authorities just let the fire burn itself out. for the first time, we are hearing from the teen who was kidnapped from a florida hospital as a newborn. mobley disappeared in 1988. she was raised by her kidnapper in south carolina all these years. authorities broke the case using leads from the national center for missing and exploided children. mobley was reunited with her biological parents over the weekend and she still can't fully process what happened to her. >> you go with somebody your whole 18 years of living, and have them snatched from you. wouldn't -- you know, it wouldn't go well for anybody. so, it's not going well for me. >> mobley bees kidnapper, who she believed to be her mother s now behind bars. she will open up on her experience in an exclusive interview.
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gma starts on abc. lawmakers are trying to make it easier for marijuana businesses to pay taxes. they introduced this bill yesterday. that legislation would increase the number of places where taxes can be collected. that's because of the current law only allows marijuana businesses to pay their taxes and fees at one of the 22 state board of equalization offices. most of the dispensaries will be cash only ask that will force operators to drive hundreds of miles to comply with the law. 5:17 now and it appears the 49ers are down to just one candidate for their vacant head coaching job. our sister network espn reports the niners plan to offer the position to kyle shanahan once the falcons season ends. the 49ers plan to request a second interview with shanahan next week after atlanta plays the packers in the nfc championship game. nfl rules allow a second interview following the conference championship. yesterday seattle offensive line
5:18 am
coach tom table decided to stay with the seahawks after his interview with the 49ers. construction understood way on the warriors new arena in san francisco. the team brouk ground yesterday and put on quite the show. ♪ >> i have never seen anything like this. >> points for creativity. look at this. that's really amazing. >> that is incredible. >> choreographed excavators and fireworks and lions and tigers and bears. they weren't there but kevin durant was there. he joined the team for the ceremonial shoveling. >> they're acting like they've never had a shovel before. >> that got a little awkward. team owners presidential nominationed more than basketball games at the chase center, that includes concerts and graduations and political events as you know. san francisco doesn't have an arena right now. this is going to open in 2019. well, a san jose earthquake soccer player is being recognized for his generosity right now. the earthquakes posts this photo
5:19 am
on instagram of him and the cab driver. he found that pedro, who you can see holding a check, was two months behind on his mortgage. so, he wrote not anymore he's not. he tells fans to pay it forward to someone who needs your help and i love stories like that. let's talk about the series of storms that we are getting because it's already hitting us. >> goodness gracious, mike. >> yes. we've known about it for a while now so hopefully everybody is mentally prepared for it. heading out this morning we talked about there would be some downpours you can see one rolling through walnut creek right now. the heaviest rain has moved to the east, heading up 242 and out highway 4, 160, pittsburg, bay point, antioch, oakley, brendawood, discovery bay, all the way into the altamont pass, back across 84, through the sunol grade it starts to taper as you head down into san jose where yes, you're getting some of the rain too. you're not being left out of this first round. look at 101 and 880 so everybody's dealing with some
5:20 am
slickness on the streets but the periods of moderate to heavy rain are still to come and the gusty winds. storms, the next heaviest ones will be friday and sunday with scattered showers thursday and sunday. storm impact scale is a 2. moderate on this one with heavy rain this afternoon, power outages possible. you can see as we head towards 9:00, just some drizzle to light rain after the initial push and then the moderate rain up in the north bay and then for the rest of us starting at 4:00 but notice the reds in there. that's the possibility of some really heavy downpours, even a chance of thunder as we head through the 7:00 and look at the 9:00 to 10:00 hour, one rolling through and by midnight, it is finally over with just some scattered showers for tomorrow's morning commute but all the roads will be wet because we're going to have ponding during the evening hours, power outages, those are my highest concerns. here's my accuweather 7 day forecast, the accumulating effects could create more power outages, more stream and creek flooding. okay. just put it on repeat from last week, everything is going to be
5:21 am
