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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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centers this is abc 7 news. now at 5:00, flooding, downed trees and rock slides. the problems are adding up from saturated ground with another strong tomorrow moving through. hello, i'm eric tom maas. we begin with team coverage with the sunday round hitting the bay area hard right now. drew tuma is tracking it all on live doppler 7. drew? >> we were ready for the wind and the rain and the rain continue this is evening, live doppler 7, moderate pockets of some heavy rain, want to take you into the south bay for the past hour and a half. this has been the region that's
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seen some of the heaviest rain this evening. look at this that pop of red and yellow, very heavy rain following at this hour. we'll widen out the view. in the east bay, we have some light showers, oakland, you do notice a bit of dry weather working into the picture. a similar set up? san mateo, but light showers over san francisco and daly city. we have the light rain from napa, vallejo, pen grove into fairfield. we have smaller streams and creeks overflowing their banks in this area. that means there would be some ponding on the roadways at least through monday morning, so take note of that. also we're watching the russian river in guerneville. early tomorrow morning just going to crest slightly over that. at around 5:00 in the morning.
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with this current storm, the high concerns we have are the ponding on the roadways and small streams and creeks. the winds are calming down, so the trees coming down is lessening, but we still have the storm sticking around for the next 24 hours. we'll detail what's in store for your monday in the full accuweather forecast. eric? >> thank you very much. highway 37 flooded over this morning between highway 101 and atherton avenue. as you can see in the picture from the chp, a car got stuck in the floodwaters. on cornell bernard has the details. >> reporter: 37 is closed near highway 101, because all lanes are under water. the overnight storm dumped a lot of rain. one driver's car got stuck in the flooding. they had to be rescued. >> you can't believe somebody did that. they've got to be regretting
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that decision, right? >> reporter: caltrans is trying to pump the water out, but it's spilling back in. for now, a losing battle. >> part of the problem is when you have three consecutive storms, the soils get so saturated it might as we be flowing on concrete. the exit ramp to sausalito was cut off completely. in sonoma county, this mudslide and downed trees are causing problems for residents in forestville. summer home pashlg road is closed in beast directions as crews clean up the giant mess of rock and debris. the intersection of highway 12 and 121 in shellville looks more like a creek. no winery tasting today. down the road all quiet, because no one could get here. the routes are either blocked
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due to accumulated water or threatened to be closed, and that's seems to be a discouraging fact. >> reporter: the rain is falling against here in novato. that is causing more problems for highway 37. as you can plainly see, it is under water. chich estimates 3 to 4 feet of water. as with you pan to the right, you can see what the culprit is, besides novato creek, it's coming in from this marshland. there's nowhere for the water to go. those are train tracks that you see there in the background. those train tracks almost under water. just talked to the chip. they estimate that highway 37 will not be reopened tomorrow morning for the commute. in fact, tkt be shut down for at least two to three days and they advise commuters to think about alternative routes to work. we're live in novato, cornell bernard, abc 7 news.
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in the east bay there is a rockslide. it covers niles canyon road. no estimate on when crews will finish cleaning up. a matt shows where it happened. the rockslide has put a recovery effort for a driver killed after crashing into alameda crack on hold. highway 17 is expected to reopen any minute, because it's been cloud all diaw because of a mudslide. the truck driver was not sure. oakland firefighters shared this pictures. firefighters had to swim out to rescue the two people inside. a family needs to find another place to stay tempora temporarily. part of the tree landed on a small cottage in the backyard. a man escaped from that cottage unharmed. the rest of the tree felt on the larger home and ripped a hole on the roof. it may be raining in
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pacifica now, but earlier people headed out to the pier for a much-needed break and a bit of sun. they got it just in time. the area is now under a flood and high surf water advisory. you know, waves will crash over this wall, you know that, okay? i wouldn't have my camera here. pacifica is under the flood and high surf advisory until 6:30 p.m. take a look at what the power waves did to a local landmark. it shows the stern ripped off the nearly 100-year-old "s.s. palo alto" in aptos. you can track the storm with our app, and push are push alerts and weather advisories directly to your phone or tablet. breaking news in san antonio, texas, one person is dead, five others wounded during
