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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 23, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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for joining us. >> sky 7 is live over highway 13 near broadway terrace. caltrans crews made a plan to repair it. three drivers hit it and had flat tires. >> underneath the soil we had a 30-inch diameter height that basically disintegrated and then caused the sinkhole. so you've got about a good 30 feet deep hole. >> now this is new video from the chp showing crews filling in that hole with concrete. now let's go back to sky 7 where you can see that big slowdown near highways 13 and 24 as crews continue to work filling in the hole with concrete. the chp hopes to have all lanes of the highway reopen again by tomorrow night's commute. we'll keep you posted. we didn't see as much rain today as we did over the weekend, but the bay area weather is hardly settled. this may look like snow, but
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it's actually hail in half moon bay. bryce jensen shared this video with us. he said the hail melted in about 20 minutes. and abc 7 news producer shot this video of steady rain mixed with hail at a home in belmont. you can see that pea-sized hail on the ground. and check out falling ice in oakland this afternoon. share video using #abc7now. let's get the latest conditions now from spencer christian in for sandhya patel. >> we have certainly had the diversity of weather on display today. right now we see patches of green indicating scattered showers continuing to swing through the bay area, some of them producing locally heavy downpours. here's one cell producing some downpours between woodside and portola valley, a lot of wet pavement as the rain continues to fall. we have numerous reports today and continue to have them of
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pea-size hail all across the bay area. in fact pea-size hail fell for five minutes in redwood city. we are looking at the current pattern of bands of showers wrapping around the center of that storm to our northwest. that will continue to be our pattern into the evening hours. here's our storm impact scale. this current storm that will be with us through the evening and early morning hours ranks one on the impact scale. it will produce scattered showers, light wind, flooding concerns. the forecast animation shows us we'll see more pockets of showers and even some snow in the higher bay area peaks. snow levels will come down below 4,000 feet with cold air invading the region. they'll taper off and i'll show you what will follow that a little later. alameda county sheriff's deputies think they have found the car belonging to a missing 18-year-old college student from tracy. on saturday the car plunged into alameda creek off niles canyon road in unincorporated fremont. today the girl's family walked along the closed road and
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noticed something unusual in the water. one of them threw a rock at it and believe it hit the car. the sheriff's office flew a drone overhead that showed images that appear to be the car's tires and credit the families for their help. >> their eyes, their attention is so focused on finding their loved one that it really was a miracle that they were able to see that anomaly in the water. >> the creek levels are too high to remove the car today but should recede overnight. niles canyon road will close tomorrow morning at 9:00 to recover it. a flooded stretch of highway 37 in novato is back open. the water receded today between lakeville road and atherton avenue, but you'll need to plan ahead if you're driving the oar part of the stretch where 37 connects with 101. this is why. video shows flood water still covering part of the highway. caltrans is having to pump all that out but it's taking a while because nearby fields are soaked so there's nowhere for the water to go.
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580 through san rafael is your best option if you're trying to head east out of marin. bay area reservoirs are in great shape thanks to all the rain. sky 7 flew over san pablo reservoir in orinda today. officials say homes nearby are not in danger of flooding. four out of the five east bay mud reservoirs are now at capacity and half the reservoirs in santa clara county are full. reservoirs are doing very well in northern and central california. lake shasta is the state's largest reservoir. it's now at 82% of capacity. that's 124% of the historic average for the state. the like oroville reservoir is the state's second largest, it is 81% full putting it at 1 twi26% of its historic average. an amazing turn around for san luis reservoir at 77% of capacity. 102% of its average for this date. last august it was at its lowest level in 25 years.
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now to southern california where the storm is causing flooding and mudslides across the region. a mandatory evacuation order is now in place for residents outside santa clarita northeast of l.a. that area was hit hard by the san canyon fire last summer. abc 7 news reporter leo stallworth has the story. >> reporter: sheriff deputies pulling a car out of the creek this afternoon, windows shattered, part of the hood smashed, the inside caked with mud. the vehicle swept away and at times tossed around like a rag doll in the swollen swift-moving creek. sheriff's deputies say an elderly driver was behind the wheel. she managed to somehow climb out of the car and get to safety. we talked to residents in the area who say it's been years since the creek took in enough rain to become dangerous. >> it was really going, because we went over to look a couple of times just to see. >> how violent was that water moving? >> oh, it was going. >> it flies. you see how fast it's going there right now? it was probably going three
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times that fast. there's big pieces of wood about this size. they were coming down like torpedos. >> what? >> yeah. they were just flying down that thing. >> reporter: the series of rain storms leaving part of the usually busy road covered in mud. this after saturated burned hillsides crashed onto the road caking it with mud. take a look at this video shot by sara stillwell. snow falling on her swimming pool. she said it's the first significant snow she's had in four years. people we talked to say they're happy to see the wet weather but wishing at this point it would back off before things get even more out of control. some are even concerned this creek could become even more dangerous. >> it's amazing how much water came through here. >> it was roaring. >> it was roaring, yeah. i could hear it about probably 200 yards away. >> reporter: and given we have not seen rain in this area the last couple of hours, the sun is out, the storm clouds are gone, the water levels in this creek have dropped dramatically.