out on the lookout for the roads as well. easy for me to say. here's a look at live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps, that heavier stuff really pushing into the tri-valley and much of the east bay and we do have slick roads. southbound 680, the far left and right lanes blocked, still not much of a back-up. eastbound 80 just before highway 4, the counter-commute direction but the far left lane is blocked there as well. as of right now, mass transit is looking great but san francisco bay ferry is saying they are monitoring the storm and they will provide a service update at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. so they have a back-up plan in place if they're not able to have normal vessel operations because of the weather. for now, everything is normal but we should get an update early this afternoon. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. in today's gma first look, 16-year-old singer jackie is facing backlash for agreeing to take part in president-elect donald trump's inauguration. >> abc's tj holmes has more on
5:22 am
that. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, it was her voice, bigger than the girl, that captured tv audiences. jackie was just 10 years old when she came in second on america's got talent. now, she's 16 with six albums under her belt, and getting ready for the biggest stage of her life, singing the national anthem at donald trump's inauguration friday. she is also under intense pressure, a barrage of criticism on social media, some even calling her a traitor. and selfish, citing her sister, who is transgender. but ivanko says she's ignoring the hate and will do simply what she does best. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., she will go one-on-one with george ste stephanopoulos live. coming up, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> also, good-bye, monkey. we are celebrating the year of
5:23 am
the rooster now. the message governor brown had for the chinese community and tense times with president-elect donald trump. >> it is 5:22. we head to break with a look at the city and some rain drops on the lens. this is just a little bit of what's to come for the rest of your day. your day. you can see
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needs a great how. a new epic flavor... it's cranberry. it's pineapple. and there's no. sugar. added. cranberry pineapple 100% juice. the next big thing to hit the juice aisle. check it out. whether you're joining us or just heading out the door, here are seven things you need to know and i just got the radar up for you. there's an area of moderate rain rolling through right now and lighter scattered showers behind it so we have slick streets for the morning commute. but that's going to be nothing compared to the ponding that we're going to have during the evening commute from heavier rain and the power outages from gusty winds. the storm is 2, moderate on our storm impact scale. number two, of course, that storm will impact traffic today. so far, we've only had a couple of crashes, but i am guessing the rain contributed. and we're looking okay on our drive times. wk 580, tracy to dublin, 43
5:26 am
minutes, westbound 4, antioch to concord, 23, and southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, you are still from the green at 16 minutes. number three, people bracing for the storm. residents and businesses in marin county bringing those sands bags back out and on highway 17, crews are install ago large section of fencing following a landslide last week to keep it from coming down again. number four, from the live desk, water rescues happening right now in houston where flood waters are rising and they are rising fast. you see them here wading through water more than waist high and rain has been pouring down there in the area for hours. number five, former president george h.w. bush is stable at a houston hospital this morning. the 92-year-old was admitted for shortness of breath and is now said to be resting comfortably. number six, president obama is going to hold his final news conference as committee in just a few hours, it's traditional for the outgoing president to
5:27 am
answer questions for the media in his final days and abc news will carry that news conference live at 11:15. number seven, whether he find out whether barry bonds will go into the major league baseball hall of fame. he is up for consideration along with other stars including roger clemons. governor brown is celebrating the year of the rooster. abc7 news was at the chinese consulate last night. this is the second year in a row that the governor attended. now, he said president-elect donald trump and china may have a strained relationship, he believes california doesn't have that problem. >> there will be a few side arguments in washington. don't worry. when it comes to california and china, we're on the right track. and we're going to stay there. thank you very much. >> chinese new year is officially january 28. the festival and parade in san francisco will be on february 11. year of the what? >> year of the rooster. >> year of the snake.
5:28 am
what are you the year of? >> horse. >> this says a lot. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including new developments in the east bay. also the bay area's reacting to the news that former army analyst chelsea manning will soon be a free woman. ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. jardiance can cause serious side effects, including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal.