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a shooting at a shopping mall. another bystander was carrying a licensed concealed weapon, and shot and wounded the suspect. another man accused in the robbery got away. today donald trump greeted his any white house staff and met with law enforcement, but hi team is facing tough questions about what the president said yesterday. >> reporter: on his second full day in office, president donald trump talked with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu by phone. he attended the swearing-in ceremony of staffers and hosted first responders, but hess inauguration as it was for some past ser though there is no official crowd estimate, the white house points to this photo, taken from behind the podium, but this view shot from the washington monument as trump delivered his remarks showed
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thinger carats than the 2009 inauguration. >> these attempts are shameful and wrong. >> reporter: sean spicer's lambaslam lambasting of the media was defended. >> they're giving sean spicer gave alternative facts -- >> wait a minute, alternative facts? alternative facts? >> the chief of staff reince priebus trying to explain why the administration explained their first full day in office focused on this. >> the point is not the crowd size. the point is that the attacks and the attempt to delegitimize this president in one day. we're not going to sit around and take it. also making headlines today, conway said on "this week requests that president trump will not release hess tack returns, and the president
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quoted -- why didn't these people vote who participated in yesterday's women's marching. marcie gonzalez, abc news, washington. we're just getting started with our storm watch coverage at 5:00. in the sierra they'll be skiing and shoveling for days, but it's not the snow that's causing the most concern. plus -- >> i like threw it over my shoulder. almost swept away. the dramatic ocean rescues from southern california. and we're tracking this new round of rain coming down.
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into a live look now from our walnut creek camera. you see 680 there as you get hit with another round of rain. drew will be back in just a few minutes to tell us when it's going to stop. across the southeastern u.s., severe weather of another kind. tornadoes killed at least 18 people this weekend and more damaging winds today. this is a look at homes leveled in georgia. 14 people died there today, and another four were killed in saturday saturday in mississippi. several states are under threats from today's storm. a local fire department in arizona posted this video. they're getting hit are heavy rains. no one was hurd. in san diego, a wave sipped two women off a cliff into an
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ocean. it took them about 40 minute toss pull this victim to safety. one man saw what happened, and saved the other woman moments after the wave took her. >> i got her and threw her over my shoulder and tried to carry her in. we goat washed out again a bit, and it kind of went bit, and gave me a minute, and i carried her up and gave her to another guy. the 23-year-old is in critical condition, the other woman's condition is not known at this time. a new special coffee shop celebrated the bay area grand opening today. giving customers a kick of caffeine and its baristas a leg up in this country. another wet weekend across the region. live doppler 7 tracking the showers, but hang in there. we have more dry days than wet
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. one coffee should be in berkeley helps customers get a needed kick to start their day off right, while giving its
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special employees job, life and social skills needed to succeed in the u.s. it's a nonprofit that hires refugees and asylum seekers who graduated from the two-week training program. the organization was founded in the spirit of the 1951 refugee convention to help those new to this country start new lives. >> the hope is that the coffee shop is a place that can foster conversations, immigration, education, advocacy, and really create the sort of relationships that allow for integration. it helps to educate the bay area about refugee life and the issues think face. back now to our storm watch. a look at the big impact it's having in the sierra. caltrans posted video of the high winds and heavy snowfall over donner summit. several tahoe ski resorts were either closed or up to
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limited -- is this right -- because of wind gusts up to 140 miles an hour? and there's a back-country avalanche warning. it's going to quiet down in the next 36 hours, setting the stage for a buick week, but also the next weekend. i think the slopes will be very busy. live doppler 7, though we are still tracking showers. the heaviest right now is down in the south bay. take you around san jose, willow glen, that's where the downpours of situated. the wider picture, live doppler 7, we'll show you a shield of steady rain, but you can see the back edge of that rain is working through the north bay, san francisco, making its way through the east bay. the steady rain will move out, but we're still going to have some leftover showers to contend with the next 24 hours. we got soaked once again this weekend. the a numbers adding on a wet
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january. more than 2 inches in san rafael, santa rosa, san jose, your number most certainly going up the next hour. 3/4 of an inch in oakland, over an inch and a half in fairfield. to san jose right now. the we had roadways, gray size up above. it was also the wind. look at the peak wind gusts, and mott ray county clocked a wind gust of 79 miles an hour half moon bay, sfo and sal jose with wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. the winds have subsided significantly. you can see winds across the region less than 10 miles per hour, and they'll continue to stay light overnight tonight. it's a cold day. temperatures have held in the 40s in most spots. that's where we're going to sit overnight. on the storm impact scale, the next 24 hours through monday evening, this would be a light