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residents in this area are smiling. leo stallworth, abc 7 news. it has been a spectacular day in lake tahoe as you see from heavenly mountain resort. for the latest on the conditions in the sierra as well as local road closures and more, you can track it all on the abc 7 news app. we also have live doppler 7 there with the forecast and be sure to enable push alerts to get weather alerts sent right to your phone or tablet. we are following new developments on the ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people last december. today lawyers for the manager released portions of a report they say pinpoints the origin of the fire in an adjacent building, not the warehouse. it also blames inadequate electrical wiring. the attorneys say the report concludes almina should be absolved of criminal liability. his lawyers will not identify
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the expert at this time. the atf turned over its investigator's findings to the oakland fire department, which is still working on the final report. the district attorney's office is still conducting a criminal investigation. the long criminal case surrounding the deadly san bruno natural gas pipeline explosion was expected to come to a close today. it didn't. kate lawson is live outside the federal courthouse in san francisco with details. kate? >> reporter: eric, the sentencing hearing lasted almost two hours here at the federal courthouse. it was filled with emotional statements from many of the victims of the san bruno explosion. while the judge did not pass down his final sentence, that will likely happen thursday morning, he did give us a pretty good idea of the sentences he will be imposing on pg&e. take a look. he will likely be imposing the maximum $3 million fine to pg&e. that is half a million dollars for each of the six felony convictions against pg&e. also a 5-year probationary
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period, independent safety monitoring, 10,000 hours of community service, 2,000 of those have to be completed by high level personnel. and there will also be some sort of advertising mention of pg&e's liability. the details of that are still being worked out. this, of course, after september 9th, 2010, when that pipeline exploded in a san bruno neighborhood. eight people were killed, 58 more people injured. it destroyed 38 homes. it dix years later, this past august, a jury convicted pg&e of those six felony charges. five criminal violations of pipeline safety rules prior to the explosion and one point of obstructing an official national transportation safety board investigation into the explosion. now, today, as i said, victims spoke, including sue bullis, who lost her husband, her 17-year-old son, her mother-in-law, and dog in the explosion. we checked in with her
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afterwards. >> it is hard to make it through the day without thinking of my family. and although there was a point in my life six and a half years ago that i wanted to end my life, i truly can say now with the help of my therapist that i don't want to do that anymore. but if i could help anybody else through this type of tragedy, i would go and do that. >> reporter: she tells us that she still suffers from anxiety, depression, ptsd, she's in therapy frequently and will likely have to deal with this for the rest of her life. the other victims that we heard from echoed the same heart-breaking sent minutes. we also spoke to the mayor of san bruno who's been very instrumental in the city's fight against pg&e so we're going to hear from him at 6:00 and exactly how he's feeling about
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these sentences the judge is likely to pass down officially on thursday morning. live in san francisco, i'm kate larson, abc 7 news, kristen, back to you. >> kate, thank you. a vallejo family is demanding answers tonight following police shooting and kill their 21-year-old relative. it happened during a house party on sacramento street. police say angel ramos was holding a knife, threatenng another man. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in vallejo with the story. cornell? >> reporter: kristen, police describe a melee happening at this house right behind me when they showed up early this morning, multiple fights going on. one man armed with a knife on that back deck. but his family says he didn't deserve to be shot. >> it's horrible on my own street. >> reporter: neighbors react to a fatal police shooting at this hour. >> and they took my little brother. you call that justice? >> reporter: grieving family and friends mourning the death of 21-year-old angel ramos, shot and killed by a vallejo police
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officer early monday. >> it ain't right, they murdered my brother. >> reporter: it began when several neighbors called 911 about a fight during a house party. people were fighting with sticks and knives. one 16-year-old was tased by police on a back deck and then jumped by ramos when he was holding a knife. >> the suspect pounced him him with a knife in his hand. >> did the officer tell him to drop the knife? >> i don't think it was that type of situation. >> reporter: the officer fired his gun at ramos. neighbors heard the shots. >> like three shooting. that's it. >> reporter: but ramos' family claims the knife was taken away from him before the shooting. >> i was told that he had a knife in his hand but there was no knife, period. we end up finding a knife inside of the kitchen. >> reporter: he showed us a knife on the kitchen floor. investigators have not said whether they believe this is the knife ramos was holding when he was shot. >> our preliminary investigation indicates that he reacted
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properly. >> reporter: the officer remains unidentified. he's an eight-year veteran of the force. the solano county d.a.'s office is investigating the shooting. in vallejo, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. officer-involved shootings are a major issue facing the san francisco police department. next, the city's new chief outlines his position with abc 7 news on the day he takes the oath of office. also a bay area ceo gets a seat at president trump's business roundtable and there's something they agree on. and later a whole new way to get to the scene of a fire and put it