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good morning. are you ready for a rainy wednesday? january 18, i'm natasha zouves. >> and i'm reggie aqui alongside jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith this morning. and in fact, the rain is coming down. >> the three ws, wet, windy, wednesday. >> oh, wednesday. >> there you go. >> i was wondering. >> where is he going? all right. let's talk about some of the heavier rain falling right now. you know the orchards out there, if you like to go out in the
5:31 am
spring and early summer with the family and pick some of the cherries, the peaches, and the strawberries, they're getting a nice soaking right now. unfortunately, that means it's going down through vasco road across the altamont pass but notice behind it we talked about this yesterday there would be a push of some scattered showers this morning, but the heavier stuff is coming in. you can already see it's getting a little breezy on sutro tower. but also in your 12-hour day planner, just some showers potential through 7:00 and then steady rain through the north bay at noon and then all of us get heavy rain 4:00 to 7:00. i'll show you to rest of the storm coming up. how about the commute. rain starting to impact us this morning. taking a look at live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps, if you're doing the central valley commute there and north of there as well, we are look at some pretty heavy down pours and just pushed through every where else, so we've got some wet pavement to sum it all up. southbound 680 between alamo and danville, still have the far left and right lanes blocked due to a multi-car crash. eastbound 80 at state route 4,
5:32 am
hydroplaned involved crash is blocking the left lane and westbound side near hilltop, another crash on the side. onlooker delay. we'll take a look at mass transit coming up. three storms are moving in over the next five days some parts of the bay area are still drying out. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us in the north bay. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. you can see it behind me. sandbags ready to go here in san ansel anselmo. they were here for the last storm and they're ready for this next one. it's already been raining here this morning. this isn't the only place that is prepared for this storm. you'll see sandbags lining the streets of fairfax as well. they're a common sight all over the north bay. this area got saturated last week. now people here brace more. >> hope for the best and prepare
5:33 am
for safety. a home is your home but it's only stuff. >> i was pretty nervous and feel that way about the upcoming week as well. >> reporter: the russian river got a lot of attention last week from the last storm. it's not expected to create the same kind of problems this time that we saw last week. they don't think it's going to reach flood stage. back here in san anselmo, this downtown had to be evacuated as the waters rose through here and flooded the streets, so these people have already done this once before. now, ready to go in case it happens again during this round. reporting live in san anselmo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. muir beach residents are concerned upcoming storms could limit access in and out of the area. road slippage has caused caltrans to cause a porti the road and there are more issues on the other side of town leading to stinson beach.
5:34 am
download the abc7 news app. you can find live doppler 7 under our weather section. it is constantly updaded. make sure to enable push alerts to get weather alerts where you live right to your phone. developing news in the east bay. police are investigating a homicide this morning after a man was shot and then crashed his prius into a house. the victim died at the scene. everyone inside of the home is okay. police are now searching for the shooter. it happened on east 13th and simmons street shortly after 9:30 last night. police say the victim is a 27-year-old man from martinez. his identity has not been released. in castro valley, up to seven people are out of their homes this morning after their house caught fire. firefighters responded before 11:00 last night and a car was on fire in the driveway and the house was burning. we have reached out to alameda county fire to get more information. president-elect donald trump is going to meet today with new york governor andrew cuomo.
5:35 am
mr. trump attended a diplomat dinner last night in washington. he spoke proudly of the nominees for his cabinet and said that people are predicting record crowds for his inauguration on friday. his team is posting ads on facebook and twitter encouraging people to come out for the event. a california man is in the hospital with third degree burns after he set himself on fire outside of trump hotel in d.c. video shows the fire still burning after paramedics rushed him to the hospital. a source tells "the washington post," the man is 45 years old, that he used a lighter and accelerant to start the fire. a witness at the scene says he heard him muttering trump's name. the trump inauguration is drawing a record number of protests in washington and here in the bay area. thousands expected to participate in sister women's marches in the bay area this saturday. many protesters fear what a trump administration will mean for women's rights. >> i think women's rights need to be protected. i think women have the right to choose and take control of their
5:36 am
