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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the couple died inside this berkeley apartment. police shut down a block of deacon street, they were so concerned about these deaths and what could have caused them. they brought in hazmat crews and pg&e workers. they did some testing and ruled out a carbon monoxide leak but it was a tense time for residents who had toly homes. >> they evacuated the building ask we were not supposed to go back in but i was keeping track because i'm in apartment 1. the incident happened in apartment 4. but my cat is there, so i wanted to rescue my cat. >> reporter: neighbors say a man and a woman in their 30s lived here. officered found their bodies and two dead cats inside the armt after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the coroner's office is still
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working to notify relatives and also working to determine how they died. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. and developing news in hayward, democrats are looking for the gunman who killed a teenager last night. it happened on princeton street around 7:00. police responded to reports of gunshots and found the 16-year-old dead. deputies haven't released any details on suspect or possible motive. the alameda county sheriff's office wants any witnesses to give them a call. an 18-year-old tracy woman is still missing this morning and chp plans to shut down busy niles canyon road to pull her car out of the water. investigators think her body is inside. pwork today.ill be there as they she drove into alameda creek after hitting another car on saturday. the water, though, has just been too rough for divers to enter so crews have been searching from the ground. it was actually her family who
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helped locate her car. >> one of the family members picked up a rock and threw it at the object in the water, and it sounded like it hit a tire. >> a drone flew over the area and confirmed it. it was a tire. to make the fast moving water safer, divers to enter water will be shut off up stream. niles canyon road will be closed at 10:00 this morning. governor jerry brown is going to deliver his state of the state address at 10:00 this morning. he declared a state of emergency for 50 california counties hit by mudslides, flooding and damage from storms. all nine bay area counties are included. brown says damage to roads and infrastructure is estimated now in the tens of millions. now, this will allow caltrans to seek immediate assistance from fema and from the office of emergency services to provide help to local governments. the napa county board of directors and expected to approve its own declaration of emergency today.
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damage to public facilities, including water treatment plans and this will allow napa county to apply for money through the state and federal government after it's decided if the request meets eligibility requirements for federal assistance. new details from a special oakland city council meeting. the wife of the ghost ship manager made a rare public appearance. she lived at the warehouse with their three kids. according to our media partner, she apologized at last night's meeting and said they carry a very heavy weight on their shoulders. she also blames the media for what's happening to her family. earlier today, lawyers claim the fire that killed 36 people actually start from the bad wiring in a building next door but they're not saying where that information is coming from. oakland fire is still determining the cause, meanwhile. the d.a.'s office is also investigating possible criminal charges. the ghost ship fire is also prompting greater protections for people evicted when their landlord has to repair code violations. last night, the still council
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nearly doubled the fees landlords must pay to tenants. according to "the chronicle," the fees are designed to protect those who complain about safety issues in their building. a big day for san francisco's police chief as he's getting ready for his first official day on the job. >> chief of police and county of san francisco. congratulations. >> that's mayor ed lee swearing in the new chief, bill scott. scott spent 27 years in the l.a. police department, rising to the rank of deputy chief. he said many officered may have wanted a chief from within the department but he doesn't see that as a hurdle. >> i think there were some people that were disappointed that somebody was brought in from the outside. i don't see that as an assault to me. i think that's just the nature of the beast. >> and now chief scott says he plans to learn about the city and its department by joining his officers on patrol. 4:34 now.
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president trump begins his second full workday, focused on the economy. he met with congressional business and union leaders yesterday and signed several executive orders. here's abc's stephanie ramos from washington. >> reporter: today, president donald trump welcomes auto industry leaders to the white house. >> he looks forward to hearing their ideas on how we can work together to bring more jobs back to that industry. >> reporter: also on the agenda, mr. trump is set to sign executive order a day after pulling out of a major trade deal with asia, the trans-pacific partnership. and trump back in campaign mode, complaining about losing the popular vote to hillary clinton in the 2016 election. source says he repeated the false claim that he lost the popular vote because 3 to 5 million undocumented immigrants voted. a republican aide claims the president was only joking. but a democratic aide zbreed, saying the president spent 10 minutes talking about the election. while trump won 304 electoral
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votes to clinton's 227, clinton won nearly 3 million more popular votes. despite trump's claims, election officials have said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. on the cabinet front, some progress. the senate confirmed kansas congressman mike pompeo to run the cia. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> senate committee is and wanted to vote on several cabinet picks today. expected to support senator jeff sessions, south carolina governor nickkki haley is expecd to get a green light and reuters is reporting that votes are delayed indefinitely for representative, and also elaine chow and robert ross, the nominees for interior and commerce secretaries are expected to pass at the commerce committee later today.