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san francisco's 43rd police chief took the oath of office this afternoon. bill scott takes over a troubled department in need of reform. carolyn tyler joins us live from city hall where the ceremony was held. carolyn? >> reporter: well, bill scott spent some 27 years with the los
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angeles police department rising through the ranks to become deputy chief. now after a ceremony here at city hall, he's become san francisco's top cop. >> chief of police for the city and county of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> reporter: and so it begins for 52-year-old bill scott. former colleagues from the los angeles police department, including chief charlie beck, came to today's swearing-in to wish him well. scott's only the third chief in san francisco's 127-year history, selected from outside the department. >> it's not about being a popular chief, it's about earning respect. >> reporter: and it will be a challenge getting up to speed. >> it's almost like stepping on a treadmill that's fully in motion. and there's a way to do that, believe me. you asked me because i've tried this, so there's a way to do that. you turn it down just enough to allow you to get on it so you don't fall and you turn it up and you're full speed.
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>> reporter: scott takes over a department grappling with officer-involved shootings, a new use of force policy, and more than 200 reforms recommended by the department of justice. >> the doj recommendations and initiatives are only designed in our bottom line and that's keeping the city safe. >> reporter: chief scott has begun reaching out to the rank and file and plans to ride with officers and walk a beat as he learns the command staff. hes not about making changes for change sake. >> the things that are healthy and productive, and there are things that we need to honor and revere it. >> reporter: and it would not be san francisco without a protest, so today hecklers disrupted bill scott speaking two or three times, but he kept his cool. live in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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tesla and spacex ceo elon musk attended a meeting at the white house with president trump. musk joined other executives from lockheed martin, whirlpool, under armour and johnson and johnson. trump said he will cut regulations by 75% to encourage businesses to manufacture their products in the u.s. >> and that doesn't mean we don't trade because we do trade. but we want to make our products here. there will be advantages to companies that do indeed make their products here. >> reporter: musk is currently building a massive battery factory in nevada. he said it will employ 6500 people. world news tonight anchor david muir will do the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you'll see excerpts from that interview all day wednesday here on abc 7, including a one-hour primetime special at 10:00 p.m. more trouble for wells fargo bank, still reeling after being fined $185 million in september
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for opening two million accounts without customers' permission. >> now former employees are accusing the bank of improperly charging mortgage borrowers to get lower original loan terms. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with more on that. >> here's how the employees claim this all took shape. mortgage paperwork would be delayed. normally if that delay is the bank's fault, wells would honor the lower mortgage rate offered. but the employees who wrote to the government say management forced them to blame the delay on customers so they would have to pay a fee. the accusation was made in a letter to congress not previously made public. wells fargo is conducting a thorough investigation to make sure that it works in the best interests of its customers. yahoo! is under investigation for allegedly delaying the announcement of two data breaches. the website whidon't disclose t breaches until last year even
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though they occurred in 2013 and '14. they want to know if the disclosures should or could have come sooner. yahoo! has never explained the delay in any of its announcements. american airlines is under scrutiny from a prominent senator for its new basic economy fare. we told you about it here. the airline says its new fare will save travelers money. senator charles schumer of new york accuses american with charging fees for basic services. schumer plans to introduce an expansion of the airline bill of rights to protect travelers from all these fees. let's see if it takes. >> two ways to look at it. >> i know which way i'm looking at it. thanks, mike. spencer christian fin for
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sandhya patel today. it's been a day of wild and wacky weather with lightning strikes, heavy downpours and hail stones across the bay area. right now we're looking at a high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. the big westerly swell is generating wave heights up above 20 feet in some locations. there's a possibility of strong rip currents and sneaker waves as well. this is the view from our rooftop camera. it's currently 50 degrees here in san francisco and mountain view. 48 in oakland and san jose, 45 at gilroy. this is the view from our emeryville camera. looking at cloudy western skies. 47 up in santa rosa, 50 in napa, 46 in novato, fairfield 48, livermore 48, 51 at concord. and here's the view of dark clouds looking north from sutro tower and these are our forecast features. scattered showers through the morning. there might be an isolated thunderstorm or two. our next storm arrives early thursday and then we'll have dry and sunny days, a string of them, beginning on friday.