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system with scattered showers, but the flooding concern is high right now. the flash flood watch has been extended across the majority of the bay area through tomorrow evening, 6:00 in the evening. the reason wide, any new showers that pop up the next 24 hours will easily cause new flooding situations our soils are already saturated. more rain will just compound, we're be back on the air at 11:00, mainly dry skies. however, monday morning light showers move back in, and that would be the theme through monday. grab the umbrella for work and school. it may not be raining, but throughout the afternoon, the showers will be with us, even through monday evening, we still have the showers with us. it's not until tuesday we can finally take the showers out in the afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows scattered showers
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tomorrow, early morning chance that much of the day will feature sunshine. wednesday night a weak coastal system trying to scrape by. i think most areas are dry, except the coast. by thursday it's clouds and sun. friday, saturday, sunday, we are looking bright, beautiful and temperatures going back into the 60s. >> so nice. >> it's going to be so nice. drew, thank you very much. a little sports action? >> i woke up this morning at 9:00 a.m. and the warriors were playing. they completed the first half of the back-to-back games with an early morning victory. the falcons are for real. they put a stomp to the packers'
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all right. we kick off with the nfc championship game in atlanta where the falcons prove to the entire nation they are for real. aaron rodgers and his packers never had a chance as might rad aye han led the falcons to the second sprl bo appearance. falcons move to nair new home next season. the shovel pass to mohammed sanu, he makes the one hinded grabbed. mason crosby had a report in field goals, first mitt since 2010. drivers um jalen collins forces and recovered ripkowski's fum e fumble. dizzy pyatt 392 yards throwing,
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ryan takes it himself 14 yards, 24-0 falcons at the half. ryan finished with four td passes, two to julio jones, who despite a bad boot had 183 receiving yards. look at this. what a beast. you think this guy wants to go to the super bowl? well, he is. they punch their tickets to houston, for the first time since 1988. >> we've hard hard to get to this point, but the challenge is still in front of us. we'll enjoy it, because it's hard to get to this point. >> the brotherhood these men in our locker room have billed has head to this moment. i couldn't have been more proud of them. the warriors on the second leg of their road trim in oiled. first 9:00 a.m. tip-off since 1995. ws off to a sluggish start, and
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steve kerr blamed himself and the coaches staff. >> for me, yeah, i was clubbing all last night. ron adams was out there on the dance floor until about 3:00, iv. >> funny guy. warriors turn the ball over eight times for the first eight minutes ws finished with 18 turnovers when chipped the magic go on a run. game tied at 50 at the half, and the ws woke up. kevin durant finished with 15, drives to the hoop. stef had eight field goals, threat all scorers. their lead is up to 20. mcgee 13 points off the bench, and like thinks flash brother, klay thompson, all had seven points. tenth ranked stanford women hosting asu, erkka mccall had 15 over 18 points in the first
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half. left alone here, she drains the three. carly samuelsson, mccall here for the lay-up. the 997th career as head coach. insurgence arizona, with this points, ten of them coming in the third quarter. the bears outscored their opponents 19-10 in the frame and cal wins 71-60, improving for 3-5. they're for real no matter who they face, and we'll have much more until 6:00. former first lady barbara bush is defying
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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coming up at 6:00, the plan for a near-record $is 00 million donation to a bay area university. and why it's the end of the road for the highway bump that tells you when you're drifting out of a lane. barbara bush is going to stay in the hospital one more night. they're staying in the same hospital in houston. hess's complexes from pneumonia and she has bronchitis. doctors gave her the option of leaving today, but she decided to stay one more night to recover and be with her hurts. president president bush may be moved out of the icu in. next day or two. by the way, his first pick
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was good in the conversation championship games. we'll see what happens in game welcome to "world news tonight." we're tracking a deadly tornado threat. the southeast on high alert. millions in the danger zone. already, more than two dozen reported twisters and at least 16 people killed so far. the states of emergency and the new threat right now. dramatic rescues in the west. high surf pulls two women out to sea. a race to save them. a driver flooded. her lift to safety. and new reports of mud slides come in. trump's truth? as the new president's top aides are sworn in, the back and forth over what is fact and fiction. president trump face to face with fbi director james comey. the consumer warning tonight targeting


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