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many california farmers are criticizing the president's decision to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement. they say it will severely impact them. state farmers say much of their industry is export based including 80% of the world's almond supply. the american farm bureau estimates the free trade deal would have provided a $4 billion boost to food producers. is 11 nations now make up the tpp. leaders admit, though, its fate is in serious jeopardy without the u.s. involved. world news tonight anchor david muir is going to do the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you'll see excerpts, including a one-hour primetime special at 10:00 p.m. lot to get to here this morning. at the bay bridge, just a moment ago we had all traffic stopped on the westbound side. this is due to a multi-car crash. i just talked to one of our directors who just drove past this, fortunately was able to
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avoid all these cars but he said at least three to four vehicles involved kind of scattered all across the roadway and we have multiple lanes blocked. so that is on the incline after you get through the bay bridge toll plaza. so keeping a close eye on that. hopefully we can get that pushed off to the side shortly but we do have injuries reported so an ambulance has been called to the scene. our other major problem this morning, westbound 580 just past north flynn in the altamont pass area, major pot roles so the two right lanes are blocked. nine miles out of tracy, this is only going to get worse and we will hear from matt keller. he was live there at about 5:00. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. but weather-wise, we're looking good. >> really nice driving in on mainly dry streets but it was this time last year, alexis, that a little bitty pebble from one of our highways hit my windshield and now that crack is about this long because i figured why get it fixed because we're going through the same thing. hopefully once we get those roads fixed, i can get my
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windshield fixed. live doppler 7, there are a few sprinkles as far east as corps deal yeah, big bend, you can see the racetrack there at sears point but the bigger storm is off the marin county coast and it is starting to fall apart, which is good news. our rush hours today, the morning commute, i'll put a yellow in there, cautions, ice slated showers, especially near the coast. evening commute will finally be dry and full of sunshine. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s and we have about 40 for the rest of the peninsula and most of us cooler this morning. 37 at palo alto, right now livermore 36, antioch, 39, and up in the north bay some of our milder temperatures, mill valley, 44, same thing in san francisco and oakland about 45. here's where we end up today with increasing sunshine as that system slides to the south, about 52 to 55 degrees. i'll show you that system hour by hour and one last chance of a
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stray shower thursday morning before we get some sunshine and warmer weather in my accuweather 7 day forecast. there's controversy over what should and should not be allowed to fly in the skies over san jose. and don't try this at home. one man freets flooded roads like a lake. we're headed to break right now. here's a live look outside at here's a live look outside at the
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain, so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track the storm any time on the abc7 news app. it's 4:43 now and happening today, the two brothers accused of stabbing a man at a hayward target store last month will be back in court this morning. 22-year-old franky and his 25-year-old brother jesse are both charged with murder. police say they stabbed tyrone griffin inside the toy aisle. today they will be back in court. the plea hearing is also expected to be set today. pg&e's sentencing hearing for its role in the deadly pipe explosion is going to resume on thursday. a judge heard from the victims yesterday. a jury found pg&e guilty in augustover six felony charges, including violated pipeline safety rules before the blast.