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here's our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. we'll continue to see this pattern of scattered showers and even locally heavy downpours moving through the bay area. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the morning commute gets under way, it's probably wet across most of the north bay with light rain and showers up in the higher terrain. low temperatures will have dropped into the mid-30s, upper 30s in the inland east bay and down in the morgan hill area. low 40s will be the lows right around the bay and highs tomorrow by afternoon as the rain ends and we get at least partly sunny skies, highs will range from 52 to 55 degrees. now let's look ahead to thursday when our next storm arrives. it will rank 1 on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity expected to produce light rain, light winds and have minimal impact on conditions here in terms of elevating flood concerns. here's what we expect to happen with the forecast animation beginning at midnight wednesday night or 12:00 a.m. thursday.
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as the morning commute gets under way thursday we'll have rain moving through the north bay. most of it will be light. it will move slowly southward by mid-morning down through the central part of the bay area, from san francisco down to oakland, hayward and the inland east bay. it will probably stall there and weaken. it may not even reach the south bay. once again, this is a storm of light intensity. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies by afternoon tomorrow. mainly sunny and dry day on wednesday. then that next storm comes in on thursday producing early showers. finally on friday we get sunshine dominating the sky and we'll have a dry and sunny and mild pattern through the weekend and into early next week. yay! >> like the sound of that. >> total domination by the sun in a while. >> it sounds like a sports game. >> thanks, spencer. california farmers are transforming the port of
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san mateo authorities identify the man killed while paragliding in pacifica over the weekend. 59-year-old solomon lee of south san francisco crashed into the ocean around 10:30 saturday morning. bystanders pulled him to shore and performed cpr until paramedics arrived but they could not revive him. the cause of lee's death is still being determined. a san francisco supervisor wants to stop property owners from getting rid of affordable housing units. abc 7 news was at city hall as a supervisor gave details of his plan. it would halt room rentals to tourists at single occupancy rental hotels. he says some building owners are relying on tourist rentals to drive out long-term residents and convert buildings to higher priced housing. >> we believe that this will return hundreds, if not thousands of vacant units that have been awaiting conversion to the sro housing market. >> about 5% of san francisco's
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residents live in sro hotels. california's farmers are transforming trade at the port of oakland. port officials say farm exports are 53% of total exports from the port. that's an increase of 233% over the past five years. the port's business development manager says the growing middle class in asia is eager for high quality u.s. farm products. oakland is the last stop on the west coast for ships returning to asia. firefighting enters the jet age. >> indeed, it is a new t
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it is time for this year's oscar nominations. you can see the nominations tomorrow morning live on abc zen. >> it starts at approximately 5:18 so join us -- well, not us, us, as in you and me, eric, but join abc 7 mornings because we'll have those live. >> it is also your place to see the oscars. the ceremonies begin at 5:30
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p.m. sunday, february 26th. and now here's ama daetz with a preview of what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, eric and kristen. at 6:00, hundreds of thousands of people made a statement in women's marches over the weekend. tonight we see what it will take for this effort to turn into a full-fledged movement. and hear how the president's action to get the u.s. out of the tpp will affect california farmers. plus michael finney updates us on a 7 on your side investigation into 24-hour fitness that he's been working on for months. that's all coming up in half an hour at 6:00. finally tonight, something you probably have to see to believe. firefighters in dubai looking like james bond to put out fires faster. >> these firefighters in dubai are now racing to waterside emergencies aboard jet skis. when they arrive on scene, a jet pack, not traditional ladders, helps them reach the fire. >> firefighters use a system that pumps water from a creek and gives them an unlimited supply of water and helps them avoid getting stuck in traffic. >> it certainly looks cool. >> it does look cool. >> world news tonight is next.
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i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. we'll see you again apt 6:00. tonight, the first 100 days, promises kept on day one. what president trump signed today at the white house. the message he is now sending. and the showdown over the crowd size at the inauguration. what the white house is saying tonight. >> our intention is never to lie to you. also tonight, suing the president. the first lawsuit filed against president trump, claiming money from foreign governments for rooms at the trump hotel violates the constitution. brian ross is standing by. the deadly northeastern. storms hitting at this hour. driving turning deadly. wind 60 miles an hour. at least 20 deaths after tornadoes rip through the south. the dramatic rescue tonight. the driver trapped in her burning car, and the one tool authorities say you should have. and tom brady's revenge. what will he say to roger goodell? and what was that coat?


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