own health. >> some bay area residents are headed to washington, d.c, to participate in saturday's sister march on the capitol abc7 news anchor dan ashley is going to be in d.c. tomorrow and friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. president obama will hold his final news conference as commander in chief this morning at 11:15 a.m. we're going to bring that to you live. president obama's eight-year term will officially end friday at noon, and that's when the obamas will welcome president-elect donald trump and his family to the white house. president obama will later fly to joint base andrews to address his staff and after that, he and his family will take their final flight on air force one to palm springs. this morning, friends and supporters in the bay area are reacting to president obama's decision to commute the sentence of former army analyst cheelgs. she was convicted of leaking u.s. secrecy to wikileaks. manning, who went by bradley until 2013, was sentenced to 35 years for espionage, theft, and
5:37 am
computer fraud. for the past sefb years, rainey rightman has worked to get her friend released from prison. >> i was really worried about her where i thought to myself, oh my god, there's so many years she's facing in prison, how is he going to get through this. >> for the president, especially a president who's made so much recently about the danger that wikileaks has posed to our national security to commute private manning's sentence, i think is very disappointing. >> manning will be released from prison in may and after that, her local supporters hope she will settle in san francisco. aftershocks continue after several major quakes this morning in italy. >> what's new? >> the prime out confirming there were no fatalities which is a huge relief because these kwaerkz hit central italy. this is the same area we saw those deadly quakes last year. i'm going to zoom in on the map so you can see how many quakes
5:38 am
they felt overnight. if you're just joining us, the first earthquake today was a 5.3 magnitude followed by 5.7 and we have seen those continue throughout the morning. this is the same area decimated by a quake last august. this is a video of amatrice, a quake that killed nearly 300 people and destroyed many buildings. this is also the area that in just the past few weeks, has had heavy snow lately, so this morning, no word on if any buildings collapsed or what the clean-up status will be for them. i'll let you know as soon as we get any new information from the area. happening today, noor salman is going to be back in oakland federal court for a bail hearing and to have an attorney formally appointed. salman, the widow of florida nightclub gunman omar mateen appeared preefl in court yesterday. she confirmed she understands the charges against
5:39 am
are aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. she's accused of helping plan the june attack that killed 49 people and accused of lying the fbi agents. her uncle calls these charges ridiculous and says that she didn't know what happened until she talked to her husband after the shooting. new this morning, alameda has voted to become a sanctuary city. the city council unanimously adopted the resolution at about 12:15 this morning. this comes in the aftermath of president-elect trump's promise to crack down on illegal immigration. police will not make mass arrests based on immigration status and also city employees will reject requests to register anybody based on religious beliefs. if the government retaliates, the vote could endanger some of the city's $3 million it receives every year. here's a live shot from antioch showing the pouring rain that is moving east along highway 4. and about to exit antioch and leave you with some lighter rain. in fact, here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the reds, the yellows, the oranges, right now,
5:40 am
oakley, brentwood, discovery bay, bethel island and heading into the central corrally. the altamont pass through tracy, getting ponding now. once this heavier batch of rain moves through, we'll have scattered showers for the morning commute but e.verythings wet now. winds are going to basic pick u be the most damaging. it's quite a window for the rest of us it will be 1:00 this afternoon until 1:00 tomorrow morning. we'll have winds out of the south of about 40 to 50 miles per hour. temperature 50 in oakland and richmond, everybody else around 47 to 49 along the east bay. most of us in the mid to upper 40s. we'll hang out around 54 to about 58 degrees for a high this afternoon and lows tonight with some scattered showers in the mid 40s to 50. pretty much where we are right now. hour by hour look at this next system as the heaviest of it
5:41 am
still ahead of it. and so far we're looking pretty good for the morning commute but things are filling in. here's a live look at the bbts. metering lights on at 5:36 this morning so earlier than morning and i'm guessing that wet pavement not helping out and i was hoping to show you 680. here's a still shot. so, we had some pretty heavy rain push through there, a spinout crash in the danville area as well. but that has cleared over the last ten minutes or so. quick check on mass transit. everything looking okay with san francisco bay ferry. they are letting us know that they are moshting the storm closely. a service update at 1:00 p.m. today to let us know if they have to have changes for the afternoon commute due to that weather. we have a capitalal corridor delay. that is due to some track work. and b.a.r.t., no delays and 44 trains in service right now. still to come on abc7
5:42 am
mornings, this woman was hired through an app to clean homes. but police say that she was doing instead. and raiders quarterback derek carr certainly a hero on the field, now he's one off it too. the assist he gave police. the assist he gave police. >> it's a great kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
5:43 am
5:44 am
here's a live look at 80 this morning as people are making their way to work in the rain. if you take photos or video of
5:45 am