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that explosion killed eight people. sue lost her husband, teenage son, and mother-in-law and her family's home in that inferno. >> we will not stand by and let this type of event happen again. and we will fight. >> the judge could fine pg&e $3 million and require an independent safety monitor. happening today, governor jerry brown will swear in javier basera as the state's new attorney general. the l.a. area democrat has vowed to defend the state against plump president trump's policy. he was the highest ranking latino in congress before this. governor brown says he will be a champion for all californians. he'll be sworn in at 10:00 this morning. minnesota governor mark dayton plans to return to work this morning after fainting while giving the state othe
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state that is some scary stuff. governor dayton ban slurring his words. a state senator who also happens to be a paramedic rushed to dayton's side. the 69-year-old walked out of the state capitol under his own power. former president george h.b. bush is out of intensive care this morning. a spokesman tweeted out this photo last night of a smiling 41st president and former first lady, barbara bush. the elder bush is recovering from pneumonia. barbara bush was released from the same hospital after being treated for bronchitis. "saturday night live" writer katie rich lab suspended for mocking president trump's son barron. >> rich wrote that the 10-year-old would become "the country's first home schooled
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shooter." she temporarily deactivated her twitter account but not before it drew widespread condemnation online. she posted this message, saying, i sincerely apologize for the incensive tweet. i deeply regret my actions and offensive words. it was inexcusable and i am so sorry. there is a flag fight brewing in san jose this morning. >> one councilman wants to make sure that the national flag of vietnam never flies over any city property. as katie marzullo has more on the pushback. >> reporter: the vietnamese heritage and freedom flag can be seen throughout san jose. city councilman tam nguyen wants to keep it that way and make to keep it that way and make sure the socialist republic flag never sees daylight. nguyen says the red flag with the gold star in the middle
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flies in the face of those who fled communism. >> we ran away from that flag. we run away. this is our safe home and that flag keeps chasing after us like a nightmare. >> reporter: chris lee plans to run against nguyen for the seventh district seat next year. he's opposed to the ban. he says it sends the wrong message to younger vietnamese immigrants. >> the citizens might have grievances against the government but they don't hate the national flag so if we are going to ban their flag, we're going to be hostile to them and they feel unwelcome to san jose. >> reporter: the ban would reaif i recall a resolution the city council passed in 2005, recognizing the freedom flag as the flag of vietnam in san jose. >> nobody has asked to fly this flag in the last dozen years and it's not flying on any city-owned flag pole in that time that i'm aware of. >> reporter: lee is not asking to fly the national flag. >> no one is crazy enough to raise the communist flag. what we're dealing with is ideologies. >> reporter: in san jose, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> going to go now to alexis.
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she has a traffic alert for us. we've got two pretty big issues right off the top here. going to take you back to that crash on the bay bridge. this is on the westbound side the heavier side of course for the morning commute. approaching treasure island, multiple vehicles involved, looked like they've got everybody pushed off to the right side but i think we have at least two lanes blocked and i just saw another emergency vehicle coming on the ooeastboud side. we are seeing those delays back to about those metering lights, down to 30 miles an hour. of course it's still really early. we'll see how that looks in a sha short time. also, 1 hour 30 minutes already, tracy to dublin. due to the pothole repair. that is just a disaster this morning. westbound 4, antioch to concord, you're okay. southbound 101, just some slight delays there at 18 minutes. let's check in with mike nicco. hi, everybody. tired of carrying the umbrella? today may be the day, especially
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thearther away you are from the coast. here's a look from the east bay hills camera. weakening storms slide south today, right along the coast. cooler tonight, a slight warming trend tomorrow and a slight chance thursday morning and then dry for a while. here's a look at the storm impact scale. if it's going to rain, we're going to put a storm impact scale on it to let you know what's going to happen. light today. through the early morning hours, scattered showers, localized flooding possible, along the shore and some of the coastal mountains, but light breezes for all of us. here's a look at that shower and a look at the low. you can see it's close enough that it's putting some light rain in the north bay and some moderate rain right along the marin county coast but as we head through time, notice it slides down to the south and also the west and pulls away from us. by 9:00, the chance of showers are just about over. we'll see increasing sunshine for lunch, so make sure you have those sunglasses if you're heading out and as we head into the evening commute, absolutely nothing going on other than some clouds fading and when they do, we'll wake up tomorrow to even
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cooler conditions and look at the chance of rain. pretty much is nothing except for right near the coast, couple of 100s there. frosty temperatures in the inland valleys to low to mid 40s around the bay shore. automatically accuweather 7 day forecast, some 60s to mid 60s as we head towards sunday and monday. reggie? >> mike will be interested in seeing this. of southern california this that's this man could actually take his jet ski and go for a ride on the road. that is mark gomez. this is happening in fullerton. just cruising along the flooded streets there and in case you were thinking, that looks like a great idea, don't do it. gomez is a professional stuntman and he's won several world championships for jelt skiing so just watch it. >> absolutely. >> and be glad it's not you. there is a startling study that lists san francisco as the state's most dangerous city for drivers. and you know, it is not the only bay area city that's making the
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list. >> and it's something that at love us have been wondering with all this rain, when will the water restrictions be lifted. one community is considering some changes. back in the day, we would all wait for our 16th birthday when we could get our license. why millennials are quickly changes that trend. >> they're not driving that car, i know that. first your morning's tech bytes. >> in today's teg bytes, a boost for celebrity backed title. >> sprint is acquirng one-third of the service but they'll still be largely in charge. >> the deal with help tidal compete with spotify, apple, and amazon. and a high-tech change is coming to the daily white house press briefing. four so-called skype seats are gg added to the briefing room. >> sean spicer says the seats will go to reporters from outside the washington area whose outlets aren't usually remitted at briefings. >> and google has released the most searched super bowl food by state. some are standard party grub,
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wings, chips, dips, so on. >> but some are untraditional like in maryland, the most searched food is chick pea soup. >> in west virginia, bacon cheese ball. cheese ball. >> in nevada, cake po
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there is a new study about cervical cancer that shows more women are dying than first thought. and in particular, african-american women and older women are at greater risk.
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the human pap hello ma virus or hpv causes cervical cancer and it can be prevented by the hpv vaccine. black women in the u.s. are dying from the cancer at 30% higher rates than white women, 77 to 47%. many of those women who are dying are older than 65. researchers say it is not clear why they are dying of cancer at a higher rate. bears are usually hibernating during this time of ariya but one broke out to explore the sierra. this video is from sunday. the bear was spotted walking along the snowy road and then it ran off on to the side of the street near some trees. officials say bears are common in this area and they warn people, watch, do not approach. well, unfortunately, we are off to a really rough start on the roads this morning, two significant problems along with a lot of potholes still hanging
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around. this is on the bay bridge. it does look like we've got the two right lanes blocked still. you're looking at around a 20-minute drive across the bridge and i'm seeing a back-up at the toll plaza as well so we may have those flipped on a little bit early this morning as well. the other major problem, westbound 580, just past north flynn road, that emergency pothole repair blocking the two right lanes likely until 6:00 this orning. check out this back-up into tracy, 11 miles this is going to continue to get worse until we get those lanes back open. let's check in with mike nicco with a look at our forecast. you've got better news, mike. >> yes, i do. most of our adversity is at the coast, whether it's the showers this morning or look at the giant waves at half moon bay and monterey bay. right now, 20 feet, they could get up to 25 feet through 4:00 this afternoon. 14 in san francisco, 18 in bodega bay, you could reach that 20 to 25 feet range. you can see it's pretty active over the coast. and down to the south but as the day wears on, most of us are
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going to be dry outside of santa barbara down towards san diego. we have chances of snow in the sierra and then look at that, a chance of dry weather so you can get up there and get on that mounds and mounds of powder that's waiting for you. it looks like teens are no longer rushing to the dmv when they turn 16. new data shows california teens are waiting longer to get their license. in the early '80s, tanl drivers accounted for 6% of drivers on the road. and that number has dropped by half today. experts say it's due to a change in culture with millennials who feel independent without having their own car. i wish that my parents would drive me around. can you drive me to work in the morning? >> i'll take that. i'll take anyone who wants to drive me. next at 5:00 a.m., leaders in the east bay are discussing the possibility of letting police intercept communicationed. there's a problem growing out of control. we are counting down to
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oscar nominations time and hopefully you're dressed to impress this morning, best bjs. impress this morning, best bjs. we're going to take you
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good morning to you, 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, january 24. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui along side meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. jessica has the day off today. so, alexis, we have some problems already early this morning. >> yeah, two major problems this morning. the first one, i'll start off with a crash on the bay bridge. this is westbound 80 on the incline towards treasure island. still can see those flashing lights, looks to me like we've got the far right lane down, possibly the two far right lanes down and as you know,


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