the weather where you live, send it to us and use #abc7now. that way, we can find it and put it on air and online. b.a.r.t. plans to start a pilot program next monday that will guarantee parking for car poolers at one of its east bay stations. officials announced yesterday that riders who car pool to the dublin/pleasanton station and use the scoop app will be guaranteed parking spots until 10:00 a.m. it's part of a pilot program to better utilize the parking spaces. scoop users will need to schedule a ride to the station by 9:00 p.m. the night before for morning service. new details, san francisco's municipal transportation agency is going to allow parking in medians on weekends near dolores park. that pilot program allows drivers to parallel park along the medians between 14th and 18th streets. many people already do that when they go to church in the area. this new law legalizes that practice and it's going to be good on friday night, saturday mornings and all day on sunday. it's expected to start in february or march. a housekeeper may be behind a series of robberies in the bay
5:46 am
area. mountain view police say they found stolen property at the home of 39-year-old sandra cuoto. she was arrested after one of her employers noticed cash and belongings were missing from her home. it happened in mountain view last week. a woman said the only person with access to her home was her housekeeper who she had hired through police later discovered cuoto was connected to several home burglaries where she was the housekeeper. people we talked with said that it would definitely be hard to trust a strange ner their home. >> that's scary and that's the stuff that i thought about when i was making a decision, which was why it was so easy to just say, well, i'll go with the people who have been cleaning my parents' house. >> solid choice. to protect yourself, police recommend getting referrals when hiring a housekeeper. from "7 on your side," a san francisco woman has won a $400,000 settlement after being forced out of her home because of a huge rent increase. her landlord raised her rent
5:47 am
from $2,100 a month to $6,900 a month in 2015. she had to move and then she decided to sue. the trial would have started in a week but she decided to accept the settlement instead. she told us she is happy but she knows so many other people are facing the same struggle. >> i've been just watching, immense amount of greed in this town and not every landlord is bad, but some of them are. >> she had just completed treatments for breast cancer. the landlord's attorney said the settlement includes no acknowledgment of liability or wrong doing. raiders quarterback derek carr is now credited with helping police track down an amber alert victim. he retweet third-degree alert. carr has 247,000 followers on twitter so that gave the alert a wide audience. police say the 3-year-old was later found safe and on sunday, lieutenant tweeted this out, thanking carr, saying, it appears the secret to sharing local missing child information
5:48 am
is a retweet by your local nfl quarterback. way to go. >> that's incredible. just pushing that retweet button made a big difference. >> you never know. let's see what's happening with your weather this morning. it is already raining. >> yes, it already is. that first push we talked about yesterday just rolled through most neighborhoods and it's wet on 280 and 17. nothing measurable fell. we measured down to the hundredths so we'll call it a trace. here's a look at the santa cruz mountains where you're going to find 17 definitely wet and a lot of slick shots around the south bay, notice a lot of light green out there. that takes over 237 with the heaviest up toward the dumbarton bridge. san mateo bridge and bay bridge getting light rain right now. walnut creek, downpour fell through but only measured 0.02 inch. the heavier rain still slated for this afternoon and my accuweather highlights,wind and
5:49 am
lightning possible. scattered showers, linger tomorrow, and more storms friday and sunday. let's take a look at our storm impact scale. give you an idea of what to expect. it's a 2. it's moderate. that should say today. heavier rain and strong winds ponding on the roadways and possible power outages. let's take a look at how this unfolds. a lot quieter through the 9:00 hour with just some light rain starting to develop. once again, the heavier rain up in the north bay through the noon hour, yellows, oranges, reds, minor ponding on the roadways in that area as far as some of the heavier rain and you can see it takes over all the neighborhoods by 4:00. some of the heaviest coming in at 7:00. our best chance with a cold front going through. four thunder storms through about 10:00 and then transition over to scattered, lighter showers during the overnight hours. rainfall estimates, just a couple hundredths through the morning hours and then it really starts to get heavy with the rain shadow keeping you below 1 inch in the south bay, the rest of us about 1 inch to 2 to 3 inches in the mountains. my accuweather 7 day forecast,
5:50 am
another moderate storm friday and sunday and i'll take a look at my biggest concern coming um next. looking pretty good for the morning commute. we are dealing with wet pavement for just about everybody. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and some of that road spray kicking up so dealing with lower visibility and wipers will be on. the heaviest pockets there mostly out to the stockton area at this point and if you're leaving tracy, definitely going to be soggy but that being said, we have not had many issues so far today. one of our only slow spots right now is westbound 80 near hilltop drive, multi-car crash about 5:00 this morning so almost an hour ago. that's been pushed off to the side from the beginning almost but that is filling in from highway 4. and there's that look at 680 near el cerro and that was from a short time ago. you can see it's soggy there too. tracy to dublin, 51 minutes, 31 minutes westbound 4, and southbound 101, still wide open into san francisco.
5:51 am
new at 6:00, are you one of the millions of people struggling with school loans? "7 on your side's" michael finney is exploring short-term and long-term solutions for you. and long-term solutions for you. ever wish you could
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welcome back. you can see there are some wet roadways out there. this is the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. our first push of rain already moved through. our second one, due this afternoon. and many more days of rain to come. we're going to break that all down for you this morning. i want to remind you if you take photos or video of the weather where you live, post them with #abc7now so we can find it and share it. if you're searching for a new job, the san francisco post office is hiring, and they're looking for postal carriers.
5:54 am
they're also hosting workshops to make the application process easier. you'll learn how to prepare for the entrance exam and how to apply online and here's where the workshops are being held. san francisco and also happening in redwood city. for more information, since this is going to go by very quickly on you screen go, to at least three groups are trying to uproot non-native trees. it's an ambitious 20-year proposal that calls for the removal of 18,000 non-native trees. the goal is to restore 1100 acres of parks and coastal wetlands. the environmental groups have several concerns including herbicides as well as long-term public access restrictions and the multimillion dollar price tag. not everyone is for the plan. so far, two appeals have been filed against it. all right. my biggest concerns for today's storm are going to be ponding on the
5:55 am
hydroplanes. secondary will be stream and creek flooding. let's talk about the snow in the sierra. if you want to go, go now. 10:00 this morning, through noon tomorrow, up to 1 foot above 5,000 feet so all the passes are going to be snow bound, especially once the sunsets and it's easier for it to stick. 1 to 2 feet above 7,000 feet. gusty winds, possible whiteout conditions during this time frame. how about back here at home? we're doing okay all things considered. we did have a new incident pop up around the coliseum in oakland. we heard we had a power pole down with some wires as well but then that just cleared from the boards a couple moments ago so i'm not sure if they're updating the information or they actually got that pushed off to the side. in any case, we've got some wet pavement out there and we definitely are starting to see some delays fill in. check out walnut creek right now. southbound 680, has been raining and we are seeing a lot of brake lights.
5:56 am
no blocking incidents in that area. overall, drive times not terrible. a new study published in the journal of youth studies shows a large number of adolescents are getting insufficient sleep because of electronic devices and social media. one in five teens still loses sleep because they wake up in the middle of the night to send or check messages. if not corrected, researchers say this habit could lead to poor overall health. those health problems can include increased risk of obesity, stunned growth, and reduced immune system function. this is something that may interest most parents. there is a new free app on the market that can help protect your child from getting sick at school or at least predict it. it is called sneez. here's how it works. parents anonymously scott baio their child's school and grade and then self-report sick nszs and symptoms. this allows other parents to see what bugs are going around the school on any particular day. the app is crowd sourced so its accuracy improves with the amount of users. >> i really think a community
5:57 am
could change the status of their health if they were really, really committed to this app, because as a community, we would be so out in front of illnesses. >> no schools have officially endorsed the app and they do not participate in uploading any information. >> good luck with that one. new at 6:00, we're going to answer this question. what will happen with water restrictions now that the bay area is out of the drought? plus a look at this. how soon and where you're going to see driverless shuttles on city streets. and here's a live desk, i'm still closely watching the situation in houston with rising flood waters plus video that you have to see. it's incredible of those water rescues this morning. and this 11-year-old has been fighting to stay alive his been fighting to stay alive his entire
5:58 am
been fighting to stay alive his entire game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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well now it's 6:00 a.m.,
6:00 am
another round of storms is moving into the bay area. >> live doppler 7 lit up with green and yellow and we see a little bit of red there too. this is just the beginning. good morning on this wednesday, january 18. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. we have jessica castro, good morning. >> hey, good morning. >> alexis smith. >> good morning. >> and mike nicco bringing us several solid days of storms. >> yes, absolutely. good news with this morning's storm is the red has moved into the central valley. you can see some of them moving through the eastern sections of danville right there, the radar just updated, dublin and also san ramon, heading over towards vasco road, brentwood and discovery bay. the reds move through in the central valley and continuing to move away and we'll just deal with some drizzle and scattered showers but everything's wet now. look at that. the radar looks so impressive when it came over san francisco, gave us a whopping 0.20 but that's enough to cause ponding. 12 hour day planner shows the rain and the wind picks up considerably this afternoon. through the evening commute,


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